Best Kids Tea Set Reviews 2023

Doting parents can testify to the fact that there’s always the desire to get the best for our children but sometimes the spirit is willing but the pocket is weak. When you are faced with myriads of options and don’t know what to choose, we are here to help make your task easier. We researched the best kid’s tea set brands and came up with a list of our top five. These brands have more products in this category but for the purpose of this review, we selected only one product per brand.
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Our Top Choice
ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Kid's Tea Set
ALEX Toys is a conglomerate of award-winning toy brands. For over thirty years it has remained committed to the overall development of the child through creative fun.
Made of top quality ceramics. Has thirteen pieces in the set; 4 cups and saucers, 1 teapot with lid, 1 sugar pot with lid, 1 creamer. Beautiful butterfly design.
The tea pot is not big enough to fill four cups at the same time.
Butterfly print
8 years and above
Sugar and creamer bowl
Best Value
Fisher-Price Sweet Manners Kid’s Tea Set
Since 1930, Fisher-Price has stayed true to the vision of its founders. Its products put smiles on the faces of its users and encourage learning through creative fun and play.
Teapot lights up and sings when the tea is “poured”. Fun lights and sounds.Three Smart Stages™ with different learning contents. Open/close teapot and sugar bowl lids.
Children cannot drink for real from the cups because of the holes in them.
1 year 6 months - 3 years
Puzzle tray w/ "tea time" foods
Delton Products Rose Kids Tea Set
For over 34 years, Delton has provided a mix of top-quality products from porcelain dolls to home accessories and gift items. It’s also committed to excellent customer care.
Made of top-quality porcelain. Beautiful butterfly and rose design. Strong and durable. Fabric-lined basket. Pieces come in pairs.
The fastening on the basket is weak.
. 6 - 15 years
Plates, cutlery and basket
Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Kids Tea Set
Melissa & Doug was founded 25 years ago and since then continues to deliver innovative and imaginative products that encourage children to see potentials in everyday life.
Made of PVC and BPA-free plastic. Strong and durable. Beautifully-designed. 17-piece set. Safe for contact with food items.
Feels too light and tips over easily.
3 - 5 years
Teaspoons for “stirring”
Schylling Forest Friends Tea Time Set
Schylling is a veteran maker of unique and timeless toys that are safe and of top-quality. It protects the privacy of children and offers great customer service.
Made of top-quality metal. 15-piece set with serving tray. Serves four persons. Food safe and anti-rust material. Illustrated with forest animals and plants.
Pieces are smaller than expected.
Forest animal-themed
3 years and above
Matching serving tray

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What is the Best Kids Tea Set?

How can you qualify a plaything or a toy as the best that’s available? Surely it depends on the child or children that will be the ones playing with it? If your child is a bit more on the enthusiastic, zealous side, a sturdy plastic is more likely going to pass the test of time over a ceramic tea set that would suit a quieter personality. As you read this review, we ask that you pay close attention to the features listed and discussed so that you’ll know what to look out for as you go shopping. This would ensure your child will be a tea-making expert in no time!
Our Top Choice
Help your child acquire some social skills and grace with the Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Set. It has enough pieces to encourage group play and teach friendship and sharing. If you are looking for a unisex toy that’s not too expensive , the ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets is highly recommended.

ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Kid's Tea Set

The Alex Brands® is made up of a number of the most popular and quintessential toys that have won several awards in the industry. This conglomeration provides consumers with toys of excellent quality that have received recognition both by its peers and toy critics. You are assured that you’re getting products from a brand that has a reputation to protect. It has also gained years of experience since 1986 and is not just a flash in the pan. ALEX is dedicated to enabling children develop their creativity by giving wings to their imagination as they play and while keeping them active (these are important aspects of growth for any child). In the pursuit of these goals, ALEX Toys develops games and toys for children from babyhood to teen age with toys that cover all aspects of life and enable children learn through pretend play and other imaginative games

