Best Jump Rope Reviews 2022

Jump ropes aren't just for kids anymore—athletes around the world have discovered the intense workouts they can offer. They've become particularly popular among CrossFit athletes, MMA fighters, boxers, and regular people trying to stay fit. Some jump ropes are designed to be extremely lightweight to maximize your speed, while others are weighted to increase the difficulty and maximize your workout. Most workout jump ropes are built with a rotating handle component for 90-degree rope spinning. We chose five of the best jump rope brands to help you find a rope that best fits your training style. You can pick something else from them if none of our picks meet your expectations.
Our Top Choice

RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope

RPM Training is more than a brand; it’s a community that brings different people from all walks of life together united by one purpose: to be better through physical training.
Aluminum, bomb-proof handles. Patented dual-axis rotation. With Oilite bushing for a smooth spin. Knurled handles for excellent grip. Coated cable for durability.
Has quite a sting to it if you slip up.
Speed Rope
Five Colors
Anodized Aluminum Handles
Standard Spinning
Best Value

Just Jump It Double Dutch Rope

Even from the name, you can tell that Just Jump It is a brand that is crazy about one thing, and that is keeping kids moving! All its products are geared toward that purpose.
16-foot jump rope. Tough and durable cable. Comes with knots instead of handles at both ends for easy adjustment. Comfortable grip. Ideal for any surface. Accommodates two players.
A little too light for some.
Double Dutch
Seven Colors
Woven Cotton Rope

Crossrope Speed Rope Starter Set

Crossrope is totally psyched about everything ropes, and so it doesn’t just stop at manufacturing terrific ropes; it also trains individuals in the ways of the jump rope!
Set contains both lightweight and heavyweight jump ropes. Patented clip system for a quick switch. Quality bearings to control rope rotation. PVC-coated cable for durability.
Length to height recommendation by manufacturer might not be accurate.
Endurance, MMA
3 Ropes (fixed colors)
Wire Core, PVC Coated Rope
Standard Spinning

WOD Nation Double Under Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation is committed to creating high-quality cross training equipment. This high-speed jump rope tests your limits and is ideal for CrossFit, MMA, boxing and fitness.
Lightweight. 100% lifetime guarantee. Long lasting. Included carry bag and extra rope. Adjustable.
A bit expensive compared to other models, but the durability and speed are worth the price.
Endurance Training
Nine Colors
Nylon-covered Steel Cable
Standard Spinning

Survival and Cross Speed Jump Rope

Survival and Cross creates reliable fitness gear for targeted workouts. This adjustable jump rope is a very popular choice for its sleek design and ease of use.
Easy to adjust. Lightweight and portable. Fast rotation. Soft rope allows for some advanced rope jumping such as crossovers.
Isolated reports say the handle broke after a short time, but thousands of reviewers had no problems.
Boxing, MMA, Crossfit
Rubber-coated Steel Cable
Standard Spinning

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How Do I Choose the Best Jump Rope?

Are you starting to get bored with your workout routine? Pumping iron for an hour a day becoming monotonous? Yes? Jumping rope is an excellent way to spice things up! Or, have you forgotten how skipping rope was so much fun in the third grade? Well, the good news is that, even as an adult, you can still enjoy jumping rope and reap an array of benefits. Although slightly different from what you might have done as a kid, exercising with the jump ropes in our reviews can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, footwork, and overall endurance. It can be enjoyed by the entire family, and a good-quality jump rope will cost you under $20. The best part is that you can take your jump rope anywhere!

Jumping rope is an excellent calorie burner, more effective than running. But, don’t be mistaken; it is an intense workout and you probably won’t manage to do it continuously for 10 minutes if you are not well trained. Use a fitness tracker to measure the number of calories you are burning and track your fitness level. You can alternate jumping rope with low-intensity workouts, adding both variety and good physical training to your normal workout. You can also utilize special ropes such as speed ropes, Chinese jump ropes, double Dutch jump ropes, and weighted jump ropes to add more variety to your regime. Just make sure you have the right shoes at all times to avoid injury!

So, how do you choose the best jump rope for your needs? While you might think that a jump rope is a simple gadget with a simple design, a lot goes into selecting the perfect one for your needs. A good-quality jump rope should be the right size to match your height and ability. For instance, jump ropes for CrossFit come with lots of design characteristics that make some ropes more stable or faster than others, and some better for different kinds of workouts. One great rope for crossfit which we didn't have space to review also, is the Synergee Speed Jump Rope, so don't hesitate to check that one out too.

To help you choose the right jump rope, below are some of the factors to consider. Go through them before “jumping” straight to our picks. 
As with any exercise, jumping rope requires the best possible equipment if you intend to get the most out of your workout. To get a good start, choose the best materials and quality that you can afford. The good news is that even the best jump ropes are fairly inexpensive. Expect to spend between $10 and $50 for a quality fitness rope; be careful not to go for a very cheap fitness jump rope, because they might have questionable quality and might not serve you for long.
A jump rope might seem to be a very simple piece of equipment, but there is a lot to be considered if you are looking for a rope that will be comfortable, fast, and safe for you. Bearings, handles and how the rope attaches to the handle all differ and determine how well a jump rope will work.

The following features will help you choose the best jump rope for yourself:

  • Adjustability - It is important to consider the length of your jump rope if you want to get correct and consistent jumps. Ropes that are extra long are likely to slow you down, while those that are too short can trip you. The ability to adjust it to your perfect size is, therefore, very important.
  • Bearings - It is the bearings in the rope handle that determine how smooth the spin will be. While it will generally cost you more to get them, good-quality bearings will give you a smooth, even spin.
  • Handle - CrossFit athletes are well aware that it is the hands that wear out faster when jumping, and not the limbs. When the hands fatigue, you will start to miss. The handles should, therefore, be light in weight. It is also important to consider handle materials. While plastic handles are lightweight and come in cool colors, they tend to become slippery, especially when your hands get sweaty, forcing you to add tape. They are also not as durable as aluminum handles! Still on the handles, it is good to note that the shape of the rope handle will determine how sore or tired your forearms and wrists will get during a workout, and how well you spin the rope. The best fitness jump ropes have handles that are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably in your hands, with a non-slip coating or texture for a secure grip.
  • Speed - Depending on which jump rope workouts you are interested in, speed may be quite important. Lighter jump ropes are typically more nimble and faster and are excellent for double unders. On the other hand, heavier ropes will be perfect for complex movements such as crossovers.
Construction and Design
Having the right jump rope is extremely important if you want to have an effective jump rope workout. It is therefore important to look for a rope that meets your training needs. Some of the things to consider include the material of the rope and the type of grip, among other variables. Below, find two kinds of jump ropes to choose from:

Standard Speed Ropes

Available in single, double, and long rope lengths, the standard speed ropes are smooth-turning, high-quality ropes, excellent for general skipping. They are also appropriate for various jumping levels and ages, thanks to their high durability. These jump ropes are very lightweight and relatively affordable. Their length can also be adjusted by tying a simple knot.

Fitness and Training Ropes

These are the best jump ropes for cardiovascular training. While they are made of the same high-end materials as the standard ones, they have a few variations. Their larger handles can comfortably accommodate adult hands. Their cord is 30% denser, allowing for greater resistance during high-intensity training sessions.
Performance and Ease of Use
To end this guide, it is important to note that the most vital thing, regardless of the type of rope you choose, is that it ought to always be properly adjusted. To achieve the ideal length, stand on the jump rope with one foot and then raise the handles up to your chest. Beginners can extend this length by a couple of inches at most, otherwise you will affect your quality of rope jumping, which is not good for your workout.

As you progress in agility and skill, you can gradually reduce this length to one you are comfortable with. Another important consideration to make when choosing a jump rope is the density and thickness of the cable; the material the cable is made of matters a lot. High and medium-density jump ropes, like those made of PVC, are more suitable for beginners. Steel cable ropes (2.5 mm) are for those interested in functional or CrossFit workouts. People interested in martial arts training should go for the leather or 4mm steel ropes. If you intend to make rope jumping your main workout routine, it is advisable to get a weighted jump rope.

For effective rope jumping, make sure the handles of the rope are comfortable for your hands. For CrossFit rope jumping, look for handles that are comfortable and lightweight, preferably those made of strong components such as metal.

Leather, fabric, or wooden ropes are not recommended for outdoor training. Instead, opt for either steel cable ropes or weighted jump ropes, coated with PVC cables, preferably 4mm.

For excellent results and also to avoid injury, make sure you are jumping on the right surface and that you have a good pair of shoes. As with all exercise, stretching, warming up and cooling down are all important.

What is the Best Jump Rope?

We looked at a variety of specialty athletic brands to find the very best jump rope options. We compared the price of each rope against weight, feel and user feedback. We've focused mostly on lightweight jump ropes for general fitness and CrossFit, but also included some weighted and family-friendly models, since each kind has unique advantages. Consider what type of training you want to do, and whether you're looking to stay fit, build muscle, or just have fun. You can then choose the rope that best suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope is a tough and fast jump rope. It comes with Oilite bushing which maximizes power transfer from the handles to the cable, giving you a super-fast and efficient rope with a smooth spin! If you like this brand but want something cheaper and lighter in weight, possibly for a beginner, check out the RPM Speed Rope Sprint for some fast jumping.

RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope – Available in 5 Colors

RPM Fitness Jump Rope – SR-103 – Blue

RPM Training is a growing community, and not just of athletes and fitness enthusiasts; it’s a community with open arms and room enough for every and any body interested in doing better through physical training. Whether it’s winning a tournament, losing weight, getting a more ripped body, or simply being a healthier individual generally, this community definitely has a place for you. This brand tends to favor more functional movements, which it believes are more engaging and effective than traditional gym routines. With several testimonies of unprecedented results in its industry, RPM Fitness has truly proven to be a brand that does not care for popularity but for effectiveness, and several clients are the happier for it.

Okay, so the reviews of the RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope are totally, through-the-roof crazy. This is definitely one rope you want to get. It’s tough, it’s durable, and it is fasssttt!!! Because it’s so light and fast, double unders will now be much more fun than ever before. It just goes smoothly like mac and cheese.

The Oilite bushing helps to reduce friction in the rope, making sure that you get a smooth, fantastic spin that you’ll enjoy. And that’s not all it does; it even makes your rope more efficient by effectively maximizing the power transfer from the handles to the cable itself. Now, every ounce of power you add to your jump will count!

To bring down the torque that will want to build up in the cable, this rope comes with a dual-axis rotation. Now, your handles stay where they should be, that is, at the end of the rope, and you can enjoy your exercise better.

The cables themselves are light, as we mentioned, but they also come coated for durability. Now, whatever surface you’re jumping on, whether rubber floors, concrete floors, whatever it might be, even gravel, this rope will last! And it works for the pro as well as the beginner.

Still on durability, the handles of this rope are made of machined, bomb-proof aluminum finished with RPM Fitness’ lifetime assurance for a lifetime of durability. And for an excellent grip, both handles come knurled.

Just be careful though; if this rope kisses skin, it can hurt something awful. Yeah… so watch out for that. That should even motivate you not to miss. Lol.

Too much fuss over a jump rope? We think not! Order!
Best Value
The Just Jump It Double Dutch Rope is a great gift idea for those active kids around. With its length of 16 feet, this rope will comfortably take two players, and regardless of the surface, it will always remain intact! Or would you prefer something shorter and for a more affordable price? Then check out the Just Jump It Rasberry Confetti 8-foot Jump Rope (it comes in other colors if you’re not into pink).

Just Jump It 16-Foot Double Dutch Rope – Available in 7 Colors

Just Jump It C16RB - Blue

Opening its doors in 1993, about 25 years ago, Just Jump It has continued to move forward with its sole vision and that is to get kids off their butts and on their feet, moving! With superior manufacturing practices and the best raw materials, this company manufactures some of the safest kids’ toys with about the highest quality you could possibly find around for miles. Each product is made to one-up the last, bringing better features and, of course, paying close attention to safety. It’s kids we are dealing with, after all. Just Jump It believes in the simplicity and durability of its products and ensures that every single one comes with those two marks. Designed to improve strength, stability, and coordination, Just Jump It features toys you’d love your kids to have.

The Just Jump It Double Dutch Rope is awesome! The very first shout-out will go to the rope’s sturdiness. This rope is quite tough! Even the feel of it is great, and immediately you know you’re dealing with something of quality and not some mediocre cable.

Now, although this rope is pretty sturdy and rugged, it appears that it is still a little too light for some. But then, it gives that “slap!” “slap!!” sound that makes jumping rope so much fun. And then another good thing about this rope is that it doesn’t sting too badly if you happen to slip.

A small diversion from the ordinary though, this rope does not come with a wooden or plastic handle; there’s a knot instead. A couple of customers have actually mentioned that they prefer this “handle” over the traditional wooden or plastic thing we are used to. Apparently, it makes adjustment a lot easier.

Now, yes indeed, this rope is called a double dutch rope, but to actually double dutch, you’ll need to have two ropes, and from there, it’s a sweet life! But then, with a length of 16 feet, you can comfortably have two players jump rope at the same time while two others hold the ends. But don’t get too ambitious and try three players though; three is not a crowd, it’s a mob!

Finally, this rope comes with a really super and comfortable grip, so you’ll enjoy your spin. Why not place that order now?
How do you want to play it? Fast or high intensity? The Crossrope Starter Set has got you. Coming with two differently weighted ropes: lightweight and heavyweight, this is the set you need for a complete workout. Or perhaps you want to try a lighter set of ropes that are great for double and triple unders at an affordable price? Then see the Crossrope Bolt Set- Speed Rope and Sprint Rope.

Crossrope Starter Set – Includes Lightweight Speed Rope and Heavyweight Jump Rope

Crossrope Jump Rope – Starter Set

Crossrope is a brand dedicated to jump ropes. Every living, breathing, and waking moment is spent by everyone over at this company, thinking and strategizing on ways to make jumping rope a more fulfilling experience. While there are those who jump rope for fun, Crossrope focuses on using jump ropes to achieve physical fitness and improved overall health. All ropes made by this brand are manufactured in such a way that they demand more from your body, but they’re still so easy to use that beginners do not find the learning curve of jumping so difficult. Carrying different kinds of ropes, Crossrope is indeed well stocked to meet and beat any of your jump rope needs.

The Crossrope Starter Set is worth every penny you’ll spend getting it. This is one set you do not want to pass up. It comes with two ropes, a lightweight rope and a heavyweight one. Between both ropes, you have about everything you need to attend to just about any skipping need you have.

This lightweight rope is great for practicing speed and is equally an excellent choice for beginners who are still learning to jump rope. Because of its weight and smooth spin, this rope makes the learning curve a lot easier for the beginner. And for the pros that need a pretty intensive workout, for that MMA fighter look, there’s the heavyweight rope for them! Also, it comes in four lengths, so choose the one that matches your height.

And you know another reason this set is great? The switch system! The switch is controlled by a high-quality and unique clip system, which allows you to switch between ropes in a matter of seconds.

For the spinning itself, these ropes give the ultimate upgrade. They each come with spinning ball bearing handles which enable you to go super fast. There really are no limits; if you can go as fast as The Flash, then you can bet that this rope will follow you closely at your heels.

The bearings also help control the spin of the cable such that it gives a smooth spin, protects your joints, and also prevents any kind of tangling as you jump.

For durability, you can rest easy. The ropes are PVC coated and built in such a way that they not only last but, even when used on pretty rough surfaces, they hold up.

And, so that you can get more out of jumping rope and achieve your highest jumping potential, this set comes with a guide. Now, you can jump your way to a better, fitter body that you’ll be proud of. Get this terrific jump rope set now!
The WOD Nation Jump Rope offers superior speed and comes with an extra rope and carrying bag. Need a really superb pull-up assist band that’s affordable and ideal for stretching as well as all kinds of power lift moves? See the WOD Nation Pull Up Assist Band.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope for Endurance Training with Extra Rope & Lifetime Guarantee – Available in 9 Colors

WOD Nation Jump Rope – Speed Rope - Blue

WOD Nation was created to provide a better option for cross training. The founder became increasingly dissatisfied by the state of gyms and their equipment, finding them to be understocked or stocked with low-quality gear. He knew that simple designs and high-quality materials could create a far better workout experience for himself and countless others – and that's how it all began.

This lightweight jump rope is built for speed, featuring high-quality rotators to keep the rope stable while spinning, and it comes in blue, black, green, grey, pink, red, yellow, orange and purple.
This jump rope from Survival and Cross satisfies beginner and advanced rope jumpers with smooth rotation and a pliable rope style that allows for advanced techniques and double jumping. Or do you want this one that comes as a segmented jump rope with ergonomic handles and at a more affordable cost? Then see the Survival and Cross Segmented Jump Rope.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope with Lightweight, Adjustable Design

Survival and Cross Jump Rope – Speed Jump Rope

Survival and Cross believes that fitness is at the root of everything. With so many competing goals, it can be hard to find something you really have control over – and that's where high-quality fitness gear comes in. It helps users optimize their fitness routine for maximum results and enjoyment.

This jump rope is very well received by users, with thousands of 5-star reviews across different platforms. Users immediately notice the difference with this rope, feeling the lightweight handles and smooth, gliding rotation. Expert rope jumpers also favor this rope, saying that it strikes a balance between speed and control, allowing them to use advanced techniques like crossovers and side swings. This rope is easy to adjust to your height, so small or tall, it can work for you.

Get the Best Jump Rope of 2022!

Now that you’ve read through our list, it’s our hope that you’ve been able to find the best jump rope for you. TopProducts is happy to have been of help. But, if you didn’t find your ideal match, do not hesitate to check out more alternatives from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice

RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope

Best Value

Just Jump It Double Dutch Rope

Crossrope Speed Rope Starter Set

WOD Nation Double Under Speed Jump Rope

Survival and Cross Speed Jump Rope