Best Kids Picnic Table Reviews 2022

With the wide range of picnic tables out there, your kids could do more than just share snacks. They could also polish their cognitive skills by playing with toys, drawing sunsets, and making interesting art. Here’s a review of the best kids’ picnic table brands and five collaborative, creative, fun tables that will put a smile on your little munchkins’ faces.
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Our Top Choice
Step2 Naturally Playful® Picnic Table
Since 1991, Step2 has been in the business of manufacturing innovative products for children. Its dedication and commitment has helped it earn trust from consumers in the US.
This table is large and offers a flexible weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It comes with a foldable umbrella, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
The bench is not flat, but comes with deep grooves, something that makes seating a little uncomfortable.
Indoor, outdoor
Up to 6 kids, 300 lbs
40.8 x 43 x 72”/ 30.8 lbs
Best Value
Lifetime Kids Folding Picnic Table
Lifetime began as a father’s dream to create a basketball hoop, and has expanded into a manufacturer of long lasting quality products.
This table can be folded easily, allowing you to store it in small spaces. The benches and tabletop are UV-protected, making them resistant to harsh sun rays.
It doesn’t come with an umbrella, but it's UV-protected.
High-density polyethylene
Up to 4 kids
32 x 35 x 21.5”/ 22 lbs
KidKraft Outdoor Table and Chair Set for Kids
KidKraft has been around for five decades now and has made their mark as a global leader in children’s pretend play and outdoor toys and furniture.
Bench is suitable for kids aged 3 – 8. Includes cushions for added comfort. Umbrella is foldable and offers shade. Easy to read instructions included and preassembled panels.
Isolated complaints of the umbrella not being very sturdy.
Sanmu wood and fabric
Up to 4 kids
Navy & white stripes
42.25 x 22.75 x 19” / 44lbs
Pal Play Kids Foldable Picnic Table
Pal Play offers quality toys and kids' furniture for competitive prices, making it stand out among other big names in the industry.
This table is brightly colored, making it more fun for play. The foldable design makes it easy to store.
It does not come with an umbrella, but is designed in a way that you can add one.
Indoor, outdoor
4-6 kids
40.6 x 34 x 19.3/ 17 lbs
Little Tikes Easy Store™ Picnic Table
Little Tikes creates opportunities for kids to have imaginative play and understand their environment better.
Lightweight at 15 pounds. Compact size. Fits up to 4 kids. Has a reasonable capacity of 50 pounds. Umbrella provides UV protection. Unlocks and folds for storage.
Some customers feel the product is smaller than it seems in the pictures.
Indoor, outdoor
Up to 4 kids, 50 lbs
Blue, green and almond
29.5 x 25.3 x 18.5” / 15lbs

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What is the Best Kids Picnic Table?

Manufacturers that specialize in kids' picnic tables know that parents love colorful models, and would go an extra mile to ensure their tables have superb finishes. But a problem might arise when it comes to the construction. Some tables won’t last a month because of poor build, while others might pose a danger to your little ones because of really rough materials. Just to be sure you’re on the right track, read our review and find out some amazing options you can get for your little one.
Our Top Choice
The Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table is roomy, accommodating up to six kids. The tabletop is also easy to clean. Want a more affordable model with a different weight limit? Get the Step2 Sit and Play Picnic Table and enjoy a different design.

Step2 Naturally Playful® Picnic Table for Kids with Umbrella

Step2 makes products that boost children's imaginations while at the same time allowing families to celebrate childhood. It has over 800 full-time employees, and its products are designed with the aim of creating a fulfilling life for customers.

The Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table is a unique model equipped with an umbrella for those times when your kids want to do some coloring or have some snacks on a sunny afternoon. It is designed for preschoolers and provides enough room for six kids to play. The umbrella is removable, allowing you to use it when your kid is playing indoors as well.

You can get your child this kids' picnic table at just $99.99 and start enjoying the features below:
  • Light enough to be carried around with ease
  • The umbrella is ideal for keeping your kids from sunburns, especially during those hot summers
  • Requires minimal assembly, making it easy to use
  • Its table is large and comes with a 60” wide umbrella that is easy to clean and maintain
Best Value
The Lifetime Folding Picnic Table is made from high-density polyethylene for strength and durability. It can comfortably accommodate up to four kids. Want a different design with an oval shape? Get the Lifetime 60132 Children's Oval Picnic Table and make your kids smile!

Lifetime Folding Picnic Table for Kids – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Lifetime opened its doors in 1986 as a small company. Since then, it has grown into one of the most reputable names in the industry. It has a wide range of products, from kayaks to folding tables and picnic tables.

The Lifetime Kids Folding Picnic Table is a best seller on Amazon, and for a good reason. It is a unique model, as it's lightweight for easy transportation and can be folded for easy storage. It comes with fitted rings at the legs to prevent collapsing after setting it up, and is made of high-density polyethylene that is durable enough to allow your little ones to use it till they are all grown. It retails at around $99.

Here are some features to expect with this picnic table:
  • Can comfortably accommodate four kids
  • Made of stain-resistant material that is easy to clean and maintain
  • The tabletop is made of UV-protected polyethylene
  • Will not rust, peel or chip easily
  • Features a durable steel frame construct that can withstand the elements
  • It folds, giving you the convenience of easy storage
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
If you love this picnic table but need more to kit out your playcenter or home, you’ll be pleased to know you can purchase this table singularly or in a 4-pack!
The KidKraft Patio Set is a fantastic option for your child aged 3 – 8 to offer them a place to eat, play and rest. Although this product comes in an attractive navy and white striped pattern, if your little one would prefer a different color why not check out the KidKraft Table and Chair Set in Pink & White.

KidKraft Outdoor Kids Bench and Chair Set with Cushions and Umbrella – Navy & White Stripes

KidKraft began almost 50 years ago now with a humble idea that they wanted to promote creative play through the use of pretend play toys and furniture. Through their dedication and hard work, they’re now a leading global brand in the industry and have recently, in 2016, accumulated two new brands; Big Backyard and Cedar Summit. This means their product range has expanded to include outdoor toys and furniture.

The KidKraft Outdoor Table & Chair Set is perfect for entertaining your little ones outside. They could have a picnic, use the table to play games or simply enjoy a sit down after running off all their energy! The umbrella offers a nice shady area for your child to cool off also and there’s even padded cushions on the bench for extra comfort.

Some important features of the KidKraft Patio Set you might be interested in are:
  • Assembly time is shortened due to preassembled panels
  • Umbrella provides shade and is foldable for storage
  • Table is suitable for children aged 3 – 8
  • Made of weather-resistant Sanmu wood
  • Total dimensions: 42.25 x 22.75 x 19 inches
  • Package includes detailed instructions for assembly
  • The attractive navy and white striped fabric of the cushions and umbrella will complement any yard or garden and thanks to its design, this bench and chair set will grow with your little one.
The Foldable Picnic Table has a capacity of four to six kids, allowing your little ones to make the most of outdoor activities. Want a model with nearly the same design, but made for kids ages three and up? Check out the Tot's Toy Folding Picnic Table. It might be just what you are looking for!

Pal Play Foldable Blue, Green & Red Picnic Table for Kids – Fits 4 – 6 Children

Pal Play is known for making and distributing fun and entertaining toys for kids. Most of its products are highly rated on Amazon, as they provide simple imaginative alternatives for families.

The Pal Play Foldable Picnic Table allows kids to enjoy hours of fun playing with toys, having a snack outside or doing some coloring for their schoolwork. It is brightly colored and safe for kids to play with. It can accommodate four to six kids without breaking. At the moment, you can get this picnic table at a retail price of $65.75 and give your little ones a reason to smile.

Let’s look at some of the features that make the Pal Play Foldable Picnic Table a hard-to-beat deal:
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • You can add your own umbrella to get some shade for the kids
  • Folds to allow easy transportation
  • Quality durable construct
If you can spare more dollars for a model with larger seating capacity (eight kids), you will be happy to get the Little Tikes Fold 'n Store Picnic Table.

Little Tikes Easy Store™ Picnic Table for Kids with Umbrella - Blue\Green

Little Tikes has been around for over 45 years, a period during which it has gathered enough experience to make excellent products. Its commitment to making safe and fun toys is clearly evident in the quality of its products.

The Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table with Umbrella is a must have for your kid(s), as it provides a fun space where kids can play together and interact. It folds up, making it easy to set it up for your little ones to play. It can accommodate up to four kids comfortably and comes with an umbrella to provide shade on sunny days.

Let’s check out what features this kids' picnic table has in store:
  • Suitable for young children aged 18 months to 5 years
  • Lightweight, at 15 pounds, making it easy to move around whether you are using it outdoors or indoors
  • Curved and smooth edges that make it safe for your kids to play around with
  • Features bright and warm colors that kids love
  • It does not need any tools to set up
  • Seats up to 4 children with a maximum capacity of 50 pounds
  • Easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface
  • Umbrella provides shade and UV protection
  • Total dimensions: 29.5 x 25.3 x 18.5 inches means it’ll fit almost anywhere!

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Picnic Table?

Picture this: the sun is out, the snacks are packed, and your little ones are keen to have some fun outdoors. What could be more exciting than having them enjoy a warm summer day on a nice picnic table? That’s right; we’re talking about playing fun games, holding kids’ parties, and doing some arts and crafts. And for the small homeschooling buddies, these tables could also prove to come in handy, as they can use them to read exciting baby books.

Let’s say you have three kids, right? Well, what kind of picnic table can you get them? Just like other kids’ play stuff such as bounce houses out there, you’re likely to come by a wide variety with a different number of capacities. It’s recommended that you go for one that has a little extra space, say a 6-kid capacity. This will help accommodate your kids’ friends when you have a party or barbecue.

Don’t forget about getting the right type for your needs. You can either get an indoor picnic table that you can put on your balcony, or an outdoor one that’s made with weather-resistant materials. If you’re lucky, you could even land one that works for both indoors and outdoors.

If your little munchkins like to use your regular tables as their play-dough table, you can get a good picnic table that’s easy to clean and give them what they deserve – the utmost fun! Better yet, you could also get them a kids’ kitchen and help encourage their imaginative play, cooperation, and role-playing. Trust us – they’ll love it!

Let’s now look at some of the factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a kids’ picnic table.
Kids’ picnic tables aren’t that expensive. The normal range is between about $50 to $100. Yes, there are some picnic tables that are priced over $100, especially when they come with extras such as umbrellas and a big sitting capacity.

When it comes to the price, you can expect to spend a premium if you want a large table that can accommodate more kids. Basically, one that comes with a seating capacity for six will tend to cost more than one that has room for only three. The materials also play a major role. More durable plastic and wood will obviously impact the price, retailing a little higher than others.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, we recommend that you don’t go with the really cheap kids’ picnic tables. Some come with poor construction and cheap plastic material, and we can guarantee you that these won’t last a month, especially if your little ones are fond of punishing their play toys.
The most important feature to keep in mind when it comes to the features is the material. Like most furnishings, these tables come in various materials. The most common one, however, is recycled plastic. You might also find some made from wood or bamboo. You should be careful when choosing the material because you want one that is sturdy enough to serve your kids until they are grown, and is safe enough not to harm them. If you’re looking to place the table outdoors, make sure that it can withstand rain and harsh sun rays.

Apart from the materials, here are more features to keep in mind:
  • Capacity– This is an important factor that you need to evaluate. Most kids’ picnic tables come with a capacity ranging from 4 to 8 kids, but there are some with 2 or 3 capacities. Depending on the number of kids you expect to use the picnic table, ensure that you pick a slightly larger one just to be on the safe side.
  • Shape– Although this won’t necessarily affect the functionality of the picnic table, it’s more of a preference of appearance and style. You can get round tables, large rectangular ones, and some with more creative shapes.
  • Color– Kids love fun colors, and that’s exactly what you should give them. Look for a picnic table that’s appealing to their eyes and will bring out a good balance with your other outdoor elements and landscape.
Construction and Design
With the spilling foods, blustering weather, infesting insects, and growing mold, it’s important to prioritize easy-to-clean and sturdy tables. In addition to wood, here are some options you will come by that are designed to withstand weather:
  • Recycled Plastic– These are some of the easiest to maintain and are strong enough to withstand even extreme weather. They also give you a chance to cut down your carbon footprint.
  • Thermoplastic Coated– When it comes to toughness, this one beats them all! It’s a thick coating meant to help the table remain cool any time of the year. Yes, even on those hot summer days! It’s maintenance-free and will likely serve your kids until they outgrow it!
  • Perforated Plastic– This is the kind of material that has small holes, allowing rain water and spills to naturally fall through. And do you know what this means? Less wrapping and rust!
When it comes to the design, just as we mentioned earlier, make sure you go for the fun colors that will keep your kids excited. While on it, don’t forget about your landscape and other items in your backyard – they should complement each other.
Performance and Ease of Use
Every kid’s stuff should be easy to use, and kid’s picnic tables are no exception. You should get tables that are easy to assemble and strong enough to hold the mentioned number of kids. Basically, some brands will even go ahead and advise on weight capacity, with most tables coming with around 200-pound to 500-pound capacity.

Some picnic tables will even feature an umbrella, making them a great choice for outdoor picnics. Others might not include an umbrella in their package, but have the table designed with a hole in which you can insert one once you set it up.

Get the Best Kids Picnic Table of 2022!

Imagine all the fun stuff your kids could accomplish with picnic tables. Think of the art projects, kids' parties, and, obviously, picnics! Getting one of these tables will surely bring joy to your kids and their friends. It will be their dream come true!

Our Top Choice
Step2 Naturally Playful® Picnic Table
Best Value
Lifetime Kids Folding Picnic Table
KidKraft Outdoor Table and Chair Set for Kids
Pal Play Kids Foldable Picnic Table
Little Tikes Easy Store™ Picnic Table