Best IP Camera Reviews 2023

Securing your home is a deliberate and conscious effort; you do not want to leave your homes and offices vulnerable. With so many brands of IP camera, it can be a chore trying to figure out which one has which features for the best price. We’ve done extensive research and found five of the best brands of IP cameras around. From these brands, we picked one product to show you, however, these brands have many more options. Feel free to check out their full collection to find your ideal camera.
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Viewing Angle
View Range
Our Top Choice
Netgear Arlo Security System
Since it kicked-off in 1996, Netgear has been a global supplier of technologically advanced networking products.
Easy to install and use, this weatherproof camera sends you alerts whenever there’s motion. Netgear also offers free support for up to five cameras.
The advanced features of this camera means a shorter battery life as well as recording lag.
300 feet
Cloud storage can be purchased
Best Value
Vimtag Waterproof Cloud Camera
Vimtag’s pledge to provide consumers with impressive experience of visual interaction via innovative technology has led them to create some of the best smart home tech and security systems around.
Its wireless, does not require a DVR connection, and is backed by great customer service. With support for multiple users at once, this motion-activated camera will keep your home or business secure.
Some users might find the app somewhat basic and not user friendly.
33 feet
32GB; pre - installed
Amcrest 960H Video Security System
Amcrest is a first rate security product manufacturer & distributor providing top-of-the-class surveillance and home automation equipment. .
Coaxial cabling for greater noise immunity. Made with heavy-duty weatherproof metal. 4 cameras give more viewing angles. Its 500GB hard drive is expandable to 3TB.
The software might be somewhat problematic as it’s a little bit tricky to set up.
720 x 480p
65 feet
500GB; video storage
Nest Indoor Security Camera
The Nest brand is all about creating simple, everyday appliances that better equip your home to take care of you. It works to create “the thoughtful home”.
24/7 live streaming. Easy to install and use. 1080p HD quality images. 2-way audio. Night vision that lets you see the whole room.
You must purchase cloud storage from Nest to be able to view/store footage in your history. Otherwise, you can only use live streaming.
Not specified
1.2GB; cloud storage
YI Dome Security Camera System
YI has one main aim; to make people’s lives more fun, richer and safer through the use of innovative, intelligent video technology. .
Bi-directional rotation range. Offers a complete 360° coverage. Scratch resistant glass lens. Innovative YI app and cloud storage. Upload, view and protect footage.
Cannot be viewed on a PC.
720 x 1080p
3600 coverage
9.8 feet in pitch black
32GB; cloud storage

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What is the Best IP Camera?

While going through this review, here’s a few things to keep in mind: What size space do you want to cover with your camera(s)? What picture quality do you need? Do you need it for home or business use? What’s your budget? After going through our buying guide, you’ll know the exact features to be on the lookout for. Let’s dive into our reviews now, shall we?
Our Top Choice
Netgear’s Arlo Wire-Free Security System with HD camera can be used anywhere. Its high-quality camera and infrared lights give a clear picture of what’s going on in real time. Arlo HD Wired Security Camera with audio is another good IP camera this brand offers. It features seven days of free cloud storage, so we recommend this camera if you’re looking for a hardwired security system.

Netgear Arlo Security System - 1 Wire-Free HD Camera, Indoor/Outdoor & Night Vision – Available in 10 Sets

Netgear’s mission is to be the number one choice of customers everywhere. With their ground-breaking networking solutions for small businesses and homes, this 20-year old company has always sought to keep their customers up-to-date with the latest tech for their security needs. Their vast collection of smart electronics means you’ll always know what’s happening at your house, in your workplace, or at your business.

The Arlo Wire-Free Security System (Selling for $219.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) features an HD camera with brilliant 720p pictures. It also has motion-activated sensors, night vision, and free apps so you can securely view a live feed while at home or away. The Arlo system is also expandable—you can add multiple cameras, and Netgear gives you free support for up to five! Some other features we wanted to highlight for you include…
  • About 1GB free cloud storage
  • Four video streams can be viewed at the same time
  • Smart home rules can be created and scheduled
  • A smart home base station with power adapter
  • A quick start guide
You can upgrade this unit to support more cameras for different levels of security!
Best Value
Vimtag’s Waterproof Outdoor IP Camera supports Android and iOS with real time viewing in 25fps and 720p resolution. It has an internal SD card (32GB) for video recording and playback. The Premium IP Wireless Network Security Camera by Vimtag has a sleek, dome-style exterior. If you’re looking for a wireless option, we suggest you check it out!

Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Wi-Fi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance Security Camera – Available in 4 Styles

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Vimtag has been an innovator when it comes to security systems, smart home tech, and IP cameras with cloud capabilities. With more than 100 engineers and a large R&D team, Vimtag’s dedication to sustained research and development ensures all their products maintain top-of-the-range hi-tech elegance.

Vimtag’s Waterproof Outdoor IP Camera (Selling for $109.95 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has motion-detection alerts, night vision, and is water and weatherproof. It features 32GB of storage and records footage to the supplied SD card. The Vimtag app grants you access and control of this IP camera regardless of where you are in the world. It includes an alarm feature that delivers real-time push notifications to your phone or device so you always know what’s happening at home, day or night.

Other features of this camera include…
  • High Definition optical lens gives 4x zoom
  • Free Vimtag app with real-time video steaming
  • Supports simultaneous, multi-user access
  • Simple, five minute setup
  • Supports cloud storage
The Amcrest 960H Video Security System is heavy-duty, can see up to 65 feet and has a pre-installed 500GB hard drive for 6 days of continuous high resolution recording. If you prefer a single unit system, you might want to check out the ProHD Outdoor IP Security Camera. It’s weatherproof and vandal-proof!

Amcrest 960H Security System with 65ft Night Vision & 984ft Transmit Range – Available in 9 Styles

Established in September, 2013, Amcrest has been resolutely committed to excellence in terms of its product software, hardware and support. Months and even years are put into the developing and testing of each product before introducing it into the market to ensure it works as it should. Amcrest continues to better its products after they are released through updates to improve features, simplicity, reliability and security.

The Amcrest 960H Video Security System can be used indoors or outdoors. It features an easy plug-and-play setup process. With your iPhone, iPad and Android devices you can view and record in widescreen with remote viewing using the Amcrest Link app. With its expandable memory, a longer recording time of more than 30 days is available with use of motion detection and/or resolution adjustments. It also features a 4-channel viewing VDR, easy backup and storage via USB transfer to an external storage device.

Following are other features of this security system:
  • 4 bullet cameras for wider coverage
  • Long distance cable run - up to 984ft away from your DVR
  • 24 LEDs for night vision
  • Coaxial cabling for greater noise immunity
  • Made with IP66 heavy-duty weatherproof metal material
  • Intuitive DVR's playback interface
Note that this camera system does not run on Macintosh Operating Systems at present.
With Nest’s Indoor Security Camera, you get a 130° wide-angled view of your home in clear 1080p HD, day or night. It also has 2-way audio and offers 24/7 live streaming. If, however, you’re looking for an outdoor security camera, try out the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. It’s weatherproof and will alert your phone if there’s anything suspicious happening outside your home!

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera with 130° Wide Angle View – Available in 3 Sets

By continuously creating new and innovative home-friendly products and improving upon its designs and functions, Nest has grown into a brand to reckon with, having increased manpower and partnerships with big names such as Google and Amazon.

Nest’s Indoor Security Camera comes with a free Nest Aware trial with which you can save ten or thirty days of uninterrupted video history and when you need to, quickly find the moment you’re looking for in Sightline in the cloud storage. To get the best from this camera, you need, at least, an active broadband internet connection having an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps (DSL may not qualify). It requires a web browser or a compatible mobile device (tablets or smartphones) with the Nest application and 4.0 Bluetooth. Not all phones, tablets and networks support 1080p.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that come with this IP camera:
  • View your room in a wide 130° viewing angle
  • Live stream 24/7 without using up any storage space
  • 1080p HD image quality means you’ll never miss a detail
  • Set it up to get snapshots or alerts when the cam detects movement
  • Just plug the camera in, set it up wherever you want it and download the Nest app; easy-peasy set up
  • 2 way audio means you can listen but also speak through the use of the app
  • You can make activity zones which are areas you’d like to keep an eye on most, with customized alerts too
YI’s Dome Camera offers a 360° complete coverage smart home system. Its advanced night vision with infrared LED beads lets you see up to 3 meters in pitch darkness. The Home Wireless IP Camera is another good product by YI. It’s got non-invasive sensors and is affordable. We advise you check this out if you want something more affordable with the YI quality.

YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System 720p HD Night Vision – Available in 3 Colors

Founded in the year 2014, YI Technology prides itself as being a leading, intercontinental provider of ultramodern and smart imaging technologies, merchandise, services and platforms. Its development team is made up of the industry-leading experts from the US, Japan, China and Israel with centuries of human-years of experience in algorithms, imaging technology, mobile applications and data analysis.

YI’s Dome Camera captures and records complete panoramic scenes in high-definition with practically zero blind spots. Auto-masking is a feature of this IP camera where the lens automatically goes undercover when not in use ensuring no recording is done without your permission. Multiple installation options mean that you can mount it on a table, wall or ceiling and the process is quick and hassle-free.

Its other features include:
  • Advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter
  • You can bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8)
  • Enables zoom (up to 4x)
  • Comes with a manual for ease of installation and use
This camera makes a great nanny cam with its 'Baby Cry' alert.

How Do I Choose the Best IP Camera?

At around 2 AM, a loud noise jolted him from his sleep, but he wasn’t sure where it came from. And then he heard it again; apparently someone was knocking at his door! “Who could that be?” he wondered aloud, as he stood up from bed, clearing his eyes with the back of his hand. Whoever was at the door kept knocking and ringing the bell insistently. He got suspicious and decided not to answer straightway.

He stealthily walked downstairs, opened his automatic garage door, and went inside and waited. After several knocks and rings, he yelled, “Who’s there?” After exchanging a few words with the individuals, he stated clearly that he wasn’t coming outside. Luckily, the uninvited guests left his home. They heard a police siren nearby and concluded that the homeowner had called in the police.

