Best Jumpstarter Reviews 2017

Nothing puts a damper on one's day like a broken down vehicle. In the event of a dead battery emergency, you need to have the best jumpstarter handy. There are many jumpstarters on the market today, but the truth is that not all can deliver as they promise. If you are looking to purchase this important accessory, we want to make your work easier. We reviewed the top five brands in various price ranges.
Our Top Choice
Stanley Professional Power Station – 500W Jump Starter
The Stanley power station is not only made for car batteries- it can also charge your personal electronics. It comes with a 120 PSI digital compressor equipped with a backlight gauge for more functionality.
Very powerful battery charger. Reverse polarity alarm alert. Strong compressor.
Takes a while to completely charge.
Power Station with Inverter
700 starting amps/1400 peak
19.5 pounds
16 x 14 x 6.6 inches
120 PSI Compressor
Best Value
Black & Decker Jump Starter with Compressor, Multiple Power Options Available
A great jump box particularly for cold weather. The power station performs exceptionally for anyone who wants to quickly start a vehicle or inflate tires.
Powerful compressor. Ideal for power outages. Effective even for larger batteries.
Unit lacks 12V outlet.
Portable, Built in Compressor
500 starting amps/1000 peak
16.5 pounds
14x 16.8 x 12.8 inches
120 PSI inflator
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter
This jump starter has high quality features that make it an effective power station. It can handle a wide range of vehicles and keep their batteries charging for long without the need to recharge.
Automatic recharging. Portable option. Specialized casing. Durable construction. Very powerful for recharging batteries.
Lacks protective caps on the alligator clips.
Portable, 12/24V operation
850 start/3400 peak
40 pounds
8.9 x 15 x 17 inches
Automatic recharging
Wagan 900 Amp Battery Jumper with Compressor
Wagan Tech’s 900 Amp Battery Jumper is a powerful, time-tested, all-in-one device equipped with a built-in compressor. It can help you with a good number of your roadside emergency situations.
Powerful instant charging. Strong compressor. Portable power outlet. Battery status indicator. Built-in work light.
Limited in-built accessories.
Portable, with Compressor
900 cranking amps
15.8 pounds
11 x 8.5 x 10 inches
Built-in worklight
Sunforce Motorcycle and Powersports Solar 12V Battery Charger
Sunforce solar products will help you reduce your dependence on electrical energy while providing you with backup during power outages. Clean, pollution free energy the requires little maintenance.
Cheaper option. Can be used anywhere. Clean, pollution-free energy. Very little maintenance.
Cannot store energy. Not effective for large batteries. Lacks compressor.
Solar-powered jump starter
not specified
1.3 pounds
19.8 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches
good for motorcycles/watercraft

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How Do I Choose the Best Jumpstarter?

It could happen to anyone. You wake up one morning, prepare to head to work, and walk to your drive way. You start your vehicle and get that awful feeling simply because your car has completely failed to work. Chances are that the battery is completely dead, or at least its power is not enough to start the car. Now, what do you do? You have two options: call for some assistance from the car emergency team to jumpstart your vehicle or use a better alternative- a car jump starter. The latter is more convenient and of course more reliable. This is where our review proves to come in handy.

We understand that it is not easy to get a good car jump starter, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge about car accessories. In our review we are going to cover a mixture of jump starters, looking at options that have a battery charger, and better yet one that is powered by solar power. Do not worry if you are looking to purchase a jump starter that can handle your pickup truck, in addition to your small car, we have an option that will suit you as well. If you want something portable that you can carry easily, we also have that option too.

Before we go ahead to the review, it is good that you understand two terms that you will see in all the products- peak amp and cranking amp. These are two different things. For the layman, amps mean electrical power in general. Now peak amps is the quick burst of power. Cranking amps on the other hand is the flow of power after the burst.

It is worthy to note that this review does not cover the large and really powerful jump starters that are suitable for industrial purposes. We are starting off with small, more portable options- but of course those with enough power to charge your car's battery. In future we will have a review for the larger and more powerful jump starters, in case you need one for your big truck.

As we were doing our research we did find interesting option- solar powered chargers. Although these options may not do a great job jump starting your pickup truck, they are worth it for charging smaller batteries, such as those found in boats, motorbikes and recreational vehicles – which is great if you find yourself with a dead battery when you are out on an adventure.

By the way, if you are thinking about getting a good hand vacuum for your car that guarantees reliability and does an impressive job, we also have a review that covers the top 5 car vacuums. You will certainly find one that will serve you for long.
The price is an important aspect to take into account when shopping for jump starters. For the purpose of this review, we included jump starters that come in a mixture of price points and provide good value for money. For example, the price range of the jump starters in our list starts at around 20 bucks (this is a solar-powered battery charger) and ends up close to the 380$ mark. During our research, we stumbled upon a multitude of cheap jump starters, but we weren't impressed by them. Our main focus is to present you with products that offer good value for money. Therefore, the jump starters in our list are chosen based on their features and they will definitely come in handy when you need to get your car back to life.

Price is an indispensable factor when it comes to car jumpstarters. Unlike with other products, where you will find that price tags tend to increase with the quality and performance, this is not the case with jump starters; price does not in any way indicate the performance of the tool. In fact, you will find that our top model is not necessarily the most expensive one.

What we are trying to say is that the best-performing jump starter is not necessarily the most expensive one, neither is the weakest performer. However, do not take this point to mean that you can settle for the cheapest option. A fair price for a good performing jump starter is always the way to go.
Yes, at the heart of the jump starter is a battery that’s powerful enough to boost your car battery. But this should not be all with a good car jump starter. A good model should have more built-in features that provide more functionality. Think of it this way- your battery is dead-completely dead- and you need to charge it so that it could start your car. Maybe you left your car lights on and all the power is drained. You need to have a jump starter that can charge the battery, and not just boost it. From our picks you will find some battery boosters with in-built charger for more convenience.

Now this brings us to the next point about jump starter power capacity (we had promised to cover this in the construction and design). Fine, you may be in the market for portable jump starter that you can easily carry. But do not forget that the extremely portable options may night have enough power to boost big batteries. Some might come with a series of lithium batteries strong enough to start you salon car, but weak when it comes to boosting the battery of your large pickup truck. Ensure you have a rough idea about the capacity of the jump starter and what it can or cannot do.

For more functionality, some jumpstarters come with additional accessories to help you in emergency situations. Depending on your needs, you can get one that sports accessories such as flashlights, tire inflators and compressors.
Construction and Design
It is important to note that different brands choose different construction and design for their jump starters. However, the functions, and probably the features, are much more the same. Starting with the size, you will find that some car jump starters are small and portable enough to fit even in your pockets. Others are big and heavy and cannot be carried from one point to another. You have to know your needs first to get the right size. If you are looking to keep the jump starter in your home and not take it with you then you can purchase a larger one. If your car has a problem with the battery or starting then you can choose the portable option for some peace of mind. However, do not forget to look at the capacity of the jump starter (we will cover this in the features section), and not just the dimensions.

That was the size; now let’s look at the general construction and the color. Of course you should never compromise on the quality of construction material when purchasing any product, and car jump starters aren’t any exception for that matter. You will want a battery booster that can guarantee to serve you for as long as your car can. Some jump starters are made with quality plastic for longevity. The portable options may not have such a strong housing and could have a more aesthetic finish. The color options are wide, ranging from yellow to red to blue to black. You have the freedom to choose what you want.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you have absolutely no clue about the performance of a jumpstarter then we suggest that you start by looking at the cranking and peak amps. As a general rule of thumb, remember that the higher the cranking amp your jumpstarter has, the better, simply because it can be used with different vehicles.

One major setback with jump starters is that most cannot stand the heat. This is why you will find that some manufacturers have clearly written a caution on their manual against operating at high temperatures. In such cases, the jump starter may fail to work and prove as useless as the dead battery itself. It’s always good to know the temperature range of the battery booster you are looking to buy. Read all the instructions carefully, checking the fine print as well. If you go ahead and purchase a good one, do not store it in hot areas. Keep it in a cool location where there’s no direct sunlight. The car's trunk or glove box will be perfect.

