Best Kids Punching Bag Reviews 2022

Kids are generally energetic, so sports and exercise can be a great outlet for them. If your kid is interested in boxing or martial arts, getting the best punching bag can help him/her develop relevant skills while having fun. Acquiring a punching bag that won’t put your kid at risk involves having a basic understanding of the features of a punching bag. To make it easier for you, we’ve studied these features and have come up with these top 5 kids’ punching bags from esteemed brands. These brands have more kids’ punching bags than the ones we’ve selected, in case you need something different.
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Our Top Choice
RDX Filled Kids Set Punching Bag
RDX manufactures high-quality, functional kids’ punching bags. The bags are durable and well-designed to showcase skills and enhance fighting techniques.
Hard steel swivel chain. Stuffed with shredded textile.
Chain too short for maximum leverage.
Filled with shredded textiles
Indoor and outdoor
3 feet tall; 46 pounds
10 years
Maya Hide
Best Value
Fremont Die NFL Tackle Buddy Kids Punching Bag
Fremont Die creates products that are attractive to children and individuals of all ages. The company provides standard kids’ punching bags that are sold at unbeatable prices.
Officially licensed product, showing the logo of the child’s favorite team on its jersey front.
Deflates easily. Extra precaution has to be taken in closing off the valve to prevent this.
Inflatable; filled with sand
Indoor or outdoor
3 1/3 feet tall
3 years and up
Durable vinyl
Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
Century is a popular brand for sports equipment and martial arts gear. It manufactures kids’ punching bags that let users gain a competitive edge and get advanced in martial arts.
Stable. Even weight distribution with water. Well-built, wide striking surface.
Can be noisy on the floor.
Fills with sand or water
Up to 4 feet tall;170 pounds
Ideal for young martial artists
Durable nylon covers
Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag
Velocity is a frontline producer of versatile children’s play equipment. Its punching bags are fashioned for outdoor and indoor activities, when filled with the appropriate material.
Rebound spring action. Works well when suffused with water or sand.
The screw holding the punching ball gets loose with use.
Fills with sand or water
Up to 4 ¾ feet tall; about 50 pounds
Ages 5 and up
Info not provided
Intex Pink Tiger Kids Bop Punching Bag
Intex creates lots of toys and equipment for kids, from a standpoint of creative play. It has in stock colorful punching bags that are vital to kids having the perfect playtime.
Filled with water for enhanced stability. Versatile, suitable for parties, games, indoor and outdoor fun.
Has some small parts and is unsuitable for children under three. Adult supervision needed.
Fills with water
Indoor and outdoor
38.5 x 17.5 inches (deflated)
3 years and up

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What is the Best Kids Punching Bag?

Choosing any product for kids requires utmost carefulness and attention to details. In this guide we’ve provided you with the vital information you need to choose the best kids’ punching bag for your child. Since you now know what to look out for in a kids’ punching bag, let’s study the features and prices of the ones we’ve chosen for you.
Our Top Choice
The RDX Filled Kids Set Punching Bag is a dual-layered kids’ punching bag made from high-grade leather. It comes with a set of well-padded gloves and zipped top closure. If you want a child-friendly junior punching bag, the RDX Maya Hide Leather Junior Punching Bag is a great product. Check it out.

RDX Filled Kids Boxing Glove Set Punching Bag - Available in 7 Colors

RDX was founded in Manchester in 1999 and since then has made a name as a leading brand in contact sports and apparels. The company has a large market share and an overwhelming global customer base. It is without a doubt the brand that redefined the notion of contact sports all over the world. RDX understands the need for fights and what it takes to be a fighter - the feats, the pain, and the immeasurable gains.

This is why the company produces high-quality items like kids’ punching bags, tailored towards making the fighter a priority at all times. The fighters get what they need - technologically improved gear, well-designed to enhance techniques. The audience is also treated to a spectacular performance with well-built gear that’s compliant with fighter security and rules of the game. Whether it’s a cage, ring, arena, field, or mat, RDX has got it covered.

