Best Kids Tool Set – Kids Play Tool Chest, Pretend Tools, and Kids Real Tool Set Reviews

Pretend play toys are mentally stimulating and give your child the opportunity to prepare for adulthood. One of the best ways to give them such a fun experience is with kids’ tool sets. As with most useful products, it’s a daunting task to decide among the many options available. That’s where we come in handy as we’ve done all the hard work for you and have come up with 5 of the best kids’ tool sets available from trusted brands. Keep in mind that these brands have other kids’ tool sets apart from the ones we featured.

Before we get to our featured products, it’s important to know that the tools for kids we chose are intended for pretend play. One brand, Craftsman, does offer junior tools – miniature versions of their real tools – but the rest are kids play tool chests and sets.

However, we know that some of you are looking for real tools for your kids. We’re in the process doing the research to pick out our favorite to add to our review. But we certainly won’t make you wait. Here’s a sneak peak at our top picks for real kid’s tool sets!

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Our Top Choice
Black & Decker Jr. Mega Tool Set
Black & Decker is a renowned manufacturer of power tools with years of experience making hardware crafts and innovation accessible and convenient.
Made with superior quality plastic. Tools look and work realistically. Comes with helmet. Features 42 tools and accessories, including a spinning drill and drill bits.
Some reports that helmet is too big.
42 pieces
36 months - 6 years
Best Value
Theo Klein Bosch Toy Tool Belt
Theo Klein is a big manufacturer of mentally stimulating and engaging toys with several years of experience.
Durably and attractively designed. Tools have realistic metallic finish. Comes with stylish tool belt and an Ixolino power drill that spins.
The belt is too tricky for a child to tie.
Battery operated
7 pieces
Ages 3 and up
Melissa & Doug Hammer and Saw Tool Bench
Melissa & Doug is a popular toy maker specialized in crafting toys with wood and has a focus on offering kids numerous ways to play.
Durable and colorful wooden set. Comes with 32 carefully designed pieces, including 5 tools and a bench. Also comes with a crate for storage and a building blueprint.
The screw heads tend to come off with regular use.
32 pieces
36 months - 8 years
Craftsman My First Tool Box Kids Play Tool Chest
Since 1927, Craftsman has been making power tools to the satisfaction of professionals and DIYers helping them get their projects done with ease and accuracy.
Sturdy and long lasting. Finish makes them look more realistic. Features 13-inch plastic storage box. Comes with 31 pieces, including pliers, hammer, and handsaw.
The latch on the storage box is tough to use.
31 pieces
Ages 3 and up
Kidoozie Little Builder Kids Tool Belt
Kidoozie specializes in manufacturing top quality and durable toys that provide great educational value and fun for children.
Belt is made of sturdy canvas. Belt comes with two pockets. Brightly colored tools. Features 6 tools, including electronic beeper.
It’s a bit heavier than other toys.
Manual with electronic pager
6 pieces
Ages 2 - 7 years

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What Are the Best Kids Toy Tool Sets? Read Our Kids Tool Set Reviews!

We hope you’ve figured out which features you’d like your desired kids’ tool set to have. In that case, proceed to our review of individual brands/products while keeping in mind those features you consider critical. We’re confident you’ll find it easy to decide on a particular brand/product that meets all your needs and at an affordable price.

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Our Top Choice
The Black & Decker Mega Tool Set is a great first tool set for kids to promote their interest in creating and fixing things; it even comes with a helmet! If you’d prefer a tool set with a storage bag, try out the Black & Decker Junior Kids Tools 23 piece backpack set. which also comes with quality and realistic tools.

Black & Decker Jr. Mega Tool Set with 42 Tools And Accessories


Black & Decker Corporation was established by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker in Baltimore. With only seventh-grade education, Decker was working at Rowland Telegraph Co. where he met Black in 1906, both at age 23. Since 1910, Black & Decker has been at the forefront of power tools innovation creating products with superior quality and high performance. From the world’s first cordless drill and hedge trimmer, ingenuity and integrity have been its aim for creating the ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Black & Decker Jr. Mega Tool Set is made in the USA with high-quality plastic and comes in an eye-catching colorful design. It’s ideal for kids who enjoy getting handy, and having their own tools will sure get their creative juices running in no time. The tools are realistic and the drill has interchangeable bits and even spins when the trigger’s pulled. This toolset is fully equipped to engage your little one and keep them entertained for hours on end. This toy set consists of hardware such as a hard hat, flathead screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, wrenches, hammer, tape measure, drill and bits, pliers, wood saw etc.

