Best Kitchen Chair Reviews 2023

If you are looking to buy kitchen chairs or wish to replace or add to the ones you have, you will come across many options. Some people may already have been frustrated by the number of products that are available. To save you this stress and hassle, we have thoroughly researched some of the best kitchen chair brands and have come up with a list of five products. These companies all have more than one product in this category, but we have featured only one product from each in this review. If you find other products from these brands, we recommend you check them out as well. We also have a review for acrylic chairs and bar stools in case you want more options!
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Seat Size
Our Top Choice
Winsome Windsor 2-PC Set Chairs
Winsome has decades of experience in the production of quality lifestyle furniture. It offers a combination of unique craftsmanship with first-class customer service.
Made of sturdy wood. Natural finish in different colors. Round legs with double rung stretchers between them. Comes already assembled.
The chairs can't support large-framed people.
Contoured Windsor style
18.50 x 15.43 inches
17.9 inches
Set of 2
Beech wood
Best Value
Coaster Fine Furniture Contemporary Style Dining Chairs
Coaster was founded over 20 years ago. It continues to grow and remain committed to top customer care and a knack for excellence.
Long-lasting microfiber seats. Beautifully designed. High backs with open grid frames. Sleek square tapered legs. Assembly is easy.
Isolated complaint (we suspect a defective product) of uneven chair legs; corrected by padding with felt pads.
Traditional/eclectic, cushioned
17 x 20.5 inches
17 inches
Set of 2
Wood and Okume veneer
Poly and Bark Tolix Style Kitchen Chair
Poly and Bark is an expert in making furniture with polyurethane and wood. It takes pride in providing unique designs that are functional, durable and affordable.
Commercial grade tested and certified. Protective caps on tfeet. Made of electroplated metal. Powder-coated. Stackable and easy to store. Easy to assemble.
Uncomfortable for large framed people to sit on for long.
Modern, techno style, stackable
20.5 x 17.5 inches
18 inches
Set of 2; Set of 4
Electroplated metal
Modway Casper Dining Armchair
Modway Furniture provides unique furniture items. Its quality control team oversees the integrity of every product, so customers get the highest quality possible.
One-piece injection-molded polycarbonate construction. Versatile and long-lasting. Stackable and easy to use. Ergonomically designed to provide comfort. Easy to assemble.
It’s easily scuffed in transit if not properly packaged.
Modern style armchair
18.5 x 11.5 - 16 x 18.5 inches
17 inches
Sets of 1, 2, and 4
Furniture of America Cherrine Country Style Dining Chair
Furniture for America is a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer that provides eco-friendly products and endeavors to improve the lives.
Decorative slatted chair backs. Natural wooden contoured seats. Made of solid wood, wood layers, glossy finish and metal. Assembly required.
Vintage white requires constant cleaning.
Rustic, contoured seat
18.5 x 23.3 inches
17.3 inches
Set of 2

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What is the Best Kitchen Chair?

There’s nothing like the best kitchen chair. It is the users' satisfaction that determines whether a product is best for them or not. As you read the following product reviews, please pay close attention to the features discussed. This will help you know what to look for when you go shopping for kitchen chairs.
Our Top Choice
The Winsome Windsor Kitchen Chairs give your home a touch of class with their timeless design. The contoured seats and large backrests with hoop frames and spindles provide comfort and support for users. If you need some stools for your counter, we recommend the Winsome Wood 24-Inch Counter Stools. They come in a set of two.

Winsome Wood Windsor Chair – Natural, Set of 2

After being in the furniture industry for 40 years, Winsome knows about giving customers great furniture. This company turns out products that combine innovative designs, quality craftsmanship and budget-friendly prices. Although it offers ready-made designs, you can customize yours, giving you the flexibility of getting exactly what fits your décor. Add swift responses from its great customer service, and you have all the reasons to do business with this company.

The Winsome Windsor Kitchen Chairs have an antique style that gives your kitchen that welcoming ambience and makes it a place where happy memories are created. These chairs have contoured seats and large backrests. The hoop frames and spindles provide the comfort that’s a necessity in the kitchen. The backrests are shaped in a way that aids proper posture and provides support for your back. Though it looks delicate, the chairs' construction is strong.

The wood is treated naturally without artificial chemicals. This makes it safe for the whole family. As a responsible parent, you want to ensure that everything in the home is child safe (you know how children, especially babies and toddlers, can try to take a bite out of everything in sight). The natural finish is also available in different colors, so that you have options to pick what best fits your décor.

