Best Kids School Backpack Reviews 2018

Whether you’re sending your little one off for their first day of school or you’re not so little one is going back for another year of fun and learning, you want them to be setting off with a quality backpack. Choosing one that’s both functional and stylish can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find five of the best school backpack brands for kids. These brands offer a wide range of practical backpacks (to please mom), but also carry some pretty cool designs and colors (to please your little prince or princess). There’s something for everyone here!
Our Top Choice
The North Face Mini Berkeley Backpack - Kids Backpack for School
The North Face has been a renowned brand for bags since 1968. They make high quality, durable backpacks in countless designs, such as this stylish Berkeley School Backpack.
Well-trusted brand. Huge variety of color choices. Large main compartment for school things.
Plain look might not appeal to everyone.
16.25” x 12” x 6”
Comes in a range of colors
Internal and external pockets
600D polyester, 1200D polyester
Internal name tag
Best Value
Jansport Right Pack Backpack for School with Laptop Sleeve
Jansport has been creating quality backpacks that inspire adventure, freedom and fun for 40 years. The Right Pack Backpack is a great choice for value and quality.
Quality, durable pack. Built to last with cordura and suede leather. Internal laptop sleeve.
Too large for small children.
18” x 13” x 8.5”
Comes in a range of colors
Internal and external pockets
915D Cordura / Suede leather
Internal laptop sleeve
Ful Refugee Laptop Backpack for School – with MP3 Pocket
Ful is a brand specializing in travel gear and backpacks. They create packs that are functional and durable but with a stylish edge, including this versatile Refugee bag.
Great brand for reliable packs. 17 exterior pockets. Built in headphone audio port. Holds laptop
Quite bulky. Things could get lost in all those pockets! Only one color – but black is universal, and hides dirt.
19.5” x 12.5” x 5.5”
31 color/design choices
17 exterior pockets
1680D polyester
Side-entry laptop compartment
JWorld New York Lollipop Backpack w/ Wheels for Boys & Girls
Available in over 25 countries JWorld New York, is a leading international brand for functional, stylish backpacks and luggage. The Lollipop pack is a kid's favorite for many reasons.
Stylish design with matching lunchbox. Rolling so no strain on your child. Ample room for all school things.
Better suited to younger children, but they do have ones for older youngsters too.
16” x 13” x 6”
Comes in a range of colors
Front pocket with pencil holder
Water-resistant polyester
Lunch bag included
Disney Star Wars Backpack - The Force Awakens (Others too)
Disney has been creating beloved kids products for years. They have fantastic back-to-school backpacks your child will adore. Star Wars is just one of many themes to choose from.
Fantastic design. Stands out from the rest so hopefully it won’t get lost. Comes with detachable lunch bag.
Made from polyester so maybe not as durable as some bags we’ve seen.
16.9” x 13.3” x 2”
Many Disney themes available
2 exterior mesh pockets
Polyester/Polyethylene foam
Detachable lunch kit

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How Do I Choose the Best Kids School Backpack?

School season has begun, and you know what that means – back to school shopping! Yeah, we know. It’s that time of year when your kids want you to buy everything that has nothing to do with school. Whether it’s smartphones, fidget spinners, or video game consoles, your little ones want it! While you stock your cart with all that, don’t forget the most important item of them all – the school backpack. Wondering why it’s the most important?

Well for starters, they use it to carry books and other school items. The best kids’ school backpacks are spacious enough to carry tons of their things. This will save you the headache of having to replace books and lunch boxes every now and then. They are also quite durable and last a quite a few months (that is, before someone decides to practice their surgical skills on the bag). Get one today and help your kids organize their lives better!
For a product that helps your child organize their lives and save you from constantly replacing pens and pencils, kids school backpacks are relatively inexpensive. They go for anywhere between $15 and $200. Now there is a large price gap between the low and high end of this scale and that’s based on a number of things. The branding, design, material, size and extra accessories can all bump up the price of a school backpack.

There are cheap kids school backpacks out there, even cheaper than our lowest end options, however, they’re likely not very good quality and won’t last the wear and tear they’re bound to succumb to at school.
Though your child’s convenience is what’s driving you to buy a backpack, there are several features you should look out for before making the purchase.

