Best Kids Table And Chair Reviews 2022

A kid-sized table and chair set gives your little one an incentive to read, learn, or play with his friends on a regular basis and gives you as a parent more peace of mind. These furniture pieces vary greatly, are eye-catching, and are surprisingly affordable. We compiled 5 excellent models from some of the best kids’ table and chairs brands on the market today, and we’re glad to share our findings with you! If this was not the kind of kid's table you were looking for, we also have reviews for play tables, train tables, water tables, art tables, sand tables and even kids picnic tables.
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Good for
Our Top Choice
Tot Tutors Primary Wood Table & 4 Chairs
Tot Tutors sells collections of furniture items for your kid's bedroom, including tables, chairs, book racks, organizers, and toy boxes.
Bestseller. Good value for money. Solid wood construction. Colorful pieces. Easy to assemble. Available in multiple colors.
Some sets arrived defective, but they were quickly replaced afterwards.
4 chairs
5 colors to choose from
26 x 22 x 19 inches
Best Value
Disney Cars Howetown Heroes Activity Table Set
Disney is renowned worldwide for its amusement park, cartoon characters, and lively toys and accessories. It also sells practical, kid-sized furniture items.
Based on Cars movies. Steel construction. Vinyl surface which is easy to clean. 70-pound capacity. Of course there are lots of other Disney character options available.
The chairs might be a bit wobbly, but this doesn’t mean they’re unsafe.
Steel frame, vinyl surface
2 chairs
Disney Cars theme
24.5 x 24.5 x 20 inches
Indoor and outdoor
Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chairs
Melissa & Doug offers affordable, high-quality toys for kids of all ages. Its products are designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind.
Attractive, warm design. Comes with two or four chairs. Multi-purpose table. Easy to install. Suitable for small rooms.
Assembly instructions were a bit confusing, but customers eventually managed to put the table together.
Options of 2 or 4 chairs
Light finish
25.5 x 22 x 5.5 inches
KidKraft Farmhouse Table & 4 Chairs Set
KidKraft specializes in kids' accessories, furniture items, and toys. It designs eye-catching products and builds them from high-quality, sturdy materials.
Includes 4 chairs. Made from solid wood. Available in several colors and sizes. Fits almost any bedroom or playroom.
Chairs might deteriorate if not properly assembled. Put your DIY hat on and assemble this set carefully!
4 chairs
Oak, espresso, or pecan colors
23.6 x 19 x 23.6 inches
Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table
Step2 is a renowned brand which sells hundreds of toys, accessories, and furniture items for kids. Its products are durable and reasonably priced.
Minimal assembly required. Umbrella protects against UV rays. 300-pound max capacity. Good for indoors and outdoors.
Some umbrellas arrived defective, but they were quickly replaced afterwards.
2 benches
Green with brown
40.8 x 43 x 72 inches
Indoor and outdoor

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What is the Best Kids Table And Chair?

If you’re still here, you’re making the right decision! Now that you know what to look for when buying tables and chairs for your kid, let's inspect the actual products we analyzed for this review, all coming from top brands!
Our Top Choice
The Kids Wood Table and 4 Chairs Set from Tot Tutors is currently a bestseller and available in several color options. This set is perfect for reading, drawing, doing homework, playing, and much more! If your kid loves LEGO toys, you might want to go for the Kids 2-in-1 Set from the same brand. This model is compatible with LEGO pieces and is available in 2 color options.

Tot Tutors Wood Table and 4 Chairs Set – Sturdy Wood Construction, Available in Multiple Colors

Tot Tutors is a prestigious brand specialized in kids' toys and practical accessories. When we did the research for this review, we were impressed by this company as it produces a variety of versatile items in different colors. For example, you can go for the Primary collection which includes colorful magazine racks, table, and chair sets as well as organizers with plastic bins. The other collections are also color-themed and include numerous useful and practical accessories for your kid's room.

For now, let's focus on the Kids Wood Table and 4 Chairs Set from Tot Tutors, a product which is currently one of the best kids’ table and chair sets money can buy today. First of all, it’s available in several color options such as natural, espresso, white, and more. The set includes a table and four chairs, all specially designed to accommodate your child and his friends with dimensions of 26 x 22 x 19 inches.

