Best Jobsite Radio Reviews 2023

The noise from the heavy equipment and power tools usually associated with jobsites tend to make the work atmosphere dull and there’s nothing more suitable than a jobsite radio to invigorate such atmosphere. A jobsite radio is simply designed to provide entertainment during work hours and it must be durable to withstand worksite conditions. To make easier to find the best one for you, we have come up with our top five options from the best jobsite radio brands. If the product featured from each of these brands doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, feel free to explore other products that any of these brands may offer. One more point; we have reviews that’s dedicated to shortwave radios and walkie-talkies. If that’s what you really need, check them out!
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Plugin Option
Battery Info
Our Top Choice
Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio
Bosch is synonymous with engineering excellence and this can be seen in all of its power tools which have been described as superior, beneficial and innovative.
Weather-resistant. Superior sound quality. Heavy-duty construction. Good signal reception. MP3 compatible. Premium 360-degree stereo sound.
Rechargeable batteries required to power radio are sold separately.
Cordless, Bluetooth
12V DC adapter included
18V Li-ion
10 AM / 20 FM; 5 equalizers
13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5” / 24 lbs.
Best Value
Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Radio
Milwaukee is committed to providing the technical industry with a steady stream of cutting-edge solutions that offer better productivity and unrivaled durability.
Good signal reception. Weatherproof aluminum speakers. Compact sized. Weather sealed pocket for MP3 player. Rubber seals on all openings.
The battery doesn’t charge in the radio.
AC adaptor included
8-10 AM and FM
10.5 x 4.5 x 10.5” / 3.5 lbs
ION Audio Job Rocker Radio
ION Audio is an international company that designs and manufactures innovative products and accessories with the aim of simplifying life and boosting entertainment.
Portable. Rechargeable. Wireless Bluetooth connection. 50 hours battery runtime. Digital AM/FM radio. 50-Watt speaker system. 2 built-in AC extension outlets.
AC outlets are inactive when the radio is unplugged.
Cordless, Bluetooth
Power cable included
Built in, rechargeable
6 AM / 6 FM
12 x 14.5 x 15” / 20.8 lbs
Makita LXT Bluetooth Jobsite Radio
Makita is well-known for designing and providing professional users with power tools that are of unmatched quality, durable, affordable and result in better performance.
Protective bumpers. Cordless. Compact size. Illuminated control buttons. Dust and water-resistant. Bluetooth Connection. MP3 device aux port. Two 3.5-inch side speakers.
Battery and charger are sold separately.
Cordless, Bluetooth, USB
AC adaptor included
18V LXT® 5.0Ah or 18Vt 2.0Ah
7 x 12 x 13” / 10.4 lbs
DEWALT Compact Worksite Radio
For more than 90 years, DEWALT has been the brand of choice for professionals due to the fact that its products are innovative and have been proven to increase performance.
Device storage box. AUX cable included. AC/DC powered. USB power port. Lightweight. Portable. AM/FM radio with 5 presets of each.
Doesn’t make use of Bluetooth technology.
AC power cord included
18V Li-Ion or 12V/20V Max
5 AM / 5 FM
10 x 7.4 x 10.75” / 6 lbs

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What is the Best Jobsite Radio?

All radios are not the same and before selecting a radio, you should ensure that the features that make it suitable for a jobsite are present. If you’ve read our buying guide properly, selecting a jobsite radio with the right features would be quite simple.
Our Top Choice
The Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio, made of heavy-duty construction materials, delivers a 360-degree high quality enhanced stereo sound via a system of 4 weather-resistant speakers and a fully integrated subwoofer. If you’d rather have a lighter and less expensive jobsite radio, check out the Bosch Compact Jobsite Radio which is also packed with great features but weighs 22 pounds less.

Bosch Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Radio/Charger/Digital Media Stereo

Bosch Group is the go to brand for unbeatable technology and services around the world. Its power tools division serves at the pleasure of professional and do-it-yourself power tool enthusiasts by distributing premium and superior quality tools and accessories that improves their quality of life by making their job easier and better. Its range of quality tools include rotary and oscillating tools, power tools and accessories such as batteries, chargers, hammers and grinders, jobsite radios and accessories, and garden and watering equipment. Bosch also ensures its stays up-to-date in the world of technology by investing huge sums of money into research and development in a bid to manufacture solutions that are innovative and valuable.

