Best Ionic Foot Detox – Ionic Foot Spa Bath Machines for at Home Chi Cleanse, Improved Circulation, and Pain & Stress Relief

An ionic foot spa helps with the detoxification of the body. And due to its health benefits, there are many brands and types available on the market today. To help you make the right choice, we investigated many options and have come up with a list of five of the best ionic foot spa brands on the market. One product from each brand was reviewed, however, these brands have other great ionic foot spas; feel free to check them out too if you’re not convinced by the ones we have featured.

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Our Top Choice
Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox Spa
Cell Spa is very passionate about its products. Its goal is to provide the best quality at the most affordable prices.
It is a dual system machine, with two advanced series black arrays, two advanced series wrist sensor straps and a dual mp3 player.
This unit doesn’t come with a basin.
Ionic foot detox machine
Info not provided
Replacement fuses
Best Value
ION Balance Ionic Detox Foot Spa Cleanse
Better Health Company was set up with the dedication to offering its customers affordable ways to maintain their health through natural means and to help them achieve a better life.
Comes with all you need to get started. Heavy-duty foot basin. Easy to use. Has controller attachment.
No real issues reported, but be sure to follow instructions to get the best results.
Ionic foot bath machine
Info not provided
3 prong grounded plug
Detox brochure
Health and Med Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
Health and Med was born out of the owner and founder's desire to provide products that will help people live healthier, happier and longer lives.
It is powerful yet silent, and requires no wrist strap. It includes a heavy-duty, grounded, three-pronged power cable and has safety-engineered internal circuitry for safe operations.
This machine has no digital salinity readout.
Ionic foot bath system
Monitoring internal circuitry
Instructional DVD
AW Ionic Detox Foot Bath Dual System
AW affiliates with experienced manufacturers to offer diverse, high-quality and practical products to surpass its customers’ needs.
All-inclusive package. Hard case for protection. Stainless steel array. Five modes of operation. Promotes blood circulation. Dual LCD screens.
No issues reported yet, but be sure to follow the instruction manual for proper use.
Ionic detox foot spa
3 prong grounded plug
Waist belts
BioEnergiser Foot Detox Spa Pro
With experience in manufacturing detox spa systems, BioEnergizer has become a name well known for creating some of the best ionic foot spas on the market.
Pre-programmed 30-minute detox session. Strong foot bowl. Low-sodium salt. Clinically tested.
Some customers complained of poor customer support.
Ionic detox foot spa
Info not provided
Disposable footbath liners

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What Is the Best at Home Ionic Foot Spa? Read Our Reviews to Find the Right Ionic Foot Bath for You!

The purpose for which you need the ionic foot spa, in addition to other factors discussed in our buying guide, will determine the product you’ll eventually choose. Having gone through our buying guide, we’re sure that you’re in a better position to make your final choice, and we invite you to take a look at our lineup of some of the finest ionic foot spas on the market.

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Our Top Choice
The Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox Spa is a dual system machine for two users. It is ideal for couples and families, and the included dual preloaded mp3 player makes for a more relaxing treatment. Need something with more features? Try the Cell Spa Detox Ion Ionic Aqua Foot Bath Spa. It has a vibration massage and a wireless remote control, among other features.

Cell Spa Dual Ionic Detox Aqua Foot Spa Chi Cleanse Machine with MP3 Music Player


Cell Spa is very passionate about its products. Operating with the simple motto “Provide the very best quality at the most affordable prices,” it consistently ensures that its products are 100% authentic and quality certified. The Cell Spa team is proud to say that it is America's number one brand of ionic foot detox machines.

The Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox Spa is great for couples and families because it features a dual system for dual users. It also has the following features:

  • Powerful ionic system
  • Dual MP3 player for more relaxed treatment session
  • LED display
  • Two advanced series black arrays
  • Two advanced series wrist sensor straps
  • Replacement fuses
Best Value
The BHC Detox Foot Spa Ionic Machine is a mini spa that comes pre-programmed for a 30-minute well-balanced detox. This makes it one of the easiest spas to use in its class. Want to save some money? Use your own basin and go for the upgraded Ion Detox Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Kit!

Ion Detox Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Unit for Home Use with Upgraded Super Duty Arrays


Better Health Company was set up by its parent company (Quality Products) for the main purpose of researching the field of natural health. Today, it is dedicated to offering its customers comfortable and affordable ways to maintain good health through natural means.

With products such as the Detox Foot Spa Ionic Machine, BHC is making good on its promise. This is a fairly priced machine that comes pre-programmed with a 30-minute detox session at the push of a button. This makes it quite easy to use. Its other features include:

  • Controller unit with two heavy-duty arrays
  • Heavy-duty acrylic foot basin with raised massage nodules inside to allow water to flow under the feet
  • 25 liners
  • Sea salt with over 50 trace minerals
  • Foot spa detox brochure
  • Easy to clean
  • 16-page informational booklet
The Health and Med IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa is a quality ionic detox foot bath system that maximizes the principles of electrolysis and ionization. Need something that offers more than this? Try the IonizeME PRO Ionic Detox Foot Bath System with Accessories. It comes with three arrays, trace mineral drops, a heavy carrying case, and many other features.