It's been proven that children learn by observation, imitation and play. Help your child learn with the beautiful ALEX Toys Kid's Tea Set. It’s a 13-piece ceramic set that includes four teacups, four saucers, one tea pot that has a cover, one sugar bowl with cover and one creamer. This is adequate for a pretend tea party with friends and family. Your child gets to learn how to be a gracious host or hostess, how to share with others, table manners and social grace while having fun. Every responsible parent knows that children have to be trained to be respectable members of society. This set is one of the fun tools that make your task easier; facilitating unconscious learning in the child. Ceramic is breakable so it has to be handled with care. However, this set is made of top quality ceramic which means that it is not too fragile. Your child would learn to handle things with care and also appreciate the finer things of life.

ALEX Toys has other kid’s tea sets with different features so you have a wide plethora of options for different ages to choose from. Here are a few of them…
  • ALEX Toys Tin Tea Set - Ideal for both outdoor and indoor pretend tea parties, with a floral pattern that is the same with the ones on the case. This set has won an award and continues to provide hours of fun for children from three years and above. It comes with a carrying case
  • ALEX Toys Ultimate Porcelain Tea Set Party- It's a set of twenty five pieces of tea ware that allows kids to have pretend tea parties . They learn how to play hostess and other social skills while having fun. It has enough pieces for group play, thus encouraging friendship and sharing. Recommended age is eight years and above
  • ALEX Toys Craft 13 Piece Tea Set Party with Over 100 Stickers- This allows the child to decorate the set with stickers and customize her tea service for three guests and a hostess. Children would have hours of fun while learning to share, table manners, social grace and skills. It is recommended for kids who are eight years and above
Best Value
Enable your little ones to explore their creativity and imagination with the Fisher-Price Kid's Tea Set. It has puzzle play with pieces that help kids to acquire cognitive and communicative skills as they play. If you want a pretend play toy with different features, we recommend the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Kid’s Tea Set

Fisher-Price’s goal has always been to add value to the lives of young families and to help put a smile on the face of every member of the family. It is a brand that you can rely on for toys that are not just playthings but educational tools. It started making toys in 1930 but began to engage children in its research process in 1961. It continues to bring in children to its production sites to watch them at play so that it can learn what’s best for them. This process enables it to manufacture toys that are age appropriate, safe, functional, fun; giving full reins to creativity and imagination. Decades of experience have also taught what’s safe and unsafe for children at play, therefore, you have a guarantee of products that adhere to safety regulations and are made with materials that are toxin-free. These products are also solid and durable and can withstand constant use by kids.

The Laugh & Learn® Sweet Manners Tea Set is a pretend play set that allows your child to explore her creativity. It’s adequate for two and has pieces that help your little ones acquire cognitive and communicative skills as they play. You can rely on this educational toy to help introduce your child to sounds, shapes, numbers, manners and a whole lot of things. This wonderful tea set has many other great features, some of which are listed below…
  • Teapot that lights up and sings when the tea is “poured” – This makes the tea pot fascinating for the child and fun to use. The songs that are sung and the sentences made teach the child manners, shapes, numbers and words
  • Tea bag musical button - This button produces more songs and lights up when the child presses it
  • A sugar bowl, tray of dainty tidbits for puzzle play and two tea cups - Children would learn as they imitate adult roles during the tea party and also enhance their creativity and cognitive skills with the puzzle play
  • Three Smart Stages™ - These are levels with various songs and learning contents that change as the child grows. It allows you to adjust the learning contents to suit your child at different stages of growth
  • Over thirty songs, tunes, phrases and sound – These makes learning fun and unconscious. Children learn faster with songs and repetitive tunes and phrases
Make learning fun for your kids with the Delton Products Kid’s Tea Set. It’s versatile and can be used for pretend tea parties or play kitchen because the set contains not only a tea set but plates and cutlery too. If you are looking for a tea set that’s less delicate and also less expensive, we recommend the Delton Products Children's Tin Tea Set.

