Best Kids' Karaoke Machine Reviews 2022

Kids’ karaoke machines help keeping kids and families entertained. With many brands, features and types on the market, choosing the best kids’ karaoke machine can be a quite difficult. We have researched five top kids’ karaoke machine brands, showcasing a karaoke system from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Size/ Weight
Our Top Choice
Karaoke Night Kids’ Karaoke System
Karaoke Night develops high-quality entertainment products such as karaoke machines for the whole family and the global market.
LED show. Portable and compact. Excellent sound quality. 2 Microphone jacks. Independently controllable volume.
Since the monitor is in black and white, kids might not find it exciting.
All-in-one machine with lights
5.5-inch black/white monitor
Echo, balance, master volume
11 x 13 x 20 in, 21 pounds
One included, 2 mic jacks
Best Value
Kidzlane Bluetooth Karaoke Machine MP3 Player
Kidzlane designs safe, educational, age-appropriate, fun and affordable kids’ toys to entertain the whole family.
Super affordable. Comes with independent volume control for each mic. Lightweight. Bestseller. 2 power options.
It doesn’t come with a CD player.
Bluetooth-enabled machine
LED display
On/off mic, volume control
11 x 10 x 3.4 in, 1.6 pounds
Two built-in microphones
Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine
Singing Machine focuses on bringing people and families together by creating joy through music.
Large screen for easy reading of lyrics. It’s lightweight and portable. Disco LED lights. Built-in Speaker.
This machine comes with just one microphone, and is priced on the higher end.
All-in-one machine with lights
7-inch color LCD screen
Master volume control & echo
10 x 11 x 16 in, 10.3 pounds
One included, 2 mic jacks
Sakar Hello Kitty CD+G Karaoke Machine
Sakar International brings cutting-edge electronics and consumer products to the global market. It licenses many entertainment brands, including Monster High, Dora and the Explorer.
Reasonably priced. Built-in radio. Incorporated flashing lights. Dual microphone input.
Some users reported issues with the microphone failing to work. It also has no display.
CD+G machine with lights
No display, connects to TV
Enhanced vocal echo effects
10 x 10 x 12 in, 2.9 pounds
Two included, 2 mic jacks
KOMVOX Microphone Wireless Karaoke Speaker
KOMVOX manufactures quality, durable entertainment systems for both kids and adults.
This kids’ karaoke system is affordable, portable and hand-held. It’s versatile and available in four color variations. It’s also easy to set up and use.
This karaoke system isn’t ideal for more than one performer, as it’s designed for just a single user.
Microphone-style machine
No display, connects to TV
Echo sound effects
10.2 x 3.1 x 3.1 in, 0.4 pounds
One multi-purpose microphone

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What is the Best Kids' Karaoke Machine?

Choose kids’ karaoke systems with song players, microphones, speakers and top audio quality. The best kids’ karaoke machines make singers sound great even if they sing off pitch. Find out if one of our recommended kids’ karaoke machines is what you want.
Our Top Choice
The Karaoke Night Kids’ Karaoke System features a 5.5-inch monitor, and a CD+G demo disc with hit songs. It allows new songs to be added to the built-in library. If you want a more cost-effective kids’ karaoke machine in a different design and without a monitor, opt for the Karaoke Night KN200 Karaoke System. It comes with two speakers and an LED light show for increased excitement.

Karaoke Night KN355 CD+G Karaoke System with LED Light Show & 5.5” Monitor, 2 Mic Input Jacks

Karaoke Night is a subsidy brand of Spectra Merchandising International and Marino Andriani LLC. The company has the resources and expertise needed to design and develop high-end entertainment products. Karaoke Night focuses on manufacturing karaoke products for entertaining the whole family. It has a number of great kids’ karaoke machines to suit different tastes and preferences.

The Karaoke Night KN355 Kids’ Karaoke System features a top load compact disc player that can play CD-R, CD+G, CD and CD-RW discs. It has an LED light show to enhance and excite your kid’s performance. The light comes with an on/off switch to activate the lights when the machine is in use, or turn them off when your kid’s show ends. The machine also features a monitor in black and white that displays lyrics while your child sings.

Here are other great features of this karaoke machine:
  • A/V outputs to connect the machine to a TV screen for displaying song lyrics
  • External power adapter for AC operation
  • 3.5mm Aux In jack to connect to external audio devices with headphones
  • 4-inch wide-range speaker (5W RMS)
  • Balance, echo, separate volumes for mic 1 and 2, AV controls and master volume
  • Microphone holders for convenience
  • Digital key control to let your child sing at a comfortable pitch
  • Two 6.3mm microphone input jacks to allow the two mics to be used at the same time
  • One of the two mics is highly sensitive and has a 10-foot cord
With a dimension of 11 x 13 x 20 inches and 21-pound weight, this karaoke machine is portable for use on the go. What’s more, you don’t have to buy two machines because if you have two kids, they can share.
Best Value
The Kidzlane MP3 Music Player allows your kids to sing along to their favorite songs. It has a large amount of built-in music storage. Do you prefer a kid-friendly karaoke machine in a modern design? Get the Kidzlane Kids’ Portable Sing Along Player, in similar colors to our featured karaoke machine. It comes with an LED screen to display the track being played, and has an anti-skip protection feature.

Kidzlane Kids' Karaoke Machine MP3 Music Player with Built-in Music Storage & 2 Mics

Kidzlane designs products aimed at ensuring that children have fun every time they play. It uses kid-friendly materials to make durable toys that support active lifestyles. The company designs products to suit specific age groups, because what might excite toddlers might not be as good to teenagers. The toys help kids develop motor skills and proper eye-hand coordination.

The Kidzlane Karaoke Machine MP3 Music Player is what you need to create a little star in your child. It comes with built-in music storage in the form of a 512mb SD card, which can store about one hundred songs. Your child will be able to replay favorite songs, or even load songs from USB, Bluetooth, FM radio or AUX plug in media sources.

The karaoke machine also has independent volume controls for each of the two microphones it comes with. The MP3 player allows songs to be played from MP3s. The karaoke machine has two power options: it comes with a 5V USB cable for AC use, and four AA batteries you have to buy separately. This means your kids can use their karaoke machine on the go, during camping or an outside party.

This kids’ karaoke machine has a dimension of 11 x 10 x 3.4 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds, making it portable.
The Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine features a seven-inch color LCD screen to allow your kids to read song lyrics while singing. It can easily stream songs from an external Bluetooth device. Are you working on a tight budget, but need a good karaoke machine for your kids? Try the Singing Machine Tabeoke Karaoke Machine with microphone echo and balance controls. Although it has no display, the machine is a performer and features powerful built-in speakers.

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with a 7” LCD Screen, Disco Lights and 2 Microphone Jacks

Singing Machine designs attractive and innovative products in modern designs to suit the lifestyles of those who love singing. The company designs and manufactures youth electronics, karaoke systems for end-users and related accessories under various brands. Singing Machine targets various markets across the globe, such as Europe, North America, Australia, and South and Central America.

The Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine features disco lights, a colored seven-inch monitor, and a CD, MP3 and USB music player. The MP3+G feeds songs from external media through the USB port, while the CD/CD+G player plays music from CDs and CD+G discs. With a dimension of 10 x 11 x 16 inches and weight of 10.3 pounds, this kids’ karaoke machine is lightweight and portable for use on the go.

Here are other features of this Singing Machine kids’ karaoke machine to look at:
  • RCA output jack for connection to your TV screen to read song lyrics
  • Aux in jack to connect to compatible audio devices for playing songs
  • Auto voice and echo control to tailor or adjust your microphone accordingly for special effects
  • Built-in speakers for elevated sound levels
  • Integrated speaker handles for convenience
  • Disco LED lights for more fun and excitement
  • Five bonus downloaded songs and a demo disc to get the party started
  • Master volume control of the microphone(s) in use
  • AC adapter and a free mobile karaoke iOS app by Singing Machine
  • Record function to allow your child to record songs
  • Two microphone jacks for use, with an additional microphone to be bought separately
With this karaoke machine, kids have everything they need to get the party or disco started, as it comes ready to use.
The Sakar Hello Kitty CD+G Karaoke Machine is compatible with TV sets, to enable display or reading of lyrics of the song being played. Your daughter not a Hello Kitty fan? She may love the Princess Flashing Disco Ball Karaoke. Sakar also has many other options as well, for both boys and girls.

