Best Kickboard Reviews 2023

We all know that exercising is a must if we want to keep fit. “But I hate going to the gym,” you say. That’s okay, because what about the gleaming pools in your neighborhood or in your backyard? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes! We’re going swimming, baby! Right after we buy our kickboards. Swimming workouts are great for working out many muscle groups at once. And that’s what a kickboard is for! Now, there are many kickboards to choose from and getting the wrong one can mean an uncomfortable swimming experience. So we’ve done comprehensive research and we present to you five of the best kickboard brands with some of the top kickboards you can find today. However, we feature only one kickboard per brand, but each company offers many other kickboards – perfect if you haven’t found what you’re looking for among our picks.
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Training Type
Our Top Choice
Arena Contoured Kickboard
Arena provides gear to ensure that every second spent in the water is exceptional, and that every moment counts for you.
It’s stylish and functional, contoured for safety, and comfortable with grip holes for varied hand positioning. It’s available in 4 stylish color options.
None have been reported yet.
U Shape, with handholds option
15.75x10.62x1.06 inches
100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Advanced stroke training
Contoured for extra comfort
Best Value
Speedo Team Kickboard
Speedo inspires and challenges you to take your underwater workout to new depths, to set new records for yourself whether it be competitive or recreational.
Its textured surface, grooves, and scallops aid a better grip. Its concave bottom-end allows the chest to comfortably lie on the board. It can be used by both teens and adults.
It might sink with increased weight.
U Shape
1 x 18 x 11.50 inches; 1 lb..
Textured EVA foam
Kicking drills
Side finger scallops
FINIS Alignment Kickboard
Finis has a tradition of providing high-quality and creative technical products to swimmers at all levels of experience.
It’s comfortable and keeps your entire body on a straight plane in water. It’s easier on the shoulders than standard kickboards and can be used to master a variety of strokes.
Its hand strap may be tight.
A shape
12 x 13 x 3 inches ; 0.4 lb.
EVA foam
Streamline; underwater; side kick
Easy storage and travel
Aqua Sphere Sprint Board
Aqua Sphere has its sights set on becoming the leading maker of swim gear at the highest level of quality and innovation.
It’s comfortable with different hand positions for a natural feel. It’s cut-out and streamlined for head submersion, small for portability, and has a super cool look.
No cons reported yet.
A shape
18 x 14 inches
EVA foam 
Core and lower body workout
Multiple hand position options
TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard
TYR is powered by a team of athletes whose goal is to reimagine technologies that help other athletes perform at their peak through innovation and design.
It’s sturdy, buoyant, and comfortable. It’s durable, non-absorbent, and can be easily used by swimmers at any experience level.
It might not float excellently.
U Shape
21 x 13 x 2 inches ; 1.2 lb.
EVA foam
Swim training & aquatic exercise
Isolates the legs

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What is the Best Kickboard?

We loved doing this research, and we love that you’ve joined us, we hope that the pointers we’ve given help to made your shopping experience go swimmingly! Go through them and pick the one that catches your eye.
Our Top Choice
The Arena Kickboard is an ultra-cool kickboard that’s designed with your comfort and safety in mind. It’s made with 100% quality EVA material with grip holes and is contoured. This Pull Kick by Arena is a compactly-built kickboard and buoy combination. It’s got molded grips and leg channel. If it’s what you’re looking for, you’re welcome to check it out.

Arena Kickboard – Contoured for Advanced Training – Available in 4 Colors

Arena was launched in 1973 by Horst Dassler, son of Adidas founder and President of Adidas France, after an inspirational outing at the 1972 Olympics. Arena was born out of its founder’s conviction that there was a better way to equip swimmers and he set out to recruit the team necessary to prove it. It’s been over four decades and it has stayed true to its founder’s vision; by working with research institutions, universities, and athletes, it unlocks new ways to make you swim better and faster.

The Arena Kickboard (Selling for $18.46 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) features a sleek contrasting color and font design. It has handholds cut out at its top which allow you to grip onto the board effectively. Its handholds are positioned so that your hands are above you while swimming, thus improving your body position.
It features a contoured, streamlined design which reduces drag while allowing you to comfortably and safely work on your lower body and improve your kicks; all this is done in style too.
It’s constructed with high-quality, 100% EVA material that doesn’t absorb water. With this, you get to enjoy this kickboard for a long time. It’s designed for advanced training and is available in colors green, silver, pink, and orange.
Best Value
Speedo’s Team Kickboard is made of quality EVA foam with a textured surface for a lightweight, non-slip use in the pool. It has scalloped sides and underside finger grooves for comfortable and firm use. The Speedo Washboard Kickboard features multiple handholds that let you adjust the intensity of your workout. We recommend you check it out if it interests you.

Speedo Team Kickboard – EVA Foam – Available in 2 Colors

Speedo’s history of innovation started with its inception in 1928 on the sands of Bondi Beach, Australia. In that year, it introduced the world's first non-wool suit: the Racerback suit. It allowed its wearer greater freedom of movement in water. This brand has introduced quite a number of swimwear innovations that have set the standard in the world of underwater sports. In over nine decades of existence, more Olympic gold medalists and record breakers have been made in Speedo than in any other brand. Speedo modestly wears its laurels as it goes on to make swimwear and gear that make every moment in water better.

Speedo’s Team Kickboard (Selling for $14.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) built with lightweight EVA foam provides a good way to do your kicking drills. It strengthens your legs enabling you to power to the black line much faster. It’s built to give consistent resistance and so makes a great tool in water for vertical fitness exercises.

It features a textured surface which lets you hold on to the board in and out of water, without slipping from your fingers. It has scallops on both sides of the board so that you are properly holding onto the board; this should prevent your shoulders from aching as a result of improper hand positioning. Another feature it has that promotes comfort and ease-of-use is the underside finger grooves that let you grip the board firmly.

This kickboard has a concave bottom-end which lets your chest rest comfortably on the end of the kickboard during use; another way its maker seeks to add convenience to your workout and training whilst ensuring both experiences are productive. This well-designed kickboard is available in black and blue.
The Finis Alignment Kickboard features a hydrodynamic and submersible design. Its lightweight structure and small design is comfortable and shoulder-safe. It’s also got a hand strap for your hands. The Finis Foam Kickboard is a standard, U-shaped kickboard. It’s made with soft foam and will not chafe or irritate the skin. It’s available in junior and adult options; you’re welcome to take a look.

FINIS Alignment Swimming Kickboard in Yellow

Finis was set up by Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales in the year 1993. It was as a result of his renown as the world’s greatest butterflier that the Monofin was developed. This was the beginning of Finis custom of delivering high-quality and innovative technical products to swimming enthusiasts and the swimming world at large. Over the years, it has worked with an extensive list of swimmers and coaches to create products that maximize training and competitive performance. This has placed it in the forefront of technical swimming development.

The Finis Alignment Kickboard (Selling for $19.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a yellow kickboard that features a hydrodynamic profile which encourages a streamlined body position while in water; this way, you’re in a straight plane from your finger tips to your toes. It has a hand strap which enhances this streamlined alignment while giving you complete control of the board without your gripping it. When these features are added to its submersible design which allows you to lengthen your body without kicking at an incline, you get a super comfortable and efficient kickboard.

It’s made with EVA material that is lightweight, non-irritating, and long-lasting for safe long-term use. It has a small design that doesn’t put as much pressure on the shoulders as standard kickboards. Its size also makes it portable and easy to carry in a bag with you on trips.

This kickboard can be used to do one-arm drills, side-arm drills, and normal kicking in any of the competitive strokes; this makes it a great way to train. To get more out of this kickboard, it’s recommended you pair it with a snorkel which encourages proper head alignment while working the shoulder and back stabilizers, thus improving overall technique and increasing workout or training benefits.
The Aqua Sphere Sprint Board is uniquely-shaped for balance and buoyancy for adult swimmers. It’s got multiple hand grip options. Made with durable EVA, it’s chlorine-resistant and will not water log. If you’re looking for an equally good kickboard without handholds then you should have a look at Aqua Sphere’s Kick Board. It’s got grip pads instead and is designed to reduce drag too.

Aqua Sphere Blue Sprint Board – Compression Molded EVA Foam

Aqua Sphere set out in 1998 to create eyewear that would be more comfortable for swimming. It changed the landscape of swimmers’ eye protection with the introduction of the ground-breaking Seal swim mask which increased the swimmer’s peripheral vision with curved lenses and easy-to-adjust straps for long-lasting comfort. Today, this Genoa, Italy-born brand is focused on creating the kind of products that active swimmers, triathletes, and water enthusiasts need. It does this by working with A-list swimmers such as Amanda Beard and Faris al Sultan and continues to reinvent and deliver a complete range of swim gear.

