Best Kids Vanity Reviews 2023

Kids’ vanities are highly functional, versatile and decorative for role playing. With each vanity built with various features and given attractive finishing touches, choosing the right vanity can be daunting. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve researched five of the best kids’ vanity brands on the market, showcasing a vanity from each to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Our Top Choice
Guidecraft Classic Kids’ Vanity
Founded in 1966, Guidecraft manufactures attractive wooden toys for children to facilitate emotional and social development.
It’s attractive and stylish, reasonably-priced, made of high quality wood for durability and comes in a white finish.
This vanity requires assembly before it can be used.
Classic design in a white finish
MDF wood
42 x 28 x 13”; 35 pounds
Under-mirror shelf & two drawers
Best Value
Step2 Fantasy Kids’ Vanity
Founded in 1991, Step2 is the largest rotational plastic molder worldwide, which is how it manufactures such reasonably-priced toys for toddlers and pre-school children.
It’s easy to clean and use, durable and available in fun colors. It’s affordable, stylish and promotes creative play.
It’s a bit unstable.
Functional design in white & pink
41 x 28 x 14”; 19.25 pounds
One drawer & molded-in storage
KidKraft Deluxe Kids’ Vanity & Chair
Founded in 1968, KidKraft is focused on helping kids play, learn and live by designing high quality toys such as dollhouses, trains and play kitchens, among others.
It’s functional and highly attractive. It comes with shelves for storage and organization. It’s perfect for any interior décor style.
It’s not lightweight or highly portable.
Deluxe design in white finish
Manufactured wood
38 x 17 x 43”; 48.3 pounds
Four shelves
Teamson Kids’ Leopard Kids’ Vanity
Teamson Kids develops products aimed at helping kids have fun, become creative and develop social and motor skills through role-playing.
It’s attractive, stylish and easy to assemble. It’s also affordable, easy to use and easy to clean.
The mirror isn’t of the best quality.
Animal print in black, pink & wood
MDF and solid wood
11.3 x 24 x 39”; 21.2 pounds
One drawer
3 to 5 years
Disney Frozen Ice Castle Kids’ Vanity
Disney is the world’s leading entertainer of kids with a focus on promoting creativity, excellence and innovation in the next generations to come.
It’s fun, attractive, stylish and highly affordable. It’s sturdy, durable and comes with a free comb, necklace and hair extension.
Due to the size of this kids’ vanity, kids about five years or older might prefer a bigger vanity to suit them better.
Disney frozen design blue & pink
24 x 6 x 16”; 7.3 pounds
One drawer
3 to 6 years

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What is the Best Kids Vanity?

Choose a kids’ vanity with a mirror, enough storage, a seat and any other valuable features to make the most out of your investment. The best kids’ vanities are versatile and built with various storage solutions such as shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc. Find out if one of our recommended kids’ vanities is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Guidecraft Kids’ Vanity is a classic collection of a dressing table and a stool with sufficient storage to keep your child’s makeup. The vanity is elegantly designed for functional use as well as to enhance the appeal of your girl’s room with a stylish touch. Do you want a smaller, personalized kids’ vanity with your child’s name printed on it? Opt for the Guidecraft Personalized Kids’ Vanity that’s made of pine solids and MDF, and features an acrylic mirror. It’s smaller, lighter in weight and recommended for kids between two months and one-year.

Guidecraft Classic Kids’ Vanity with a Stool – Available in 6 Colors

Guidecraft is a leading manufacturer of children’s toys with a focus on consumer markets and early childhood education. The company’s products are smart, progressive and design-centric to promote play and help kids develop STEM skills. The toys are fun and powerful educational tools that come with various disciplinary benefits for your child. The high quality products surpass international safety standards to ensure your child is safe while playing with his/her favorite toy.

The Guidecraft Kids’ Vanity has gently collapsed silhouettes in seating, storage and dressing-up items, which gives them a timeless look. It comes with a stool, storage drawer and an acrylic Mylar mirror built with three sides for a complicated yet attractive look. The vanity has curved legs for a stylish and elegant look. The stool has a seat-top that opens up to provide extra storage space.

Whereas the stool has dimensions of 16 x 13 x 15 inches and a seating capacity of 100 pounds, the vanity measures 28 x 13 x 42 inches; the vanity itself weighs about 35 pounds, meaning that it’s lightweight enough to be moved from one part of the room to another if need be. The under-mirror shelf, single drawer and stool top offer sufficient storage for your kid’s playthings.

More space is available on the broad counter space for pretence-play. It comes with graphical instructions for step-by-step vanity assembly while its UV-coating is applied to protect the vanity from the harsh sun rays.

Here’s another Guidecraft kids’ vanity you might like:
  • Guidecraft Dress Up Kids’ Vanity
This kids’ vanity comes in pink, light green, lavender, white, gray, espresso and natural color finishes to choose from.
Best Value
The Step2 Fantasy Kids’ Vanity is designed with enough storage to store your child’s hair brushes, jewelry, bows and other playthings. It’s glamorous and is bound to add glam to your child’s playroom or bedroom. Are you looking for something to suit your little boy’s organization needs? Opt for the Step2 Hot Wheels Race Car Dresser for your toddler. It’s stylish, realistic, sturdy and customizable using stylish decals.

Step2 Fantasy Kids’ Vanity with a 3-Piece Accessory Set and Matching 11” Stool

Step2 designs products aimed at early childhood development and learning through creative play and discovery, which is why its products target pre-school kids and toddlers. The American company is focused on becoming a leading innovator of children’s imaginative and creative products to help families celebrate childhood. Having started with just five workers, the company has grown to employ at least eight hundred workers. It also manufactures kids’ furniture such as beds, picnic tables, chairs, etc.

The Step2 Fantasy Kids’ Vanity is designed to promote role play in younger girls as they pretend to put on makeup before leaving for work or a party. It has enough storage to hold your girl’s makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. The plastic mirror is of high quality, functional, safe and shatterproof. It also features molded-in compartments for storage and the sliding drawer provides extra storage.

The kids’ vanity also comes with an 11.75-inch stool and a three-piece set of accessories, including a hair brush, hand mirror and a comb. It’s powered by four ‘AAA’ batteries, which you have to buy separately. The vanity has a light that goes off after five minutes. It requires mini-assembly before use. What’s more, the kids’ vanity comes in a poly construction built to last years.

Measuring 41 x 28 x 14 inches, this kids’ vanity comes in fun, bright colors. The pink, white and blue color combinations make it ideal for girls.
The KidKraft Deluxe Kids’ Vanity is built with one large mirror at the centre and two adjustable mirrors on either side to allow your girl to see herself from different angles. It also comes with a matching white chair that can easily fit beneath the vanity when not in use. If you want a more cost-effective and smaller kids’ vanity with a single mirror, two shelves and a large center drawer, opt for the KidKraft Medium Diva Kids’ Vanity. It’s safe and made from natural wood and features a real glass mirror.

KidKraft Deluxe Kids’ Vanity with a Chair, 3 Mirrors, and 4 Drawers

KidKraft designs high quality children’s furniture and toys to inspire imaginative playfulness aimed at motor and social development. The company’s play kitchens and dollhouses have won many awards, making the brand highly popular. With a presence in at least 90 countries and increasing acquisitions over the last years, KidKraft is expanding its products beyond kids’ playrooms. The company gives each kid a chance to imagine, explore and grow.

The KidKraft Deluxe Kids’ Vanity features one large acrylic mirror at the center of the vanity with two side mirrors, one on each side. The four shelves are perfect for storing well-folded clothes, makeup, books, toys, etc. The matching white chair has dimensions of 14 x 13 x 28 inches, making it the perfect size to support your girl.

Made in Malaysia, this kids’ vanity is every girl’s dream for a beautiful vanity. Your girl will love spending hours using it for pretence-play. The white finish it comes in blends easily into any interior décor, no matter whether it consists of bright or dull colors.

Here are a few other KidKraft kids’ vanities you might like:
  • KidKraft Princess Kids’ Vanity
  • KidKraft Little Doll Kids’ Vanity
  • KidKraft Kids’ Vanity
Available in snow white finish, this kids’ vanity is perfect for your little princess to continue dreaming and playing.
The Teamson Kids Leopard Kids’ Vanity comes in a pink and black leopard animal print design for a playful and decorative quality.. It lets your princess beautify herself with makeup and fashion accessories before leaving the house to play with her friends. If you want a similar vanity in zebra animal print, opt for the Teamson Kids Zebra Kids’ Vanity. It comes with a stool, mirror and three-piece table with a drawer for storage.

Teamson Kids’ Leopard Kids’ Vanity with a Stool – Available in 7 Colors

Teamson Kids focuses on putting a smile on every child’s face because your kid is your world. Whereas the company aims at manufacturing toys with great designs, affordability is of utmost importance. Through having fun children are able to become creative, explore their surroundings and discover who they are. The products are also tested for safety.

The Teamson Kids’ Leopard Kids’ Vanity comes in a leopard animal print for an attractive look. It’s given a sturdy wooden construction and the finish is bound to add elegance and style in your little girl’s room. The drawer is spacious enough to accommodate your girl’s fashion accessories and makeup kit. It comes with a sturdy stool to let your girl do her makeup while seated.

This kids’ vanity comes with an assembly manual for step-by-step installation, making the set up process easy. Girls within the ages of three and five years will love using and playing with this vanity. What’s more, it can still enhance the appearance of the interior space even when your girl grows out of it. The thirty-day warranty offers protection from manufacturing faults.

Available in seven color variations, choose among purple chevron, ocean blue tropical, polka dot, aqua blue zebra, pink giraffe, leopard and zebra colors to make the most of your new vanity!
The Disney Frozen Ice Castle Kids’ Vanity is designed for both functional and decorative use. Your little princess won’t just have a great time seeing Elsa and Anna appear in the mirror with the press of a button, but can also role play with this vanity. Are you looking for a more affordable toy in the Disney Frozen design to give your princess on her birthday? Opt for the Disney Frozen Kids Hair Brush. The brush, which comes in a pack of 2, is anti-static, available in pink and blue, and ideal for all types of hair.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Kids’ Vanity with a Stylish Mirror Displaying Anna & Elsa

Disney is popular for the characters, stories and experiences it brings into the homes of millions across the globe in the form of animated entertainment. With a portfolio of various brands, the company differentiates services, content and consumer products. It develops innovative, creative and profitable entertainment products and experiences.

As the world’s largest media company, Disney develops creative content using the latest technologies to foster innovation and penetrate new markets.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Kids’ Vanity is powered with AA batteries (that you have to buy separately). The vanity is built with an attractive mirror and comes with a button that when pressed, Anna and Elsa themselves make an appearance in the mirror. The two sisters appear in a musical duet when the center gem button is pressed, which also triggers sound effects.

The pull-out drawer has sufficient space to store your girl’s beauty accessories. Your princess will love the comb, hair extension and necklace that come with the free accessory set. Whether your daughter’s room is Disney Frozen themed or not, it’ll blend in nicely with a stylish and glamorous look.

Here’s another Disney Frozen kids’ vanity you might like:
  • Disney Frozen Kids’ Vanity
This kids’ vanity comes in a light blue and pink color finish to bring out your girl’s femininity and scream her personal style and taste, not to mention her love for Anna and Elsa.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Vanity?

When shopping for any kind of furniture such as a rocking chair, a toddler chair, a glider chair, etc., you probably want to find one that you’re going to love because it’s something that doesn’t change each season; it’s something you’ll use for years, so choose wisely.

The same applies to kids’ vanities. Find one that your little princess will love. Kids’ vanities are versatile bedroom furniture young girls can use to store and do their makeup. They also come with storage for your girl’s makeup kit and other beauty accessories.

What’s more, kids’ vanities, just like normal bedroom vanities, are beautiful decorative accents that can glam up your daughter’s room with a stylish and elegant touch. Kids’ vanities are also functional as they can become part of your daughter’s daily morning routine when doing her hair and/or makeup. Although they look luxurious and extravagant, your daughter won’t be able to do without one once she gets to use one.

Your princess can prepare for the day from her morning hub, aka her bedroom vanity. This is where she can store all her personal items such as skin creams, perfume, jewelry, etc. Before setting out to see kids’ vanities on the market, first decide on the type you want to buy for your daughter. Whereas some kids’ vanities come with mirrors attached to their backs, others come with separate mirrors for hanging on the wall using a secure hook or nail.

Sit-down style vanities come with stools or chairs to allow young girls to put on their makeup while seated. Also consider stand-up style vanities such as armoires, towers or raised traditional vanities. This review will focus on sit-down style kids’ vanities with mirrors attached on their backs. We hope that this review will help you make an informed decision.
Whichever type of kids’ vanity you want, ensure it’s made from high quality materials to guarantee its durability. The material used to make a vanity, brand, style, size, accessories and features it comes with and aesthetics determine what you can pay for a kids’ vanity.

You don’t want to buy a vanity today and call up the manufacturer the next day trying to lodge complaints regarding quality issues. Since this is a piece of furniture your daughter will use for a long time, don’t just ensure that she’ll adore it, but that it’s also durable enough to last.

Go for a high quality kids’ vanity to get the value for your money, which you can find in the price range of $50 to $500.
Kids’ vanities, just like those for big girls or women, are highly functional and attractive. They come with various features that render them versatile pieces of furniture. It’s important to know what to look for in a vanity once you’re aware of the functions you want it to accomplish. Also consider the outlook of a vanity as it’ll significantly alter your girl’s bedroom look and feel.

Here are the important features to look out for in kids’ vanity:
  • Suitable size for your child’s age
  • Vanity function such as storage, putting on makeup, versatile use, etc.
  • Style such as antique, traditional, contemporary, etc.
  • Features such as adjustable mirrors, hair accessories, 3-piece mirrors, etc.
  • Storage such as shelves, drawers, cabinets, etc.
  • Seat such as stool, chair, bench, etc.
  • Material such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.
  • Custom vanity to feature your daughter’s name
  • Color that complements existing interior décor color theme
With the right kids’ vanity in your young princess’ room, she can take advantage of its functionality to role play when she needs to do her make up or hair; it’s also attractive enough to accentuate your girl’s room with a beautiful touch.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a kids’ vanity to gift your daughter, consider the following features:

Size – look around your daughter’s room for an area with natural light where you’ll place the kids’ vanity. Measure the area so you know how big the vanity can be. Your child’s age is also a factor when picking the right vanity size.

If you’re going to buy a vanity chair or stool separately from your kid’s vanity, ensure that it’s of the right size. The chair or stool needs to be lower than the table, so there should be about ten to twelve inches of spacing between the vanity’s bottom and the seat’s top.

Function of the Vanity – what exactly do you want your kids’ vanity to accomplish? Is there need for storage space or is the vanity supposed to act mainly as a bedroom vanity for makeup role playing? Is there need for just a mirror? Consider the major role you want your daughter’s vanity to play because you’ll be able to customize it to her specific needs.

Style – your girl’s room décor or style is also important when looking for a vanity she’ll not just like, but love. Add a classic and timeless look and feel to your girl’s traditional style bedroom with an antique vanity.

For a warm and natural touch in any existing décor or a natural-themed room, go for a vanity with decorative carvings, scroll or leaf motifs or even cabriole legs.

Create visual interest using a contemporary kids’ vanity in a simple and sleek design, not to mention the mix of materials they’re usually made of. Although they often feature curved lines, they’re attractive decorative pieces in geometric designs to create a center piece in your girl’s room.

Looking for a modern vanity? No problem. Find a glass or metal kids’ vanity with asymmetrical and sharp contrasting line details in angular signature shapes for a touch of straight and crisp lines typical of modern spaces.

Color – the color scheme used in your daughter’s room can also guide you when choosing the right vanity color. Choose a color that blends in well into the existing décor. If you’re not sure, it’s best to go with safe colors such as black and white.

Features – you also may want to consider the various features any given vanity comes with and whether your daughter needs them. Some vanities feature adjustable mirrors. Look out for drawers for keeping valuables such as collectibles and jewelry; single or three-piece mirrors; cabinets and shelves; and stools or benches. Also decide if you want a custom vanity.

Storage – if there’s need for storage, go for a kids’ vanity with shelves, cabinets, pull-out drawers or any other form of storage. This is where your girl can store her perfumes, candles, accessories, makeup kits, hair brushes, etc.

Material – look out for strong and durable materials for prolonged use.

Seat – if the vanity comes with a stool, chair or bench, ensure that it matches the vanity in style and color for an aesthetic appeal. Also make sure it’s of the right height and seating capacity to fit your daughter.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since kids’ vanities are both functional and decorative accents, opt for one that’s attractive, has enough storage for your girl’s personal items and comes with a matching seat. Also ensure it has a decorative and functional mirror and look out for any free accessories it might come with.

A good vanity is also easy to setup or install and easy to care for and clean. Buying a vanity that comes with a clear and informative installation manual can be a lifesaver when it comes to setting it up. The durability of a kids’ vanity goes without saying; choose a strong and durable material such as wood, glass, metal, etc. The décor style of your girl’s room can also influence the vanity material you can choose.

Get the Best Kids Vanity of 2023!

Whether you want a vanity for storage, for makeup, for accentuating your daughter’s room, or simply to help your daughter role-play and have fun, there’s one out there to meet your girl’s unique needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top kids’ vanities, you’ll be in a position to pick the right dressing table. In case you need something different, you might want to check out our bedroom vanity reviews.

Our Top Choice
Guidecraft Classic Kids’ Vanity
Best Value
Step2 Fantasy Kids’ Vanity
KidKraft Deluxe Kids’ Vanity & Chair
Teamson Kids’ Leopard Kids’ Vanity
Disney Frozen Ice Castle Kids’ Vanity