The round legs with double rung stretchers provide a solid and strong foundation for the chairs, making them balanced so that you can sit comfortably without anxiety. The legs also make the chairs compact so they don't take up too much space; this is good news for folks that are space constrained.

The Winsome Windsor Kitchen Chairs come already assembled. This saves you time and energy, as all you have to do is unpack your chairs and start using them immediately. This set also comes with sixty days manufacturer’s warranty, which is a sure way of telling you that Winsome is confident about the quality of its product.
Best Value
The Coaster Fine Furniture Contemporary Style Dining Chairs are made from tough Asian hardwood that's easy to clean and maintain. They're also strong and durable. If you want something slightly different from this chair set, we recommend Coaster's Set of 2 Dining Chairs Microfiber Fabric Dark Oak Finish.

Coaster Fine Furniture Contemporary Style Dining Chairs - Cappuccino Wood Finish

Coaster Company of America is one of the premier distributors of furniture in America. It responds quickly and efficiently to changing times and opportunities, and its team of researchers is always on the lookout for current trends in the marketplace and ways to meet these trends. Although it started over 20 years ago, it still remains committed to its core values of respect for people, great customer care and the pursuit of excellence. You can be sure that any product with the Coaster name bears the stamp of durability, functionality and excellent quality.

The Coaster Fine Furniture Contemporary Style Dining Chairs are made from Asian hardwood, which is top-quality wood. One advantage of hardwood is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is also strong and long-lasting, and has a wide range of appearances, so no two hardwood items will look exactly the same. You won’t need to replace your kitchen/dining chairs for a long time.

There’s more to these classic pieces of furniture:
  • Long-Lasting Microfiber Seats – You get more comfort from these seats and have no difficulty in cleaning and maintaining them. They're easy on the eye, non-abrasive and lint-free
  • Beautifully Designed –These chairs fit into the décor of your kitchen and add to its ambience
  • High Back with Open Grid Frame – This not only adds to the chairs' attractiveness, but to the support it offers. The open grid frames allow air flow, so your back is not sweaty or irritated after sitting in these chairs for a long time
  • Sleek Square Tapered Legs – These give the chairs the right balance and stability, and add to the overall compactness
  • Easy Assembly - Just read the instructions and you are good to go. There’s also the option of expert assembly for a little extra money
The Poly and Bark Tolix Style Kitchen Chair has a classic design. It's made of electroplated metal and powder-coated, and is appropriate for any location and setting. If you want a chair with arms, the Poly and Bark Trattoria Arm Chair is highly recommended.

Poly and Bark Tolix Style Trattoria Kitchen Chair - Available in Set of 2 or 4 and 13 Colors

Poly and Bark designs and makes furniture with polyurethane and wood and insists on using the highest quality materials available. It offers furniture that helps customers achieve relaxed atmospheres in their homes. This company's ultimate goal is making unique designs that are durable, functional and quite affordable, and treating customers with the utmost respect.

The Poly and Bark Tolix Style Kitchen Chair is an attractive, timeless design that goes back to 1934. It is versatile; unlike some other wooden chairs that are suited only for dining rooms or kitchens, this chair is appropriate for any location. You can use it for your breakfast nook, or outdoor dining at a café or bistro. If you have a good number of these, you may be able to host some meetings or small parties conveniently without having to rent any chairs.

This commercial grade furniture is built to withstand tough conditions and rough usage. All sizes of people can sit safely on this chair, without it succumbing to wear and tear. It can also stand up to any weather conditions. The feet have caps that help protect against floor damage, even if the chair is dragged. The caps also muffle the screeching noise that occurs when metal is dragged across a smooth and hard surface, and help keep the feet of the chair from wearing out.

The Poly and Bark Tolix Style Kitchen Chair is made of electroplated metal and is powder-coated. This ensures that you are getting a chair that’s made with doubly reinforced metal, which means strength and durability. It is abrasion- and friction-free and also gives the chair a uniform and enhanced surface, which helps the powder coat adhere well.
To store these chairs, all you need to do is to stack them.

Although we featured the set of 2 and polished gun metal design, please know that these kitchen chairs are also available in set of 2 and a cool 13 colors
The Modway Casper Dining Armchair is made of clear trendy acrylic in Louis XV style. Add a touch of class to your space with something that’s different from the usual kitchen and dining furniture. If you are looking for something that’s less expensive and don’t mind different features, check out the Modway Entangled Dining Armchair.

