Best Kick Boxing Shin Guard Reviews 2023

Whether you are a newbie to kick boxing or a pro, there will never come a time when you will outgrow the need for shin guards (at least for training sessions). It can easily become a daunting task to choose a pair with so many options available. We have simplified the task for you by researching those many options and picking out five of the best kickboxing shin guards from trusted brands. Of course, these brands have other products aside from the ones we featured, so you can check them out for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards
Since 1971, Fairtex has manufactured high-quality fighting gear especially for kickboxing to protect fighters and improve their performance.
Superior protection. Quality Velcro straps. Anti-slip lining. Irritant protection. Comfortable. Highly durable.
Velcro fastening may rub after time.
S, M, L, XL
Syntek leather
Hook and loop
Black, blue, red, yellow
Foam padding
Best Value
RDX Leather MMA Shin Guards Protector
Consistently manufacturing top-quality gear and accessories aimed at fighters’ development, RDX has earned its place as one of the leading combat sports brands in the UK.
Great design. Superior protection. Comfortable and easy to use. Highly durable. Effective moisture management.
Not suitable for grappling workouts.
S, M, L, XL
Hook and loop
Gel cushioning/foam padding
Venum Fusion Shin Guards
Venum manufactures high-quality combat sports gear and accessories for men and women to help them improve their performance, thereby giving them a competitive advantage.
Padded with multi-density foam. Made with top-quality leather. Velcro straps. Comfortable and durable. Great aesthetics.
No real issues, but be sure to get the right size.
M, L, XL
Velcro straps
Cyan, neo-yellow, red
Foam padding
Twins Special Pro Synthetic Shin Guards
Since 1992, Twins Special has been manufacturing and marketing Muay Thai gear and equipment made using the finest materials, innovation and superior craftsmanship.
Slim fit design. Durable and comfortable. Great craftsmanship. Synthetic leather and heavy-duty padding.
Does not offer knee protection.
S, M, L, XL
Synthetic leather
Velcro straps
5 colors
Heavy-duty foam padding
Meister Elastic Cloth Shin Guards
Since 2006, Meister has been true to its aim of exceeding customer expectations with its combat sports and fitness gear and still manages to make them affordable.
Elastic sleeve design. Comfortable and tight fit. Conditions for the actual fight. Breathable fabric. Affordable price.
They can only be used for light sparring.
Youth/XS, S/M, L/XL
Elastic cloth
Black, blue, red, white
Foam padding

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What is the Best Kick Boxing Shin Guard?

We’ve given you a great introduction to kickboxing shin guards and you have decided on what will determine your choice. Now go ahead and read our review to select the best kickboxing shin guards for your specific needs.
Our Top Choice
For superior protection, the Fairtex Competition Shin Guards sport the Syntek Leather, which has double layers of high-impact foam core and protection against irritation. If you’d like a pair of sleeve shin guards, you can check out the Fairtex SPE Elastic Competition Shin Guards, which have high-impact padding and a firm grip for comfort.

Fairtex Competition Muay Thai/Kick Boxing Shin Guards – Available in 4 Colors & 4 Sizes

Fairtex was founded by Mr. Philip Wong in 1971, who practiced Muay Thai as a hobby. His interest grew and he decided to build a Muay Thai camp in Bangplee, which witnessed a massive influx of young fighters. These aspiring fighters needed gear and Fairtex was born. This brand specializes in manufacturing gear for kickboxing, but also makes boxing gloves and other combat sports accessories. Its products are tested first-hand by fighters in its training camp in Bangplee. Fairtex is committed to quality first, as many kickboxing world champions have relied on Fairtex products both for fights and training. One of its superior-performance products is the kickboxing shin guards that we are featuring.

With a fine balance of protection and comfort, the Fairtex Competition Shin Guards cover the bulk of your legs from the knees to your entire instep, revealing only the tips of your toes. It uses a stitch-free system between the shin guard and the foot guard. That way, no stitching will press against your foot and cause discomfort, which would be a constant distraction, or worse still, tear through your skin.

To avoid injury, there are no metals on these shin guards. Rather, the shin protectors are secured to your legs with Velcro straps around your calves and behind your ankles. This careful design is one of the reasons this shin guard is allowed by major competitive fighting organizations. Amateurs fighters are allowed to use it. This guard is made of Fairtex’s own Syntek Leather, which has double layers of high-impact foam core. It does not only provide superior protection, it’s also comfortable to wear. We meant it when we said earlier that this product did a fine job of combining protection and comfort.

The soft piping in the foot protector prevents irritation, while there is a cotton stretch jean lining that keeps it in place so it doesn’t slip. Once you secure the Velcro straps to your preference, that’s it. Light or heavy training, even in cases of high impact, the Velcro straps won’t need adjustment. These guards look bulky but they won’t make you feel that way during action. They, surprisingly, allow a lot of freedom of movement. Even though you might not be able to throw as many of those complex kicks as you’d like, they sure aren’t as restrictive as they look.
Best Value
The RDX Leather MMA Shin Guards are well built with 3D molded design and Nylastic outer cover for durability, and thick MaxShock foam and gel for superior protection against impact. If you’d like a pair that only guards your shins, check out the RDX MMA Shin Foam Pads Support, which have carbon fiber padding and are available in four colors.

RDX MMA Shin Instep Guard Leg Pads for Muay Thai Kickboxing – Available in 4 Sizes

RDX is a leading UK brand when it comes to combat sports and fitness. It manufactures superior-performance combat sports gear to help fighters train and develop skills. Its rich range of products includes gloves, protective wear, punching bags, apparel, etc. With so much commitment to quality and performance, little wonder it has customers all over the world. With its affiliate program and distribution system, its products are made available in major sports shops and online.

The RDX Leather MMA Shin Guards have a 3D molded design for consistent build and improved protection. They also feature Nylastic, which is a nylon-based outer cover. It gives the shin guards immense strength to endure months of high-impact striking and still hold and look just like new. They are also quite light due to their design and allow you to move freely enough to conveniently practice your deadly strikes.

With 26mm of MaxShock foam and Shell-Shock gel, this shin guard sure protects you from all the impacts you will get from training and sparring. It also has the QD-1 lining inside that wicks away moisture and keeps your skin dry even during intense and tasking workouts. This feature ultimately protects your skin from irritation and keeps away unpleasant smells that will affect you and others nearby.

The level of comfort you will get from these guards is unparalleled. They feature the QuickEZ Velcro closure, which snugly fits your legs and won’t budge or shift even with all the movements and impact. The guards offer protection from your knees down to your feet. There is an elastic under-foot strap to keep the foot cover firmly in place for more comfort and protection. This particular variant is about 50% lighter than standard RDX shin guards, which gives you the advantage of free and quick movements.
The Venum Fusion Shin Guards are made of 100% Skintex Leather from Thailand for a perfect blend of light weight and superior protection so you can be swift with the kicks. If you like the Kontact variant that uses cotton, go for the Venum "Kontact" Shin and Instep Guards, which are machine washable and available in 11 colors.

Venum Fusion Kickboxing Shin Guards – Available in 3 Sizes & 3 Colors

Venum is a brand specialized in the manufacture of combat sports training gear, equipment, and apparel. It prides itself as one of the most innovative brands in the industry. With a special focus on performance and aesthetics, you can work hard to improve your skills and look smashing good while at it. It also offers sports nutrition to help you gain muscle mass and release more energy. Its consistency in delivering only the best is another reason many gyms and professional fighters choose this brand. Its select range of kickboxing shin guards, from which we are featuring, is a highlight of this brand’s ingenuity.

The Venum Fusion Shin Guards are made of 100% Skintex Leather, made in Thailand, which is lightweight, yet strong. This allows you to throw your deadly high and low kicks with lightning speed, while providing you with maximum protection from impact. The shins and feet are well protected with multi-density foam that absorbs impact and dissipates the shock before it reaches your legs, so you won’t suffer any damage to your legs.

These shin guards cover your legs from your knees to your feet. They have Velcro straps behind the legs to keep the shin protectors secured in place and elastic closures under the feet. The shin guards stay in position and will not move around while you train. This minimizes distraction so you can focus on doing what you know how to do best. The foam used, coupled with the Velcro closure system, make this shin guard comfortable to use.

The following are some other quality products from Venum:
  • Venum Muay Thai Ankle Guard – Quality cotton for optimal ankle stability and protection. Available in 6 colors.
  • Venum Predator Standup Shin Guards – Use Velcro straps for a comfortable grip. Available in 4 colors.
  • Venum Elite Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Kit – Includes shin guards, boxing gloves, headgear, and hand wrap.
Hit as hard as you can, knowing that your shins are protected with the Twins Classic Shin Guards which are made of 100% synthetic leather and padded with layers of heavy-duty foam. If you’d like a pair with better aesthetic design, go for the Twins Special Fancy Shin Guard, which is completely made of leather and available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

Twins Special Pro Synthetic Classic Shin Guard – Available in 4 Sizes & 5 Colors

Twins Special as a company was incorporated in 1992. Its main objective is manufacturing Thai boxing gear and accessories. It has consistently offered products made with the finest-quality materials. Twins Special has an exemplary reputation among boxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial art communities around the world for its innovative designs and craftsmanship. Its classic shin guards we are featuring is a good example of its outstanding quality and ingenuity.

The Twins Classic Shin Guards are made of 100% synthetic leather, which means their durability is guaranteed. Their heavy-duty foam padding provides adequate protection to the user when blocking or dealing out kicks. The shin guards have an inner lining that helps keep it in position and prevents it from slipping around during use. Even though the shin guards can take some beating on your behalf, they are still flexible enough to allow you to move freely and execute those deadly, fight-winning moves. They are also designed to be slim fit and lightweight to reduce discomfort and restrictions.

These shin guards have exemplary craftsmanship with sturdy stitching and the innovative design that this brand is known for. The fact that this particular pair of shin guards does not have knee protection means it offers more room for maneuverability. This pair offers a great fit, if you pick the right size, using the double Velcro straps at the back, which firmly wrap the guards around your legs. The elastic strap underneath the foot holds the foot protector in place for maximum protection.

The following are some more top-quality products from Twins Special:
  • Twins Special Shin Guard SGS-1 – Made with synthetic leather and protects with its heavy-duty padding
  • Twins Special Ankle Guard – Made with a poly-cotton blend and protects the Achilles Tendon
  • Twins Special Signature Shin Guards – Heavy-duty foam padding to protect the shin and the foot
To condition yourself for the actual fight, the Meister Elastic Shin Guards let you feel the impacts of your strikes and blocks and still offer adequate protection from injury. If you’d like a hook and loop alternative, then go for the Meister EDGE Leather Shin Guards, which are made with cowhide leather and high-density foam.

Meister MMA Elastic Cloth Shin & Instep Padded Guards – Available in 4 Colors & 3 Sizes

Founded in 2006 on the principle of exceeding customer expectations with every product as a way of earning future business, Meister has become a respectable brand in the combat sports industry. It designs and manufactures gear for mixed martial arts and fitness to help athletes and enthusiasts achieve their goals and improve their performance. Its top-quality products are approved by many organizations and its MMA gloves were even once featured in an MTV show. With so much commitment to it products, Meister still manages to make them affordable.

If you’re looking for a pair of training shin guards that offers protection but still leaves enough room for conditioning your legs for the actual fight, the Meister MMA Elastic Padded Shin Guards will do that for you. The padding on this shin guard is not much, for the right reasons, but still offers some protection, just not enough to spoil you. These shin guards are ideal for light sparring, as you will feel the impacts of your strikes and defenses to some extent. They simulate the experiences in a real fight as much as possible and still protect you enough. This singular reason is why professional fighters use them for conditioning practice.

This sleeve-style shin guard is made with breathable fabric, so your legs don’t get too hot while training. The elastic fabric creates such a tight fit around your legs that you sometimes forget you’re wearing something. That’s how comfortable these guards can get. The Velcro strap at the top, just below the knee, further secures it in place so it doesn’t shift around during practice, thus distracting you. Even though the fabric is breathable, the foam padding will still soak in sweat, so you must pay attention to cleaning it and letting it air out.

