Best Knee Pads Reviews 2022

Knee damages are horrible spoilers on an adventurous sporting activity like skating. But thanks to knee pads, you can take control of the sport because they keep your knees safe for as long as you want to play. Nonetheless, the real key is getting the right one - and it depends upon why you need it. Knowing that finding the one could be an energy-sapping task, we put this informative buying guide together just for you -providing a mixture of different kinds available from some of the best knee pad brands. You may also want to check other knee pads offered by these brands. Note, we also have another review specifically on football knee pads if you’d like to see even more options.
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Our Top Choice
NoCry Professional Knee Pads
NoCry is a consumer safety brand that was founded with the simple mission to make the world a better place.
Protect the knees from bruises and injuries. Prevent scratches and skids on the floor. Durable construction. EVA foam padding for comfort. Suitable for all knee sizes.
Few reports of falling strap hooks
One size fits all
PVC/EVA foam
Best Value
JBM International BMX Bike Knee and Elbow Pads
JBM International was founded by 2 young entrepreneurs with a passion for action sports. It’s helps sportsmen achieve their goals with safety gear.
Resistant to impact. Absorbs shock well. One size-fits-all elbow, knee and wrist pads. Adds fashion edge to sports outfit. Durable construction.
Adjustable straps may not fit plus-sized people well enough.
Traditional & compression
All ages
Adult, kid, youth
Black, Silver
DeWALT Professional Kneepads
DeWALT has almost a century’s worth of experience in producing workhorse solutions and accessories.
Sturdy and durable construction. Layered gel technology and foam padding for comfort and support. Neoprene liner for long-lasting comfort.
The upper straps start to irritate the skin behind the knee when it is sweaty.
Professional; gel
One size fits all
Neoprene/closed cell foam
K-P Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads
K-P Industries is a world leader and manufacturer of affordable and high-quality safety products. It pays great attention to its customers’ comfort and safety above all else.
Lightweight. Padded for comfort. Easy to wear and remove. Tough outer structure is chemical-resistant. Joints provide easy movement. Multifunctional.
Lower edges dig lightly into the leg.
One size fits all
Plastic/closed cell foam
5 colors
McDavid Protective Knee and Elbow Pads
McDavid has been part of many athletes’ success story for close to 5 decades. This brand is featured in major retailing platforms in the US and other regions.
One pair for elbow or knee. Easy to wear and take off. Multipurpose. Low-profile design for activities like crouching. Durable construction. Breathable and elastic sleeve.
Make knees sweaty when worn over pants.
XS, S, M, L, XL
PE/rayon/rubber/closed cell foam
Black, White

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What is the Best Knee Pads?

A great knee pad should protect your knees and the surface you may kneel on while providing you with good comfort. And rest assured that having gone through our buying guide, you can make the best choice conveniently. We will now guide you to our review section for details on our featured products.
Our Top Choice
NoCry’s Professional Knee Pads are designed to protect the knees from injuries when you kneel or fall lightly on hard and uneven surfaces. These pads also come with adjustable straps that fit firmly on knees of all sizes. Would you like a pair of lightweight knee pads? Then check the NoCry Lightweight Home and Gardening Knee Pads with easy fit adjustable straps that will secure your knees.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Strong Double Straps

NoCry’s main objective is to create products that assure the safety of its customers all over the world. This dream was birthed 5 years ago and still remains the vision by which the company is run. Today, it’s impacting the safety industry by creating innovative and durable products that are designed to make the world safer for many people. NoCry is a consumer safety brand that’s passionate about its customers’ satisfaction. Hence, it avoids the usual retail markup and chooses to have a direct contact with its customers. This way, it can focus on the design and quality of the products it offers.

Whether you’re kneeling, crouching, skating or simply working in a field, you can wear the NoCry Heavy-duty Knee Pads to protect your knees from sores and bruises. This pair comes with padding and gel cushions to form a barrier between your knees and rock solid or uneven floors. Try to picture a set of tiny pillows tied to your knees. That’s kinda what these pads act like.

