Best Kitchen Sink Reviews 2022

Many buyers are not aware of the know-how required for purchasing a quality kitchen sink. Hence, they can be confused as they search through the market, and may even opt for a poor choice. To avoid this, we have researched the market in depth and created this review, which features five of the best kitchen sink brands, highlighting sinks of top quality, various sizes and different prices.
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Our Top Choice
Swanstone Drop-In Kitchen Sink
Swan has been an innovative leader in solid surfacing products for decades. Their double bowled kitchen sink will take your kitchen to a new level of sophistication and functionality.
Easy installation. Easy cleaning. Appealing design. Highly durable.
Heavy due to granite structure. Solution: Drop in a sturdy cabinet. Water may occasionally collect.
Double Bowl
33 x 22 x 10 Inch. 60 Pounds.
60 Pounds.
Scratchless and stainless body.
Best Value
Blanco Diamond Granite Sink
Blanco fast became the US’ leading manufacturer of kitchen sinks and faucets when they arrived in 1925. The Diamond Granite Sink is the epitome of class and elegance.
Drop-in and undermount installation. Easy maintenance. Beautiful design. Long life.
Some customers complained that theirs arrived damaged from shipping—but things were taken care of.
Single Bowl
Granite Composite
33.5 x 22 x 9.5 Inch.
45 Pounds.
Undermount. Rust / scratch proof.
Kraus Farmhouse Apron Sink
Kraus is a leading US manufacturer of bath and kitchen products. Their KHF-200 sink is an example of their contemporary designs mixed with functionality and value.
Premium steel body. Engineered grooves for draining. Durable. Produced by skilled artisans.
Cabinet requires modification for top mount.
Single Bowl
Stainless Steel
20.75x10x35.9 Inch.
60.9 Pounds.
Sound insulated. Stone guard.
Kohler Staccato Sink
Kohler is a reputable name in the kitchen sink industry in the US and its Staccato sink is an exquisite stainless steel product that is ideal for any kitchen.
Both bowls are accommodating. Silent Shield technology. Installation hardware included. Cutting board included. Good durability.
Minor reports of quality control issues. Solution: Claim warranty.
Double Bowl
Stainless Steel
22 x 33 x 8.3 Inch.
23.5 Pounds.
Sound insulated. Stone guard.
Houzer Small Bar/Prep Sink
The CS-1307-1 is an appealing, functional and stand-alone sink by Houzer, a reputable American brand that specializes in sinks alone.
Compact. Super-Silencer pad. MegaShield Insulation. Drain strainer. Template installation provided.
Houzer logo on basin reportedly look ugly.
Single Bowl
Stainless Steel
14 x 12 x 6 inch.
5.9 Pounds.
Scratchproof. Resilient.

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What is the Best Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks come in all price ranges and sizes, and we have taken a look at numerous models to discover which ones are better and why. Our research will help by giving you knowledge and data on sinks from top brands to ensure a successful shopping experience.
Our Top Choice
The Swanstone Drop-In sink can easily accommodate all your washing needs, be it large or small. In case you are looking for a simpler sink, you can view the smaller Undermount Single Bowl model by Swanstone.

Swanstone Double Bowled Drop In Kitchen Sink

Swanstone is an American brand offering high-performing solutions for kitchens. Swan's central goal is to give the users the most elevated quality, most responsive service and the best lifetime value. The QZLS 3322 drop-in kitchen sink is one of the company’s most popular products.

Let’s look at what the sink offers:
  • Multipurpose: Since it comes with two different bowls, the sink can be used for multiple purposes at the same time. The large bowl can be used for washing and storing dishes, while the small bowl can be used to dry utensils or any edibles after washing.
  • Highly Durable: The sink is made from high quality granite. This means that it can easily bear the highest and the coldest temperatures which are produced in a kitchen. Similarly, it can also bear wear and tear without showing any scratches or stains. It will last a life time.
  • Stylish: The sink comes in three shades of colors (Nero, Bianca & Granito) which will easily fit in and complement the interior design of various kinds of kitchens. It is a great option if you are sick of stainless steel sinks.
  • Easy Installation: Since this is a drop in style sink, it can easily be added to your kitchen setting without requiring heavy work or special expertise. However, due to the granite nature of the sink, it is quite heavy and needs a really solid cabinet to hold it in your kitchen.
There is little negative to state about this spectacular sink. It comes for just over $300, which to be frank is a steal given its qualities. What more? The sink comes with a solid lifetime warranty and the brand name of Swanstone, which is often equaled with utmost reliability.
Best Value
The Diamond 440194 is one of the most popular single bowl sinks by Blanco. If you prefer a twin bowl sink then you’re in luck. The Diamond series also has a double bowl sink, featuring similar high quality finishing’s associated with the brand.

