Best Invisible Fence Reviews 2023

Our pets are precious to us. They give us joy, love, and affection, and they look to us for protection and care. A pet fence can keep your pet safely within a border - away from traffic and nosey neighbors. Choosing an invisible fence for your pet takes education and care, which is why we’ve researched five of the best invisible fence brands and compared them side by side!
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Max Area
Collar Size
Our Top Choice
Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System
PetSafe manufactures high-quality, durable pet fences which are customizable to your property. Their Wireless Pet Containment System is sure to keep your pets safe and happy.
Easy setup. Additional collars available. Extendable range. Quality equipment.
Hindered by metal buildings and large trees. Radial area.
½ acre
One tone, five static
Automatic Shutoff
Best Value
SportDOG Brand® In-Ground Fence™ System
SportDOG is a company renowned for their expertise in the dog hunting and training industry. Their In-Ground Fence System will keep your dogs within safety boundaries you set.
Superior craftsmanship. Expert engineering. Customizable. Monitoring system. Affordable.
Longer setup time for in-ground systems.
1.3 acres
1 tone, vibration, 4 static
Wire break alarm.
Havahart® Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence
Havahart specializes in extremely long-range pet fences with customizable shapes for all types of pets! Their Wireless Pet Fence is perfect for anyone with a large area of land.
Longest range on market. Customizable shapes. Home monitoring.
Wireless signal blocked by metal buildings and large trees.
13 acres
1 tone, 5 static
Impressive range with monitoring
Perimeter Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System
Perimeter Technologies provides comfort and protection at a great price! Veterinarian approved and pet tested, their Ultra Comfort Pet Fence is sure to be a hit.
Comfortable rubber collar. Customizable coverage. Affordable price!
Longer setup time for wired fences over wireless counterparts.
5 acres
5 programmable modes.
Automatic shutoff. DVD included.
Innotek Basic In-ground Pet Fencing System
Innotek provides the features of more expensive pet fences at a fraction of the cost.
Safe for smaller animals. Customizable shapes. Replaceable batteries.
Longer setup time compared to wireless pet fences. Collar only water resistant.
5 acres.
1 tone, 4 static
Not specified
Replaceable battery.

What is the Best Invisible Fence?

Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit about pet fences and some differences between them. From in-ground wires to Wi-Fi standards, pet fences have adapted with technology to keep your pet safe and help you with training. Any of these brands should provide protection for your pet, so choose the best invisible fence for your loved one and keep them safe!
Our Top Choice
The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System is a best-selling and highly reviewed pet fence for a wide variety of uses. For those looking for a more expensive and full featured version with longer range, you may want to look at the Stay & Play Wireless Fence.

Petsafe Wireless Invisible Pet Fence System – ½ Acre Containment Zone

Every pet owner wants to know that their pet is safe, and invisible fences can help keep your pet from wandering too far from home. PetSafe creates innovative products and apparel for pet training and safety. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is packed with features and earns its spot as an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Wireless fences are easier to setup than their wired counterparts, and the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System delivers the ease of use you would expect from a wireless pet fence. It has a customizable feedback system that makes training your pet a breeze!

Here are some of the many features:
  • Waterproof collar
  • Five levels of correction
  • Tone-only mode
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Up to 1/2 acre range
  • Expandable containment size
  • Add additional collars
  • Works for short and long haired dogs
You can purchase the additional collars and wireless transmitters online to extend the functionality for multiple pets, larger areas, or specific shapes of coverage!
Best Value
The engineers at SportDog know about pets, and they know about pet fences. The SportDog In-Ground Fence System was designed as a high performance pet training fence for hunters. A GPS enabled version with wireless function is available as-well, with the same great quality.

SportDOG In-Ground Pet Containment System with 1.3 Acres Containment Area

Sportdog is a company that is run by and dedicated to hunting and professional dog training. A quick look at their company website shows that the creators of Sportdog are all avid hunters and wildlife experts, and that they apply their expertise into their dog training systems.

The Sportdog In-Ground Fence System is customizable and well designed. It comes with plenty of boundary flags and wiring to train your pet and the transmitter is located inside your house. Unlike a wireless system, the wired fence can be more customizable for different shaped areas and sections of land.

A few highlighted features:
  • Waterproof collar
  • Four levels of correction
  • Tone and vibration mode
  • Lightning protection
  • Wire break alarm on transmitter
  • Expandable containment size
  • Add additional collars
  • Covers over 1.3 acres
Havahart is pushing the limits of technology for wireless pet fences. The Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is a great example and features the longest range of any wireless fence on the market. For those in need of a wired fence, Havahart also offers a wired underground dog fence, at a lower price.