Modway Casper Kitchen Chair- Available in 9 Colors, Sold as Singles or Set of 2 or 4

Modway Furniture is one of the leading distributors of home, office and outdoor furniture and lighting. It doesn’t sell to individuals. but helps to connect customers with resellers to ensure they get authentic Modway products. It successfully adds a touch of modernity to styles of the mid-century, helping it provide a mix of products that fit individual preferences. You are sure to get something from this mix that suits your taste. Buying products from this manufacturer/distributor that supplies features and set props to Hollywood production studios means you'll get authentic products.

The Modway Casper Dining Armchair comes in the popular and well loved Louis XV style. It's clear, acrylic, and trendy. You can add a touch of class to your space without spending much money. This beautiful piece of furniture is made of one-piece injection-molded polycarbonate, which makes it solid and strong.

You can use this chair in your kitchen, patio, dining room or anywhere indoors or outdoors. Unlike other kitchen furniture, its material, clear design and color means it fits into any setting and adds a burst of light or airiness to the room or space. It also comes in different colors, which gives you the option to choose any color you like. The design of this chair's arm rests and back, combined with the contoured seat, provide comfort.

You don’t need to bother about storage if you’re buying several chairs to use on occasions, as these chairs are stackable and won’t take up much storage space. If you entertain a lot, consider getting several of these chairs.

This armchair comes already assembled. This saves you the stress and hassle of trying to figure out how to assemble it (we know that even with instructions some people have issues following directions). You can also choose between 9 colors and go for one, two or four chair options.
The Furniture of America Cherrine Country Style Dining Chair comes in a set beautifully designed with solid wood and finished in two tones of oak and black/vintage white. If you are looking for a different design, we recommend the Furniture of America Helena Leatherette Keyhole Side Chair.

Furniture of America Cherrine Country Style Kitchen Chair – Set of 2 or 4, Available in 2 Colors

Furniture of America is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the U.S. It adheres to the latest environmental and safety regulations. As a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer, it provides you with products that are environmentally safe and have not harmed the environment in the process of manufacture. This company is known as an efficient company that packages its products so well that it has a low rate of returns by industry standards. FOA is involved in a number of community projects and has a transparent system of profit sharing for its staff every month.

The Furniture of America Cherrine Country Style Dining Chair is a beautifully designed set with a charming country style, available in either oak and black or oak and vintage or off white. This adds a rustic charm to your kitchen or dining space and evokes memories of home and hearth. The earth colors blend well with other furniture and add to the overall ambience of the room.

The decorative slatted chair backs are not only designed to provide solid support when you sit; they're also beautifully crafted. The natural wooden contoured seats are designed to fit users' forms. The comfort of these chairs will encourage family members to sit around the dining table or breakfast nook, rather than running off to slouch on the couch. You can now enjoy leisurely mealtimes with your family.

These chairs are made of solid wood, wood layers, glossy finish and metal, for a long-lasting and solidly built product. With proper use and care, these chairs can remain in the family for years to come.

This chair set is a vintage product that is carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit; that’s why it arrives in parts with instruction on how to assemble it. If you don’t feel comfortable assembling it yourself, you can contact the seller for expert assembly for a fee. Considering the quality of furniture you’re getting, whatever amount you spend for expert assembly would be money well spent.

How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Chair?

Although many families are losing the culture of family mealtimes due to the fast pace of society, some folks still insist on it, while others are doing all they can to recapture it. Think of those Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners when people watched over the huge bird in the oven and set the table with the family heirloom… your great-grandma’s Thanksgiving dinnerware! What a time of joy, happiness and family bonding! Now imagine that you didn’t have comfortable kitchen chairs to sit on. The fun would have been tainted with some stress.

Kitchen chairs usually come in sets, though a few are sold singly. This gives you the liberty of choosing what you like, and you can even mix and match. Now no one needs to be without a good chair at Thanksgiving dinner. You can purchase kitchen chairs that are stackable and easy to store. Since you know that there’s always a family reunion over the holidays, these chairs will always come in handy.

If you're just starting out, you don’t need to buy a full set of dining furniture. You can get a table and two chairs (as your budget allows), and if your family grows, you can add more chairs and possibly some foldable options. You'll always find something that will blend in with what you already have.
The price of a kitchen chair is affected by a number of factors: materials, quantity, size, design, and style, amongst others. Most kitchen chairs are sold in sets of two or four, with two being the most common. Some chairs are sold singly too.