Blanco Diamond Super Single Bowl Granite Composite Sink

The BLANCO Group is one of the world's driving suppliers of premium sinks and taps for residential kitchens. The company is Germany's greatest sink producer and it is fast becoming the same in the US. If the brand you are buying from is important to you, then you may be interested to know that the Blanco company is the definition of family. An outstanding 50% of their employees have been there for more than 10 years! They must be doing something right.

The Blanco 440194 is an exquisite sink that is going to raise the overall standard of your kitchen and get your guests asking about how they could get one for their own kitchen.

The features which make this sink so special are:
  • Single-purpose: The sink comes with a single, large and deep bowl. This will allow you to put in a large amount of dishes and wash them at once, without requiring any extra space.
  • Durable: The body of this sink is made from Silgranit (granite compound), which is a unique material known for its ability to endure even the highest and the lowest of temperatures without showing any signs of exhaustion. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Despite its undoubted robustness, the sink is still soft to the dishes and will not cause any scratches or breakage, making it an excellent choice for many people.
  • Standout Design: The 440194 model comes in a dark color, with gently rounded drain grooves. The attention to detail in this model is simply appreciable and makes it a luxury. The color and style allows the sink to fit in most kitchens, no matter what designs and colors they generally have.
  • Simple Maintenance: The sink needs no special treatment to maintain its top shape. You can simply use the appropriate cleaners for this matter and are not required to spend extravagantly in time or money.
  • Installation: Due to the heavy weight of the material used in manufacturing this sink, it requires a strong cabinet to withstand and keep hold of it in the kitchen.
Given its quality and functionality, it is no surprise that despite being a single bowl sink the Diamond 440194 has a price tag of over $350. However, with its limited lifetime warranty and the German label of trust associated with it, we know that the money will be well spent.

If the Anthracite color isn’t for you, you can also get this same great sink in 8 color options, including white, biscotti and cinder.
The Kraus KHF 200 is truly an innovative product that comes with three different mounting capacities and several other features. If you are looking for a sink that particularly allows undermount installation only, you can look at the KHU 100 from the same brand.

Kraus Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus is a celebrated American plumbing solutions company. It offers an assortment of perfectly fabricated kitchen sinks in a scope of styles, sizes and designs. The KHF200-36 is its farmhouse apron sink which has been produced using cutting edge technology and with an eye for beauty.

Let’s now delve in to the features which make the sink such a great product:
  • Single-purpose: The sink has a single large bowl and can be mounted in three different ways: under mount, flush mount and top mount. Its extra deep basin can easily accommodate dishes and utensils of all sizes.
  • Durable Steel Body: The sink has been crafted by hand and comes with a stainless steel body. This gives it the durability that comes with any stainless steel sink, including resistance to rust and corrosion. However, Kraus has added to that by coating it with Stone Guard for additional protection against any wear and tear. Moreover, this coating will also absorb the noise produced by dishes in the sink. With an excellent finishing, there should be no doubt about the life time of this sink.
  • Highcrafted Design: The sink has the right balance between modern and traditional. This means that it can fit in any kitchen décor, without requiring any furnishing around it. Its high end appearance is set to impress any one who enters your kitchen.
  • Easy Installation And Keep Up: Great thing about Kraus products is that many of them come with a well detailed DIY manual for installation. Similar is the case with this sink and you do not require any particular expertise for setting up this sink in your kitchen. Maintenance is easy and that is unsurprising given the premium price you are paying for this sink.
The KF200-36 comes for a premium price of about $450. However that it is understandable, given its top quality built and finishing. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that should ensure that your money is safely spent.
The Staccato is simply great value for money, especially considering that it is a double bowled sink. However, if you are looking for a more premium and non-steel sink, you may look in to the offerings from the Riverby series by Kohler.

Kohler Staccato Top Mount Double Bowl Sink with 4 Faucet Holes

Kohler is an American organization that has developed into a multifaceted worldwide group of brands that lead the way to upgrade their clients' feeling of benevolent living. The Staccato is one of the most popular sinks by the company and its reviews from the buyers are a testament to its quality.

Here are the features found in the Staccato sink:
  • Multi-purpose: Like other double bowled sinks, this one too comes with a large and a medium bowl. It is a great advantage to have as it saves you a lot of space and also makes the washing / drying process more efficient. You can wash dishes / edibles in the large bowl and let them dry in the small bowl. There is sufficient space to handle several medium to large dishes and utensils.
  • Durable Steel Body: The sink has a stainless steel body. The engineering done on the creation of the body is on par with the best. Not only is the body well refined, but it features a sound absorption system that will ensure that you can wash your dishes without creating a lot of noise. The stainless steel will also prevent against any rust or corrosion.
  • Design: The body has been designed to add freshness and elegance to your kitchen. Despite having a steel body, the designers have ensured that it does not look ordinary. In fact, with its smooth curves and premium feel, the Staccato is set to impress anyone who enters the kitchen.
  • Easy Installation And Maintenance: The installation is quite easy given the fact that the sink comes with a low self trimming edge, which reaches out over the cabinet top, and is held by clips and bolts. There is no particular expertise required in putting the sink to work. Maintenance is quite rudimentary. An appropriate wipe with a cleaner will keep the sink shining like new.
The CS1307 is a great option for budget oriented buyers. However, if you are looking for a high end dual bowl model, you should take a look at the Epicure End apron front sink.

Houzer Undermount Stainless Steel Small Bar/Prep Sink

Houzer sinks raise the standard of your home and your way of life. It offers a flexible scope of both exemplary and modern sinks for any kitchen or latrine. The Houzer Club Series sink is a great choice for those with limited kitchen space and it ensures that you do not have to sacrifice on quality or aesthetics just because you are opting for a small sink.

The highlights of this sink are:
  • Single-purpose: The sink comes with a small single bowl. It can handle small to medium sized utensils, however it is not viable for large utensils.
  • Good Durablity: The sink comes in an 18-gauge stainless steel body. Now this is definitely not as robust as a granite body, however Houzer has ensured that you get the premium quality by coating the steel with patented stone guard and marble powder. This means that it is going to bear a good amount of hot and cold. Moreover, it will also dampen any sound produced by the dishes inside the bowl.
  • Simple Design: The sink comes in a basic stainless steel design. However that said, it is a notch above the standard steel sinks of similar size, with quality finishing and smooth curves and edges.
  • Simple Maintenance: The sink is easy to clean. You can use a typical cleaner for this purpose.
Coming with a low sticker price of approximately $100, the CS 1307 is truly a great deal. It comes with a warranty which covers manufacturing faults and defects.

How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Sink?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a sink. If you have decided to upgrade your kitchen, your sink plays a big role. A lot of people get lost in the moment with the fancy new oven that cleans itself, and we wouldn’t blame you if you did too, but let’s face it – the kitchen sink is one of the most important features! So, you’ll need to think about how it will fit into your swanky new kitchen. And when you have decided, it doesn’t stop there.

A sink isn’t complete without a faucet and, we mean it, they go together like pencil and paper, salt and pepper, Ben and Jerry’s, mashed potatoes and gravy; I think you get the idea by now. Anyway, it’s important, and especially so when you’re putting the finishing touches to your new kitchen, so you’ll want to make sure they match. Speaking of finishing touches, if you are upgrading the kitchen, this has got to be the only time you get to be a little excited about new things like a brand-new trash can, or trying out your new set of fancy knives. Usually, these things are small details, but when you’re using it for the first time in your new kitchen, everything feels like Christmas Day, but probably just a little more expensive.
Prices can vary depending on size and material, so it’s important to think about what size you are looking for first, as small sinks can be around $110, but if you’re thinking bigger, it can range up into $400, especially if you are really looking to impress. However, if you have a have a smaller kitchen, you may favor the cheaper product, as it’s more fitting to your kitchen and gives you some space to actually prepare some food, to be able to use the sink in the first place. I mean, we know the sink’s a feature, but the real crowd pleaser in the kitchen is the food – well, at least we think so.
When considering a new sink, there are a few things to consider. Are you looking for a dual sink or a single sink, a classic stainless-steel finish or a sleek, black, modern sink? Shallow or deep? And don’t get us started on the technology in some of these sinks. Actually, let’s get started on that:
  • Technology - Who would have thought sinks now come with sound-proofing capabilities? It does make a lot of sense though, there have been times where I’ve winced at the sound of my plate going into the sink, especially on those midnight snack runs (Shhh! Don’t tell my partner!).
  • Protection - Sinks are designed to be durable, but some have increased dent protection and scratch protection, which will keep your sink looking as new as the day you got it. We were shocked to find that some even contained as much as 80% granite!
  • Warranty - Who doesn’t love a warranty? And we are not talking about two years, five, or even ten. When someone guarantees us a lifetime warranty, you can sign us up for keeping hold of our receipts!
  • Dual or Single - You don’t have to scramble in and around soapy water searching for knives and forks. One of the benefits of a dual sink is the ability to separate the items you are washing. Just be sure to remember that, if you do it this way, then you may be sacrificing some space overall.
  • Color - Release your inner interior designer and let’s talk sleek stainless steel and matte black. Gone are the old-fashioned colors we occasionally see in Grandma’s cottage in the outback. There’s a new trend on the block that goes by the name of matte black. We are seeing it in more and more kitchens; will yours be next? If not, then you can’t go wrong with the shiny and sleek stainless steel.
Who knew there was so much to consider in a sink? But, I bet you’re glad we got you thinking! Now, let’s look at the finer details of these sinks.
Construction and Design
The construction of the sink is important. It has to be durable for the long term, and this means that you’ll notice a good sink will be scratch resistant, stain resistant, and protected against alkali and acid solutions to ensure you receive a robust product. Not only that, but if you’re looking for something upmarket, these sinks are designed to be light compared to their ceramic counterparts; as a result, they are much easier to fit into your kitchen. They’re also designed so you can either install them as a “drop in” onto the countertop or as an undermount that will sit in your countertop.

Some sinks are designed to be extra deep; this allows you to fit more dishes and pots and pans in if necessary. A major benefit of this, is that you’re less likely to get splash-backs! We’ve all been there; that moment when you move the spoon under a running tap and, before you know it, a tidal wave hits your pants and you’re left standing there, damp and reflecting on life (Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but we can agree it’s not fun!).
Performance and Ease of Use
We found these sinks excellent when it came to usability. In the larger sinks, we found that there was plenty of space to wash up all our items and allow pans to be soaked if needed; this meant there was less stacking and clutter on the counter, which was a win with us, as there’s nothing more demotivating than walking into a kitchen and seeing a pile of dirty dishware. These sinks were incredibly easy to clean too, a simple rinse and a wipe, and the dirt drained away. Some even come with waste catchers; these stop the waste remaining on your plates or bowls from going down the drain and causing a blockage.

No matter what sink you decide to go for, we hope this has made your decision a little easier, or even widened your options as to what’s available to you. Who knew there was so much to sinks? We didn’t, but we know it’s the finer details that make your kitchen look exceptional, and this is one of them.

Get the Best Kitchen Sink of 2022!

As you have seen, there is a variety of options for you to choose from. Your decision must be based on your kitchen style, the size it can accommodate and your own budget. Rest assured, any choice from our short list is going to leave you impressed.

Our Top Choice
Swanstone Drop-In Kitchen Sink
Best Value
Blanco Diamond Granite Sink
Kraus Farmhouse Apron Sink
Kohler Staccato Sink
Houzer Small Bar/Prep Sink