Best Knee Scooter Reviews 2022

Do you have a non-weight bearing injury? Did you just endure a surgery anywhere below your knee? A brace is a good idea for mobility, but a better idea is a knee scooter to help you move around. You don’t want to go through the stress of sifting through the many options available, which is why you’re reading this. That’s a great move on your part because we’ve already done the research and have come up with 5 of the best knee scooters from trusted brands. All you need to do is go through our review and see what you like! In case you don’t find one that suits you among the few we featured, there’s a bunch more from these same brands that you can check out as well.
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Our Top Choice
KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter
KneeRover creates innovative mobility solutions for people who are physically challenged yet still want to keep leading their active lifestyle.
3-wheels. Ruggedly built. Weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Robust braking system. Comes with front basket.
The brakes don’t lock.
3 wheels
7.5x12.5x8.25”; 32.4 pounds
350 pounds
Best Value
Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter
For over 20 years Roscoe Medical has been manufacturing pain management and home medical equipment allowing its users have an independent life.
Four 8-inch PU wheels with sealed bearings. Easily adjustable, cushioned knee platform. Padded handlebars. Folding mechanism that features a quick release lever.
The brakes are a bit tight.
4 wheels
32.4 x 17 x 15.2”; 23 pounds
350 pounds
NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Walker
Since 1993, NOVA has been providing high-quality products with great functionality for mobility challenged people.
Weight capacity of 400 pounds and a user height of up to 6’2.” 4 tires and sturdy chassis. Double braking system. Padded and indented knee platform.
As heavy-duty and durable as this rover is, it cannot handle rough terrain well enough. But if you won’t be going off-road, this will make a great buy.
4 wheels
33 x 19 x 16.2”; 34 pounds
400 pounds
Karman Healthcare Knee Walker with Basket
Karman is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of manual and tilt in space wheelchairs and other products for all mobility needs.
Easily adjustable aluminum knee platform. Folding mechanism that uses a thumb release lever. Supports up to 350 pounds. Comfortable, rotatable knee pad. Lightweight.
It has a poor turning radius.
4 wheels
31 x 17 x 41”; 22.5 pounds
400 pounds
Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker
Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of medical and health support equipment, making life more comfortable for people with medical issues.
Steerable, sturdy and stable. Can accommodate weights of up to 300 pounds. Double braking system has push button locks for parking. Double tube arched frame.
Not great for outdoor use.
4 wheels
24 x 17 x 33”; 19 pounds
300 pounds

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What is the Best Knee Scooter?

Now that your mind’s made up on what you want your knee scooter to do for you, go ahead and read our review. As you do that, keep in mind your needs and we hope you’ll find it easy to choose a knee scooter that’ll best serve you and will be at an affordable price.
Our Top Choice
The KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter is fitted with 12-inch off-road pneumatic tires and uses a tie-rod mechanism for its fully adjustable steering column. If you want a knee scooter with a dual braking system, check out the KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter which has four tires and a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter in Blue with Heavy Duty Crutches

KneeRover has for years been known for manufacturing top performance mobility solutions for people who have injuries or are physically challenged making it difficult for them to move around. This brand has shown its passion for giving people the freedom to move around and free them of the pain of using crutches. Its knee scooters are sturdy and durable and help you continue living your productive lifestyle.

The KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter is one of the best mobility solutions in the market today with a double-bar chassis design for unparalleled strength and balance. It sports three 12-inch tires that are designed for off-road and will also give a smooth ride when on the pavement. This scooter is recommended for people from 5-6 feet tall who are recovering from injuries or surgery anywhere below the knee.

The following are some other great features of this sleek ride:
  • Cantilever brakes and single brake lever
  • 12-inch pneumatic tires
  • 21-inch front axle
  • Height adjustable handle and knee pad
  • Well-padded and right/left adjustable knee pad
  • Rugged and well-designed frame
  • Weight capacity of up to 400 pounds
  • Foldable steering column
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Gives you a comfortable and pleasurable ride
Best Value
The Roscoe Knee Scooter sports four 8-inch PU wheels with sealed bearings, an easily adjustable cushioned knee platform and padded handlebars for a comfortable grip. If you would prefer a similar scooter with a lockable handbrake, go for the Roscoe Medical Economy Knee Scooter, which has 7-inch wheels with quick release handles.

Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter with Basket — Available in 3 Colors

Roscoe Medical is one of the Compass Health brands operating out of Middleburg Heights, Ohio. For several years, it has been working with the aim of providing people with superior quality, innovative, and high-performance products that allow its users to lead more independent and comfortable lives. It manufactures pain management, respiratory, and home medical equipment which it makes available through its excellent distribution systems.

The Roscoe Knee Scooter is the perfect alternative to crutches as it lets you move around without the discomfort and awkwardness that comes with using crutches. It has a knee platform that can adjust according to your height, giving you more comfort and stability as you ride. It’s ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery and can’t put weight on their feet.

