Best Interval Timer Reviews 2023

Interval training has been proven to be a highly efficient way of quickly burning calories and really working out. That burst of intense workout that is quickly replaced by a rest period and then back to the intense workout gives the body a serious workout session that is quite effective when it comes to burning of calories. To enhance this exercise, the use of an interval timer is highly recommended. Choosing one of these devices can be confusing and difficult so we will make it easy for you. We spent some time looking through some of the best interval timer brands and we found our top five picks. Each of these brands has different models of interval timers but we are only bringing one from each for this review. Though we think we made a great choice with our selection but if they don’t feel right for you, check out the other models offered by these brands.
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Our Top Choice
Title Boxing Classic Gym Timer
Title Boxing is committed to helping boxers achieve their goals whatever they are. Already establishing itself as a leader in the industry, you can expect only the best from this brand.
Multi-functional. Easy to use. Good setting options. Efficient visual indicators. Professional. Loud sound.
The buzzer can be really loud especially in small spaces or quiet neighborhoods.
Non-mountable box design
No volume control
110 volts
Audio and visual
11 x 4 x 8 inches
Best Value
Ledgital Tabata Fitness Timer
Ledgital is a manufacturer of top quality LED products. Its expertise includes the design and manufacture of clocks and timers suitable for different applications.
Multi-functional. Universal power supply. Programmable settings. Remote controlled. Easy to use. Buzzer mute function. Bright LED.
It does not show the rounds meaning you have to keep your own round count.
On and off options only
12 volts
Audio and visual
25.9 x 1.6 x 6.3 inches
GymNext Home Edition Flex Timer
GymNext is committed to the development of products that are technology driven and facilitate the enhancement of the experience of all involved with sports and sporting activities.
Multi-functional. Multiple setting options. Loud buzzer. Volume control. Bluetooth connectivity. Easy to use. Voice count down. Connects easily to the phone. Big, bright display.
The included wall mounting bracket does not look strong enough.
Wall-mountable clock
On and off options only
12 volts
13 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches
BTBSign Programmable LED Interval Timer
BTBSign is committed to the provision of top quality and top performing products that are innovative and are at par with the latest in technological advancements.
Well-built. Compact. Multi-functional. Good setting options. Remote-controlled. Programmable. Easy to operate. Bright display. Affordable. Durable.
It needs to stay plugged to retain clock memory.
Wall mountable
On and off options only
12 volts
16.8 x 1.6 x 4 inches
GymBoss Classic Interval Timer
GymBoss believes that it’s your right to determine how you want to organize your exercise routines. Whatever you choose, it’s on hand to provide you the necessary timing support.
Sturdy. Multi-use. Easy to use. Programmable. Shock resistant. Water resistant. Beep and vibrate notification. Includes clip-on. Affordable.
It can only set one interval program at a time.
Beep+vibrate or vibrate alone
1.5 volts – 1 AAA battery
Audio and vibration
2.25 x 0.5 x 1.75 inches

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What is the Best Interval Timer?

There are different demands and features that different users will want from their interval timer. The one that will be ideal for you will depend on any number of factors including the type of workout you are doing, where you will be doing the workout and more. It is up to you to consider the features and factors that have been explained above and then decide what is important to you and what is not. This will make it easy for you to choose the right product as we begin to review our selection.
Our Top Choice
The Title Boxing Classic Gym Timer is multi-functional, with both visual and audio indicators. Its lights offer efficient visual indication while the audio can be heard clearly in almost any size of workout space or gym. If you prefer a personal interval timer, try the Title Classic Personal Interval Timer.

Title Boxing Multi-Faceted Classic Gym Timer

Through a commitment to the design and production of top quality boxing equipment, Title Boxing is establishing itself as a brand that knows exactly what it wants and how to achieve it. With its deep understanding of the game of boxing, it is always ready to help boxers everywhere achieve whatever goals they set their minds on regardless of how lofty such goals may seem.

The Title Boxing Classic Gym Timer is the ideal interval training tool. It is designed to offer both audio and visual prompts making it virtually impossible to miss your timing. The audio prompt can be heard clearly in most gyms or workout spaces of any size. The 3 domed lights which provide visual prompts are also difficult to ignore. The green light indicates that the workout period is on; the yellow light indicates that there are 30 seconds left in the workout time, while the red light indicates rest time. The combination of the audio and lighting system is a sure way of staying on track with your interval training.

In addition to these, it has other features some of which are listed below:
  • Offers 2 or 3 minute rounds – Choose which suits you best
  • Offers 30- or 60-second breaks – Gives you the option of choosing your break length
  • Easy reset – Resets easily and at any time just by flipping the switches for your new setting
  • Continuous running – Once turned on, it continues running with the chosen setting until turned off
  • Power on/off switch – Easy to turn off or turn on
  • 110 Volt – Operates on 110 volts AC
Best Value
If you need an interval timer that can be customized to suit a wide range of interval training exercises, the Ledgital Tabata Fitness Timer with its 9 programmable interval settings and 9 storage slots is a good choice. Do you need something with smaller digits? Try the Ledgital LED Interval Timer Size 8.3x2x1in.

Ledgital Tabata Fitness Timer with 4" High Character & Multifunctional Clock

Ledgital specializes in different LED and clock solutions. Its products include count down and count up timers, stop watches, scoreboards, interval timers and others. It offers products of different sizes and functionalities. Whether you need clocks, timers or scoreboards for your gym or sports center or even something small enough for your personal training space, Ledgital has you covered.

The Ledgital Tabata Fitness Timer is an efficient and multi-functional timer that can be used for different applications. It can be used as a clock, a count down or count up timer, a stop watch and an interval timer. Its 4-inch LED digits are visible from a good distance, making it large enough for most gyms while its customizable interval timer makes it perfect for any interval training.

Find some of its other features below:
  • LED Display – For viewing the clock readings
  • Remote-controlled – For easy wireless operation
  • Mute function – To mute the buzzer sound if it is not needed
  • Multi-functional – Can work as a clock, stop watch, countdown or count up timer and as an interval timer
  • 9 assignable shortcuts – For quick access to settings
  • Up to 9 interval set ups – You can set up to 9 rounds consisting of 9 workout times and 9 rest time
This GymNext Flex Timer is the home edition which is ideal for your home gym and personal training. It is a combination of an LED display and a powerful interval timer app that will make your interval training efficient. Do you need a version that is meant for gyms? Check out the Flex Timer - Gym Edition.

GymNext Flex Interval Timer - Home Edition

The world we live in today is technology driven and GymNext understands this too well. It designs products that harness the most cutting edge development in web and mobile technologies. Combining these with advanced hardware, it delivers a software/hardware combo that makes sporting activities a much more enjoyable experience for athletes, instructors, coaches, officials and fans.

The GymNext Flex Timer is easily one of the most efficient interval timers you can find anywhere. It is a combination of an LED display and an interval timer app that installs on your phone and together delivers amazing results. You can use this for 7-minute workouts, CrossFit, fitness bootcamps and any other interval training you choose. In fact, you can basically create unlimited custom settings. You can also use it with an Apple or a Pebble watch, controlling it from there rather than from your phone. Connectivity is a breeze with its Bluetooth feature. You can actually connect to your Bluetooth speaker to further enhance your training experience.

Some other features of this timer are listed below:
  • Multi-functional – Can act as a regular clock or interval timer
  • 2.3 inch digits – Large enough to be read easily
  • Six timer modes – Different mode options for different timing needs
  • Mobile app – Works with the timer to create powerful interval timing solutions
  • Wall mounting bracket – For easy wall mounting
  • Frequent app updates – Keeps it compatible with the latest in technology
The BTBSign 2.3 Inch Programmable LED Interval Timer is multi-functional and can be used as a clock, stop watch, count up/down timer or as an interval timer. It is also remote-controlled for an easy wireless operation. Do you need one with a smaller display? Try the 1.8'' LED Interval Workout Timer Countdown Stopwatch.