Health and Med IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa with Accessories – Available in 4 Package Sizes


Health and Med was created to provide people with products that will help them live healthier, happier and longer lives. It has achieved this with superior natural health products and great on-site customer service.

Health and Med's IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa is an ionic detox foot bath system that offers great value for money. To maximize the principles of electrolysis and ionization, this machine has been amped up to an amazing 17.0 volts and 2.2 amps (MAX) of direct current. Following are some of this machine’s other features:

  • Two ionic foot detox arrays
  • 30-50 sessions per array
  • Countdown timer
  • Infrared belt and carrying case optional
  • 3.2-gallon foot tub basin
  • Array cleaning jar
  • 10 array cleaning brushes
  • 70-gram array cleaning solution and scoop
  • 1/3 pound Himalayan fine grain salt and 1/8 teaspoon scoop
  • Step-by-step instructional DVD

In addition to all of the above, you can also schedule a private consultation with the in-house detoxification specialist and certified reflexologist.

The AW Dual User Spa Machine is an ingenious design that allows dual usage and has five operation modes to help you experience the efficacy in different ways. If you’d prefer the bowl design, check out the AW Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine, which uses tube array and has six indicator lights.

AW Dual User Foot Bath Spa Machine With 2 Stainless Steel Arrays


AW is a marketer and supplier of different types of products. It affiliates with only tested and reliable manufacturers to make sure the customer expectations are met and surpassed. It deals only in top-quality products, and its diversified products on offer include luggage, lighting equipment, health and beauty products, etc.

The AW Dual User Spa Machine is a multifunctional spa set that can be used by one or two people to help them recover from stress and detoxify their system. With all the components you need included in the package, this product is ready to serve you right out of the box. The following are some more features of this portable spa:

  • Five modes of operation for deep cleansing
  • Dual LCD screen to monitor the operation
  • Stainless steel and ABS plastic array
  • Comes in a case for secure storage and convenient transport.
  • Helps increase metabolism and promote blood flow.
  • Package includes foot bath machine, arrays, wristband, waist belt, power line, and manual.
  • The machine is CE certified.
If you’re looking for a way to flush out toxins from your body to feel reenergized and well balanced without the exorbitant cost, the BioEnergiser D-Tox Foot Spa is what you need. If you plan on using this a lot, you may want to go ahead and pick up the BioEnergizer,Refill Kit with cartridge, salt replacement and more liners.

BioEnergizer Foot Spa Pro Foot Bath Basin — Foot Detox Machine for Aching Feet and Cramped Muscles with Sea Salt


BioEnergizer is a company that seeks to make the world healthier, one person at a time, by creating inexpensive and natural ways to stay healthy. The foot spa we are featuring is one of the products it has made available to help sustain a healthy lifestyle.

The D-Tox Foot Spa uses water, salt, and a bit of electricity to rid your system of unwanted toxins. This will help you feel great without the accumulated fatigue from stress and everyday activities. This therapy also promotes blood circulation and keeps your energy balanced. Below are some more features of this powerful foot spa:

  • 30-minute detox treatment with salt water to soothe your feet
  • Recognized in Europe as a medical device
  • Kit comes with bowl liners, low-sodium salt, nylon storage bags, instructional DVD.
  • Cleanse out toxins, and it shows in the salt water.
  • Leaves you rejuvenated and balanced.

Ionic Foot Machine Buying Guide — Benefits of Doing an Ionic Foot Detox and Chi Cleanse for Your Feet

Going to the spa is one way to indulge yourself and get pampered, even if it’s just for a few hours. Apart from the physical and beauty treatments such as Thai massage and nail art, most spas also offer some health improvement sessions for customers which make them more attractive and, well, expensive too. This is not to say that you cannot get a do-it-yourself spa treatment at home, but hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging yourself and letting others do it for you once in a while.

One of the health treatments offered by the spa is an ionic foot spa. This is a system through which the body and its organs are naturally detoxified and cleansed. The human body is constantly imbibing toxins from the environment, such as contaminated foods and drinks, drugs and free radicals produced by chemical reactions in the body. Although there are organs charged with the task of eliminating these toxins, there’s always a need to help them carry out this function more efficiently to avoid the accumulation of these toxins in the body, which could lead to serious medical conditions.

These toxins and free radicals are positively charged ions that are dangerous to the body, and the ionic foot spa works by producing negatively charged ions, which are transported into the body via the large foot pores. The negative ions then neutralize the positive ions of the toxins, and then they’re effectively eliminated from the body through urine, feces, and sweat.

Although there is an ongoing debate about the efficacy of the ionic foot spa, some users already swear by it, saying they feel lighter, sleep better and have a general feeling of wellbeing after using the machine. They also claim that the machine has helped in reducing the fat content of their bodies, and thus has a slimming effect. It’s advised, however, not to use the ionic foot spa if you have any sort of metallic implant in your body. Others that should avoid this foot spa treatment are pregnant women, people on organ transplant medications and hypertensive patients.

