Best IPad Tablet Reviews 2023

Apple is successful because it focuses more on customer experience than cutting edge technology to make living a party! When it comes to tablets, Apple models come in lots of flavors, from small to big, to bigger and better, to super-big. If you’re looking to join the many happy iPad customers, or just looking to upgrade your existing model with a newer, high-end one, read on and find out the best iPad tablets on the market today. Flexible budgets and amazing features!
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Our Top Choice
Apple 10-Inch iPad Air 2
Apple has dominated the emergent market for tablets, to the point where the word ‘iPad’ is often used to refer to any tablet device, regardless of the brand.
Sleek design. Powerful processor. Impressively sharp display. Improved camera. 3 colors available. Choose your storage size.
Would have been great if the speaker was placed where your hand won’t always cover it.
9.7 inches
16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
iOS 8/A8X
Best Value
Apple 9.7” iPad with WiFi
No one turns to Apple and regrets it, because the brand has its own best-kept-secret, which is evident with the iPad. This tablet incorporates a crisp, clear 9.7” display.
Fast processor. Great size for gaming and media. Unique design. 3 colors available. Choose your storage size.
Might not be so great if you need it for advanced graphics designing.
9.7 inches
iOS 10/A9
Apple 10.5” 64GB iPad Pro
Apple has never failed to deliver on its promises. This time it introduces the iPad Pro, the fastest tablet on the market thanks to 4GB RAM and A10X chip.
Super-fast. Compatible with pressure-sensitive pencil for drawing. Giant screen. Quad speakers. 4 colors available. Choose your storage size.
Not so portable because of its large screen.
10.5 inches, 12.9 inches
64GB, 256GB, 512GB
iOS 10/A10X
Apple iPad Mini 4
Even within a successful product line, Apple likes to offer flexibility and choice, which is evident with the iPad Mini 4. This tablet incorporates a smaller but equally crisp 7.9” display.
Portable size for games and media on the go. Classic Apple design. 3 colors available. Choice of storage sizes.
Not as powerful as the iPad Air 2.
7.9 inches
16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB
iOS 9/A8
Apple iPad Mini 2
Apple is all about premium products. The iPad Mini 2 is arguably the simplest and most affordable iPad on the market, yet it is packed full of performance.
Amazing Retina Display. Brilliant design. Affordable. 4 color options. Choose your storage size.
Does not have Touch ID fingerprint.
7.9 inches
16GB, 32GB, 64 GB, 128 GB
iOS 7/A7

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What is the Best IPad Tablet?

How much are you willing to spend? Do you want a basic iPad with a large screen to help you catch up on the latest news or read emails over tea in the morning? Do you want a super-fast one that can handle sophisticated games? Or is it an impeccable retina display you’re looking for, so you can enjoy watching movies every time you travel? Let’s look through our featured models to find the one for you.
Our Top Choice
If you are looking to enjoy crisp, clear images and fast performance, then the iPad Air 2 is the tablet for you. It comes with a Multi-Touch Retina Display. If you’d like some protection for your tablet, go for the Apple iPad Smart Cover which is compatible with both iPad Air 2 and 3 and is made of polyurethane.

Apple 10-Inch iPad Air 2 – Available in 4 Memory Sizes & 3 Colors

With a strong commitment to on-going technological advancements, Apple continues to implement innovation to ensure it stays ahead of the pack when it comes to smartphones, computers, smartwatches and tablets. The iPad Air 2 is a clear indication that the brand leaves no stone unturned when developing quality tablets.