The material used in making this shin guard is quite durable. They will last you a long time, depending on how heavily you use them. Some users machine-wash them, and they still keep their shape and strength even after several washes. It would be safer to air-dry them though, just to guarantee the durability. One awesome part of this shin guard is the affordable price. We’re sure you will agree with us that the price of this pair of shin protectors is a steal, considering how much value and service you’ll get from it.

How Do I Choose the Best Kick Boxing Shin Guard?

Have you watched Connor McGregor do his thing without any guards on and wondered when you will also upgrade to that level? Maybe you are just developing an interest in kickboxing and don’t know what all the hype is about shin guards. The importance of shin guards cannot be overemphasized if you want to spend more time training to hone your skills instead of recovering from injuries. Kickboxing without shin guards or with the wrong pair is like boxing without a glove.

Another challenge you may face is getting your kickboxing shin guards to fit into your gym bag, since many shin guards are not exactly foldable. However, if it doesn’t fit into the bag you already have, you may have to consider buying a more suitable option that will hold your complete gear. If you are considering solo training, a punching bag will do just fine to practice your kicks.

Most kickboxing shin guards are designed for versatile use. As such, they can easily be used for MMA and Muay Thai. If it’s suitable for these games, the closure will be a Velcro fastener. You don’t have to worry about the weight of a good shin guard, as it will fit your shin without impeding your movement.
There are different factors that affect the price of kickboxing shin guards. The material, padding, and size are often the most important. A pair of kickboxing shin guards with just a decent padding can cost about $20, while one with technologically advanced foam padding and multi-density foam Velcro fastener can cost as much as $110.

There are cheap kickboxing shin guards around, but when it comes to protecting your shins which are among the most vulnerable bones in the body, you don’t want to take any chances on materials that may be sub-par now, do you?
To choose the best kick boxing shin guards, you need to first determine if your use will be limited to stand-up fighting or also include grappling. Here are the features to check for in your prospective kick boxing shin guards:
  • Size
  • Material
  • Closure
  • Color
  • Padding
Read on to understand why these features are of importance to your choice.
Construction and Design
There is no point in a shin guard that doesn’t fit. Many manufacturers are bridging the divide between stand-up and grappling martial arts, therefore, most shin guards have Insteps to protect against low strikes. The shin guard sizes are available in small, medium and large to suit different age groups and body sizes.

The materials used for kickboxing shin guards range from synthetic to real leather, Nylastic (nylon and plastic), foam and elastic. It is important to choose a lightweight shin guard, and this is why metal isn’t one of the materials used, and also to avoid injuries. While synthetic materials are more cost-effective, they are not as durable as natural materials. Nylastic is often lightweight, while a double padding ensures that the guard absorbs shock and moisture well. Instep padding also makes it easy to use for grappling due to its sheer flexibility.

Most kickboxing shin guards have either a Velcro closure or a hook and loop system to fasten them in place during use. The Velcro closure often goes around the calves, with thinner padding around these areas. Beyond the protection offered by the closure, it must be easy to wear the guard. Some are designed as sleeves, to be worn like socks, while others are wrapped around your legs. Above all, comfort and fit are essential for the closure. Kickboxing shin guards are available in different colors, patterns, and designs to suit different preferences.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since shin guards are constantly in contact with sweaty skin, there’s a lot of room for irritation. Some shin guards are lined with materials that wick away sweat instead of absorbing it. That way, there is a lower risk of rashes and discomfort. Some shin guards use antimicrobial lining over the Velcro strap that clasps your calves to improve comfort and hygiene. Whatever type of lining or protection is used, it is important to clean or air out your shin guards after every use.

We hope you now have enough information to help you decide what you want from a pair of shin guards to fulfill your needs.

Get the Best Kick Boxing Shin Guard of 2023!

We hope we have given you enough information to choose the best kickboxing shin guards for you with confidence. So go ahead and make your purchase.

Our Top Choice
Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards
Best Value
RDX Leather MMA Shin Guards Protector
Venum Fusion Shin Guards
Twins Special Pro Synthetic Shin Guards
Meister Elastic Cloth Shin Guards