Best Kids' Rain Boot Reviews 2023

Puddle stomping is a favorite game among kids where they just run around splashing rain water and laughing while at it. Rather than discouraging your children from such activities, you need to invest in a nice pair of rain boots to keep their feet dry as they splash. Here, we have a collection of five footwear products from some of the best kids’ rain boots brands that will bring cheer to your little champ. Happy puddle stomping!
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Our Top Choice
Western Chief Kids Firechief 2 Rain Boot
Western Chief was started in Seattle in 1891 to make favorable footwear for withstanding tough outdoor conditions.
Adequate knee length. Warm and cozy inside. Easy to put on and remove.
May be a bit heavy for toddlers.
No print
Knee length
Up to 12 years
Up to US 4M
Best Value
Demar Cartoon Print Kids Boots
Demar has been in the business of providing dependable footwear using innovative technology since 1978.
Dual purpose. Prevents water leakages. Super comfy due to padding. Easy to air the inside.
Rubber smell lasts a while.
Colorful print
Ankle length
Up to 12 years
Up to US 12
Hunter Original Kids’ Gloss Rain Boots
Hunter was started in 1856 and is known for providing inventive footwear that incorporates the latest designs.
Handcrafted. Quality components. Adequate height. Comfortable foot bed.
May be a bit plain for kids that love patterns.
Plain shiny gloss finish
Knee length
Info not available
Up to US 13
Crocs Kids' Bump It Graphic Rain Boot
Since Crocs opened in 2002, the brand has quickly risen to be a leading provider of casual footwear at affordable prices.
Waterproof. Beautiful and playful graphics. Lightweight. Super comfortable design.
The height may be a bit short and let water in.
Colorful print
Ankle length
Up to 8 years
Up to US Jr 3
Kamik Kids' Rainplay Rain Boots
Kamik has over a century’s experience in the sustainable manufacture of quality footwear designed to withstand tough weather conditions.
Handcrafted. Waterproof. Durable. Super comfy. Easy to put on and take off.
Non-shiny finish may not appeal to some kids.
No print
Ankle length
Up to 8 years
Up to US 3 Kids

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What is the Best Kids' Rain Boot?

From the construction of the of the exterior to the comfort of the interior, there are many factors to consider before settling for a particular pair of rain boots. Let’s explore more pointers to guide you through the purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Western Chief Kids Firechief 2 Rain Boot is eight inches high, with a cotton lining that absorbs moisture so your kid’s feet stay warm and dry, even in harsh weather. Do you find this design too plain for your kid? Try the Western Chief Kids’ Light-Up Rain Boot instead.

Western Chief Moisture Absorbent Kids Firechief Rain Boot – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

During the Alaska Gold Rush that happened towards the end of the 19th century, Western Chief saw an opportunity to provide people with dependable footwear to counter the harsh weather conditions. Since then, Western Chief has continued to make quality shoes that will serve you well in the outdoors. The process of making their shoes starts by collecting latex that’s found in rubber trees, then taking it through a vigorous process of top-notch craftsmanship that results in high-quality footwear. Each pair from this brand is functional and is made to fit your robust lifestyle.

The Western Chief Kids Firechief 2 Rain Boot is just what your little champ needs in order to counter the muddy and rainy weather outside. This shoe is solidly constructed using rubber, which means that your little one can wear it for a long time, and even pass it down to siblings who will get to enjoy its immense benefits. The sole is also made using thick rubber, so kids can trudge in rough terrain without taking a beating. The sole also has deliberate tread lines to give your child a better grip, so that they don’t slide when walking on mud.

Here are more features that you will appreciate about this pair of boots:
  • Double pull handles for easy wearing
  • Removable insole for convenient airing
  • Cushioned foot bed for added comfort throughout the day
  • Waterproof, so your kid can splash all day
  • Adequate fit inside without fitting too snugly
  • Cotton lining that absorbs moisture and keeps feet warm
  • Knee length of 8 inches
Does your kid not dig this navy color? These boots come in a wide variety of colors, including red, yellow, pink, purple and even black. If your child is a toddler or younger than 8 years, Western Chief has special sizes for them too.
Best Value
The Demar Stormer Lux Print B boots double as snow and rain boots, with modern technology that prevents water leakages, so your child's feet stay warm and dry. Does your kid prefer rain boots without any playful prints? Then the Demar Kids Boys Girls Wellies will make a great alternative.

Demar Modern Design Wellington Rain and Snow Boots – Available in 4 Sizes and 5 Prints

Demar has been in operation since 1978, and has made a name for itself as a leading provider of quality footwear. What sets this brand apart from others is its determination to stay ahead in terms of technology. With a production capacity of over two and a half million pairs of shoes each year, Demar is quite an icon in the industry. Its technology is so advanced that the Polish Army and other militaries hire it to provide them with quality footwear.

The Demar Stormer Lux Print B boots provide versatility, since they work as both snow boots and rain boots. The outside looks good while the inside feels good. These boots are made of durable rubber, and have beautiful prints that will really appeal to your little one. The outer sole is also strong and durable, with deep treads that will help your kid walk comfortably on muddy ground or scale through snow.

Here are more features of these snow/rain boots:
  • Removable liners for easy airing
  • EVA padding on the inside for increased comfort
  • Free from harmful metals such as nickel
  • Damage- and tear-resistant
  • Doesn’t leak in water
  • Fabric lining that helps keep the feet warm
  • Adequate height for total dryness
Is your favorite little person not digging this crocodile print? Well, how about you spoil them with a pony print instead? How about some sun or camo print? You can choose from four available sizes.
The Hunter Original Kids’ Gloss Rain Boots are handcrafted, ensuring that all 28 of their parts fall into place to give your kid confidence to counter a rainy day. Not digging this glossy finish? Your child might like the Hunter Kids’ Junior Black Rubber Wellington Boots instead.

Hunter Kids’ Original Super Glossy Rain Boots - Available in 3 Colors and 4 Sizes

Hunter was founded by Henry Lee Norris in 1856, when vulcanization of rubber had just been patented. The company boomed during both World Wars, since it was contracted to make durable boots for soldiers. Since then, the brand has continued to grow and provide great footwear. As part of its diversification program, it established the Hunter Kids line to provide kids with quality shoes that met their demands. Due to this specialization, parents love Hunter products and trust the brand to give their kids the best. Expert craftsmanship and affordability have endeared the brand to many customers.

Your kid will want to wear the Hunter Original Kids’ Gloss Rain Boots due to the comfort and warmth he or she will experience. Looking at the outside, you will realize that a lot of attention has been paid to every aspect of the shoe. Its glossy finish is appealing and allows you to clean it easily by wiping. The synthetic sole has tread lines that allow your little champ to walk comfortably without slipping, even on mud. The exterior is made of vulcanized rubber that’s not only strong, but also durable.

Here are more features of these nifty boots:
  • Cushioned foot bed for extra comfort
  • Wide opening, thus easy to slip in and out of
  • Knee-length height so that water doesn’t get in
  • Textile lining for added comfort
  • Reflectors for improved safety
  • Handcrafted to quality standards
These boots come in four special sizes.
The Crocs Kids' Bump It Graphic Rain Boots are waterproof and are imprinted with raised graphics that help give your child a playful personality as they splash out in the rain. Would your kid like a different design? Get the Crocs Kids' Handle It Graphic Rain Pull-On Boots with their fancy pull-on design.

Crocs Kids' Bump It Printed Synthetic Rain Boot – Available in 2 Colors and 2 Sizes

Crocs is a casual footwear brand that was founded in 2002 and has risen to be a household name over the years. Its signature clog-style casual shoe is loved by men, women and kids alike. Over the past thirteen years, the brand has managed to sell lots of pairs of shoes – 300 million pairs, to be exact! Crocs is present in over 90 countries. Its over 4,000 employees work tirelessly to provide consumers around the globe with comfortable and quality shoes that they can wear all day.

The Crocs Kids' Bump It Graphic Rain Boots are printed with playful graphics on the outside to make your kid jump around in joy when they wear them. The raised graphics are part of the brand's initiative to embrace customers' needs and preferences. Even when the weather is cold, your child will remain dry and warm while wearing these Crocs rain boots. These vintage-inspired boots have sneaker-like rubber toe bands that make them even more playful.

Here’s what else you can expect once you get this pair of rain boots:
  • Croslite foam cushioning for all-day comfort
  • Roomy fit so the feet are always comfortable
  • Pull tab that makes getting them on and off easy
  • Waterproof synthetic material
  • Wide opening for easy wearing
Not digging the Cerulean Blue/Multi graphics? How about going for the Ocean/Multi ones instead? If your child has outgrown the toddler stage, you may get this pair of boots in another special size for kids aged between 4-8 years.
The Kamik Kids' Rainplay Rain Boots are handcrafted using vulcanized rubber, making them waterproof and durable so that your kid can enjoy endless play even when the weather is bad. Is this design a bit boring for your kid? The Kamik Kids’ Orbit Rain Boot will make a great alternative.

Kamik Waterproof Kids' Rainplay Rain Boots – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Kamik was founded by the Cook family in 1891 to provide consumers with dependable footwear to help them counter harsh weather conditions. With their vast experience, they have managed to create a reputable name in the footwear industry. Through sustainable manufacturing and innovative technology, Kamik constantly gives shoe lovers functional shoes made to meet high quality standards. Its core principle is to ensure that its footwear keeps customers’ feet warm, dry and happy all day long.

The Kamik Kids' Rainplay Rain Boots are made to meet the brand’s commitment to keeping feet comfortable. This pair of boots is made using vulcanized rubber that’s harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. The rubber outer soles are thick and have treads underneath, giving kids a good grip as they walk around. The construction of these boots means they'll last for several rainy seasons, until your child outgrows them.

