Best Kids Kitchen Reviews 2023

Play kitchens are a classic and popular toy for toddlers and preschool-aged kids. They encourage imaginative play, role playing, and cooperation. There are plenty of kids’ kitchens on the market. To lend a hand in your choice, we’ve looked at the best available and narrowed the list to 5 great brands. We picked one play kitchen to feature from each, but all these brands offer other toys in the same category, so it should be easy to find one that meets your needs and budget.
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Our Top Choice
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen
KidKraft’s Uptown Espresso Kitchen will wow kids and parents alike with good looks and plenty of play space. Kids love that it has everything a grownup's kitchen does.
Plenty of space for more than one child to play together. Has a very realistic appearance with a lot of detail. A good amount of storage space for accessories.
Can be a challenge to assemble. If you want accessories, you must purchase them separately.
Best Value
Little Tikes Unisex Super Chef Kitchen
This compact kitchen from Little Tikes fits conveniently into a corner, making it ideal for kids’ rooms and playrooms. Yet it still packs a lot of fun with realistic details.
Comes with a handful of fun accessories. Easy-clean plastic construction is welcomed by many parents. Realistic details, including clicking knobs and cooking sounds, add to fun.
Stickers (on microwave, oven, etc.) may wear off with use.
Step2 Unisex Toy Kitchen & Grill
The Step2 Kitchen truly is grand with its arches, loads of counter space, and accessories. Kids will really feel like VIP chefs when they walk into its arched entrance.
Lots of play space. Grill, stovetop, and phone all feature lights or sounds. Comes with impressive 103-piece accessory set. Made of durable, easy-clean plastic.
There could be more storage space, given the scope of the kitchen and its accessory set.
Teamson Kids Wooden Kitchen Playset
This sturdy wooden kitchen from Teamson Kids offers a lot of style and some great little details, including dials that turn and a clock with moveable hands.
Constructed from eco-friendly MDF. A good amount of storage. Comes with a few accessories. Has some cool moving parts.
Can be a challenge to assemble.
Hape Gourmet Wood Toy Kitchen
This wooden play kitchen from Hape features solid wood construction, big red stove knobs that are fun to turn, and a removable plastic sink.
Made from Baltic Birch plywood for very sturdy and durable construction. Compact, but with a good amount of storage space.
Perfect for toddlers, but may be too small for bigger kids.

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What is the Best Kids Kitchen?

When you shop for a play kitchen, you want to think about whether you prefer one with plastic or wood components. You also should consider how much space you want it to take up and how much money you’re willing to spend! Hopefully, our guide gave you a good idea what you’re looking for, so let’s look through our featured options.
Our Top Choice
KidKraft toys are made to encourage learning and imagination. The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen does just that with its great size and fun details. If you want an even more elaborate model, you might want the Ultimate Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds. The burners and ice maker feature realistic light-up effects and noises.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Toy Kitchen – Unisex Design Good for Boys and Girls, Room for Multiple Children

With over 40 years of experience in the kids’ toy business, KidKraft has proven its dedication to making kids happy. The company specializes in pretend play toys, such as doll furniture, train sets, and pretend kitchens. There are also many educational offerings, including instruments and puzzles. The company also offers fun and imaginative beds, bedding, and rugs. Just about anything that goes in a kid’s room, KidKraft makes.

It’s no surprise that a KidKraft kitchen made our list. It's designed to make children feel just like they’re in a real, grownup kitchen. It has all the details. The espresso-colored wood components and speckled countertop give it a high-end feel. Kids will love to play in it because it feels so real, and parents won’t feel like it’s an eyesore.

The “appliances” are made to look like they have a stainless steel finish, and this kitchen has all the appliances – fridge, freezer, microwave, stove, oven, and dishwasher. There’s plenty of space for two or three children to play together without getting in each other’s way. The appliances also double as storage space for play food, cooking gear, and other toys. There’s more than enough room in there to hold all the extras a kid could need to play master chef.

The tradeoff in getting a play kitchen this beautiful and spacious is that there’s a bit of assembly required, and you may need to get out your toolbox for this one. While most users found it relatively straightforward to assemble, a minority found it frustrating. You’ll also want to keep in mind that accessories don’t come with the kitchen, so you will have to purchase those separately if you want them.

There are a lot of fun little details in this kitchen, including:
  • Easy-to-remove plastic sink for simple cleanup
  • Stove with 4 raised burners
  • Cordless phone with holder
  • Paper towel holder
  • Rotating turntable in microwave
  • Writable chalkboard on freezer door
It’s pretty hard to find a downside on this one, unless you’re concerned about the assembly. The kids should be playing with it for years to come.
Best Value
For fun and durable plastic toys, Little Tikes is a great brand to look to. The Unisex Super Chef Kitchen offers a lot of fun in a compact package. For even more bells and whistles, get your kids the Ultimate Cook Kitchen. It has lots of counter space, plenty of storage, and some fun accessories.

