Best Kid’s Halloween Costume Reviews 2019

Encourage your child’s imaginations with their favorite costumes this Halloween. The best kid’s Halloween costumes are easy to put on and comfortable even for a long night of trick-or-treating. We've looked at five of the best Kids Halloween Costumes brands that also specialize in costumes for the whole family so you can find just about any costumes you're looking for. These five costumes are just the beginning. Check out these great brands for a wide selection of boy and girl costumes in a range of themes and sizes. For toddler and baby costumes, check out our review on infant Halloween costumes or join in on the fun with our reviews on men's and women's Halloween costumes.
Size Range
Wash Method
Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Kids – Fire Breathing Dragon & Many More
California Costumes creates some of the best high quality costumes available, like this ferocious dragon costume.
One-piece jumpsuit. Easy Velcro closure. Comfortable.
Has to be removed for bathroom visits.
Dragon Hood
Shoe Covers
3 to 6 Years Old
Hand Wash
Best Value
Rubie's Kid’s Halloween Costumes - Supergirl (Many Other Girls and Boy's Costumes)
Rubie's specializes in pop culture costumes and holiday outfits. This darling Supergirl costume features a fun design and bright pink coloring.
100% polyester. Brightly colored. Included pink cape and boot tops.
May not last as long as more expensive costumes.
Boot Tops, Belt & Cape
Toddler, Kids Small and Medium
Hand Wash
Dress Up America Halloween Costumes for Children – Police (And Other Costumes)
Dress Up America creates high end, often "fancy" style costumes and themed outfits like this dashing children's police costume.
Authentic look. Full costume including Velcro police hat. Machine washable and flame retardant. Elastic waist pants. Great for role playing and pretend all year long.
Shirt snaps have pointed edge; may fall off over time.
Police Hat
Snap Seal Bag
T2, T4, 4 to 18 Years Old
Machine Wash
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Kids – Hooded Huntress (+ Tons More Costumes)
Incharacter specializes in detail-oriented costumes for a more immersive experience, like you'll have with this Hooded Huntress costume.
Stylish lace-up tunic. Hooded cape. Belt featuring delicately-crafted design.
Pictured bow is not included.
Hooded Cape
Gauntlets & Printed Belt
6 to 16 Years Old
Machine Wash
So Sydney Quick and Easy Costumes - Minnie Mouse, Plus Many More
So Sydney is not only a home for a variety of colorful costumes for your entire family, but they specialize in simple, affordable options.
Adorable outfits. Affordable. Takes you a few minutes to get dressed. Various headbands, ears, tails, and tutus available. Kids, teen, adult and plus sizes.
Some reports that the polka dots on the Minnie outfit may stick together and peel off when you unwrap.
Minnie Mouse
Ear Headband, Tutu
Tulle, Satin
Kid, Adult, Plus Size
Hand wash

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How Do I Choose the Best Kid’s Halloween Costume?

As a kid, there are few festivities that get you amped-up; sure, birthdays are as good as Christmas, but nothing beats the joy that comes with a Halloween festival. Halloween celebrations are fun times for kids. They can dress up in funny costumes, eat yummy treats, and enjoy parties. It is the one night that they can be mischievous, precarious and any other “ous” word that makes being a kid so much fun. No questions asked, and yes, tricks are encouraged too! What sums up all the fun is the fact that children get to amass buckets full of candy, and they get to do so camouflaged as someone or something else. This could be a favorite TV/movie character, a cute and gushy critter, or even a worker from their dream profession.

So, how do you as a parent make sure your kid has the best Halloween ever? The answer is by getting them a great Halloween costume. Kids’ Halloween costumes have evolved a lot since the era of the plastic-suit-and-mask in the eighties. Many manufacturers are now using softer fabrics, non-scratchy trims or embellishments, and reinforced seams for rougher playing. All your children’s favorite characters are represented in these costumes, from the scary to the funny, from the timeless to the trendy. There are the Minions costumes for girls and boys, Disney descendants’ costumes, Monster High costumes, and Evergreen choices like pirates, princesses, and superheroes among others. Simple pair these costumes with a cosplay wig or any other accessories and your child will be ready to experience lots of fun this Halloween season.

And, since no family member should be left behind, we have included both infant Halloween costumes and couples Halloween costumes reviews so that mummy, daddy and baby can join in the fun.

But, how do you choose the best Halloween costume for your child? Well, we would say go for something that is comfortable and adorable; one that both you and your child are wild about. Remember your child’s costume will forever be in family memories, videos, photos, and stories, so take your time and choose a very memorable costume. Also, it doesn’t kill to ask for ideas from the kids themselves. You will be surprised at how many ideas these little ones have about what they would like to wear!

Let’s discuss in detail the factors to consider when buying a kid’s Halloween costume before jumping straight to our picks.
A good quality kids Halloween costume will cost you something between $20 and $35. But, there are parents who are willing to pay way more than this to get a high-end custom-made costume. Custom-made costumes cost a lot because of the time it takes to make them. These costumes are made of high quality materials and will last your child for a very long time. Cheap kids Halloween costumes made of thin polyester will only last for a couple of years, if that long. So would you rather spend more to get a great, quality costume that can also be passed down or go for something very cheap.
For your little one to enjoy his/her Halloween, he/she must love the costume you get them. Here are some ideas to help in your selection:
  • What’s Trending – Each year, there are a handful of very popular kids’ costumes. They always revolve around what is trending in the world of kids’ TV shows and movies. Classic Halloween-themed costumes such as monsters and witches are always in style. Also, classic storybook characters, animal, and heroes costumes are forever big hits.
  • Comfort –Your kids will not enjoy themselves if they are uncomfortable. A scratchy, stiff, poorly-made costume can ruin your child’s entire day. So, look for something soft, with roomy cuts, finished seams and edges, and quality fabrics. Confirm sizing information carefully and make sure it will fit your kid perfectly! Sizing can be a bit tricky with Halloween costumes; it’s always advisable to go bigger. You never know; maybe you’ll need to put additional layers under the costume to cater for those cold trick-or-treating nights. Also, most of these costumes tend to run small!
  • Easy to Put on/off – Wrestling your kid in and out of a complex costume will spoil the merry for both of you. Consider costumes with snaps, long zippers, or detailed one-piece jumpsuits that look elaborate.
  • Consider the Weather- If you are in a cold area, consider costumes that offer warmth, such as bubble-suits, animal jumpsuits, or buntings for kids, designed for easy layering. Consider adding an elegant cape to that lovely princess costume instead of throwing in an everyday parka.
Construction and Design
Kids Halloween costumes lets your child’s individual personality come out, with a huge selection of designs and characters. Girls can dress up as their favorite Disney queen, princess, butterfly princesses, or as light-up fairy. Boys can go for superheroes and other popular characters. But, do not forget that accessories such as masks, gloves, warrior shield, shoes, pails, and wands are just as crucial as the costume! For instance, can you imagine a pirate without a sword, a cop with handcuffs, or a powerful superhero without his cape?

Other accessories to consider include:
  • Wigs – By adding a wig to your child’s Halloween costume, you are able to complete his/her desired look. There is a wide selection of kids’ wigs in different colors and designs- white, black, long, short, neon, you just name it.
  • Fake Mustaches and Beards –Your child will steal the party if you included a fake beards and mustaches in his/her Halloween costume. You can also include whiskers, ranging from curly to straight and brunet to blonde.
  • Halloween Hats – For boys, a perfect Halloween hat will complete most of the costumes. A pirate’s costume, for instance, cannot be whole without a pirate hat with crossbones and skulls. A showgirl costume cannot be complete without an over-the-top feather headpiece.
  • Toy Weapons and Armor – Some Halloween costumes are never complete without lethal toy weapons or armor such as shields, plastic swords, and toy guns. Of course, it is important not to use real guns or any sharp blades.
Performance and Ease of Use
Kids Halloween costumes come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, so you are sure to get something that suits your child’s preferences. Also, note that there are costumes designed for one-time use and others that your child can wear to other events such as church presentations and even to future Halloween events. Again, choose according to you and your child’s preference. Some manufacturers even offer an array of fabrics that you can buy and create your kid’s costume from. This will solve issues with size and also give you an opportunity to do some mix and matching.