Check out some other nice features of this scooter below:
  • Adjustable knee platform
  • 8-inch PU wheels with sealed bearings
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • Easily steered and maneuvered
  • Weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • Padded handlebars
  • It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and 90 days on other parts
  • Adjustable handbrakes
Who says you can’t look trendy riding a knee scooter? Choose a color that matches your style among the black, burgundy, and white this scooter’s available in.
The NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Walker is truly heavy-duty as it handles a weight capacity of 400 pounds and a user height of up to 6’2” with its sturdy chassis and 4 tires. If you’d prefer a 3-wheeler for a lower price but with the same great quality from NOVA, go for the Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker

NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Walker — Available in 3 Sizes

NOVA was founded in 1993 with the aim of changing the world every day in every way for medically challenged people. It has grown organically since it started, with fundamental values of service, quality, and integrity. It understands the importance of personal mobility and independence, which is why it seeks to aid that through its superior quality and functional products that support physically challenged people to live an independent and beautiful lifestyle.

The NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Walker has a smooth turning circle making it suitable to use indoors but is also great for outdoor usage with its sturdy frame and four wheel for stability and durability. It has a park brake that keeps your scooter in place and preventing it from rolling off when on an incline. The knee pad can adjust from 17 inches to 21.5 inches.

The following are some wonderful features of this knee walker:
  • It has four 8-inch wheels
  • Recommended user height up to 6’2”
  • It’s collapsible for easy transport and storage
  • It’s lightweight at just 29 pounds
  • Contoured knee pad for extra comfort
  • Reinforced frame
  • Double braking system that locks
  • Easily maneuvered
  • Padded anatomical handles
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Choose between 3 sizes: heavy-duty, standard or heavy-duty tall
The Karman Healthcare Knee Walker features a knee platform made of aluminum that easily adjusts for the left or right leg and has a folding mechanism that uses a thumb release lever. If you’d like a roller for a younger person, check out the Karman Healthcare Aluminum Junior Rollator which has anti-bacterial and removable upholstery.

Karman Healthcare Knee Walker with Basket and Knee Cushion — Available in 3 Colors

Karman Healthcare is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of superior quality and innovatively designed wheelchairs of all types, whether manual or electric. It also makes other mobility equipment that gives users more comfortable and independent lives. It has facilities in the US, Taiwan, China, and Thailand with distributors in 22 countries ensuring that its valuable products are available worldwide.

The Karman Healthcare Knee Walker has four 8-inch flat-free casters that provide stability and a smooth ride for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s ideal for patients with non-weight bearing conditions for both temporary and long-term use. It’s designed with an S-shape frame with a low center of gravity increasing its stability and reducing the risk of the scooter tipping over.

The following are some features and benefits of this compact knee scooter:
  • It has a weigh capacity of 350 pounds
  • Comes with a removable basket
  • It has an S-shape frame for structural stability
  • Four 8-inch casters
  • Tool-free foldable and adjustable handles
  • It uses hub brake
  • Adjustable knee platform
  • Collapsible for convenient storage and transport
  • Padded handle bar grip
  • It uses the deluxe loop braking system
  • 1-year warranty on frame and 6 months for parts
Stay trendy even with a knee scooter by choosing a color that matches your style from among the black, white, and burgundy available.
The Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker has a double tube arched aluminum frame that connects with a collapsible steering column and front tires for better maneuverability. If you’d prefer a knee scooter with a dual pad knee platform, go for the Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker which uses a deluxe braking system.

Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

Drive Medical was founded in 2000 with a mission to manufacture and market world class products which are known for their innovation, functionality, and value. In doing so, Drive strives to improve the quality of life of people who use its products, making certain activities more convenient. It continues to grow due to its adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and an insatiable desire for excellence.

The Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker has a durable aluminum frame that’s collapsible, and four 8-inch casters with a padded knee platform which is adjustable for preference. It has front-wheel steering making easy to maneuver tight corners and it’s lightweight at just 19 pounds. Its collapsible steering column also makes it easy to store and move around.

The following are other features of this steerable knee scooter:
  • It has comfortable grooved knee pad
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable knee platform and handle bars
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Deluxe double braking system
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Four 8” casters
  • Left/Right adjustable knee pad
  • Limited lifetime warranty and lifetime warranty on brake cable

How Do I Choose the Best Knee Scooter?

Foot or ankle injuries sometimes happen no matter how careful you try to be. What makes recovery even tougher is being told that you’re not allowed to put any weight on that part of your body. This situation need not put your entire life on hold, however, seeing as a convenient way to stay mobile is to use a knee scooter. A knee scooter is a device that lets people who have injuries below the knee move around easily. It’s an ideal alternative to using crutches and wheelchairs.

It’s more comfortable, for one thing, as it has a cushioned platform where you place the knee of the injured leg; your ankle brace or bandage won’t get in the way. It has wheels and handlebars like a bicycle, and to move all you do is push against the floor with your other leg while steering with the handlebars. This is convenient and doesn’t involve the discomfort associated with using the aforementioned options.