Let’s face it- there are many men and women who do not know a lot about their car parts, especially what’s under the bonnet. For such people, they always call for assistance from professionals when something is wrong with their car. It would be a nightmare asking these people to use a car battery that is complicated. It is extremely important that you get a car booster that’s easy to use- one that you can just hook the cables, press a button, and start your car. What the car owners need to learn is to place the cables in the right place. The negative cable should go to the negative terminal, and so is the positive cable. To be sure about this, it is only wise that you get a jumpstarter with reverse polarity protection feature in case you connect the cables wrongly. It alerts you through an alarm system if you do the connections wrong.

What is the Best Jumpstarter?

Choosing the right jump starter for your needs can be a frustrating endeavor, especially considering that there are multiple models out there. We want to make your purchase process simpler by reviewing top 5 jump starters that come from prestigious brands. Here are our recommended picks.
Our Top Choice
The Stanley PPRH7DS power station comes with 1400 peak battery amps and 700 instant starting amps, offering you great power to jump start even larger vehicles. If you are looking for a more affordable, portable jump starter from the same brand, you can check out Stanley J5C09 and save a few bucks.
Stanley Car Jump Starter, 1400 Peak Amp, 500 W Inverter/120 PSI Compressor, 2 AC Power Outlets

Stanley Car Battery Charger PPRH7DS

Stanley is a professional manufacturer of accessories and tools that are useful for handymen, mechanics or and consumers. They specialize in electronic tools and their Professional Power Station impressed us. This device is perfect for jump starting small or larger vehicles and it includes several interesting features.

With 700 instant starting amps and 1400 peak battery amps for jump-starting, the Stanley professional power station jump starter is packed with sufficient power to get you going. It is a multipurpose appliance that is quite impressive. Here are some of the features of this jump starter.
  • Built-in 120V AC charger with a standard household extension cord
  • 500 watts of power
  • 2 AC power outlets
  • All-metal powder coated clamps
  • 12-volt and USB outlets to help you charge your personal electronics
  • 120 PSI Digital Compressor equipped with backlight gauge
  • Charge and power indicators
  • Visual and audible reverse polarity alarm
Construction and Design
This jump starter by Stanley happens to take the first spot, and for a good reason. It is affordable and incorporates a wide range of useful features to help you with your car battery hassles. The appliance has a very heavy duty housing that also contains rubber over molds that provides it with additional protection and ensures that it is durable. The Stanley professional power station jump starter has an estimated measurement of about 16 inches for width, 13-1/4 inches of depth, and a height of about 6 inches. It weighs approximately 9.5 pounds and has a LED work light.

This is awesome equipment that can help you keep your small appliances running in the event that there is a power failure. It is also a very dependable roadside assistant, able to inflate your tires in an instant and jump-start your car without the need of another vehicle. 

This Stanley professional power station jump starter is very portable and easy to carry with the handle up top. It provides you with a very convenient approach to jump starting your vehicle’s battery without necessarily having to use another vehicle. All you have to do is attach the clamps and when connected is able to jump start any vehicle with complete ease. The charge meter is very easy to understand and the attached LED light makes it very easy to use the jump starter at night.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Stanley professional power station jump starter has 700 instant starting AMPS and 1400 peak battery AMAPS. This basically means it can easily boost your battery and charge it to full. Long gone are the days you would park besides the road and wave to have other car owners helping you boost your car battery- this PowerStation by Stanley does the trick. The jump starter also prides itself of 500 Watts of portable household power and two AC power outlets. With the 12-volt and USB outlet, you are able to charge your personal electronics. It also has a 120 PSI digital compressor that has a backlight gauge and a heavy SureFit compressor nozzle that is brass tipped. Three nozzle adapters are included with the digital compressor. You can use the nozzle to tightly and safely connect to tire valve stems. The digital compressor is very ideal because it is a multipurpose device that it is quite convenient when you have flat tires and can also be used when you go camping, for tailgating and for numerous other requirements.

The jump starter also features an interesting little light indicator that shows you the charge remaining on the battery so you don’t have to keep guessing. This unit is rated at 900 amps peak, so it should be adequate for jumping almost every vehicle (of course except the industrial kind). The relatively small battery in this unit is designed to deliver surprisingly high power for its size. Basically, the jump starter does what it is supposed to do and a little more given that you also get the 120 PSI digital air compressor with auto-stop function for tires. You can also use the USB and AC ports to charge devices.

You will find the reverse polarity alarm alert to be very useful when you make any incorrect connections. This simply means that you don’t have to be experienced in car matters- even if you have don’t know anything beyond your dashboard you could still boost your battery without any worry of damaging it. The power and charge indicator is also great because you get alerted to the present status of the appliance.
Best Value
The Black and Decker JUS500IB power station offers 1000 peak amps and 500 instant starting amps for upmost performance. If you are looking for a more affordable option from Black and Decker, you can get the J312B 300 Instant/600 Peak Amp Jumpstarter.
Black & Decker Battery Charger, 1000 Peak Amp, 120 PSI, Reverse Polarity Alarms

Black & Decker Car Jumper JUS500IB

Black and Decker needs no introduction, they are leading manufacturers of tools, electronics, appliances and accessories that can be used on a day-to-day basis. We have selected the JUS500IB jump starter because of its practicality and usefulness. This battery charger is a multipurpose cordless and rechargeable power station built in a heavy duty construction. It doesn’t require any maintenance on your side, apart from the fact that you have to recharge it for optimum operation. It is perfect for use with V8 engines, trucks and any other equipment.

Let's take a closer look at this product's main features.
  • Ideal for use with V8 engines, trucks and equipment
  • Built-in 120 psi inflator for vehicle tires, sports equipment and more
  • 500 instant-cranking amps for optimal performance
  • Heavy-duty metal clamps with copper teeth
  • Built-in AC charger for use with most extension cords
  • USB charging port
Construction and Design
The Black & Decker JUS500IB 500-Amp Jump Starter occupies the second place in our list for good reasons. If you are in a rush and have to jumpstart your vehicle or inflate your tire and save time, this is the right apparatus for you. The jump starter also has an integrated 120 PSI inflator that is perfect for filling your car’s tires. The inflator can also be used for filling air mattresses, sporting paraphernalia, and any other inflatable components. This is an additional feature that makes the jump starter a multipurpose appliance that you can use both at home and while on the road.

The design of the jump starter is ingenious and has substantial power. It’s a power tool that you must have especially if you are travelling by road. The device is designed to guarantee your safety. It incorporates visual and audible reverse polarity alarms that prompt you to caution you against erroneous connections to the battery terminals. It is also furnished with exceptionally bright area light to ensure that there is uncomplicated use at night. The cable clamps have been designed with the purpose of making it easy to store them on the unit without any hassles.

The apparatus has a low key design that gives this jump starter a major advantage because it is easy to store on any car, garage or anywhere at home. It also has a keyless on and off switch and comes with 12 volt outlet that is able to power and recharge even personal electronics. There is also a USB port which is an additional feature that makes it convenient for you to charge your phone. The jump starter has a nice compact body, so it does not take up much space during storage. The jump starter also has battery status and charging indicators, allowing you to determine the battery's state of charge. The built in 120 volts AC charger that is under a protective cover is ideal because it is able to charge the entire unit with any standard household extension cord. On its front, you will find the jump starter power indicator as well as the power switch. The Jump-Starter is also equipped with an on and off power switch and once the connections are properly made, you can turn the switch on to start the job. This is a unit that has been designed very well for the most part.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Black and Decker JUS500IB 500 Amp jump starter is very portable and very easy to operate. When you consider the size of this apparatus, the functions that it performs are remarkable. It is basically sufficient to get the job done perfectly. This compact jump starter is quite unique because of the amount of energy it can supply for its size. It basically delivers energy that can be comparable to most fully sized ordinary jump starters. It is a self-contained rechargeable system that has the ability to start just about any vehicle without the need for a host vehicle, and of course without the need of 12 volts of DC power supply as well.
The Clore JNC1224 is a powerful jumpstarter offering an impressive 3,400 Peak Amps and 850 Cranking Amps. If you are looking for a battery booster with less power and more affordable, the JNC660 can be a perfect option and it comes from the same manufacturer.
Clore Automotive Car Jumper, 12/24V operation, 3400/1700 Peak Amp, Automatic Recharging

