Best Kids Football Reviews 2022

If your kid has too much energy and likes sports, why not give them the opportunity to brush up on their football skills? The younger they start tossing the ball around, the more likely they are to have a lifelong love for the game. A high-quality kid-sized football can promote team building and an active lifestyle. Here are our top picks from some of the best kid football brands.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Under Armour 395 Official Gripskin Football
Under Armour makes attractive sports accessories and apparel items for boys and girls of all ages. Their products are aesthetically pleasing and designed with utmost care.
Available in four sizes. Soft grip. Ideal for kids aged six or older. Durable and lightweight. Uses UA GRIPSKIN technology. Composite cover. 1-ply foam backing.
Rarely, footballs have arrived deflated.
Four sizes available
Composite cover
6-8 years
12.8 ounces
Best Value
Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football
Franklin Sports sells a wide variety of sports accessories such as balls, apparel items, fan gear, indoor and outdoor sport accessories, practice equipment, and more.
Available in three colors. Waterproof rubber coating. Comes inflated. Excellent for indoors and outdoors. Recommended for age 9 – 11. Double tuck synthetic laces.
Isolated complaints regarding size. This football is designed for children aged nine to eleven, but Franklin Sports also sells smaller sizes.
Junior size
Three colors available
Synthetic leather cover
9-11 years
Not specified
Passback Sports Junior Passback Football
Passback Sports makes a variety of appealing, affordable sports accessories including basketballs, soccer goals, baseball bats, and footballs.
Great for training purposes or casual games. Durable and waterproof. Good for kids aged nine to thirteen.
Is loud when thrown against the wall
Junior size
Dark brown
Rubber cover
9-13 years
8 ounces
Nike Vapor 24/7 Comp Football
Nike is one of the most popular sports manufacturers worldwide, selling durable sport equipment, accessories, and apparel items at reasonable prices.
Designed for kids aged six to seven. Excellent for training or casual gaming. TPU bladder for better shape retention.
Only available in brown.
Pee Wee size
Synthetic leather cover
6-7 years
16 ounces
Wilson Official NFL MVP Football
Wilson is a renowned manufacturer of fan gear, sports equipment, and accessories. Their products are made from durable materials and can be used in professional games.
Available in three sizes. Synthetic leather cover for better grip. Three-ply bladder improves shape retention. Arrives inflated.
Ball may eventually deflate, but can be refilled.
Three sizes available
Synthetic leather cover
9-14 years
14.1 ounces

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What is the Best Kids Football?

It is not hard to pick a good-quality football for your son or daughter, you just have to know their color and design preferences and buy a ball for their age range. Let's take a look at a couple of genuinely entertaining footballs that should give you a better idea what to order.
Our Top Choice
The 395 Football from Under Armour is available in four sizes and features the famous GRIPSKIN technology, which improves grip and handling. Looking for football with two-ply foam? The Under Armour 495 Football has GRABTACK technology for optimal grip when wet or dry.

Under Armour 395 Official Gripskin Composite Football – Available in 4 Sizes

We seriously think that Under Armour doesn’t need any introduction, as a leading manufacturer of sports equipment, backpacks, apparel, accessories, and more. This brand is known for continuously innovating products and creating fashionable athletic wear, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and even underwear for men, women, and kids.

Under Armour also creates stunning footballs like the Under Armour 395 Football, available in four sizes – Junior, Youth, Official, and Pee Wee. In this review, we are going to focus on the Junior model and explore its benefits.

This ball has a one-ply foam backing and composite cover for a soft surface and enhanced grip. The football is available in two styles, Black Lace or Black Stripe, and can be used for training or for fun. Ideal for kids aged 6 or older, the ball arrives inflated so you can play catch with your kid right away.
Best Value
The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football is available in three color options and is ideal for kids aged nine to eleven. If your kid is below this football’s recommended age range, we recommend the Franklin Sports Grip-Tech Mini Football which is suitable for smaller hands.

Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Size Football for Ages 9 – 11 – Available in 3 Colors

Franklin Sports is a well-known and highly appreciated sports brand that strives to create long-lasting products at affordable prices. If you are into sports, Franklin Sports definitely has some gear or accessories you can use, including balls, gloves, goals, indoor sports accessories, and fan gear.

We like the Grip-Rite Junior Football from Franklin Sports because it is specially designed for children aged between nine and eleven. This football is available in three colors – Black/Neon, Brown, or Red/White/Blue. We highly recommend asking your child about their color preferences to raise their excitement before buying!

This football is engineered with precision stitches and synthetic laces. Its surface is pebble-like for improved grip when your child plays catch with their friends in the yard or the pool. Thanks to this football’s waterproof rubber coating, it won’t deteriorate in the water, even at the beach!
The Junior Composite Passback Football from Passback Sports is specially designed for training kids aged nine to thirteen. If your kid is fourteen years older, check out the Passback Sports Pro Football which is equally fun and well-engineered.

Passback Sports Junior Composite Passback Football for Ages 9-13

Passback Sports is the go-to brand if you are passionate about baseball, basketball, or soccer. They design affordable products used by athletes of all ages for both training purposes and fun.

The Passback Sports Junior Composite Passback Football is designed for kids aged between nine and thirteen and can be used for practice or casual games. The beauty of this ball is that it allows you to train on your own in the comfort of your backyard. When you throw it against the wall, it will spiral back to you so you can improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

When it comes to construction, this ball is made from composite materials that make it waterproof, durable, and easy to use. At just eight inches in length, this football is ideal for young adolescents who want to brush up on their skills.
Nike’s Vapor 24/7 Comp Football has a tacky synthetic-leather cover for better grip and a TPU bladder for improved shape retention. If you need a full-size football to use in professional games, we recommend Nike’s All-Field Official Size Synthetic Leather Football.