Havahart Invisible Fence Radial-Shape – Up to 13 Acres Containment Area

Havahart is a brand by Woodstream Corp. that specializes in wireless pet fences. The Havahart Wireless Dog Fence has the largest range of any wireless fence on the market, and comes in both radial and customizable shapes. Havahart features online resources for pet training and fence setup, and is a great brand overall for their sophisticated engineering and cutting edge improvements in wireless pet fence technology.

As if that wasn’t enough, here are some more of the innovative features you can find:
  • Waterproof collar
  • Five levels of correction
  • Tone-only mode
  • Safety timeout
  • In-home monitoring
  • Expandable containment size
  • Add additional collars
  • Covers up to 13 acres
The Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System was exclusively designed by engineers and veterinarians for the comfort of your pet. For those interested in a cutting-edge WiFi capable fence, look at the Perimeter Technologies Wire-free WiFi Fence!

Perimeter Deluxe Ultra Comfort Pet Invisible Fence System - 18 Gauge Wire

Perimeter Technologies is a trusted brand that works with veterinarians to come up with solutions for pet fences and safety. The Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System features exclusive comfort contacts made with soft rubber. It’s been highly reviewed and tested to be dependable and safe.

Some other great features include:
  • Waterproof collar
  • Reduces irritation
  • Adjustable correction
  • Wire break monitoring
  • Covers up to 5.0 acres
Innotek creates fully functional pet fences at affordable prices. The Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System is designed for smaller animals and offers many of the same features as more expensive models. For a fence with more features, check out the Innotek Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System!

Innotek Basic In-ground Invisible Fence – Up to 5 Acres Containment Area

Innotek is a brand by the company PetSafe that creates invisible pet fences for pets over five pounds. Although most pet fences aren’t safe for pets this small, the Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System is designed for smaller and larger animals in a customizable, wired, package that is easy to setup!

Some other great features include:
  • Water resistant collar
  • Replaceable battery for collar
  • Additional collars available
  • 500ft of 20 gauge wire
  • Covers up to 5 acres

How Do I Choose the Best Invisible Fence?

We all love our pets. That’s why we invest in all sorts of gadgets, ranging from pet trackers to pet strollers, just to keep them comfortable and happy. But there is one thing every pet lover wants for their pet and that’s freedom! You want your pet to move around as it wishes without you having to keep tabs. That’s why you need an invisible fence. With the right pet training, an invisible fence will give your pet the freedom to roam around your yard, and simply be happy! The best invisible fences are quite easy to set up. You don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you. Combine an invisible fence with a good pet door on your pet’s house and you will have the happiest pet ever! Don’t we all want that?
As a pet lover, you know that there can be no price tag on your pet’s freedom and happiness. But, even if you were to look at it from a monetary perspective, invisible fences are quite affordable, going for between $120 and $400. The more expensive ones have a wider range that can also be customized, which allows you to extend the area that your lovely pet can roam around. That’s a luxury you don’t get to enjoy with cheap invisible fences.
Before you buy an invisible fence, there are a number of features you need to consider. They are as follows:
  • Type – They come in different variations, from wireless fences to underground wire fences.
  • Maximum Area –They cover varying areas, up to 10 acres.
  • Modes – They come in either tone, vibrations, static or programmable modes.
  • Collar Size – They come in a wide variety of collar sizes, ranging from 6 to 28 inches.
  • Extras – Available extras range from automatic shutoff and wire break alarms to replaceable batteries.
Construction and Design
The type of invisible fence you choose should be determined by the type of property you own. If it may be challenging to lay down wires, then a wireless invisible fence may be a better choice. On the other hand, if your property is easy to mark and dig around, then get an underground one. It gives you the freedom to make any shapes that you fancy for your pet.

Your property size will determine the maximum area you choose. If you have a large property and want your pet to roam around a large area, then pick one with a wide area coverage. Otherwise, a small area one will suffice.

Choose a collar size based on the size of your pet. For instance, the collar for a small Chihuahua should be smaller than one for a full-grown German shepherd.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are different modes, and you can choose one according to your pet’s behavior. For instance, dogs are easy to train to follow instructions, which means you can use one with a tone, or a programmable mode. Alternatively, go for one that has vibrations if you have hard-to-train pets, like cats.

The extras you look out for should be determined by your tastes and preferences, as well as the individual circumstances of your dog. For instance, if you fear that your pet is not well trained and might break the fence, get one with a wire break alarm as an extra feature. Similarly, if you want to save on power, then you may opt for one with replaceable batteries as an extra feature.

Get the Best Invisible Fence of 2023!

Still not found what you are looking for? Well, you will be delighted to learn that these brands have a host of other products. One of them is guaranteed to catch your eye.

Our Top Choice
Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System
Best Value
SportDOG Brand® In-Ground Fence™ System
Havahart® Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence
Perimeter Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System
Innotek Basic In-ground Pet Fencing System