If you don’t mind trading a little weight for a larger screen, the iPad Air 2 is the tablet to go for. We can comfortably say this model still remains the beating heart at the center of the iPad product range. It features a redesigned Retina Display that delivers greater contrast and vivid colors. Game enthusiasts will love the A8X chip that delivers substantially better graphics and CPU performance compared to its predecessors. Here are the features that make the iPad Air 2 dominate the market:
  • Thinner, beautiful display thanks to the 2048x1536 resolution at 264 ppi
  • Massive power courtesy of the 2 GB RAM and A8X chip with 64-bit architecture
  • Touch ID Technology that puts security at your fingertip
  • iSight 8MP camera that delivers Apple’s exclusive improved sensor and advanced optics
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to make it fun to stream videos and download movies (for Wi-Fi and Cellular models)
  • 1080p HD video recording @ 30fps with camera burst mode to let you feel like a professional photographer
  • Available in 3 storage sizes, 2 connections and 3 colors
We loved the 128 GB version simply because it offers more room to store videos, photos, and other stuff. However, if you are on a tight budget you could save a few bucks and get either the 64 GB or 16 GB version. There are also two types of connections: Wi-Fi (featured model) and Wi-Fi + Cellular; and three-color options: gold, silver and space gray.
Best Value
In the case of Apple iPad, large is better as it sports an impressive 9.7-inch screen and an A9 third-generation chip with 64-bit architecture so you can seamlessly run applications. If you’d like a keyboard to make typing easier, try out the iPad Keyboard Case for New 2017 iPad which is a combination of casing and backlit keyboard.

Apple 9.7-Inch iPad with WiFi – Available in 32GB or 128GB, with Cellular & in 3 Colors

Apple never rests on its oars which is why it came up with a reinvention of the iPad with this 2017 model. This variant introduces a stronger and faster processor to seamlessly execute multiple applications concurrently and store plenty with its 32GB capacity. Connect to the internet at the speed of light with its Wi-Fi connectivity and feel free to share content via Bluetooth. Not only does the iPad have a sleek design, it’s also lightweight. You will almost not notice its weight.
The following are some other features of the prestigious iPad:
  • 9.7-inch Retina Display with wide color and true tone for an exceptional view with 2048x1536 resolution
  • 2-count A9 third generation chip with 64-bit architecture operating at 1.65GHz
  • M9 motion coprocessor for graphics so you can use design applications and play advanced games
  • 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera
  • Capture great scenery with its 8MP iSight camera
  • Use the Touch ID to secure your tablet with your fingerprint
The Apple iPad comes in 32GB and 128GB storage capacities to store all the files, documents, and media you can. You can also choose if you want your iPad to have just Wi-Fi connectivity or you want the Wi-Fi+Cellular. And finally, you can also rep your style as it is available in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.
Anyone who has used the Apple iPad Pro will agree it’s more than just a tablet. It wields the power of the A10X chip that allows you use the Apple Pencil. To make your input way easier, you can check out the Apple Smart Keyboard for 10.5" iPad Pro which folds to become a sleek screen cover when not in use.

Apple 10.5-Inch 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Pro – Available in 4 Colors

Released in November 2015, the iPad Pro remains one of the fastest tablets on the market. Because of its large screen, you would be forgiven for thinking someone ripped it off a 10-inch laptop and turned it into a tablet. It features an incredible 10.5 inches and 64GB storage, making it a dream machine for media mavens and graphic designers.

Just as its name suggests, iPad Pro is a tool for the pros! But if you like your tablet to be extremely fast and powerful enough to get any work done, or large enough to allow you to watch the latest series, you will not complain when you get the iPad Pro. Here’s what is in store for you:
  • An awesome Retina Display with 2224x1668-pixel resolution with wide color and true tone
  • Up to 15% greater color saturation compared to its predecessors. This means your content will appear more real, vivid and engaging
  • True Tone display with ambient light sensors that adapt to the environment, whether in dark or in scorching sun
  • A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture embedded M10 coprocessor. Say hello to speed
  • 23MP iSight camera with True Tone flash for crisp clear images and up 63MP panorama
  • Supports Apple Pencil and smart keyboard
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • 4-speaker audio
  • Available in three storage capacities, 2 connection types and 4 colors
This tablet is available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage, so you have all the space you need to store stuff. The pad also comes in a 12.9-inch display if you can’t get enough of the wide and true tone color of the 10.5 inches model. Another option that might interest you is the Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi +Cellular. And finally, the color/finish is available in space gray, silver, rose gold and gold. Now, there’s no way in this world you can say you didn’t find an option that suits you.
For those who believe smaller is better, the iPad Mini 4 is certainly the tablet to grab. It has an iSight 8MP camera, Retina Display, and 2 GB RAM. Protect your iPad with the iPad Mini 4 Case which is a lightweight, tri-fold , slim-fit design that supports auto sleep/wake.

