Best Kids Wheelbarrow Reviews – Plastic and Metal Wheelbarrows for Kids = Hours of Outdoor Fun!

A kids' wheelbarrow is an efficient and entertaining toy for kids who have a lot of energy. Whether they use it to transport their toys or to give you a helping hand with your gardening, these toys can help develop their motor skills and creativity. In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of five products from some of the best kids wheelbarrow brands out there. In addition to our top 5 picks, we have also include several honorable mentions because there were so many darn cute options!
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Age range
Our Top Choice
Radio Flyer Kid's Red Wheelbarrow
Radio Flyer has more than 100 years of experience making high-quality toys and ride-ons for kids of all ages. Their products are durable and seriously entertaining!
Lightweight and eye-catching. Steel undercarriage increases durability. Smooth, polished edges increase child safety.
Assembly process may be confusing if you don’t read the instructions carefully.
31.1 x 16.3 x 11.3 inches
24 months and older
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Kids' Cart
Melissa & Doug is a prestigious manufacturer of affordably priced toys and accessories for kids of all ages.
Made from durable plastic. Stimulates kids' imagination, creativity, and motor skills. Easy to assemble.
Only available in one color option, but most kids will like the bright yellow.
12.2 x 13.2 x 15.2 inches
36 months and older
Seymour Children's Wheelbarrow
Seymour’s Children's High Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is made from corrosion-resistant polyurethane and can be assembled quickly and easily.
Durable and lightweight. Easy to assemble and use. Can carry substantial weight. Hardwood handles.
Some customers have complained that the wheelbarrow is smaller than expected. Remember that this is a wheelbarrow for kids!
9.02 x 17.28 x 30.12 inches
High-density polyurethane
24 months and older
Morgan Cycle Junior Steel Wheelbarrow
Morgan Cycle makes eye-catching, durable ride-on toys, tricycles, carts, and wheelbarrows for kids to develop their imaginations and motor skills.
Steel tray with hardwood handles. Smooth edges. Lightweight. Easy to assemble. Ideal for ages 2-4. Wide stance for stability.
Some wheelbarrows arrived defective, but they were quickly replaced by the manufacturer.
32 x 16 x 14 inches
Rubber tire
24-48 months
Hape Kid’s Beach & Garden Barrow
Hape is a German brand that designs a wide variety of colorful and attractive children’s toys. Their products are durable and reasonably priced.
Available in two colors – Red or Blue. Easy to clean. Excellent for kids over 18 months. Made from BPA-free plastic.
Few complaints regarding the relatively small carrying capacity.
16.1 x 10.2 x 15.8 inches
Red or blue
18 months - 12 years

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Plastic or Metal? How Do I Choose the Best Kids Wheelbarrow?

Kids wheelbarrows are designed to be simple, but they can provide tons of fun for a kid with imagination. If your little ones enjoy sand or water games, they will have a great time outdoors with their new wheelbarrow. Let's find out more about our top five contenders. But first, here's a few others that made our honorable mention list for the best wheelbarrows for kids.

Our Top Choice
The Radio Flyer Kid's Wheelbarrow is a cute way to have tons of fun for your little one! It comes with wooden handles and weighs approximately five pounds, making it ideal for kids. If your kid has friends over often (or you have more than on little one), you'll definitely enjoy the Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon Ride-On, big enough to comfortably carry two kids — or loads of toys!

Radio Flyer Kid's Red Wheelbarrow - Kids Metal Wheelbarrow with Wooden Handles & Steel Undercarriage

Radio Flyer is an amazing American brand with more than 100 years of experience making toys and children’s accessories. They are renowned for making high-quality carts, ride-ons, wheelbarrows, tricycles, wagons, and manual scooters. If your kid is big enough for a ride-on toy, you should definitely check out Radio Flyer’s products. The Radio Flyer Kid's Wheelbarrow is specially designed to be used by kids around three years of age or older. This wheelbarrow is mainly made from lightweight, durable plastic, but also features high-quality wooden handles and a sturdy steel undercarriage for added safety. The wheels are also made from plastic. One of our favorite features is this wheelbarrow’s rounded edges, preventing most accidental scrapes and bruises. When it comes to the actual assembly process, it isn’t difficult as long as you have the required tools and included accessories. As soon as it arrives, your child will have a blast playing sand or water games in this wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow from Radio Flyer will offer your kid a break from the usual tablet games. Get yours today!
Best Value
The Giddy Buggy Cart from Melissa & Doug is a wonderful toy for kids ages three and up that will help improve their motor skills and coordination. Not to mention, it provides countless hours of genuine fun! Little gardeners who want to lend a helping hand will also love the Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Watering Can.

