Best Kid’s Mermaid Tail Reviews 2023

Whether as a gift or for personal use, a mermaid tail is always a welcome possession for anyone who fantasizes about being a mermaid. That’s why we’ve carried out research on many mermaid tails in the market, and have selected 5 top brands and products that we believe embody the features and specifications that a good mermaid tail should have. This is just a snapshot of what these brands have in stock. You can check out other options from these featured brands if the type you’re looking for isn’t on the list.
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Our Top Choice
Fin Fun Mariana's Tidal Teal Mermaid Tail
Fin Fun is dedicated to the provision of mermaid tails that add a bit of magic to every little girl’s dream. It’s known for its well-designed and highly reviewed mermaid swimwear.
Neoprene-covered monofin creates a natural, swift mermaid motion in water. Lively range of blue colors gives it a realistic ‘mermaiden’ look.
The fabric is a light swimsuit material that may tear if scraped against the sides or bottom of the pool.
Monofin swimsuit
Fade resistant fabric
XS, S, M, L
9 colors available
Best Value
Newland Girl’s 3 Pcs Kid’s Mermaid Tail
Newland features one of the largest collections of mermaid tails for kids. With its beautifully designed outfits, the company derives pleasure in making children happy.
It’s comfortable to wear and swim in and won’t fall off when wet. The tail is hollow and makes walking easy.
The bottom bikini sizes may, on the other hand, be bigger than what was specified.
Bikini bathing suit
Info not provided
6 colors available
Kpblis Blanket Kid’s Mermaid Tail
Kpblis is a textile company that offers quality designed products for kids. It ensures that children experience a touch of bliss from their soft-feel, comfortable handmade wears.
Made of soft poly-cotton blend material that’s durable and comfortable for snuggling. Has a slit at the tail part so that the feet can breathe.
In spite of the quality fabric, this mermaid tail may shrink when washed the first time.
Super soft blanket
Poly/cotton blend
Adult; child/2.7 pounds
45 colors available
LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Crotchet Blanket
LAGHCAT is a popular producer of superior-quality children’s mermaid tails and blankets. Its products are intended to make life interesting and more satisfying for the users.
Made of comfortable fabric and easy to snuggle into. Comes with a casual daypack for carrying and storage.
This mermaid tail may stretch when used.
Knit crotchet
70% Orlon and 30% cotton
56x28; 71x35.5; 75x35" / 0.9 lbs
36 colors available
DAXIANG 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail
DAXIANG is known for its delightful pieces and mermaid tails that are suitable for all weather types. It offers classy products for an unforgettable swimming experience.
Its tail end is open, making it convenient to stand and walk in. The fabric is comfortable polyester that’s soothing on the skin.
The fitting of the top tube could be a challenge for some body sizes.
Bikini set swimmer
Polyester/bling bling material
10 sizes available/0.6 pounds
9 colors available

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What is the Best Kid’s Mermaid Tail?

The best mermaid tail is that which suits your taste and preference. Therefore, we have highlighted some relevant features in the guide above and we believe that it’s given you enough information to make a decision. Let us now look at our selected mermaid tails, so you can make your pick.
Our Top Choice
The Fin Fun Kid’s Monofin Mermaid Tail is a light, comfortable mermaid tail with a well-designed monofin. Its built-in reinforced tip system protects the tail tips from holes. If you want a mermaid tail blanket, complete with reinforced seams, look up Fin Fun’s Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids, Aqua Marine.

Mermaid Tails for Swimming With Monofin - Available in 9 Colors & 8 Sizes

Fin Fun is a family business that’s been in existence since 2009. It’s made a name as a producer of beautifully designed mermaid tails and swimming outfits. The company has thrived on a combination of dexterity and teamwork in what they do best. It takes pride in creating magical moments in every little girl’s dream with its colorful array of mermaid tails. Growth is very important to Fin Fun, and this it achieves by offering safe and realistic mermaid products at incredibly affordable prices.

The Fin Fun Kid’s Monofin Mermaid Tail is a creatively designed mermaid tail with a separate monofin which makes for swift movement in water. It’s a one-piece outfit ideal for only experienced swimmers from age 6 and above. It’s made from light swimsuit material that’s sun and fade-resistant and also not affected by pool chemicals. The fin has a powerful propulsion force, is comfortable with a neoprene cover, and causes a natural mermaid-like motion in water. It features an extra neoprene layer for durability and extra comfort.

It’s infused with a lively range of blue colors that give it a realistic ‘mermaiden’ highlight and shine when wet. Its fabric is breathable, machine-washable, and engineered for safety. The Fin Fun Kid’s Monofin Mermaid Tail is available in 9 colors and 8 different sizes, and has a 60-day warranty from the date of purchase. Adult supervision is required when the mermaid tail is in use.

Fin Fun has other mermaid tails in its collection for your consideration:
  • Sparkle Mermaid Tails by Fin Fun: This is a neoprene-covered mermaid tail for shows and light swimming
  • Fin Fun Toddler Mermaid Tail Costume: It’s a 25-inch length waist-to-floor, durable mermaid tail for toddlers
  • Fin Fun Little Girls Toddler Costume: This is a mermaid tail for beginner swimmers. The tail ends at the ankles, to free feet for walking and kicking in water
  • Fin Fun Toddler Mermaidens Tail and Clamshell Bikini Top: This is a kids’ mermaid tail with a fitted bikini top specially made for small bodies
  • Fin Fun Toddler Mermaidens Tail and Clamshell Tankini Top: It’s a comfy summer swimwear with a Tankini top for young children
Best Value
Newland 3 Pcs Kid’s Mermaid Tail is a three-piece swimming set for children. The outfit can otherwise be worn as a bikini if desired. It’s made of swimsuit material, is comfortable to wear, and easy to move in. If you would prefer a Tankini set, please check out the Newland Girl's 3 Pieces Tankini Swimwear Sea-Maid Bikini.

Newland Girl's 3 Pcs Bikini Bathing Suit Kid’s Mermaid Tail - Available in 6 Colors, 6 Sizes & 2 Designs

Newland has one of the largest collections of mermaid tails for children. The company takes pride in putting smiles on the faces of kids with their beautifully designed outfits. Its swimwear is very chic, comfortably made, and provides a wonderful swimming experience. The pieces match perfectly, and some can be worn in other ways apart from just with the mermaid tail.

The Newland Girls 3 Pcs Kid’s Mermaid Tail is a lightweight mermaid tail children’s swimming set. It’s a three-piece set that includes 1-piece top, 1-piece underwear, and 1-piece mermaid tail. The outfit is made from swimsuit material and can be worn as a bikini as well. It’s great for beach holidays, surfing, bathing, and swimming. The top outfit has three ties for fastening to ensure there are no gaps to reveal the child’s chest. The mermaid tail hollows out at the bottom, making it easy to walk in. This mermaid tail has a good fit and doesn’t fall off the body when wet. The Newland Girls 3 Pcs Kid’s Mermaid Tail comes in 6 colors, 2 designs, and 6 sizes.

Newland offers some other mermaid tails including the following:
  • Newland Girl’s Kid Princess Mermaid Tail: This short, three-piece outfit has a hollow mermaid tail for easy movement
  • Newland Girl’s 3 Girls Kids’ Mermaid Tail 3 Pieces Swimsuit Bathing Swimwear: This is a mermaid tail children’s bathing swimwear that comes in 4 beautiful colors to choose from
  • Newland Girl’s 3 pieces Rainbow Fish Scale Mermaid Bikini: This is a colorful, rainbow fish scale-designed children’s bikini
  • Newland Girls Kids’ 2-piece Mermaid Swimwear Bikini Bathing Suit: This is a polyester, two-piece mermaid tail swimming outfit ideal for holidaying and beach bathing
  • Newland 1-piece Mermaid Swimwear Bathing Suit with Head Band: This is a one-piece polyester children’s swimwear that comes with a swim headband
This poly-cotton blend mermaid tail is a cozy, crocheted blanket that’s skin-friendly and suitable for all seasons. It’s durable, cozy, and extremely convenient to snuggle into. If you want a polyester variant that comes in various colors and sizes, check out Kpblis’ Mermaid Super Soft Blanket for Children Adult 51"*24" Purple.

Kpblis Kid’s Super Soft Blanket Mermaid Tail - Available in 45 Colors & 2 Sizes

Kpblis is a small family-owned business that offers some of the best handmade, snug mermaid tail blankets. It produces soft, quality designed products for kids and adults alike. Kpblis puts a lot of love into its mermaid tails and blankets, bringing to its consumers the feeling of a perfect fantasy. The company is known for excellent personal customer service and exceptional product quality.

Kpblis 51 inch by 24 inch Kids Mermaid Tail is a cozy one-piece kids’ mermaid tail blanket that’s made of a poly-cotton blend material. It’s a super soft fabric suitable for all seasons and very skin-friendly. The back and bottom part are open for the feet to breathe and move about freely. This blanket is also suitable for adults, and gives a snug cuddled-in experience. This mermaid tail is 100% crochet, handmade, and should be hand-washed separately.

It comes in a vacuum-sealed bag, with a free mermaid charm necklace. It has been termed a ‘Superb First Mermaid Blanket’. The Kpblis 51 inch by 24 inch Kids Mermaid Tail is a wonderful choice if you’re considering a creative, high-quality gift for Christmas and weddings for family and friends. This blanket can be used in the car, on the couch, in bed, for camping, and on picnics. It provides a beautiful snuggling effect when reading books, watching movies, or taking a nap.

Kpblis has a variety of other mermaid tails for your consideration:
  • Kpblis Summer Knitted Mermaid Blanket for Kids and Adults: This lightweight, soft, and durable blanket makes a perfect gift for weddings, Christmas, family, and friends
  • Kpblis 174 All Season Warm and Soft Mermaid Blanket: This exquisite acrylic fiber soft blanket is soft on the skin and suitable for camping and sleep-overs
  • Kpblis High Quality Mermaid Tail Blanket: A high-quality polyester mermaid tail good for reading and can double as a sleeping bag
The LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket is a comfortably designed blanket made to fit kids and adults. It’s a snuggle-in sleeping blanket that opens up at the back for easy wearing and removal. If you want a scale-patterned mermaid tail, look up LAGHCAT’s Knitted Mermaid Blanket with Scale Pattern Adult/children, Sleeping Bags.70.2"x35.46” in a purple color.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Crotchet Knit/Blanket Sleeping Bag – Available in 36 Colors & 3 Sizes

LAGHCAT is a well-known brand that makes available a variety of home use products and lifestyle goods. Its hand-made crochet mermaid tails are suitable for both kids and adults. The company has in stock a variety of mermaid tails for its consumers to choose from. These mermaid tails are beautifully designed and relaxing to use in the home and outdoors.

The LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket is a lightweight mermaid tail blanket for kids. It weighs 14.4 ounces with dimensions- 15.7 x 10.3 x 1.3 inches and is available in three sizes - 56 x 28 inches, 71 x 35.5 inches, and 75 x 35 inches. It’s a snuggle-in sleeping blanket designed to fit both children and adults. It has an opening at the back for easy entry and removal. This one-piece mermaid tail is made of a dual fabric mix of 70% orlon and 30% cotton.

It’s very healthy, skin-friendly, and warm but breathable. The blanket’s fin areal looks quite mermaid-like and is wide enough for two small feet to fit into. This product is suitable for all seasons- winter, autumn, summer, and spring. It makes a good sleepover blanket, is ideal for picnics, camping, for use in bed, on the couch, and in the car. The LAGHCAT mermaid tail package includes three items- a mermaid tail blanket, a casual daypack, and a unique silver mermaid pendant necklace. It makes a fantastic gift for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, and New Year.

LAGHCAT has other mermaid tails, some of which are listed below:
  • LAGHCAT Blanket Crochet Mermaid Tail for Newborn Infant: A sleeping mermaid tail blanket that keeps your baby warm all day
  • LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet for Adults Whale Tail: This is a comfortable warm blanket with a lovely whale tail design
  • LAGHCAT Orange Fish Mermaid Tail Blanket Knit Crochet for Kids: This is a multi-functional all-season mermaid blanket for children
  • LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Cute Cartoon Dark Blue Dolphin Child Blanket: A comfortable sleeping cartoon fish designed mermaid tail blanket for kids
The DAXIANG 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail is a cozy three-piece set that’s easy to wear and walk in. It’s a suitable swimwear for all weather types. If you want stretch leggings pants, check out the Baby Girls Leggings Shiny Stretch Pants Mermaid Costume by DAXIANG. It’s another unique product from this brand.