Nike Vapor 24/7 Comp Football Peewee – Made from Rubber, Synthetic Leather and Polyester

Nike is one of the most popular manufacturers of sports equipment and accessories. They sell sports shoes, socks, trousers, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and caps for athletic women, men, and children. Nike also sells a range of sports accessories such as backpacks, balls, and more.

If your kid loves football, we recommend Nike’s Vapor 24/7 Comp Football, made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. It comes in the Pee Wee size, which makes it ideal for kids aged six or seven. This ball has an extended lace system for maximum control and a synthetic leather cover for a better grip.

We also like that this ball comes with a TPU bladder to ensure shape retention and makes this ball ideal for both training purposes and casual games. It can be used both indoors and outdoors – although, if you don’t want to end up with smashed lamps, we recommend using it outdoors – and, thanks to its waterproof rubber material, is virtually weatherproof.
Wilson’s NFL MVP Football is available in three sizes and features a synthetic cover for better grip and an excellent playing experience. If you want a football in the Official size, suitable for kids over fourteen, we recommend the Wilson NFL Super Grip Football.

Wilson Official NFL MVP Football (Ages 9-14) – Available in 3 Sizes & 4 Pack Sizes

You’ve probably heard of Wilson for their basketballs and baseball gloves, but this brand also sells high-quality footballs in different colors and sizes at affordable prices. Wilson is globally renowned for being one of the most trusted sports equipment suppliers. So, whether you are into basketball, baseball, NFL, or NHL, Wilson will definitely provide you with the right gear.

The Wilson NFL MVP Football is available in three sizes – Junior, Official, and Pee Wee. in this review, we focus on the "kids size" version, which is the Junior football. If your kid is between ages nine and fourteen, then this football is the right fit for them. The football itself has a synthetic cover to improve grip and make it easier to toss the ball around in training or for fun.

The deep texture and pebble-like surface of this ball makes it easy for adolescents to grab and throw. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find out that this ball has a three-ply bladder to ensure better moisture control and shape retention.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Football?

Football is regarded as an American pastime and has accrued millions of fans worldwide. It is a big business for those who take it seriously at the professional level, as well as a wonderful way to improve your cardiovascular fitness or have fun with friends.

How can you encourage your kid to take an interest in football? Well, you can start by buying a ball designed to fit in their hands. Kid footballs are inexpensive and will help build your kid’s confidence as they learn the ropes of this exciting sport. These footballs are available in several sizes and tend to be more compact than a regular football; some footballs are small enough for four-year-old hands.

As you probably already know, ball games help little kids spend more time outdoors, breathe fresh air, and improve their mobility and reflexes. This guide will help you pick a good football for your kid, but, if for some reason they aren’t keen on the sport, you can always try basketball, dodgeball, or kickball instead. These sports accessories are ideal for little kids with lots of energy, no matter their gender.

Keep reading to learn how to pick the best football for your kid. We strive to bring you up to date with the latest technologies and benefits kid footballs have to offer.
The actual price of a kids football depends on various factors, including size, material, and the brand. Obviously, more prestigious brands might charge a little bit more than regular brands for their products, but they offer the assurance of a top-notch ball.

To give you numbers, most kids-sized footballs are priced between 10 and 30 dollars. There are also multiple cheap kids footballs out there, usually priced below 10 bucks, but they tend to be lower quality and may get easily damaged or deflate quickly. If you don’t want to have kids crying in the middle of the game, go for a higher-quality ball made by a reputable manufacturer.
Here are the most important details to take into account when buying a kids football:
  • Size -- As mentioned earlier, Junior, Youth, and Pee Wee sizes are smaller than Official sized footballs and are each recommended for a specific age group.
  • Material -- Some balls feature a synthetic leather cover, while others have a composite cover.
  • Color -- Most balls are a classic brown, but you can also find footballs with exciting colors and details.
These are the basics, but you should keep an eye on a few other aspects as well. For example, during our research we discovered that some footballs may arrive deflated. Don’t worry if this happens, your football can easily be inflated with a bike or ball pump.
Construction and Design
To ensure that you are choosing the right kids football, always double check the specified age range of the ball you are planning to buy. For example, if your kid is nine-years-old, then a junior football is suitable.

When it comes to construction and materials, most kids footballs are designed to be waterproof and feature a composite or synthetic leather cover. This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use and improves the grip. Balls made by reputable manufacturers have a pebble-like surface, so they are easier to grab and pass around.

Another important aspect of a football is the air bladder. This is basically a small box that takes in and holds air. It can be made from different materials, but its main job is to ensure shape retention over time so that the ball doesn’t get deformed or damaged. Air bladders also ensure better moisture control.
Performance and Ease of Use
The beauty of a high-quality kids football is that it can be used virtually anywhere – your backyard, on the streets, at the beach, at the gym, or even in your living room (although you should probably discourage that behavior if you don’t want to break your new TV).

These balls can also be used for training purposes or just for fun among friends. If you’re still not sold, talk to your kid and see how they feel. A kids football is a great excuse for some outdoor fun and recreation! Test it out yourself at your next barbecue or outdoor birthday party.

Get the Best Kids Football of 2022!

As you can see, kids' footballs are not expensive and are available in an assortment of sizes and designs. Kid footballs promote outdoor recreation and offer memorable bonding experiences. These are only 5 of the best kids footballs out there, designed by prestigious manufacturers to offer the best early football experiences available.

Our Top Choice
Under Armour 395 Official Gripskin Football
Best Value
Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football
Passback Sports Junior Passback Football
Nike Vapor 24/7 Comp Football
Wilson Official NFL MVP Football