Best Jumpstarter Reviews 2023

Nothing puts a damper on one's day like a broken-down vehicle. In the event of a dead battery emergency, you need to have the best jump starter handy. There are many jump starters on the market today, but the truth is that not all can deliver as they promise. If you’re looking to purchase this important accessory, we want to make your work easier. We reviewed the top five jump starter brands in various price ranges.
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Our Top Choice
NOCO Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter
NOCO was started in 1914 and has been providing innovative gadgets such as battery chargers and solar panels of the highest quality.
Portable. Heavy boosting power (4000 amps). Spark-proof connections. Reverse polarity. Multiple flashlight modes.
Not useful with completely dead battery.
Lithium jump starter
400-4000 amps
1 pound
7 x 12.3 x 2.7 inches
Gas & diesel engines
Best Value
Schumacher ProSeries Car Jump Starter
For 70 years, Illinois-based Schumacher Electric has provided the industry with innovative and user-friendly equipment made of the highest quality.
Powerful boosting ability (2200 amps). Heavy-duty construction. Strong clamps. Retains power for long. 50-inch cable.
Might be a bit heavy.
Portable power unit
2200 peak amps
21.4 pounds
14 x 4.7 x 15.2 inches
Jump starting, camping
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter
“Professional” is Clore’s middle name when it comes to high-quality products for your automobile, including jump starters.
Automatic recharging. Portable option. Specialized casing. Durable construction. Very powerful for recharging batteries.
Lacks protective caps on the alligator clips.
Portable, 12/24V operation
850 start/3400 peak
40 pounds
8.9 x 15 x 17 inches
Automatic recharging
Antigravity Batteries XP-10 Micro-Start Jump Starter
Antigravity Batteries specializes in the manufacturing of extremely powerful and light batteries for use by the motorsports industry.
Super light. Compact size. Smart clamps. Multi-functional. Numerous safety features. 300 amps. Durable.
Requires constant charging.
Heavy-duty power supply kit
600 peak amps
1.125 pounds
9 x 3 x 1.25 inches
Diesel engines
DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Car Jump Starter
DBPOWER is a reputable electronics brand that provides consumers with reliable and highly innovative products.
High boosting capacity. High peak current. Multi-function ports. Great safety features. Includes compass.
Cables might be a bit short.
Handheld jump starter
600 peak amps
1.1 pounds
7.3 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches
Gas and diesel engines

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What is the Best Jumpstarter?

Choosing the right jump starter for your needs can be a frustrating endeavor, especially considering that there are multiple models out there. We want to make your purchase process simpler by reviewing the top five jump starters that come from prestigious brands. Here are our recommended picks.
Our Top Choice
The NOCO portable Ultrasafe Lithium Genius Boost Pro Car Jump Starter boasts of 4000 amps, which is enough to jumpstart your battery in a matter of seconds. We would like to also recommend the NOCO Eyelet Accessory Cable for fast and convenient charging.

NOCO Ultrasafe Lithium Genius Boost Pro Car Jump Starter Ð Available in Different Amperages

NOCO started back in 1914 in Ohio where its founder, Joseph Nook, sought to come up with a product that prevented batteries from corroding. After a lot of experimenting, he was able to come up with a No Corrosion Product which still makes an impact in the battery world today. Over 100 years later, NOCO has grown tremendously and continues to give the industry modern and revolutionary products. As a brand, NOCO is driven by hunger for innovation and a thorough attention to detail, which has seen it give customers top-notch designs.

One such design is evident in its NOCO GB150 Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter that’s a must-have for any car owner. Compared to lead-acid boosters, this lithium jump starter is in a class of its own. To start with, it provides you with 3 times the power, boasting of an amazing 4000 amps or 22,500 joules. With a single charge, this super-light jump starter can start up to eighty vehicles! Incredible, right? It doesn’t stop there; this device can hold most of its power level for a year or more with little or no loss.

HereÕs much more to appreciate about this car jump starter:
  • Spark-proof connections make it safe
  • Applies reverse polarity for even more safety
  • Ability to recharge smartphones and various USB devices
  • Able to jumpstart gas and diesel engines
  • LED flashlight that has multiple modes
  • Powers devices with 12 volts (e.g. power invertors)
  • Powers engines no matter their size
  • Innovative and user-friendly interface
  • Error indicators enhance the usage
  • Rechargeable using USB ports
  • Integrated voltmeter to allow quick determination of the problem
Do you feel that the 4000-amp power is too much? Well, this jump starter is available in lesser amperage sizes, namely: 400 amps, 1000 amps, and 2000 amps.
Best Value
The Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries Car Jump Starter with Built-in Power Unit boasts of 2200 amps, which gives it enough power to jumpstart your battery within a very short time. Do you feel that this equipment is too heavy for you? Then we would like to recommend the Schumacher 18-Ah Instant Power Car Jump Starter that’s much lighter.

Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR Pro Series Car Jump Starter with Built-in Power Unit

Since 1947, Schumacher Electric has provided customers around the world with innovative products that surpass their expectations. With many of the products being energy-efficient, the brand is keen to support sustainability. Among the many reasons that the brand is a darling to many is its exceptional customer service. Its innovative approach to battery maintenance has resulted in quality products that are remarkably priced. Powerful performance is what you will get with any of Schumacher’s products.

That said, the Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries Car Jump Starter is no exception when it comes to powerful performance. Get ready to experience 2200 amps when this jump starter is at its peak. Designed to power 12V batteries or devices, this is just the pack you need when travelling. With the DC outlet of 12V, this appliance will power your devices within this voltage for close to 66 hours.

Here’s more about this car jump starter:
  • The 4-gauge cables are 50 inches and of heavy-duty construction
  • Sturdy clamps with copper jaws
  • Contains 22Ah high-output battery of professional grade
  • Outer casing made of polypropylene with a long-lasting rubber base
  • Built-in voltmeter allows quick battery analysis
  • Self-monitoring charging system
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
The Clore Jump-N-Carry Automotive Car Jumper with 3400/1700 Peak Amps is a powerful jump starter offering an impressive 3,400 peak amps and 850 cranking amps. If you’re looking for a battery booster with less power that’s more affordable, the JNC660 can be a perfect option and it comes from the same manufacturer.

Clore Jump-N-Carry Automotive Car Jumper with 3400/1700 Peak Amps – Available in 4 Styles

Clore Automotive strives to provide "products you can count on," as it says on its website. We were impressed by its offerings and that's why we have chosen the 1224 Jump Starter for this review. The Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 3400/1700 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter is a top-selling jump starter for very good reasons. The portable device has a simple and deceptive look, but you will find more to it underneath the red, heavy-duty, impact-resistant cabinet.

This is a multi-phase, automatic, and adaptable battery charger that has great performance abilities. It can charge a comprehensive range of batteries and jumpstart one that’s completely dead. It’s also able to operate at 20-amp, 10-amp, and 2-amp charge rates depending on the setting you’ve chosen.

Here are the highlights of this powerful device:
  • 12/24V operation
  • Automatic recharging
  • 12V – 3400 peak amps
  • 850 cranking amps
  • 24V – 1700 peak amps
  • 425 cranking amps
  • 46-inch #2-gauge cables
The JNC 1224 has a “ready-to-go” nature that is very advantageous because this means that it’s dependable. The speed with which the JNC 1224 is able to start up a dead battery is another key factor in the performance of this versatile device. It has large quick-connect lugs that make it quick and easy to change the voltage settings.
The Antigravity super-light High Performance Multi-function Car Jump Starter is a small but powerful 300-amp jump starter boasting of smart clamps made of unbreakable copper for a fast and convenient jump-starting experience. Are you in need of a tire inflator as well? Get the Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro-start kit that includes an air pump.

Antigravity Batteries High Performance Multi-function Car Jump Starter

Antigravity Batteries is one brand that’s loved in the motorsports world due to its small but effective products. The company specializes in providing powerful devices that come in a light and compact size. Its lithium batteries are about 80% the weight of their counterparts, making them a darling to customers. The brand emphasizes on creating products that will surpass the expectations of the user without having an exorbitant price tag. It has products for motorcycle, watercrafts, and race cars, among others.

The Antigravity Batteries XP-10 Micro-Start Jump Starter is a heavy-duty jump starter kit that allows you to move around with your own power supply. The magic in this product lies in its size, whereby it’s designed to fit comfortably in your hands, yet has the incredible power to jumpstart even heavy diesel engines; it can easily start motorcycles, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Better yet, this equipment can also charge other smart devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

Here are some more features to appreciate about the XP-10 Micro-start:
  • Numerous charging ports, namely 2 USB ports, 19V, and 12V charging ports
  • Starting current of 300 amps, and can go up to 600 amps at its peak
  • Heavy-duty smart clamps made of unbreakable copper
  • 3-mode LED flashlight with two flash patterns
  • Remaining capacity indicator that lights up
  • Automatically turns off power when not in use
  • Built-in safety features that hinder reverse polarity, overcharging, and more
  • Kit includes carrying case for easy mobility
  • Has a universal cable and a mobile charger
  • Includes an instruction manual for easy operation
The DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter with Smart Charging Port, Compass & LED Light boasts of a high boosting capacity and peak current that can jump start up to twenty cars with a single charge. Is the capacity in this device too big for you? Then we highly recommend that you opt for the DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Car Jump Starter that comes with a lesser capacity.

DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter with Smart Charging Port, Compass & LED Light – Available in Different Colors

DBPOWER is an electronics brand that goes out of its way to bring fantastic products to its customers. The company keeps track of all breakthroughs in technology and incorporates them into its products, leading to high-quality goods. DBPOWER is always on the lookout for how to use technology to make life better and easier for consumers. Its products are competitively designed and manufactured under high standards.

The DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Car Jump Starter is a small but powerful device that will come in handy anytime your battery runs low. This handheld device comes in a compact size that easily fits in your car’s glove box, and boasts of a peak current of 600A and a capacity of 18,000mAh. This incredible power allows this device to jumpstart both gas and diesel engines in cars, motorbikes, and even boats. Don’t be deceived by its small size, because this device can start upwards of twenty cars with a single charge.

Let’s look at some more features that you will get to enjoy once you add this product to your cart:
  • Equipped with intelligent jumpers
  • Clamps are made of copper with protective casing
  • LED flashlight with 3 different modes
  • Has a compass to help you find your way when lost
  • LCD screen to show you the remaining power
  • Allowance to switch output voltage
  • Packed in a convenient carrying case with a strap
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
Not digging the black/red color? You can opt to go for the black/yellow version of this jump starter instead.

How Do I Choose the Best Jumpstarter?

It could happen to anyone. You wake up one morning, prepare to head to work, and walk to your driveway. You start your vehicle and get that awful feeling—your car has completely failed to work. Chances are that the battery is completely dead, or at least its power isn’t enough to start the car. Now, what do you do?

You have two options: call for some assistance from the car emergency team to jumpstart your vehicle or use a better alternative—a car jump starter of your own. The latter is more convenient, and of course more reliable. This is where our review proves to come in handy.

We understand that it’s not easy to get a good car jump starter, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge about car accessories. In our review, we are going to cover a mixture of jump starters, looking at options that have a battery charger, and better yet one that is solar-powered. Don’t worry if you’re looking to purchase a jump starter that can handle your pickup truck, in addition to your small car; we have an option that will suit you as well. If you want something portable that you can carry easily, we also have that option too.

Before we go ahead to the review, it is good that you understand two terms that you will see in all the products: peak amp and cranking amp. These are two different things. For the layman, amps mean electrical power in general. Now peak amps are the quick burst of power. Cranking amps, on the other hand, are the flow of power after the burst.

It is worthy to note that this review does not cover the large and really powerful jump starters that are suitable for industrial purposes. We are starting off with small, more portable options—but of course, those with enough power to charge your car's battery. In the future, we will have a review for the larger and more powerful jump starters, in case you need one for your big truck.

As we were doing our research, we did find an interesting option: solar-powered chargers. Although these options may not do a great job jump starting your pickup truck, they are worth it for charging smaller batteries, such as those found in boats, motorbikes, and recreational vehicles—which is great if you find yourself with a dead battery when you’re out on an adventure.

By the way, when we were doing our research for jump starters with the best consumer ratings, we only had space for five in this review, but we want to give a shout out and honorable mention to Stanley, a brand known for tools and equipment who also makes several quality jump starters.
The price is an important aspect to take into account when shopping for jump starters. For the purpose of this review, we included jump starters that come in a mixture of price points and provide good value for money. For example, the price range of the jump starters in our list starts at around 20 bucks (this is a solar-powered battery charger) and ends up close to the $380 mark.

During our research, we stumbled upon a multitude of cheap jump starters, but we weren't impressed by them. Our main focus is to present you with products that offer good value for money. Therefore, the jump starters in our list are chosen based on their features, and they will definitely come in handy when you need to get your car back to life.

Price is an indispensable factor when it comes to car jump starters. Unlike with other products, where you will find that price tags tend to increase with the quality and performance, this is not the case with jump starters; price does not in any way indicate the performance of the tool. In fact, you will find that our top model is not necessarily the most expensive one.