The following are other highlights of this Black & Decker tool set:

  • It’s made with high-quality plastic
  • It comes with a wearable hard hat
  • The tools look and work realistically
  • The components are sturdy and durable
  • It encourages kids to be creative and handy
  • The tools are modelled after the real tools
  • It has a realistic spinning drill
  • The components can be used to teach kids about tools
Best Value
The Theo Klein Bosch Toy Tool Belt is a fun and engaging tool set which comes with a stylish tool belt for holding tools and an Ixolino power drill that spins. If your child is a John Deere fan like dad, then the Theo Klein John Deere Repair Station Premium Tools for kids set is a must see! Not only does it come with tools and a mini work bench, it also has a John Deere tractor!

Theo Klein Bosch Toy Tool Belt with Belt and 6 Tools


Theo Klein, as a toy maker, was founded in 1956 by Theo Klein and his wife Maria Klein by making kids’ brooms with plastic bristles. The company’s success story began when it decided to expand its product range. The exhibition of its children's broom, metal shovel, and hand brush at the Nuremberg Toy Fair back in 1959 got it noticed in the toy industry. Over the years, it’s consistently experienced rapid growth as a result of continuous additions to its range of top quality toys.

The Theo Klein Bosch Toy Tool Belt is a well-designed toy set manufactured with top quality materials. It includes a replica of the Ixolino drill, a saw, a pair of pliers, a wrench, a hand screwdriver, and a hammer all tucked in a smart adjustable tool belt that snuggly wraps around your kids’ waist giving them a great pretend play time. The tools are sturdy and fun while providing a realistic alternative for kids wanting to use your real tools. The power drill is great fun on its own because it spins in both directions when fired up and is powered by 2 AAA batteries and can serve as an electric screwdriver.

Some more features of this nice tool set include:

  • Provides hours of engaging and hands-on experience
  • Well designed with metallic and realistic finish
  • Exact miniature replica of Bosch tools
  • Made with quality and durable plastic
  • Working power drill with realistic sound
  • It’s easy to use
  • Sturdy and adjustable belt that snuggly fits
  • It engages kids in active play
  • It’s lightweight and portable
The Melissa & Doug Tool Bench is a wooden building set that comes with a crate for storage and a blueprint that guides kids on how to create amazing structures. If you’d prefer a tool box with a handle, check out the Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit which has 26 pieces with a sturdy wooden construction.

Melissa & Doug Hammer and Saw Tool Bench - Wooden Kids Play Tool Chest and Building Set with 42 Pieces


The company Melissa & Doug was founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in 1988 when they left their corporate jobs to establish their company. It’s not a surprise they went into a business involving children, as three of their four parents were educators. The company is known for making wooden puzzles, plush toys, arts & crafts products and other types of educative and fun toys. Its products are designed by a team led by Melissa and are tested rigorously for safety.

The Melissa & Doug Tool Bench is a wooden set with 32 colorful pieces with wooden nails and a hammer, screws, and screwdriver, and wooden boards to join and saw apart. It also has a wooden workbench to carry out the nail pounding and nut screwing and it also doubles as a storage compartment. It comes with blueprints that serve as guides for kids to build different exciting structures.

The following are some more features of this tool bench:

  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • It has 32 well-crafted wooden pieces
  • The workbench has a measuring surface
  • It includes a play hammer, wrench, and screwdriver just the right size for kids
  • The wooden screws have threading that lets them turn like real screws
  • It promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Colorful and attractive design

For the even younger "builders", the Melissa & Doug cloth Toolbox Fill and Spill Toddler Toy with Vibrating Drill is the set to get.

The Craftsman My First Tool Box has a 13-inch plastic storage box with a transparent cover that holds the 31 pieces of tools and screws that give kids an awesome play time. For the older kids who are ready for their first kids real tool set, take a look at the Craftsman Kids Junior Tool Set with Tool Bag. This 9 piece set comes with kid-sized tools made of high quality forged steel to resist rust and sturdy canvas bag.

Craftsman My First Tool Set - Kids Play Tool Chest, Toy Drill, Tools, and Construction Accessories


Since 1927, Craftsman has shown unrelenting dedication to superior quality and performance that has supported professionals, DIYers and other users. It has a wide range of products, about 6,000 of them. Craftsman has become one of America’s best selling brands as far as tools are concerned. Its Craftsman Club has continued to inspire enthusiasts with exclusive savings, organized projects and discussions since 1991.

The Craftsman My First Tool Box is an effective way to get kids engaged and active. This set of plastic tools functions just like the real ones, giving your kids hours of immersive and educative fun. The tools and other items are stored in a big plastic carrier box with transparent lid and a latch to keep the tools secure. This is especially useful for parents who have to clean up after their kids as their tools can all be kept in one place.

The design and finish of the individual tools and items are impressive because of how well they mimic the real tools. This makes kids’ pretend-play a realistic experience as their tools look just like dad’s. The nuts and screws are threaded and can be worked by the spanner and screwdriver that comes with the set. This package also includes pliers, nails, a hammer etc. You’ll be happy with yourself when seeing your kids get giddy with excitement when they unwrap this gift.

The following are some other amazing products from Craftsman:

  • Craftsman My First Welding Torch — It’s a 6-piece set with a torch that glows and vibrates and has chisels, a hammer, and a protective mask
  • Craftsman My First Workbench — It has a collection of tools including 2 power tools and comes with a sliding tool track and flip down bins
The Kidoozie Little Builder Tool Belt is made with sturdy canvas which ties around your toddler’s waist and has two pockets that carry the plastic tools. We also love the Kidoozie My First Tool Box. This 14 piece set contains tools designed to function, making the experience even more real for kids.

Kidoozie Little Builder Tool Set for Kids with Tool Belt - Pretend Playset Toy for Toddlers and Preschool Children Ages 2 and Up


Kidoozie is a toy brand operating under the umbrella of International Playthings LLC. Kidoozie makes toys for toddlers and preschoolers that provide them with engaging, educational, and creative fun. Its creative toys, which are designed after various themes, stimulate the imagination of children, helping them develop the necessary skills needed for wholesome growth and development.

The Kidoozie Little Builder Tool Belt is a beautiful set of toys packaged in a transparent plastic bag and is designed to give your child loads of creative and hands-on fun while teaching them how to repair things. This builder toolset will have your child playing a construction engineer straight out of the bag. This tool belt is recommended for kids 2 years and above.

The belt is made of canvas and is sturdy and able to handle regular usage. It has two pockets that are easily accessible to hold the tools that come with it. The individual tools are made of durable plastic and are brightly colored to always catch kids’ attention. The tools included in the package are a pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench, a hammer, a screwdriver with an extra bit, and an electronic beeper that makes realistic sounds.

The following are some other products made by Kidoozie:

  • Kidoozie Meshing Gear Tools Activity Set — It’s a toolbox that opens into an activity station providing educational fun and is performance and quality tested
  • Kidoozie Build-A-Road X-Track — This is a fully customizable race track with 2 battery operated cars

Best Kids Play Tool Set Guide: Kids Toy Tool Sets vs Kids Real Tool Set – Which Is Right for Your Child?

Pretend toys are a great way to get your child used to some real-life activities. They give kids the chance to learn about themselves and prepare them for understanding how things work. Not only do kids love this kind of play, it helps them develop the social and mental skills they need to become wholesome adults, now who doesn’t want that for their kids? Kids’ real tool sets are toy replicas of the real tool sets aimed at giving kids make-believe experiences of carrying out repairs just the same way they play world class chefs at a kids’ kitchen.

The best kids’ tool sets are made of quality and durable materials and are realistic. They provide kids with hours of engaging and educative fun, giving them the chance to learn about tools and their functions. Kids’ tool sets are usually made with plastics and come in different sizes and numbers of pieces. They consist of different tools that replicate the real ones such crescent wrench, hammer, power drill, etc. Some tool sets are packed in boxes while others are meant to hang from an accompanying tool belt. As you read further, you’ll get more information about toy tool sets that’ll help you determine the best kids’ tool set for you.

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Sensory Craft Ideas that Your Little One Will Enjoy. | Courtesy of Baker Ross

The materials, size, and the number of pieces are the salient factors that determine the pricing of kids’ tool sets. No parent wouldn’t want the best toy with all the bells and whistles for their child, but when we remember what it takes to earn money, we quickly start thinking of what tradeoffs we can make and still give our little ones the best. The high-end workshop style kids’ tool sets cost over $100.

There are also the modestly priced ones that are of equally great quality and that your kids will absolutely have fun with. They may have fewer tools, but are also realistic and go for below $40. We did come across some cheap kids’ tool sets that are poorly made. We advise you don’t get tempted by their low prices as you don’t want your kids to tell you not to buy them cheap stuff again!


Give your kids a chance to be useful around the house by getting them a tool set, the toy version of course. Such toys will prepare them for the real experience when the time comes. With the many variants of tool sets available, you need good information to choose right, so you’ve come to the right place. The following are features to look out for when deciding on a tool set for your kid:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Type
  • Pieces
  • Fun factor

These are the factors that’ll help you decide the best kids’ tool set for your child. As you read further, you’ll understand how these features affect the performance of the toy.

Construction and Design

There are two materials mainly used for making kids’ tool sets: wood or its composite and plastic. Either of them would make a good tool set for kids, so it’s totally up to you which to go for. Plastic tool sets are arguably the most popular as they’re more affordable. Some people prefer wooden tool sets because of the extra weight and durability as well as the health implications associated with plastics. Most plastic tool sets are now made with safety in mind and are of high quality, so durability is really not an issue anymore.

Kids’ tool sets come in different shapes and sizes. There are some that are designed as waist pouches that hold the necessary tools just like that of your local repair man. There are others with more tools and items that are packed in carrier bags and boxes which are bigger and there are yet others that have a whole collection of tools that come with a plastic table and a vertical board to hang even more tools. So, depending on whether you want your child to play as a repair man/woman or a professional fabricator, this preference may determine the size of tool set you buy. If you’re going for the big ones, be sure you have the space to keep it.

There are some tools in these tool sets that are battery-operated, such as the drills, while there are others that work manually. Some tool sets double as activity boxes which have audio feedback to help the child learn about the tools and other activities in the box. Kids’ tool sets come with varying amounts of pieces depending on their sizes. Some come with as few as 6 pieces while others, the larger ones, come with an entire collection of tools. It’s worthy of note that the number of pieces doesn’t have everything to do with how much fun your child gets with their tool set; it’s what those pieces are that really counts!

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Sensory Craft Ideas that Your Little One Will Enjoy. | Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts PLAY
Performance and Ease of Use

The manufacturers of kids’ tool sets are aware of the importance of making the tools look realistic, so they take that into consideration by designing some of the tools to work like the ‘real thing’. Some brands use a metallic finish on their plastic tools to give them a realistic appearance, and some even go as far as using brand names of power tools manufacturers. There are even some of these tools manufacturers that make plastic replicas of some of their existing tools. That’s how far manufacturers go to make kids’ pretend play as realistic as possible, which significantly adds to the fun factor.

Kids’ tool sets are still toys, no matter how realistic they look. As soon as a child loses interest he/she stops playing with the toy. This is why it’s important that the tool set you get for your child isn’t too simple or too complex for your child to play with. Kids’ tool sets are designed to give children hours of engaging and enlightening fun, and a lot of the brands out there manage to achieve that. You know your child best and what amuses them most, so it can’t be that hard to know which tool set will give them the most fun.

You now know how those important features affect kids’ tools set. You can now make up your mind on which combination of these features you want in the best kids’ tool set for your child.

Get the Best Kids Tool Set of 2023!

Well done for reaching the end of our review. Now that you’ve learned all about the best kids’ tool sets around, we hope you have all the information you need to go ahead and buy the particular one you’ve decided on. Don’t waste any more time, your kids are waiting to be ‘wowed’.

Our Top Choice
Black & Decker Jr. Mega Tool Set
Best Value
Theo Klein Bosch Toy Tool Belt
Melissa & Doug Hammer and Saw Tool Bench
Craftsman My First Tool Box Kids Play Tool Chest
Kidoozie Little Builder Kids Tool Belt

Kids Tool Set FAQs

What is a kids’ tool set?
A Kids’ tool set is one you buy for your children to prepare them for real adult life. The kids will use the tools as playthings as they learn some functional skills. We have a comprehensive review of cool kids tool seta you can get your little munchkin. Check it out!
Where to buy kids’ tool set?
You can buy a kids’ tool set from Amazon, the largest and most affordable online retailer. If you are looking for a kids’ tool set to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How much is a kids’ tool set?
A kids’ tool set may cost anything between $10 to $100 depending on the manufacturer and quality of the product. However, the price shouldn’t be the only thing guiding you in making a buying decision.