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Cart - Kids Plastic Wheelbarrow, Pretend Play Toy for Kids, Made from Durable Plastic, Good for Indoors and Outdoors

Melissa & Doug is a prestigious manufacturer of affordably priced toys and accessories for kids of all ages. They strive to bring a smile to every kid's face with entertaining and educational toys, including play tables, train sets, and ride-on toys. Melissa & Doug’s Giddy Buggy Cart is a pretend play toy for tids that takes little-to-no time to assemble. Designed to be used by kids aged three to five, this toy is made from lightweight, durable plastic. The wheelbarrow is easy to clean and store, and it only weighs about 2.5 pounds so it’s easy for children to push. When it comes to entertainment value, this cart stimulates your kid's imagination and allows your little one to transport their toys, create sand or water games, move flowers or plants, and more. This cart from Melissa & Doug is ideal for the beach, so get it now before the end of the summer!
Seymour’s Children's Hight Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is made from high-quality polyurethane with hardwood handles. If you want an almost identical wheelbarrow with a plastic wheel frame, we suggest taking a look at the Poly Tray Lightweight Childrens Size Wheelbarrow from the same manufacturer.

Seymour Children's High Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow - Kids Plastic Wheelbarrow with Steel Wheel and Solid Rubber Tire

Seymour creates a variety of gardening and landscaping tools such as hammers, rakes, axes, and, of course, wheelbarrows in different sizes. If you are a gardener or you simply want to take better care of your lawn, you should definitely take a look at Seymour's products. The Children's High-Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow from Seymour is made from high-quality polyurethane, so it can survive wear and tear with little damage. The hardwood handles are easy to use, even for little kids, and the wheel is made with a steel frame and a rubber tire to absorb the shock from bumps. The wheelbarrow is less than five pounds and can be used to transport plants, flowers, toys, sand accessories – you name it. It’s made of rust-resistant polyurethane, and the assembly instructions are included in the package.
Morgan Cycle’s Junior Size Steel Garden Wheel Barrow comes with hardwood handles and is ideal for kids aged two to four. If you want something more stable with 4 wheels, consider the Morgan Cycle Classic Steel Red Wagon with Rubber Air Tires.

Morgan Cycle Junior Size Steel Garden Wheel Barrow – Kids Metal Wheelbarrow with Wood Handles, For Ages 2-4

Morgan Cycle is popular for making high-quality ride-on toys, carts, wheelbarrows, tricycles, and more. They have a wide variety of ride-ons available for sale, including small planes, cars, street racers, retro vehicles, and more. Morgan Cycle’s Junior Size Steel Garden Wheel Barrow comes in a beautiful green color with hardwood handles. The steel tray has rounded edges to prevent injuries, and, despite the steel tray, the wheelbarrow only weighs around five pounds. The wheel itself is made from rubber that can easily travel over sand, gravel, and tarmac. If your kid is older than two-years-old, this wheelbarrow is perfect for their independent transport of toys. Maybe they’ll even help you out with your gardening. The wheelbarrow can help develop your kid's coordination and motor skills.
Hape’s Kids Beach and Garden Wheelbarrow is available in Red or Blue and is ideal for playing with water or sand. If you want to develop your toddlers motor skills a bit further, check out Hape’s Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy.

Hape Kids Beach and Garden Wheelbarrow – Kids Plastic Wheelbarrow, Available in Red or Blue

Hape is a German brand, founded in 1986, specializing in well-designed kids toys. They offer a variety of products, such as ride-on toys, push carts, play tables, and even cooking accessories. The Hape Kids Beach and Garden Wheelbarrow is available in Red or Blue and is ideal for any kid over 18-months-old. This toy is made from lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic and weighs just four pounds. We also appreciate that the paint on this wheelbarrow is child-safe, so there are no threats to your kid's health. They can use this wheelbarrow to transport toys on the beach or play games with friends in the backyard. When not in use, the wheelbarrow is perfect for storing various outdoors items, gardening tools, or similar accessories in the spacious plastic tray.

How Do I Choose the Best Kids Wheelbarrow?

In the modern era we live in today, most kids spend a lot of time harvesting crops or killing zombies on their favorite tablet games. This isn’t a bad thing, but kids should still be encouraged to spend time playing outdoors — the benefits go way beyond just exercise! Luckily, there are so many toys that encourage outdoor recreation. For example, if your little one hasn't got a bike yet, that should be the first item on your buying list. You can also go for a manual ride-on toy or a motorized-ride on toy if your budget is a little bigger and your kid behaved all year. As thrilling as these toys are, it might also be nice to buy your kid a cute wheelbarrow to stimulate their creativity and motor skills. This guide will further explain the benefits of purchasing a kids wheelbarrow and help you pick the best one for your child. Don’t expect an overly complicated read – this is a simple and straightforward article every parent should read, so stay tuned!