The best knee scooters are focused on delivering comfort, stability, and safety. They’re constructed with sturdy and durable materials with a reliable braking system. Most knee scooters are steerable making them maneuverable for turnings and corners. They have height adjustable steering columns and knee platforms so you can adjust them to suit your preferences. As you read on, you’ll have a better understanding of the features of knee scooters and how they affect their efficacy.
All knee scooters have a fairly similar structure and roughly the same size. The main factor that affects the pricing of knee scooters is the material used. A knee scooter with a steel construction and uses memory foam for the knee pad and sports other nice features will cost close to $400 while the more modestly designed ones that aim for the basics will go for around $150.

There are also the cheap knee scooters out there. Needless to say it’s not a good idea to try to save money at the expense of your health. These cheap knee scooters are poorly made and are hardly comfortable; they might just add more to the injury you’re trying to recover from. So it’s best that you follow our recommendations and buy from the trusted brands we featured.
Recovering from surgery or injury shouldn’t keep you bed-ridden, especially if your case is an injury from the knee below. A knee scooter, a great alternative to a crutch, lets you continue your active lifestyle despite your accident. The list below are the features to look out for when considering a knee scooter:
  • Type
  • Weight Capacity
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Design
As you read on, you’ll have a better understanding of how these features affect the performance of a knee scooter and hopefully make it easier for you to decide which ones are critical to your choice.
Construction and Design
As with many other products, the kind of knee scooter you end up choosing will be determined by how you intend to use it. Some knee scooter users just need to move around in the house and within the yard. A traditional knee scooter with small and thin tires is sufficient for that. For those with a more active lifestyle that can’t do without going outdoors, an all-terrain knee scooter is what’s needed because of its larger wheels that are often inflatable and can handle uneven surfaces better, thus reducing the risk of tipping over.

Knee scooters come in steerable and non-steerable types too. The steerable type has greater maneuverability which is ideal for indoors as there are more turns and corners to negotiate. The non-steerable version, on the other hand, offers better stability. A balance between these two will be the all-terrain version, which is great for both indoors and out. Knee scooters are also categorized by wheels: there are the 3-wheelers and the more common 4-wheelers. As indicated earlier, the type of knee scooter you go for depends on how you intend to use it.

Knee scooters are made with multiple materials as there are different parts to it. The frame is commonly crafted with steel or aluminum while the tires are made with different variants of rubber. The knee and handle pads are made with foam to provide cushioning and comfort.

Weight capacity is another major factor you want to consider when choosing a knee scooter. You don’t want to mismatch and get one that’ll crumble under your weight. There are some heavy-duty knee scooter that can handle weights of up to 450 pounds while there are some meant for kids and smaller adults that have a capacity of about 260 pounds. So, know your weight and find out the capacity of that knee scooter you are eyeing; just because it comes in your favorite color doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right scooter for you!
Performance and Ease of Use
Knee scooters will be a new experience for most users so it should be as convenient to use as possible. It might seem weird to think of them as ‘comfortable’ considering you’ll be kneeling on a scooter with your bad leg while pushing yourself around. Knee scooters are fitted with well-padded knee platforms that keep your knee from getting sore. Scooters are generally designed to be comfortable to use with knee platforms that can adjust to suit your preferences.

Knee scooters are mobility aids, so it wouldn’t be too much to expect them to be mobile themselves so that wherever you want to go your scooter can go with you. A lot of them are collapsible and lightweight making them compact enough to fit in your trunk or backseat. This also makes storage a breeze whenever you’re healed and need to tuck it away — and hope that it’s a long time till you have to use it again!

The convenience of knee scooters cannot be overemphasized. Manufacturers know this which is why they make them adjustable. There are scooters that are designed as a one-size-fits-all, which can be used by people of varying heights. The steering column and knee platform are height adjustable so you just need to move them to the height that’s convenient for you. These adjustments are simple to carry out and don’t require any tools.

The braking system on knee scooters are more like those on bicycles both in design and application, so you squeeze and they slow down to a stop. Some of them have just one brake lever while others have on both handles. There are some scooters whose brakes can be locked so your ride stays in place when parked and won’t wander off when on an incline. Knee scooters use different braking systems, some are patented while others are generic just like the brakes on bicycles.

We hope this information is enough for you to make up your mind on the features you want on your knee scooter and will further help you decide on a particular product that’ll become the best knee scooter for you.

Get the Best Knee Scooter of 2022!

Great job coming to the end of our review of the best knee scooters around today; it’s our hope that you’re now fully informed to confidently go ahead and purchase the product you decided on. Go ahead and do just that and be assured it will become the best knee scooter for you.

Our Top Choice
KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter
Best Value
Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter
NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Walker
Karman Healthcare Knee Walker with Basket
Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker