Best Kid’s Pool Reviews 2023

It’s summer again, and you can’t wait to enjoy the season with your kids! A kid’s pool is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer with your children at home rather than going to a public swimming pool, which can be dirty and crowded. With a pool designed for children, you simply inflate it, dump in some water and then have fun with your child! The only difficult part is actually deciding which kiddie pool to buy as there are tons of them on the market. We’ve done the hard part for you by selecting 5 options from some of the best kid’s pool brands to help you and your child have the best summer ever!

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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center
Intex knows exactly how to have fun and create products that reflect this, evident in their Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center.
Includes water slide, wading pool water sprayer, ring toss game and ball toss game. Easy to use.
Product does not have drain.
16” x 16” x 5.5”
Slide, ring toss, water sprayer
77 gallons
Best Value
Bestway Inflatable Elephant Spray Pool
Bestway specializes in making pool products that are guaranteed to make you smile, evident in their Elephant Sprinkler Play Pool
Fun design. Durable PVC material. Sprinkler included.
Can be difficult to set up.
66.1” x 59.4” x 25.6”
3-6 years
Water sprayer
High grade PVC
34 gallons
Step2 Play & Shade Pool
Step2 creates products that are not only fun but safe too, evident in their Play & Shade Pool.
Includes an umbrella for shade. Molded seats. Foot traction. Spinning water wheel.
Smaller than other products we have featured.
37.5” x 37.5” x 50”
2-6 years
Hard molded plastic
Not Specified
Banzai Baby Sprinkles Water Park
Banzai believes that everyone should be entitled to fun, high-quality products that don’t cost the earth, evident in their Baby Sprinkles Water Park.
Includes lots of accessories. Rainbow canopy for shade. Easy to set up.
For babies/toddlers only.
19.9” x 2.9” x 14”
18 months+
Whale slide, dolphin inflatable
Durable PVC
Not Specified
Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool
Intex is the leader in everything to do with outdoor pools and we can certainly see why, evident in their Royal Castle Baby Pool!
Fun design. Built-in shade. Comes with repair kit. Perfect for babies and toddlers.
Some customers found this product flimsy.
48” x 48” x 48”
1-3 years
Built in sunshade
18 gallons

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What is the Best Kid’s Pool?

Children have different tastes and preferences. You may want to involve your child when selecting their new pool so can bond with them and find out exactly what they like. The best pools, in this case, will be one that really appeals to your kid. We recommend showing them pictures and videos because it’s never too early to teach them to shop around.
Our Top Choice
If you are after more fun in the sun, then Intex’s Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is the product for you! If, however, you are after a more simplistic kid’s pool, then check out Intex’s Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool instead!

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117" X 76" X 53", for Ages 2+

Intex is a manufacturer that distributes airbeds, aboveground pools, spas, toys, furniture, boats and much, much more! With over 40 years of history behind the brand, Intex certainly knows how to keep their customers happy. Their aim as a brand is to deliver the highest quality products possible at a price that won’t break the bank, with all their products designed specifically for comfort, safety and fun.

We wanted to feature Intex’s Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Centre due to it being a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and the fact it has received such great reviews online too! The center itself includes a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer and ring toss game with 4 inflatable rings. The water sprayer element of the product attaches to any standard garden hose to keep your little ones cool in the hot summer sun! Not only this, the center includes a fun ball roller game that even includes six plastic balls!
Best Value
We LOVED the fun elephant design of Bestway’s Elephant Sprinkler Pool and the fact it comes with a water sprinkler too! If, however, you are after a pool for a slightly older age range, then check out Bestway’s Rectangular Splash Frame Kid’s pool instead!

Bestway H2OGO! Interactive Elephant Sprinkler Play Pool

Bestway specializes in making aboveground pools for a variety of age groups to help you cool off in the hot summer sun! With products for babies right up to adult-size pools, you will have a hard time not enjoying a splash about in one of Bestway’s products. If you are after a durable, safe and, most importantly, fun way of enjoying yourself this summer, then make sure you check out what Bestway has to offer!

We wanted to feature Bestway’s Interactive Elephant Sprinkler Play Pool due to its fun design and the fact it has great reviews online too! The water sprayer in this product is easy to use with an interactive-push button that attaches straight onto your garden hose! This product is also constructed from high-grade PVC materials and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime!
If you are after safe fun in the sun that your little one will LOVE, then Step2’s Play and Shade Pool is the one for you! If, however, you are after a water product for a very young child, then take a look at Step2’s Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table instead!

Step2 Play and Shade Pool with Umbrella & Toys

Step2 believes that learning and development are best achieved through creative play and therefore creates products that reflect this. The brand is the largest American manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys and is also the world’s largest molder of plastics too! Step2 also employs moms, dads, grandads, aunts and everyone else in-between to ensure that their products are adored by customers the world over!

We wanted to feature Step2’s Play and Shade Pool due to the brand’s overall popularity and the fact it comes with an umbrella for shade and safety too! This pool features two molded-in seats as well as three funnel cups and spinning water wheel for ultimate pool time fun. The pool even has molded-in designs at the bottom of the pool to provide sufficient traction for your little one’s feet!
If you are after the perfect product to introduce your baby to water play, then Banzai’s Splish Splash Activity Center is the product for you! If, however, you are after a kid’s pool for a slightly higher age range, then check out Banzai’s Kids Sport Pool instead!

Banzai Baby Sprinkles Splish Splash Water Park Sprinkling Activity Center

Banzai is the industry leader in outdoor products such as pools, water parks, water slides and much, much more! As a brand, Banzai understands that fun, adventure and excitement are a crucial part of growing up and life in general, and therefore creates products that reflect this. If you are after products that are of the highest quality, affordability and fun-factor, then Banzai is the brand for you!

We wanted to feature Banzai’s Splish Splash Water Park Sprinkling Activity Center due to the fact that it’s slightly different than a standard kid’s pool and is suitable for babies too! This inflatable play mat includes water-sprinkler activities that will keep your little ones cool in the sun. It’s a perfect introduction to water play and even offers shade with its rainbow canopy too. Your little one won’t get bored with this product either with its fun starfish stacker toy, removable whale slide and dolphin rider too!
If you are after a kid’s pool specifically for a baby or toddler, then look no further than Intex’s Royal Castle Baby Pool! If, however, you are after a slightly cheaper product, then take a look at Intex’s Whale Spray Pool instead!

Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool, 48" x 48", for Ages 1-3

For over 40 years, Intex has been creating high quality products at affordable prices with a variety of collections that everyone can enjoy. From aboveground pools to spas, toys, furniture, boats and anything else you can think of, Intex has something for everyone! The brand’s aim is to deliver the highest quality products possible at a price that their customers will love.

We wanted to feature Intex’s Royal Castle Baby Pool due to the brand’s overall popularity and the fact it has a great design too! This pool includes built-in sunshade as well as window openings so you can watch your little one play. This product also includes a repair patch too so you don’t have to worry about any nasty accidents either!

How Do I Choose the Best Kid’s Pool?

Shopping for a kids pool can be a fun, but also frustrating, activity, if you have no idea what to look for. Children sometimes have strange demands and expectations, so we recommend you shop around with your child to ensure they’re just as satisfied as you.

Summer is a great time to bond with your kids outside. Aside from the pool, you can make your children’s holiday a little bit more exciting by adding other toys and accessories to your yard. For instance, you can buy a kid’s picnic table where your children can relax and have some snacks before they run off to play in the water, or ride on their swing set. Don’t forget to also get them a kid’s camera so they can document their summer activities! Even when school is back in session, your kids can still get the exercise they need by going outside to swim and play on the weekends.

When it comes to choosing a pool for you children, there are many things to take in to consideration. The first, and probably most important is the age and swimming level of your youngster. Kid’s pools are designed for children who are too young to use the family above ground pool, or for when parents want a break from swimming by their side – or for when you only have really young ones and/or don’t want a large pool.

Let’s take a look at other things to consider when choosing a pool for your kids.
Kiddie pools are fairly inexpensive. They can range from $6 to $60 depending on the size, age range, material they are made of, capacity and other special features. Size and capacity are probably the biggest factors in cost as a small, toddler-sized pool will cost far less than a pool meant for an eight- or nine-year old. We do want to note that if you go for a cheap kid’s pool, make sure you check it for safety and understand that they typically won’t last as the ones that require more of an investment – but they will still give you’re a child a place to cool off in the hot summer sun!

Kids pools are made from a variety of materials, like high-grade PVC and hard mold plastic. The better the quality of the material, the higher the price. Considering how inexpensive these products typically are, you may want to spend a little more for a higher-quality product to avoid problems with your pool, such as a hole forming in the side of it.

Special features that come with the pool can also raise the cost. They include things like attached umbrellas to provide shade, water sprayers, water slides, air pumps and more.

The pool’s design may also affect the price. Most pool manufacturers try to incorporate interesting designs to attract children as well as their parents. However, you can find pools that are just plain, basin-type structures, which will likely be cheaper. Since most pools incorporate interesting designs, you should be able to purchase a cheaper kids pool that still has a unique design and will still have your child excited!
You want to create a lively and exciting atmosphere for your children and their friends in the backyard during their play time so they can have as much fun at home as they do at the public pool or playground. It’s important to consider pools with unique features because your kids will really love playing in it and showing it off to their friends. Moreover, special features give you the chance to relax while your kids busy themselves with the included water guns, slides or floats.

Here are some factors to consider as you shop around for your pool:
  • Design- The more the creativity in the design, the more excited the children will be
  • Size- If you have several children or if they play with their friends, a large pool may be your best option
  • Special Features- These are water slides, wading pools, water sprayers, floaties, balls and more
  • Safety- If your child is a baby or toddler, buy a very small pool, and if they’re elementary-school aged or older, buy a larger pool. We recommend always keeping an eye on your little ones to ensure their safety!
Construction and Design
Kids can be as curious as they are playful, which is why it’s important to consider the pool’s construction. Ones with a hidden valve is ideal to prevent your kids from becoming a little too curious and accidentally deflating the pool. The quality of the material is also important because kids can be rough! Although pools tend to be very safe, a lack of quality material can cause a tear or hole in the side.

The design of the pool determines the mood of the playing area, so the area around the pool and the pool itself should be full of fun activities for your kids! Creative images on the pool’s sides or base as well as pool accessories—a water slide, diving sticks, goggles, floaties and so on—will keep your children maximally engaged until they’re too tuckered out to do much else but sleep!
Performance and Ease of Use
Unless your kids are training for the Olympics, all you really need is an adequate wading pool that’s shallow enough for them to play in. Slides attached to pools are typically set an angle to ensure your kids get the largest splash possible as they slide down into the water.

For inflatable pools, all you need is the included air pump and a flat are to pump it up. When it’s totally inflated, simply add water to get the fun started!

Get the Best Kid’s Pool of 2023!

We hope our guide has helped you choose the best pool for your kid’s summertime fun! If you haven’t yet found one, no worries—our trusted brands have tons of products to choose from, so keep looking around. If your child likes to shop with you, take your time with your purchase. Bonding never hurts!

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Our Top Choice
Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center
Best Value
Bestway Inflatable Elephant Spray Pool
Step2 Play & Shade Pool
Banzai Baby Sprinkles Water Park
Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool