Best Hippity Hoppity Jumping Ball – Fun and Bouncy Hopper Balls for Kids and Adults

Do you want your children to practically jump for joy? Get them a jumping ball! And because we know you deserve to jump for joy too, we have saved you some stress, and put together five of the top makers of the best jumping balls in the market. Each hop ball is unique, but you can also check out other fantastic options from your brand of choice. We added links to make it easy to find more. Enjoy!

Whether you call them Hippity Hoppity balls, Kangaroo Bouncers, Hopping Balls, or just Hop Balls, jumping balls with handles are tons of fun. And they are not just for children. We’ve included several brands that make kids jumping balls as well as ones for teens and adults. For our featured products, we stuck with the more traditional round Hippity Hop balls. But guess what! You can also get them in fun animal shapes. In case that’s your style (or your child’s), we went ahead and showcased some of our favorites below. Happy hopping!

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Max. Weight
Our Top Choice
Hedstrom Bouncy Hopping Ball with Handle
Wouldn’t you rather trust the entertainment and safety of your kids to a brand with a century’s worth of experience? Hedstrom is the original hopping ball!
Made of durable vinyl. Textured handle for an excellent grip. Unique and attractive designs. Just the right size for your small child.
Comes out of the box with slightly greasy residue.
Polka dot/striped/solid
15 inches
Info not provided
4 to 6 years
Pump needed
Best Value
SueSport Hoppity Hop Jumping Ball
SueSport is known as a provider of industry-relevant solutions and professional services.
Made of sturdy PVC. Maximum sustainable weight of 160 pounds that’s safe for your kids. Brightly colored. Attractively designed. Comes with action pump.
A few complaints about disparity in advertised size and actual size of the ball.
18 or 22 inches
160 lbs/70 kg
3+ years
2-way pump included; 5 -10 min.
Waliki Hippity Hop Ball with Handles
Waliki Toys was created to keep people happy and healthy by making exercise fun.
29-inch diameter. Suitable for adults. Comes with double-action pump that inflates ball in five minutes max. Maximum sustainable weight of 1000 pounds.
A few customers were still dissatisfied with the size of the ball.
Solid w/faces
18, 20, 22 or 29 inches
300 lbs/136 kg
3 to adult (get right size)
Action pump included; 7 min.
Bintiva Hippity Hop Bouncy Ball
Health experts founded Bintiva to create therapeutic home fitness products for adults and kids alike.
18-inch diameter that’s suitable for younger kids. Attractive color. Textured areas for improved support. Free foot pump for swift and easy inflation.
May not be suitable for small 3-year-olds.
Solid w/drawings
18 inches
Info not provided
3 - 6 years
Foot pump included
Viahart Space Hopper Ball with Handle
Viahart is committed to the smooth running of daily life. From houseware to toys, it’s always ready to serve you the best.
Comes with free pump that inflates ball in a snap. Sturdy and durable. Attractive color. Beautiful design. 18-inch diameter well suited for small kids.
Occasional complaints about pump’s ease of use.
Solid w/drawings
18 inches
220 lbs/110 kg
3+ years
2-way pump included

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What Is the Best Hopper Ball to Get? Read Our Jumping Ball Reviews to Find Your Favorite Hop Ball

Now that you know the important things to note when purchasing a hopping ball for your kid, it’s time to hop into the reviews of some of the best hop balls we could find in the market.

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Our Top Choice
The Hedstrom 15-Inch Hopper is made of durable vinyl that’s tough enough to take all your child’s energetic excitement. It gives kids that excited bounce, and stays strong and unyielding under pressure. Do your kids favor hearts and butterflies? Or do you want a larger ball for an older child? Then you should see the 18" Hedstrom Hearts and Butterflies Hopper Ball.

Hedstrom Hopper Ball - Original Kids Jumping Ball with Handle, Multiple Colorful Design Options


Hedstrom has one mission: to get your kids off the sofa and up for some unscripted, maddening fun! And we know it can do that because it has consistently delivered for almost a century now! Hedstrom manufactures, distributes, and sells the highest quality toys to a target audience of kids between the ages of 2 and 8. It’s rare to see a child who has said no to toys from this brand. Hedstrom keeps expanding, gradually extending the joy to tweens and babies alike.

The Hedstrom 15-Inch Hopper combines fun and safety in the same hop ball without losing the element of beauty. With its vinyl material, this hopping ball is sure to last till your baby outgrows and probably hands it over to someone else. Can you just hear the pennies re-enter the piggy bank? That’s it! Savings!

This ball is available in several colorful designs, including solid, striped, and polka-dot versions. It also comes with textured grip areas. These textured grips are non-slippery, to help keep your child from slipping off while bouncing.

Do you worry about storage? This inflatable ball comes with a cap at the top to hold air in or let it out. So when the air’s out, it’s flat and easily stored, and when the air’s in, it’s round like a big bag of fun. (And that’s what it actually is.)

As the original Hopper Ball, Hedstrom also has officially licensed Disney, Marvel, Paw Patrol designs!

Best Value
Are you looking for a super bouncy ball that’ll keep your kids playing outside for hours? Get the SueSport Hopper Ball. It comes with an action pump that keeps your delightful ball an inflated orb of bouncy goodness! We've featured the larger, 22" hopping ball but for younger children, you will want the 18" kids jumping ball from SueSport.

SueSport Hopper Ball Kit – Hippity Hop Jumping Ball Toy with Action Pump, Multiple Colors and Sizes


SueSport opened over a decade ago with a commitment to making life easier and much more enjoyable. It has supplied many happy customers with top-notch products. The brand has expanded its product line, regularly adding more original products after much consultation and research. By offering unique products that have become customer favorites, at fair prices, it truly stands out among its competitors.

The SueSport Hopper Ball was built to last, almost forever. When tested for durability, it was discovered that this ball can endure a whopping 10,000 bounces under the weight of 160 pounds! Even an adult can jump on this thing conveniently and confidently. What small kid is up to 70 kilograms in weight, come to think of it? Following commonsense logic, if this ball can support the weight of an adult, then supporting a child’s weight will be like ordering short ribs in your regular restaurant: easy and sweet!

Because SueSport thinks about everything, your ball comes with an action pump that’s absolutely free! You get to spare the expense and keep your ball inflated enough for your kid’s pleasure and excitement. And even the whales in Greenland know that when the kids are happy, there’s peace. Let’s not forget the four vivacious color choices that practically scream unbridled fun!

A few customers have said that their new hop ball does not come as advertised in size. To get the best out of your jumping ball, SueSport advises that you re-inflate it once or twice after the initial inflation. If you do this, the PVC will stretch to assume its actual size after a while, giving you all the bounce you want.

Relive your fun childhood memories with the Waliki Hippity Hop Ball for Adults. This ball is sturdy, with a maximum sustainable weight of 300 pounds. There’s no way this hopper won't bounce you just fine! Do you want something else for your kids? Probably something smaller, more attractive, and more affordable? Waliki is here for you! We think the hopper ball with the elephant is super cute.

Waliki Hippity Hop Jumping Ball with Handles & Pump Included – Hopping Ball for Kids and Adults Available in 4 Sizes


You can always tell the difference when a toy is made by an avid toy-loving expert. The founder of Waliki Toys is one such person. He has successfully infused his love for toys into his skilled manufacturing procedures to produce some of the most original and amazing toys in the market today. All Waliki toys are made with the safety and pleasure of kids, and even adults, in mind. From its inflatable ride-on dinosaurs, to its jumping hot dogs, all of Waliki's toys are tested by an independent lab for safety.

Parents do an amazing job all day, all year! And if you’re doing all that hard work, you’ve definitely earned the right to some fun. So why not take that trip down memory lane, back to when you were a kid without any responsibilities? Jumping balls are fun, but it's not smart (or safe) to use your kids' jumping ball. Why do that when you can get yours that’s better suited to meet your adult-specific specs?

The Waliki Hippity Hop Ball for Adults comes in a huge size (29 inches!) which is suitable for anyone 13 and older. This jumping ball welcomes everyone, even the grandmas and grandpas! Imagine the contagious excitement when Grandmother Harriet gets on this thing. You can get a hop ball and hop around too.

Satisfied customers have happily observed that this ball remains sturdy even after several bouncing parties. It does not look worse for wear, retains its bounce, and continues to provide fun several months after its purchase. It's available in more than 10 colors, and in different designs with goofy faces on them.

Even though there were a couple of minor complaints about size, we believe those to be extremely peculiar cases. This 29-inch hopping ball should work for almost any average-sized adult. This ball also comes with a double action pump that helps you keep pump time down to five minutes, so you can save all that time and energy for a carefree bounce in the sun. It's a fun and exhilarating way to exercise and keep fit, according to experts.

Do you want to give your kids something they won’t get bored with after a few weeks? Try the Bintiva Hippity Hop Ball! Its 18-inch diameter holds air enough for many enjoyable hops! Would you also love a fairly priced wobble cushion that’s great for exercising, and strengthening core muscle? Add the Bintiva Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion to your cart.

Bintiva Hippity Hopper Ball - Kids Jumping Ball Available in Variety of Sizes and Designs


Since it was founded by health experts, Bintiva’s products are made with a focus on overall fitness and wellness. With research proving its claims, it has acquired a large base of happy customers. Bintiva understands the power of focus, and directs its energy and resources towards making the best ergonomic inflatable products for strengthening, rehabilitating, and building endurance. This brand continues to add more top-notch products to its already massive product line, benefitting even more people around the world.

You really should check out the Bintiva Hippity Hop Ball if you’re looking for a nice way to surprise your kids or grandkids with a great present. It has an 18-inch diameter that’s suitable for younger kids between the ages of 3 and 6. It is also sturdy and durable. Your kids are going to be “punishing” this ball for a long time, and it is well able to take it all.

The package also arrives with a foot pump to keep your bouncy hop ball inflated enough for “mission bounce.” This pump is functional and long-lasting, so you won't have to spend money or time searching for the best pumps for your kid’s ball.

Toy safety is an absolute must, and Bintiva ensures that by including textured areas to help keep your children from slipping off while they play. These textured areas give excellent grip at the handles and other select areas to strengthen users' hold on this product. This ball comes in five attractive colors, with funny face designs that your kids will love.

The Viahart Space Hopper Ball is made of sturdy plastic that’ll keep your munchkins bouncing for long periods without the ball suffering wear or tear. It can take 220 pounds of weight! For older kids, you may want to consider the larger jumping balls available in a variety of solid colors.

Space Hopper Hippity Hoppity Ball – Kids Jumping Ball Toy Available in Multiple Fun Designs & Other Sizes


Although Viahart started out in 2010 with a single product, today, there’s hardly any aspect of daily life and living that it doesn’t cater to. From houseware and sporting goods, to toys and other consumer goods, it provides many high-grade yet fairly priced products. This brand also has one of the most amazing customer support systems you could ever be served with. With quite a number of warehouses around the country, it is able to offer Americans products they’ll be grateful for.

Exercise is good for your kids, but maybe they won’t do it because it’s strenuous and boring. How about getting them to do it with a favorite toy? That’s where the Viahart Space Hopper Ball comes in.

This ball comes in a size that’s superb for your little munchkins. They won’t be overwhelmed by a large ball, and they won't be bored by a dull, and unexciting small ball. This ball gives them just the right size to enjoy hopping around with joy.

Although it's made of plastic, this hop ball comes with no additional heavy metal that could pose a threat to your kids as they play. It also has no phthalates or BPA. Just safe plastic all the way!

With the Space Hopper, you need not break your piggy bank nor acquire an additional one. It’s affordable but sturdy and durable enough to more than outlast its life expectancy. The package also includes a double action pump that’ll get your ball all pumped pretty quickly and with minimal stress. However, this ball doesn't need a refill even after several weeks of use. It also comes in four cool colors.

P.S.: The manufacturers warn strongly that this ball shouldn’t be given to kids under the age of 3.

Best Hippity Hoppity Hopper Ball Guide – How to Choose a Kids Jumping Ball Toy or Adult Hippity Hop

Are your kids hyper? Or are they uninterested in playing outside, and you worry about their social, and psychomotor skills? Would they rather spend every moment sitting in front of an iPad, than lift a finger to do anything that isn’t scrolling or touching the device’s screen? Whether you’re Case One mom or Case Two dad, you can help your child with a jumping ball.

Apart from being a way to have safe, harmless fun, jumping balls provide an excellent means for exercise and building motor skills. It’s amazing how many calories are burned and how much body balance and core muscles are built in one session of recklessly exciting bouncing.

The best part is that there are hopping balls made for adults too! So, if you initially came here in search of a hopper for your kid, you might just want to show them that you've still got your hop on and get one for yourself too. You could even organize your own backyard competition with some music, good food, and a few friends. A family vacation might not always be affordable, but a small family picnic with something as exciting as jumping balls is sure to be a hit with your crew.

Video: Kid’s Exercises Using a Jumping Ball

Using a Jumping Ball to Keep Kids Fit. | Courtesy of Zukazo

When it comes to the price of a jumping ball, good ones go for between $10 and $25. Some will even throw in a good pump for free. Cheap jumping balls are springboards into disaster, so we saved you valuable time by sparing you even a glance at those hopper balls. They are as cheap as their prices, and will not last long nor give that bounce that you’re looking for. Cheap jumping balls? More like low quality beach balls.


