Best Kids Desk Reviews 2023

Finding the best kids desk for your little sweethearts can be difficult especially if you begin to consider factors like posture, height, ease of use, fun (that something extra that’ll make your tots want to sit at a place a little longer) and so on. We understand that, so we took the time to thoroughly seek out five of the best brands with some of the best kids’ desk on the market. Here, we’re reviewing one of our favorite desks from each brand but feel free to check out others as they have more where these came from.
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Age range
Our Top Choice
South Shore Smart Basics Small Desk
South Shore, based in North America, has a history of making good-quality furniture. This company manufactures bedding and writing desks for kids of various ages.
The South Shore Smart Basics Small Desk is durable, affordable, spacious, can fit into any room’s décor, and also has its instructions written in the English language.
This desk is heavy and not easily carried around.
Computer desk with sliding tray
Recycled CARB wood
42 x 20 x 37 in; 75 lbs.
Info NOT provided
Available in 5 Colors
Best Value
Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin
Rated as one of the world’s top crib manufacturers for setting manufacturing standards, Delta Children is a brand that embodies style, quality, affordability, and safety.
This colorful kids’ desk is great for scribblers, and is easy to assemble and clean. Furthermore, it is chemical-free, making it safe for kids.
It has an uncomfortably large underneath fabric drawer and is quite expensive.
Desk with storage bin
Engineered wood
20.5 x 22.8 x 23.2 in; 79.55 lbs.
3-6 years
Available in 11 Designs
VIVO Adjustable Kids Desk & Chair
Vivo is highly innovative and functions to produce safe products that are designed specifically to meet the unattended needs of its customer base.
It is very comfortable and comes with clear installation instructions.
This kids’ desk takes a while to assemble.
Height adjustable desk
PP grade plastic w/steel frames
73.7 x 53.3 x 22.9 in; 37.2 lbs.
3-12 years
Available in 3 Colors
Sauder Pogo Desk for Children
The insistent nature of Eris Sauder which manifested in 1934 gave birth to a budding and effective Ready-To-Assemble furniture company.
This desk is well-priced and has clearly-written instructions on how to assemble it.
It has a small storage area and a narrow desk.
Desk with storage
Wood, metal drawers
42.6 x 19.4 x 28.9 in; 62 lbs.
Info NOT provided
Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Desk
Flash Furniture has made a name for itself by manufacturing affordable and quality furniture for homes, churches, conference rooms, and classrooms.
It is strong, perfect for limited space, has a great quality, and possesses a bag-hanging hook.
It comes with vague installation instructions, is hard to adjust, and takes a pretty long time to install.
Adjustable desk
Wood, Metal frame
17.8 x 23.6 x 28.2 in; 24.7 lbs.
5-15 years

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What is the Best Kids Desk?

With the knowledge you’ve gained from our buying guide, making a choice of the best kids’ desk shouldn’t be that difficult now. That said; let’s take a look at each product, shall we?
Our Top Choice
Built with a spacious desktop, the Smart Basics Small Desk offers the perfect space needed to conveniently spread out your child’s work. Its height is suitable for kids between the ages of 6 and 10. If you want a desk with a different design, like a side and central drawer and a larger work space (and also more expensive), check out the South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table.

South Shore Small Desk - Great Writing Desk for Your Child – Available in 5 Colors

For over seven decades, South Shore has continued to thrive in the business of providing furniture that not only serves its customers fully, but are also available at affordable prices.

The South Shore Smart Basics Small Desk (selling for $99.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) comes with two adjustable shelves. This permits ample storage space for all books and other learning materials your child requires, and as such makes organization and learning easy. This kids’ desk is made of eco-friendly materials and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Here are more kids’ desks from South Shore:
  • South Shore Axess Collection Desk, Pure White - this desk is made from certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels
  • South Shore Summer Breeze Desk with 3 Drawers, White Wash - this desk was manufactured in Canada with non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • South Shore Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels, Pure White - this table has the ideal height for children to sit cross-legged or on a little cushion
  • South Shore Gascony Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray, Pure White - this desk consists of one practical drawer and one file storage drawer with plastic rails. This serves to hold either letter or legal size hanging folders
Best Value
The Delta Children Frozen Chair Desk with Storage Bin comes with a container for storing art supplies and has very beautiful designs that add an extra spark to the room. If you prefer a desk with a storage bin underneath and a removable cup holder for study materials, you’ll do well to check out the Sesame Street Kids Desk Chair, which is quite durable.

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin – Available in 11 Fun Kids Designs

Founded in 1968 by Loius Shamie Sr., the Delta Children Company is driven by a passion to bring about a revolution in the world of kids’ furniture manufacturing. By working closely with safety organizations, it stays committed to ensuring that materials used for production are safe. Due to its devotion to its mission of ensuring a safe place for kids, it launched its Safe Sleep Campaign which ensures that a specified amount of all its proceeds go to donating cribs for kids who are in need of them.

The Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin – Available in 11 Fun Kids Designs (selling for $33.53 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is suitable for children who are between the ages of 3 and 6 and weigh up to 50 pounds. These designs give kids the Disneyland experience right in their rooms. This desk is easy to clean and sits low to the ground which allows for easy access.