BTBSign 2.3 Inch Programmable LED Interval Timer with Countdown, Clock & Stopwatch

As experts in various LED based solutions including clocks and timers, BTBSign is committed to the delivery of products that are driven by the latest in technology and made with the best of materials. Each product is designed to meet and surpass international quality standards and also to deliver top notch performance every time.

The BTBSign 2.3 Inch Programmable LED Interval Timer is a multi-functional tool that will fit nicely into your gym or personal fitness program. It can be your clock, stop watch, count down or count up timer or your interval timer. It is easy to operate with the included remote control and with up to 9 programmable interval sets that can be repeated 99 times, this timer is perfect for boxing, tabata, MMA, EMOM trainings and other interval-based routines.

It has other features some of which are listed below:
  • Aluminum construction – Means it is lightweight and durable
  • Bright LED – For easy viewing of the timer
  • 2.3-inch digits – Large enough to be seen across the gym
  • Mute function – You have the option of silencing the beeping if you do not need it
  • Mounting brackets included – For easy mounting or desk standing
The GymBoss Interval Timer and Stopwatch with its programmable interval setting, its beep and vibrate alert system, and its compact, shock- and water-resistant design is sure to make your fitness program more efficient. Will you love to have accessories with your timer? If so, go for the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch & Gymboss Accessory Pack Kit.

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch - Violet / Pink Metallic Gloss

GymBoss is a designer and manufacturer of simple but highly efficient personal timers that can be programmed to fit any exercise plan. It believes that determining your exercise routine is your business while theirs is helping you time it. It offers a wide range of timers that not only fit your training routine but also your style and fashion sense.

The GymBoss Interval Timer and Stopwatch is the perfect personal training mate. This compactly built timer will make your workout sessions more effective with its programmable settings which can be repeated for up to 99 times, giving you all the time you need for any length of workout session. Combining a beep plus vibrate alert system, you’re sure to be alerted to your interval cues with ease.

It has other features some of which we have listed below:
  • Multi-functional timer – Can also be used as a stop watch or clock
  • Auto mode – For continuous interval repeats
  • Shock- and sweat-resistant – Safe to use even while working out and sweating
  • Detachable belt clip – Choose whether or not to attach it to your person
  • Alarm duration setting – Choose from 1, 2, 5 or 9 seconds
  • Warranty - Comes with a 1-year warranty

How Do I Choose the Best Interval Timer?

Everyone talked about “The Money Fight” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. Okay, almost everyone talked about it and anticipated it. Though more people were aghast at the earnings these guys grossed for beating up themselves over a period of less than an hour, more boxing savvy folks have dissected that fight to try to understand what went down.

Following his own strategy, Mayweather weathered the storm and then started coming at McGregor from the 4th round. By the 9th round, McGregor was visibly tiring and by the 10th round, the fight had to be stopped because Mayweather was going to knock off his head.

Was Mayweather physically stronger than Conor? Not likely. He was just more technically sound than Conor and knew what to do to take the fight. What Mayweather did takes years of interval training with interval timers.

An interval timer in itself is not fitness equipment. It is simply an accessory that helps you pursue your interval training without having to worry about when to rest and when to go. You can use your interval timer with a treadmill, on your regular road runs or even on your upright exercise bike. Wherever or however you want to work out, an interval timer can help you maximize your workout and training sessions and achieve a lot more.

This guide has been written to help you find the best interval timer for you. We will show you the important things to look out for and how these features can affect your use of the interval timer so you can get the best out of your workouts.
Interval timers come in various styles and designs with different features that it is almost impossible to indicate a general price range for them. There are a number of factors like the type, the size, and featured functions that can affect the price of this device. Some are suitable for use as personal exercise timers while some are equipped for use in larger spaces like gyms. A factor like this will surely affect its price.

From our research, we found that with a budget of between $20 and $200 you will be able to get a good interval timer. Needless to say, what you will get for $20 will be very different from what you will get for $200 or more. Depending on how you intend to use your interval timer, you could find the $20 timer sufficient. The timers we have listed will offer you value. We made sure to avoid cheap interval timers as we will advise that you do too as they may not offer you the value you expect.
Choosing the right interval timer will be easier when certain factors have been thoroughly considered. To help you achieve this, we have listed some of these factors and they include:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Indicators
  • Volume control
  • Programmability
  • Functions
Let’s take a closer look at each of them.
Construction and Design
There are different types of interval timers though they are not actually classified based on any clear set of rules. They are just in different forms, offering different features. A simple example is a personal interval timer which can be strapped on, clipped on, installed as an app on the phone, placed on a desk or even mounted on a wall in an exercise space. These types are different among themselves and also from the bigger types that are suitable for use in larger spaces and gyms.

When you choose an interval timer, you will certainly have to consider the differences listed above. If it’s for personal training, will you prefer something small that can be clipped onto your clothing or strapped to your wrist? Would you prefer something that can be mounted on the wall in your space or placed on a desk or surface?

These are basically issues of personal preference which will largely be determined by the type of workout you do. If for example you actually go out to run, it’s not likely you will go for a wall mountable version. You will clearly go for the clip-on or strap-on versions or even the app versions which you can install on your phone.

The same goes for anyone getting an interval timer for a public space or gym. For these, clip-on and strap-on timers are already off the list. Here size will matter a lot. Aside from the functions of the interval timer, issues like the size and visibility of the digits (for LED timers) and the volume of the indicator will be important factors to consider. Since it will be used in a bigger space, it is important that it be visible from a good distance and that the indicator be loud enough to be heard over the gym noise. Most gyms prefer the large wall mountable LED displays or the box like type with buzzer and light indicators.

This brings us to the issue of indicators. Indicators are very important for the effective use of an interval timer. An indicator alerts you when it’s time to change your routine. If for example you’ve set the interval timer for 3-minute workouts and 30- second rests, the indicator will alert you when the 3-minute workout time is complete so you can start your 30 seconds rest period. When the 30 seconds are up, it will also alert you so you can resume the next 3-minute workout round. This is what keeps interval training effective.

An indicator can be seen, heard or felt. Whichever will be best for you will once again depend on both your exercise space and the type of exercise you do. For personal interval timers especially the strap-on or clip-on types, they usually have beeps and or vibrators. While running on the road, you may not hear the beep because of the noise on the road or the music you are listening to but you can feel when it vibrates against your body so you know it’s time to switch.

For open spaces and gyms, the most effective option is usually the loud buzzer indicator that can be heard in every part of the gym. There’s also the visual indicator which comes in the form of lights. Some have green, yellow and red lights which indicate the workout period, the point when to get ready to rest and the rest period. Though these lights are usually bright, they are usually supplemented with the buzzer sound. It is important to know what kind of indicator the model you want to get has.
Performance and Ease of Use
For the convenient use of an interval timer, some features need to be present. One of these is some form of control over the volume. Some users have bought a product only to discover that the indicator is too loud and that they cannot lower the volume. When you are in a personal space or in your house, you want to be able to either mute or lower the volume of the indicator. Without this feature, some have resorted to solutions like muffling the timer by padding it with cloths. This is an important feature to consider.

Another thing to look at is the programmability of the timer. The more control you can have over the settings of your interval timer, the more you can use it for different types of exercises and the more you can vary your interval workout. Once again, this is a thing of personal choice which will be influenced by the type of interval training you do.

Finally, many interval timers are multi-functional. Many can functions as regular clocks, countdown or count up timers, stop watches and of course interval timers. If these features are important to you, then ensure the interval timer you get has them.

Get the Best Interval Timer of 2023!

It’s wonderful that you took the time to read through this guide and review. We are glad you did and hope you found it enlightening. It’s now time to act on your new found knowledge. Go right ahead and place your order for the best interval timer that’s right for you.

Our Top Choice
Title Boxing Classic Gym Timer
Best Value
Ledgital Tabata Fitness Timer
GymNext Home Edition Flex Timer
BTBSign Programmable LED Interval Timer
GymBoss Classic Interval Timer