Best Kids Teepee Reviews 2023

Kid’s teepees are a great way of creating a calming space for your child to play, nap, or simply read a book. With so many different styles available for both outdoor and indoor use, these play tents are incredibly versatile and can be used for a whole host of events, including sleepovers, camping, and birthday parties, too! To help you choose the ideal kid’s teepee for you and your little one, we have selected the best kid’s teepee brands on the market today as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for the different types of teepee available to you and what different brands have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee
KidKraft has been specializing in the creation of high-quality, fun, children’s toys for well over 50 years, demonstrated beautifully in all their products.
KidKraft’s Teepee is easy to assemble in just a few easy steps. It’s also made from a strong bamboo construction.
Unfortunately, it is only suitable for indoor use.
Indoor only
46.9” x 46.9” x 60.2” 9lb
Bamboo, cotton, mesh
36 months-8 years
Mesh windows
Best Value
Dream House Indoor Play Indian Teepee
Dream House is passionate about bringing children innovative and creative products that allow their imagination to run wild.
The Indoor Play Indian Teepee Tent is available in 3 different styles and colors, and is constructed from 100% soft canopy cotton, too!
Unfortunately, it’s only suitable for indoor use.
Indoor only
47.2” x 47.2” x 54”
Cotton canvas
3-7 years
Available in 4 designs
Love Tree Outdoor Indian Teepee Tent
Love Tree specializes in the creation of children’s teepee tents and playhouse with a range of stunning, intricate designs.
The Indian Teepee Tent is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes with a portable carrying case, making it easy to store.
The design of the teepee is quite feminine.
Indoor and outdoor use
35.9” x 5.3” x 5.2” 8.2lb
Cotton canvas
3-7 years
Room for up to 3 children
Trademark Innovations White Canvas Teepee
Trademark Innovations creates a wide variety products for the home and garden. They are your one stop shop for all your decorative and furniture needs!
This teepee is easily portable and simple to set up. Its simple design means your child can also decorate the play tent themselves!
Some customers found the teepee too large to use indoors.
Indoor and outdoor use
28.1” x 9.5” x 5.9” 10.5lb
Cotton canvas
4 years +
Discovery Kids Turquoise Adventure Teepee Tent
Discovery Kids is a brand that focuses on getting your child interested in the world around them and encouraging them to discover their imaginations, too!
It’s easy to clean as well as lightweight and portable, too. Its mesh windows also allow your little one to explore the world around them.
Some customers found that the tent’s nylon material teared easily after repeated use.
Indoor and outdoor use
19.2” x 18.9” x 3.7” 3.5lb
4-12 years
Mesh windows

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What is the Best Kids Teepee?

We have our fingers crossed hoping that, after reading through our handy little buying guide, you have figured out what type of kid’s teepee is most suitable to your little one’s needs as well as all the features you would like included in your new product. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the best kid’s teepee for your child’s playtime. So let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The Deluxe Play Teepee is ideal for any parent looking for a fun, safe, and well-constructed playhouse for their child. If you aren’t fond of the color blue, then make sure you check out the KidKraft Deluxe Teepee in Gray instead!

KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee – Navy/Gray – with Mesh Window

KidKraft has been creating creative toys and furniture for kids for well over 50 years. Their award-winning products include dollhouses and play kitchens, and are sold in over 90 countries worldwide! KidKraft encourages children all over the world to explore their imaginations and to dream bigger than ever before—something that is well-reflected in their products.

We wanted to feature KidKraft’s Deluxe Play Teepee because it comes highly recommended and has some fantastic reviews on Amazon, too! Made from bamboo, this teepee is incredibly sturdy and even has mesh windows that allow your little ones to look out, and for you to look in! The canvas of the teepee is made from soft cotton that’s gentle on your child’s hands and skin. Easy to assemble, this product will be up and running in a matter of minutes with its detailed step-by-step instructions.
Best Value
The Dream House Indian Teepee Playhouse is the perfect choice for any child after their own little sanctuary to nap, play, and relax! If, however, you are after a more simplistic ( and slightly cheaper) teepee tent, then make sure you check out Dream House’s Sturdy Children Playhouse Canopy Tent instead!

Dream House Fun Kids Indoor Play Indian Teepee Tent – Preschool Hideout Wigwam Tent – Available in 4 Colors

Dream House is a brand that is passionate about offering parents and children the latest toys and accessories on the market today. With a wide range of products available, Dream House offers toys suitable for a variety of age groups. Their cleverly designed products also make the lives of parents a little bit simpler with easy-to-clean technology as well as step-by-step ‘how to’ guides. What’s not to love?