Sometimes, doing repetitive work at a job site may become so boring and gloomy and the need for any form of entertainment arises. And while any jobsite radio might do the trick, you should consider the Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio as it is many leagues ahead of its peers. This jobsite radio is highly reliable and well capable of delivering high performance 360-degree stereo sound output. Measuring 14 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches, it is one of the few jobsite radios with parts that are designed to be weather-resistant and also survive most job site conditions. Apart from being a traditional radio, it is also integrated with a digital media hub which comprises of a USB port that’s powered and a SD/MMC card slot. Together with 2 auxiliary ports, this hub can accept connections with CD players, MP3 players, digital memory cards and devices as well as other satellite receivers that are portable. So if you would rather listen to your personalized playlist, you can just connect it to the radio. The following are some more features of this premium jobsite radio:
  • AM/FM radio with 10 AM and 20 FM presets for multiple selections
  • 4-way speaker system for pumping out more volume
  • Includes subwoofer for a higher and improved bass performance
  • Split treble and bass controls for improved tone and balance
  • Can be powered by 14.4V to 18V Bosch lithium ion batteries
  • 4 preset settings for equalizing and custom equalizer settings
  • An aluminum and rubber roll cage for protecting the radio from impact
  • 4-way power outlets for plugging up to 4 devices when at the jobsite
  • Includes a 12 volts DC adapter that’s compatible with most electronic devices
  • Battery charger that’s built-in for charging the batteries of the radio
  • An innovative digital tuner which allows for good signal reception in most places
This jobsite radio has a 30-day money back guarantee and is covered by a 1-year warranty.
Best Value
The Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Radio is a compact radio with weather-resistant aluminum speakers that produce great sound. It also features a digital processor that is responsible for its high signal reception and clarity. If you’d rather have a corded jobsite radio that doesn’t require batteries, then you should check out the Milwaukee M18 Job Site Radio.

Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Radio with Weatherproof Aluminum Speakers

Milwaukee is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of consumer and professional heavy-duty power tools and accessories. It continues to be one of the top choices amongst professionals due to its commitment to manufacturing innovative solutions that are specific to trade, performance and durability. Its products, which are widely known for increasing productivity, include power tools, hand tools and accessories such as batteries and chargers. Because of its aim for uniqueness, attention to details and a knack for being innovative, its users have attested to the fact that Milwaukee tools make them work faster, better and smarter.

A lot of people have steered off jobsite radios because of their size, and rightly so. Why would an entertainment equipment weigh as much as 40 pounds? Considering they would also have to carry their work tools and other jobsite equipment, the entertainment could wait. But with the Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Radio, you don’t have to worry about that. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, this is one of the most compact jobsite radios ever made. Bearing in mind that the frame of the radio is actually constructed with an ABS polymer and steel, this size is really amazing.

Now that we’ve gotten you interested, let’s talk about other benefits. Jobsite conditions are not favorable for some equipment but this radio is specifically made to withstand any abuse and shock. Apart from its steel and polymer construction, the speakers are covered with perforated steel grills to keep debris away and shield it in case of a fall. The buttons on the radio are covered with rubber and all the openings are filled with rubber gaskets to protect it from any form of moisture. The aluminum speakers are also designed to be weatherproof for that same purpose. So if it rains, you’re covered.

While the external features of this jobsite radio are pretty amazing, the internal features would surely leave you impressed. There is a digital processor that’s exclusively designed for this radio and its function is to make the radio’s signal reception great. So whether you’re on your way to work, at the jobsite or any other place, you are certain to lock on to one or more radio stations. With the rubber antenna, the signal gets clearer and apart from FM stations, you can also hone in on AM stations. But if you’re not a radio person, you can connect your MP3 and listen to your favorite recordings. There’s an MP3 pocket located at the anterior, center of this radio with a 0.125-inch stereo cord. Together with an elastic band, they allow you to keep, connect and play your music files via the MP3 player.

The quality and volume of sound a jobsite radio produces are quite important and although this radio cannot be described as audiophile, it is quite loud for a compact radio. It has a treble and bass equalizer and when adjusted accordingly, the quality of sound improves. There’s no level of expertise needed to operate this radio as the controls are simple and minimal. With gloves on, its buttons can be easily pressed and it can easily be operated in dark or bright rooms due to the backlit LCD display. This cordless radio requires M12 batteries to come on and it has a display gauge that shows you the battery level and tells how much juice is left. So in all, this is a battery-operated radio that will offer you a lot of volume and music hours for a jobsite, boating, fishing, camping trips or any other activity you may have in mind.
The ION Audio Job Rocker is an advanced jobsite radio with a Bluetooth wireless technology which allows you to stream music via any music device and also keep in touch with your favorite stations through the built-in radio. More is always welcome and if you’d rather have a jobsite radio with a 0.25-inch microphone for dishing out important info, then the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus is a sure bet.

ION Audio Job Rocker - Portable Heavy-Duty Bluetooth Speaker with AM/FM Radio

ION Audio was created to make music accessible to everyone, no matter the place and time. For more than 20 years now, it has been doing just that by supplying music enthusiasts with innovative, efficient music equipment and accessories. Its impressive range of products includes Bluetooth speakers, turntables, lighting, karaoke and other forms of musical instruments. Not content with being of top quality and durable, ION Audio also ensures that music lovers get its products at an affordable price.

It has often been said that music can motivate you to work greatly and if you’re part of that school of thought, then the ION Audio Job Rocker is the radio to supply you with all the music you need at work. It is the ideal companion for most job sites such as your home garage or workshop and construction sites. It has quite a powerful 50-Watt speaker system that is capable of turning hours into minutes, filling your work space or room with the music you love.

It features a wireless Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream music from any music device of your choice up to 100 feet away. It is compatible with android devices, iPad, iPhone and more. Once connected, you can choose to play your favorite playlist, control the music and change it at will via the device. It also has a built-in radio that keeps you up to date with your choice of AM/FM stations. You can listen to the news, keep up with your favorite sport news and get all the juicy gossip in the entertainment world. With 6 preset buttons on the radio, you can ensure that your favorite music and talk stations are stored for easy access.

This radio is ruggedly built to withstand the hazardous conditions that may be present at the jobsite. The cabinet is quite durable and it features 2 steel handles that are chrome-plated. The edges of the radio are covered with steel while the buttons and controls are covered with rubber. These protective features ensure that little or no harm comes to the radio in case of a fall or any other kind of hazard. The speaker is not left out as it is kept off harm’s way by means of a metal grille.

Weighing only 21 pounds, this jobsite radio is quite portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a rechargeable radio and takes about 10 hours to completely charge while its in-built battery can provide you with up 50 hours of entertainment on just a single charge. You can also use this radio to power/charge some of your devices as it comes with 2 AC extension outlets. Each outlet has a duct cover that’s made of rubber and prevents the outlet from getting clogged with either debris or dust when not in use. However, the extension outlets can only be used when the radio is connected to a source of power. Its dimensions are 12 x 14.5 x 15 inches and included in the package are a power cable, 0.125-inch audio cable, quickstart guide and safety & warranty manual.
The Makita LXT Jobsite Radio is a dust and water-resistant radio that has been equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows you to continuously play music by wirelessly connecting it to any mobile device of your choice. For a more compact jobsite radio with an earphone jack for private listening, take a look at the Makita CXT JobSite Radio.

Makita LXT Cordless Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth – Available with Cordless USB Power Source

When it comes to power tools and accessories with increased performance and unmatched quality, Makita takes the lead and it is no wonder that it can be found in many jobsites. With presence in more than 40 countries, Makita is fast becoming the brand that professional users have come to love and trust because its tools can be counted on to deliver high performance and power that they demand.

Who wouldn’t love a Bluetooth-enabled radio that allows streaming of music, podcasts, and other forms of audio from either a smartphone or any other device, without needing to connect the devices physically? If you do, then you would definitely love the Makita LXT Jobsite Radio. It is a cordless, Bluetooth-enabled radio that is capable of delivering a rich sound from 2 strong 3.5-inch side speakers. The Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly connect any music device of your choice and play whatever you like. It also functions as a radio you can listen to numerous AM/FM channels on it. Weighing only 10.4 pounds and measuring 7 x 12 x 13 inches, it is compact-sized and can be easily moved to and from a jobsite without much hassle. The construction is solid and it features protective bumpers at its front to limit the damage to the radio in case of a fall. This radio is built to be dust and water resistant, so no matter the condition at the jobsite, it will survive.
Here are more features of this amazing jobsite radio:
  • 1 auxiliary port for connection of compatible MP3 device
  • 1 USB port that allows you to charge your mobile device
  • Menu controls that allows you to set volume, clock settings and snooze
  • Up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music time with an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery
  • Control buttons and dial that are illuminated for enhanced visibility
  • Can also be powered by Makita 7.2V - 18V pod-style and slide-style batteries
  • Three years limited warranty
The Battery and charger of the Makita LXT Jobsite Radio are sold separately.
The DEWALT Worksite Radio is a step ahead of its peers as it features a heavy-duty device storage box that allows you to safely connect digital audio devices without fear of them coming in contact with dust and damage. If you want a radio that can also function as a charger for your jobsite tools, then you should take a look at the Dewalt Worksite Charger Radio. It comes with 2 AC power outlets for that purpose.

DEWALT Compact Worksite Radio with Device Storage Box and USB Power Port

DEWALT is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of power tools and accessories that have been proven to increase performance and productivity. For over 90 years, it has been equipping industries and professionals with tools that are innovative, versatile and durable and so when it comes to consistent delivery of quality, DEWALT tops the list. From its power tools and anchors to hand tools and outdoor equipment, DEWALT ensures that all of its products are designed to combine compact design, ease and comfort with the required power and features that contractors and other users need on the jobsite.

A lot of things can happen on a jobsite and if you’re willing to get a radio to reduce boredom while working, then you should get one that’s actually built to withstand any condition on a jobsite. The DEWALT Worksite Radio fits the bill. It has a sturdy design with a roll cage to improve its durability while on the jobsite. It also a features a device storage box by one side of the radio which provides a safe haven for your digital audio device when connected to the radio. This means that you don’t have to worry about dust, debris or any form of damage coming to your device when in use.

There are very few jobsite radios that have a multi-port interface and luckily for you, DEWALT produces one of such. This radio can be powered by an 18V NiCad battery, a 12V MAX lithium-ion DEWALT battery pack and a 20V MAX DEWALT battery pack. Isn’t that amazing? Three different battery packs! But that’s not all. It can also be powered by the means of AC power, so incase the battery becomes low, you can easily plug the radio cord into a wall outlet and Voila, it’s back on.

Away from the exterior, this is an AM/FM radio with 5 presets of each and a single speaker situated at the front of the radio. Although it’s just a single speaker, it is actually quite loud and is capable of delivering great sound. Inside the device storage box is an AUX port and USB port. An AUX and AC power cables are also included in the package. The AUX cable permits connection to either CD, MP3, or other Portable Satellite Receivers to the 3.5mm AUX input, while the USB power port allows your device to be charged via USB when the radio is connected to the AC wall outlet. With its 3 years limited warranty and combination of lightweight (6 pounds), small size (10 x 7.4 x 10.75 in), attractive color (yellow and black) and great sound, the DEWALT Worksite Radio is one functional radio that can be the difference while working.

How Do I Choose the Best Jobsite Radio?

You think you’ve been working all day and you steal a glance at the clock but barely an hour has passed. You angrily mop the trickling sweat off your brow while repeatedly sawing the wood. You look around your work space and your coworkers are also grumbling. Your foreman is giving you the stick, telling you to get on with the job at hand, but all that comes to your mind is “If only I brought some form of music to keep me energized …” Well, it’s time to stop thinking because that is exactly what a jobsite radio does for you!

There is absolutely nothing like taking your favorite music and talk radio with you wherever you go. Whether you want to listen to your favorite sport news while driving to work or you want to keep up with the weather information while working, a jobsite radio can do all that and more through rain and shine. Yes, through rain and shine because it was constructed to do just that. If you think that your normal radio can function as a jobsite radio, then you’re wrong. Because the main difference between them is that a jobsite radio was constructed with materials that enable it to withstand the dangerous and unpredictable conditions of a jobsite.

Jobsite radios are designed to be durable and portable. Designed with water and dust-resistant materials, most have an auxiliary input that allows you to connect other auxiliary digital audio devices such as your smartphone, tablets and even MP3 players via an AUX cable. Some modern jobsite radios make use of Bluetooth technology that allows you to wirelessly connect your device to the radio. Ensure the radio you end up selecting is loud enough to drown the noise from heavy equipment on the worksite and has the required features to serve as a traditional radio.

If listening to Michael Bolton pumps you to work better and faster, do not hesitate to get your workplace a jobsite radio. There are studies that show that those who listen to the radio, or simply to music while working perform better than those who do not. So carefully go through this guide and get yourself the best jobsite radio. Your foreman would be grateful for the increased productivity and your coworkers would also be thankful for keeping them pumped up with the music. You can also take your jobsite radio to the beach or on a boat trip, even hiking and camping if you want to enjoy your music outside the workplace. Like we said, it is built for any condition.
One of the most important factors that would often determine if a product is bought is the price. Before drawing up a budget for a jobsite radio, it is important to note the different factors that may affect the price of the radio. The design and aesthetics of jobsite radios vary from brand to brand and no two designs cost the same, so if your personal taste is high, the cost of the radio you select would probably be high too. Also, the construction quality and extra features present tend to affect the cost by increasing it. So you would have to pay more for a very durable jobsite radio with multiple features such as Bluetooth or SD card slots.

But that shouldn’t deter you. A solid radio that can withstand the average conditions of a jobsite shouldn’t cost more than $100 - $500. Sometimes, you may be deceived by the promise of a cheap jobsite radio. Of course, that sounds desirable, like who wouldn’t want to save extra bucks? But in reality, you should stay away from such radios. Not only are they unreliable, but they are also made of questionable construction materials and you may just end up with crap in the name of cutting cost.
There are so many features to look out for when choosing a jobsite radio. Although, there are different designs and types of jobsite radios, we have tried to compile a list of general factors that should be considered before selecting one. We will try to explain each factor and how it affects the radio:
  • Design
  • Size and dimensions
  • Sound quality and volume
  • Power supply and voltage
  • Dials and display
  • Input options
  • Radio tuners
Construction and Design
You may ask what makes a normal radio different from a jobsite radio. The answer is simple – Design. A jobsite radio is simply designed to be more durable than a normal radio in order withstand the harsh conditions that can be found in a worksite. The importance of the design of a jobsite radio cannot be overemphasized and for this guide, we would be referring to the hardware design.


Some jobsite radios are designed to be waterproof and can function properly even under the rain. Apart from being waterproof, they are also designed to be impact- resistant. In simpler terms, if the radio should fall, it would not be damaged from the fall. The features that offer this impact resistance vary from brand to brand. While some brands have a protective frame or roll cage, others have steel grills and bars. Another important design has to do with the presence of device compartments. These compartments are designed to house auxiliary digital devices and also keep them from harm’s way. Harm could include fall, water, dust and debris. Since it would really be unfortunate if your mobile device or MP3 player gets damaged when connected to the radio, it’s better to get a jobsite radio with a protective device compartment if the chances of damage are high.

Volume and Sound Quality

Most industrial jobsites generate loud noises due to the heavy-duty machinery being operated so it is important to get a radio that is loud enough to drown the noise. There are some jobsite radios that make use of solid wooden cabinets which generate great acoustics. So if you’re more concerned with the sound quality then this is ideal. At the end of the day, the type and number of speakers will determine how loud a radio gets. There are jobsite radios with one or two speakers. However, the power of the speaker is what matters most. Whatever you select, just make sure it is a device with an adjustable volume control.

Other factors to look into would be the functionality features of the jobsite radio. A good jobsite radio should be able to provide a strong and clear signal without much chatter or distortion. The presence of an antenna goes a long way to help achieve this aim in tuning to both AM and FM frequencies. A radio’s preset memory feature helps you store your favorite radio channels, and if you have a lot, you can go for jobsite radios with a higher memory capacity. Some jobsite radios come with equalizer settings that can be adjusted. A bad EQ setting can disrupt the sound quality of the radio, so ensure it is set properly if your choice of radio comes with it. Note that should you be considering these additional functionality features expect the jobsite radio to cost more.

Power Supply

Consider also the power supply of the jobsite radio. When it comes to voltage, some radios can only be powered by 12V or 18V batteries while others are compatible with both and even more. It is important to note that some of these radios are sold without batteries and the batteries may need to be purchased separately. If the jobsite radio you choose falls in that category, ensure you buy only compatible batteries. The ideal jobsite radio would be one with a good and long battery life which can also be AC powered when the need arises.
Performance and Ease of Use

Away from the AM/FM radio stations, you may just want to listen to an audio file from your mobile device or your carefully arranged playlist that features songs that can’t be gotten from the radio channels. This is where auxiliary inputs come into play. A good jobsite radio should have the ability to play digital audio files from digital auxiliary devices such as MP3/CD players, smartphones, USB stick, tablets, etc. The auxiliary devices may be connected via a USB cable or an AUX cord. This feature adds more adaptability to the radio and frees you from AM/FM restrictions.


Another form of connectivity can be through Bluetooth. Some modern jobsite radios allow you to wirelessly connect your digital device through Bluetooth. Sometimes, the safety of your digital device may not be assured when connected via the auxiliary input, so connecting it through Bluetooth ensures it can be safely tucked in your pocket while playing. But also note that when connected via Bluetooth, remember not to stray too far from the radio because the range of the signal is usually within 100 feet.


Jobsite radios are usually lightweight devices but the presence of some features like batteries and chargers may lead to an increase in weight. Compact-sized jobsite radios usually fall within 2 to 5 pounds. While others may weigh up to 15 pounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are very heavy. Anyways, if you intend to carry the radio to and from the jobsite daily, it would be better to go for a radio below the 10-pounds weight. They are easily portable and would not cause fatigue to the arms. Some have carrying handles that also help make transporting easy.

Control Buttons and Display

Almost every feature on the jobsite radio is controlled by buttons and dials. The type of button used differs from brand to brand. For volume adjustment, some radios make use of a rotating dial while buttons are featured on the rest for the same purpose. Some also have knobs that can be used to tune the radio, while other models may not. However, the latest models of jobsite radios have separate buttons for different functions such as powering on/off, selecting AM/FM, radio tuning, AUX inputting and more. Regardless of the type of button and dial used, the most important thing is that they are large enough to be pressed even with gloves on. Newer models have rubber coverings on the buttons and dials, to prevent debris and dust from getting into them and to also provide a comfortable pressing surface.

All jobsite radios possess a backlit LCD display panel that shows several indications such as volume bar, battery life, frequency, sound source and even time. Sometimes, an additional battery may be required to power some features like the clock. Some jobsite radios may also function as a charger. If you want to be able to charge your device, you should go for a model with such features. You may also come across a radio with one or multiple AC outlets for charging work tools, lights and more. In conclusion, there are several types and designs of jobsite radios. Just make sure you know what you want and look for a radio with such features.

Get the Best Jobsite Radio of 2023!

At this point, it is assumed you now have a good idea about some genuine jobsite radios on the market. So without much ado, you can now choose the best jobsite radio to keep you and your coworkers entertained while working.

Our Top Choice
Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio
Best Value
Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Radio
ION Audio Job Rocker Radio
Makita LXT Bluetooth Jobsite Radio
DEWALT Compact Worksite Radio