Best Kids Ball Pit Reviews 2022

Ball pits scream fun and silliness, and are the perfect toy whatever your age! These days, ball pits include so much more than your standard tent, with some containing basketball hoops, slides and tunnels too! To help you choose the ideal kids’ ball pit for your little one, we have selected the best kids’ ball pit brands on the market today as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for the different types of ball pit available to you and what different brands have to offer.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Dimple Play House Tent with Ball Pit
Dimples prides themselves on their wide range of fun, colorful kids’ products that make playtime that bit more exciting, evident in their Pop Up Playhouse with Ball Pit.
Available as basketball tent, regular tent or tent with pegs. 1-year warranty. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Tent itself can be flimsy.
Play Tent with Basketball Hoop
Mesh and nylon
3 years+
Includes 100 balls
Best Value
Pericross Play Tunnel with Ball Pool
Pericross is made of kids at heart and understand what it is children want in playtime toys, evident in their Play Tunnel Ball Pit.
Comes with zipper carry bag. Lightweight and easy to store. Easy to clean design. Double-sewed to avoid tearing.
Balls not included.
Tent / Basketball Hoop / Tunnel
Foldable with carry bag
6 months+
Balls not included
Disney Doc McStuffins Inflatable Ball Pit
What’s not to love about Disney? They have been keeping the magic alive in their products for a number of decades, evident in their Doc McStuffin Ball Pit.
Fun Disney design. Features ball pit, ball toss roof and ramp. Balls made from soft flex material.
Doesn’t come with many balls.
Ball Pit / Ball Toss / Ball Ramp
2 years+
Includes 50 balls
Toydaloo Smiley Ball Pit with Carry Bag
Toydaloo loves making products that are a joy to play with and safe enough for you to relax and let your little one get on with playtime in peace, evident in their Smiley Ball Pit With Carrying Bag.
Comes with carrying bag. Easy to store away. Complies with US toy safety regulations.
Collapses easily during playtime.
Indoor/Outdoor Ball Pit Tent
Foldable with carrying bag
Mesh and polyester
Includes 100 balls
Truedays Pop Up Play Tent With Ball Pit
Truedays puts a lot into their products to make sure they are durable enough to last the test of time (and kids in general for that matter), evident in their Pop Up Playpen Ball Pit.
Easy to store away quickly. Easy to clean. Can fit up to 3 children.
Balls not included.
Play Tent and Ball Pit
Foldable with storage bag
Polyester and nylon
6 months+
Balls not included

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What is the Best Kids Ball Pit?

We have our fingers crossed in the hopes that after reading through our handy little buying guide you have figured out what type of ball pit is most suitable to your child’s needs as well as all the features you would like included in your new product. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the ideal kid’s ball pit for your child’s playtime! So let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
We fell in love with the Dimple Pop Up Tent Ball Pit due to its versatile design and the fact it comes with a basketball hoop! If, however, you are simply after a ball pit, then have a look at the Dimple Kids Playhouse Ball Pit instead—it’s cheaper too!

Dimple Children’s Indoor / Outdoor Pop Up Play House Tent With ‘100 Ball’ Ball Pit & Basketball Hoop

Dimple has been bringing the public the best and most trusted children’s brands for over 20 years as well as the highest quality of children’s toys on the market at the most affordable prices. From dolls to building toys, outdoor toys and action figures, Dimple has a HUGE range of children’s toys that both you and your little one will love and enjoy.

We wanted to feature Dimple’s Pop Up Tent with Ball Pit due to its great reviews online and the fact that it’s suitable for toddlers AND kids. This tent includes 100 colorful balls that your children will love to jump and play around in, and it can be easily folded and stored away when play time is over. This tent can even be used with its built-in basketball hoop too! Made from nylon, the tent easily pops up and can be used indoors or outdoors due to its durable mesh construction, making it the perfect toy for both sunny and rainy days!
Best Value
Pericross have realy outdon themselves with their Play Tunnel Ball Pit with its clever deign and whole host of fun, colorful features. If, however, you are after something slightly cheaper then have a look at Pericross’s Potable Hexagon Ball Pit instead!

Pericross Play Tunnel With 3-In-1 Cubby-Tube-Tepee Ocean Ball Pit And Basketball Hoop

Pericross is different from other kid’s brands in that they buy products FOR their customers rather than just selling them. By taking on board what their customers really want, Pericross is able to bring them EXACTLY the kind of products they have been searching for, at a fraction of the cost! So if you are looking for a brand that really gets to know its customers and what they want from a brand, then Pericross is definitely your go-to guy!