Now, unlike tying a pillow to your knees, these pads do not and will not slip up or down your knees. Thanks to the adjustable neoprene straps, the pads stay securely in place just the way you set them. And the fact they’re adjustable means they can be used for legs and knees of all sizes.

NoCry zeroed in on durability with this pair of safety lovelies by using a combination of the features of EVA foam pads and extra-thick gel cushions to the hard and skid-resistant PVC cap. In addition, the straps of the knee pads are also double-stitched as a preventive measure against tears.

These pads don’t just protect your knees; they also protect your floors. They’re scratch-resistant and designed with a flat cap to prevent you from rolling while moving on uneven surfaces. Because it has a strong confidence in these pads, NoCry assures you a money-back guarantee or replacement for any defective knee pad you get.
Best Value
The JBM International BMX Protective gear comes with elbow, knee and wrist pads that have adjustable straps to fit any size of knees, elbows, and wrists. The pads are made from tough materials that guarantee durability. Thinking of something for the kids? Then go for the JBM Children Cycling Elbow Knee and Wrist Pads. This offering provides protection for them during skating and extreme sports.

JBM International BMX Bike Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Pads – Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes

JBM International was founded by 2 entrepreneurs who had a strong passion for action sports. When they left college, they decided to pursue their dreams instead of sitting behind a desk working for someone else. The founders of JBM International are not professional athletes but people who have mastered sports, understood the needs of sports lovers, and created the right products for these people to achieve their goals. Over the years, JBM International has adhered strictly to the ideals of affordability, reliability, and quality in the production of its sports gear. Today, it’s in 10 countries and three continents across the world.

The JBM BMX Bike Protective Gear Set is made from durable construction materials that also feature breathable sleeves made from polyester for ease and comfort. It’s one-size-fits-all gear that features adjustable straps for flexibility. This gives you the benefits of a knee guard that provides protection for your knees, an elbow pad that provides protection for your elbows, and wrist pads for the wrists.

All 3 of these pads will fit anyone well because of the adjustable straps attached to each pair. Moreover, tightened and ready for use, these pads will boost your confidence to take the daring feats of action sports like inline skating, BMX biking, cycling, and riding on a scooter. They are designed for the mature sports lover who likes to make adventurous moves and more aggressive feats than the younger sportsman.

What’s more, when worn, these pads will make you stand out by adding the classy look of a professional rider to your outfit. They are available in black or Silver, as well as adult, kids and teen sizes.
The DeWALT Professional Kneepads are suitable for use on all kinds of flooring surfaces. They are lined with a neoprene fabric and padded with closed-cell foam for knee comfort and easy movement all day long. If comfort ranks high among your needs, then you should check out the DeWALT Heavy-duty Flooring Kneepads. These pads have tough exteriors that promise you extra durability.

DeWALT Professional Kneepads with Layered Gel and Neoprene Fabric Liner

Raymond Dewalt, founder of the 95-year old DeWALT Company, believes you should get complete satisfaction from having a machine that you purchased for use. When he started DELWAT in 1922, the company produced its premier woodworking machine to increase versatility and productivity in woodwork. Today, many years later, it has maintained its commitment to the design and production of professional tools and accessories that boost the confidence of its customers, even in the toughest job conditions.

The DeWALT Professional Kneepads have extra stitching all-round for extra durability, which makes them suitable for almost any job at all. The upper tab allows you to position the kneepads properly on the knee so it doesn’t slide down or up your legs when you’re in motion. The fastening is further secured with the slip-buckle system and adjustable neoprene straps.

It also combines gel technology and foam-padded interiors that will surround your knees and provide them with comfort and firm but soft support. Its exterior features a heavy-duty cap specially designed for stability and protection against wear and tear. This exterior also prevents skid marks from occurring on flooring surfaces.