Clore Battery Charger JNC1224

Clore Automotive strives to provide "products you can count on", as they say on their website. We were impressed by their offerings and that's why we have chosen the 1224 jump starter for this review. This is a multi-phase, automatic and adaptable battery charger that has great performance abilities. It can charge a comprehensive range of batteries and jumpstart one that’s completely dead. It is able to operate at 20 amp, 10 amp and 2 amp charge rate depending on the setting you have chosen.

Here are the highlights of this powerful device.
  • 12/24V operation
  • Automatic recharging
  • 12V – 3400 peak amperes
  • 850 cranking amperes
  • 24V – 1700 peak amperes
  • 425 cranking amperes
  • 46″ #2 gauge cables
Construction and Design
The Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 3400/1700 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump starter is a top selling jump starter for very good reasons. The portable device has a simple and deceptive look but you will find more to it underneath the red heavy duty, impact resisting cabinet. The casing has been specifically designed as a heavy duty cabinet that will withstand the harshness of everyday use. The battery jump starter has optimum power transfer, works with a 12/24, 46 inch cables, and has automatic recharging. The major feature of this jump starter is that you can plug it in for use instantaneously at just about any time.

The jump starter has been designed for easy change between voltage settings and has a heavy hitting 3400 Peak Amps for starting power in 12 Volt mode and 1700 Peak Amps of starting power in 24 Volt modes. It also has a built in charger that is able to provide you with uninterrupted charging 24 hours a day so that your needs are always met. Fleet owners love this jump starter because of its ability to jump start both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles. Every element that is found in the JNC 1224 has been designed with the purpose of providing support for the machine to deliver extreme starting power. This includes the power path components, the 6 inch long, heavy-gauge cables that work effortlessly and conveniently for the transmission of the unit’s power to the vehicle, and the heavy duty clamps that are used for insertion despite battery corrosion.
Performance and Ease of Use
One major component of the entire system is the dual Clore PROFORMER batteries that the JNC 1224 uses. These batteries have been designed with a specific purpose of jump starting vehicles. This is why they have extreme starting power, protracted cranking periods, and simply unimaginable durability. This has been connected to auto recharging circuitry so that there is no pressure or inconvenience when recharging. This ensures that the battery remain in top conditions and is in an all systems go mode anytime when needed. The battery has been designed for vehicle jump starting and this guarantees that it will deliver remarkably with one jump after the other. For a safe and solid operation, it has got a safety switch that guarantees safe functionality in both modes. The general design is portable and adequate enough to accommodate the clamps and the wire without difficulty within its structure. The uncomplicated carrying handle and the compact design ensure that the charger is a portable power house for your heavy duty vehicles.

The JNC 1224 has a “ready to go” nature that is very advantageous because this means that it is a very dependable jump start. The speed with which the JNC 1224 is able to start up a dead battery is another key factor in the performance of this very versatile device. It has large quick connect lugs that make it quick and easy to change the voltage settings. The fact that the jump start is constantly in an always ready state makes it easy for prompt use. This charger has got the capability to provide you in all heavy duty functions. There are two distinct cables which are 46 inches that will cater to heavy duty tasks very safely. The item has been designed to provide an easy, portable solution for heavy duty work.
The Wagan 900 Amp battery jumper is a powerful tool to have in your car. It delivers an impressive 900 cranking amps and 260 Psi compressor. Wagan also offers another powerful jump starter that’s equipped with 400 watt power inverter if you prefer more power.
Wagan Car Battery Charger, 900 Cranking Amp, 260 PSI Air Compressor, 1 DC Portable Power Outlet

Wagan Car Jumper EL2412

When it comes to car accessories and automotive electronics, Wagan knows what they are doing. This manufacturer specializes in car fridges, heated seats and of course, jump starters. We have selected the 900 amp car battery charger from this brand because it is a reliable product that has been well received by the public.