The Aqua Sphere Sprint Board (Selling for $19.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a unique, streamlined shape which provides good balance in water and is built to offer buoyancy to adult swimmers (and children too). It’s made from compression-molded EVA to offer long-time use. What’s more, its edges are rounded to prevent chaffing, and it’s chlorine and weather-resistant too; all these ensure that this board serves you for the longest time. It features closed-cell foam that is non-absorbent making it a quick-dry kickboard that will neither get moldy nor rot.

Its sleek cut-out grips and head are made to improve body positioning during swimming and offer a variety of holding positions to the swimmer. Its concave-cut bottom-end leaves room for your head and chest allowing for a normal breathing pattern when paired with a snorkel. It also offers you easier manipulation when you’re doing your flip turns.
This kickboard comes in the color blue and promises increased control during your kicking exercises.
TYR’s USA Classic Kickboard is made of durable, closed-cell EVA foam. It’s sturdy, designed to build leg strength by immobilizing your arms so that your legs do the propelling. The TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard features cut-out handholds and a concave base for proper positioning and body alignment in water. If you’re looking for something different, check it out.

TYR USA Unisex Classic Kickboard – Available in 4 Colors

Named after the Norse warrior-god and established in 1985, TYR was started and powered by athletes. Its founders, Joseph DiLorenzo (a swimwear designer and current owner) and Steve Furniss (1972 Olympic bronze medalist) created this brand to be the provider of vibrant, performance-driven prints to the competitive swimwear market. Through foresight, determination, and American ingenuity, TYR has become a name synonymous with the athlete; and like all athletes it works with a passionate spirit of completion.

TYR’s USA Classic Kickboard (Selling for $14.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is built to be comfortably used by swimmers at all levels. It promises to be perfect for both training and underwater exercise routines. It’s engineered to build leg strength and it does this by isolating the legs; that is, your arms do not take part in propelling you through the water. This way, your body works harder with every kick.

It’s also built with durability in mind which is why it features a closed-cell EVA foam that does not absorb water, thus preventing the growth of mold and decay which the constant expansion and contraction (when it gains and loses water) will cause to it. It’s also weather-resistant as it can retain its color and structure even after constant exposure to the elements.

At 20 inches, it’s a large kickboard which helps to focus on kicking. It’s rigid and retains its form even with regular use. This kickboard is available in yellow, black, pink, and an American stars and stripes pattern.

How Do I Choose the Best Kickboard?

You have to admit that there’s just something attractive about doing a swim workout! Dang! If you have ever seen a graceful swimmer, then you probably were transfixed by the image, or better put, the vision. It’s so breathtaking. Makes you wish you could replay in slow-mo, which you probably already did in your head, right?

From the long, elegant strokes in the water to the water sluicing down from the hair, and down to the trim figure hugged by a fitting swimsuit, when a swimmer emerges from the water—it’s like an apparition of a god. They just feel so at home in water, sometimes swimming deep underwater for a while, only to rise later like phoenixes. And they do this without even bothering with a life vest! What?! Like, how on Earth…?!

If you’ve ever seen agile swimmers grace a pool, then you must have had, at least, a tiny crush on a swimmer simply from watching one. There’s a reason all these lifeguards at pools and beaches snag all the dates in the vicinity. We could go on and on about how stunning they are. (insert dreamy exhale here).

Now that we’ve drooled accordingly, let’s face our reality. Truth be told, with the rate at which we’re going, we just might never attain that near-mythical “lifeguard status” (snagging dates left, right, and center). We can swim, alright, but it’s not “lifeguard standard.” In fact, it’s a drift at best, like we’re adrift, or better yet, lost at sea if you catch our drift. No use whining – we need a plan to reach the lifeguard standard, going from a naïve swimmer to an elite swimmer. We need to get you a kickboard. Oh the wonders of that little rectangular instrument of transformation! It doesn’t just stay with you at the beginning of your swimming adventure but all through. It’s like your shadow that never leaves your side!

As you go from starting your training to being able to show off in the water, a kickboard can help you every step of the way. From a great training buddy to a fun workout partner, a kickboard always delivers. And you can also use it as a pull buoy too. You like? Of course you do!

