Best Ironing Board Reviews 2023

Ironed clothes make you look fresh, organized, and professional. Ironing removes creases and musty smells, leaving your clothes looking new and ready to take on the world. A good ironing board is adjustable, durable, and comes in many designs and features. We’ve searched through the best ironing board brands and have come up with five quality products that will improve your ironing experience. For every name that we’ve picked, we have reviewed one of its products.
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Our Top Choice
Brabantia Wide Ironing Table
Brabantia manufactures attractive products that are both durable and comfortable to use.
Great aesthetic design. Adjustable height. Safe lock.
A little difficult to refasten.
Wide Ironing Board
Ivory coated steel
49” x 18” x0,98”, 19 lbs
Adjustable height
Best Value
Household Essentials Over-Door Ironing Board
Household Essentials is committed to proving timeless home solutions that cater to the emerging needs of the modern household. 
Compact size. Durable. Flexible.
A little bouncy when placed in a horizontal angle.
50.25”x17”x2”, NA
Self-close technology
Reliable Corporation Press Table/Ironing Board
The Reliable corporation provides the right laundry tools with top quality products that get the job done. For example, take a look at The Board 500VB Vacuum and Up-air Press Iron Board.
Solid construction. Folds up quickly. Stable. Pro style design.
Little on the pricey side
Press Iron Board
Solid steel
48.5”x 16”x 38.5”, 42lbs
Vacuum &Up-air
Homz Durabilt Ironing Table
HOMZ is a leader in the manufacture of home appliances. Through it’s products, the brand delivers leadership in quality, service and value
Extendable legs. Stable frame. Quality cover material
Rather heavy. Slight issues with height adjustment.
Reinforced metal
54”x14.875”x39.5”, 22lbs
Expandable legs
Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board
Honey-Can-Do provides technologically driven products that are geared at providing excellent home appliance solutions at a good price.
Colorful. Compact. Space saving. Great design
Cover is a little thin.
32”x 12” x 5”, 4.8lbs

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What is the Best Ironing Board?

There’s no denying that an ironing board is now a basic household good that you should have. After all, we all yearn for that distinctive crisp edge on our clothes. Now that you know what to look for in this product, let’s proceed to the review, confident that you’ll find the best ironing board to match your shiny iron.
Our Top Choice
The Brabantia ironing board gives you a wide design that allows you to iron long pieces of clothing, including sheets. It features a stable but light-weight construction that doesn’t wiggle as you do your ironing. You might also be interested in their cool iron rest and board holder.

Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest - Available in 7 Designs & 3 Sizes

Brabantia is a Dutch company that has been around since 1919. It focuses on home improvement with emphasis on; laundry and hardware, food storage, food preparation, waste storage and bathroom accessories. It has subsidiaries in the US, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Denmark.

The first thing you notice about this ironing board is the blue moving circles on the cover which really add an aesthetic appeal. In addition to the moving circles there are other color variations; ice water, titan oval, chrome, ecru, feathers and pink santini. The covers are 100% cotton with a padded foam underlay. The extra wide 40” ironing surface is gives plenty of room for you to do your ironing from any angle.

The edges are shaped ideally for pressing shirts and blouses. Another convenient feature we liked about this ironing board was the transport lock. It helps keep the board folded when travelling or in storage. There is also a safety child lock that prevents little ones from hurting themselves by accidentally collapsing the board.
Here is an in-depth view of the main features of the Brabantia ironing board:
  • Extra wide ironing surface area
  • Sturdy 4 leg steel frame measuring 25mm
  • Available in 2 cover designs along with lacquered frame
  • Adjustable height: levels 30.3”-37.8”
  • Integrated child lock and transport lock
  • Non-slip caps
  • Solid steam rest
  • 10 year guarantee
This board is part of a line of ironing boards, featuring two other models: B standard and D large. They differ in price, design and size, with D being bigger than C and B being the smallest size.
Best Value
Make the best use of space in your home by fitting this self-redacting board. It is very sturdy and allows you to have a great ironing experience, as it is easy to use and provides the best answer for limited space. An alternative wide leg ironing board is available in case you are in the market for a larger Ironing Board.

Household Essentials Over-the-Door Ironing Board with Iron Holder, Natural Cotton Cover, Self Close & Steel Frame

Sometimes having a small amount of space in the home can be a real bummer, especially when you want to iron a particular article of clothing. Ironing a long dress becomes a game of trying to find the right angle at which to straighten your clothes. Finding an ironing board that fits a small space, like a studio apartment, is crucial. Household Essentials has been in operation since 1986, although it was under a different name. It is a housewares company that deals with ironing boards and outdoor dryers. It others a great self-closing over-the-door ironing board that is ideal for homes with smaller floor plans and spaces.