You can use the DeWALT Professional Kneepads for any sort of work on brick, cement, and other flooring surfaces.
The Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads III Knee Pad provides easy movement because of its well-constructed joint and metal rivets. It also features a Speed Clip that allows you to take it off and slide it on whenever you like. Would you be interested in a raft pump for your outdoor activities? Then try the KP Industries Raft-Air Pump. This durable pump will deflate and inflate your inflatables easily.

K-P Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads – Available in 5 Colors

Award-winning K-P Industries is the renowned manufacturer of the famous KneePro UltraFlex III Knee Pad. It also designs and produces some of the best safety products in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Its products are ergonomically-designed with durable construction to ensure the user’s comfort and safety is prioritized among other characteristics. Since its inception in 1986, it has remained a leader in all things safety, construction, welding and military markets. A large number of its products are sold to wholesalers, foreign markets, government entities, and retailers.

The K-P Industries KneePro Ultra Flex III features an extremely strong outer shell construction for durability and long-lasting use. This outer surface is resistant to chemicals and can withstand the elements. It also features speed clips that snap in place easily so putting the kneepad on or taking it off is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Wondering how an L-shaped structure with a tough exterior like this will provide free movement? Relax. It features a hinge joint with metal rivet that allows easy movement when you’re kneeling, crouching or walking. It is so lightweight, you’ll forget you’ve been wearing knee pads the whole time.

Its soft and elastic straps are also reinforced to sit firmly above and below the knee to prevent the pad from sliding down or up your legs. Moreover, these straps don’t get infected like the Velcro ones or damaged like rubber straps.

This knee pad is suitable for carpentry, construction, flooring, mining, and other technical jobs where safety is top priority.
The McDavid Knee and Elbow Pad pair comes with elastic sleeves that make sliding them off and putting them on easy. You can also choose to wear these pads on one elbow and knee or decide to wear the pair on the elbows or knees. Would you love some good therapy on your knees? Then check the McDavid Knee Pad with Sorbothane Insert. It provides relief from arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis.

McDavid Protective Knee and Elbow Pad with Compression Sleeves – Available in Black or White Colors

McDavid was founded in 1969 and named after its founder Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr. who made the first popular protective football knee brace. Steadily, the company grew to become the McDavid Knee Guard Inc. Today, its products are being recommended by pro athletes, athletic trainers and sports and medical professionals. Its line of products includes ankle braces, elbow pads, and compression shorts. Although headquartered in South California USA, McDavid has subsidiaries in Europe and Japan. Its goal is to inspire courage and confidence in athletes and be part of their motivation, training, and success.

The McDavid Knee Pad comes with an elbow pad, and the pair comes with sleeves that make it easy for you to slide them on and take them off whenever you like. So you see, it is more than just a protective gear. It also provides soothing relief on the joints and muscles of your knees and elbows. Each pad is made from a durable and sturdy construction that won’t get in the way of your regular activities. They have a low-profile design that makes them ideal for body-to-ground activities like crouching and athletic activities.

Worried about the comfort of your knees and elbows in tight-fit pads like these? You can rest assured they’re designed for your comfort. Thanks to the breathable and foam padding feature incorporated in them.

Although this gear comes with a pair of pads, either one of them can be used on your left or right elbow or knee. And you can decide to use the pair as elbow pads or knee pads.

The gear comes in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes, so you’ll do well to look out for your perfect size before you proceed to checkout. We recommend you take a measurement of your elbow, knee and shin circumference to determine what size will work well for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Knee Pads?

What’s the point of an adventurous sporting activity like skating or biking if you can’t do it as many times as you wish when your knees are on the line? Or what’s the assurance of your knees’ safety when you are working under the hood of a car?

Knee damages are common injuries that occur in rigorous sporting activities and technical jobs, but they can be avoided if you have a pair of great knee pads. For instance, if you’re thinking of getting your teenage son roller blade skates for his next birthday, it’s really important you order knee pads as well. The knee pads will guarantee his safety and also boost his confidence to keep learning till he becomes an expert at his favorite sport.

If you cycle regularly from one place to another, it will be in your best interests to have a pair of knee pads. This is because the severity of a possible accident can be reduced significantly when you’re clad in a safety wear that includes these pads.

A welder would also discover that while he is bent over his job and peering through a protective helmet, staying on his knees for a long time may cause him a great deal of discomfort that could have been avoided if only he thought to get the right knee pads to make his job less uncomfortable and much easier.

So, really, with a pair of knee pads, nothing should stop you from the adventures of extreme sports or the pleasures of completing regular house repairs and maintenance. Nonetheless, our job here is to show you how to make the best choice.
There are some knee pads that come in a protective gear set that also includes elbow and wrist pads. Unlike the pads that come alone, this gear costs more. But generally, the price of knee pads will fall within the range of $10 to $50. Nevertheless, we hope you stay wary and avoid cheap knee pads that will only bring you discomfort. What we have done in our research is to exclude such knee pads and bring you only the best.
You can be sure you’ll get the perfect knee pads to provide great insurance for your knees when you know what to look out for. And here are a few things:
  • Type
  • Color
  • Ventilation
  • Size
  • User
  • Material
Construction and Design
What type of knee pad should you get?

If you carry out most of your activities on your knees, then getting a pair of pads that are lightweight and flexible will be your best bet. While this type offers you protection for your knees, it also provides you with comfort.

All-round knee pads will work well for you if you kneel a couple of times but don’t stay in that position for long. Kneeling as much as you stand will require you to get heavy-duty ones that also provide shock absorbency. In any case, it’s important that while the knee pads are protecting your knees, they don’t make scratches or skid marks on the surfaces you kneel on.

Knee pads vary in construction and design. Some come with a sleeve design, while some others require a strap or buckle system of some sort. Ideally, after fixing a knee pad on your knee, it really shouldn’t move when you kneel or stand up straight. But this depends on the size of your knees and the fastening mechanism incorporated. For instance, Velcro fasteners will hold on as long as they are not too tight and buckle fasteners require a buckle to hold the pad in place.

While many pads come as one-size-fits-all, you should also ensure the knee pad you’re likely to order (especially if it is a sleeve type) is a perfect fit for your knees. Too-tight pads may tear or break and cause your knees to sweat. Too loose, on the other hand, and they’ll slide up and down your knees when you’re in motion, making your task or sporting activity really frustrating.
Performance and Ease of Use
Comfort is very important when it comes to selecting a pair of knee pads. Having knee pads on for a long time can trap heat and cause you to sweat at the knees. Which means you should look out for ‘breathable’ features too. Knee pads should have ventilating channels so air can be circulated easily through to your knees for a comfortable experience.

Where does maintenance come in? This will depend largely on the material of the knee pad. Waterproof kneepads are easy to clean and maintain as opposed to knee pads made from fabrics. Most pads that incorporate foam padding for comfort will absorb moisture when they’re being washed or cleaned. This means they’ll take longer to dry.

The color also affects how it’s used – a mechanic shouldn’t even think of getting knee pads in white colors, especially if he plans to wear them on his pants. This is because even with the slightest touch of his tool on it, the pads will get dirty. Besides this, the choice of color is usually more of preference than anything else.

Who are you planning to order the kneepads for? Is he or she an adult or a minor? Answering this question will help you decide what to go for. You should know that knowing the user will determine the type and size you should select. For instance, a child may find an adult’s knee pad too big and uncomfortable to wear, and vice versa.

Get the Best Knee Pads of 2022!

Armed with all the information you need to make an informed choice, we hope you can hurry now to place an order. If you’d like more options, you can use the links provided to see what else is offered by these trustworthy brands.

Our Top Choice
NoCry Professional Knee Pads
Best Value
JBM International BMX Bike Knee and Elbow Pads
DeWALT Professional Kneepads
K-P Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads
McDavid Protective Knee and Elbow Pads