The RDX Filled Kids Set Punching Bag is a dual-layered zero-impact kids’ punching bag for mixed martial arts. It’s suitable for child athletes and made of attractive Maya Hide leather for enhanced strength and support. It’s a set that comprises of a pair of matching 6-ounce gel RDX bag gloves that arouse children’s enthusiasm. This boxing set comes with a triple stranded high-quality steel chain and rust-resistant swivel chain that can withstand harsh weather conditions both indoors and out.

This punching bag is stuffed full with shredded textile that promotes absolute shock dispersion absorption during training. The RDX Filled Kids Set Punching Bag comes with a chain and a hard steel swivel. It’s of relatively small size: 3 feet together with chain and has a diameter of about 11 inches. It weighs about 25 pounds. This kids’ punching bag has a maximum fill potential that’s made possible and controlled by the Zippex closure at its top. This top zipped design allows it to be filled and contents changed as required.

Some other kids’ punching bags available at RDX are:
  • RDX 6 Ounce Cartoon Youth Kickboxing Junior Punching Bag: A light and durable kids’ punching glove set with patent Teflon material. It has cool mesh palms, anti-thumbing lock, and grip hose for proper fist formation and to avoid injuries
  • RDX Boxing Punching Wall Pad Strikes Kick Target Pair: This is a rectangular-shaped punching pad with tough hanging eyelets. Its internal high-potency foam ensures improved shock absorption
Best Value
The Fremont Die NFL Tackle Buddy Kids Punching Bag is made from enduring vinyl material. It’s sand-weighted for great bounce-back action and can be used indoors and outdoors. If you need a smaller-sized kids’ punching bag, check out Fremont Die’s NFL San Francisco 49Ers Mini Tackle Buddy.

Fremont Die NFL Tackle Buddy Inflatable Kids Punching Bag - with Choice of 15 Team Logos

Fremont Die is a privately-owned company specializing in the provision of licensed sports gear. The company has for over 32 years provided quality products, excellent services, unbeatable pricing, and prompt delivery of goods to sellers and retailers all over the globe. Fremont Die is focused on customer satisfaction and the delivery of great products to its clients. The company keeps expanding and has diversified to accommodate over 40 product groups that appeal to individuals of all ages. It’s a licensee of many major sports leagues and numerous universities and colleges. It offers customized products and is committed to serving the sports industry for years to come.

The Fremont Die NFL Tackle Buddy Kids Punching Bag is an inflatable 40-inch tackle buddy kids bop punching bag that is made of durable vinyl material. This punching bag is easy to blow up, and sand-weighted with terrific bounce back action. The sand-infused bag can be used both indoors and outside. It comes in different designs, with the logo of your kid’s favorite team on the front of the jersey. It has graphics covering the entire 360-degree layout of the bag. This kids’ punching bag is an officially licensed product and would make a great gift for children and adults alike.

Fremont Die has a myriad of other kids’ punching bags:
  • Fremont Die NCAA Tackle Buddy Kids Punching Bag: This is a 40-inch-tall, sand-weighted double vinyl kids punching bag
  • Fremont Die Green Bay Packers Mini Tackle Buddy: It’s a plastic mini tackle buddy, 12 inches tall, and easy to inflate
  • Fremont Die MLB Texas Range Bop Bag: It’s an officially licensed, durable kids’ bop bag, sand-weighted with bounce back action. It’s suitable for children from three years and above
  • Fremont Die MLB Boston Red Sox Bop Bag: This is a durable, stable vinyl kids’ punching bag, 40 inches tall, and officially licensed
  • NCAA Tackle Buddy Inflatable Punching Bag: A league-licensed inflatable kids’ punching bag with bounce-back action
  • Fremont Iowa Hawkeyes Official Punching Bag: This kids’ punching bag is constructed with long-lasting vinyl and can be inflated with a standard air pump
The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster has a long-lasting nylon exterior, covering an impact-resistant foam interior. It has four adjustable settings to accommodate different heights. If you require a kids’ punching bag with shorter height, check out Century’s Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster.