The Household Essentials Self-Closing Over-the-Door Ironing Board fits well against the back of the door (standard/commercial door). Actually, you can place it on your closet door, laundry door or bathroom doors. The sturdiness of this board is due to a steel-frame with a steel-mesh ironing surface that makes it compact. It is a self detracting mechanism together with the lever that allows for height adjustment. It has an ironing surface of 14”x41” which is supported by two feet at the base, which protect your door from scratches and friction.
Here is a quick overview of the features that make this model professional grade
  • In built U-hook iron holder
  • Steel mesh surface for ironing
  • Pull-down lever
  • Hooks for standard and commercial doors
  • Self-close technology and hanger hook to store iron
  • Steel frame &Stabilizing bumpers
The Board 500VB Vacuum and Up-air Press Table gives you a professional tool that allows you to pull off a crisp, clean ironed finish on all your garments. If this product is not for you, Reliable corporation also has a stable, affordable model that will cater to your ironing needs in The Board 100IB Home Ironing Board.

The Board 500VB Vacuum and Up-air Press Table, Laundry Rack, Tube Frame Construction

Reliable corp has been providing the ultimate pressing performance ever since the company’s inception in 1955. They have continuously developed professional-quality ironing boards that are used by the best cloth makers, dry cleaners and tailors around the globe.

This product features a built-in steam suction vacuum, which makes this pressing table stand out from the rest of the press iron ironing boards in the market. Another brilliant addition to steam suction is the “inchup-air-inch”. It allows the vacuum to move in opposite direction, generating a blowing effect and enabling you to press on a cushion of air. This feature reduces the risk of having iron impressions on delicate fabrics like nylon shirts, velvet or corduroy. The Board 500VB Vacuum and Up-air Press Table is height adjustable (30.5”-38.5”), so shorter members of the family can conveniently do their ironing too.

Here is a glimpse of the main features on this pro-style ironing board:
  • Automatic inbuilt heating element
  • Polyester cover
  • Up air &vacuum included
  • Tube frame construction
  • Additional laundry rack and bottle holder
  • End shelf for supporting steam generator
  • Wishbone legs
  • Folds up with one pull of lever
  • Right or left hand use
  • Limited 1 year warranty
This heavy duty ironing board is sturdy and well built. It gives users plenty of room, with a wide base that prevents the board from tipping. If you are in the market for an expandable, affordable model, Homz has got you covered with their Professional Ironing Board.

Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium Ironing Board with Wide Leg Stability, Adjustable up to 39.5", Heavy Duty & Heat Control System - Gray and Orange

Homz has been around for around 65 years, accumulating a great deal of experience on how to improve the home environment. HOMZ manufactures products that enable consumers to take control of their environment and improve their homes.

What we liked about this board is the build and extra ironing space - 10” compared to other brands in the same price range. It comes in two colors, silver and orange. The legs are metal platinum and are adjustable, expanding to 25 inches to allow height adjustability for users, modified through a quick release paddle. Included is an iron rest that allows you to control steam flow when you not ironing. The board’s padding also goes a long way in ensuring you have a smooth ironing experience.

Below are some of the impressive features of this product.
  • 54" x 14.875" Strong Mesh top
  • 25’ Extendable Legs
  • 1/4” foam& polyester fiber padding
  • Iron rest with hanger notches and silicone strips
  • Quick release paddle
  • 100% Quality cotton cover
The BRD01435 is a superior space saving laundry appliance. It is assembled with quality flexible material, making it ideal for dorm rooms and small apartments. If you are interested in some durable and beautifully designed ironing covers, they have something for you.

Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board with Pull out Iron Rest, Foam pad & Cotton cover

Based in Illinois, Chicago and Shanghai, Honey-Can-Do deals with laundry, garmet care and overall kitchen organization. They are an environmentally focused company that specializes in manufacturing eco-friendly products, including ironing boards, laundry hampers , drying racks and clothing valets.

We liked this tabletop ironing board for its compact size, as it saves quite a bit of space. Actually, you can fit it under the bed, in the closet or even store it in the trunk of your car. The wood and cloth construction ensures the board is firm and durable. It features a metal retractable iron rest to reduce scorching accidents.
Here are some more interesting features of this ironing board.
  • Folds flat
  • Cotton cover and foam padded
  • Slim flat board
  • Available in Aqua Blue/White
  • Metal Iron rest
  • Limited life warranty
This product is part of a line of tabletop ironing boards by Honey-Can-Do. The other products differ in color, height, dimensions and price. The company also has an array of larger standard, over-the-door and 4-leg models to suit different ironing needs.

How Do I Choose the Best Ironing Board?

While people like to look back at past years and call them the “good old days,” this perception does not reflect reality and appears to be a product of embellished nostalgia. After all, there was disease, war, no internet, and shockingly, people washed clothes with their hands! Thanks to technology, we may be living in the best times ever. Specifically, machines have made work much easier than we ever dreamed of.

Take the case of a washer dryer combo. This household appliance not only washes clothes, but also dries them—all that’s left to do is fold them for later ironing. However, unless you work at a place where laundry is done on a large scale and, therefore, need a press iron to do the job, a normal iron will serve you well.

An ironing board guarantees you a good press, giving your garments that classy look. It is, therefore, an excellent addition to your home. Like all household items, space is a key factor to consider when selecting an ironing board. If you’re living in a studio apartment where space is limited, an over-the-door ironing board is what you need.

There’s a famous scene in the classic film The Three Stooges, where Shemp almost goes to war with a defective ironing board. While this scene is hilarious, it contains a degree of truth about the questionable quality of ironing boards produced by some of the brands out there. A good ironing board is supposed to make your ironing experience a pleasant one.
While some people discount the necessity of an ironing board given the presence of numerous flat surfaces on which one can iron clothes, they fail to take into account the poor quality of those surfaces. With an ironing board, you never have to worry about a scorched carpet. In our selection, we have an ironing board for every income segment. However, if you want to enjoy top-line features such as a built-in vacuum, we suggest you try and avoid cheap ironing boards.

The price of our featured ironing boards ranges from around $15 to $500, with the range being accounted for by differences in features and brand. An ironing board that has a built-in vacuum and an up-air motor will cost you more than one that has none. Similarly, an ironing board manufactured by a company such as Reliable will cost you more than one made by a lesser-known brand; Reliable was established in 1955 and is known for producing high-quality sewing machines, ironing boards, irons, and steam cleaners.
An ironing board is supposed to be an upgrade to your typical flat ironing surface in the sense that it should help you create those crisp edges on your garments. Let’s look at features that you have to consider when looking for one.
  • Type - Your choice of an ironing board will hinge on how well it fits into your home. If you have a spacious abode, a wide ironing board will suit you.
  • Material - The sturdiness of an ironing board depends on its constituent components.
  • Size - If you regularly iron heavy garments such as trench coats, a large ironing board will give you those smooth seams you crave.
  • Convenience - These are features that make your ironing experience enjoyable and effective.
  • Child Protection - Is the ironing board made in a way that prevents kids from playing with it and hurting themselves?
  • Warranty - A guarantee goes a long way in convincing any customer to buy a product.
  • Storage - An ironing board should take up as little space as possible during storage.
Construction and Design
Don’t forget to take into consideration the TMS of choosing a ironing board. No, you didn’t miss out on yet another millennial abbreviation there. This isn’t an LOL situation. It actually stands for Type, Material and Size, the three fundamental consideration factors when shopping for any new product.


With the minimalist look taking root in our homes, space has become a highly sought-after asset; the more we have of it, the better our house looks. It is in this frame of mind that you should approach ironing boards. If you live in a small apartment where you have to do away with an item before bringing another in, an over-the-door or tabletop ironing board will preserve your home’s tidy look.


Material should also be something you consider when buying an ironing board. While plastic ironing boards are cheap, they are not durable and, therefore, do not give you value for your money. Our selected products are guaranteed to give you long service as their primary constituent material is steel, which is known for its sturdiness.


Size also comes into focus particularly if you’re always ironing heavy garments. Our selected ironing boards have large pressing areas that ensure you don’t experience problems when working on troublesome areas of your garments such as lapels and storm patches.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your ironing board can be measured by it’s convenience. What features does it posses that makes it easier and more enjoyable to use? Let’s take a look at some of those features.


We can all agree that ironing is not everyone’s cup of tea. The faster you can get it over with, the faster you can proceed to more enjoyable activities like popping a bubble wrap. An effective ironing board is the one that makes ironing an effortless, efficient, and even enjoyable task. One of our selected products has taken this to the next level by including bells and whistles intended to make an ironing experience highly satisfying. Among the features that increase convenience include a built-in heating element, up-air motor, and built-in vacuum.

Child Safety

Our little ones are always looking for the next fun thing to do while in the house. These activities range from less exerting ones like playing video games to dangerous efforts such as jumping over an iron board. It, therefore, helps a lot if yours comes with a safety child lock feature. This addition prevents your ankle-biter from hurting him or herself when the board collapses.


Apart from child safety and convenience, an ironing board should also be easy to store. Our featured brands have made easy storage a priority by making products that fold flat, thereby reducing the space they take in the house when not in use.


Finally, an ironing board’s warranty is a crucial consideration factor. With some of our selected products having warranties that range from one to ten years, this will go a long way in convincing you of their durability.

Get the Best Ironing Board of 2023!

We hope that this review has made it easier to purchase the perfect ironing board. The reason we only picked these five brands from hundreds of companies in the market is that they are known for producing high-quality goods. If it emerges that none of the products we’ve reviewed meet your ironing needs, please explore the other items made by the featured brands.

Our Top Choice
Brabantia Wide Ironing Table
Best Value
Household Essentials Over-Door Ironing Board
Reliable Corporation Press Table/Ironing Board
Homz Durabilt Ironing Table
Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board