Best Keyboard Tray Reviews 2022

Keyboard trays come in handy when you need to work at your computer desk for long hours without straining your back or arms. With many brands and models on the market, picking the right tray isn’t easy. Therefore, we’ve researched five of the best keyboard tray brands on the market, showcasing a tray from each to help you find one that best meets your typing needs.
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Our Top Choice
Fellowes Professional Series Keyboard Tray
Fellowes is a family-owned 4th generation company that manufactures and markets solutions and products aimed at improving organization, security and productivity in the workplace.
It’s high quality, adjustable for custom-use, durable, tilts, and comes with a mouse platform. It’s also ergonomic and comes in a simple compact design.
It’s a bit costly.
21.2 x 27.5 x 0.2 inches & 13 lbs
Adjustable tilt
Wrist support, installation guide
Best Value
Boss Laminated Keyboard Tray
Boss Office Products is a popular brand with great reviews. It offers high quality products at affordable prices, including office chairs and keyboard trays.
It’s affordable, durable, attractive and available in two colors. It also has a compact design to fit in small workspaces.
It doesn’t tilt.
23.5 x 14.5 x 1.2 inches & 6 lbs
Wood, PVC
Not adjustable
Compact design, 2 colors
3M Platform Keyboard Tray
3M is a brand founded over 100 years ago. It uses multi-dimensional ways to design product solutions aimed at improving lives, transforming spaces and exploring possibilities.
It’s high end, top quality, portable, durable and adjustable through tilting. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the tray and 1 year on the gel wrists.
It’s expensive.
25.2 x 13.1 x 9.7 inches & 19 lbs
25% recycled material
Adjustable tilt
Warranty, wrist rests, mouse pad
Kensington Modular Platform Keyboard Tray
Founded more than three decades ago, Kensington is a leading and trusted brand that manufactures mobile and desktop devices, as well as related accessories.
It’s modular, flexible, durable, adjustable and fits various workspaces.
It’s a bit pricey.
20.8 x 6.1 x 11.2 inches & 12 lbs
Adjustable tilt
Wrist rest, adjustable arm,
Uncaged Ergonomics Under Desk Tray
Uncaged Ergonomics designs and manufactures highly functional, effective, useful, affordable and ergonomic products for a healthy working environment.
It’s adjustable, promotes good health, safe, durable, fast and easy to install. It tilts and can slide in and out.
Some users reported this tray has a flawed design, poor finish and not ideal for small keyboards.
19 x 5 x 10 inches & 12 lbs
Steel, bakelite
Adjustable tilt
Track, mouse pad

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What is the Best Keyboard Tray?

Choose a keyboard tray of the right size, color, brand, and material, carefully considering any other features it comes with. Decide whether you want a keyboard tray to use on your workspace or one to fix under your desk, make sure it supports both left and right-hand use, and comes with a warranty. Read on to find out if one of our recommended keyboard trays is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray is designed for safety, comfort and ease-of-use in small workspaces. The Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer comes in black/silver color finish. Designed for use with standard keyboards, this keyboard tray is impact resistant. Opt for it if you prefer an affordable underdesk keyboard drawer made of 100% recycled material in a compact design.

Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray with Lift and Lock Feature

Fellowes designs and manufactures premium products of high value and usefulness. Storage solutions for records, business machines such as binders, paper shredders and laminators, and various accessories make up the range of products in the company’s product portfolio. The company is driven by passion, teamwork, integrity and initiative.

The Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray offers increased maneuverability and comfort in small workspaces. The lift and lock feature allows you to adjust the height of your keyboard tray using one hand. Use the lift and lock feature to easily adjust the height of your keyboard tray using one hand, then tilting and straightening the tray to lock it in the right position. Take advantage of the 10-degree tilt possibility for maximum comfort when working.

It also comes with a warning track to stop your mouse from sliding off the tray. It’s built with Health-V memory foam for when your wrists need a break. The Microban antimicrobial protection keeps your keyboard and the tray clean.

Here are a few other Fellowes keyboard trays to consider:
  • Fellowes Office Suites Deluxe Keyboard Drawer
  • Fellowes Designer Suites Compact Keyboard Tray, Black
  • Fellowes Adjustable Keyboard Tray
  • Fellowes Designer Suites Desk Ready Keyboard Drawer
  • Fellowes Professional Series Premier Keyboard Tray
This keyboard tray comes in a black color finish.
Best Value
The Boss Keyboard Tray has a high pressure laminate construction for increased strength and durability, and a scratch-resistant surface. The cam lock construction allows for easy installation. The Boss Perfect Posture Deluxe Fabric Task Chair comes with thickly padded back and seat for comfort. It also features built-in lumbar support, height adjustment and a nylon base. Opt for it if you want a comfortable and affordable chair in various colors with a seating limit of 250 pounds.

Boss Laminated Keyboard Tray – Available in 2 Colors

Boss Office Products is a company that mainly designs and manufactures high quality executive and office chairs. It has a large selection of office chairs to choose from. However, the Boss keyboard tray is popular, with good ratings on top review sites.

The Boss Keyboard Tray comes in a high pressure laminate construction for protection and durability. It features 3mm PVC bancing and cam lock construction for easy installation. The cherry finish isn’t just attractive, it’s also durable.

Here are other Boss products you might like:
  • Boss Ivy League Executive Guest Chair in Black
  • Boss Multi-Function LeatherPlus Drafting Stool with Loop Arms in Black
  • Boss Classic Traditional Button Tufted Sofa in Oxblood
  • Boss Tiffany Fur Make-Up Modern Office Chair in Cream
  • Boss Reception Box Arm Chair with Mahogany Finish in Black
This keyboard tray comes in mahogany and cherry color finishes to choose from.
The 3M Keyboard Tray is designed for productivity, comfort and easy adjustability by tilting it up to 2 inches and 5.5 inches above or below the mounting surface, respectively. Simply dial the tilt knob to adjust your keyboard tray to an angle you deem fit. The 3M Knob-Adjust Keyboard Tray is designed to slide left or right to help you position it. Featuring an adjustable mouse platform, opt for this keyboard tray if you want a cheaper, comfortable and highly productivity tray with a smaller track length of 17 inches.

3M Keyboard Tray – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Styles

3M is a creative and innovative brand with a history dating back 100 years. The company uses science to explore possibilities, connect them and invent valuable products. It manufactures various products for businesses such as energy, electronics, healthcare, safety, mining and manufacturing products, among others.

The 3M Keyboard Tray features an adjustable arm for repositioning the platform; simply tilt the tray with your keyboard on it, make necessary adjustments and let go of the tray to lock in position. You can easily adjust your tray (using the tilt knob) either above or below the mounting surface by a few inches. It also features a sturdy construction for durability and lateral adjustments for proper positioning.

The mouse platform can be tilted back and forth or adjusted in all directions for ease-of-use. What’s more, you can mount it to the right if you’re right handed or left if you’re left handed. This keyboard tray also comes with an accurate mouse pad, and leatherette gel wrist support built with antimicrobial properties for a clean typing environment.

Here are a few other 3M keyboard trays to consider:
  • 3M Lever Adjust, Keyboard Tray, Standard platform, Gel Wrist Rest, Precise Mouse Pad in Track, Black
  • 3M Adjustable Under-Desk Keyboard Drawer, Gel Wrist Rest with Antimicrobial Product Protection
  • Keyboard Tray with Lever Adjust Arm, Track, Gel Wrist Rest, Black
  • 3M Adjustable Desktop Keyboard Drawer, Gel Wrist Rest with Antimicrobial Product Protection
  • 3M Under-Desk Keyboard Drawer, Gel Wrist Rest with Antimicrobial Product Protection
This keyboard tray is available in two sizes (adjustable and standard platform) and two styles (easy adjust and sit/stand easy adjust) to choose from.
The Kensington Modular Platform Keyboard Tray is a SmartFit System that’s designed with three adjustable platforms to measure, adjust and fit different workspaces. The Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest features memory foam for comfort to soothe your tensed feet and legs. With an adjustable height, opt for this product if you want a comfortable footrest with non-skid foot and easy set up at an affordable cost.

Kensington Modular Platform with SmartFit System

Kensington manufactures products aimed at empowering you for increased productivity. The firm boasts many award-winning products that offer improved productivity, security, ergonomic use and innovations. The products are developed to high industry standards for top quality end products. What makes Kensington stand out is its tested, reliable and proven quality products, reliable technical support, industrial design, engineering and detailed products with many features for increased functionality.

The Kensington Modular Platform Keyboard Tray is a modular platform with an adjustable arm for use in various working environments. Featuring three platforms, you can use this tray in either large or small workspaces. It has an adjustable height of up to 6 inches, tilts up to 15 degrees below or above the mounting surface, and can rotate 360 degrees.

It also comes with a 19-inch track and a wrist rest for use on straight workstations and wrist support, respectively. The color-coded window allows you to easily and instantly adjust the SmartFit color as you deem fit.

Here are a few other Kensington keyboard trays to look out for:
  • Kensington Standard Underdesk Keyboard Drawer, Adjustable
  • Kensington Underdesk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System, Extra Wide, Includes Wrist Rest
  • Kensington Over/Under Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System
  • Kensington Fully Adjustable and Articulating Keyboard Platform with Wrist Rest
  • Kensington SnapLock Keyboard Tray with SmartFit
The Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray is an ergonomic and highly adjustable keyboard tray for improved body posture when typing. The Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Laptop and Tablet Stand comes with a tilting panel and adjustable height. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and improves posture. Opt for it if you want a great and affordable stand for your laptop or tablet.

Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Adjustable Under Desk Keyboard Tray with Mouse Pad – Available in 2 Colors

Uncaged Ergonomics designs premium products to improve productivity, your comfort and health. The products are mainly aimed at improving your body posture and preventing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They are built with high quality materials for prolonged use and come with warranties to protect you from manufacturing faults. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs and laptop stands are other products manufactured by this brand.

The Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray is adjustable up to 4.5 inches below or above the mounting surface using the locking lever for improved posture. Tilting the keyboard to the right angle will ensure your wrists type at the right angle (negative or neutral), hence preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Tuck the keyboard under your desk, slide it in or out, and swivel it right or left (at 360 degrees) as you deem fit for a comfortable typing position. You can connect the mouse pad on either side the tray and it adjusts independently to support use. This keyboard tray comes with a free adhesive mouse pad.

Here are a few other Uncaged Ergonomic keyboard trays to consider:
  • Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Keyboard Tray and Mouse Pad, Adjustable Height & Angle Ergonomic Standing Computer Keyboard Stand, Silver
  • Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Height & Angle Ergonomic Under Desk Standing/Stand Up Desk Keyboard Drawer/Tray with Negative Tilt
  • Uncaged Ergonomics Keyboard Tray & Mouse Pad, Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard Stand, Silver

How Do I Choose the Best Keyboard Tray?

Working on the computer all day can put undue stress on the back and the spine if your workstation is not ergonomically positioned. A keyboard tray is important because it allows you to work efficiently at any desk without developing back pains or problems by properly positioning your keyboard for appropriate sitting posture or enabling you to work at standing desks.

Keyboard trays are designed to improve posture and help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, thereby improving productivity and health. They are available in various brands, sizes, colors, and materials. Whereas some are designed for use on workspaces, others are installed under work desks. They’re also designed for left or right-hand use, adjustability, and tilting.

A keyboard tray also comes in handy if the height of your desk does not lend to easy and proper reach of the keyboard. A keyboard tray is adjustable and therefore can allow you to position it at the most neutral position from which you can use the keyboard and the mouse more efficiently. Keyboard trays also support the use of ergonomic keyboards and with the best keyboard trays, you won’t need to change the desk and chair that you already have in place if they are comfortable.

The trays make it possible for you to work with your elbows at the right angle and with no unnecessary muscle strain and the computer mouse is brought to the hand level, making your work easier. Keyboard trays also allow more than one person to use the same desk effectively without causing strain to their arms, elbows, or back. This is because you can adjust the height and angle of your keyboard tray to a suitable level. Overall, the keyboard tray increases your comfort as you work and takes undue strain off of your spine, extremities, and appendages.

We hope that the guide can help you pick the best keyboard tray for your specific needs and body size.
The price of a keyboard tray depends highly on the features it has. The most expensive keyboard tray will of course have a greater number of features that are likely more advanced than those offered on cheaper options. For instance, some keyboard trays might not have a mouse support or lack certain adjustability allowances.

When comparing the prices, it is important to ascertain features of the keyboard such as whether it can support the size and design of the keyboard you already have, and focus on features that you consider useful to your personal work station.

Trays typically range in price from $20 to $300, but avoid cheap keyboard trays, as they might not last as long as ones that cost a little more. If you don’t use your computer station often and want a tray you can use only every once in a while, invest in a good, durable model that’s reasonably-priced. For daily use, go for a higher quality keyboard tray designed to withstand regular use without breaking.
The most important feature of a keyboard tray is adjustability. It should be able to adjust to different angles and different heights. The keyboard tray should be adjustable up, down, and side to side for the most comfortable positions. However, there are many other features you need to consider when choosing the right tray to buy.

Here are the features to look out for in a keyboard tray:
  • Adjustability – both in height and in tilt
  • A padded wrist rest for comfort
  • Left and right-hand support; support for both is the best option
  • Sufficient knee clearance upon setup
  • Thin but wide enough to accommodate ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  • Support use with standing desks or workstations
Construction and Design
Size – The dimensions of the keyboard tray are important. This is especially true if you have a big keyboard or use other equipment on your desk as you work. The size of the keyboard tray should allow you to maintain enough movement space behind you. Measure the allowance that you can get on your desk so that you get the size that fits properly. If you do not have a lot of space, consider buying compact designs and sizes that save on space.

Tilt – A good keyboard tray should be adjustable in tilt by at least 15 degrees. A good tilting tray allows the forearm and the wrist to acquire the most neutral position during work. The keyboard tray should be able to maintain the tilt position, ensuring that it doesn’t move when you work, with some trays even providing a locking mechanism to keep it fastened in your favored position.

Material – The material used in the manufacture should be lightweight, allowing to be easily moved, but robust enough to hold whatever weight is placed on the tray, and should not attract dirt. The material should also be molded in such a way that the keyboard does not have sharp edges that can hurt you. The most common materials used are plastic, aluminum, and steel, as they are strong, yet light, and easy to clean.

Color – Most keyboard trays have neutral colors, usually black and grey.

Additional Features – Some keyboard trays have a mouse track both on the left and right-hand sides, or are spacious to allow use of a notebook on the tray, while others have a lock for the tilt positions. Some trays come with a gel pad that protects the wrists, others allow the user to have them in the standing position. For this to be possible, the tray should have an arm that is long enough to reach the position where you can use it standing in a neutral position. No matter what special features are included, remember that a good keyboard tray can also be completely pulled in under the desk when not in use.
Performance and Ease of Use
A keyboard tray should enable you to be in the most neutral position when working on the computer to take the strain off some parts of the body. It should therefore have a properly adjustable arm that allows the tray to move up and down or left to right, as well as being able to tilt to a certain degree.

To get the tray out of the way when not in use, it should be possible to tuck it under the desk completely so that it is out of sight. A corner wedge and a long arm allow the keyboard tray to be usable on a corner desk without causing strain to the user by bringing the monitor and the keyboard close to each other.

For maintenance, the keyboard tray should be easy to wipe clean using basic cleaning solutions. The joints can be greased slightly if they are not moving freely. Make sure your chosen keyboard tray comes with the required screws and parts for easy installation. Also look for an installation guide for the particular keyboard you purchase for easy setup and use. If you are a DIY enthusiast, installing a keyboard tray is easy and will take you only about 10 minutes.

Get the Best Keyboard Tray of 2022!

Whether you want a keyboard tray for home or office use, or want a stand for your laptop or mobile device, there’s one out there to meet your unique needs. We hope that, with our review of five top keyboard trays, you’ll be in a position to pick the right tray to meet your typing requirements. In case you need something different, check out our other tray reviews.

Our Top Choice
Fellowes Professional Series Keyboard Tray
Best Value
Boss Laminated Keyboard Tray
3M Platform Keyboard Tray
Kensington Modular Platform Keyboard Tray
Uncaged Ergonomics Under Desk Tray