Best Kids Ski Reviews 2022

It’s difficult to recall when skiing didn’t hold a significant role in the winter outdoor experience, both for kids and adults. It all begins with the physical fumbles, awkward fraternity, and uncertain amusement for many children. Eventually it grows to be such a frequent habit that it becomes an uphill task getting them off the slopes. But, skiing can’t be fun without appropriate kids’ skis that match their height, weight and ability. We have ventured far and wide to come up with five of the best kids’ skis brands you can find on the market. Take a look! For older kids, you may want to take a look at out Best Skis Review for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Rossignol Minions Kids Skis
Rossignol’s products are made by people who are devoted to perfection, and also understand what the mountain life requires.
Lightweight and easy to use. Excellent for kids who are learning to ski. Features cool Minions graphics.
If your child is not a Minions fan, he/she might not be fascinated by this ski.
2-4 years
No poles
No bindings
Best Value
Whitewoods Snowman Kids Skis
No matter your outdoor passion, you are bound to find whatever suits you at Whitewoods.
Excellent for beginner skiers. Comes with universal bindings. Fits most snow boots. Comes with its own ski poles.
The poles seem to be too short for the recommended age group.
2-4 years
With poles
With bindings
K2 Shreditor 75 Junior Ski
K2 is your trusted partner when it comes to all your outdoor recreation goods and equipment.
Strong aspen core improves sliding experience. Camber underfoot provides stability.
Does not come with ski poles.
Young kids
With poles
With bindings
Lucky Bums Beginner Snow Skis and Poles
Lucky Bums is connecting families across the globe.It celebrates raising happy, spirited, nature-loving children, and encourages everyone to grow outside together.
Has bindings, poles, and straps for a secure fit. Works with most snow shoes. Scales on the bottom provide improved traction.
Straps become loose after some time.
4 and below
With poles
With bindings
Skiweb Kids First Snow Skis & Poles
Skiweb is an online store specializing in ski equipment, clothing and accessories.
Comes with flexible bindings and webbing straps to hold the boot in place. Scaled base for excellent grip. Can be used with regular snow shoes.
Not meant for serious skiing.
2-4 years
With poles
With bindings

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What is the Best Kids Ski?

Kids outgrow their skis the same way they outgrow clothes and shoes. The size of skis you choose for your little one depends on several factors like age, weight, height, and the kind of terrain they’ll be skiing on. Now that you’re well-equipped with the features and variables to look out for, why don’t you go ahead and choose a kid’s ski that suits your youngster’s skiing needs, and transform their winter experience.
Our Top Choice
The Rossignol Minions Kids Skis comes with the same innovative technology and game-changing construction as the Terrain Junior Skis, but with fun, Minions inspired graphics. This ski does not come with ski poles. But, not to worry; pick up the Rossignol Experience Ski Poles and get the adventure going.

Rossignol Minions (KID-X) Youth/Kid-X Ski & Binding Kit – Available in 3 Sizes

Since its founding in 1907, Rossignol has always been fascinated by the mountains. The company has built an authentically stylish mountain lifestyle, with both the hard and the soft goods for winter and summer. Rossignol designs and manufactures skis, ski boots, snowboards, bindings, and technical equipment among others. Their goods are quality, highly reliable, of excellent value, and come with an attractive design.

The Rossignol Minions Kids Skis come as an improved version of the Terrain Junior ski with authentic Minions inspired graphics, featuring the same innovative technology and construction. This ski is made in connection with the renowned Terrain-Based Learning Program, known to make the experience of those learning to ski easier and more fun. It features a lightweight user-friendly construction and the correct blend of rocker at its ends as well as a camber underfoot to enable even the smallest skier to be able to easily steer, pivot and stop, enabling him/her to have a more rewarding and less intimidating on-snow experience.

If you are keen on this ski, you will be happy to know that it comes in three different size: 116cm, 128cm, and 140cm.
Best Value
The Whitewoods Snowman Kids Skis measure 70cm and come with mounted universal bindings and 70cm junior poles, making it an excellent set for beginner skiers of ages 1 ½ to 4 years. Want to join in the fun but don’t have ski poles? Not to worry! Get the New Whitewoods Cross Trail Adult XC Cross Country Nordic Ski Poles and get moving!

Whitewoods Snowman Children’s Nordic Skis Waxless 70cm with Poles/ Bindings

Trademarked by Eric Sports—the first distributor in the U.S. to install solar power—Whitewoodsis a brand that is well-known for their quality sporting and outdoor goods and equipment. Some of their products include ski poles, skis, ski boots, camping flashlights, ski bindings, water floats, and touring snow shoes among others.

When they start to walk, they can definitely start learning how to ski. Start off your future Olympian on the right foot with the Whitewoods Snowman Kids Skis. This ski comes as a set containing 70 cm skis, 70 cm junior poles, and adjustable kinder bindings, making it a perfect starter ski pack for juniors of ages 1 ½ to 4 years. The good thing is that the kinder bindings work well with most standard snow boots of sizes 4 to 13.

Made of plastic material, this ski set is excellent for beginner skiers, and is meant for cross country skiing. With the free-heeled binding as well as the kick zone, kids are able to slide on the carpet or flat ground without much frustration. As they become more comfortable with the sliding, the bindings will offer them the needed support as they try to take on small hills.
Measuring 75cm long, the K2 75 Shreditor Jr. Ski is a perfect ski for youths who can’t choose between freestyle and freeride. It can move playfully in the soft snow, but also has enough versatility to unlock some hard stuff. Want a ski that is a little bit shorter and comes in a different design? Check out the K2 Indy Kids Skis today!

K2 Shreditor 75 Jr Skis with Marketer Fastrack 2 4.5 Bindings

K2 is your one-stop shop when it comes to all your outdoor sporting items. Their products range from ski boots, skis, bags, helmets, ski poles, goggles, hoodies, ski socks, beanies, wrist guards, and satellite boxes among others.

The K2 75 ShreditorJr. is an excellent ski for that indecisive youth who isn’t sure whether to use freestyle or freeride. This all-mountain design ski has enough versatility to playfully maneuver in the soft snow, with enough strength to undertake some wild styles. It features an aspen wood core that is stronger and stiffer than the core of a standard junior package ski, and since your little champion skis faster than most children, this is an excellent ski for him. It also features a torsion box construction with strong cap sideways for your little one’s sliding pleasure.

If you are keen on this ski, you will be happy to learn that it comes in 5 different sizes:109, 119, 129, 139 and149. So, choose the one that is right for your junior.
The Lucky Bums Beginner Skis come as a set containing skis, scales on the lower end of the ski, flexible bindings, poles, and attached straps to give your little champ a secure fit. Looking for skis that have a different design and can fit kids who are a little bit older? Get the Lucky Bums Heirloom Collection Kid's Bamboo Skis today!

Lucky Bums Kid’s Beginner Snow Skis and Poles

Lucky Bums is a family business developed from driving on the windy, dark, snow-packed roads with shining snowflakes. The family asked themselves about the kids and how they could spend more time with them. The simple answer that came to mind was skiing and camping. Though it seemed far-fetched since they were barely starting to learn how to give tear-free baths and sing lullabies, this family was driven and finally gave birth to Lucky Bums.

For ski loving families who want to start off their kids early, the Lucky Bums Beginner Skis will be a good place to start. Designed for kids aged four and below, this set comes with skis, flexible poles and bindings, attached straps, and scales at the bottom of the ski, to guarantee a secure fit. The skis are made of plastic to allow children to get accustomed to wearing them in the snow and also offer excellent initiation into the sensation of sliding.

These 70cm skis have bindings that provide a heel lift, but lack metal edges, making them the ideal first skis for children who are just learning to walk, up to four-year-olds who are starting to love and enjoy skiing. Their rugged design makes them perfect for both downhill and cross country skiing in slopes, sledding hills, and backyards.

If you feel that these skis are a perfect pair for your little bunny, then it will interest you to learn that they come in 3 different colors to fit the personality of your child.
The Skiweb Kids First Snow Skis is suitable for ages 2-4 and comes with flexible bindings and webbing straps to hold the boot in place. Want a ski carrier for your little one to put his skis while going out for the skiing escapades? We are sure your kid will love theNew Improved Childs Snow Ski Carrier.

Skiweb Kids Snow Skis, with Poles and Plastic Bindings, for Ages 2-4.

Starting in 2004 after winning accolades for its innovation, Skiweb is an online store that has grown to include products for the outdoors, snowboarding, skiing, and a wide selection of gifts and equipment for many sports.

The Skiweb Kids First Snow Skis set is excellent for little ones who are just starting off with skiing. Measuring 70cm long, these skis can be used with regular ski boots to give your little one confidence and some great fun on those little hills. They feature a wide surface with round tips and have no metal edges. The flexible binding together with the webbing straps help hold the boot in place. They have an aqua color and come with matching metal poles to offer your little one an excellent grip.

It is good to note that these skis are meant for fun and not for groomed pistes. They can be used in areas around ski resorts and fun areas. They are a great alternative to a sledge and will give some super snow fun to your kid.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Ski?

If you understand how dramatically the mountain slopes can transform your outdoor lifestyle, you won’t want to let your youngsters miss out on the winter fun. The best gift you can give your kid this winter is a perfect kids’ ski to begin the fumbles and amusements that could eventually transform into a lifetime recreation.

As kids hit the slopes for the first time, their expectations and reality may often diverge. They could be imagining gracefully swishing down the Alpine mountains, navigating tight bends and flying over rocks, only to spend the whole day fumbling and falling with every attempt. Actually, 83 percent of first-time skiers never return to the slopes after the first day. You don’t want that for your kid, do you?

The only way to make your kid’s first day at the slope fun and memorable is to get the right ski for their height and weight. Also, consider ski areas that are friendlier to beginners to make their learning less frustrating. Many resorts nowadays design terrains with turns and banks to guide little skiers down the hill and let them enjoy the thrill of real skiing without much skill to turn or stop. Just ensure that you dress your little one in full protective gear, including a ski helmet, boots, and goggles. Fun and safety!

Sizing a child’s ski is quite different from other sports gears like ice skates that you can simply fit and off you go. Most kids’ skis are nearly identical, with the exception of some high-performance powder skis. This makes it necessary to go through these consideration factors before you settle on your pick.
Most manufacturers make different categories of skis including kids’ skis, powder skis, as well as expensive race skis. Skis for kids will cost much less than what you’ll spend on adult versions of various models. A decent child's ski will cost anything between $30 and $300. Though you can find really cheap kids’ skis, we don’t recommend them since they may be made from low quality materials and they may not live to your expectations; not to mention that you’ll be putting your kid at the risk of injuries from unnecessary snaps and falls.

It’s also possible to get some pretty good quality used kids’ skis, but you should ensure they’re inspected for structural defects that can compromise the safety of your kid. Some recreational models are also available at moderate prices, and you can easily find a decent choice for your youngster by determining the right length and style.

If you choose to purchase a pair of kids’ ski online, be sure to take it to a reputable ski shop and have the binding fitted appropriately. Make a call well in advance and find out whether the shop has certified techs from the manufacturer for the binding you purchased. We recommend buying the skis with the bindings already mounted if you’d like to save costs. This way you only have to take them for testing and setting the DIN to suit your kid’s size and ability.
Kids’ skis may seem little, but these winter sporting gadgets have massive features to look out for. When you see professional skiers seamlessly navigating their way down steep hills, it looks like fun, but there’s so much that goes into maneuverability, balance, and speed. The terrain also plays a critical role in the kind of ski you’re going to pick. Let’s look into some of the critical features in kid skis in more details:

    As a general rule of thumb, when a ski tail is on the ground, the tip should touch your middle face, somewhere between the nose and the eyebrows. There may be slight changes depending on the terrain and the ability level of the user. Also remember that for very young kids below 6 years, the tip should just touch the chin, while for juniors below 12 years, the tip should barely touch the face.
    If your kid has a larger frame, you can probably consider longer or wider skis. That extra mass provides some leverage to turn longer skis, and the extra surface area can help in distributing the weight. Check the manufacturer’s weight recommendations before you pick a kid’s ski.
    Shorter skis are more appealing to novices since they are easy to turn. However, veteran skiers choose ski sizes based on the kind of moves they want to make. Short skis offer a small turning radius while longer skis provide wider turning radii.
Downhill Ski Dimensions
    The dimensions of a ski are measured in three areas (the tip, the waist, and the tail). The tip is what initiates turns, and a wide tip will float more easily on soft snow. However, on hard snow, you need to match a wide tip with a narrow waist to create a ski that can make short radius carved turns.The waist determines how well the ski performs. Narrow waists provide speedy, nimble skis that are perfect for groomed runs. Wide waists, however, provide better surface area contact with snow, making them ideal for soft and powder snows. Finally, the tail helps to sustain turns and is very critical for fast-turning experienced skiers who prefer wider tails. When you’re making tight, rapid turns, wider tails resist sideways skids hence helping to sustain speed. Narrower tails, however, help to effectively make wide, sweeping turns.
Construction and Design
Skiing for the first time can sometimes be frustrating and unforgiving, even for adult learners. That’s why kids’ skis are made to offer soft, forgiving and easy-to-use designs that will keep the little ones trying over and over until you can’t get them off the slopes. The cost should also be affordable as the kids grow fast and outlive their skis within a short period.

You can purchase clothes that kids grow into, but that doesn’t apply to skis. Equip your youngsters with skis that are a perfect fit for their current size. For young kids below 6 years of age, go for skis that don’t quite reach their chins or something that is 6 or 8 inches below the top of their head. For kids under 12 years, the tip of the ski should touch their middle or upper face. The rule of thumb is, kids can do with shorter skis, but never with skis that are too long. If you’re in doubt, go short!

Kids’ skis are typically made with soft, composite cores that require less weight or skills to turn, bend, flex or direct when in use. Here are the design parameters of kids’ skis:

Foam Core and Cap
    Most kid’s skis come with a cap construction, making the skis lighter and more forgiving. It’s the most economical method of manufacturing skis and is ideal for lightweight, first-time skiers.More advanced kids’ skis may have vertical sidewalls, and sometimes wood cores. These models serve more aggressive, experienced junior skiers, or those who wish to race with their skis. However, you’ll need a good skill set to navigate these skis.
    Currently, most kid’s skis include a rocker in the tip of the skis. This is a slightly reversed or bent-up camber shape. It’s a form of pre-flexing that allows the ski to turn a little quicker and with much ease as soon as you tip the edge. This eliminates the problem of snowplowing that is common with most junior skiers.
Kids’ Skis with Bindings
    It’s always recommended to have kids’ skis with bindings to offer simplicity and compatibility. If you buy a kid’s ski with binding, you won’t have to re-drill the skis to fit the boots. The bindings are simply slid into position to fit the child’s boots. Additionally, you can easily move the bindings whenever the kid changes boots without compromising the ski’s integrity. It’s important, however, to take your skis to a certified technician to install, adjust, and test your kid’s bindings every season before they hit the slopes.
Kids’ Skis without Bindings
    Some kids’ skis come without bindings and are usually referred to as flat skis. You can purchase them in this form and purchase the bindings separately. In such a case, select bindings whose brake width is equal, or a little greater than the waist size of the ski.
Kids Twin Tip Skis
    Many kids love the twin tip skis for obvious reasons—versatility. These skis have turned up tails that mimic the tip shape of the ski. This makes them ideal for freestyle skiing whenever they want.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good thing to keep in mind when introducing your youngsters to skiing is that fumbling and flopping around the snow should be fun. Real skiing will come later. Make it fun by choosing the right ski size and type that is soft and forgiving to your little one.If you choose a size that runs from the ground to their chin, they will feel the sensation of sliding, but still make it to flop around, get on their feet, and glide down the slope. Most kids do better with skis they feel comfortable on.

The idea is to make it playful and fun filled if you want your kid to do it again, and turn it into a lifetime recreational activity or a competitive sport. Now, as much as any ski can be ridden on any terrain, the design is always based on a specific terrain. For instance, powder skis are designed with wider tips to keep them afloat on powdered snows.All mountain skis are designed to be used anywhere and perform well in any snow condition. They are directional in shape and have slightly higher nose to offer a good float on powder.

Freestyle skis are a little bit shorter in design, and are ideal for park riding, making jumps, and doing from rail to boxes. They have softer flex for increased agility when making turns.

Alpine touring skis or backcountry skis are designed for both uphill and downhill skiing. They are extremely lightweight and can easily fit your climbing skins.

Carving skis are great for those who prefer gliding down fresh carving. They are narrow at the waist to enhance quick, responsive turns.

Get the Best Kids Ski of 2022!

There’s a common saying that most kids look better in ski suits than swim suits! Perhapsit’s because it hides their sorry butts in a Bogner, which can’t hold true for boy trunks and bikinis! Well, we can’t talk about a fabulous skiing experience without an appropriate kids’ski. Planning to take your little ones to the slopes this winter? Grab yourself a kids’ ski and get ready well in advance. Even if you didn’t find a perfect fit from our picks, you can still check out other alternatives from these fabulous brands.

Our Top Choice
Rossignol Minions Kids Skis
Best Value
Whitewoods Snowman Kids Skis
K2 Shreditor 75 Junior Ski
Lucky Bums Beginner Snow Skis and Poles
Skiweb Kids First Snow Skis & Poles