You know we’re on your team, right? So we have decided to help the team score by examining some features that a jumping ball must have before it qualifies to be snagged from the catalog. They include:

  • Material
  • Maximum Sustainable Weight
  • Size
  • Bounce
  • Color and Design
  • Storage
  • Extras

Let’s have a closer look at these.

Construction and Design

Jumping balls may be made with natural rubbers, polymers, plastics, or even treated leather. The most popular kinds of jumping balls are made with plastic. Rubber has the elastic property required for a good bounce, but you'd need layers upon layers of rubber to create something safe enough to accommodate the weight of a human being, by which time the rubber is probably already too bulky and thick to be bouncy. Plastics are a better idea, offering both durability and bounce. Almost all hopping balls used today are made of plastic.

Stay away from brands that do not expressly state that their jumping balls are BPA-free and phthalate-free, because they most likely aren’t. These chemicals are toxic and should not be used in the same ball that your beloved child hopes to play on.

There are different sizes of hopper balls for different categories of people. The most common one is the 18-inch ball. Some people see it as the standard size, but it's mostly suited to kids between 3 and 6. A few smaller kids will also do well with a 15-inch hopper. For an adult, though, think almost a whole foot longer, about 29 inches.

The size of a ball determines the amount of air a ball can hold, and how large the ball gets. The size of a jumping ball also affects sitting. While some adults will do fine on an 18-inch children's hopper, most need a larger size, to support them and to have a nice bounce.

Of course, your ball can’t be heavy. If it is, then there is trouble. So almost always, weight should never be a problem. The weights of most jumping balls come in perfect.

Video: Top 9 Jumping Ball Exercises

Jumping Ball Workout for Beginners. | Courtesy of GymRa
Performance and Ease of Use

When you’re thinking of an enjoyable ride on your hopping ball, think more of a basketball than a beach ball. Your ball must give you that bounce to be pleasurable. To do that, it must be fairly elastic, and not too firm. If the ball is heavily inflated, it could burst from the intense pressure and cause injury.

The maximum sustainable weight of a jumping ball is another weighty thing to consider. This figure, when discovered, tells you the amount of weight that can be accommodated, after which any extra weight will just burst the ball. For children's hop balls and a few adult ones, the maximum sustainable weight is 500 pounds. For most adult jumping balls and exercise balls, it's about 1000 pounds. We advise that adults get a 1000-pound maximum sustainable weight ball. It’s just a safer option. (And contrary to what you think, you’re not as young and spry as you used to be. Enough said.)

A jumping ball can come in all manner of colors and designs, from Disney princesses to monsters to Halloween themes. Some brands even offer the chance to customize your own ball, at a small fee of course. So whether you’re having a theme party, or you just want to have friends over for Halloween, there’s a jumping ball for the occasion.

How do you store a big bouncy ball conveniently? You can’t. But you can store a flat slab of plastic. Just open up the cap at the head of the ball and let the air out. Then it’s flat and you can store it anywhere that’s cool and dry.

Re-pumping your ball will be done with a pump. A double-action pump is best as it’s faster and saves you stress. Most brands actually save you extra cost by including a free pump in the package.

Get the Best Hippity Hoppity Jumping Ball of 2023!

Put a smile on your kid's face and feel the contentment of knowing that you’re your child’s absolute bestie. Grab that jumping ball now!

Our Top Choice
Hedstrom Bouncy Hopping Ball with Handle
Best Value
SueSport Hoppity Hop Jumping Ball
Waliki Hippity Hop Ball with Handles
Bintiva Hippity Hop Bouncy Ball
Viahart Space Hopper Ball with Handle

Hippity Hoppity Jumping Ball FAQs

How to control a jumping ball?
You can control a jumping ball by getting a firm hold of the handle. As you bounce back and forth, make sure your hands remain firmly in place. With that, you won't have to fall off the ball. Learn more on jumping balls from our review. Check it out!
How to patch a jumping ball?
To patch a jumping ball, you should start by locating the position of the hole. Put the ball in a bowl of water and watch for any rising bubbles. Once you discover the puncture, remove all grease from the area and dry. Take a patch, place it on the site, and mark its outline. Use an abrasive paper or file to roughen the area around the mark and apply an adhesive in line with the label's user instructions. Finally, attach the patch to the damaged area and apply pressure until it connects to the ball.
Where to buy a jumping ball for dogs?
The best place to buy a jumping ball for dogs is at Amazon. It is not only the largest online retailer but one with the widest variety of products. If you are looking for a jumping ball for dogs to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.