Century Wavemaster Kid Kick Punching Bag

Century is a well-known leader in sports equipment and martial arts gear. The company has been in operation since 1976 and has a selection of high-class supplies ranging from fitness gear, sparring equipment, martial arts uniforms, and punching bags. Century’s got what the customer needs as a coach, fitness instructor, martial arts lover, student, or fighter. Century’s kids’ punching bags are one of the best training gears to help the user gain a competitive advantage and become advanced as a martial artist.

The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster is a kids’ punching bag that’s made up of a striking surface and a low profile base. The striking surface is 26 inches tall and has a diameter of 10.5 inches, while the base dimensions are 22 inches for diameter and height of 12 inches. This kids’ punching bag has an overall height that can be adjusted in four settings, within a range of 37 – 52 inches.

It’s made of long-lasting nylon, sheathed over impact-resistant foam. It’s held down on the ground by filling the base with water and weighs 170 pounds when done. The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster is a great punching bag for integrating kids into boxing, karate, kickboxing, and other martial arts sports. This kids’ punching bag is a bright red color and has a limited warranty of one year.

Other kids’ punching bags are available from the Century brand:
  • Century Bobby Bully: It’s a life-like mannequin with two height adjustments and a base for support
  • Century Creed Mauy Thai Heavy Bag: This is a punching bag with an extra-thick vinyl surface and lace closure top. The hanging straps are attached with a leather flap and fortified stitching
  • Century Arashi 110 Recoil Bag: This is a great bag for beginners as well as experience martial artists. This punching bag enables strikes to be practiced on a moving target and is great for building hand-eye coordination
  • Century Classic Womens Bag Glove: It’s a ‘one size fits most’ pink and black combat sports glove with high tensile strength and ventilating material
  • Century MMA Vinyl Chain Training Bag: This is a 100-pound double vinyl shell bag ideal for intense workouts. It has chains made for hanging it
  • Century Junior Throw Buddy: This is the best kids’ punching bag for children to practice their throwing skills and grappling techniques. It’s made of fiber-infused denier nylon, is soft to land, but still has the added feel of a live playmate
  • Century TKD Wavemaster Kicking Bag: This kids’ punching bag has a cone-shaped top that forms an ideal angle for kicks
  • Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag: This is an extra-large martial arts training punching bag with a durable vinyl covering and is foam fortified. It has a well-built striking surface, low base, and stable weight distribution. It can be filled with water or sand, up to 270 pounds
The Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag is a complete kids’ punching bag set. It comes in a box inside which are boxing gloves, instruction hardware, and hand pump. For a kids’ punching bag with shorter height adjustments, check out Velocity’s Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Punching Bag.

Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag with 47 to 57 Inches Adjustment

Velocity is known for the production of solid children’s play gear, equipment, and toys. Its pieces are unique and quite versatile in their application. Every Velocity product is engineered to high-quality standards and is quite easy to assemble. Its kids’ punching bags are steady when filled with the right material, and are mostly freestanding punching bags with a base and main body. They can be used outdoors or for indoor sporting.

The Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag is a spring action reflex punching bag. It has an adjustable height of 47 to 57 inches with a base diameter of about 16.5 inches. It’s a complete play set and comes in a delivery box that’s crafted to the highest standards possible. The box contains assembly hardware, a pair of 10-inch boxing gloves and a hand pump with needle. The assembly instructions for the punching bag are written directly on the box.

The Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag can be filled with water or sand up to 50 pounds for optimal balance. It’s the perfect kids’ punching bag for increasing speed, cardio, agility, and developing hand/eye coordination. It’s recommended for children from age five and above.

