Best Kids Tablet Reviews 2023

Tablets are great to keep your kids entertained, but you just can’t hand your new iPad Pro off to Junior hoping for the best. Not only could your little one stumble upon inappropriate content on the internet, but they could also buy lots of expensive apps and media that you hadn’t planned for. Worst still, they could break it into pieces just like they do with their toys. The best thing to do is get them a kid’s tablet – one that is made to withstand drops and smashes, and has a wide range of educational app choices. We are here to help you with your purchase process, and have reviewed some of the best kids tablet brands in the market. Read on and get your little one a model that’s right for their small, slippery hands!
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Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition Tablet for Kids
Nabi prides itself as being the first creators of a tablet specifically for kids. The Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition comes with a large 7-inch screen to make the content more engaging.
Strong and durable frame. Good storage. Large screen display.
Most apps are for sale.
7 inches
16 GB
8 hours
1.2 GHz
The Force Star Wars Accessory
Best Value
Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet
Amazon decided to venture into the world of kid’s tablets with impressive models. The Fire Kid’s Edition is just a good example with a durable construction and endless contents.
Rugged case. Good amount of kid’s content. Impressive parental control.
Short battery life.
7 inches
8 GB, 16 GB
7 hours
1.2 GHz quad-core
Micro SD port, parental control
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet for Kids
Anyone who settles for Samsung products settles for quality. The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition comes with a 7-inch display, a quality build and awesome pre-loaded apps.
Attractive user interface. Smooth performance. Colorful design. Sturdy build.
Lower resolution screen.
7 inches
8 GB
5.4 hours
1.2 GHz
Micro SD port
Dragon Touch Quad Core Tablet for Kids
Dragon Touch Specializes solely in tablets, laptops and smartphones. The Y88X Plus features a 7-inch display and a G-sensor for much less!
Well-designed cover case. Affordable.
Low battery life.
7 inches
8 GB
3 hours
1.2 GHz quad core
G-sensor, Wi-Fi
LeapFrog LeapPad Glo Tablet for Kids
LeapFrog understands that kids tend to learn better and faster when they are having fun. The LeapPad Glo Tablet sparks kids’ imagination with bright and fun colors.
Very affordable. Good content. Bright, fun colors.
Smaller screen display.
5 inches
4 GB
4-5 hours
550 MHz
Art studio app

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What is the Best Kids Tablet?

Now that you know what it takes to get your little one a good tablet, go ahead to check out our picks below. Remember that we have only featured top brands, so if the products we have selected don’t tickle your fancy, you can always go ahead and browse more tablets by these manufacturers.
Our Top Choice
The Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition is one of the newest tablets in the Nabi’s line of kid’s tablets. It features a large 7-inch display and a processor speed of 1.2 GHz to make usage seamless. If you want it to survive drops and smashes, we suggest that you get the Nabi 2 screen protector.

Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition Tablet Computer: The Force Star Wars Bundle Light Side

Nabi is one of the top technology innovators when it comes to products meant for kids and families. Through detail-driven product development, they have always arrived at definite components to produce best performing and appropriately-sized tablets.

Tablets built specifically for kids should not be too large to have them struggle while holding. On the other hand, the tablet shouldn’t be too small, especially if the aim is to play games or watch movies. No one understands this better than Nabi. The Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition comes with a 7-inch screen to make the content more entertaining and engaging. Your little one can use it to play games, learn math, read books, browse the internet, and watch cartoons and movies.

For around $179, you get more than just a tablet with Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition. The package comes with The Force Star Wars Accessory that includes a striker wrap, drop-safe bumper and is glow-in-the-dark. Here’s what more you will get:
  • NVIDIA graphics to deliver impeccable image quality
  • 16 GB hard drive to help your kid store games and movies
  • 2 MP front-facing camera for selfies
  • Wallpapers and sounds from the Star Wars films
  • R2-D2 frame to guarantee longevity
Best Value
Amazon Fire’s tablet for children allows your little one to explore a wide range of apps, watch videos and read books on a large 7-inch screen display. For a perfect friendly kid-proof case, we recommend you grab the FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for added protection against drops and bumps.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Computer 7” Display, Wi-Fi – Kids Proof Case, Available in 2 Storage Capacities and 3 Colors

If we were to go with the current statistics, Amazon is one of the biggest brands globally. Many people know it as the biggest retailer in the world, but the truth is that the brand does not just sell products; it also makes some of its own, tablets being one of their most successful product lines.

Think of it this way: your little one begs you desperately for a tablet, and you very well know that all the toys you have bought them have never survived a month. You don’t have to settle for an extremely cheap model just because you think it won’t last a week. The Fire Kids Edition Tablet is made with durability in mind, yet it costs only $89.99. Amazon has gone ahead to offer a complete replacement, should the kid manage to break within the 2-year warranty period.