DAXIANG Little Girls 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail – Available in 9 Colors & 12 Sizes

DAXIANG is known for its classy pieces that are suitable for different climates. Its lovely mermaid pieces are classy and made from comfortable material for an enhanced swimming experience. It makes a lovely blanket for summer, winter, spring, and autumn, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The DAXIANG 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail is a beautifully designed mermaid tail set perfect for costume-themed, Halloween, beach, and pool parties. It features a 1-piece tube top, 1-piece shorts, and 1-piece tail skirt. It’s made of bling bling polyester material and is 7.1 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches in dimension. It’s light as well, weighing only 10.1 ounces (0.63 pounds

It has an opening at the tail, so that the wearer can stand and walk around easily. It sports a bow at the waist and leg holes trimmed with ruffles, giving off an overall fin-like look. The top is designed to look like twin seashells. The DAXIANG 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail comes in 12 size ranges and 9 colors/combinations. It makes a fantastic birthday gift for small girls who want to live a mermaid dream. This swimsuit mermaid tail set is not for new or inexperienced swimmers and adult supervision is required when in use.

DAXIANG makes available a number of other mermaid tails:
  • Little Girls Purple Sports Vest with Fin Swimmable Mermaid Tail Swimsuit Costume: This is a ruffled sleeve, bling bling swimsuit for little girls- it’s a perfect outfit for beach holidays, bathing lessons, and Halloween costume parties
  • Spring Long Sleeves Mermaid Princess Dress Costume for Little Girls: This is a mermaid tail full dress costume made of comfortable stretchy cotton and suitable for autumn and spring
  • Multi-color Shells Swimmable Mermaid Tail Swimsuit Set: A fascinating gold-colored fish tail and scaled designed swimsuit that can be used for pool parties
  • Multi-color Swimmable Mermaid Tail Swimsuit Set Costume for Little Girls: This is an open-tail walk around mermaid swimsuit ideal for masquerade parties
  • 3 Pieces Little Girls Kids Bling Bling Swimmable Mermaid Tail Bathing Suit: This is an adjustable tube bathing suit made from sparkling bling bling fabric suitable for bathing, swimming, beach parties, and holidays
  • Children Girls 3 Pieces Mermaid Tail Swimwear Set: An adjustable strap elastic bikini top with hollowed-out tail that makes it easy for the wearer to walk around in

How Do I Choose the Best Kid’s Mermaid Tail?

Anyone who’s been around children for long (or has been one themselves) knows the imagination that comes with youth. Little girls fantasize about being little mermaids, and grown girls wish to turn back the hands of time to the days when they splashed freely in the water. What better gift to give your little one than a mermaid tail? If you truly want your little girl to look like a princess and stand out from the crowd during a swim party, why not get her a mermaid tail?

Mermaid tails come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. There are those for infants, those for teenagers, and also those for adults. The challenge people have in choosing mermaid tails is usually whether to get a blanket tail or to go for a swimming tail. Normally, we would advise that if you have the money (and a huge mermaid fan), you can go for both; a swimming mermaid tail for pool parties and the like, and a mermaid tail blanket for indoors, including sleepovers. A blanket mermaid tail can be used by your little one on her bed, while the swimming mermaid tail helps to make your little girls’ legs stronger since the dolphin kick swimming style is the best style to use when wearing a mermaid tail.

Choosing the best mermaid tail, whether blanket or swimming, can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know the exact features to look out for. We understand that, and so we’ve compiled this review and guide to help point you in the right direction and help you choose the right mermaid tail that will not only thrill your little one, but will also give you satisfaction as you watch her wear and use it.

If you have an outdoor pool where your child will be using this, it’s okay to look for some pool toys to go hand-in-hand with the mermaid tail. You may never know what kind of fun your child will have playing in the pool with a mermaid tail.
For a product such as the mermaid tail, it’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter what amount you pay to get one; after all, it’s just for play. But the truth is, there are factors that affect the price of a mermaid tail. Remember that there are blanket and swim wears; the prices for the two will definitely differ. Consider also the materials these mermaid tails are made of; different materials will cost different amounts. For example, there are designer mermaid tails, which will come at exorbitant prices simply because they’re “designers”.

While conducting the research for the best mermaid tails, we came across a wide price range between $5 and $150. We also saw dirt cheap mermaid tails, but one discouraging factor about them was their materials; they certainly wouldn’t last long. We ignored them and selected only less expensive mermaid tails that will stand the test of time and make a good purchase for you.
There’s a good chance that you were pushed to come online and do this research because your little girl has been drumming it into your ears that she needs a mermaid tail. Or you’ve noticed how she admires mermaid tails owned by her friends and being the thoughtful parent you are, you decided to pick one for her. Now that you’re here, following are some of the features to consider if you want a great mermaid tail:
  • Design
  • Style
  • Size
  • Accessories
  • Material
  • Color
  • Portability and weight
  • Safety
So, let’s take the next step of looking at these features one by one, so as to determine which of them will influence your decision for the mermaid tail that’s best for you.
Construction and Design
Mermaid tail blankets and swimming mermaid tails are differentiated by their unique designs. For the blankets, you have knitted options as well as the crochet and basket weaved options. The swimming version has the scale design option, and the sparkly, patterned designs. It boils down to which design you’re most comfortable with or which design appeals more to you (or your little one).

There are two styles of mermaid tail blankets: the drape and the sack style. The drape style is a normal blanket designed in the shape of a mermaid tail; you just cover yourself with it. The sack style has an opening on top where you put in your legs, and with some, you can tie it at the waist to get the fit. For the swimming mermaid tails, you have two styles too: the mono fin style and the open feet. The monofin style is closed at the feet region to give that full mermaid effect. The open feet style is open at the feet region, usually done for safety reasons. So, when making your choice, decide on which you feel safer with.

If the style isn’t as important to you, be sure to consider how safe it is, especially for the swimming mermaid tails. Ensure that those with mono fins have features that make them easy to be removed by the child in case of an emergency in the water. You wouldn’t want a situation where the child is struggling to pull off the monofin instead of trying to swim away from danger. It’s generally advised that only children who are already trained and good at swimming should use the mono fin option.

The color that you go for is totally dependent on taste; but not just your taste. Be sure to know your child’s color preferences before choosing the mermaid tail for her.
Performance and Ease of Use
An oversized swimming mermaid tail isn’t safe because, come to think of it, when the child gets into the water, will she be trying to swim or trying to save her tail? Always ensure that you buy a tail that’s appropriately sized for your child. This will give her comfort and confidence once she gets into the water, and all she needs to think about is how to splash away. Most mermaid tails also come in 3 broad sizes: child size, toddler size, and teen/adult size.

Some tails come with different accessories such as a mono fin, swimwear, and a bag. If you need matching swimwear with the mermaid tail (which, by the way, looks super cool), it’s advisable to go for mermaid tails that have swimwear attached to them. For blankets, there are also T-shirts and pajamas to match your tail. Go ahead and look for mermaid tails with these accessories if that’s what you would prefer.

The material that your mermaid tail is made of determines the durability of your mermaid tail. Some children are allergic to certain fabrics, so it’s recommended that you look out and ensure that your mermaid fin is not made from such irritating fabrics. Common fabrics used are silk, cotton, and wool for the blankets, and polyester and spandex for the swimming tails.

Please know the weight of a mermaid tail before purchasing it to be sure that your little girl can move freely with it.

Get the Best Kid’s Mermaid Tail of 2023!

We trust that you’re now informed about the right mermaid tail to choose and are ready to make your purchase. Why wait? Go ahead and pick the right and best mermaid tail for you.

Our Top Choice
Fin Fun Mariana's Tidal Teal Mermaid Tail
Best Value
Newland Girl’s 3 Pcs Kid’s Mermaid Tail
Kpblis Blanket Kid’s Mermaid Tail
LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Crotchet Blanket
DAXIANG 3 Pcs Princess Mermaid Tail