Velocity has a collection of other kids’ punching bags:
  • Velocity Inflatable Punching Bop Bag with Foot Pump: This features a clear pouch for the user to insert any photo of choice character to be punched. It has a foot pump for inflating and deflating the bag
  • Velocity Super Fighter Children’s Play Pretend Boxing Set: This is a 20-inch-tall stuffed kids’ punching bag set, complete with comfortable padded gloves
  • Velocity Mexican Mexico Flag Kid’s Pretend Punching Bag Set: It’s a stuffed kids’ punching bag set with soft padded gloves, suitable for all kids
  • Velocity Adjustable Height Sports Boxing Punching Bag: This is a sturdy, durable, and complete set kids’ punching bag. It’s great for training with its easy height adjustment and is recommended for kids of age 5 and above
  • USA American Flag Children’s Kids Pretend Punching Bag Play Set: Stuffed punching bag set with the USA flag design and comes with padded gloves
  • Velocity Children’s Beginning Freestand Reflex Punching Bag: This kids’ punching bag features an adjustable height stand and a flat base. It comes with a pair of soft gloves and a hand pump for inflating the bag. It’s recommended for kids 6 years and above
The Intex Pink Tiger Kids Bop Punching Bag is a three-dimensional, inflatable kids’ punching bag. It’s light and comes with a toy or cartoon character colorfully drawn on it. If you would rather get a kids’ punching bag with Tweety Bird on it, check out the Loony Tunes Tweety Bird 36 Inch Bop Punching Bag.

Intex Inflatable Pink Tiger Kids Punching Bag with 3D design

Intex is a sought-after company that manufactures play items and sports equipment for kids. The company believes that play can be as creative as it is fun. It’s focused on helping children develop their minds through the provision of toys that mirror the characters in some of their favorite television programs and cartoons. Intex provides kids’ punching bags that are affordable, choosing the best products to make sure children have a wonderful time.

The Intex Pink Tiger Kids Bop Punching Bag is a distinct 3-dimensional blow-up punching bag for children, and makes their party more colorful and fun. It’s inflatable, lightweight, and has dimensions of 38.5 inches x 17.5 inches in its flattened state. This bag is to be filled with water when ready to use. It comes flat in a box and has to be blown and set up. The Intex Pink Tiger Kids Bop Punching Bag is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Intex has other kids’ punching bags in stock:
  • Intex Inflatable Wrestler Toy Bop Punching Bag: This kids’ punching bag with a wrestler design is for indoor and outdoor games. It comes flat in a box and is ready after being filled with water
  • Intex Kid’s Kick Boxer Bop Bag: This is a kick-boxing toy design, water-based, inflatable kids’ punching bag recommended for children of up to three years
  • Intex Inflatable Dinosaur Kid’s Bop Punching Bag: A 3-dimensional inflatable blow-up punching bag with a yellow dinosaur design
  • Intex Dolphin Blow Up Punching Bag: An inflatable, water-based kids’ bop bag with a dolphin design, suitable for children three years and above

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Punching Bag?

Boxing and martial arts are healthy sports for kids. Apart from keeping them fit and healthy, practicing as kids can give them a springboard to launch into a career in their preferred sport. A punching bag is also a great way of pulling kids away from spending too much time on video and computer games so they can enjoy other activities. It’s easy to get a punching bag that’s suitable for home use for your kids. There are two types of kids’ punching bags and they’re both popular so you won’t have a hard time picking one up.

Hanging punching bag: this type is highly versatile and can come in different shapes and sizes. It’s designed to be hung from somewhere, and is more fun for kids because it swings and spins, thereby giving them a more realistic combat simulation. Using the hanging bag requires more footwork than its free standing counterpart, and this means that your child will get lots of health benefits from using this punching bag.

On the downside, the hanging bag cannot be moved easily. The hanging position restricts its movements, so you’ll need to detach it before you can move it; this process requires a lot of effort. Another con of the hanging bag is that it can’t be used in an apartment or a condo because it produces noise and vibrations when punched or kicked - and this noise will definitely disturb your neighbors. It can only be used conveniently in your own house.

If you intend to go for a hanging bag, bear in mind that you might have to purchase bag chains or ceiling mounts separately if the bag you’re getting doesn’t have them.

Free standing punching bag: this is the traditional punching bag, and it offers a lot of versatility to the user. As the name suggests, it stands on its own so you won’t need a wall bracket or stand to support it. Its base needs to be filled with something to weigh it down and make it stand. You can place it on a platform or on the floor for groundwork.