We wanted to feature Pericross’s Play Tunnel Ball Pit due to its easily foldable tunnel shape design. Made from 100% polyester taffeta, this spacious ball pit has everything you will need to make play time a truly unforgettable experience! Including a ball pit, play tent AND play tunnel, this tent has plenty of room for your little ones to roll around in as well as a window so you can keep an eye on them too. We loved the fun polka dot design of this product as well as the fact that it’s safe and environmentally friendly—it’s even mosquito proof!
We loved the fun design of Disney’s Doc McStuffin Ball Pit that’s suitable for a wide range of ages, boys and girls! If, however, Mickey Mouse is more your thing, then take a look at Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club House Playland Set instead.

Disney Doc McStuffins Sharing Is Caring Ball Pit With 50 Balls

Disney is quite possibly the most successful brand in the history of kid’s toys due to the brand’s overwhelming popularity and constant renewal of their image. Disney understands the magic of playtime and children’s imaginations, and uses this knowledge to create products that will be loved for years to come.

We wanted to feature Disney’s Doc McStuffin Ball Pit due to the brand’s popularity and the product’s pretty impressive reviews online at Amazon. We loved the adorable design of this play environment, which features 50 soft and colorful flex play balls as well as a ball toss roof and ball swirl ramp! This product has a spacious playing area that can be enjoyed by all the family…that includes you, mom and dad!
Prepare to have a ball (get it?) with Toydaloo’s Smiley Ball Pit, with its fun colorful design and 100-ball ball pit! If this product is a bit too pricey for you, however, then have a browse at Toydaloo’s Easy Fold Ball Pit Play Tent instead!

Toydaloo Indoor/Outdoor Smiley Ball Pit With Carrying Bag

Toydaloo is a brand that’s all about creating safe and fun play environments for your little ones that are full of color and character! With a broad range of products ranging from mats to ball pits to arcade games, Toydaloo has something for kids everywhere, big and small!

We wanted to feature Toydaloo’s Smiley Ball Pit due to the fact it comes with over 100 balls all in a space-saving, tidy carrier bag! This product creates a fun and safe place for children to play, with both the tent and the balls being compliant with US toy safety regulations. The balls themselves are made from high-quality materials, making them sturdy enough for long term use as well. This tent is super easy to fold down and take apart, perfect for storage and when playtime is sadly over. The balls in this product are also crushproof, so even the biggest monsters will have a hard time damaging this set!
Trueday’s Pop Up Play Pen is the perfect choice for a sunny day in the park or a wintery day in the warm a home, we love its versatility! If, however, you are after a smaller size pit for toddlers then take a look at Trueday’s Kids Ball Pit Playpen For Toddlers instead!

Truedays Pop Up Playpen With Ball Pit And Compact Case-For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Truedays is a brand that’s ALL about fun, quality products that not only look great but are durable too. They understand the mess and destruction that your little terrors can create and therefore create products to prevent this. Truedays are quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst parents everywhere due to their safe, fun products that allow mom and dad to relax a little bit more during playtime.

We wanted to feature Truedays Pop Up Play Tent with Ball Pit due to its great reviews online at Amazon and across other review sites. We really liked the unique lotus shape design of this pit with one-door entry for easy access. Made from nylon and polyester, this product is easy to clean and can hold up to three children at a time too, perfect for when friends come over or for larger families. Its pop-up design means it can be easily stored away with minimal effort and even comes with a convenient storage bag too!

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Ball Pit?

Just like us adults, kids need their own space too, which is why products such as kid’s teepees, pools and playhouses are becoming so popular these days. This is the case for kid’s ball pits too, allowing your child their own area to let their imagination run wild, whatever the weather. Ball pits also come in lots of different styles, with some including games, basketball hoops and tunnels too. If you are on the hunt for a safe, fun and inspiring way to keep your child entertained this summer, then look no further than a kid’s ball pit.

When it comes to selecting the best ball pit for your child, there are a few things you may want to consider beforehand to ensure you select the ideal product for your child. Firstly, ball pits come in lots of different sizes, ranging from singular ball pits for one child to ball pits suitable for up to 3 little monsters. You will want to have a good think about how many children will be using the ball pit before making a purchase to ensure everyone can get involved in the fun! Size is also important when it comes to where the ball pit will be placed, too. There are two main types of ball pits: ones suitable for indoor use only, and products that can be used outside too. If you are selecting an indoor-only ball pit, then you will want to make sure the product will fit in your child’s room, playroom or living-room beforehand. We recommend measuring your child’s play area to ensure the product will fit properly.

Another important factor to consider is the age of your child. Ball pits come in lots of different age categories, ranging from 6 months to 6 years. You will want to select a pit that is suitable for your child’s age range to ensure they get the most out of the product. Ball pits for smaller children tend to be more simplistic in design, whereas ball pits for older children tend to have more features to make them more engaging. These features can include tunnels, basketball hoops, slides and so much more. Be aware, however, that more complex products often have a larger price tag.

Another factor you will want to think about before making a purchase is how storable you need the product to be. Some ball pits are designed to be portable and easy to store, and therefore come with a carry bag or have a compact, foldable design. If you live in an apartment or your child has a small room, you may want to opt for a storable product, ensuring the ball pit won’t take up too much space.
When it comes to the cost of your new kids’ ball pit, this is going to depend on a variety of factors. Kid’s ball pits can range from $20 to $150 depending on how big they are, their age group and how many features the product has. Ball pits for smaller children (6 months+) tend to be smaller and size and more simplistic in design and are therefore less expensive ($20-$50). Ball pits for older children (2 years+) tend to have more features such as slides and basketball hoops and are bigger in size too; these types of products are more in the $60-$150 price range.

Products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use tend to be pricier too due to the fact they are made from durable, waterproof materials. There are cheaper kid’s ball pits available ($15 or less), but be aware that these products often don’t include the balls themselves and you will need to purchase these separately. Cheaper models are often more simplistic in design and don’t offer as many features, either.
The features you want included in your new kids’ ball pit will depend entirely on the age of your child, the size of your home and your little one’s own personal tastes and preferences too. To help you select the best kids ball pit for your child, however, we have created a handy list of features to look out for to ensure you select a top-quality product.

Here are some important features to keep an eye out for…
  • Foldable/Compact Case
  • Mesh Windows
  • Includes Balls
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Construction and Design
A feature we recommend looking for in your new kids’ ball pit is a product that is either foldable, collapsible or comes with a handy carry case. This will make the product MUCH easier to store away when playtime is over and means the product won’t take up a massive amount of space in your home. If the product also comes with a carry case, this will make it much more portable and enable you to take the ball pit to the park, a friend’s house or store it in the back of your car.

One feature we have noticed in more modern ball pits is the inclusion of windows made from mesh. If you are using the ball pit in the garden this will allow your child to look out at the world around them while they play. It’s also great for parents who want to keep an eye on their child while they are in the ball pit to ensure they are playing safely.

Many ball pits these days are cheaper as they don’t include balls. Although this may seem tempting, it does mean you will have to buy the balls separately which can be costly and inconvenient. We recommend purchasing a product that comes with balls included as this will save you the hassle of having to buy them yourself. Many ball pits with balls included often use more durable balls too that are crush and shatterproof.

Finally, we highly recommend selecting a product that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These types of products are usually made from a nylon material making them waterproof, meaning the product can be used come rain or shine! This will allow you to use the product more often and take it with you to parks and other open areas.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new ball pit there really isn’t too much to it, which we’re sure is music to your ears! Most ball pits require minimal assembly due to their handy pop-up design. If the product you have selected does require some installation, then don’t fret—most ball pit products come with an instruction manual to help you along.

Most ball pits are made from a nylon material, making them super easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a cloth and hot soapy water or dismantle and place in the washing machine if the product will allow for it.

If you are after a particularly high-end product, then we recommend choosing a ball pit that includes a tunnel or basketball hoop to offer your little one hours of fun! We also recommend purchasing a product that includes a carry case, allowing you to take the ball pit wherever you fancy!

Get the Best Kids Ball Pit of 2022!

By now you should have a better understanding of what types of ball pits each brand has to offer as well as what kind of product you are specifically after. If you don’t like the particular product we have featured from each brand, don’t worry—we selected brands based on their high quality and extensive range of products, so simply browse through their other collections to find something you love. All that’s left to do now is to choose your favorite and let playtime commence!

Our Top Choice
Dimple Play House Tent with Ball Pit
Best Value
Pericross Play Tunnel with Ball Pool
Disney Doc McStuffins Inflatable Ball Pit
Toydaloo Smiley Ball Pit with Carry Bag
Truedays Pop Up Play Tent With Ball Pit