When choosing a Halloween costume for your child, consider whether you will want to wash it or if your child will only use it once. If it’s for one-time use, you can go with a less costly and light fabric. But, if your child will need it for future seasons, go for fabrics that are machine-washable and those that don’t shrink or fade.

What is the Best Kid’s Halloween Costume?

Every child is different, and that's why the brands we're featuring offer a huge variety of boys and girls costumes, from super heroes and princesses to little police officers and ferocious animals. We compared the prices of these costumes against the quality of material and design so you can make the best purchase possible. We've also chosen costumes with available sizes ranging from toddler to teen so you can find the perfect fit. No matter what you're looking for, these expert brands have a bunch of options for you to choose from.
Our Top Choice
The California Costumes Fire Breathing Dragon costume is bound to light a fire of excitement for any child, featuring easy Velcro closure and comfy polyester. Or let your child indulge in other fun fantasies with costumes like the California Costumes super Stealth Ninja Costume.
California Costumes Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Costume – Available in Children's Sizes 3-4 & 4-6

California Costumes Kid’s Halloween Costumes 105

California Costumes has a passionate team of designers and costume makers. They're always improving on past costumes and incorporating the latest styles into their new costumes. You'll find a wide variety of high quality costumes for the whole family at California Costumes.

This fire breathing dragon costume is as fun as it gets, turning children into the mythical beast they've always wanted to be. Most children will find any excuse to wear this fun dragon costume, so it's a good thing it's made with high quality, durable fabric.

For many more options, check out more of California Costumes' selection, including:
  • Dragon Rider
  • Little Mermaid
  • Police Officer
  • Headless Horseman
  • "Jokes on You" Jester
  • Gorilla
  • Zombie Girl
  • Grim Reaper
  • Gladiator
  • Butterfly Princess
Best Value
Bring out the Supergirl this Halloween with this dazzling costume featuring bright pink boot tops, belt and cape. Looking for something different? Rubie's has tons more where that came from, like the Harry Potter Deluxe Robes Costume.
Rubie's Pink Supergirl Kid's Costume with Belt, Cape and Boot Tops –Toddler, Girl's Small and Medium

Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Kids 882751

Rubie's is a passionate family-operated business with more than 65 years in the costume industry. They're always creating new and exciting themed costumes for special occasions like New Years and St. Pattie's day. On top of that, Rubie's does its best to stay ahead of the latest pop culture trends to provide families with the latest characters to wear for Halloween.

This charming little Supergirl outfit is bound to make any young girl into the bell of the ball (but with a super-hero twist). The brightly colored pink outfit includes super hero boot tops, belt and cape for the whole package.

And there's plenty more where that came from. Here's just a few examples of what Rubie's has to offer:
  • Harley Quinn
  • Willy Wonka (or one of his Oompa Loompas
  • Darth Vader
  • Poison Ivy
  • Chuck from Angry Birds
  • Ghostbuster
  • Ash from Pokémon
  • Harry Potter
  • Batman
  • Black Panther
  • Luke Skywalker
Get your child ready for a fun-filled future with this adorable police costume featuring authentic looking patches and Velcro hat. More adventurous or rambunctious children may prefer the Deluxe S.W.A.T costume instead.
Dress Up America Deluxe Police Dress Up Kid’s Costume Set – 2T, 4T and Children Sizes

Dress Up America Kids Halloween Costumes 201

Dress Up America is passionate about creating the highest quality costumes to "dress up" in. They specialize in realistic and fancy styles, but they don't turn away a fun outfits either. Even with their sillier costumes, Dress Up America makes sure to prioritize quality and accuracy whenever possible.

This police officer is a great example of their fancy-meets-fun style. The costume features a one-size-fits-all Velcro police hat and elastic waist pants for comfort without sacrificing the authentic look. The outstanding quality lead to this costume winning the preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine and the National Parenting Center 2006 Seal of Approval Award.