Sakar Hello Kitty CD+G Karaoke Machine with Flashing Lights – Dual Mic Input, Other Styles and Characters Available

Sakar International, Inc. has a strong history of technological innovations. It brings many cutting-edge products to the global market, including digital cameras, tablets, audio devices and, of course, karaoke machines. Sakar is legally licensed to distribute products for over 40 corporate and entertainment brands, which makes it a great choice for a singing machine geared for children.

The Sakar Hello Kitty CD+G Karaoke Machine is compatible for TV connections. The LED light show is ultra-cool, and flashes create more excitement during performance. Since it supports both AC and DC use, you can use it in places with no electricity, such as campsites. With the built-in radio, you can tune to your favorite music channel for great songs and lots of family fun. The vocal echo effects improve musical sound.

The digital media input connects to an iPhone, iPod or iPad to play your favorite music in storage. You can connect it to your MP3 player through the 3.5mm aux input cable. Although this karaoke machine comes with just one microphone, it has dual mic inputs, so you can buy an additional microphone if needed. Each microphone also has an independent volume control feature. The machine comes with a user manual, AV cable and one-year warranty.

Sakar has other styles of Hello Kitty karaoke machines, or your child might like one of these instead:
  • Monster High Karaoke Machine with Screen
  • The Voice CD/CDG All-In-One Karaoke Machine
  • Jem & Holograms CDG Karaoke Machine
  • Monster High Singing Mic Stand Karaoke
  • My Little Pony Karaoke Microphone
  • iCarly Portable CD Karaoke System
  • Sakar Dora Sing-a-Long Karaoke Machine
These are just a few, so whether your child is a fan of Hello Kitty, Monster High, or Dora, there’s a themed kids’ karaoke machine to help them show off their inner rockstar!
The KOMVOX Microphone Wireless Karaoke Speaker is a powerful all-in-one kids’ karaoke system with built-in speaker and mic. It’s designed to connect to smartphones such as Android and iOS devices and it is available in 4 color options. Do you want a similar karaoke system in different color variations? Opt for the KOMVOX Handheld Karaoke Speaker in apple green, jet black, rose madder, shine gold or silver gray.

KOMVOX Portable Microphone Wireless Karaoke Speaker – Available in 4 Colors, Bluetooth Enabled

KOMVOX makes mobile karaoke systems you can use while traveling or wherever you go. It uses the latest innovations and technologies to design highly functional systems. This company doesn’t just care about keeping kids entertained for optimal development; it has the whole family covered. Its products come with warranties for protection from manufacturing faults.

The KOMVOX Microphone Wireless Karaoke Speaker connects to smartphones such as the iPhone, iPad and Android through Bluetooth. It’s a multi-purpose system that acts as a wireless microphone, speaker, recorder, and car stereo. Whether you’re relaxing indoors, outdoors, going camping, or traveling, your kids can bring this karaoke system with them wherever they go.

The karaoke system is also universal. This means that it’s compatible with various smartphones by different brands such as LG and Samsung. It flashes colorful LED lights in light blue, red, blue, purple, and green. The karaoke system is also compatible with TF card storage and it is available in 4 colors – black, blue, red or rose gold.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Karaoke Machine?

Listening to your family and friends sing their best karaoke tunes is fun and entertaining. Kids’ karaoke machines enable them to sing their favorite songs while reading the lyrics on a LCD/LED display or TV screen. Karaoke brings people, friends and families together through dance, songs and the excitement of the moment. Although these machines are found in pubs and bars, they're also used at home by both children and adults.

There’s no better way to entertain and engage family or friends for hours than through karaoke machines. In addition to offering entertainment at weddings, parties or get-togethers, karaoke machines make perfect gifts for a friend or family member who loves singing.

Although kids’ karaoke machines are specifically designed for children, adults such as parents are always free to join in the fun. When shopping for the best karaoke machine for your kids, you need to first decide on the specific type you want to buy - and whether you want one specifically geared towards children, or one that is designed for all age groups.

The major types of kids’ karaoke machines include all-in-one, microphone, pocket, CD, TV monitor and MP3 karaoke machines or systems. This is a review of the various karaoke machine types.
There’s no need to spend a fortune on a kids’ karaoke machine because its use is likely to become seasonal. You know how kids are; they get excited about a new toy for a week and forget about it later on. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy any karaoke machine that comes your way, because each dollar you spend counts.