The powerful Wagan 900 Amp battery jumper and emergency power source includes a 900 amp jump-starter and a DC power source for supplemental convenience and performance. This rechargeable device is a multipurpose apparatus that is much more than just a charger- it has built-in safety features and a battery voltmeter for more functionality.

Let's discover the features of this power station.
  • Powerful 900 cranking amp jump starter
  • 260 PSI air compressor
  • 1 DC portable power outlet
  • Built in work light
  • Battery status indicator lights
  • AC– 38 hours; DC– 12 hours charging time
  • Short Circuit Protection
Construction and Design
Wagan 900 Amp battery Jumper has a built-in LED lighting and battery status indicator that ensue that you are able to work easily and efficiently. The Wagan jumper also comes with both AC and DC adaptors that make it very convenient for you to recharge the apparatus. It is available in a multicolored yellow and with a black coated padding for extra protection and durability.

The jumper has a light power switch at the front as well as a charging jack. It also has a charging LED indicator, an air horse and a safety power switch. The 12 Dc socket and the battery check button are all placed on the front side of the jump starter. With its shock absorbing rubber base, you can feel safe and secure while working with the jump starter. Behind it, you will find the 260 PSI air compressor. You will also find the heavy duty booster clumps and the air compressor power switch. The air compressor gauge is also placed behind the battery jumper. The jumper cable length is about 30 inches and the entire appliance weighs about 16.5 pounds with dimensions of 11 x 8.5 x 10. The built in battery is a high grade sealed lead acid type that is maintenance free and it has overload short circuit protection and protection. The Wagan 900 Amp battery Jumper also comes with an AC adaptor, a DC cigarette adaptor and air compressor accessories.

Because it has heavy duty booster clamps, you need not worry about connections. The gauge booster cables are also extra-long and you need not worry about reach. It is definitely a great for roadside repairs, emergencies, and power outages.
Performance and Ease of Use
Overall the Wagan 900 Amp battery Jumper emergency power source has very manageable weight and plenty of power to jumpstart just about anything. The versatility is of this appliance is great and the he work light has many other numerous uses. The fact that it is portable makes it easy to store and use while on the road. The jumper also has the 260 PSI air compressor which you can use it in a flat tire and in a matter of minutes; the tire will be inflated even if it was extremely flat.

With the built in battery status indicator your work becomes very easy and efficient. The AC and DC adaptors also make it very easy to recharge the appliance.  It offers so much more and can inflate tires and sports equipment with its air compressor. It is also able to light up a work area with its built-in light, and power your DC (Cigarette lighter) accessories like cell phone chargers, fans, radios, coolers, impact gun, etc. It truly is a valuable device.
SunForce takes battery boosters to the next level with solar-powered chargers that feature waterproof and durable materials. They have a wide range of solar powered chargers so that you can choose one that meets your needs.
Sunforce Solar Jump Starter, Suitable for Motorcycles, Personal Water Crafts,Atvs, Snowmobiles And Tractors

Sunforce Vehicle Charger 50013

May the (Sun)Force be with you! This brand is a prestigious manufacturer of electronics and tools that harvest an almost infinite and renewable energy – sunlight – and uses it to breathe life into your vehicles and watercrafts. In order to understand the features of these solar-powered chargers by SunForce, let’s take a look some of the different products they offer, covering briefly what they feature and the benefits they have in store for you.

SunForce Battery Maintainers
  • Connects to 12 volts battery
  • Quick connect technology
  • Fully weather proof design with UV protection
  • Made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells
  • Maintenance free and easy to install
Sunforce Solar Battery Trickle Chargers
  • The battery trickle is completely weather proof
  • It has a sturdy and durable aluminum frame that is ideal for outdoor use
  • Mounting hardware also included
  • It is portable, compact and very lightweight
  • An integrated blocking diode that protects battery discharge is included
Sunforce Charge Controllers
  • Prevents overcharging f 12volt batteries
  • Indicates charging conditions using the LED lights on the controller
  • Continuously displays the charging current or battery voltage on the LCD digital meter
  • Preprogrammed to work automatically
  • Mounting options include panel or wall mounting
Sunforce Solar Kit
  • Built-in blocking diode technology
  • Wiring kit with accessories for easy installation
  • Shatterproof tempered glass panels
  • Fully weatherproof design
  • Includes battery clamps, mounting hardware, 12 volt DC plug, charge controller and inverter
Construction and Design
While we were doing our research, we came across solar powered battery charges and thought you would want to know more about them. After all we are going green, aren't we? For people who love the outdoors but respect Mother Nature, you can have lots of fun without any considerable impact on the environment. SunForce manufactures offers a wide range of solar energy appliances and attachments. Their products are some of the most economical choices on the market. If you have a small car or a motorbike, these could work just fine to boost your battery. If you are going off road for an adventure and are worried that your car battery booster could run out of power, you won't go wrong with these power stations.

There are four categories of chargers by SunForce.
  • Let’s start with the portable Sunforce solar battery maintainers. Products within this line category take advantage of the power of the sun to offer you with the perfect way to maintain batteries for your automobiles, boats, ATVs, personal water crafts and much more. The battery maintainers are designed using durable ABS plastic and indeterminate solar cells and are able to charge in daylight conditions and even during cloudy days. Suction cups make mounting of the solar panels to a window or a dashboard very easy. The maintainers have been constructed using built in blocking diode to prevent reverse charge.
  • Sunforce solar battery trickle chargers will ensure that your vehicle’s battery remains charged just about anywhere and anytime. The trickle charger contains chargers that are quite excellent for cars, boats, electric fences, and much more. The nebulous solar panel can charge during the daylight and when conditions are cloudy. The appliance has been constructed with a solid and durable aluminum frame that will ensure that you use it for a very long time and it lightweight and very compact.
  • Sunforce charge controllers are ideal for the protection of your batteries from overcharge and discharges. The charge controller can handle an array of current and provides for maintenance free protection for your solar panel or panels, and batteries. The appliance has a yellow changing light that indicates battery charging and the green light will indicate when the battery is fully charged.
  • The Sunforce solar kit is the ideal starter kit for the introduction of the benefits of solar power. This kit will provide you with power just about anywhere and at any time. They can charge your 12 volt batteries, power up household equipment and provide electricity for your cottage or RV. They are designed using a mounting frame, and all the peripherals that you require for off the grid solar system. The kit will work in all weather conditions.
Performance and Ease of Use
Just as mentioned above, some of these chargers may not guarantee boosting your truck’s battery, but they will handle small batteries such as those found in boats and motorbikes. For the fact that they use sunlight to charge and operate, there’s no doubt you can use them anywhere. Better yet, you will not expect them to drain easily as they are usable even without sufficient amount of sunlight.

When it comes to using, one thing you will agree is that these solar powered chargers are easy to use compared to their counterparts (those that we have covered in this review). You just need to connect the provided cables and expose the panel to light and you are good to go. That simple!

Get the Best Jumpstarter of 2017!

We hope that we have provided valuable information to help you find a great jump starter- one that suits your needs. Our recommended jumpstarters are guaranteed to provide convenience, reliability and longevity, so get yours today!

Our Top Choice
Stanley Professional Power Station – 500W Jump Starter
Best Value
Black & Decker Jump Starter with Compressor, Multiple Power Options Available
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter
Wagan 900 Amp Battery Jumper with Compressor
Sunforce Motorcycle and Powersports Solar 12V Battery Charger