What we are trying to say is that the best-performing jump starter is not necessarily the most expensive one, neither is the weakest performer. However, do not take this point to mean that you can settle for the cheapest option. A fair price for a good-performing jump starter is always the way to go.
Yes, at the heart of the jump starter is a battery that’s powerful enough to boost your car battery. But this should not be all you get with a good car jump starter. A good model should have more built-in features that provide more functionality. Think of it this way: your battery is dead-completely dead—and you need to charge it so that it can start your car. Maybe you left your car lights on and all the power is drained. You need to have a jump starter that can charge the battery, and not just boost it. From our picks, you will find some battery boosters with built-in chargers for more convenience.

Now this brings us to the next point about jump starter power capacity. Sure, you may be in the market for a portable jump starter that you can easily carry. But don’t forget that the extremely portable options may not have enough power to boost big batteries. Some might come with a series of lithium batteries strong enough to start your smaller car, but weak when it comes to boosting the battery of your large pickup truck. Ensure you have a rough idea about the capacity of the jump starter and what it can or cannot do.

For more functionality, some jump starters come with additional accessories to help you in emergency situations. Depending on your needs, you can get one that sports accessories such as flashlights, tire inflators, and compressors.
Construction and Design
It’s important to note that different brands choose different construction and design features for their jump starters. However, the functions, and probably the features, are much more the same.


Starting with the size, you will find that some car jump starters are small and portable enough to fit even in your pockets. Others are big and heavy, and cannot be carried from one point to another. You have to know your needs first to get the right size.

If you’re looking to keep the jump starter in your home and not take it with you, then you can purchase a larger one. If your car has a problem with the battery or starting, then you can choose the portable option for some peace of mind. However, do not forget to look at the capacity of the jump starter, and not just the dimensions.

General Construction and Color

That was the size; now let’s look at the general construction and the color. Of course, you should never compromise on the quality of construction material when purchasing any product, and car jump starters aren’t any exception. You will want a battery booster that can guarantee to serve you for as long as your car can.

Some jump starters are made with quality plastic for longevity. On the other hand, the portable options may not have such a strong housing and could have a more aesthetic finish. The color options are wide, ranging from yellow to red to blue to black. You have the freedom to choose what you want.
Performance and Ease of Use
Performance and ease of use are vital aspects to consider before going out and buying your new jump starter. Within this topic, there are three things in particular you should watch for: the peak and cranking amps, the recommended temperature range, and how easy it is to use. Let’s go into some more detail.

Peak and Cranking Amps

If you have absolutely no clue about the performance of a jump starter, then we suggest that you start by looking at the cranking and peak amps. As a general rule of thumb, remember that the higher the cranking amp your jump starter has, the better, simply because it can be used with different vehicles.

Temperature Range

One major setback with jump starters is that most cannot stand the heat. This is why you will find that some manufacturers have clearly written a caution on their manual against operating at high temperatures. In such cases, the jump starter may fail to work and prove to be as useless as the dead battery itself.

It’s always good to know the temperature range of the battery booster you are looking to buy. Read all the instructions carefully, checking the fine print as well. If you go ahead and purchase a good one, do not store it in hot areas; keep it in a cool location where there’s no direct sunlight. The car's trunk or glove box will be perfect.

Ease of Use

Let’s face it: There are many men and women who do not know a lot about their car parts, especially what’s under the bonnet. For such people, they always call for assistance from professionals when something is wrong with their car. It would be a nightmare asking these people to use a car battery that’s complicated.

It is extremely important that you get a car booster that’s easy to use—one that you can just hook the cables, press a button, and start your car with. What car owners need to learn is to place the cables in the right place. The negative cable should go to the negative terminal, and so is the positive cable. To be sure about this, it is only wise that you get a jump starter with a reverse polarity protection feature in case you connect the cables wrongly. It alerts you through an alarm system if you do the connections wrong.

That said, we would like to give the Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter an honorable mention not only because it has 1000amperes at peak performance, but also because it has an air compressor as well.

Get the Best Jumpstarter of 2023!

We hope that we have provided valuable information to help you find a great jump starter—one that suits your needs. Our recommended jump starters are guaranteed to provide convenience, reliability, and longevity, so get yours today! If you don’t like any of our featured options, do be sure to check out what else these brands have on offer!

Our Top Choice
NOCO Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter
Best Value
Schumacher ProSeries Car Jump Starter
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter
Antigravity Batteries XP-10 Micro-Start Jump Starter
DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Car Jump Starter