Here are a few factors you should consider:
  • Design – Does your kid like sci-fi movies? Does he need space for a laptop? With a diverse array of designs, there’s something for everyone
  • Materials – Kids backpacks are made of different materials like suede, leather, and polyester
  • Color – They come in a large variety of colors
  • Size – Depending on how old your child is and what they need to carry, you can find the right sized backpack for them.
  • Pockets – They have different types of pockets like internal/external pockets, mesh pockets, and front pockets. They also range in size.
  • Extras – Some backpacks come with handles and wheels, some with extra pockets, and others with MP3 pockets and name tags
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your kid’s backpack is very important. Firstly, the design will be what your child notices first and probably the thing that’s the most important to them. Luckily, you can get pretty much any design on a backpack nowadays so whether your little one is into Batman, Disney, Lego, Star Wars, Princesses, Toy Story, Frozen or anything else, you’re bound to find a backpack that appeals to them. Alternatively, they might not want a backpack with a specific movie or TV theme, and there’s plenty of those too! There’s tons of simple, plain backpacks in a variety of colors too, so they can simply pick their favorite color!

When it comes to the construction element of the backpack, the first thing to consider is the size. What does your child need to carry around? Is it just a book and their lunch? Perhaps it’s several books, their lunch and a toy? Or maybe they need a tablet, books, gym kit, lunch and a pencil case? Depending on what your kid needs to carry in their backpack, you’ll be able to get the right sized pack. Some also come with multiple compartments to organize their belongings too.

Finally, the material the backpack is made from is very important. You want something that is durable and will hopefully last them an entire school year. The most common material for kids’ backpacks is polyester as it’s cheap, durable and slightly waterproof. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash though and you want to go for ultimate durability, you might want to consider a leather backpack that will last for years to come, guaranteed.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to the performance of your kid’s backpack, it really depends on how easily they can access their things, whether they’re well organized and easily accessible and whether the backpack lasts. We’ve already spoken about how material effects durability so now we’ll discuss how many pockets your backpack should have. The number of pockets you decide on should be determined by the needs of your child. If your child carries around lots of small items that might easily get lost, go for one with front pockets for pens/pencils and exterior mesh pockets for other stationary. On the other hand, if your child only needs to carry important school items like books and a laptop, buy one with only internal pockets. Otherwise, one with external pockets will work just fine for ordinary stuff like lunchboxes.

Other extras that would be useful to have are pockets to easily access a mobile phone, a headphone pouch, laptop sleeve or water bottle holder. Also, if your kid is going to be lugging around multiple heavy books then you might want to get a bag with wheels and a pull along handle. This will hopefully ensure your child doesn’t hurt his or her back when going to school.

Last but not least, you should consider how easy the pack is to clean. If you’ve got a young child, you can expect a fair few scuffs, scrapes and spillages throughout the backpacks lifespan. Some backpacks will be made of materials that can just be wiped clean, others might be able to be put in the washing machine! Consider all these things as you look through the choices for a great school backpack for your kid.

What is the Best Kids School Backpack?

Let’s take a look at each of our fantastic products in detail to see what they have to offer. Remember, if the color or design of one of our featured backpacks isn’t for you, all these brands offer plenty of other design options – same great features and all!
Our Top Choice
The North Face Mini Berkley Backpack is large enough to fit school folders, books and lunch. If you’re looking for an equally durable bag but for your toddler, then The North Face also offer a Youth Sprout Backpack, just the right size for your little angel’s bits and bobs.
The North Face Youth Mini Berkeley School Bag with Internal Name Label

North Face Backpack 276890 – Starry Purple/Surf Green

It’s that time of year again, we’ve enjoyed the long summer with our little rugrats around the house every day but now it’s time for them to return to school. We all know every parent is secretly excited to get the kids back to school and return to an empty house with that glorious sound, what is it? Oh yes, peace and quiet! Although we can’t wait to have our “me time” back during the days, we still want the very best for our little terrors when they set off back to school.

This starts with getting them a practical, functional and durable backpack (preferably with a cool design or color to keep them happy too). Our first featured brand is The North Face, which has easily sailed into a Top Choice position. The North Face started over 30 years ago as a mountaineering company, which included selling backpacks to be taken up some dangerous mountain sides. Since then they have expanded and grown and now produce a vast range of backpacks for all situations, including school bags.

The North Face Mini Berkley School Bag is just one from their Kids Backpacks range which offers the durability you’d expect from a company who sends backpacks up the tallest mountains and still survive. Let’s take a look at what features you can expect in your Mini Berkley Backpack.
  • A large 19 liter (1159 cu sq in) interior space, big enough to hold folders, books and lunch
  • The same classic design shrunk into a “pint-sized” version for kids
  • A stitched foam back panel for comfortable use
  • Front outside pocket to stash your lunch money, pens or pencils
  • Name label stitched inside so you don’t need to worry about your little one losing their new bag
  • Strong, durable material ranging from 600D to 1200D polyester
  • A reassuring Lifetime Warranty to put your mind at ease
It’s clear to see that the people at The North Face are confident in their products, which gives us confidence too. Although we have featured the Starry Purple/Surf Green Mini Berkley Bag, North Face has a bag to suit everyone with colors including, but not limited to, Kokomo Green/Magic Magenta, Scallion Green/Asphalt Grey, Fiery Red/Asphalt Grey, Sweet Violet/Budding Green and TNF Black/Moab Khaki. Take a look on Amazon for the full range of colors.
Best Value
The Jansport Right Pack Backpack is perfect for your son heading to middle or high school. However, if you want an equally spacious pack for your daughter, Jansport offer a 34L Digital Student Backpack in an attractive floral pattern.
Jansport Right Pack Backpack – Holds Laptop. Over 30 Colors Available.

Jansport School Backpack TYP7 - Black

Jansport is a brand that’s been creating outdoor gear and backpacks for forty years now and counting, making them a company you can trust. With absolutely all their products they offer a Lifetime Warranty, meaning you can sleep easy knowing this bag will last (at least until your child changes their mind and gets a new favorite color!). With Jansport experienced in creating versatile backpacks for any occasion you know a school bag from them will be durable and made with quality in mind.

The Right Pack Backpack is a simple line, consisting of large, well made packs in a variety of colors. The simple design ensures functionality with a variety of internal and external pockets. Because this pack is very large, at 31L (1900cu in.), it is not suitable for a young child but would suit a teenager (or adult if you’re going back to study!) perfectly.

But that’s not all; let’s take a look at what other features they’ve incorporated.
  • Made with quality materials that last; 915D Cordura with a Suede Leather bottom
  • Size that is easily large enough for all your school books and lunch
  • Internal laptop sleeve, big enough for a 15” laptop
  • Front stash pocket that is zippered for safety; perfect to hide away lunch money and loose pens
  • Padded shoulder straps make this bag comfortable to carry
Whether you prefer a girly, manly or unisex bag, Jansport has the color for you. We chose to feature the black option as it is neutral and could be used by anyone but Amazon has a choice of 31 different colors. These include: Navy, Viking Red, Desert Beige, Aqua Dash, Vivid Purple, Cyber Pink, Spanish Teal and so many more!
Ful’s Refugee Backpack comes at a reasonable price for the innovative style and extra organizational pockets you receive. However, if you are looking for a less expensive option, Ful also offers the Overton Backpack that has fewer external pockets, but with the added bonus of a skateboard carrier.
Ful Refugee School Backpack - Side Entry Laptop Compartment & Headphone Audio Port

Ful Refugee School Bag

Ful specializes in bags and backpacks, as well as travel gear, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about making a great pack for school. They’re committed to providing dependable and unique bags with innovative solutions to common backpack issues.

The Ful Refugee Pack is perfect for your older child for school because it is well-made and durable so it can survive the rough and tumble it’s sure to endure in its lifetime. Also, Ful’s innovative designs will help your son or daughter organize their school things so they are easily accessible.

There are a whole bunch of reasons that the Refugee Backpack made it onto our list for top 5 and here are some of them.
  • 17 exterior pockets; meaning you never have to worry if they’ll be a place for your things
  • Made with strong 1680D poly material, it’s sure to stand the test of time
  • With a side entry laptop compartment you can access it easily
  • It’s large inside area, at 21L, is big enough for all your school books
  • It has a built in MP3 pocket with headphone audio port
  • Internal key ring hook
  • Its ballistic nylon shell makes it water and tear resistant
With all these great features, it’s easy to see why Ful is considered an innovative brand. Unfortunately with this bag there aren’t any color options, but never mind, black is the new black anyway!

If 17 pockets seems slightly excessive to you, but you still want a durable pack with plenty of storage, Ful’s Overton Backpack could be perfect for your little skater boy. With a built in skateboard carrier, your little chap can walk hands-free with his skateboard safely secured to his pack. The Overton bag is still big enough for school books to and has lots of (although not quite as many as the Refugee) pockets for organizing school supplies.
The JWorld New York Rolling Backpack with Lunch Box is a fantastic bag for your kids in elementary school. Luckily, JWorld New York has a vast range of kids’ backpacks, in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and designs so we’re sure there’s something to suit your child.
JWorld New York Lollipop Kids' Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag - Lots of Designs

JWorld Rolling School Bag RBS-16LSP – Pink Buttons

JWorld New York is a brand that’s been creating functional, stylish bags since 1983. They really know their stuff when it comes to making a backpack that is practical, yet the kids love them because of their funky variety of designs and colors. JWorld understands that every child is unique and therefore they’ve tried to create a range of products that has something for everyone.

The JWorld New York Rolling Backpack with Lunch Box was sure to land itself on our list because of the innovative style and vast choice of patterns. The rolling style means your child won’t have the strain of carrying everything on their backs all day; they can simply roll their bag effortlessly behind them.

Here are some of the features that stood out to us.
  • Padded handle; making it comfortable to pull along
  • Padded straps; for when your little one wants to carry their bag
  • Additional matching lunch bag which fits easily inside the pack
  • Mesh pockets on the side for water bottles
  • Noiseless wheels with a magnetic self-lighting system; this means your child can be seen even on those dark winter evenings
  • Front pocket that includes a pencil holder, mesh pocket and key fob
  • Pull-along handle has 3 lock positions so the bag can grow with your child
With all those great features, we think this rolling backpack with lunch bag is worth the $80 price tag (or even less on Amazon, depending upon the color and style you choose). It’s not just a bag; it’s innovatively engineered to survive and grow with your child, meaning it could last for years to come. This particular bag is the Pink Buttons design, perfect for your little girl, however, Amazon give you the choice of 10 different colors. This includes a Seaworld design that would be great for your little man.

JWorld New York offers such a huge variety it was hard to choose one to feature on our review. They have a whole kids collection with traditional bags, backpacks suited to young toddlers, packs for preteens and countless designs and colors to choose from.
This Disney Star Wars Kids Backpack is a great choice for your little prince. However, if you’re looking for a pack for your little princess, Disney has a huge range of back-to-school packs with a whole host of different character designs.
Disney Backpack with Detachable Lunch Kit – Let Your Child Pick His/Her Favorite Character

Disney Backpacks for Kids – Star Wars, Frozen & More!

Disney is a brand that we all know and love. They brought us pure joy as children, with the classics like Bambi and Lion King and now they bring the same happiness to our kids. Although it’s more likely to be Star Wars and Frozen playing on our TV’s now. The good folks at Disney have been creating products for decades and this extends to school backpacks as well.

No matter what your child’s favorite Disney character, they’re sure to have something to please everyone. We are featuring the Disney Star Wars Kids Backpack, however, they also have options for your little princesses too. They have a Tinkerbell pack perfect for younger children and, of course, the hugely popular princesses, Ella and Anna. Their Frozen packs actually come in two options, regular backpack or rolling bag, depending on your preference.

Let’s have a look at what features to expect in the Star Wars Kids Bag.
  • At 16” it is large enough for school books without being so large that your child will fall over backwards when they put it on
  • Padded straps and carry handle to make it comfortable to carry around all day at school
  • It has a double pull zip to open up the main compartment
  • Includes 2 mesh pockets on the outside for holding water bottles
  • Cool Star Wars Design
  • Matching detachable lunch kit
If this isn’t enough, Amazon also sells the matching Storm Trooper Thermos, perfect to fit into one of those exterior mesh pockets.

Like we said before, this is just one of the options from Disney. They have a whole bunch of other designs including Spiderman, Cars, Avengers, Disney Princess, Ariel, Minnie Mouse and more!

Get the Best Kids School Backpack of 2018!

Being a parent is hard work. With Back to School season upon us and everyone frantically trying to get everything ready, we hope we’ve given you a moment of relaxation. It’s calming when you no longer have to worry about your child’s backpack. Any of these brands offer fantastic bags that should last the school year. (Although, this does depend on what your little one gets up to!) Take your pick from these 5 renowned brands and get the year started.

Our Top Choice
The North Face Mini Berkeley Backpack - Kids Backpack for School
Best Value
Jansport Right Pack Backpack for School with Laptop Sleeve
Ful Refugee Laptop Backpack for School – with MP3 Pocket
JWorld New York Lollipop Backpack w/ Wheels for Boys & Girls
Disney Star Wars Backpack - The Force Awakens (Others too)