During our research, we came across some cheap kitchen chairs but we don’t advise that you consider them, because of their lower quality. The products that we saw in the price range of $77 to $130 are of good quality and value. There are more expensive ones, but we are confident that the chairs reviewed here will do just fine. However, if you really want high-end chairs, these companies have them too.
Kitchen chairs are important household furniture. In most homes, people spend more time together in the kitchen or dining area than in other rooms in the house. This means that the kitchen has to be inviting and comfortable enough to make these times memorable. When shopping for kitchen chairs, it is important to check for certain features that ensure you get the best value for your money.

We have made a list of some of the features that are vital in your choice of a kitchen chair:
  • Level of Comfort: Consider how long one can sit on it comfortably
  • Dimensions: This includes the height, weight, depth and size of the chair
  • Portability: Check how easy it is for you to move it under a dining table and out again
  • Ease of Maintenance: Look for chairs that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Material: This affects the durability of the chair
  • Design: How it would fits with other décor
  • Ease of Storage: If you are constrained for space, you might want chairs that are easy to put out when needed and store when not in use
  • Versatility: There are multipurpose kitchen chairs that can be used in different settings
Let’s now go into more detail on how these features determine the value you get from the kitchen chairs you choose.
Construction and Design
Kitchen chairs made from plastic or metal will last longer than others, but they don't have as much aesthetic value as those made of wood and acrylic. However, chairs made with good quality wood and natural finish also last a long time; you just need to take good care of them. If you decide to buy wooden chairs, ensure that you get naturally treated wood to avoid toxins.

Plastic, metal, or acrylic chairs can be designed so that the chairs are versatile and stackable. You can use these models in any setting and for any purpose: in your breakfast nook, dining room, or patio, or for outdoor activities and events. These chairs can withstand tough weather conditions both indoors and outdoors. You can also stack them when they're not in use and they won't take up too much storage space. But unlike wooden chairs, they do not have that rustic or traditional charm that you may want to achieve with cottage-style décor.

Consider the people who will be using the chairs. If you have children, elderly people, or people with health issues in your household, look at how easily they can pull out the chairs without assistance. Chairs with slatted backs provide a grip that allows anyone to easily pull them out or put them back in under the dining table. Look at the chair's dimensions. How light or heavy is it? Can a child or a senior citizen easily pull it out without assistance? What about the height and the size (width)? Is it convenient enough for all users? What is the maximum weight that the chair can carry? These are questions you should consider before making a final choice. It is best that the height of the chair be at least twelve inches lower than the dining table.
Performance and Ease of Use
Think about the level of comfort of a chair before you purchase it. How comfortable is the seat? How long can a person sit on it without discomfort? Any seat narrower than seventeen inches is usually uncomfortable. Fabric seats offer a higher level of comfort. Leather seats can be uncomfortable and irritating when you sit for a long time, unless you get ones with thick cushioning. Chairs with arms also have added comfort, but be sure the width is adequate enough that the arms are not constrictive.

When choosing a chair with a fabric seat, consider the cleaning and maintenance. Some seats are detachable, so you can clean the seats and even change the seat covers whenever you wish. With wooden, leather, plastic, metal or acrylic seats, just wipe them down and you’re good to go. If you are a finicky person or a clean freak, your best bet would be low-maintenance materials such as plastic, acrylic, metal or wood (although some wood can be high-maintenance).

The trend these days is to mix and match your kitchen chairs, but before you go ahead and join the train, here are a few things to note. Check that the styles of chairs you want to mix work with the table that they'll be matched with. If you have a square table, pick chairs that have square seats and square tapered legs. If it’s a round table, look for chairs with round seats and round legs. For extra-large tables, compact seats won’t work. Get large ones, so that the chairs are not dwarfed by the table. The trick is to make everything look planned and deliberate, not like things picked up at a flea market. You can only achieve this by getting chairs that run along the same theme or style with the table or other décor items in the kitchen or dining space.

Get the Best Kitchen Chair of 2023!

Now that you have read this review to the end, you have a lot of information that will help you in your search. Now go ahead and use the knowledge provided to get yourself the kitchen chair that works best for you.

Our Top Choice
Winsome Windsor 2-PC Set Chairs
Best Value
Coaster Fine Furniture Contemporary Style Dining Chairs
Poly and Bark Tolix Style Kitchen Chair
Modway Casper Dining Armchair
Furniture of America Cherrine Country Style Dining Chair