Best Kids' Book Rack Reviews 2023

Through reading, your little ones are able to learn new ideas and open their minds. Providing them with their own book racks allows them to quickly access their favorite books, even when you are not around. Think outside the box and get your kids a cute book shelf that they can call their library. To save you from the hassles of shopping, we have done thorough research, browsing through dozens of the best kid’s book rack brands to bring you our top five picks.
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Shelf Info
Our Top Choice
KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase
KidKraft is an expert creator of kids' furniture. It focuses on empowering kids to discover fun through play with an array of safe and quality products.
This bookcase has sturdy wood construction to keep your kid’s books organized and tidy for ages. It has a cute pink finish just the way your little one loves it.
Although its assembly may take some time, you get a manual to ensure your job is easier and hassle-free.
5 compartments
26.4” x 11.8” x 38.2”/ 26.6 lbs
Best Value
Cosco Hazel Kids Bookcase
Cosco understands the needs of its customers. It makes an effort to provide the best product with competitive prices.
It has smoothly curved side panels that are appealing and safe for your kids. It also keeps your kid’s room tidy and organized thanks to the ample storage space.
This bookcase might not be good for toddlers, but will work fine with older kids and teens.
5 Shelves
31.5” x 15.5” x 60”
Espresso, white
Steffy Wood Products Low Book Display
Steffy Wood Products has built its reputation since 1998, offering fast and reliable deliveries.
This book rack is low height, making it convenient for toddlers. It features smooth curved edges with quality non-toxic UV finish, offering safety for your little one.
If you like this bookcase, be ready to dig deeper into your pocket, as it’s a bit pricey. But the quality is worth it.
Low book display
4 shelves
25” x 15” x 15”/ 17.6 lbs
Natural wood
Delta Children Book & Toy Organizer
Delta Children is trusted by millions of customers around the globe, offering affordable prices and an array of products.
It helps your kid save space and keep things organized thanks to the storage spaces. It features a toy organizer for more functionality.
The bookcase is a bit small, but the toy organizer makes it a worthy addition to any kid’s room.
Princess book and toy organizer
Wood, fabric
2 shelves, 5 compartments
10.5” x 36” x 30.5”/ 17 lbs
Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack
Tot Tutors has been a producer of kids' tables, chairs and play spaces for many years. Its toys are enjoyed by kids and trusted by parents all over the world.
It comes at a very affordable price and in different color options. The fabric sling pockets promote organization in your kid’s playroom.
Since this bookcase is meant for book display for toddlers, it can only hold 30 books. But Tot Tutors has other options with more book capacity.
Fabric sling sleeves
Wood, fabric
5 sleeves/pockets
11” x 24” x 25”/ 6.3 lbs

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What is the Best Kids' Book Rack?

Manufacturers know that you want a cute book rack for your little munchkin, and they make their models with cute colors and images. But when it comes to safety and quality, you might want to look beyond the color and finish. Consider things such as the design/style, the material for both the shelves and the frame, and the size. Right, you’re ready! Let’s dive in!
Our Top Choice
The KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase comes with a colorful dollhouse design that makes it appealing for your little princess. Want a different design with a puzzle-like style? Check out the KidKraft Puzzle Book Shelf - Primary. It might be just what you are looking for.

KidKraft Pink Dollhouse Cottage Wooden Bookcase

After over 50 years of creating toys and imaginative furniture for children, KidKraft has grown from a small start-up to a huge company. It is known for award-winning play kitchens and doll houses, with a market base that has an outreach of over 90 countries globally. Above all, its focus is on fun and creative products that kids enjoy.

If your little princess adores tidy and colorful dollhouses, the KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase is a perfect gift for her. This cute piece of furniture will be an exciting addition to your three-year-old daughter’s room, as it is not just meant for fun and play, but also helps keep her room organized.

This kids' book rack retails at just $109.99. It comes with a bunch of benefits as it also doubles as a dollhouse for your child. Let’s take a look at what makes the KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase our top pick for this review:
  • Comes with a stylish and durable wood make
  • Provides the convenience of teaching her to keep her room tidy
  • Has simple instructions for fast assembly
  • Provides enough space for books and dolls
  • Built with a durable construct that is sturdy and impressive
Best Value
The Cosco Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase features an eye-catching design and offers four shelves to help your kid or teen keep their room organized. Have more dollars to spare for a model with a bookcase, toy box, dresser and loft bed? Check out the Cosco Products Elements Loft Bed with Dresser and Toy Box Bookcase.

