Best Kids Rain Jacket Reviews 2023

Kids are wonders! They derive humor and pleasure from every situation and can’t be stifled by practicalities. That is why, to buy the best rain jacket for your kid, you can’t afford to think like an adult. So it should be easy to make a choice for the child you know so well right? Well, not at all. There are so many options out there to choose from. In your case, you can smile because we have made it easy for you. We have searched the market and narrowed the options to five of the best kids’ rain jackets from five trusted brands. Do note, however, that these brands have other products you can browse to expand your options.
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Our Top Choice
Regatta Luca 3 in 1 Kids Rain Jacket
For 36 years, Regatta has been making outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children, using the best materials and creating stylish designs.
Elastic hood. Zippered pockets. Waterproof and rip-proof material. Taped seams. Can be used as a raincoat or a sweater.
Hood cannot be hidden nor detached.
9/10, 11/12, 32, 34
Pretty pink
2 zippered lower pockets
Machine wash/no dryer
Best Value
Kidorable Kids Space Hero Rain Coat
Kidorable understands that kids are highly imaginative and shaped by what they see, so it uses its product designs to stimulate kids’ imaginations in order to help them grow.
Snap button closure. Waterproof. Colorful theme. Glossy finish. Available in different sizes. Comes with a matching hanger.
Does not provide warmth, just waterproofing.
2T, 3T, 4T, 4/5, 5/6, 6/6X
1 flap-closure pocket
Hand wash
Helly Hansen JR Seven J Jacket
Established in 1877 with a passion for providing outdoor apparel solutions, Helly Hansen has become a go-to brand for outfits that guarantee performance, safety and protection.
100% polyester. Detachable hood. Taped seams. Storm flap. Quick-dry lining. Adjustable hem and cuffs.
A bit pricey, but the quality is worth it.
8, 10, 12, 14, 16
9 colors
100% Polyester
2 zippered side pockets
Machine washable
Joules Skipper Rubber Coat
Joules is an elite UK brand that offers premium lifestyle items, such as clothing, accessories, and homeware to help you dazzle in style and live in comfort.
100% polyurethane. Fleece lining. Attractive print. Waterproof. Available in different colors and sizes.
Thin lining does not offer much warmth.
1 – 8 years
5 color patterns
2 side pockets
Wipe clean with dry cloth
Splashy Nylon Kids Rain Jacket
Splashy offers top-quality children’s rain wear that keeps them safe and protected from the elements, while helping them look fashionable, all at a competitive price.
Advanced nylon fabric. Waterproof and windproof. Available in vibrant colors. Elastic hood. Durable and breathable.
Sizing is a bit off.
2T – 11/12
6 colors
2 side pockets
Machine/hand wash, no dryer

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What is the Best Kids Rain Jacket?

You now know enough to be able to choose a decent rain jacket for your kid. Go on and read our individual reviews of products from each brand to select the best kids’ rain jacket for the needs you need met.
Our Top Choice
The Regatta Luca 3 in 1 Jacket is versatile. Its ripstop material is waterproof and the detachable fleece lining provides warmth, which makes it both a raincoat and a sweater. If you’d like one for a child under 4 years, consider the Regatta Kids Outdoor Greenhill Jacket, which is made of Hydrafort fabric and has zippered pockets.

Regatta Great Outdoors Children’s Luca 3 in 1 Jacket – Available in 2 Sizes

Regatta was founded in 1981. A journey started by 12 passionate individuals, who set out to meet a need. The freedom to be wherever one wanted to be without being deterred by weather was a very challenging one, which fueled Regatta’s passion into producing outdoor apparel that provides maximum protection and comfort. Over the years they’ve expanded from clothing for men, women, and children to footwear, rucksacks and so much more. Its commitment to having a great relationship with its employees, suppliers, customers and the community makes this brand stand out.

The Regatta Luca 3 in 1 Jacket is more than a rain jacket; it is a stylish way to dress your child in whatever weather. It is a versatile rain jacket made with waterproof, ripstop fabric to keep water out, and a detachable fleece liner for extra warmth. Serving as both a raincoat and a sweater, your kid can maintain that trendy look he or she likes all the time. Simply detach the liner in warm weather and your kid is good to go, rocking just the jacket.

The mesh lining this kids’ rain jacket is made with has a smooth feel on the skin; you’ll almost have to go to war to get your child to take it off – that’s how comfortable it is. It has two zippered pockets on the sides to tuck their hands into for extra warmth, for an adorable pose, or to keep their lunch money. It also has an elastic ‘grown on’ hood they can tug on to get a tight fit to protect their hair from the elements.

The Regatta Luca Jacket has an impeccable design, with its two layers of full zip across the front. It sports a quality zipper with a contrasting shade of color and a fabric zipper handle with the brand logo.
Best Value
Suit your kid up for space exploration with the Kidorable Space Hero Rain Coat, which is made of 56% PVC and 44% polyester and themed with alien and outer space graphics. If your kid is a Dora fan, go for the Kidorable Dora The Explorer Raincoat, which comes with a matching umbrella.

Kidorable Children’s Space Hero Rain Coat

Kidorable understands the imaginative nature of kids and produces towels, backpacks, umbrellas, gloves, and so much more that reflects the spirit of childhood. Its products are always a colorful combination of drawings that excite children’s imaginations. The vibrant and colorful appearance alone is enough to make your kids want to use Kidorable’s products. Kidorable has lots of matching rainwear sets with fascinating designs that will stimulate your children’s excitement.

The Kidorable Space Hero Rain Coat is so adorable your kid won’t want to take it off. It is made with 56% polyvinyl chloride and 44% polyester, which repels moisture on contact. While this jacket will earn your child second glances wherever he or she goes, it still provides maximum protection from the rain. Its premium-quality, nylon lining is quite comfortable, as it feels soft on the skin. This kids’ rain jacket is machine washable and available in different sizes.

Its hood is designed like a space helmet and, coupled with the glossy finish, your bundle of joy will look just like an astronaut. This Space Hero Rain Coat will surely keep your kid dry on his rainy voyages. It is made so stylish that your kid will look on fleek whenever he or she rocks it. The material it is made of will not make your kid sweat, even when it’s not raining, so they stay dry and comfortable in this jacket.

There are other quality products available from Kidorable. Here are a few for your consideration:
  • Kidorable Little Mermaid Waterproof Coat – Eye-catching design and can be worn in any weather
  • Kidorable Girls' Ballerina Jacket – Made with premium-quality PU with ballerina prints and machine washable
  • Kidorable Ladybug Waterproof Coat – Vibrant kids’ design and graphics and can be worn in any weather
The Helly Hansen JR Rain Jacket is uniquely designed with the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment, which makes this jacket waterproof and in turn keeps you dry. If you’d like rain pants to go with the jacket, go for the Helly Hansen Kid's Dubliner Rain Pant, which is waterproof and also has the DWR treatment.

Helly Hansen Kid/Junior Seven J Rain Jacket – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

In 1877, a Norwegian captain named Helly Juel Hansen wanted better protection for his sailors from the Nordic weather. He applied linseed oil to a cotton canvas to create a waterproof fabric. This ingenious idea was what culminated in the Helly Hansen brand. This brand makes jackets, pants, and other wear for men, women, and children and has patronage all over the world. Its products are designed to exceed customer expectations by offering an efficient combination of style, protection, and comfort.

The Helly Hansen JR Rain Jacket offers your kid maximum protection from the rain, and it does so in style. Rain and wind can be quite harsh at times, but with your child donning this jacket, his or her welfare is in safe haven. Made of 100% polyester, with fully sealed seams and articulated arms, this jacket is almost a caretaker on its own. Aside from the full zip running down the front, this rain jacket also has Velcro straps for added closure, as well as two metallic snap-on buttons at the top and bottom of this jacket.

It is lined with soft fabric and overlaid with a breathable mesh for comfort and moisture control. Oh! Did we tell you the inner lining is quick dry? Even if your kid manages to sweat under this jacket, it dries up almost as soon as it touches this lining. There’s an inner pocket your little ones can toss their money into, or whatever treasured item they are carrying around with them.

The surface of this rain hoodie is treated with Durable Water Repellency (DWR). You got it right, this treatment is what gives it its waterproof property. Coupled with the fully sealed seams, you can rest assured this jacket will do one fine job of sealing water out. Not only is it waterproof, it is also windproof, and breathable. It has a storm flap in the front that breaks the impact of heavy winds on contact.

There are two zippered pockets on the side to store some change, or maybe the hands, as the case may be. The bottom hem and cuffs are adjustable to create a kind of seal in those areas. This prevents water from seeping in and also keeps the wind out. The hood too is adjustable to provide some sealed protection for the head. By the way, the hood is detachable. So, you can take it off whenever you feel it won’t be needed. That, in some cool ways of its own, jacks up the awesomeness level of this rain jacket. Available in different colors and sizes, you won’t be having any problem meeting your kid’s preferences in color and fit.
The Joules Skipper Rubber Coat is a fine blend of protection, comfort, and style, with its 100% polyurethane cover, fleece lining, and a trendy sailor’s stripe print. If you’d like a rain jacket for girls, get Joules Girls' Raindance Rubber Coat, which is made of 100% polyamide and has a beautiful floral print.

Joules Boys' Skipper Rubber Coat – Available in 5 Colors & Multiple Sizes

Colors. Smiles. Dazzle. Those are what you get from Joules. For over 25 years, it has been designing and selling premium-quality fashion items, as well as homewares. Its clothing is designed for the trendy at heart, as every item is vibrantly patterned and colorful. It is famous for its hand-drawn prints, quality textures, and for reinventing evergreen classics. As a top-selling brand in the UK, with over 90 stores in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, there is no doubt this brand is getting something right. In 2015, it won the Draper's Award for Fashion Retail Business of the Year.

Whether it’s drizzle or a heavy downpour, the Joules Skipper Rubber Coat keeps your kid dry. Made of 100% polyurethane, its waterproofing and taped seam do a handsome job of keeping water out. The fleece lining has a great feel against the skin and provides some level of warmth when it’s cold. The craftsmanship is also exceptional, as the threading is so discreet it's almost invisible. This is the type of finish that is typical of Joules.

Allow your son to have some marine adventures without fear or worry in this sailor’s stripe print jacket, beautifully touched up with red just along the blue zipper to add a dash of color to the white and navy stripe of the jacket. Who says boys can’t flash some color too? The red matches well with the fleece lining that extends all the way to the hood. There are two pockets on the sides of this jacket, which is available in four other similarly beautiful prints. Be sure to check them out, but be careful, you might be tempted to buy them all. Why not? Your kid will definitely adore you for it.

The following are some more exciting, quality products from the stables of Joules:
  • Joules Girls' Golightly Parka – 100% polyurethane with elasticated waist and also available in Neon Pink
  • Joules Girls' Raindance Coat – Waterproof with fleece lining and taped seams. Available in 2 more patterns
  • Joules Boys' Matchday Padded Gilet – Zipper and popper closure with fleece lining and is machine washable
Come rain, snow, or wind, the Splashy Children’s Rain Jacket is made of advanced nylon fabric, which makes it waterproof and windproof, and is also designed to be breathable. For one-piece rainwear, go for the Splashy Kids One Piece Rainsuit, which is waterproof and breathable and has double layers of fabric to prevent wear on the knees.

Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Jacket – Available in 6 Colors & 6 Sizes

Splashy is an exclusive collection of children’s rainwear under the brand of J & K Outfitters. Established in 1990, J & K Outfitters is a family-owned business based in Toronto and specialized in kids’ rainwear. It believes that solutions do not need to be complex to be effective, and prices do not need to be outrageous to guarantee quality or meet a need. Its products are widely used by kids all over the world to stay protected and stylish.

The Splashy Rain Jacket provides your child with the protection he or she needs when caught in the rain or just wants to be a child and play in it. Whether snow or wind, this jacket still has your child covered. It is made with advanced waterproof nylon. That’s not all; this fabric is also windproof and breathable, so there is less chance of your child sweating under this jacket. It is lightweight and comes in such colorful variants your kids will be excited to wear it at all times.

It has reflective trim, which increases visibility for your child’s safety. The rugged fabric will hold strong for a long period under tough conditions. It also has taped seams to enhance the waterproofing properties, and the fabric does not stiffen. It uses a snap-button type of closure and has two pockets on the sides. The hood is elasticized for a good fit to further prevent water from getting in. This jacket is available in six colors you can choose from, but be sure to consult your kid before deciding. It is suggested that this jacket runs a bit small, so it would be a good idea to order a size larger.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Rain Jacket?

Have you ever drawn a deep breath just after it rains? It may be the most satisfying exercise you will ever do because it refreshes you from the inside out. Besides that, the smell of rain on the sand, the brilliant sparkle of the leaves when they have been washed anew and the brightness that ensues after the clouds let loose is part of what makes rain so beautiful. If you happen to have a heated jacket and some free time, curling up after drinking a hot cup of tea is a straight ticket to sleep and sweet dreams.

Moreover, if you happen to be the type who loves gardening, surely you already know how to save cost on water with your rain barrel. Rain is a blessing, and the cold isn’t that monstrous if you have warm protection. However, all these benefits are mainly appreciated by adults. When it comes to children, they don’t just want to stay warm and be fully protected from the rain and cold, they want their rain jackets to be beautiful, colorful and to resonate their personalities, and this is where choosing the right rain jacket for your kid becomes important.

What you may quickly find as you consider getting a rain jacket is that there are many factors that matter. For instance, if your child is a girl, she may care about the color, pattern and design of the jacket, just as she did when you bought her a school backpack. There is a way girls want all of their accessories and gadgets to sync! A boy may appreciate a jacket with some superhero graphic and be satisfied without thinking about other things. Of course, you may be tempted to consider only the technicalities, such as lining, pockets, protection and many more, but then, most manufacturers have made it easy for you to have your cake and eat it too.
There are different kinds of kids’ rain jackets and these are responsible for differing prices. Kids’ rain jackets vary in price based on size, material, and designs. A solid-colored and plain nylon rain jacket might cost about $35, while a 100% polyester rain jacket with fleece lining, detachable hood, and a colorful print will often go for about $85.

There are cheap kids’ rain jackets that seem to have the features of a standard rain jacket but are instead made of inferior materials and will not serve their purpose well nor last long. Beware of them.
When questions such as, who is the jacket for? What size is the child? Where will the child wear it? Have been answered, you are several miles closer to choosing the right rain jacket for your child. Here are some features to consider when choosing a kids rain jacket:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Design
  • Care
Coming up are details of how these features affect the suitability of kids rain jacket.
Construction and Design
The right fit is important when choosing a rain jacket for your child. However, the right size is also relative, as it depends on the kind of clothes your child will wear underneath, as well as the jacket lining. For instance, if your child will be wearing sweats and you buy a jacket with thick lining in her current size, the child may feel stuffed into the jacket. There are also some jackets that are smaller than their acclaimed sizes. For such, you are advised to go for the next size for your child. If you are considering a larger size, ensure the jacket isn’t too large, too long or too bulky. The bottom line is to make sure you check the manufacturer’s size chart to get the ideal fit.

Color may not seem important until your girl frowns with disdain at the jacket you bought or the boy rejects it for looking ‘girlish.’ Remember this jacket will be worn by your child and children these days are fashion savvy. You have to consider their preference when choosing the color of the jacket. Thankfully, most brands make their products in different colors so you are likely to find a suitable color for your child.

Oftentimes, the material you choose depends on the degree of waterproofing you want in the rain jacket. Kids’ rain jackets are available in nylon, cotton and polyester, polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane materials. Nylon jackets provide an impressive level of water and wind resistance. Cotton rain jackets are often lined and also keep the child warm and comfortable. Water-repellent treatment is often added to its outer shell to make it waterproof. Polyester jackets have an outer shell that is not only water and wind resistant but also breathable.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the design of the jacket. Does it have pockets? Does it have additional inner pockets for keeping some personal items? Does it have a hood? Is the hood detachable or foldable? Is it a button or zip closure? The last question matters, depending on the age and preference of the child. If the child will need assistance to unbutton or button up the jacket, it will save you and the child stress if you opt for zipper jackets. Does the jacket have vents? You won’t appreciate this detail until your child goes through strenuous activities.
Performance and Ease of Use
With proper care, your kid’s rain jacket will last him or her for years. It is basically a matter of following the manufacturer’s stipulated instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance. Zipper jackets should have rubberized coating to prevent water from seeping inside the jackets. The zips should also have a zipper garage to preserve the zip and protect the opening.

Jacket openings are vulnerable points that can defeat the purpose of the jacket if care isn’t taken. That’s why you should ensure your jacket has a drawstring, which is often found at the hem edge or waist. The jacket should also have adjustable wrist closures to tighten the cuffs and prevent rain or wind from entering the jacket. They can also be loosened to increase jacket ventilation for the child.

We hope this information will help you decide which features are most important to meet the need for which you want the kids’ rain jacket.

Get the Best Kids Rain Jacket of 2023!

We hope you now have sufficient information to decide on the best kids’ rain jacket for your kid. You shouldn’t wait any longer; make that purchase to protect your kid from the elements.

Our Top Choice
Regatta Luca 3 in 1 Kids Rain Jacket
Best Value
Kidorable Kids Space Hero Rain Coat
Helly Hansen JR Seven J Jacket
Joules Skipper Rubber Coat
Splashy Nylon Kids Rain Jacket