The Fire Kid’s Edition Tablet also comes with a nice selection of apps that are easy to operate. As a bonus, you get a parental control to limit the time your little one uses the machine so that they do not take up much of their time playing games while they should actually be sound asleep. Here’s why your kid will go crazy with this tablet:
  • Instantly access educational apps and kid-friendly games with the 1-year free subscription
  • 7-inch screen with an impressive 1024 x 600 resolution for crisp clear movies and images
  • 8GB and 15 GB internal storage options
  • Quad-core processor for fast operation
  • Dual camera to let your kid take fun photos
  • Kid-proof case to make the device indestructible
  • 2-year guarantee; f your little munchkin breaks it, you return and get a new one for absolutely free
If you feel 8 GB is too little to save all the apps and cartoons your kid likes, you can spend a few more dollars and get the 16 GB version. Also choose between blue, green and pink colors.
The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition features a sturdy design and an attractive kid-friendly interface to keep your little one engaged for hours. Although it’s very difficult to break it into pieces when dropped, we suggest that you get the handle grip case just to be on the safe side. It works both as a handle and a stand, giving your gadget the much-needed protection.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet Computer Kids Edition 7-Inch – Available in 2 Color Cases

There are good reasons why we decided to feature Samsung as our third choice: one, the brand is one of the biggest names in the technology space, and second, their products never disappoint. Innovation is the only language Samsung developers speak, something that’s clearly seen in the kid’s tablets it releases into the market.

If you have ever used the Galaxy Tab 3 (adult edition), then you will agree that any kid would love to have the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition. The gadget may cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it considering the many impressive features it offers. You can literally drop it from chest height right onto the floor a total of 10 times and it won’t do a thing! It will simply bounce. This tablet comes with a solid build, so you don’t have to worry even when your kid uses it as a sword or a Frisbee when they are tired exploring the content.

With an 8 GB internal storage space and up to 32GB micro SD port, you can have your kid enjoy learning math or playing games for hours with just $279.99. Here’s what’s more in store for your little one:
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system
  • 1.2 GHz Samsung Marvell process for the ultimate speed
  • Pre-loaded children apps including paint tools, games and more
  • 400mAh battery to allow for over 5 hours of continued use
  • Gadget available in yellow with orange bumper and tallow with blue case
The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus offers endless entertainment, allowing your little one to access lots of video clips, educational games and paintings. Want same 7-inch display, quad core processor, and 8 GB of storage space, but a different design for a much affordable price? We think you won’t go wrong with the Dragon Touch Y88X.

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Tablet Computer 7-inch 2017 Disney Edition Pre-Installed Disney Content – Available in four colors

Have you not noticed the huge number of bright kids operating tablets these days? Well we have, and obviously Dragon Touch envisioned this a few years ago when it debuted with the original Dragon Touch Y88X tablet solely designed for kids. From an educational standpoint, there’s no doubt any kid will love the Y88X Plus model. It comes with a Quad-Core processor to speed up things, lots of pre-installed apps and a 7-inch display to make the content more engaging and entertaining.

For just $79.99, your kid gets to enjoy many features, including:
  • 1024 x 6000 resolution for crisp clear images
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for better connection
  • Dual webcams for taking fun photos
  • Free Disney content and 10 audio e-Books and 3 educational game apps
  • 8 GB onboard storage
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 3hrs
  • Premium parental control to help you limit access to some videos, websites and other Android contents
This tablet comes in a pink color, which is suitable for small princesses. If you are blessed with a prince instead, you can get it in blue, red or green for fairly the same prices.
The LeapPad Glo Kids tablet is solely made for helping kids learn and unleash their creativity. It allows them to access thousands of games and educational materials to make their dreams a reality. To make their experience even better, get the LeapFrog Learning Friends and nature preschool skills on your little one.

LeapFrog LeapPad Glo Tablet Computer – Available in 2 Colors

LeapFrog is credited for creating award-wining solutions for educational purposes. Everything they make is meant to delight, inspire and engage children so that they can reach their full potential. There’s no reason you shouldn’t trust the brand to make you kid brighter.

Having a tough build seems to be the first priority of LeapFrog when making the LeapPad Glo Tablet. We can comfortably say that they have done a good job as the device comes with a solid construction to prevent damage. The brand claims to have tested it vigorously to make it indestructible. What’s more, it offers personalized learning through games that automatically adapt to any kid’s learning level.

Here are more goodies that this tablet offers:
  • Tough body for a worry-free run
  • Access to 1,000 + apps and games designed and approved by learning experts
  • Front and back cameras to take photos and videos
  • An art studio for your kid to unleash their creativity
  • 4 GB memory to store movies and learning materials
This tablet comes with a teal color/finish, but you have the option to get one in purple for a higher price.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Tablet?

Being a parent of a child who spends a lot of time with mobile devices can be a little disconcerting, particularly if you grew up in the pre-internet age. As kids, for us, fun revolved around riding a bike all day or going nuts on a punching bag after being hyped up by a Sylvester Stallone flick. While these traditional activities are crucial to child development, we must acknowledge that modern devices such as smartphones and tablets have opened a world of possibilities for kids who previously may have been held back by their environment or physical abilities (the so-called nerds).

A kid’s tablet is made differently from our normal tablets. Manufacturers know that kids live highly active lives and are prone to dropping, misplacing, and straight up going mental on things and breaking them. For this reason they have built sturdier and more durable tablets that can take any kind of beating your little ones subject them to.

Ultimately, every parent wants a tablet that strikes a balance between entertainment and education. There’s a range of tablets that allow your anklebiter to download and stream videos, explore a wide range of apps, and lose themselves in the world of e-books. Apart from being practical, some of these devices have integrative features such as USB ports that make it possible to transfer data using USB drives.
If you really want to score some “cool parent points,” and give your little one a gift they will live to remember on their birthday, a tablet is the way to go. Unlike with other toys such as teddy bears and police cars you have bought in the past, kid’s tablets can be quite expensive. Most of them range from around $70 to $300, but you can find others that are slightly more expensive depending on the features you go for.

A kids tablet with an internal storage capacity of 16 GB enables you to download more apps and games than one with a limited internal memory of only 4 GB and is, therefore, pricier. Similarly, a kids tablet with a processing speed of 1.2 GHz will cost you more than one with a less powerful processor. Other factors that affect the price include display size, battery life, and additional features such Wi-Fi connectivity and number of Micro SD ports. If you want to get a good model that will not break easily and one that incorporates good features to suit your munchkins needs, we advise you to stay away from cheap kid’s tablets. You little ones deserve the best!
A kids tablet has three main functions: entertainment, education, and communication. It is, therefore, equipped with several features to achieve these ends, some of which include:
  • Display Size - A tablet with a large screen has a wider range of use than one with a small one
  • Battery Life - A high battery life enables the “mini you” to use the device for a longer period before juicing up
  • Speed - High speed translates to a high processing power
  • Storage This determines how much content you will save in the tablet
  • RAM - Holds data temporarily during processing. A bigger RAM translates to a faster device
  • Operating System - This is the software on which the tablet runs
  • Wireless Technology - Includes features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Screen Resolution - It is the clarity of images and texts on the screen
  • Casing - This part is intended to hold the device together and protect it from scratches
Construction and Design
One thing we can all agree about our anklebiters is that they do not hold the values of prudency and “safe tablet keeping” close to heart. We must, therefore, be ready to deal with scratches, bitemarks, and, in some cases, claw marks. In this regard, make sure you get a tablet with reinforced/strong kid-proof casing to guarantee the device’s durability.

The screen size is one of the most crucial features to consider when purchasing a kid’s tablet. Your decision to go large, medium, or small is dependent on your budget, intended use, as well as place of use. Small-screen tablets are usually around 5 inches and are suitable for use in different environments because they are portable and lightweight. However, they do not perform optimally when it comes to high-end gaming or watching movies. For this, we recommend you go for the 7-inch variety.

In an era of the Internet of Things, wireless technologies that make it possible to connect our tablets to other devices and the Internet are king. If you want your little one to get the most out of the tablet and enjoy this interconnected world, ensure that the model you get has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.
Performance and Ease of Use
Gaming, browsing the Internet, and reading e-books are power-intensive functions that will task your device. For heavy users, a tablet with a high battery life will enable them to enjoy without having to frantically look for a power outlet every now and then. In order to avoid this, we recommend you go for a kid’s tablet with a long-lasting battery.

If you are looking to steer clear of lags, it is important to pay attention to your device’s processor. If your little one is a “heavy user”, we advise you to select a more expensive product as it will probably have a powerful processor that will guarantee speed. Processing speed also goes together with the size of your device’s RAM. A bigger RAM translates to a high capacity to run numerous apps concurrently.

Screen resolution is also an important feature to consider. The best kid’s tablets are the ones that have a high resolution as they can run demanding applications such as Netflix and YouTube with impeccable clarity.

Since most of the apps that your devices uses are downloaded from the internet, it helps to have a kid’s tablet whose operating system is compatible with them. An Android-powered product is suitable for a kid that is always downloading the latest apps and games while a Fire OS will serve a bookworm well.

Get the Best Kids Tablet of 2023!

After a comprehensive inquiry, we have been honored to present you with a range of top kid’s tablets from reputable manufacturers. Whether you want your little one to familiarize themselves with technology, surprise them on their birthday, or help them to get ready for an academic year, you will not go wrong with these brands. We are happy to have helped you put a smile (and possibly enlighten) your little ones!

Our Top Choice
Nabi 2 Collector’s Edition Tablet for Kids
Best Value
Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet for Kids
Dragon Touch Quad Core Tablet for Kids
LeapFrog LeapPad Glo Tablet for Kids