Let's see some of the fancy and silly options you can find at Dress Up America:
  • Farmer
  • Doctor
  • Royal Prince
  • Mail Man
  • Fire Fighter
  • Bumble Bee
  • Victorian Boy
  • Peter Pan
The Incharacter Hooded Huntress Costume instantly turns any girl into a powerful hunter, featuring a hooded cape and a belt with printed on designs. Looking for something a little more elegant? Check out InCharacter's Queen of Hearts costume.
InCharacter Costumes Tween Kids Hooded Huntress Costume with Shoulder Strap & Gauntlets

InCharacter Kid’s Halloween Costumes 18047

InCharacter has a huge selection that comes with their many years in the business, but they're still a mom and pop shop at heart. They care about each costume's quality and fun-factor so that everyone can enjoy becoming their favorite characters.

This hooded huntress costume has a powerful look and comes in a wide range of sizes for children and tweens. The intricately designed print on the belt brings together the costume which features a stylish laced tunic and hooded cape.

Here are some more of the characters kids and tweens can transform into with InCharacter:
  • Werewolf
  • Midnight Huntress
  • Mysterious Mermaid
  • Loyal Knight
  • Tween Wolf
  • Gothic Vampire
  • Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
  • Pirate
  • Robin Hood
So Sydney Minnie Red & White Polka Dot Kid’s Halloween Costume features 3 layered tulle tutu skirt and black character Minnie mouse ears decorated with red and white polka dot ribbon. Want a superhero or princess themed costume? Check this So Sydney 4 Pack Cape & Mask Sets Kids Halloween Costumes.
So Sydney Kids Teen Adult Plus Easy Halloween Costume – Wide Variety of Headbands, Ears, Tails, and Tutus Available

So Sydney Kid’s Halloween Costume Minnie Red & White Polka Dot

Sometimes, the perfect Halloween costume doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. In fact, you may not need a full change of clothes for you or your kid to get that spooky look. So, the million dollar question is how to have fun and celebrate this Halloween without going through the stress of getting all dressed up – and spending a ton of money. The good news is So Sydney has you covered with their two and three-piece quick and easy to wear costumes.

For instance, the So Sydney Kids’ Minnie Halloween Costume comes with a three-layered tulle tutu skirt, ears headband with a matching ribbon. This simple Disney inspired outfit is available in a wide variety of sizes. Not in to Minnie Mouse? So Sydney offers a wide range of two and three piece animal characters to choose from such as giraffe, rabbit, mouse, and lion – also available in both adult and kids’ sizes. This gives you a unique opportunity to create memorable moments without breaking the bank for a costume you will only use once a year (or worse yet, only once ever).

Imagine your family wearing the lion themed version of this costume! What would you look like? A pride of lions! So say Hakuna Matata to finding a great DIY costume this year.

You may also consider the following So Sydney costumes as worthy alternatives:
  • So Sydney Two Piece Zebra Ear and Tail Halloween Costume
  • So Sydney Two Piece Wolf Or Fox Ear and Tail Halloween Costume
  • So Sydney Two Piece Elephant Ear and Tail Halloween Costume
  • So Sydney Two Piece Tiger Ear and Tail Halloween Costume

Get the Best Kid’s Halloween Costume of 2019!

The first consideration for picking the best kids Halloween costume is, of course, your child's interests. If you don't see an option that fits your child's personality, make sure you see what other great children’s Halloween costumes the brands may offer. Beyond characters, consider safety, quality of material and durability, if you want to use your new costume more than once. Check out user reviews for the best info on how well each costume fits and handles rough conditions.

Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Kids – Fire Breathing Dragon & Many More
Best Value
Rubie's Kid’s Halloween Costumes - Supergirl (Many Other Girls and Boy's Costumes)
Dress Up America Halloween Costumes for Children – Police (And Other Costumes)
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Kids – Hooded Huntress (+ Tons More Costumes)
So Sydney Quick and Easy Costumes - Minnie Mouse, Plus Many More