It’s not difficult to move around, so you can pack and store after use, especially if you have limited space. Generally, it’s a good training gear and there are hardly any cons associated with it. Best of all, you don’t need to purchase additional hardware, save for boxing gloves. This might save you some money.

To get a good punching bag for your kid, begin by identifying the correct weight and size of your child. To avoid or reduce the risk of injuries, the punching bag has to be half their weight or a little more. If the punching bag is lighter, it won’t give the best workout, and if it is heavier, your kid will most likely get hurt while using it. If the kid is 5’4” tall or a little less, a 60-pound punching bag is suitable. 5’5” to 5’8” heights can use an 80-pound punching bag. 5’9” and above can use a 100-pound punching bag.
We know that the cost of the kids’ punching bag might be a big concern to you. You should have it at the back of your mind that many factors affect the price of this product. Notwithstanding, we advise that you go for the high-quality kids’ punching bags because they’ll last longer and will give you desired results.

Kids’ punching bags are very affordable, with an available price range between $10 and $70. Some bags come with accessories, and cost more than the others. We did come across lots of cheap kids’ punching bags, but we didn’t include them in this review because we want to present you with punching bags that will give you real value for your money.
The features of a product are pointers to the tasks it can accomplish and how effectively. You’ll find a variety of punching bags for sale, but you should go for the one with the features your kids will love. Just so you won’t be confused, we’ve listed the basic features of a good punching bag. Studying them will help you make a great purchase.

The important features to look out for in a punching bag are:
  • Adjustability
  • Inflatable/Non-inflatable
  • Outer bag material
  • Bag filler
Construction and Design
The material of the punching bag is what determines its durability and lifespan. Punching bags are normally made of leather, synthetic material, or canvas. The best material so far is leather, and it lasts longest when it’s properly taken care of. Canvas material is highly prone to mold when placed in an environment with a high amount of moisture. It can last a long time, but that will depend on how well it’s cared for and the environmental conditions it’s kept in. Synthetic materials are easy to clean but are the least durable; they’re highly prone to wear and tear.

Punching bags are either inflated or filled with fillers. The filler is the content of the bag and the base for free standing punching bags, and the content of the bag for hanging punching bags. There are four major fillers for punching bags and they are foam, fiber, sand, and water. Some brands use a combination of two fillers.

A good bag filler is one that makes the punching bag sturdy and hard enough to resist punches and kicks, but not too hard so the user doesn’t sustain injuries. The fiber filler is arguably the best for kids because of its consistent fill throughout the bag. It offers a good amount of resistance, yet isn’t too high for kids.

Foam filler is good for kids, too. It also has a consistent feel and won’t shift to the bottom of the bag throughout the bag’s lifespan. Sand fillers are more suitable for seasoned boxers due to its high resistance, which means it’s not appropriate for kids. Water fillers have the right amount of resistance for kids, and its greatest advantage is its portability. The water can be emptied if you want to move the punching bag and you can refill it anywhere.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s common knowledge that kids tend to grow fast. A punching bag with an adjustable height feature allows you to increase or reduce the height of the punching bag. This feature will save you the cost of buying new punching bags as your kid grows, and isn’t limited to any punching bag type; it can be found in both.

Inflatable punching bags are those that are filled with air. They’re fun, time-saving, and easy to use because they don’t require a lot of setting up. Inflatable punching bags come with foot and/or electric air pumps which make inflating the bag an easy task. Storing them is more convenient as well; depending on the design, you can simply deflate, fold, and store after use.

Get the Best Kids Punching Bag of 2022!

Thank you for staying with us till the end of this review. We trust that you now know what the best punching bag for your kid is, and are prepared to make that important purchase. If you didn’t find the punching bag of your choice among the ones listed here, feel free to check out the others from these brands.

Our Top Choice
RDX Filled Kids Set Punching Bag
Best Value
Fremont Die NFL Tackle Buddy Kids Punching Bag
Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
Velocity Freestanding Children’s Pro Punching Bag
Intex Pink Tiger Kids Bop Punching Bag