Cosco Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase – Available in 2 Colors

Cosco has been in the industry for quite a while. It has a reputation for providing reliable service to its customers all over the world. The quality products that it manufactures have great ratings and usually come with fast shipping that is convenient for most consumers.

The Cosco Hazel Kids Bookcase is amazing furniture for your child’s room. It can be a great improvement to your interior design style, as it comes with a gracefully curved silhouette finish. Its strong and durable build, coupled with its large shelves, makes it blend well into any room. It can even be used in your living room. At the moment, its price is set at $91.48, which is affordable considering its quality construct.

Check out some features of the Cosco Hazel Kids Bookcase:
  • Made with an attractive silhouette design that blends into any room
  • Built with curved panels that make it safe for toddlers to play with and add to its attractive design
  • Compartment bin at the bottom that is convenient for storing shoes or even big toys
  • Available in different warm colors that easily blend with most home décors
  • Comes with four shelves that are large and spacious for storing books, home décor and toys

The Cosco Hazel Kids Bookcase is available in two color variations. You can choose between the Espresso color and the white color from Amazon.
The Steffy Wood Products Toddler Low Book Display is made for toddlers. It displays books in an organized and appealing manner. Want a bigger bookcase for your older kid? Try the Steffy Wood Products Toddler Book Display, which comes with extra storage areas.

Steffy Wood Products Toddler Low Book Display

Since 1998, Steffy Wood Products has been manufacturing kids' furniture that leaves customers feeling satisfied. With a reputation for timely deliveries, it has grown from a small company to a reputable firm with over three decades of experience. Most of its products are used in daycares and are safe for children to play with.

The Steffy Wood Products Low Book Display features four shelves that are stepped with a low-height display, making it perfect for toddlers. It is Greenguard certified to be safe for kids. You can grab this book rack for your kid at just $120.56 and enjoy its convenient storage.

If you are going for the Steffy Wood Products Low Book Display, there are a couple of features that you will be interested in. Let’s check them out:

  • 15” height that matches up for toddlers' convenience
  • Thick plywood design with smooth and curved edges for durability and safety for your child
  • Has a sturdy design that gives support to a good number of books without toppling over
  • Deep and low shelves that make it easy for your toddler to identify each book’s cover
  • Made of quality non-toxic UV finish that is safe for the environment
The Delta Children Book & Toy Organizer is made from solid wood and fabric, making it sturdy and appealing. If you want to save a few bucks and get a bookcase with a different design, you will love the Delta Children Frozen Made of Engineered Wood Book Shelf.

Delta Children Deluxe Book & Toy Organizer – Available in 5 Styles

Louis Shamie Sr. started Delta Children after being inspired by the marvels of parenthood. He revolutionized the industry with his engineering ideas that brought new safety standards to children’s furniture manufacturing. Today, the company serves millions of parents across the globe, with a focus on improving child safety.

Delta Children's Book & Toy Organizer is ideal for kids aged between three and six years. It is easy to assemble, saving you time, and is built to meet all the safety standards and CPSC regulations. If you are planning to make your daughter’s bedroom special, this kids' book rack will help you find more storage space and make her room organized. At about $60, this kids' book rack offers an affordable price for its value.

Let’s look at some of the features that make the Delta Children Book & Toy Organizer such a great deal:
  • Built with solid wood fabric that is made for durability
  • Easy to assemble and blends well into any room, even the living room
  • Sturdy build that gives support to books and toys conveniently
  • The perfect height for kids to get to their books and toys without struggle
  • Meets all the safety requirements
The Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack comes with five fabric sling sleeves, making it easy for your little one to grab any book hassle-free. Want a larger option that can hold more books? We bet you will love the Tot Tutors - Book Rack With Natural Finish.

Tot Tutors Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf – Available in 5 Colors

Tot Tutors has been in the industry for over 25 years. It has a reputation for being in the forefront of manufacturing children’s furniture. This company understands that parents are looking to create a safe and happy environment for their kids, so it focuses on helping families get quality products.

The Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack is convenient furniture for your child’s room, as it saves space while at the same time giving your child a good book display. It comes with deep sleeves that are in five different colors to help your child identify and grab books easily. Your child will find it easy to use, as its height is ideal for kids at the age of three years and above. This kids' book rack offers great value at an affordable price tag of about $25.

Let’s look at some other features that make the Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack valuable:
  • Displays the front book covers, making it convenient for your child to identify their favorite books
  • Blends well in your child’s room, but can also fit in the living room with its space-saving design to keep a tidy environment
  • Wood construct that is easy to assemble, with a clean and stable design
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Comes with five deep fabric sleeves that hold the books in place, with the capacity of holding any book size

The Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack is available in a variety of colors, including espresso white, white primary, white pink and purple, and white pastel. Be sure to check out the different variations.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Book Rack?

It’s Friday evening and you’re busy finishing up some urgent task you kept procrastinating over the whole week. You need to submit the work before the deadline, and so every minute here counts. But your kid just won’t let you concentrate with the constant, “mommy, mommy, where are my crayons?” or “mommy, where’s my book?” This leaves you at a crossroads. You don't want to disappoint your child, whereas the job you are doing is very demanding of your attention - leaving you in a dilemma on what to do.

And so you ask; “Did you leave your book in your school backpack?”


“Mommmmm, it’s not in there.”

Now you’re getting frustrated. Up you get to search in the play house, under the couch, on your kid’s desk and anywhere else you can think of until you eventually find the book in question wedged down the back of a chair. Now, all of this can be avoided with some simple children’s storage, such as a book rack!

Apart from harboring books in a single, known location, these racks have a myriad of other benefits, including improved aesthetics, as the books are not all over the place, so your house stays neat and tidy. Furthermore, your child’s books are easily classified according to various genres making it a lot easier for your toddler to pick a book when they need to. No more mommy or daddy calls when you’re in the bathroom and your youngster needs to pick a book!

Once you buy the rack, the onset of its benefits are instantaneous as well as conspicuous. No more time-wasting searching for books and more time is afforded in doing other fundamental tasks.
Since time immemorial, the price of goods has been a vital aspect of the consumer-buyer model. In the case of kid book racks, it is no different, as the cost of these items is often variable, dependent on an array of factors. As of now, the price in the market ranges from around $25 at the low-end, with more complex designs attracting fees of up to $120.

In our research we came across cheap kids’ book racks but according to customer reviews, we realized they were not durable and even some of them were not child friendly. Clearly, these are the type of products you do not want to buy for your child. We picked the affordable toddler book racks as they are full of features that your kids will appreciate.
There’s no need to rush your decision when buying a kid’s bookrack. Take the time to consider the following features, how important they are to you, how they’ll affect the cost of the book rack and which ones are your “must-haves”.

Listed below are some of the basic necessities you should look for in a kids’ bookrack:
  • Style - This refers to the general outlook of the rack. Popular designs include dollhouse, silhouette, low book display, and fabric sling sleeves.
  • Material - What is the substance used in the construction? Is it wood or fabric?
  • Shelf information - The rack can be divided into shelves or compartments, or in some models a combination of both.
  • Size and Weight - these directly influence the portability of the rack. Besides, they also determine the number of books the rack can carry at a time.
  • Color - Racks come in different colors so the choice is up to you, though kids typically favor brighter colors.
Construction and Design
A considerable majority of developers have wood as the material of choice when it comes to the construction of book racks. This is because wood naturally blends in with other furniture in the house, so the rack does not look out of place. Moreover, wood is also preferred due to its sturdiness and durability.

The rack can feature either compartments or shelves, or be a hybrid of both. Compartments are aesthetically pleasing, albeit small, while shelves have larger carrying capacities. In this regard, going for the hybrids is the best since it caters for both the beauty and accommodation aspects.

Typically, kids are enthusiasts of striking colors and stylistic designs; hence this should be put into consideration when buying the rack. Besides style, other aspects that should not be overlooked are the material used, the carrying capacity, and the safety measures employed by the manufacturer to reduce the risk of accidents.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since the racks are meant to be used primarily by children, they ought to be customized to meet their needs. Therefore, you should go for racks that are of low heights; hence accessible to children. Also, a good book rack should be sturdy enough to withstand use and not topple over. It might even have to survive doubling up as a climbing frame if you have a little monkey on your hands.

Thankfully, manufacturers have made the use of modern racks easier. Not only are they easy to clean and assemble, but they also come with in depth instructions on how to operate them. You should be able to put together your new children’s book rack in under an hour. Lastly, don’t forget to check out if there’s any manufacturer’s warranty included and the terms of that.

Get the Best Kids' Book Rack of 2023!

We promised to help you find the right book rack for your kid, and hopefully we did just that! Your kids will now live with a smile knowing that they have their own cute, easily accessible library.

Our Top Choice
KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase
Best Value
Cosco Hazel Kids Bookcase
Steffy Wood Products Low Book Display
Delta Children Book & Toy Organizer
Tot Tutors Storage Book Rack