Best Kids Umbrella Reviews 2022

When it comes to children’s umbrellas, parents aren’t just looking for something that’s purely functional. In reality, there’s a lot of requirements to consider such as durability, practicality, and safety. What’s more, kids want to own something that’s fun and whimsical. They want a rain gear product that delights them with every use. Although aesthetics plays a large factor, a children’s umbrella should also be lightweight and easy for little fingers to operate. We understand that the process of finding the perfect umbrella isn’t exactly a walk in the park. That’s why we’ve researched far and wide to come up with a handy children’s umbrella guide. Furthermore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review five carefully selected umbrellas of various designs. Parents, rest assured that our review only includes the best kids umbrella brands on the market. When it comes time to select an umbrella for your child, this information will help you find one that will surely brighten up their rainy days.
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Total Span
Our Top Choice
Disney Frozen Elsa Character Kids Umbrella
Disney is known far and wide as a trendsetting brand. From kid’s entertainment and fashion to stylish adult clothing to décor products, Disney manufactures just about anything.
Lightweight. Made with durable polyester. Simple to open and close. Official Disney Frozen design. 8 panels with alternating patterns. Elsa handle. Suitable for ages 3-7.
Available in one size only.
Manual Opening
3 – 7 years
20.63” x 2” x 2”; 6.4 ounces
27 inches
Polyester, Metal
Best Value
Rainstoppers Parasol Children's Umbrella
RainStoppers umbrellas come in fancy designs and numerous brilliant color selections that are sure to mesmerize your little fashionista.
Stylish rainwear. Numerous color selections. Safety tested. Lightweight. Made with 190T polyester. Sturdy metal shaft and ribs.
Isolated claims that it broke easily.
Manual Opening
3 – 7 years
22.5” x 3” x 1.5”; 7.6 Ounces
32 inches
Polyester, metal, plastic
Stephen Joseph Pop Up Kids Umbrella
Stephen Joseph is dedicated to manufacturing fun, high-quality and unique products that brighten up children’s lives.
Hand washable thus it’s easy to clean and maintain. Opens and closes easily. Doesn’t pinch children’s hands. Available in multiple cartoon designs. Pop up design.
It’s not built to withstand strong winds.
Pop Up w/Character Ears
2 – 7 years
Not available
27.56 inches
Nylon, metal, plastic
Skip Hop Zoobrella Little Kids Umbrella
Skip Hop’s baby, parents and toddler product designs are functional, thoughtfully designed, and super chic..
Minimizes chances of avoidable accidents. Peek-a-boo window. Very adorable. Has numerous styles to choose from. Easy to open and close.
Can bend or break down if misused.
Peek-a-boo window; Ears
2 years and up
26” x 2” x 2”; 8.8 ounces
28.5 inches
Polyester, metal, plastic
Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Kids Umbrella
Melissa & Doug is a dynamic and progressive toy company. Both Melissa & Doug have personally dedicated their time and service to develop creative, fun and safe products for children.
Safe and comfortable to handle. Lightweight. Features child-sized frame. Easy to carry and use. Durable. Tips are smooth and rounded for safety.
Mainly suited for 4-7 year olds.
Giddy Buggy themed
4-7 years
25.4” x 3.4” x 1.9”; 8 ounces
Not available
Fabric, metal, plastic

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What is the Best Kids Umbrella?

Now that you’re armed with some top tips for finding children’s umbrellas, you can read through the key features of our selected products. As you peruse each feature, you’ll be better equipped to identify which umbrella will meet your specific needs and your child’s preferences.
Our Top Choice
Dazzle your little princess with this Frozen Elsa character kids umbrella. Featuring 8 panels of alternating blue and purple, this polyester snowflake patterned Elsa character umbrella will impress even the fussiest princess. Shopping for your little prince? Check out this Disney Cars Lightning Mcqueen Boys Red and Black Umbrella.

Disney Little Girls Frozen Elsa Umbrella with Character Handle for Age 3-7

When looking for a child’s product, quality is certainly an important consideration. Yet, you also want to be mindful of what message that product carries. Items with messages that inspire children are fun, but they also shape their young minds and spirit. Disney has successfully manufactured products that stimulate and motivate children through their entertainment content. Now, they pass these fun and inspirational messages along with their fashionable clothing line, accessories, home supplies, décor, and personalized gifts. Do you want your munchkin to feel like a princess or encourage them to tap into their adventurous side? Then, you’ll find the perfect inspiration from Disney products.

Free-spirited princess Elsa will embolden your little girl to follow her motto and “Let It Go.” Before you know it, your tiny sweetheart will be dancing in the rain all the way to the royal ball. Luckily, thanks to her Disney Frozen Elsa character kids umbrella, she won’t get her glorious princess gown wet. This eight-sectioned umbrella features a durable polyester fabric in alternating blue and purple colors, and is decorated with a snowflake pattern print. Four images of Princess Elsa and her mantra, “Let It Go,” are also screen printed alternately around the canopy. To keep her royal highness from poking herself in the eye, this umbrella has light blue plastic tips. The unique handle is adorned with Elsa images and will certainly be the envy of other young princesses.

Here are some additional Disney Elsa Frozen umbrella features:
  • Has blue safety caps made of plastic at the tip of each rib
  • The blue handle is adorned with portraits of Elsa character
  • Handle is fitted with a light blue carrying cord of nylon material for convenient transportation and storage
  • Opens and closes easily and is secured with a Velcro closure for compact storage
  • Comes in a compact size for girls from 3 to 7 years old
  • It’s easy to wash and care for – just wipe with a damp cloth and air-dry it before storing
Best Value
Rainstoppers 32" Children's Parasol Umbrella has a durable 190T polyester canopy along with a sturdy metal shaft and ribs. Do you have a little fisherman in the house? Help them keep fishing, even when it rains, with this cute Rainstoppers W104 Kid's Multi Shark Print Umbrella.

Rainstoppers 32" Girls Kids Umbrella – Available in Multiple Colors

By the age of three, many young children are already appreciating fashion and style. For these kids, umbrellas aren’t just for rainy days, they’re also a complementary fashion accessory. They may be preschoolers or young elementary students, but they want to have interesting colors, patterns and some unique designs on their rainwear. RainStoppers umbrellas have fancy designs that will appeal to these fashion-savvy kids. These umbrellas are top-rated and safety tested so you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a quality product.

Has your kid started showing a sense of fashion and style? Get them this stylish Rainstoppers 32" kids umbrella made with a durable 190T polyester canopy and has a sturdy metal shaft and ribs. The tips of the ribs are securely capped with round plastic material in a matching color to keep your kid safe while using this umbrella. This kid-safe rain gear is adorned with a lovely ruffle around the rim of the canopy, is lightweight, and easily opens manually. What’s more, it comes in amazing colors including a multicolored model, perfect for kids that want to add a little extra oomph to their wardrobe accessories.
The Stephen Joseph Pop Up kids umbrella comes in a variety of irresistible colors and design styles. With animal or cartoon themes, you have many options to pick from. If you’re shopping for an umbrella with a simple design, consider this Stephen Joseph Umbrella for kids. It’s designed to easily match with rain boots and coats, and is very affordable.

Stephen Joseph Pop Up Kids Umbrella – Available in Multiple Styles

When shopping for an umbrella for your child, it’s important to look for products that are both appealing and exciting. The Stephen Joseph brand is known for its products that are designed to match with a wide range of popular cartoon characters that kids love. For parents, this makes your shopping all that much easier. Now, all you need to do is to find out what animated characters your child adores and place your order.

The Stephen Joseph Pop Up kids umbrella comes with an aluminum frame that is strong while keeping it light enough for kids to carry with ease. This strong frame makes it durable thus giving you a long-lasting quality product. This umbrella is designed with safety in mind; a push-and-pull mechanism opens and closes the frame with minimal effort. It also features 3D character designs that are clearly recognizable regardless of the angle it is viewed. The Stephen Joseph Pop Up kids umbrella enables kids to express their individual personalities, consequently, boosting their confidence.