See other kids’ desks by the Delta Children Company:
  • Delta Children Table & Chair Set, Hello Kitty - this table and chair set is made of engineered wood that is durable and easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant finish which protects the table's colorful graphics
  • Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, Disney Mickey Mouse - this comes with removable cup holder for art supplies and fabric storage bin. You can easily wipe this desk clean with a dry cloth
  • Delta Children Deluxe Table & Chair Set with Storage, Disney Minnie Mouse - it features Minne pictures
  • Delta Children Jack & Jill Storage Table & Chair Set, Pink/White. This table and chair set was tested for lead and other toxic elements in order to meet or exceed ASTM and government safety standards
The VIVO Adjustable Kids Desk & Chair comes with adjustable frames that grow with every child, from elementary to high school. Its 1-inch stopper keeps hands safe when the desk is tilted. If you are in the market for a standing desk, we recommend the VIVO Standing Height Adjustable Desktop Stand with the many “standing benefits” including an increase in blood flow and reduced back pain.

VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk & Chair Set | Kids Interactive Work Station – Available in 3 Colors

Vivo is a U.S based company that builds diverse, unique products including height adjustable desks, network cables, computer monitor mount stands, sit desk mounts, and many others. It collaborates with other companies around the world to ensure the production of extremely functional products with very high quality.

The VIVO Adjustable Kids Desk & Chair (Selling for $197.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is an interactive desk and chair station that combines fun and safety for children of varying size and age. This desk and chair blends well with most kids’ room and study areas. The desk features a tilting surface that can be adjusted from 0 to 40 degrees and it is made of PP grade plastic. It also has an organized pull out drawer for storing stuff. There is, underneath the desk’s surface, a 1-inch stopper that prevents your child’s hands from being pinched when the desk is tilted.

Other features of this kids’ desk include:
  • The sturdy steel frame of the chair and desk confers durability on them
  • The chair and desk are also height adjustable, literally growing with your child
  • The chair is ergonomically designed for proper body positioning and comfortable sitting
  • It takes just a short time to assemble and set up this desk and chair
With a subtle white finish, the Pogo Desk confers a level of tranquillity to every room it occupies. Its storage bin features an ID Tag while the drawers have a patented T-Lock assembly. Do you want a desk with a larger storage bin and bigger work area? We recommend the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch.

Sauder Pogo Desk for Kids in a Soft White Finish

Ingenuity and determination are trademarks of this privately-owned and family-run company. It strives to leave its customers satisfied and has become a leader in manufacturing furniture for different categories of users, including kids.

The Sauder Pogo Desk for Kids in a Soft White Finish (Selling for $119.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a drawer with metal runners and a storage bin. It also features a solid wood knob, a pull-out drawer and comes in a beautiful color. All these give the child a more organized platform to do assignments.

Here are other kids’ desk from Sauder for your consideration:
  • Sauder Select Desk with an urban ash finish with moccasin accents
  • Sauder Beginnings Writing Desk in Soft White with one drawer with safety stops and metal glides
  • Sauder Beginnings Collection 42 in. Student Desk with Hutch in Cinnamon Cherry with a drawer that features metal runners and safety stops
  • Sauder Beginnings Writing Table - Cinnamon - 43.8 in. made of MDF/laminate wood
The Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk and Chair has a height adjustable chair and desk which accommodates young children through to high school. The desk is built with metal, steel, and laminate. If you prefer a desk which easily fits into a corner, we recommend the Pink Corner Computer Desk with Hutch from Flash Furniture.

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk and Chair with Black Pedestal Frame

Flash Furniture’s successful stints in the world of wood and metal work are credited to its ability to manufacture quality products at prices that are affordable to many. Despite the relative low prices of its products, they have continued to stand the test of time and exceed customers’ expectations. This company is also known to have an excellent customer care service that attends promptly to customer complaints and needs.

The Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk (Selling for $95.49 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) comes with black pedestal frames. These are kept from slipping by anti-slip floor glides. It also comes with a bag-hanging hook. This desk and chair set is a great combination for your classroom seating solution. Both chair and desk are height adjustable to accommodate elementary through high school students. The spacious desktop allows students ample space for books, paper and other items. The pedestal frames feature anti-slip floor glides that prevent it from slipping and also reduces noise. The pedestal frames also provide extra stability around rambunctious children

Flash Furniture has other kids’ desks you may want to see:
  • Flash Furniture 33" Round Adjustable Blue Plastic Activity Table Set with 2 School Stack Chairs. This table set comes with a plastic top with an underneath steel welding and height adjustable legs
  • Flash Furniture Adjustable Rectangular Blue Plastic Activity Table Set with 6 School Stack Chairs, 24 x 48. This table set is good for early childhood development
  • Flash Furniture 33" Round Adjustable Red Plastic Activity Table Set with 4 School Stack Chairs. This set has height adjustable legs

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Desk?

Raising a child is honestly not a day’s job. It’s a lifelong one. One of the most interesting things about it is the fact that it occurs in phases or stages, with each stage requiring something different for smooth sailing from the previous one. It’s in finding these ‘somethings’ that half of the stress lays.

One such thing is a kids’ desk. This little, pint-sized piece of furniture might just be what parents need to introduce their kids to concepts such as studying, homework and even organization. It’s a handy way for your child to transition from complete, total dependence to some level of independence. It’s an interesting means of teaching them responsibility as they are ‘owners’ of that space and should be accountable for whatever concerns it.

Seeing that something as seemingly trivial as a kids’ desk can have this much impact on a child’s early life, it’s important that care be taken when selecting the best one for your tots. We don’t want your kids suffering any discomfort when they’re sitting at their desks and writing in their journals or notebooks, neither do we want them to come to any harm (especially the kind that only shows up in the long run due to incorrect posture) when they’re studying, drawing or just doodling. So, this review is aimed at providing information that would guide you on how to find desks that wouldn’t lead to any of the above conditions.

When it comes to choosing the best kids’ desk for you, there are a lot of things to consider such as your kid’s age, size of the desk, material and some features such as storage. There are even desks with extra features such as bag hooks for your kid’s back pack, so it can be within his/her reach and conveniently out of your way. They also come in various colors and style so you wouldn’t have a problem getting one that complements other furniture in your child’s room such as their book rack, bed or dresser.
The number of greenbacks you’re willing to part with for a kids’ desk is basically up to you; but we’d like to think you’re not in the market for a cheap kids’ desk, especially if you’re looking for a desk that you can trust. They need to support your little ones while they’re doing their homework, learning new stuff, drawing or doing whatever catches their fancy. If that’s the case, then we’re on the same page. During our research, the least expensive desk we found that was of good quality was selling for about $32 and there were others that cost as much as $299.

There are several factors that combine to determine the price of a kids’ desk. Some of them include the materials it’s made of, the way it’s built, its features and the brand. Generally, the more basic a desk is, the lower its price; so when it comes to features, the more of those you find in a desk, the pricier it may be. If we’re talking about heavy wood, traditional-styled kids’ desks, well, we’re expecting a higher monetary value for such. Same applies for any well-designed desk whose entire manufacturing process, from drawing board to finish, was well thought-out. With this review, we intend to make this phase of your parenting journey an easier one which is why we’ve brought you only the best.
There are some things we advise you to look out for when choosing a desk for your kids. Since you’re taking the time to read this, it’s expected that when you do make that purchase, your kids should be thrilled and would love to do as much as possible with their desks. Therefore, we want the desks to be sturdy as we don’t want them getting hurt. We want the desk to be large enough to accommodate your kid’s school work and other stuff; we want it to be comfortable and easy to assemble too.

So, here’s a list of some other important features to watch out for in a kids’ desk:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Child’s age
  • Color
  • Extra safety features
Construction and Design
There are different materials that one can find a kids’ desk in, and different styles too. Depending on the material, some desks are heavier than others and if you’re going to be moving yours around a lot, we suggest you pay attention to the weight of a desk before you buy it. For some, this might not be a problem and for such people we have this advice: when placing your kids desk ensure that your kid has a say in it because he/she is the one who gets to use it so make sure it’s facing something they won’t be distracted by while they’re at their desks.

We have wooden desks that are reminiscent of an adult’s reading desk and might be a very cute way to introduce your kid to studying. Some of them are built to accommodate desktops, laptops, with space for passing cables that go with them and still leave sufficient room for open books. There are also desks made from metal that are adjustable so that your sweetheart doesn’t outgrow his/her study area so soon.

If you’re space-challenged, getting one of these desks to fit into your space shouldn’t stress you out as there are floating desks that transform an empty wall space or nook into a study area for your child. They’ve got drawers and shelves too, so your child can store his/her stationery and school work in an organized way that doesn’t take up space. You should also decide if you want a desk with or without a chair because not all desks come with chairs.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, there are desks that have tops that tilt forward to a given angle and they can come in handy if you’ve a got a little Picasso on your hands. He or she can draw and draft to his/her heart’s content and look professional while at it. A general recommendation for any desk you choose is to ensure it comes with a laminated surface that’s waterproof, protects the surface of the desk and gives lots of color options. If budget might pose a hindrance, you may consider plastic as this is generally quite easy to clean.

The age of your child will be an important factor to consider or else you might end up with a desk that’s either too small or too big (the latter wouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re willing to wait for them to grow into it before use. Using it before then might be uncomfortable for your kid and we don’t want that).

An important thing to note is that your kids shouldn’t have trouble operating the hardware in their desks. The drawers should glide smoothly, each component should be securely fitted, the desks should be generally sturdy and should be made in a way that prevents pinching when two parts come together.

Get the Best Kids Desk of 2023!

Great! You’ve read this review to its very end and we hope you’re a more informed kids’ desk shopper. If that is the case, you can now go on and make that purchase.

Our Top Choice
South Shore Smart Basics Small Desk
Best Value
Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin
VIVO Adjustable Kids Desk & Chair
Sauder Pogo Desk for Children
Flash Furniture Adjustable Student Desk