We loved Dream House’s Indian Teepee Tent due to its variety of style options, and the fact it comes so highly recommended on Amazon! Made from soft, breathable cotton canvas, the teepee itself includes a canvas cover, 8 wooden poles, 4 connectors, 1 cord as well as step-by-step instructions. If your little one fancies some quiet time, or even a mid-day nap, the two flaps at the front of the teepee can also be tied together to close the tent shut.

We’re featuring the white version of this tent, but if you’re little tike wants something else, Dream House offer this teepee in four colors! Choose from white, black stripes, cowboy or roses.
The Indian Teepee Tent by Love Tree is easy to store and simple to construct, too. If, however, you are after a slightly larger teepee, then check out Love Tree’s Indoor Castle Play Tent instead!

Love Tree Outdoor Indian Teepee Tent – Embroidery Elephant

Love Tree is a brand that specializes in the production of children’s teepees. They create products in a wide variety of styles and sizes that are perfect for your little one’s own individual tastes and needs. You are guaranteed to find a Love Tree product that your child will adore.

We are big fans of Love Tree’s Outdoor Indian Teepee Tent due to its stunning design and because it has such great reviews on Amazon! Made from New Zealand Pine, the construction of this product is incredibly durable and contains no nasty chemicals, either. Easy to install, the Outdoor Indian Teepee comes with a portable carrying case and is incredibly easy to store when playtime is over. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, the Indian Teepee is an ideal birthday present for sleepovers and parties.
The Authentic White Canvas Teepee is the perfect choice for anyone after a play tent that can be used both indoors and outdoors. If, however, you are after a bit more color in your new play tent, then check out Trademark’s Authentic Giant Canvas Teepee in Pink instead!

Trademark Innovations 6' Large Canvas Teepee with Carry Case - Customizable Canvas Fabric

Trademark Innovations is a company that sells a wide range of products, from home goods and décor to exercise and fitness to kid’s games and toys, and much, much more! By testing their products themselves, Trademark Innovations is confident that you will love their products as much as they do. With such an extensive collection to choose from, Trademark Innovations has everything you need to create your perfect home.

We LOVED Trademark Innovations Authentic Giant White Canvas Teepee due to its simplistic design, and because it has received such great reviews online, too! Made from strong, durable cotton canvas, this teepee comes with a handy carrying case that allows for easy portability. For both indoor and outdoor use, this play tent is suitable for ages 4 years and up, and it’s spacious enough to fit up to three children at a time. Our favorite thing about this product, however, is that the canvas is blank, allowing your child to decorate the teepee however they see fit!
The Adventure Teepee Set from Discovery Kids is the perfect choice for anyone after both an indoor and outdoor play tent. If, however, you are after a slightly higher-end product, then take a look at Discovery Kids Canvas Teepee instead!

Discovery Kids Turquoise Adventure Teepee Tent – Zipper-Free Door

Discovery Kids is owned by Discovery Communications, which includes such networks as The Discovery Channel. Discovery Kids offers a wide range of television programs, online games, and toys that are specifically designed to educate children about the world around them.

We wanted to feature Discovery Kids Turquoise Adventure Teepee Tent due to the product’s great reviews online at Amazon, and across other review sites. The tent itself is made of a light-weight nylon material that makes it easy to clean, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to set up, the unified frame contains no fittings or zippers, making the product safe for your child. We loved the mesh widows in this product as they allow your little one to explore the world around them as well as allowing you to check in from time to time!

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Teepee?

Kid’s tepee tents are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the fact that they create a fun sanctuary for your little one’s imagination to run wild. Unlike camping and family tents, kid’s teepees are smaller and designed to be used for indoor use, with some products suitable for outdoor use, too. Teepees are also large enough for all of your child’s favorite toys, whether those are board games, dress-up costumes or simply books. They are also available in tons of different styles and colors, ensuring they fit in with the current décor of your child’s room as well as their personality.

When it comes to choosing the best kid’s teepee for your child, there are a few things to consider before rushing into a purchase. Firstly, you will want to have a think about how large you will want the teepee to be, and how well it will fit in your child’s bedroom. Some teepees are only suitable for one child at a time, whereas other, larger products can fit up to three children. Therefore, you may want to measure your child’s room beforehand.

Another important thing to consider is whether you want the teepee for indoor or outdoor play. Most teepees are only suitable for indoor use and are made from a cotton canvas material. There are, however, some products than can be used outdoors too; these teepees are usually made from a nylon material and feature a mesh window, so you can keep an eye on your child as they play.

Finally, kid’s teepees also come in different age ranges, with teepees for older children often being larger in size. As a result, you will want to choose a product in the right age bracket for your child so they have plenty of space to nap, play and have fun!
When it comes to the cost of your child’s new teepee, this is going to depend on a variety of factors. Most teepees will set you back between $30 and $130, depending on how many children the teepee is for and whether it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Products at the higher end of this scale tend to be larger in size and made from a durable, waterproof material that makes them suitable for a variety of surroundings. Another feature that crops up with more expensive teepee models is the inclusion of a carry case.

This makes the product more portable and easy to take with you to the park, beach or sleepovers. This isn’t to say, however, that products at the lower end of this scale aren’t as durable. The only difference between these products is that they are often smaller and therefore only suitable for one child. There are cheaper kid’s teepees available on the market ($20 or less), but be aware that these products may not be as sturdy or comforting and may not last as long as more expensive teepee products.
The features you will want included in your brand-spanking-new kid’s teepee will usually depend on your child’s own personal preferences as well as the style and color of their bedroom. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you select the best possible kid’s teepee for your little monsters!

Here are some important features to look out for…
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for a variety of ages
  • Mesh windows
  • Easy set-up
  • Soft material
  • Sturdy construction
  • Carry case
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your child’s new teepee will play a big role in the longevity of the product and how often your little one can cozy into it at night. One feature we recommend looking for in your new teepee is a product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This will mean your child can use it in their room for naptime and in the garden for shade during a hot summer’s day. If a tepee is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it also tends to be easier to clean too!

Another great feature to have included in your teepee is a wide range of age suitability. This will mean that the teepee can be used for babies, toddlers and larger children, meaning you will get years of use out of the product. Some teepees are only suitable for toddlers, so if you want to get more bang for your buck, keep an eye out for a teepee suitable for a variety of ages.

One particular feature that we are very fond of in kid’s teepees is the inclusion of a mesh window. This feature is more common in outdoor teepees but is becoming more and more popular in indoor teepees too. This is great for kids as it allows them to look out at the world around them and great for moms and dads who want to keep an eye on their child as they play.

Having an easy set-up is also a great feature to look for in a kid’s teepee because, if we’re being honest, no one wants to spend hours setting up their child’s toys, do they? Most teepees are fairly easy to put together and come with a handy how-to guide to help you along too. For an added bonus, however, look for a product that requires no set-up at all!

One feature we found to be particularly important in kid’s teepees is the material used for the product. We found teepees made from a soft cotton canvas material to be the gentlest, creating a cozy surrounding for your child to relax in. The same can be said for the stability of the teepee too, with products made using a sturdy wood such as New Zealand pine to be the most durable.

Finally, we recommend choosing a product that comes with a handy carry case. This will make it easier to store in your home as well as making it portable. A case will make the teepee a breeze to store in the trunk of your car, perfect for sleepovers and trips to the beach or park.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new kid’s teepee, there really isn’t too much to it! As the majority of teepee products are made using a soft canvas material, they can easily be disassembled and washed in the washing machine. Be aware, however, that not all teepees are washing machine safe, so you may want to double check this first. If this IS the case, then simply hand wash the product in some hot soapy water. If you have opted for an outdoor teepee, then it’s likely the product will be made from a nylon material. These products can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth or hand washed as well—the choice is down to you!

Most teepees are also incredibly simple to set up and come with easy-to-read instructions, allowing you to complete the job in around 10-15 minutes. This means they can also be easily disassembled and stored away when not in use. For top marks, look for a product with a handy carry case that allows you to simply pop the teepee in a wardrobe or in the back of your car. Some teepees also require no set-up at all if you are feeling particularly lazy!

Get the Best Kids Teepee of 2023!

By now, you should have a better feel for what teepee products are available to you as well as the styles, features, and sizes. If you aren’t a fan of the particular product we have chosen—not to worry, we won’t be offended—simply browse through the brand’s other products to find the best kid’s teepee for you! Now all that’s left to do is to choose your favorite and start enjoying your new teepee play tent. Did we say you? We meant your kids! Although, we wouldn’t blame you…

Our Top Choice
KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee
Best Value
Dream House Indoor Play Indian Teepee
Love Tree Outdoor Indian Teepee Tent
Trademark Innovations White Canvas Teepee
Discovery Kids Turquoise Adventure Teepee Tent