Best Kids Dresser Reviews 2022

Bedroom dressers are a great addition to your child’s room. Aside from giving more storage space for clothes and toys, the dressers also act as display boards for those assignments with A’s as well as masterpiece paintings and drawings. Therefore, choosing the right dresser that your child can use until young adulthood is a tough choice, which is why we have brought you products from some of the best dresser brands for kids that will give you the best value for your money.
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Our Top Choice
Stock Craft Avalon 6-Drawer Dresser
Storkcraft is known for manufacture, design and distribution of infant and teen furniture. The brand is committed to producing superior quality innovative furnishings with state-of-the-art technology.
Sturdy, spacious drawers; with metal slides, made with high quality composites and wood with a non-toxic finish – this universal dresser is perfect for your little one’s room.
Unfortunately, drawers don’t have safety stops pre-installed and dresser does not come assembled. Also the top is a single unit and lip cannot be removed once the baby grows up.
6 drawer dresser
17.5 x 50 x 40.5 in, 141 pounds
Wood, Cherry
Available in 5 colors
Euro glide drawers
Best Value
Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest
Sauder manufactures ready-to-assemble furniture with more than 40 flagship collections and offers an array of affordable furnishing styles for your home and office space.
The dresser is made of wood in white finish. The metal drawer runners come equipped with safety stops and solid wood knobs. There is an ID tag above the storage bin.
While the storage bin is very practical, it does not close.
3 drawer dresser
30.1 x 16.7 x 47 in, 17 pounds
Non-toxic finish, T-Lock assembly
Legare Kids Four Drawer Dresser
Legare designs and manufactures unique and easy-to-assemble home and small office furnishings. Their extensive furniture range offers maximum functionality.
The dresser can be assembled quickly. A strong tab and slot design allows easy locking of the panels, making the whole structure extremely sturdy.
The dresser does not include a mirror, which needs to be bought separately.
4 drawer dresser
18 x 36 x 32 in, 70 pounds
Available in 5 colors
Open top shelf for extra storage
Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser
Delta Children designs furniture with engineering innovations and safety aspects. Apart from a flagship collection of kids’ furniture and baby gear, they also partner with prestigious brands.
The dresser can accommodate a changing top, which may be bought separately. The construction is strong and sturdy with six spacious drawers. The whole unit is easy to assemble.
Back and side construction is not as sturdy as the front side. The drawers, although spacious, do not pull out all the way.
6 drawer dresser
51.8 x 22 x 14.2 in, 97 pounds
Available in 2 colors
Easy clean, smooth glide drawers
Step2 Hot Wheels™ Dresser
Step2 is a well-loved manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys and furnishing. It fosters development in kids through creative play.
The dresser features a spacious interior with a center shelf molded inside. The plastic dresser is durable with a realistic tool chest style.
The dresser does not give the same look as that of a wooden one. Also, it is suitable only for small and medium sized rooms.
2 drawer with molded centre shelf
31.5 x 16.2 x 31.6 in, 30 pounds
Hot wheel themed black & orange
Customizable decals included

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What is the Best Kids Dresser?

Babies have a lot of stuff! Your kid’s dresser should be versatile and spacious. Let’s continue looking at more pointers to help pick the ideal kid’s dresser.
Our Top Choice
Storkcraft’s Avalon 6-Drawer Dresser will grow with your child. High quality wood, sturdy and durable with a chic style that will add that extra zing to your child’s room! Go for the Storkcraft 5-Drawer Dresser if your kid is taller or if you’re looking for kid’s dressers using less space.

Stock Craft Avalon 6-Drawer Universal Dresser – Available in 5 Colors

Storkcraft is a trustworthy name when it comes to making reliable and safe furnishing products for infants and teens. For over 60 years, the company has been providing families with superior quality furniture. The Avalon 6-Drawer Dresser by Storkcraft gives you the space you need in the style you want.

This universal dresser is crafted from high quality wood and composites. The dresser is sturdy and durable with a steel hardware construction. The drawers are easy to open and close, thanks to the side-mounted Euro glide ball bearings. The dresser, available in multiple non-toxic and safe finishes, is convenient to assemble.

Some of the other noteworthy features include:
  • Easy to replace handles
  • Solid bottom covering the bottom drawers
  • Available in several colors of non-toxic finishes
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
The Avalon 6-Drawer Dresser can be paired with any Storkcraft crib and livens up the whole room.
Best Value
Designed with simple lines and traditional knob handles, the Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Streamlined Dresser will surely add a classic touch to your kid’s room. Looking for a 6-drawer classic style dresser? We recommend Sauder Shoal 6-Drawer Chest!

Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest with Storage Bin - Soft White Finish

Sauder Woodworking Co. specializes in ready-to-assemble furniture and manufactures residential and office space furniture. The product line is diverse and offers furnishings for bedroom, kitchen, storage, entertainment and office spaces. The Pogo 3-Drawer Dresser for kids is a sturdy and versatile piece of furniture by Sauder that will be a practical investment for your kid’s room furnishings.

The drawer is fitted with metal runners. The dresser itself is constructed of solid wood with a soft white finish, and the drawers feature the patented T-Lock assembly system. This rectangle chest comes with a storage bin with an ID tag above it to store pillows and light blankets.

Some of the other features include:
  • Easy to glide drawers
  • Drawer knobs made of solid wood
  • Different colors available
  • Easy to assemble
Sturdy construction, convenient to use and comfort of assembly—it does not get better than this!
The 4-drawer Frog Collection dresser by Legare provides style and practical usage in the same go. The dressers are available in multiple fun finishes. Looking for 4-drawer dresser in different color? Try the Racecar series by Legare.

Legare Kids Furniture 4-Drawer Dresser – Available in 3 Colors

Legare designs are quite popular because of their ready-to-assemble nature and innovative designs. The company manufactures home and small office space furnishings. The colorful and stylish 4-drawer dressers from the Frog Collection will surely complement any child’s bedroom décor.

The dresser comprises of 4 durable, white canvas drawers. The whole unit can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes without any tools. The panels have a non-toxic finish of double baked enamel. The strong slot design and locking tab are just some of the forward-thinking, user-friendly features in this fun dresser, and the innovative locking mechanism allows you to attach mirrors vertically or horizontally in a couple of minutes.

Some of the other salient features of the unit include:
  • Made from environmentally friendly durable engineered wood composite
  • Low VOC
  • Easy lock
Give your kid the task of assembling the unit and see how proud he is of himself!
The Haven Double Dresser by Delta Children is designed to outlast trends with its timeless style. Well built, durable and able to accommodate a changing top, it is an indispensible addition to your child’s room. Looking for a kids’ dresser with changing top included? Go for Delta Children’s Ava 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top!

Delta Children Haven Kids 6 Drawer Dresser – Available in White or Espresso Truffle

Founded in 1968, Delta Children is known for manufacturing classic styled furnishing. With revolutionary ideas in engineering and safety, the brand had carved a name for itself in the juvenile category with its kids’ and infants’ furniture and baby gear. It also partners with some of the world’s top prestigious brands such as Disney, Marvel and DreamWorks. The Haven Six Drawer Dresser from Delta Children offers plenty of storage in rich style and colors.

The spacious and sturdy, well-built drawers provide plenty of storage space for your kid’s growing wardrobe. The drawers are smooth sliding with safety tops to prevent them from falling down. The whole unit is easy to assemble and has a non-toxic finish that meets ASTM standards.

Available in White and Espresso Truffle, the chest is a beautiful and chic addition to your child’s room.
The Hot Wheels Race Car Dresser by Step2 is the perfect addition to your kid’s racecar-themed room. Peppy, fun and spacious, it will teach your kids to be better organized. Looking for a dresser in a Corvette design for your kid? We recommend Step2’s Corvette Dresser!

Step2 Hot Wheels™ Race Car Dresser

Step2 is a reputed American manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys and the largest plastic rotational molder. The company aims to foster learning and development via creative and imaginative play in your child. The product line from Step2 is quite innovative and engaging, and the builds imagination of your child. The Hot Wheels Race Car dresser gives a unique look to your young one’s room, apart from teaching him to organize his clothes, toys and other stuff.

The dresser is easy to assemble and features ample storage in attractive design. Despite having a plastic finish, the dresser is quite sturdy and durable with premium quality. The dresser can be decorated to the last details with real racing decals that come included in the package. The closet is a great addition to any Hot Wheels or racecar-themed bedroom or playroom.