Apple iPad Mini 4 with WiFi – Available in 16, 64 or 128GB, with Cellular & in 3 Colors

Even with the impressive reception of iPad Air 2 in 2014, Apple did not stop there. The brand wanted to make something more like the iPad Air 2, only with a smaller screen and a different processor. And the iPad Mini 4 is what they came up with in 2015. It features a 7.9-inch screen, meaning it can easily slip into a jacket pocket, and an A8 processor that packs lots of power to allow you to execute your apps hassle-free.

The most notable feature of this tablet is the Night Shift, which can prove helpful for people who love tinkering on their tablet late into the night. Here are more features it offers:
  • 7.9-inch Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • Up to an amazing 10 hours of continued use
  • Fingerprint identity sensor for enhanced security
  • 8 megapixel iSight camera, and 1080p full HD video recording
  • FaceTime video calling over Wi‑Fi or cellular
  • Apple iOS 9 running on a Dual-Core A8 2nd-generation Chip at 2.4GHz
Our featured model comes with a storage capacity of 16 GB at an affordable price and features Wi-Fi connectivity. However, if you feel you want more space and your budget is a bit flexible, you can get the iPad Mini 4 in 64 GB or 128 GB, as well as Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular connection types. You can choose between space gray, silver and gold colors. It all depends on what you fancy!
The Apple iPad Mini 2 entered the tablet market in 2013, and it did great because of its clear 7.9-inch display and A7 chip. If you’d like a stand for your iPad mini, check out the iPad Mini Case which has a rotating cover with magnetic front, available in 15 colors.

Apple iPad Mini 2 with WiFi – Available in 4 Memory Sizes, 5 WiFi Styles & 2 Colors

The tablet market is booming, with the likes of Google, Kindle Fire and Samsung tablets striving to take a bigger share of the market. But Apple has managed to maintain its stand as the top manufacturer of tablets, offering amazing experiences at hard-to-beat prices.

With the many complaints leveled against the original iPad Mini, especially when it comes to the processor and low-resolution screen, Apple listened and put to rest these grievances with the iPad Mini 2. From the screen resolution to performance to camera power, this tablet delivers! It features a 7.9-inch screen, 5MP iSight camera, and dual-core 1.3GHz Cyclone CPU all at an amazing price. Here are other features the iPad Mini 2 packs in to make your tablet experience remarkable:
  • Retina Display to deliver detail in videos and photos
  • Thin and ultra-light design, yet powerful and capable
  • A7 chip and 1 GB RAM for fast performance
  • Wi-Fi performance for fast internet connection
  • Up to 10-hour battery life
  • Available in 4 storage sizes, 5 connection types and carriers, and two colors
Just like most iPad tablets, this model also comes with different storage sizes to suit different shoppers. While we featured the 16 GB version, you could also get one with 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB. The connection options/carriers available include Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + AT&T, Wi-Fi + Sprint, Wi-Fi + T-Mobile, and Wi-Fi + Verizon. Also, you have the opportunity to choose between gray, silver, space grey, and white color variants.

How Do I Choose the Best IPad Tablet?

It can take decades for a brand to build itself from scratch to the top. Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak – the founders of Apple – proved that this is not always the case. Apple has had the upper hand when it comes to technology since its inception on April 1, 1976. It was already making waves in the computer industry by January 1977, when it was incorporated into Apple Computer Inc.