If you’re thinking about durability, then you might be pleased to find out that this set is made from solid wood and cleverly designed by the experts at Tot Tutors. The assembly process is minimal and even fun (especially if your son gives you a helping hand) and the wooden pieces can be easily cleaned when necessary. Lastly, this table and chair set can be used in any way imaginable, allowing him to read, do homework, draw, play, or even dance on it!

Before wrapping it up, we encourage you to take a look at the other kids’ table and chair sets from Tot Tutors, to make sure you’re making the best decision:
  • Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set, Bright Colors - similar design, but the chairs and table are made from plastic.
  • Tot Tutors Elements Wood Table & 4 Colored Chairs Set - available in earthy tones, this set is made from wood and easy to assemble.
  • 2-in-1 Kids Tot Tutors Construction Table with Chairs - not only is this set LEGO-compatible, but it comes with 100 building blocks for your kid to play with!
Best Value
The Cars Howetown Heroes Activity Table Set from Disney is ideal for you little boy as it reminds him of his favorite characters from the famous Cars Disney movie. This set comes with a table and 2 chairs, with a capacity of 70 pounds each. If you have a daughter, then the Frozen Activity Table Set might be better for her as it represents the famous characters from the acclaimed Frozen movie – including the lovely Olaf!

Disney Cars Howetown Heroes Table and Chair Set – Washable Vinyl Surface, Steel Construction, Many Other Disney Themed Options Available

Disney doesn’t need any introduction; it’s famous all over the world for its exciting and attractive cartoon characters, movies, and amusement parks. We believe that every kid knows about Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Cinderella, Julius the Cat, and more! Disney has brought a big smile upon the faces of kids and adults alike, and today it sells a multitude of themed products, toys, and accessories.

We’re happy to let you know that Disney has established fruitful partnerships with other renowned brands and companies such as Marvel, Star Wars, and others. In many cases, you’ll find these companies selling Disney-branded merchandise. However, we need to mention that there’s also a plethora of other small firms which offer counterfeited Disney products with questionable build quality. Basically, if the products don’t come from Disney, Frozen, Marvel, Spider Man, Toy Story, Wall-E, and others, you shouldn’t buy them.

For our review, we’ve chosen the Disney Cars Howetown Heroes Activity Table Set which is made by Disney Cars, another subsidiary of Disney. This set includes a table and two chairs which represent characters from the Cars movies. The good news is that this set is kid-sized, features a steel frame, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth! It has dimensions of 24.5 x 24.5 x 20 inches, making it a great size for your child.

When it comes to capacity, each seat can accommodate weights up to 70 pounds, and they come with a safety locking mechanism which prevents injuries. If your kid is a fan of the Cars movies, this is probably one of the best kids’ table and chair sets you can offer him!

Disney has many other table and chair sets for kids, so we want to bring the following ones to your attention:
  • Marvel Spiderman Activity Table Set – similar design to our featured product, but Spider Man-themed.
  • Paw Patrol Activity Table Set - Paw Patrol is another brand owned by Disney.
  • Disney Minnie First Fashionista Activity Table Set - your daughter will burst with joy at the sight of this set!
The Melissa & Doug Play Table can be bought with two or four chairs, depending on your needs, and is ideal for kids up to six years old. It's made from wood and is ridiculously easy to assemble. If your kid has excellent manual skills, then maybe the Melissa & Doug Project Workbench would be more suitable. This item comes with multiple wooden tools and hardware.

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table – Available in 2 Style Options, Chairs Also Sold Separately

Melissa & Doug is yet another excellent brand that sells thousands of kid-related accessories and toys. Whether you're looking for camping chairs, play tables, or harmonicas, you’ll receive a well-crafted product, made from some of the best and most durable materials out there.

The Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table can be used for many purposes. For example, your kid can use it for homework, playing, drawing, or reading. You can buy it with a set of two chairs, but if your kid usually invites friends over, you might want to opt for the four-chair set version instead. In a similar fashion, this table set is available in natural or light finishes, so you should pick the one you fancy the most. You can even buy the chairs separately if that's all you need for your kid's room.

This table is made from solid wood. It’s easy to assemble, and it provides excellent support for your child's activities. This play set is also kid-sized, so it will look cute and attractive wherever you place it. Thanks to the reduced dimensions of this wooden furniture set (25.5 x 22 x 5.5 inches), it will fit nicely in smaller bedrooms as well.

