Best Junior Golf Clubs Reviews 2023

Sharing the joy of golf is one of the most rewarding experiences for any player, and a beautiful set of junior golf clubs makes a perfect gift for the budding enthusiast. To help you celebrate warmer weather with a weekend trip to your favorite course or driving range, we've reviewed some of the best junior golf club brands and 5 great options we could find to help you get your favourite young ones started!
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Our Top Choice
Precise Golf X7 Complete Junior Golf Club Set
Precise Golf has been around for over 30 years now providing a full line of golf equipment. They have many brands, including the Tartan, Precise, Owik-Fold and Aspire ranges.
Available for children aged 3-12 (3’ to 5’). Lightweight. Durable. Constructed with graphite shafts. Set includes driver, putter, multiple irons, stand bag, head covers and rain cover.
The quality is not close to adult clubs, but they can definitely take the abuse of a kid!
3-5, 6-8 or 9-12
Right and left
Driver, hybrid
6/7, 9P, putter
Best Value
Tour Edge HT MAX-J Junior Golf Set
Tour Edge is known worldwide for their custom-fitted golf clubs and accessories.
Graphite shafts provide extra speed for longer drives. Beginner-friendly hybrids help prevent slices off the fairway. Sleek and lightweight putter.
The sets in the 3-5 and 5-8 age ranges lack a sand wedge.
3-5, 5-8 or 9-12
Right and left
Driver, fairway, hybrid
7, 9, putter
Graphite, stainless steel
Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set
Callaway's legacy of innovation stretches from 1982 to the the fairways of the present.
Forgiving faces to reduce slices and hooks. Comes with Odyssey 2-ball putter, 54 degree sand wedge, 7 and 9-iron clubs, and a lightweight stand bag.
The driver of this set is a little heavy.
Boys 5-8 or 9-12
Right and left
Driver, fairway, hybrid
7, 9, sand wedge, putter
Stainless steel
Wilson 2017 Profile Junior Golf Set
Wilson is one of the world's largest manufacturers of golf equipment and accessories.
Specifically designed clubs with large sweet spots. Suitable for ages 5 – 14. Includes backpack-style carry bag. Right and left handed. 6 clubs included.
Perhaps not ideal for a tween wanting a complete set of golf clubs like an adult.
5-8, 8-11 or 11-14
Right and left
Driver, hybrid
Long & short iron, putter, wedge
Not specified
Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Set
Golf Girl is a brand that produces golf clubs, golf club sets and golf balls specifically designed for women and girls, although not exclusively so.
2 age ranges to choose from. Suitable for kids up to 5’2”. Includes clubs specifically designed to improve performance. Irons have large sweet spot. Soft handle grips.
Some customers felt the sizing was off.
5, 7, 9, putter

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What is the Best Junior Golf Clubs?

Now that you're a PGA Pro when it comes to size, shaft material, and club selection, let's take a look at the top five junior golf club sets that made the list!
Our Top Choice
The Precise Golf X7 Complete Junior Golf Club Set comes complete with a driver, putter, irons and a handy backpack style bag with stand. If you need a larger set for your teenager, take a look at the Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set instead which is also available in left and right-handed.

Precise Golf X7 Complete Junior Golf Club Set for Children – Available in 4 Colors, 3 Age Ranges & in Left or Right Handed

For over 30 years, Precise Golf (previously known as Tartan Sports) has gone from a golf cart distributor to a company that proudly provides a full range of golf equipment. They carry the Tartan, Aspire, Owik-Fold and Precise brands which all feature high-quality, functional golf clubs, club sets, golf club bags, golf carts and other accessories.

The Precise Golf X7 Complete Junior Golf Club Set is available for kids aged 3-12, with three age ranges to ensure you get the right size for your budding golfer. Choose from age 3-5 (3’ – 3’8”), 6-8 (3’8” – 4’4”) or 9-12 (4’4” – 5’). These high-lofted clubs are specially designed for young golfers with lightweight, yet durable graphite shafts. The set includes a driver, putter, 25* Hybrid, 6/7, 9/P Irons, stand bag, rain cover and 2 head covers.

The golf club bag that’s included in this package has two straps on the back so it can be worn easily as a backpack. To ensure you get the ideal clubs for your little one, you can choose from right or left handed and multiple colors including red, pink, orange and blue.
Best Value
The Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set comes in two colors with options for either right or left-handed players. Need a junior's set that's a little larger? Take a look at the Tour Edge HP25 Junior's Complete Golf Club Set, which is good for ages 12 and over.

Tour Edge HT MAX-J Junior Golf Club Set – Available in 2 Colors, 3 Age Ranges & Right or Left Handed

Tour Edge is a major manufacturer of custom-grip, high-quality golf clubs. With dozens of unique clubs to choose from, Tour Edge also offers matching bags, apparel, and training equipment for all levels of play. From professional quality drivers to putters on the miniature golf course, Tour Edge believes that great golf equipment should be affordable for everyone.

The Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set is a great example of that philosophy, and there are three sets available for ages 3-5, 5-8, and 9-12. Available for either right-handed or left-handed golfers, the Max-J Junior Golf Set features graphite shafts for extra momentum and longer drives. The titanium driver is durable, light, and a perfect complement to the stainless-steel irons and fairway wood.

It should be noted that the 3-5 set includes one wood, one iron, and one putter. The 5-8 and 9-12 sets include one wood, one hybrid, two irons, and a putter. All sets come in either pink or red with a hard carry case that stands upright with plenty of storage for accessories!
With both right and left-handed sets available, the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set is perfect for kids who are just getting started on the course. Looking for a set of clubs for your daughter or niece? Check out the Callaway Girls XJ Hot Kids Golf Club Set!

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set — Available in 2 Age Ranges & Either Hand Orientation

Callaway has a history of innovation stretching back to 1982. Perhaps best known for their Big Bertha series, Callaway helps new golfers hit straight and true for longer distances. Clubs, balls, clothing, gloves, and accessories are the hallmark of the Callaway brand, and it creates equipment for all levels of play from novice to its sponsored PGA Pros.

The Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set carries on the Callaway tradition as one of the most full-featured and high-quality sets available for kids. While most junior sets have four clubs, this one has six total and a putter with a hard-shell carrying case. The driver has a large flat front for squaring the face at impact. An additional fairway wood and hybrid provide the perfect follow-up to help you get on the green, with a sand wedge and an Odyssey putter to sink the hole. They're available with right or left handed styles in two sizes: from ages 5 to 8 or 9 to 12. The lightweight bag is perfect for carrying, and it stands on its own with plenty of storage with its five pockets, water bottle holder, carrying straps, and rain cover.
The Wilson 2017 Profile Junior Golf Set has been designed specifically to suit the needs of junior golfers with large sweet spots and ideal flex and weight. Looking for a Junior Women's set? Have a look at the Wilson Women's Profile Junior Complete Package Golf Set, which features the same age ranges.

Wilson 2017 Profile Complete Junior Golf Set with Golf Bag – Available in 3 Age Ranges & Right or Left-Handed

Wilson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sports and fitness equipment. From organized athletics teams to individual sports, Wilson provides bats, balls, gloves, clubs, and nearly anything else you can think of! Wilson is well-known for its extensive line of golf equipment, and it has a wide selection for all age ranges and levels of play.

The Wilson 2017 Profile Junior Golf Set is available for kids aged 5-14 with three age ranges to choose from; 5-8 (3’4” – 4’2”), 8-11 (4’2” – 4’8”) or 11-14 (4’8” – 5’3”). All the clubs are specifically designed for juniors to get the ball airborne and improve their confidence and skill. Let your little golfer feel independent with their very own golf club bag that has two straps to make it easy to carry, just like a backpack.

In this set you’ll get a driver which has been designed with an oversized face and low weight distribution to get the ball travelling high and far. The hybrid and irons have large sweet spots for accurate shots and the wedge is designed with a heavy sole. That’s not all though; the putter also has an alignment guide to help kids line up their shots with the target. Whether you’re looking for a right or left-handed golf club set, Wilson has you covered.
The Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Set is a fantastic club set for kids aged 4-7 years old or up to 4’6”. If you want this same set for your older kid, check out the Golf Girl Junior Club Set for Kids Ages 8-12.

Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Club Set with Pink Stand Bag

Golf Girl is a brand that manufactures golf products aimed at women and girls, although that does not mean there aren’t some pink and golf-loving boys out there with these clubs. They produce golf club sets for juniors, golf club sets for adults and golf balls. Most of their products are pink, but they do have a teal range too.

The Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Set is available for kids aged 4-7 (up to 4’6”) or 8-12 (4’6” – 5’2”) and in right or left hand. This golf club set includes a driver that’s been designed with extra loft to make hitting easier. It also includes Ti-matrix, oversized irons that have a large sweet spot. These include a 5, 7 and 9-iron as well as a pink ball putter. Each club features a graphite shaft and soft handle grips for optimum performance.

For your little one to transport their golf clubs, there’s also a stand bag which has two straps so it can be worn like a backpack and a headcover for the driver. The carry bag has plenty of storage with 4 exterior pockets, a 4-way divider, Velcro glove tab, umbrella holder and rain cover.

If you want to know the specific sizes of each club, here they are:
  • 4-7 Year Old Set: 5 iron – 32”, 7 iron – 31”, 9 iron – 30”, driver – 36” and putter – 30”
  • 8-12 Year Old Set: 5 iron – 35”, 7 iron – 34”, 9 iron – 33”, driver – 39” and putter – 33”

How Do I Choose the Best Junior Golf Clubs?

A junior set of golf clubs is the perfect gift for a young beginner or budding enthusiast. With the growing popularity of golf around the world, par-3 courses can be a fun and relaxing weekend activity for the whole family. The best junior golf clubs will be the right size and include the appropriate quality and quantity of clubs your child will need. They usually come in a variety of colors, with different types of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters that we'll discuss below! Unlike some all-around or adult golf club sets, children's sets are usually very affordable and include a golf bag for golf gloves and extra golf balls!

Although we’ve featured five awesome golfing brands in this review, there were too many to fit in so we’d like to give a special mention to Prosimmon, who manufacture a huge range of golfing equipment for both adults and juniors. Another great brand that deserves a look is Young Gun. They manufacture junior golf club sets and also individual clubs specifically tailored to the needs of a junior golfer.
Junior club sets usually have fewer clubs than their adult counterparts, which makes them lighter to carry and more affordable. Prices can range from around $100 all the way up to $400 for teenagers that are getting serious about the game. Research and development, engineering, and high quality materials and manufacturing are going to be the biggest factors in price. While it may be tempting to buy cheap junior golf clubs, inaccurate or undependable clubs can cause frustration that deters new players. Always choose a trustworthy brand with a reputation for high-quality, accurate clubs and club sets.
If you're buying golf clubs for someone else, or you’re simply interested in learning a little more about club selection, this is the section for you. Golf clubs come in different varieties, which are broken down into woods, hybrids, irons, and putters. "Woods" get their name from their early predecessors, but today they’re usually made of metal. They're broad-faced clubs that keep the ball low for longer distances. They have the longest shafts and are the most difficult clubs to master. The most common wood that people think of is their "driver" or 1-wood. A 3-wood or 5-wood has slightly more loft, and is often called a "fairway" wood because it's used on the fairway to drive for long distances.

Whereas your woods are designed for distance, irons are designed to place the ball accurately. With a consistent swing, golfers use irons to vary their shots distance by 12-15 yards with each club. The longest, least-lofted irons usually begin at three, and the shortest clubs for high altitude shots are 9-irons, pitching wedges, or sand wedges. Junior sets usually include fewer irons, and sometimes the 9-iron will be included as the pitching wedge for pitches or chip shots.

Hybrid golf clubs have a mixture of features from both irons and fairway woods. Instead of using longer irons, which may be difficult for new players, hybrids have a large hitting face that’s shallow enough to use on rough lies off the fairway. They usually a "5-hybrid" club will a comparable amount of loft as a 5-iron, but with a larger sweet spot and shorter shaft to reduce errors and make the game more forgiving.

Finally, most junior golf club sets include a putter. Far different from your average club at a miniature golf hangout, these are designed with the same precision of their adult counterparts and made with premium materials. The added weight allows young golfers to understand the mechanics behind putting — allowing momentum to carry the club face instead of forcefully swinging. They also make valuable training and coaching tools when lining up shots or teaching technique.
Construction and Design
There are two main shaft materials used in junior golf clubs, either stainless steel or graphite. Stainless steel is the most common. It's affordable, rust-proof, durable, and it shines on the course. As an all-around standard, stainless steel is used for most golf clubs at all levels of play. Graphite shafts are usually recommended for youth, women, and older men. The shafts are lighter, but they’re also sometimes longer than stainless steel shafts; this makes them better for distance but slightly harder to hit accurately.
Performance and Ease of Use
In golf, a natural, fluid swing is the key to consistency, and choosing golf clubs that allow the correct posture and movement arm is crucial to success. For growing children, these sizes are usually approximated, and club sets are usually designed for a certain age range. Most of the sets designed for the youngest range have fewer clubs, while sets for juniors and teenagers may even have full sets. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines, read customer reviews, and compare the size (and arm length) of your child to their peers to find the perfect set. It should be noted that right or left-handed golf clubs can’t be switched or used by the other hand, unless you have a truly ambidextrous kid of course.

Finally, what golf club set is finished without the perfect carrying case or golf bag? A quality golf bag will hold all of the included clubs and keep additional equipment nearby during the game. Look for storage space for scorecards, tees, golf balls, a towel, a brush (for club faces), and some sort of water bottle. Most will have two arms that extend out when leaning to create a useful tripod, and some even include a cover for storage or protection from the elements.

Get the Best Junior Golf Clubs of 2023!

Hopefully you've found the best junior golf clubs for your kids — and maybe even learned a little on the way! Remember that each of these brands is a respected manufacturer with clubs for all ages and players. If you didn't find the best junior golf club set here, check out some of the other options by these top brands to find right clubs for the season!

Our Top Choice
Precise Golf X7 Complete Junior Golf Club Set
Best Value
Tour Edge HT MAX-J Junior Golf Set
Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set
Wilson 2017 Profile Junior Golf Set
Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Set