Since this umbrella is hand washable, you won’t waste any precious time cleaning it. Do keep in mind, however, to dry it before storing it. Moreover, its handle is made of solid plastic with a smooth surface that’s safe on your kid’s little hands. It also comes with a Velcro closure mechanism that wraps around it and makes it easy to store.
The innovative Zoobrella Little Kids Umbrella features a peek-a-boo windowpane through which your child can have a clear view of their surroundings. Complete your child’s ensemble by adding this matching Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Hooded Rain Jacket. It’s warm and your little buddy will beam with joy!

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella – Available in Various Styles

When it comes to umbrellas, it’s difficult to see when you’re walking around with a large covering over your head. Often, you have to pay extra attention to where you step, lifting the umbrella once in a while to be able to make sure you’re not accidentally headed into oncoming traffic. Fortunately, with the Skip Hop Zoobrella’s peek-a-boo window, your little ones will be able to see where they’re headed. No need to worry about random wild animal collisions or tetradactyl run-ins, so parents can relax and breathe easy knowing that peek-a-boo window is helping their kids.

Even adults have a hard time with umbrellas, struggling to open and close it when it’s sopping from a storm. For kids with itty-bitty fingers, it’s even more frustrating. With that in mind, this Skip Hop Zoobrella factored in a child-friendly release mechanism to make sure the little one doesn’t have to deal with an item that’s hard to open or close. It’s also lightweight, so parents are assured that their child would be able to carry and use the umbrella on their own comfortably.

And that’s not all there is to this great wet-weather product! Here’s more kid-friendly features:
  • It’s designed to match with Skip Hop’s zoo character raincoat for trendsetting kids
  • Hand washable material for easy cleaning
  • Has a comfortable, plastic handle that is great for little hands
  • Fitted with 3D ears and a characterized strap for an appealing look
  • BPA and phthalate-free for your child’s health
If your child has loads of fun pretending to be an insect or a zoo animal, let them choose from fun umbrellas like the ladybug, giraffe, or butterfly.
The lightweight Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Kids Umbrella is favored for its children-sized frame which makes it easy for children to carry and use. On the look-out for a dog-themed umbrella? Check out the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Umbrella. It features a bug antennae design at the top for an adorable look.

Melissa & Giddy Buggy Kids Umbrella with Safety Open and Close

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy umbrella features smiley faces, bright colors, and other fun, playful motifs that make children smile. With such a cool umbrella, any child would be eager to stroll about town in style. The Melissa & Doug company take into account modern day trends, focusing on designs that any kid could relate with.

Since children sometimes engage in extreme umbrella-wielding games, like Star Wars Sith fighters or Medieval horse-riding knights, this umbrella is made of kid-resistant, durable materials. With standard umbrellas, you expect the metallic or plastic shaft to break or bend with such kid play. But, that’s not the case with the giddy buggy umbrella since it’s designed to withstand the rough-housing that comes with imaginary play. Moreover, its points are smooth and rounded, making it safe to use and comfortable to handle both in the rain or while you’re fighting to save a princess from a dragon.

This umbrella is available for children aged four years and above. During this age phase, kids usually get extra outdoor time and are becoming more aware of their possessions. With the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy umbrella, your little prince or pretty princess will be ready to rock, turning heads with their funky new rain gear.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Umbrella?

Kids will be kids whether it’s raining, scorching hot or devastatingly cold – their energy can hardly be contained. So, instead of confining them inside, hoping that their cute little cars will keep them busy in their playpen, why not get them the gear they need to keep playing outside? Whether it’s a raincoat, snow boots, or a warm, fuzzy scarf, kids need outdoor gear that lets them be their active selves. One of these important accessories is an umbrella, the most effective outdoor gear that offers protection from both rain and sun. Some parents might want to share their rain gear with their little buddy, but as we know, children are adamant about having their own umbrellas. So, when shopping for your rainwear, don’t forget a cute umbrella for your munchkin.

Now, kids love products with colorful items and patterns that they find appealing. But, as a parent, you’ll be on the lookout for quality and budget to make sure you purchase a great umbrella that will serve your child well. So, trying to balance attractiveness and performance is very important with this purchase. Fortunately, we have creative designs on the market today that focus on shapes, patterns and characters that children can identify with.
Typically, umbrellas for children don’t cost a lot. With about $10 to $20, you should find a good quality umbrella for kids. The price is influenced by the size of the umbrella, materials used and the design. Umbrellas that are kid-safe and have unique designs and decorations, such as a pop-up umbrella with 3-D character ears, are likely to cost more money than those with plain designs. However, buyers should be wary of cheap children’s umbrellas since they may fall apart sooner than expected. Often, lower priced items are manufactured with inferior-grade materials and are assembled poorly, thus end up disappointing both parents and children.
If chosen wisely, an umbrella can provide your child with a touch of elegance and class, all while protecting them from harsh outdoor elements. This is why you need to identify your child’s needs and taste preferences before going out shopping. This way, you’ll come home with cool new rain gear that’ll brighten up their little faces.

So, when buying a child’s umbrella, what should you look out for?
  • Design and Color–Go for brilliant colors and patterns or shapes that identify with kids
  • Material–What kind of material makes the canopy, ribs, shaft and handle?
  • Weight and Size–Children’s items shouldn’t be bulky
  • Ease of Use–Is it easy to open/close or light to carry around?
  • Safety–The materials used and overall design shouldn’t endanger child’s health or lead to accidents
Make sure you look at the above umbrella features before buying one for your kid.
Construction and Design
There are three important parts that make up an umbrella: the canopy, shaft, and ribs. If you want an umbrella that will protect your child against both sun and rain, you’ll need to find one that is made with material that is waterproof and specially coated against heat and sunlight. To ensure that your child is properly covered during use, you should select a dome that is appropriate for their height and a canopy that is wide enough to cover them entirely.

Nylon and polyester are usually the material of choice used in manufacturing umbrellas for kids. The shaft and ribs can be made of fiberglass or a lightweight metal such as aluminum or steel. Usually, children’s umbrellas have lightweight plastic handles, as well as edges and rib tips that are capped with rounded plastic, all features that make them safer for children. As for the mechanism, these umbrellas are available in manual or automatic.
Performance and Ease of Use
When deciding what kind of umbrella to purchase for your little one, you’ll want to assess whether they’ll need it for rain, sun, or both kinds of weather. Once decided, you should choose a durable material that will properly serve the purpose of your purchase. Of course, it should also be easy to clean and dry. That’s mainly why you will come across many umbrellas that are made of nylon. However, note that although the light Nylon material might hinder rain, it won’t provide adequate shade during sunny days unless it’s chemically treated.

Did you notice just how much we emphasized the use of lightweight materials? That’s because we need umbrellas that aren’t bulky for our little princes and princesses, so go ahead and check its weight and the materials used. The canopy should be able to cover most parts of the body properly but shouldn’t be oversized. For smaller hands that have a hard time with tricky buttons and clasps, an automatic umbrella mechanism that easy opens with the touch of a button can be incredibly convenient. But, if you must find a manual one, check the buttons to make sure they release effortlessly once pressed.

If there’s one thing that will attract a kid above all else, it’s a brilliantly patterned umbrella. Patterns and designs can feature cartoon characters, animals, abstract designs, or educational images like shapes, numbers, and letters. When buying proper kid rain gear, you’ll want to find an umbrella that your child can easily identify with, so you may want to start with their favorite color, hobby, or movie character.

Get the Best Kids Umbrella of 2022!

In a market full of overwhelming options, we’re glad to have taken part in your journey to finding the appropriate umbrella for your little one. Lucky for you, purchasing that umbrella is just a few clicks away via the Amazon links we’ve provided. If we didn’t feature the patterns your little buddy loves, browse through the umbrellas by the brands we’ve introduced and find more great options.

Our Top Choice
Disney Frozen Elsa Character Kids Umbrella
Best Value
Rainstoppers Parasol Children's Umbrella
Stephen Joseph Pop Up Kids Umbrella
Skip Hop Zoobrella Little Kids Umbrella
Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Kids Umbrella