Here’s what else you'll find in these Kamik boots:
  • Reflective Niterays strip for safety
  • Two elastic gores for added comfort
  • Foot beds cushioned with EVA foam padding
  • The shaft is about seven inches from the arch for a good fit
  • Adequate height of 17 cm
  • Each boot weighs about 510 grams making them light on the feet
If black/orange isn't your kid’s favorite, you can choose blue, magenta, or purple. With six sizes to choose from (1M, 2M, 3M,11M,12M and 13M), you have many choices when it comes to this lovely pair of boots.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Rain Boot?

Kids! What would life be without these angelic little humans? Yes, they can be a handful, but they're priceless. It requires a lot of patience, skill and prayers to handle it when they refuse to come out of their play den for supper, or when they want to use a scooter as their means of transport around the house. How about when it rains outside and all that they want is to puddle stomp? You'll need to arm them with quality rain boots, an umbrella, and even a rain coat to ensure that they remain dry as they play outside.

Kids' rain boots are designed to help keep your little one’s feet warm and dry as they play outside after a downpour. Kids love to play with water, whether it’s in a swimming pool or in a rain puddle in the backyard. For this reason, you have to equip them with comfortable, water-resistant footwear so that they can maximize the fun. Kids can be a bit stubborn in terms of the stuff they want. Therefore, most rain boots brands have incorporated cute designs into their products in order to entice these little angels.

When in the market for the best kids’ rain boots, it’s important to have a number of considerations in mind. Such considerations include the construction of both the outer part and the inside. The outsides of most boots are made with water-resistant materials, while the insides are lined with fabric so that they're warm and cozy. Pay attention to the sizes available – nothing is as annoying as a shoe that doesn’t fit properly! The weight of the boots is also crucial, as they should be light enough for your kid to comfortably walk and play in them.
Do you have to dent your pocket in order to get your kid a pair of rain boots? No. For between $20 and $90, you can find a nice pair of rain boots that’s waterproof and comfortable enough to let your child play in them all day long. The special features found in a pair of rain footwear play a huge role in the determination of price. Features such as reflective bands for safety and use of vulcanized rubber often drive the price of the boot up. High-end rain boots that double as snow boots also come with a high price tag.

You will find cheap kids’ rain boots that won’t cost you as much, but they won’t give you value for money. Such rain boots tend to let in water, defeating the whole purpose of wearing the boots in the first place. Invest in a good pair from the start and you will have no reason to get a replacement, which is expensive in terms of money and time.
There are so many products designed for kids, and footwear is no exception. Before settling for a particular pair, there are various key features you need to pay attention to, such as:
  • Design -Rain boots can either have plain designs, or cute prints that are appealing to toddlers. Kids older than 6 years may shy away from cute boots and opt for more "mature" boots.
  • Style -The height of a boot helps prevent water from getting in, with knee-length boots being the most efficient in doing so.
  • Material - The material used to make the boots should be waterproof on the inside and comfortable on the inside.
  • Size - It’s very important that boots fit properly, so that your kid can wear them comfortably throughout the day. The distance between the shaft and the arch is what determines the fit.
  • Ages - When buying a pair of boots, keep in mind the age range given so that you get the right one for your child.
Construction and Design
Most brands have made their rain boots appealing by making them cute using graphics, pictures, and other prints. Kids are naturally drawn to patterns. If there are no patterns, bright attractive colors or glossy finish are used. The exterior is often made of waterproof material such as rubber. In some instances, boots are made of synthetic materials that have been reinforced to make them waterproof.

Rain boots' interiors are often lined using a textile to ensure that your child's feet are warm and dry. Some boots have foot beds cushioned with EVA foam in order to ensure the wearer's feet remain comfortable throughout the day. Rain boots also have a distance between the shaft and the arch that plays a role in the fit of the shoe. If you look at the soles, you will find that most have boots rubber soles with treads underneath to ensure that your child doesn’t slide while walking on mud.
Performance and Ease of Use
The fit of rain boots plays a big role in the satisfaction your kid gets from a given pair. Always get the size right, and when in doubt, it’s better to revise the size upwards rather than down. A wide opening allows your kid to put on and remove the boots easily. You may find that the boots have a pull tag or handles to help children put them on without having to call for help every time.

Rain boots don’t require a lot of maintenance, other than keeping them clean. Most boots allow you to wipe away the dirt using a damp cloth. Removable insoles allow you to air the boots, which helps prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria. Only store the rain boots when they're completely dry and away from any moisture.

Get the Best Kids' Rain Boot of 2023!

Hopefully, you are now better informed on what to look for in the best kids’ rain boots. We hope that you found a match in one of the products featured in this review. If not, these expert brands have more options for you to choose from that will give you good value for money.

Our Top Choice
Western Chief Kids Firechief 2 Rain Boot
Best Value
Demar Cartoon Print Kids Boots
Hunter Original Kids’ Gloss Rain Boots
Crocs Kids' Bump It Graphic Rain Boot
Kamik Kids' Rainplay Rain Boots