Delton Products Rose Kids Tea Set for 2 Pink – Quality Porcelain Ceramic Tea Set in Fabric Lined Basket

Delton Products Corporation was established over 34 years ago. It started out as a wholesale supplier of porcelain dolls but has grown to produce a wide range of home accessories and gift items. As of today, it has a myriad of products that are all handmade, and has a diverse mix of products which it changes every season to provide customers with novel, one-of-a-kind designs. The company extends appreciable amount of effort and time to source for unique products and owes its success to their dedication in providing quality products that are innovative and its commitment to excellent customer care. It employs sales representatives (all over the country) who are always ready and willing to serve customers and to provide them with answers and information about its product.

Children learn through role playing and imitation. Make learning fun for them with the Delton Products Kids Tea Set. It’s versatile and can be used for pretend tea parties or play kitchen because the set contains not only a tea set but plates and cutlery. All the pieces come in pairs so that the child can invite a friend or either parent or sibling to tea. This encourages friendship and sharing and enables the child to learn social skills and manners. It’s made of top-quality porcelain with beautiful rose and butterfly designs. It’s strong and durable; able to withstand constant use by children. It comes in a fabric-lined basket that provides safe storage for when it is not in use.

Delton Product has more wonderful kid’s tea sets with different features…
  • Delton Products Country Flowers Children's Tea Set for Two with Basket - It can be used as decoration for a small tabletop. It’s beautifully designed and would make a good gift. It’s made of top-quality porcelain and comes in a basket that’s lined with beautiful fabric; this stores it safely when it’s not in use. Recommended user age is six to fifteen years
  • Delton Products Tin Tea Set with Real Pouring Teapot in Wicker Basket, Non-Breakable Dishes - Can withstand constant use without damage and comes in a vinyl wicker basket that allows you to store it safely. Recommended user age is three years and above
  • Delton Products Spring Flowers Children's Porcelain Tea Set with Carrying Basket- Made of top quality Porcelain and comes in basket that is lined with soft and beautiful fabric. All the pieces come in pairs
The Melissa & Doug Kids Tea Set enables children to think creatively and helps them engage in imaginative play. It’s a butterfly themed set that has seventeen pieces, adequate for a party of four. If you are looking for more pretend play toys, we recommend the Melissa & Doug Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Tea Set (17 pcs) - BPA- and PVC-free

Melissa &Dough was established twenty five years ago and since then has continued to deliver innovative and imaginative products that encourage children to think outside the box and see potentials in everyday life. It also provides children with limitless means of creative fun and play. As parents, Melissa and Doug appreciate what it means for children to have a real childhood. They know it is essential for them to be free and have space to investigate and explore the world they live in and to find the path that leads to the realization of their potentials. You get products that are designed to help your children regain their childhood while growing to become all that they can be. The brand is not only interested in making profit but to help improve the lives of children through the years.

The Melissa & Doug Kids Tea Set enable children to think creatively and help them engage in imaginative play. It’s a butterfly themed set that has seventeen pieces, adequate for a party of four. This encourages group play during which children learn to share and understand the value of friendship. They also develop social and communication skills and good manners. It’s made of long lasting plastic materials that are food grade which means that they are PVC and BPA free. This makes it safe for use with real snacks and drinks (not hot drinks or boiling water though). It’s not dishwasher- safe, neither should you use it on a stovetop or microwave; it is strictly for pretend play. The set is ideal for children from three years up and is designed with charming pink decorations. This catches their attention and keeps them occupied for hours.

Melissa & Doug has many more great toys and kids tea set that’s gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Here are a few of them…
  • Melissa & Doug 22-Piece Steep and Serve Wooden Tea Set - Play Food and Kitchen Accessories -- Tea service is made of strong wooden construction. Has twenty two pieces that include a teapot with cover, a milk jug, one sugar bowl, two cups and two spoons. It also has six different teas in a tea case, two cookies and order card that can be erased dry. Beautifully colored labels that help the child to recognize and identify the various teas. The tea case also has the description of all the types of teas in it
  • Melissa & Doug 11-Piece Brew and Serve Wooden Coffee Maker Set - Play Kitchen Accessories -- Coffee maker set is ideal for pretend play. Everything is made of wood and is strong and durable. It comes with three coffee pods, creamer, ice cube, spoon, sugar, two mugs and a menu card. The lid can be opened and closed and has a dial that turns to show size settings
  • Melissa & Doug Learning Toy Wooden Steep & Serve Tea Playset Toy for Kids --Everything is made of wood and is strong and durable. It is adequate for two, has a tea bin with different types of teas and labels to help the child to identify and distinguish the different teas. It enhances the child's imagination, color recognition and memory
The Schylling Kids Tea Set is designed in classic forest animals theme and is ideal for pretend and role play. It encourages group play through which children learn manners and communication skills. Some children may consider the tea set too delicate for their liking, therefore we recommend you get the Tin Music Boxes Toy for them.

Schylling Forest Friends Tea Time Toy – 15 Piece Set with Serving Tray

Schylling, Inc. has been in business for more than forty years, offering original toys and distributing different brands of toys. It’s a veteran manufacturer of classic toys that never go out of fashion. Through the years, it has built a unique line of gift items that are innovative along with conventional toys that appeal to folks at every age. It brings toys from days gone by and injects fresh ideas into them, enabling you to reminisce and share childhood memories with your young ones. With over four decades of experiences, it has learned how to churn out top-quality products that are safe and can be counted among the leaders in the industry. Committed to protecting the privacy of your children, it doesn’t solicit information from minors and ensures that all its online sales are made to adults or on the consent of an adult. You can confidently deal with Schylling because it is a socially and environmentally-responsible manufacturer.

The Schylling Kid’s Tea Set is designed in a classic forest animals theme and is ideal for pretend and role play. It comes with fifteen pieces that includes a serving tray with service pieces adequate for a party of four. Children learn good manners, social and communication skills as they engage in group play. Each one of the saucers has the picture of a particular forest animal such as a fox, deer, bunny and owl while the cups have pictures of things you can find in the forest such as acorns, flowers and strawberries. This sparks the child's imagination and also helps to build their cognitive abilities.

Schylling has many wonderful toys for kids and also other great kid’s tea set. Here’s a list of some of them…
  • Schylling Owl Deluxe Tin Tea Set -- This set is large-sized, attractive, colorful, visually appealing and just right for a country style tea party. Made of long lasting tin and decorated with owl-inspired graphics that are safe to be in contact with food. Recommended user age is three years and above
  • Schylling Angelina Ballerina Musical Tea Set-- The design is based on the Angelina Ballerina books and animated series. The teapot plays the Angelina's theme song when you "pour" the tea and it has a music box that you can wind up; requires no batteries
  • Schylling La Tea Da Porcelain Tea Set-- This set takes your child and friends on an imaginative trip to Paris. Allows the child to host friends to a picnic or tea party. It is made from porcelain that’s decorated with pictures of lovely flowers, French poodles and the Eiffel tower. Recommended user age is eight plus

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Tea Set?

Childhood should be fun for every child; a time to explore the world around them without inhibition. We all agree on the assertion that children learn by observation, imitation, and role play. Some children have discovered what they want to be when they grow up during role play. Parents even get an idea of the natural bent and inclination of their offspring during play time; you might discover the next Michael Jackson when you break out the kids karaoke machine on movie night.

Allowing or helping your child to develop a hobby is something no parent should take for granted. Hobbies help to relieve stress, build confidence and give free reins to the imagination. It’s beneficial to the mental well being of an individual. Teach your children how to take care of the home with pretend play houses and also to find their way around the kitchen with a kids’ kitchen. You may have domestic help and all, but you never can tell where the journey of life may take your child. You don’t want them to be clueless or have to depend on others in every situation.
A kid’s tea set is something that has both play and educational value. As a responsible parent you want your child to grow up to be a well-rounded individual. We believe that investing money into tools that would help you achieve this, is money well spent.