Invest in a reasonably priced system of top quality for your child. If you have songbirds in the house, you can expect the karaoke machine to find use often, hence the need for a high-quality karaoke machine. When on a budget, you can consider budget karaoke machines such as all-in-one microphone systems. On the market you will also find a plethora of cheap kids' karaoke machines, but these usually provide a poor sound quality and they don’t have many bells and whistles, meaning your kids will not have the best possible karaoke experience. It is wiser to spend a couple dollars more when it comes to your kid's happiness and entertainment, don’t you think?

The price of a kids’ karaoke machine ranges from $20 to $150. However, you’ll find higher-end models that cost more.
Kids’ karaoke machines are great not just for entertaining kids, but the whole family. They bring families together, and can even help kids learn languages, because they have to read song lyrics while singing along. Karaoke systems come with various features that render them functional. Here are the features to look for in a kids’ karaoke machine:
  • High audio quality for the best musical sounds
  • Age-appropriate video graphics for children
  • Lightweight karaoke machines for portability
  • Ratings to track performance or progress
  • Song databases or file formats such as CD, MP3, DVD, etc.
  • Connections to external devices such as smartphones
  • Durability
  • Accessories such as microphones, speakers, sound effects, etc.
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
  • Display such as LCD/LED display or TV connections
With an all-in-one karaoke machine, kids have everything they need to start partying while singing their favorite songs. A compact and durable karaoke machine is portable for use while traveling.
Construction and Design
When shopping for kids’ karaoke machines, consider the following factors:

Audio Quality – Opt for high-quality karaoke machines for top audio quality. A machine with quality audio can make children who aren’t so good at singing sound musical. Check for features such as pitch, bass or tone manual controls, voice projection, volume control, echo and balance controls.

Video Graphics – The machine should have age-appropriate background graphics for your kids. If there’s need to focus on the lyrics, ensure there’s an option for turning off the video graphics.

Portability – The most portable kids’ karaoke machines for use on the go are pocket and microphone karaoke systems. Although CD player and all-in-one karaoke machines can still be portable, they’re bulkier. When buying an all-in-one karaoke machine for your kids, always go for quality over portability.

Ratings – Some karaoke machines come with a ratings feature to rate a singer’s performance or track progress. Only costly, high-end kids’ karaoke machines come with this feature.

Database for Songs – Karaoke machines come with various song databases, such as pre-programmed songs, CDs, MP3s, chips, and CD+G. Determine your preferred database type, its capacity, and whether there’s room to add more songs. Some kids’ karaoke machines also connect to external devices such as smartphones through Bluetooth or USB cables to play music files.

Durability – Quality karaoke machines are best for durable use and minimal tech issues. Some machines come with covers or bags for protection from scratches.

Accessories – Kids’ karaoke machines also come with various accessories to enhance performance. These might include connectors to link the machine to car radios, laptops or desktop computers. Headphone jacks and the number of microphones a karaoke machine comes with are also important. If it comes with one mic, find out if there’s an extra microphone jack so you can buy another mic separately.

Display – Does the machine come with a monitor or display, or does it connect to a television for your child to read lyrics to the song being played?
Performance and Ease of Use
The kids’ karaoke machine you opt for should be easy to set up and use. Look for user manuals to guide you on how to install and use your chosen karaoke machine. Kids’ karaoke machines need to be of top quality in terms of durability and audio quality for high performance. Make sure your machine is accessorized for increased functionality, and has enough storage capacity to hold all the songs your kids want to sing along to.

Go for a karaoke system backed with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing glitches. The size of the karaoke machine is important when you’re looking for a portable system. If it uses dual power, that's better for you. It means you can use the battery option when electricity isn’t available. Last but not least, get a karaoke system with the right number of microphones. If more than one child will be singing, you'll need more mics.

Get the Best Kids' Karaoke Machine of 2022!

If you’re looking for a kids’ karaoke machine to give your child, there’s one out there for you. We hope that with our review of these top kids’ karaoke machines, you’ll be in a position to pick the best karaoke system to meet your needs. In case you need something else, look at our other karaoke machine reviews.

Our Top Choice
Karaoke Night Kids’ Karaoke System
Best Value
Kidzlane Bluetooth Karaoke Machine MP3 Player
Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine
Sakar Hello Kitty CD+G Karaoke Machine
KOMVOX Microphone Wireless Karaoke Speaker