The zingy color, peppy design and fun style make organizing fun for your kids.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Dresser?

Truth be told, keeping the house neat and tidy with kids around can be tricky owing to the fact that they love throwing everything everywhere every time. From rolling their clothes into a ball and aiming for the laundry basket, only to miss the target, to leaving piles of books on their study desk, kids sure know how to make a mess. Since they are still too little to justify their own walk in closets, it’s wise to get them a kid’s dresser that will help them neatly store their clothes.

A kid’s dresser is a great way to help your little ones stay organized seeing as it comes with drawers to store clothes in, while providing additional space on top. The flat top of the dresser can be used to display your little one’s art work or even that trophy they won in a spelling bee contest! The best kid’s dresser comes with knobs designed to fit tiny hands, allowing them to open and close the drawers with ease.

The amount of storage space matters since there needs to be adequate room for your little one’s action hero sheets, collection of pajamas, and the plethora of other adorable little clothes. The material used to make the dresser should be sturdy with a finish that’s not only colorful but also non-toxic. The space available in your kid’s room will dictate how big of a dresser you should purchase. Keep in mind that your little champ’s room is already filled with a teepee, an art table and a ton of other items!
The cost of getting your kid’s clothes organized doesn’t have to be too high. With between $90 and $420, you can acquire a quality dresser that comes with adequate space to store all of your kid’s stuff. The price varies depending on the number of drawers available as well as the finishing on the dresser. The high-end dressers allow you to have an innovative system that allows you to lock your mirrors into the top, transforming it into a vanity.

You will find cheap kid’s dressers in the market, but it’s advisable to shy away from such regardless of your tight budget. Cheap dressers are not built to last and you may find that they are coated with a toxic finish that’s not healthy for your little buddy. Another common malfunction of such cheap dressers is that the drawer knobs tend to fall off, making it difficult for your child to access their stuff.
When shopping for a kid’s dresser, here are some key features you should keep in mind:
  • Drawers - The number of drawers is important, due to this dictating the amount of storage space that you will have available. The way the drawer opens is also important, as it can have either knobs or handles.
  • Size -A dresser shouldn’t be so large that it eats up all the space in your kid’s room, nor should it be so small that it only holds a few items.
  • Material - The most common material used to make dressers is wood and composite; although you can also find metallic dressers.
  • Color - A dresser that is coated with a colorful finish is obviously more attractive to your little one, however, you should always ensure that the coating is non-toxic.
  • Convenience -Does the dresser wipe clean in case of a mess? Do the drawers glide open or do they fall apart easily? What other safety features does the dresser have?
Construction and Design
Kid’s dressers are designed accommodate your little one’s clothes and other items. For this reason, a dresser has drawers whose number varies depending on the manufacturer. The drawers may have knobs made of plastic, metal, or wood designed to fit into your kid’s little palm. You may find some drawers that have grip handles into which you insert you hand and pull, and the drawers may have rails to help open and close the drawer by just gliding it. Some dressers even have a lock which keeps your child’s stuff safe.

Dressers are made using wood, composite or metal. The most common material is treated wood which is known to be durable and can withstand various elements and the finishing on the dresser can be coated in non-toxic material to give it some appeal. The size of the drawer depends on the amount of space you have available in your home. Some dressers may have a mirror attached and a flat surface at the top to place your kid’s artwork, trophies, and other items.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most kid’s dressers require assembly which you can undertake with your little champ on a Saturday afternoon since a manual is included to guide you through the typically simple process. Using the dresser is not complicated but you need to teach your child how to open and close the drawers safely without hurting their fingers.

Maintenance of the dresser is pretty straight forward since most of them wipe clean using a cloth. In case the drawers fall off, you can check whether the rails are loose and fix them or get a professional to look at them. Ensure that your child does not use too much force when opening and closing the drawers since doing so can damage them.

Get the Best Kids Dresser of 2022!

Hopefully you found this review informative and are in the position to get the best kid’s dresser for your little buddy that will add pomp and color to their space. In case you haven’t spotted an ideal product yet, these expert brands have many more options that will help keep your kid’s room organized.

Our Top Choice
Stock Craft Avalon 6-Drawer Dresser
Best Value
Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest
Legare Kids Four Drawer Dresser
Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser
Step2 Hot Wheels™ Dresser