One of its most successful lines – iPhone smartphones – has taken the world by storm, incorporating powerful cameras and refining technology found in other smartphones. Today, the brand has solidified its name in the world of Mac personal computers, smart watches, iPod media players, and iPad, which is our point of reference. In that vein, we’d like to give an honorable mention to the 2016 line of iPads for setting the pace that year. You just can’t go wrong with Apple if you’re looking for quality and an unmatched user experience! If you’re more of a Google fan, of course, there’s a swathe of Android tablets available on the market, but for now we’re focusing on Apple’s offerings.
The iPad is an elite brand in the tablet world, sporting great displays, processors and storage space. These are also the factors that often determine the price of an iPad. It’s only natural that we want a product with all the goodies, but it only makes sense to pay for features you’ll use. Budget is a thing, remember?

An iPad with a large screen and huge storage space will cost well around $500 while one with a smaller screen, about 16GB of space, without premium features, will go for around $350. Just don’t be fooled by cheap iPad impersonations. You should beware of them because they are not made by Apple and are poorly made.
Advances in technology have brought us so far. We can do almost everything we can on a desktop on a mobile device. The iPad is a great example of such a device. If you’re looking to join the millions of people having a swell time with it, here are some of the features to keep an eye out for:
  • Display
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Connectivity
These features will help you narrow down your choice from among the many lines of models available. As you read on, you will understand how they affect your choice.
Construction and Design
The first thing you notice on an iPad is the display and the first thing that will catch your attention when you turn it on is the beauty of it. One of the hallmarks of the iPad design is its display. It was created to make you never look back. The display on most iPads is not just high density. The pixels are so concentrated, the normal eye cannot notice individual pixels from a viewing distance. This trait is what Apple has termed Retina Display. Whether you’re working or playing, you’re set up for crystal clear and immersive viewing. Depending on how big you want your tablet, you can choose display sizes from the ‘slatey’ 12.9-inch screen to the cute 7.9-inch.

Mobile devices are as popular as they are because of their multi-functionality. Some people do most of their work or play on their iPads so it only makes sense that they keep a lot of things on it. Apple fits its iPads with ample storage space to keep your digital baggage. Ranging from 16GB to a whopping 512GB, you have enough space to store all your documents, media, games, and more.

Depending on how you will use your tablet, iPads have two main types of internet connectivity you can choose from. Some pads have just Wi-Fi, while others have Wi-Fi and cellular connections. So, the choice is ultimately yours.
Performance and Ease of Use
The varying models sport different processors, but as long as it’s an iPad, it’s fast. Plain and simple! For instance, the M10 processor on the iPad Pro is one of the fastest processors on a tablet. The processor handles the speed at which your iPad does its thing. So, pay some attention to the processor in an iPad to choose one that can handle your speed.

The memory, aka RAM, is also a feature that has a lot to do with performance. The memory is what allows your iPad to handle your multitasking activities. By default, the higher the RAM, the more applications you can run concurrently. So, if you’re a digital juggler, be sure to look out for the high memory.

It is only normal that a device with a great display will have a similarly great camera. And that is just the case with the Apple iPad. If you’ll be doing a lot of picture taking or video recording, you should pay serious attention to the camera. Some can record in as much as 1080p quality and have 8MP iSight cameras.

Get the Best IPad Tablet of 2023!

Picking a good iPad can be tricky, especially considering Apple offers five lines, ranging in price. There are different connectivity, color, storage and size features to consider as well, but don’t worry. We’ve considered a lot of factors to ensure you get enough information to make shopping easier, and we’re happy to have helped you get the right iPad for your needs.

Our Top Choice
Apple 10-Inch iPad Air 2
Best Value
Apple 9.7” iPad with WiFi
Apple 10.5” 64GB iPad Pro
Apple iPad Mini 4
Apple iPad Mini 2