Lessons Learned From Playing Outdoors

The idea of playing outdoors sounds so simple and easy, but in today’s world there may be a generation of youth who will not have the opportunity to reap the benefits of freely playing in the outdoors. | Courtesy of Rebecca Benná TEDx Talk

First of all, you should relax, since the price of a kids wheelbarrow is much less than the latest PC game. A quality wheelbarrow can cost from thirty to sixty dollars, depending on the sophistication of the model. If this is the first time you are buying a wheelbarrow, you'll want to go for something in between these price tags. At the same time, remember to stay away from cheap kids wheelbarrows made from poor quality materials. Spending a couple extra bucks is worth it when it comes to the longevity your kid's entertainment options, right?
The features of a kids wheelbarrow are pretty basic, but we’re going to detail them now so you know what to look for when ordering.
  • Size -- Obviously, these wheelbarrows are kids sized. Expect for them to be around 15 inches in height.
  • Age range -- Most kids wheelbarrows are designed to be used by kids over two years of age, but, in some cases, you will find products for kids who are just one and a half years old.
  • Color -- Toys are supposed to be eye-catching and kids wheelbarrows are not an exception to this rule.
  • Materials -- These wheelbarrows are made from plastic, but they also incorporate other materials like hardwood and even steel. Don’t worry, kids wheelbarrows are still lightweight and easy to use, even if they incorporate metallic components.
Printable Picnic Games Pack
Construction and Design
The tray of a kids wheelbarrow can be made from plastic or, in some cases, steel. Each material has its benefits: for example, a steel tray is more durable, while a plastic tray might be easier to clean. In any case, these trays have rounded edges so your kids won’t accidentally injure themselves while playing. A wheelbarrow’s handles can be made from plastic or hardwood; hardwood handles are more durable and more aesthetically pleasing. Wheels can be made with plastic tires or a combination of steel and rubber. Steel wheels are more durable, but a plastic one can still be used on various surfaces without problems. We understand that your kid's health and wellbeing are paramount. That’s why we are happy to mention that top manufacturers use BPA-free products and child-safe paints, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no toxic substances will contact your child from using this wheelbarrow.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you give the toy to your kid, sit back, relax, and look at how creative your little one can be! A wheelbarrow can be used for so many activities, like transporting your kid’s toys, playing sand or water games, or even giving the family puppy a ride. All these games will enable your kid to stimulate their brains and improve their cardiovascular health. When your child is all tuckered out at the end of the day, you can use the wheelbarrow for toy storage.

Benefits of Gardening With Kids

Are you interested in learning how to garden with your children? Start here learning about the many benefits your children will experience through the garden. | Courtesy of Ever Change Productions

Get the Best Kids Wheelbarrow of 2023!

Before buying one of the best kids wheelbarrow out there, why don’t you ask your kid to help you pick their favorite? They might have preferences when it comes to color. These toys are not expensive and are sure to put a smile on your kid's face. Definitely a great deal!

Our Top Choice
Radio Flyer Kid's Red Wheelbarrow
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Kids' Cart
Seymour Children's Wheelbarrow
Morgan Cycle Junior Steel Wheelbarrow
Hape Kid’s Beach & Garden Barrow

Kids Wheelbarrow FAQs

What is the best kid’s wheelbarrow?
The biggest determinant of the best kid’s wheelbarrow is the age of the user. Basically, the child should be able to handle and push the wheelbarrow. A bright-colored toy wheelbarrow is great for smaller kids looking for a convenient way to carry their toys and dolls. Older kids will require a wheelbarrow that can withstand heavy use. In that case, it should be a metallic one that is capable of hauling brush, dirt, and rocks. We are talking about something a little smaller than an adult’s wheelbarrow. So, it boils down to who is going to use the wheelbarrow.
What are the top brands of kid’s wheelbarrows?
In our reviews, we cover some of the top brands of kid’s wheelbarrows. Some of them have been operational for long, while others are relatively new. For example, Radio Flyer, which has been in existence for 100 years. They make light-weight, eye-catching kid’s wheelbarrows. Another well-known top brand is Melissa & Doug, which specializes in colorful toy wheelbarrows. Not forgetting the Morgan Cycle, which makes different types of toys. From Germany, we get Hape, a brand known for producing high-quality toy wheelbarrows for younger kids.
Is plastic or metal good for kid’s wheelbarrows?
Yes, both materials are good for kid’s wheelbarrows. Plastic is usually preferred for making toy wheelbarrows for the smaller kids. Such wheelbarrows won’t be able to withstand heavy use, so they are mainly used for carrying toys and dolls. Metal is good for slightly bigger wheelbarrows for older kids. Since metal is more durable, these wheelbarrows are preferred for lifting brush, dirt, rocks, and soil. They are also more durable. The only thing that differentiates them from wheelbarrows for adults is the slightly smaller size.