There are many kid’s tea sets in the market, each with differing features such as the material it’s made of, the number of pieces it comes with, its design and construction, size of the pieces and accessories included. All these and more affect the price that the set would be sold for. As we researched this subject, we came across some cheap kid’s tea sets but decided against featuring them in this review. Most of these cheap products are not food grade, not made of durable material and do not deliver as advertised.

A good kid’s tea set is usually sold in the range of around $20 to $40 and you are sure to get one that would serve you well in this range.
Children love to play house and a lot of other role play games. A kid’s tea set is one of those playthings that are not only fun toys but also educational tools. There are features that every tea set must have to be considered a good one. When you go shopping there are things to look out for. We are here to help you know them.

Listed below are some of the features that you need to look out for when checking out options for purchase:
  • Age – Every toy has its recommended user age so you’ll do well to find out whether the set you want to buy is appropriate for the user
  • Size – This refers to the size and weight of the pieces in the set
  • Pieces- This refers to the items that are included in the set; no of cups, saucers, milk jug, etc.
  • Material and Durability- This refers to the material the set is made of which ultimately affects the durability of the set
  • Design – Some are designed with a theme
  • Extra Features – These may include play food accessories, tea bags, music, songs and tunes
  • Safety – This refers to how child safe the set is
You may think of one or two more features that you’ll like your tea set to have but these are the essentials that cannot be compromised. Stay with us as we explore these features in greater details.
Construction and Design
Just like adult tea sets, kid’s tea sets are made of different materials: wood, porcelain/ceramics, tin/metal and plastic. These materials all have their advantages and disadvantages. A wooden tea set is unbreakable and can last for years but wouldn’t look as real as those made with other materials. Its disadvantage is that it in most cases it is not food safe. If you decide to buy a wooden tea set, please ensure that the wood is of good quality and was naturally treated. Look out for the safety certification of the brand to ensure that the product is toxin free.

A tin/metal or plastic set is also unbreakable and durable but would not look as beautiful as porcelain or ceramic sets. The material also has to be top quality and safety certified. The metal has to be lead-free and anti-rust and the plastic has to be PVC and BPA-free. You can find out this information by reading reviews by buyers who have bought and used the product.

Porcelain, like we all know, is delicate and would look beautiful and dainty. It would help your child to learn how to handle delicate things with care and also teach them to appreciate the finer things of life. The major disadvantage is that it is breakable. That is why most of the tea sets made of porcelain or ceramics are recommended for children 8 years and above. The other unbreakable materials are recommended for children under 8 years.

If you are one of those folks who love having particular themed stuff or your child is presently in love with a particular cartoon character or motif, the featured brands have many themes or characters to choose from. Especially for the younger ones, the graphics on the set helps to develop their cognitive skills.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are buying the tea set for a child that is under eight years, you need to consider the size of the pieces; look for a set that the pieces would not be too big or heavy for that age group.

Most kids’ tea sets are easy to clean and are even designed to also help your child learn how to take care of household items. Bear in mind that because they are meant for pretend play, they are not safe for hot drinks or liquids, are not microwave or cooktop-compliant and shouldn’t be put in the oven.

Some sets come with extra features that add to their educational value. Things like play food and tea bags that help the child to identify food items and different types of tea, music and songs that help teach the child manners and communication. Some tunes also teach numbers, alphabet, shapes, sizes and a whole lot of fun stuff. Look out for these extra features based on your child’s age or whoever you are buying the set for.

Get the Best Kids Tea Set of 2023!

We hope that with the information shared, you’ll go ahead and decide what will be the best kids’ tea set for your little angel.

Our Top Choice
ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Kid's Tea Set
Best Value
Fisher-Price Sweet Manners Kid’s Tea Set
Delton Products Rose Kids Tea Set
Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Kids Tea Set
Schylling Forest Friends Tea Time Set