As the homeowner went back upstairs, he remembered the security cameras at the door, which must have picked up the faces of the midnight guests. On checking his touch screen monitor he realized that his guests were robbers trying to invade his home. Their faces, which were captured by the cameras and transmitted to the computer were sent to the police, who later apprehended them.

This is obviously the worst-case scenario; most of the time you’ll need your IP camera for innocent ventures like hiding from your ex and pretending you’re not home. But, the point is that you will be prepared if this scary scenario did occur. It just explains how installing a security camera can help protect your home and possessions.

An IP or Internet protocol camera is a type of security camera usually deployed for surveillance. It’s different from analog CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras because it can send and receive data through a computer network and the internet. There are a few things you need to know about IP cameras. First, there are two types of cameras: centralized IP camera and decentralized IP camera. The first requires a central network video recorder, while the second does not.

Before buying an IP Camera, also consider the area the camera will be located and whether a wider pan and tilt range should be considered. Make sure to check for the zooming capability (usually either optical or digital). Another important thing to check is how it suits your individual needs. You’ll need to test the image and audio quality to make sure it’s suitable.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, go through the rest of this buying guide to get more specific details.
IP cameras are available in different types, sizes and colors, and they are available for different prices. A small sized IP camera would definitely not be the same price with the bigger one. From our research, the price of IP cameras ranges from $70 to $250.

We came across some cheap IP cameras during the course of our research but disregarded them, as they would not serve you well. Any of the cameras in our review will offer you great value for your money.
Getting an IP Camera is a great decision for the security of your home, but getting an IP camera would be a lot easier if you know what to look out for. We’ve created a list of important factors to consider when purchasing an IP camera. These include:
  • Design
  • Size – this depends on where the IP camera would be installed
  • SD Memory Capacity
  • Zooming Capabilities
  • Rotation Range
  • Width of the Glass Lens
  • HD Capacity
Let’s now look at these in some detail.
Construction and Design
Before getting an IP camera, look out for the design that you would most prefer. A security camera shouldn’t just protect your home; it should also add to the aesthetic of your home while remaining concealed. IP cameras come in various beautiful designs, carved shapes and different colors.

Good IP cameras are water resistant, detect motion and have night vision alerts. They also have a built-in alarm feature that immediately notifies you via phone or device.

The next thing to consider is the size of the camera. The right size depends on the location the camera will be installed. For your home, consider a smaller, inconspicuous camera. For the office, don’t forget that it should also spice up the look of your office space while maintaining a level of disguise.

Physical features of the camera are dependent on how the video is recorded. The camera iris and image sensor work together to produce a clear video. Other features like wide dynamic range balances the light in the video after it has been recorded and also compresses the video storage of more files. A 112° wide-angle glass is the best option when it comes to the width of the glass length.

IP cameras are available in different memory sizes. It’s best to choose the memory size best for you. A camera with a 32GB Micro SD is a fantastic choice because it has an expandable memory and can hold up to an 8-hour long video recording. It’s great to have one that features a 4-channel viewing VDR, easy backup and storage via a USB transfer to an external storage device. The zooming capability of an IP camera is also something to be considered, either an optical (zooms close by using actual lens) or digital zoom (adjusts the image in the camera itself)

Instead of a regular CCTV surveillance camera with low HD resolution and uninteresting features, an IP camera has a 720p HD night vision resolution, which can also be upgraded to a higher 1080, preferably. Quality IP camera rotation range is usually 345° horizontal and 115° vertical.

This camera can be used not only to identify people and read license plates, it can also capture video in a larger, clearer format to be used as evidence of a crime.
Performance and Ease of Use
IP cameras are usually intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Most IP cameras come with an easy to read user manual that gives you a step-by-step guide on how best to install the camera. Auto masking is a feature of IP cameras where the lens automatically goes undercover when not in use, ensuring no recording is done without your permission. In this case, you can set it in such a way that it captures relevant events.

IP cameras function in the day and at night with use of an IR-cut filter or IR-blocking filter. These increase its sensitivity to light and also capture high-quality black and white images at night. IR illuminators can be used with IR-sensitive camera to improve video quality, so check for this feature when shopping for one.

Look for IP Cameras that have thermal imaging abilities. These not only detect people but also events in complete darkness or difficult conditions such as smoke, cloud, grime and light fog.

During high winds or storms, some IP camera processors have the ability to automatically stabilize images. Some also have an electronic rotation capacity, which rotates images when people pass directly under it.

An IP camera can be installed in different ways. It can be mounted anywhere -- preferably the wall or ceiling, and the process is quick and hassle-free. Good IP cameras usually require no external housing because they are designed with a vandal resistant or IP66-rated enclosure to be used outdoor.

Get the Best IP Camera of 2023!

We hope we’ve provided enough information to enable you make an informed decision. Now go ahead and secure your home or office with that IP camera.

Our Top Choice
Netgear Arlo Security System
Best Value
Vimtag Waterproof Cloud Camera
Amcrest 960H Video Security System
Nest Indoor Security Camera
YI Dome Security Camera System