Melissa & Doug is a large brand with multiple products. Let's take a look at a few more tables before you make your final decision:
  • Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Project Workbench Play Building Set – features wooden tools and enhances kids' creativity.
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Table and 130 Piece Train Set Package - what kid doesn’t like a train set? Woo-Choo!
The KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set is available in several colors and sizes, and it features a solid wood construction. If you prefer a set with round furniture pieces, then we suggest the KidKraft Round Table and 2 Chair Set which is available in 2 colors and is ideal for your kid's room.

KidKraft Farmhouse Table and 4 Chairs – Solid Wood Construction, Kid Sized Set, Available in 3 Colors and 3 Sizes

KidKraft is another fine manufacturer of kids’ toys and accessories, and you’ve probably heard of it already. This company sells hundreds of toys for kids of all ages, including useful furniture items such as table and chair sets. Its products are cleverly designed, made from sturdy materials, and are always bursting with colors!

The KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set we’ve chosen for our review is available in three color options: pecan, espresso, or oak. This set is kid-sized with dimensions of 23.6 x 19 x 23.6 inches, and it includes a table and four chairs made from solid wood. Therefore, your kid can invite his friends over and use the table to draw, do homework, play games, or read.

Why should you buy this set? Because it’s versatile, easy to assemble, practical, and thanks to its design, suitable in almost any kid’s room. We believe it’s one of the best kids’ table and chair set money can buy today. These furniture pieces are made entirely in the USA and feature rounded corners, so your kid won't scratch himself or get injured by accidently bumping into a sharp edge.

Still, if for some reason you’re not sold on this set, take a look at the others made by KidKraft, and you’ll surely find something suitable for your tastes:
  • Nantucket Table with Bench and Chairs - set includes a table, 2 chairs, and small bench, and is ideal for families with multiple kids.
  • KidKraft Round Table and 2 Chair Set - this is a cute set, probably better suited for your daughter's room.
  • KidKraft Nantucket Table & 4 Pastel Chairs - this set includes a table and 4 chairs in pastel colors.
The Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table is a stunning table which features 2 small benches and an umbrella, protecting your kids from excessive sunlight! If your little ones spend more time indoors, then the Art Master Activity Desk would be more suitable for them. This desk is ideal for reading, learning, studying, drawing, or doing homework.

Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella – 300-Pound Capacity, Minimal Assembly Required

Finally, we couldn’t have ended this review without including a product from Step2. This prestigious brand sells a wide variety of toys for kids, including motorized ride-on toys and treehouses. Best of all, Step2 puts an emphasis on safety and reliability, and this is one of the reasons we included its product on our list.

Let's proceed by taking a look at the Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table, which simply invites you to sit down and play cards! This table requires minimal assembly, incorporates 2 benches which can accommodate 4 kids, and comes with a protective umbrella. This umbrella is not only for design; it stops the dangerous UV rays from damaging your kids' soft and shiny skin.

Moreover, the table is made from durable materials, so it can withstand a total weight of 300 pounds. After your kids have spread jam, jellies, and ice-cream on the table (they will at some point), you can simply clean it with a damp cloth as its surface is specially designed to be easy to clean. And you can be sure it’s nicely sized for your kids, with dimensions of 40.8 x 43 x 72 inches.

If you prefer tables which come with chairs, not benches, take a look at these other masterpieces from Step2:
  • Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs Set - includes 2 chairs, and is made from wood.
  • Step2 Mighty My Size Table and Chairs Set - made from durable plastic, and is easy to clean.
  • Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen Plastic Table and Chairs Set for Kids, Tan - excellent for learning, and minimal assembly required.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Table And Chair?

Kids grow quickly these days and before you know it, you’re constantly upgrading and improving their bedroom to accommodate their new daily habits and interests. When your child is small, you would buy him a ride-on toy, then a bicycle, then maybe a brand-new Wii console. But now that he or she has grown and developed greater cognitive capacities, you’ll want to provide him or her with the best tools for learning and expressing artistic skills. This is when a table and chair set comes into play!

We’re aware that there’s a multitude of kid-sized table sets available on the market today such as train tables, folding tables, activity tables, picnic tables, and even air hockey tables. Each of them has its own purpose and price tag. For this review, we’re going to focus on regular table and chair sets which allow your child to perform various activities such as reading, drawing, learning, doing homework, and playing.

By the way, if your kid’s very young, we wholeheartedly recommend the Little Tikes brand as it specializes in furniture items, toys, and accessories for smaller kids. Similarly, if you’re looking for high-quality wooden sets, there are brands such as Ikea and Mellissa & Doug that make ones which not only fit nicely into any child’s bedroom décor, but will make you proud to use them for the kids’ table at your next holiday family gathering!

Obviously, the market offers you much more than the traditional wooden furniture items. We’re going to help you pick the right one for your child from some of the best table and chair sets out there. What you need is a little bit of patience to read this guide, and maybe a pen and paper to take notes as you read along. Here we go!
It’s wise to set a budget right from the start when buying a table and chair set for your child, as the prices for these items can vary tremendously. For example, the price for a high-quality set can start from around $50 and usually includes 2 chairs, while a higher-end one can easily pass the $100-mark and go up to several hundred dollars for ones with plenty of features and accessories. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to invest.

Secondly, we strongly advise you to stay away from excessively cheap kids’ tables and chairs, because your little one's safety and wellbeing are at stake. If a kid-sized set is priced too low, chances are that it’s made from flimsy materials and will deteriorate quickly. We’re quite sure you don’t want to take such risks.
What can you expect from a good quality furniture set for your kid? Well, there are several aspects to be considered:
  • Materials - some sets are made from wood, others from plastic, while others still from steel.
  • Number of chairs - most tables usually come with 2 or 4 chairs, but in those cases where only 2 are included in the package, you can buy an additional 2 at a reduced price.
  • Design - this is where things get really exciting! Kids’ table and chair sets are supposed to be fun and eye-catching. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see multiple attractive ones on the market.
  • Assembly process - unless you’re a convinced DIY enthusiast, you'll eventually want the assembly process to be as short and simple as possible.
These are the main things you should keep an eye out for when buying furniture sets for your kid's bedroom. If you want a step-by-step guide: set a budget right from the start, assess the size of your kid's room, decide upon design and color scheme (since that's what usually matters the most for kids), and then speak with your spouse about the materials you want the set to be made from. Actually, we’re going to give you more details about the materials from which tables and chairs are made from, so don't skip the rest of this guide!
Construction and Design
As a general rule of thumb, today's kid-sized table and chair sets are made from 3 materials:
  • Wood - wooden sets are durable and attractive. They add warmth to your kid's room and require little to no maintenance. But as a minor drawback, you’ll have to be extra careful when you assemble the table and chairs—but you always get a detailed instruction manual in the package.
  • Steel - yes, some sets are made from tubular steel which ensures their longevity. These sets might be a bit heavier than others, but they’re probably the safest.
  • Plastic - some table and chair sets are made from plastic, but don’t worry, it’s not the cheap, flimsy kind of plastic you see sometimes. Today's manufacturers use an advanced, strengthened type of plastic which ensure durability and safety. Better still, furniture items made from plastic are lighter, easier to clean, and require little to no assembly.
We’re ready to talk now about design now: most sets are available in a plethora of attractive colors which boost kids' imagination and creativity. Some sets are also based on various famous kids’ movies such as Frozen, Cars, and so on. Assess your kid's preferences first and then offer your kid a gift he or she will love to use every day!
Performance and Ease of Use
Thanks to the fact that most kids’ table and chair sets are practical and versatile, they can be used for various activities such as drawing, playing, doing homework, or reading. Moreover, these furniture items are usually covered with a special surface which makes them easy to clean. For example, a plethora of tables are covered with vinyl, which is renowned for being easy to maintain.

Get the Best Kids Table And Chair of 2022!

We’re sure that your child will appreciate one of these sets if you offer it as a gift! On the other hand, you could also speak with your little one and ask for his opinion regarding the color and type of the table and chair set you’re about to buy. Good luck!

Our Top Choice
Tot Tutors Primary Wood Table & 4 Chairs
Best Value
Disney Cars Howetown Heroes Activity Table Set
Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chairs
KidKraft Farmhouse Table & 4 Chairs Set
Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table