Best Kids Trampoline Reviews 2022

Whether it's designed for fitness training, recreation, or competitions, all trampolines have one thing in common: they provide kids and adults with years of fun and fitness. However, we understand that it could be quite overwhelming to choose between the many brands and designs out there, so we’ve done some research and narrowed down the brands to five of some of the best kids’ trampolines. We’ve also featured a product from each, to give you an idea of the kind of quality to expect from these brands. You’d do well to check these brands out in the event that the trampolines we featured aren’t exactly what you want.
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Our Top Choice
Ancheer Mini Rebounder Trampoline
For many years, Ancheer has been consistent with quality, performance, and ultimately, customer satisfaction which is what has made it a successful brand.
Elastic bands in place of springs. Padded handle for support. Foldable. Great fun factor. Improves agility in kids.
Great product, but might lean forward around the handle.
Mini with rail
155 pounds
3-foot diameter; 16.4 pounds
Best Value
Giantex 55" Round Kids Jumping Trampoline
Giantex produces budget-friendly trampolines that are durable, safe, and efficient for the whole family, giving you the most cost-effective bargain for a strong and fun bounce.
Durable jumping mat and frame. Stable legs. Attractive and functional design. No-gap safety enclosure. Easy to assemble.
The net mesh isn't that strong.
Classic with safety net
66 pounds
4.5-foot diameter; 22.7 pounds
Bounce Pro 7' My First Trampoline Hexagon
BouncePro supplies quality and durable trampolines that its customers have come to love. Its consistently great products have made it a successful brand.
Sturdy and durable materials. Great for both indoors and outdoors. UV-resistant. ATSM-certified.
Only one kid at a time can use it.
Classic with safety net
100 pounds
7-foot diameter; N/A
Steel frame and plastic
Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline
By catering to the day-to-day needs of its customers through fun and constructive play, Merax stimulates creativity in kids and provides a fun, family bonding experience.
Well-balanced and stable. Non-slip rubber footpads. Easy assembly, requires no tools. Removable handrail. Versatile use.
The handlebar is not as sturdy as it should be.
Mini with hand rail
180 pounds
3-foot diameter; 18 pounds
Metal frame
Little Tikes Easy Store 3ft Trampoline
Founded in 1970, and still relevant, it only goes to show that Little Tikes knows its onions and has been consistent with satisfying customer requirements.
Well-padded for safety. Foldable and padded handlebar. Great for child fun and exercise. Sturdy frame. Large jumping surface.
Can only accommodate one kid at once, but that kid is in for some fun.
Mini with hand rail
55 pounds
3-foot diameter; 13 pounds
Metal and plastic

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What is the Best Kids Trampoline?

At this point, we believe that since you’ve read our buying guide that you’re now fully aware of the important features to look out for when going trampoline shopping. The next step would be to browse through our featured products to determine which one is the best trampoline for you. We hope it’s at least as helpful as the buying guide!
Our Top Choice
For a great balance of fun and exercise for kids, the Ancheer Portable Foldable 36" Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Handle is what you need. It’s collapsible and easy to assemble so your child can have fun whenever, wherever. If you’d like a slightly bigger size with the same great quality, go for the Ancheer Rebounder Trampoline with Safety Pad which has a weight capacity of 220 pounds and comes in 4 colors.

Ancheer Portable Foldable 36" Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Handle – Available in 2 Colors

Ancheer has been a top brand in the manufacture of health and fitness products for several years. Headquartered in Los Angeles and affiliated with top manufacturers in China and Taiwan, you can rest assured its products go through the stiff American quality assurance. Its unrelenting focus on performance and an undying commitment to customer satisfaction are what has moved Ancheer to the lofty standards it occupies now. This is also one of the reasons one of its kids’ trampolines has made it to our list.

The Ancheer Mini Rebounder is the ideal product you need for a kid to keep them agile and safe. Its steel frame is sturdy and has padded legs for balance, and won’t scratch your floor. This trampoline uses elastic bands in place of springs to avoid your kid accidentally coming in contact with the springs. The bands also make it a bit bouncier, which means more fun for your munchkin. The handlebar is also covered in foam so your child doesn’t get blisters while playing.

One great advantage of this trampoline is its portability. Its foldable design allows you to collapse it, saving you storage space and making it easier to carry around. And guess what? It comes with a carrier bag! Assembling and collapsing the trampoline is a cinch. You don’t even need tools! With a weight capacity of 155 pounds, this trampoline is ideal for most kids and it guarantees lots of fun.

Apart from the fun factor and engagement, your child benefits from disguise workouts which improve their body coordination, motor skills, agility, etc. It will even improve their self-esteem and social interaction. How? Trust us, this trampoline will attract some friends over to your place. Let’s hope you have some cookies and candies stockpiled. This trampoline is available in Blue and Red, so be sure to consult your kid on which color to buy.
Best Value
If you’re looking for a trampoline to give your kids some exciting fun, look no further than the Giantex 55” Round Kids Mini Jumping Trampoline with Safety Pad Enclosure. It is beautifully designed and functional. If you’d like a bigger design that can accommodate more kids, go for the Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce which has a galvanized, rust-resistant frame.

Giantex 55” Round Kids Mini Jumping Trampoline with Safety Pad Enclosure

Giantex caters to its numerous customers by producing budget-friendly trampolines that are basic, safe, and large for families. This ensures no one is left out of the fun jumping experience. Its products are of high-quality standards, making them stable and quite secure. Combine this with its exceptional customer service staff and you have a brand that’s truly committed to your optimum enjoyment of its products.

The Giantex 55” Round Kids Trampoline is a great way to get your kids playing together. They benefit from improved agility and motor skills, while you benefit by having some peace and time to do other things. Extending your peace of mind is the assurance you get that your kids are safe playing on this trampoline as it is fitted with a safety net enclosure and padded sleeves. The enclosure is also a no-gap design so you can rest assured there will be no accidental slips.

This trampoline is designed to be all things nice. It is beautiful and colorful which kids will definitely be attracted to. It has a steel frame which is all covered to prevent injuries, and has 6 legs to keep it balanced and help disperse weight. The zippered entrance is easy to use and wide enough for easy entrance and exit.

The assembly is quite easy with the easy-to-follow instructions that come with it. To disassemble it is even easier, which helps you save some space when the trampoline isn’t needed. If you don’t want to disassemble it, the trampoline is still lightweight enough to be carried as a whole to wherever you need it. Your kid will surely love you more for this one!
A great first trampoline for your kid is the Bounce Pro 7' Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline which is designed with durable and quality materials, and is certified safe by ATSM. If you want a larger size that can accommodate more than one kid, go for the Bouncepro 14' Trampoline and Enclosure which has a steel and rust-resistant frame.

Bounce Pro 7' My First Indoor/Outdoor Entry Level Trampoline

BouncePro is a successful dealer of top-quality and high-performance trampolines. It takes so much pride in offering only the best and safest trampolines, which is what its name rides on till this day. Taking feedback from customers and combining it with its innovation, it has consistently come up with great products to impress its numerous customers. Its focus on customer satisfaction is one of the reasons we are featuring one of its kids’ trampolines.

The Bounce Pro 7' Trampoline is a great entry-level trampoline for little kids, and has ample space for them to jump around and roll all they want. It has a no-gap design that prevents kids from falling off the jumping mat. Surrounded by a net enclosure, you can rest assured your kid is safe whenever they are playing on this trampoline. Further, there is a visible and easy-to-use zippered entry opening to make passage into and out of the enclosure easy for your munchkin.

This trampoline is also suitable for use outdoors, so you can enjoy the outdoors with your kid without having to hunt them down whenever they stray—which will likely be always. It’s also fitted with a sturdy and balanced U-shaped plastic stand that won’t wobble even with your kid inside.

If you’re still in doubt as to the safety, do note that this trampoline has met or exceeded all ATSM safety standards. Now you can heave a sigh of relief and make the purchase. The maximum weight capacity is 100 pounds and the manufacturer recommends adult supervision at all times.
Introduce your little one to the fun of trampolines with the Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline with Handrail and Padded Cover which helps them have fun and exercise, and stay safe while at it. If you’d like to jump along with your kid, then go for the Merax Mini Parent-Child Trampoline which has two separate trampolines, and two kids can use it too.

Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline with Handrail and Padded Cover – Available in 3 Colors

For over 20 years, Merax has been producing quality products that enhance child development, and its trampolines are no exception. They allow for parent-child activities and constructive playtime among kids and siblings, offering families the opportunity for an exceptional bonding experience. Merax has stayed relevant over the years by constantly improving on its designs to suit customers’ constantly changing day-to-day needs and lifestyles—thus giving them products they can relate to and fall in love with.

The Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline is a great way to introduce your little angel to the world of trampolines. Though it doesn’t have an enclosure, it has a padded handle your kid can hold onto for balance. Kids will definitely have a swell time bouncing on this trampoline and you will love yourself for it. This will also help your child exercise, which you will agree is beneficial for their body coordination, agility, and motor skills development.

With its metallic frame and 8 legs, this trampoline is well-balanced and will not tilt over while your kid is using it. The legs are further fitted with rubber pads so it won’t slip during use, and best of all, won’t scratch your floor. It uses a special spring design that ensures good bounce and durability so your kid can continue to have fun as they grow. At just 36 inches in diameter, this trampoline is compact enough not to take up too much space. It’s even easier to store as the handrail can easily be detached.

The detachable handlebar makes this trampoline even more versatile. It is advertised as a kids’ trampoline quite alright, but with the handlebar off, it instantly becomes a trampoline the mum can use for exercise. Do note, however, the weight limit is 180 pounds, so not all mums can jump. With the thick foam padding, you can rest assured your kid is safe jumping on this trampoline. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that it has passed all US safety standards. So, no cause for worry.

No matter your child’s color preferences, you can be sure to purchase a trampoline he or she will love. This trampoline is available in three bright colors they’re sure to enjoy: blue, green, and pink.
If you’re looking for a compact and sturdy trampoline for a kid, go for the Little Tikes Easy Store 3-Foot Trampoline which has a padded handlebar that reclines to the side for easy storage. If you’d like a bigger size, go for the Little Tikes 7' Trampoline which has a safety net enclosure and a molded plastic frame.

Little Tikes Easy Store 3-Foot Trampoline

Little Tikes was founded in 1970 by Tom Murdough with the motive to create quality and innovative children’s toys that encourage them to be active and imaginative. Many of its products have gone along to become hits and some still get reproduced as classic. With so many years in existence while maintaining its relevance, there is no doubt Little Tikes has been consistent with meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Which is one of the reasons we are featuring one of its trampolines.

The Little Tikes 3' Trampoline is compact and the perfect trampoline your little kid can start off with. It’s a great way your kid can have massive fun, exercise, and burn excess energy. You don’t want them using all that pent-up energy to break your appliances and China. It also has a padded safety bar for your child to hold onto for safety and balance while jumping.

The frame of this trampoline is a combination of plastic and metal, which gives you the perfect blend of strength and usability for a kid. The handle can easily fold down to the side so you don’t need too much space for storage, either. At 3 feet in diameter, this trampoline can fit right under your munchkin’s bed. Further, with a weight of just 13 pounds, you can easily carry it around the house so your little one can be within your view.

This trampoline is certified safe to use and the manufacturer recommends it for indoor use only. The assembly is quite easy and the maximum weight capacity is rated at 55 pounds. Your child will benefit from well-developed motor skills, great body coordination, balance, and agility. This will make a wonderful gift, and the lucky kid will totally love you for it.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Trampoline?

Bouncing of any kind has been fun for as long as we can remember. Kids show their natural love for it by bouncing on their beds. There’s something about bouncing that’s both carefree and liberating, and doing it on a trampoline just doubles the fun. Can you imagine that feeling of being lifted to such heights of weightlessness by putting in just the tiniest bit of effort?

There has, however, been lots of talk and campaigning against trampoline use, citing how dangerous it is. Sure! Just like any other play, it comes with some risks, but statistics show that jumping on a trampoline is safer than playing football or riding a bicycle. The trampoline industry, not to be outdone, has also continued to improve on its safety-maximizing designs, flooding the market with all manner of innovations including spring-less trampolines, padded frames, safety net enclosures, and the list goes on. This is good news for kids and their parents as they know they don’t have to give up the joys of bouncing around on trampolines.

Trampolines are used by families around the world to provide kids with fun, high-energy activities that improve fitness as well as cognitive and motor skills. There’s bound to be the odd bumps and sprains, but severe life-changing injuries can be avoided by following rules on where to put it, maintenance checks, and rules for use. All things considered, there’s nothing stopping your kids from having unlimited jumping fun.

Two particular products that deserve our honorable mention are the 36-inch Portable Trampoline from Gymenist and the JumpSmart Trampoline by Diggin. The Gymenist trampoline has a padded handrail and is certified safe by ATSM, while the colorful Digging trampoline has a handle similar to a bicycle’s and a triangular jump mat. How’s that for uniqueness!
The prices of a quality trampoline vary from inexpensive to high-end, but they all perform the basic function of providing safe fun. The variation in prices comes from additional features and wow-factors that in no way diminish the efficiency of the less-expensive trampolines.

A good-quality trampoline could set you back about $60 to $120. We also came across cheap trampolines in the course of our research, but their designs were flimsy and their setup was a hassle, so we didn’t bother to include them here. We think that it’s important to dish out a little bit more for greater safety and ease of use.
According to statistics, jumping on a trampoline is safer than playing football or riding a bicycle. However, some trampolines are safer than others, which makes it even more important that you know what to look out for when you go trampoline shopping. Below are some of the important features to bear in mind:
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Shape
  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Frame
  • Secure Connection
  • Springs
  • Safety for Kids
  • Warranty
Let’s now look at these features in greater detail.
Construction and Design
There are a few factors that we recommend you take a look at before purchasing any trampoline for your child. They include: the size, type, shape, material, and safety features. We go into more detail on each of these below.

Size, Type, and Shape

When getting a trampoline, we advise that you consider the design, which consists of the size, type, and shape.

For the size, it could be child-specific or for adults. There are two major types of trampolines: the mini and classic. Mini trampolines are just large enough for one person to use at a time. They’re gentle on the knees and are commonly used indoors for fitness routines. Most of them are also foldable for easy transport and packing. The classic trampolines are the big ones and are in the range of 6 to 17 feet in diameter, and usually require a minimum vertical clearance of 25 feet.

They also come in four different shapes: rectangular, round, square, and octagonal. The rectangular trampolines ensure a more-powerful lift and so are preferred for practicing gymnastics. The round ones, on the other hand, are the most common recreational styles for backyards. The square trampoline is like the rectangular, but gives less bounce and takes up less space. Finally, the octagonal is like the round ones, but offers a higher bounce and the straight lines make jumping easier.


It’s also important to consider the material used to cover the springs and frames. The function of the safety pad is to prevent any injury due to touching the springs or the frame or any hard areas, so you don’t want pads made of light foam. It’s best to go for pads with heavier fillings such as heavyweight vinyl.

For the plastic covering of the pad, look out for UV-resistant PVC covering; it lasts longer. For the base and frame of the trampoline, hollow galvanized steel poles are better, and the thicker the wall of the poles, the stronger and more stable they’ll be.


Don’t forget to find out the maximum weight capacity of a trampoline before settling for it. You may also want to ensure that the model you’ve chosen has spare parts that are easily available. If you’re shopping for kids, depending on how small they are, the trampoline should have safety bars to hold onto as they learn to jump. There should also be a safety net to protect them from falling off or impacting the frame, maybe a ladder to safely get on or off the trampoline (but only under close supervision), and other anchors and stakes to secure the trampoline in place, especially when in use. The length of the spring also matters; longer springs produce higher, more powerful jumps.
Performance and Ease of Use
To ensure that a trampoline is safe for use, there are three key factors that must be considered: the quality of the safety net enclosure, the quality of the springs, and the durability of the parts.

Net Enclosure

Most high-quality nets are made of thick strands, comprising two layers of thick woven braids, with the outer strands protecting the inner strands from UV rays, thus preventing sun damage and prolonging the useful life of the net. The mesh-style net isn’t recommended because of its thin exposed strands that weaken much faster in the sun.

A strong safety net should also have secure connections. It shouldn’t collapse when jumpers fall against it, but secure them to prevent hitting the frame. Moreover, quality nets should have backup straps in case the primary support breaks. Always ensure you check the net often for signs of wear so as not to compromise the safety of your kids.

An overlapping door is preferable and a lot safer than a zipper door for the singular reason that a kid might forget to close a zipper door, which could be catastrophic should the kid fall off the trampoline while jumping. The best enclosure is designed to keep the pad in place; otherwise, the net could collapse during impact, poles could bend, or parts could break, and jumpers could get injured.


You can also measure the safety of a trampoline by the size of the spring. Large springs are safer than short springs and deliver smooth high-performance bounces that are fun for all ages. Springs should be large enough to create forgiving and shock-absorbing bounces that protect kids, especially during awkward landings; they should also be able to absorb and return a jumper’s bounce energy.

Because a longer, high-quality spring stretches further, it can achieve this more smoothly than a short, stiff spring. A long spring can stretch up to 6 inches to produce a smooth jump, while a short spring stretches only an inch and produces a harsher jump. So when kids land awkwardly, poorly aligned limbs can be more easily injured without the extra shock-absorbing cushioning provided by a longer spring.

Durability and Safety

Durable parts are also crucial for maintaining safety. Unlike most kids’ toys, trampolines can be used to adulthood so durable parts over time means lasting safety for kids and money-saving for parents. It requires maintenance to remain safe, however, namely because of its long-term heavy use.

Trampolines have safety measures in place that are guaranteed for limited periods, so it’s important to know when affected parts need to be replaced or repaired. Therefore, check to find out (the manual is a good place to start).

Consider all these things carefully and then buy the safest one you can afford. Always remember that a good trampoline should be easy to set up, safe, and of course, provides the best jump possible!

Get the Best Kids Trampoline of 2022!

Having come to the end of this review, deciding on the best trampoline to buy should no longer be overwhelming to anyone. Have fun shopping!

Our Top Choice
Ancheer Mini Rebounder Trampoline
Best Value
Giantex 55" Round Kids Jumping Trampoline
Bounce Pro 7' My First Trampoline Hexagon
Merax 36" Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline
Little Tikes Easy Store 3ft Trampoline