Due to its health benefits and for safety considerations, there are some factors that you should keep at the back of your mind before investing in an ionic foot spa. Things like the type of ionizer and the number of people using the unit are primary considerations. Also of importance are the price, safety, capacity and other extra features. This guide is fully loaded with facts that’ll help you make the best choice of an ionic foot spa.


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Hottest Spa Treatments. | Courtesy of Inside Edition

The price of most products (in the same category as the ionic foot spa) is affected mainly by the country where they’re manufactured. This is to say that an ionic foot spa manufactured in the USA will most likely cost more than those manufactured in China. Another factor is the type of array it comes with. But the general price range of an ionic foot spa falls between $150 and $330, although some products may cost more.

Our featured products are carefully selected with quality, durability, and safety as the benchmarks, and they come at different price points so you can take your pick within your budget. We know that there are cheaper ionic foot spas out there, but those are generally low quality and will either not work as advertised or will break down after just a few uses.


There’s every need to exercise caution when shopping for the best ionic foot spa, and understanding the critical features will help you in the process. These features include:

  • Type of Ionizer or Array
  • Capacity
  • Safety
  • Power
  • Additional Features

Now let’s look at this in more detail…

Construction and Design

The major component of an ionic foot spa is the ionizer or array. This is the unit that dissociates the water molecules into their constituent positive H+ and negative OH- ions. Without the ionizer, there’ll be no ionic foot spa. The ionizer can be in a cylindrical or rectangular shape. The cylinder-shaped ionizer or array consists of metal wires coiled around each other, while the rectangular array has metal plates running along the length of the box. Although the cylindrical ionizer is cheaper and easily available, it requires more water to cover it and deteriorates faster, thus requiring replacement after about 30 – 40 sessions. The rectangular array, on the other hand, is more effective in producing ions because it has a larger surface area that provides more contact between the water and the metal plates for ionization to occur. It also lasts longer, up to 40 – 50 sessions.

An ionic foot spa may come with more than one ionizer, and the ionizer needs constant cleaning with special cleansers to remove debris and salts deposited on the surface.

An ionic foot spa has two design capacities. It may come in the form of a single-user or dual-user capacity. The dual-user type is usually for spa owners so more people can be accommodated at the same time, but if you’re buying for home use, then you should just go for the single-user type and save some money (of course, unless you plan on using it with your spouse, for example).

A good and safe ionic foot spa should have some basic safety qualifications like RoHS certifications, FCC compliance (as applicable) and GFCI. UL listed power supply is mandatory and should be requested by the buyer. Generally, ionic foot spas are safe to use.

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Effective and Unexpected Ways to Get Rid of Toxins. | Courtesy of BRIGHT SIDE
Performance and Ease of Use

Using an ionic foot spa is relatively easy. All you need to do is fill the basin with really warm water, plug the ionizers into the designated port behind the ionic spa and add the water basin. Then plug the power cable into a power source and flip the power switch to ON and you’re good to go.

The unit has a specific amperage range for maximum performance, and it’s between 1.7 and 2.4, and if the amperage is less than 1.7, all you need is to sprinkle some sea salt (not iodized) into the water, stir and enjoy. The salt will help increase the conductivity, and hence, the amperage and ionization will occur faster. Some of them come with liners to protect the water basin, and some brands include a pack of sea salt in their ionic foot spa package so you don’t need to bother with getting sea salt for your machine.

Some ionic foot spas come with built-in MP3 players that help with the relaxation process. Such high-end foot baths are more expensive, and unless you really need the player, you can go for those without it. The most recently released ionic foot spas have LCD screens to display treatment settings, voltage/amperage and the music information for those that come with MP3 players.

Get the Best Ionic Foot Detox of 2022!

Now that you have read this review, we believe you know exactly what you need. Go ahead and get that ionic foot spa today and get rid of those toxins.

Our Top Choice
Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox Spa
Best Value
ION Balance Ionic Detox Foot Spa Cleanse
Health and Med Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
AW Ionic Detox Foot Bath Dual System
BioEnergiser Foot Detox Spa Pro

Ionic Foot Detox FAQs

What is ionic foot detox?
Ionic foot detox is a practice or method of pulling toxins from the body through the feet. The result is brown bath water or patch, signifying the end of detoxification.
What is the best ionic foot detox machine?
The best ionic foot detox machine is one that’s capable of effectively serving you and your loved ones. It should be safe to use and affordable. Besides, the device should be robust and with the right capacity. Finally, it should be easy to use. We have reviewed some of the best ionic foot detox machines for your consideration.
How to use ionic foot detox machine?
To use an ionic foot detox machine, fill the basin with warm water. Then plug into a port at the back of the ionic spa and hook onto it the water basin. After connecting the water basin to the power source, could you turn it on? After that, you can start using the ionic foot detox machine.