Little Tikes Super Chef Toy Kitchen for Boys and Girls– Includes Starter Dishes Set, Made in the USA

Little Tikes is a kids’ toy brand we probably all remember from our childhoods. Did you ever have a Cozy Coupe? Yep, that’s Little Tikes. It specializes in durable plastic toys that will delight children and stand up to a lot of use and abuse. Its offerings include picnic tables, basketball hoops, toyboxes, and much, much more. And, of course, the Cozy Coupe is still around.

The Unisex Super Chef Kitchen offers an amazing combination of fun and durability that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It gives little men and women a lot of things to tinker with, including a good number of accessories. It also delivers ease of care and cleaning that parents appreciate. The design is great, with plenty of space in a small package. It’s a corner design, so you can easily fit this into a lot of different spaces. It’s great for kids’ rooms and playrooms. On the other hand, it’s kiddy and not so stylish that you might want it in your living room (that’s a matter of preference, of course). But if you don’t mind a little plastic in your life (which is pretty much inevitable as a parent), it’s a good buy.

Features include:
  • Working cabinet, microwave, and oven doors with storage
  • Coffee pot and other accessories
  • 2 plates and 2 cups
  • 2 forks, 2 knives, and 2 spoons
  • Frying pan and phone
  • Burner makes cooking sounds
  • Towel holder
You also get the assurance that the product is made in the USA, and the price tag isn’t bad at all.
If you have the space and want your kids to feel like they have a real-live, fully equipped kitchen, it’s hard to go wrong with the Step2 Unisex Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill. If you want to get your little ones a great kitchen for a little less money, the Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen could be a good choice.

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen and Grill for Boys and Girls - Includes a 103-Piece Kitchen Accessory Set

Step2 began in 1991 with only 5 employees, but the company grew rapidly and has become the US’s largest manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys. With over 800 employees today, many of whom are moms and dads themselves, Step2 strives to make toys that are fun, engaging, durable, and educational. Offerings include climbers, playhouses, ride-ons, toyboxes, and much more. Most are made of sturdy, easy-clean plastic.

The Unisex Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill has just about everything a real kitchen has. It even has an attached dining area and a grill with light-up effects to give kids the feeling that they’re really cooking. It has a “stainless” fridge, microwave, and oven that open and close. There are even a shelf and some cabinets over the fridge. There is plenty of play space here – enough for several children – although there could be a little more storage, especially given all the accessories it comes with. The 103-piece accessory kit comes with plastic food, pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates and bowls, baskets, and a toy phone.

Here are a few more features to note:
  • Large sink with swivel faucet and push button
  • Cooking sound and light-up effects on stove and grill
  • Phone with sound effects
  • Attached dining area with room for 2 or 3 kids to sit
Remember to pick up some batteries if you want the sound and light effects to work. Most parents report that the kitchen is a little time-consuming to put together, but that assembly is quite straightforward.
If you’re searching for durable and attractive wooden construction in your kids’ kitchen, Teamson Kids is a good brand to look at. The Unisex Little Chef Wooden Kitchen Playset is compact but packs a lot of fun. If you want a higher-end version with a different design and more features, you may like the Retro Wooden Play Kitchen.

Teamson Kids Little Chef Toy Play Kitchen with Accessories – Wooden Design Good For Boys and Girls

Teamson Kids is a New York-based company specializing in wooden kids’ furniture and toys designed with high-level craftsmanship and a lot of imagination. Furniture includes beautifully painted tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves, and more. Toy offerings range from dollhouses to pretend tools to play kitchens.

The Unisex Little Chef Wooden Kitchen Playset is big enough to be a lot of fun for little ones, but small enough to fit into most play spaces. The components are made from eco-friendly MDF, which offers a great combination of durability and value. Kids will love that the doors open and that there are knobs that really turn. Parents will appreciate that there’s a decent amount of storage space. Accessories can be stowed away in the fridge and oven, and there’s more space under the oven, as well as two bins that slide in over the sink. There are a handful of accessories included, but not many. The ones that do come with the kitchen are adorable.

Features of this cute kids’ kitchen include:
  • Fridge/cabinet, oven, stove top, microwave, sink, and over-sink storage
  • Accessories – play phone, 3 canisters, spatula
  • Clock hands and stove/oven knobs that turn
A lot of parents prefer wooden toys for aesthetics and durability. If that’s your preference, this kitchen is an excellent choice.
Hape knows a thing or two about wooden toys, so it’s no surprise that the Hape Gourmet Toy Kitchen with Unisex Wood Design is adorable, functional, and durable. If you want a bigger, more elaborate play kitchen, choose the Hape Multi-Function Kitchen instead. It features more counter space and storage, and a cute retro design.

Hape “Playfully Delicious” Gourmet Kitchen Wooden Play Set for Boys and Girls – Non-Toxic Finish

Hape Toys is the largest producer of wooden toys in the world. For this company, sustainability is a high priority, as is quality. Many parents rave about the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into their kids’ Hape toys. Offerings include baby toys, dollhouses, puzzles, train sets and more.

The Hape Gourmet Toy Kitchen with Unisex Wood Design is a wonderful choice for toddlers. It’s compact and fairly short, but still has decent storage. Kids in the preschool and up crowd might find it a bit small, but it still offers a lot of the fun and detail that larger play kitchens have. Stove knobs turn, there are burners (printed) on the stove top, the oven opens, and there’s a convenient shelf for accessories. The all-wood construction is a huge plus. Hape has a reputation for paint that doesn’t wear away, as some other brands’ paint does.

Choose white for a more realistic look, or green for a fun splash of color. This play kitchen also coordinates perfectly with Hape’s Gourmet Fridge and Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set. Other features include:
  • Baltic Birch plywood construction
  • Removable plastic sink
  • See-through window on oven
  • Durable, child-safe paint
This is an award-winning toy that should last for years. While your child might outgrow it, it can definitely be passed down to younger siblings.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Kitchen?

Kids love toys, but as a parent it is important you choose them wisely. The best toys are ones that not only provide a great opportunity for kids to learn, but also enhance their language development, fine motor skills, and imaginative role play such as toy barns, playhouses for group play, bug vacuums or, of course, a kid’s kitchen. Just like most – if not all – toys, the first and most crucial aspect to consider is the age group the respective kid’s kitchen is geared towards. Some pieces may not be appropriate for toddlers but would be perfect for 5-year-olds.

Given your child can’t do much with a barebones kitchen, it’s a good idea to check out the number of play pieces the toy kitchen comes with, and if they are made from kid safe materials. Continue reading our kids kitchen buying guide, so you can buy the perfect set for your budding chef.
To explain briefly, there are three main categories in the kitchen space – micro kitchens, medium size kitchens and cheap kids’ kitchens. Each type of toy kitchen comes with its own set of features and accessories – from almost nothing to generous bundles. Cheap toy kitchens may come with a bunch of extras and offer large cooking spaces, but keep in mind you’re most likely buying it for a child (unless you’re buying it for an interior design college project), so you should undoubtedly look for quality first over high quantities and low price tags.

Kids’ kitchens can be a somewhat big ticket purchase with prices ranging from $60 - $100+ for models crafted of high quality wood and offering plenty of storage. Furthermore, some toy kitchens use batteries to activate the integrated lights and sound, which may be included in the package – otherwise, you’ll have to buy them separately, resulting in a higher price tag.
If you’ve made the decision to add a play kitchen to your child’s toy arsenal, know that that it’s a brilliant one and for several reasons – as long as you buy the right one. For example, if you’re trying to encourage role and group play, a compact kitchen isn’t going to cut it as you’ll need more features and a larger cooking area among other things.

That said, here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best kids’ kitchen.
  • Size – This is the measure of how wide and tall the kitchen is
  • Accessories – The extras such as cooking utensils included in the package
  • Storage Space – Cupboards and drawers to store accessories
  • Age Recommended – The age group the kids’ set is suitable for
  • Material – Common materials used in the construction are plastic and wood
  • Appliances – These include oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher, etc.
  • Countertop Design – Whether it has a sparkling countertop for a more realistic feel or smooth wooden platform
  • Lights and Sounds – Some appliances offer lights and sounds, which are powered by batteries
Construction and Design
Kids’ kitchens can either be made from plastic or wood, and the one you choose should be chemical free and easy-clean without any sharp corners. Depending on the craftsmanship and included accessories, toy kitchens can get pretty heavy, some tipping the scales at 50lbs+, making it a tedious task to move around often. They can be quite big and wide to accommodate a full size walk-in dining area therefore it’s wise determine where it will fit in your home before heading out shopping. The amount of storage space can vary across models, but it’s an aspect that’s highly important –especially if the kitchen includes a bunch of accessories – otherwise you’ll have to store them elsewhere. Some toy kitchens are appointed with speckled countertops and others come with moving parts to help your child get as close as possible to the real deal.
Performance and Ease of Use
When shopping for the best kids’ kitchen, it’s extremely important you pay attention to the age recommended label and invest in a model that’s appropriate for your child or children. Some models come with moving parts, which can be miniscule at times, making it easier for smaller tots to swallow. Adding to this, some toy kitchens use batteries to power the lights and sounds in the appliances, whereas other models are fitted with clickable knobs for a realistic cooking experience. Owing to the bigger size of some kids’ kitchens, they may arrive in more than one box, and will need to be assembled with the tools included and according to manufacture instructions.

Get the Best Kids Kitchen of 2023!

Now you know a bit more about your options, you should be ready to give your kid (or someone else’s) the surprise of a lifetime with one of these amazing play kitchens. If you didn’t find the perfect one, just head on over to Amazon and see what else these brands have to offer. You’ll definitely find the one that will knock your kid’s socks off!

Our Top Choice
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen
Best Value
Little Tikes Unisex Super Chef Kitchen
Step2 Unisex Toy Kitchen & Grill
Teamson Kids Wooden Kitchen Playset
Hape Gourmet Wood Toy Kitchen