So get your floating cam strap ready. Someone other than John Legend is gonna be “head underwater and breathing fine” pretty soon and there’s got to be evidence!
If we’re going for “date-snagging lifeguard” swim skills, then we can’t afford to even glance at anything closely resembling a cheap kickboard. Not only are they not durable, you wouldn’t want to have your kickboard snap and break while you are practicing around other people – that would be embarrassing. Did you know that even the so-called high-end kickboards rarely exceed $20? That means that you can even get a great kickboard for between $15 and $20! Of course, the high-end ones come with more bells and whistles but they all work fantastic!
Remember the goal: “date-snagging lifeguard standard” swim skills. So, we need the best kickboard available. How do you pick them out of the pack? Here are pointers to help your selection process. Look out for:
  • Size
  • Type
  • Purpose
  • Shape
  • Colors and Designs
Let’s dive into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are different types of kickboards that could catch your fancy. We look into the different types now and discuss their importance on your swimming experience in the next section.

  • Traditional Adult Kickboards – These kinds cost the least, maybe because they are the oldest type of kickboards we have. Usually, a traditional kickboard is thick, sturdy, and buoyant, which means that it will last a long time. It is also somewhat rectangular in shape, with a rounded front end and a back end that curves inward, to fit along your body.
  • Child Kickboards – As you might intelligently guess, kickboards for children are not as heavy or as large as adult kickboards. They are also easier to grip, and come in more fun colors and designs.
  • Kickboard-Pull Buoy Combo – If you hate lugging baggage around or you’re constantly on the move, this is your guy. These are made of a foam board with a flat middle part, and slightly rounded sides. The fact that it works as a pull kick makes it perfect for travelers who want to get multiple types of workouts in with just one piece of gear.
Now, let’s talk shapes. There are two shapes that kickboards come in. The traditional kickboards are usually U-shaped, as we described when we discussed traditional adult kickboards above, while the ergonomic are more streamlined. The ergonomic kickboard is made with lighter foam than the U-shaped one, and that ultimately reduces buoyancy. They also often have handles cut out at the bottom of the board to make swimming with your head down a lot easier.

There is a wide array of kickboard colors for you to choose from. Of course, child kickboards are a little more “exciting” than those for adults but even an adult can pull off a fun pattern. You can have any color of the rainbow on your kickboard, or even all of them, if you so please.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although many people do not know it, there is actually a way to correctly size your kickboard so it works with you perfectly. When you get your kickboard, hold your hands in towards your chest. In that position, the concave side of your kickboard should be midway through your biceps. Then when you hold the kickboard out, it should be approximately the same width as your shoulder. If these two boxes are ticked, then congrats, you have found your perfect match in size!

Another thing you want to consider before you purchase your kickboard is the fact that there are different kickboards for different purposes. Let us explain. If you’re looking to train your leg muscles and perfect your kicking techniques, a traditional kickboard will do just fine. On the other hand, if you want the flexibility to sometimes concentrate on your arms and upper body instead, a kickboard and pull buoy combo is the way to go. A pull buoy, sometimes called a pull kick, is a flat buoyant piece you can tuck between your legs to keep them afloat as you focus on your arms.

Other technique-specific kickboards include sprint boards and alignment boards. Sprint boards are for sprinting and strengthening your legs and core body muscles. Alignment boards are less buoyant and sink to about two inches underwater, making it perfect if you want to work parts of the butterfly stroke.

If you have any shoulder pain, you should avoid traditional kickboards like the plague. The reason is that the major buoyancy of traditional kickboards will only worsen the pain in your shoulder by putting it at an uncomfortable angle. Your time in the water should be fun not painful. So, though it’s a little more expensive, go for an ergonomic kickboard. Its streamlined shape makes it hydrodynamic since the pointy end will glide through the water easily. Plus, it’s made of lighter foam so you won’t float too much. These are usually the kickboard of choice for advanced swimmers.

Kids will definitely want to start off with a children’s kickboard. Traditional kickboards work well for swimmers of any level. We recommend that beginners start off with a traditional kickboard before working their way up to the more ambitious ergonomic kickboard.

In the end, and in the water, kickboards are a good fit for almost anyone. Of course, you should still purchase one that works uniquely for you.

Get the Best Kickboard of 2023!

Now that you’ve come to the end of the review, we believe you know more about kickboards and are ready to make an informed choice. Go ahead and feel free to dive in and get yours today!

Our Top Choice
Arena Contoured Kickboard
Best Value
Speedo Team Kickboard
FINIS Alignment Kickboard
Aqua Sphere Sprint Board
TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard