Best Knife Block Reviews 2023

Is your drawer or countertop cluttered with knives? Do you need a utensil to store your knives properly? If so, you need a knife block, or a replacement for your old one. Whichever the case is, it’s time for shopping! While some people enjoy shopping, others dread it. So to save those who dread shopping the stress, and help those who enjoy shopping cut to the chase, we conducted research and narrowed down to some of the best knife block brands, featuring one product per brand. Some of these blocks even come with knives, so you can get to full package. These brands have more than the featured products in this category, and you might come across them as you read this review. In case you want to buy good knives, we do have a review for knife sets, so feel free to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Wüsthof 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block
Wüsthof has been making knives and kitchen accessories since 1814. It continues to provide top quality products that are reasonably priced and offer great value for the price.
Non-slip rubber feet. Six steep and upright slots for steak knives. Total of seventeen slots for different kinds of knives. Blends in with kitchen décor.
Wood is not the same color as pictured online.
6.5 x 14.9 x 11.1 inches; 8.1 pounds
With knives; hollow handle
Best Value
Kapoosh Urban Knife Block
Kapoosh makes knives, knife blocks and kitchen accessories that help to reduce the stress in food prep and kitchen storage. Its products are of top quality and quite affordable.
Slim design. Adaptable to fit different designs and sizes of knives. Adequate capacity. Detachable and easy to clean flex rods. Non-slip rubber feet.
Comes with a strong chemical smell.
10 to 16
2.6 x 8.9 x 8.5 inches; 3 pounds
Black; off-white; red
Removable plastic sticks
Chicago Cutlery Knife Block
Chicago Cutlery is a member of the World Kitchen Family of Brands and its specialty is cutlery. Its products are guaranteed to be top quality and offer value for money.
Made with beautiful long lasting wood. Fits in with kitchen décor. Doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop.
The openings are rough and knives may not sit well in the slots.
12.8 x 14 x 7.8 inches; 13 pounds
With knives
Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block
Shenzhen recognizes that the customer is king, so it makes beautiful products that not only enhance the decor of your home, but are functional, useful and offer customer satisfaction.
Made with environmentally friendly and safe material. Durable. Ample capacity. Convenient size.
It doesn’t work well to store larger knives.
10 to 15
2 x 17 x 5.2 inches; 2.5 pounds
Bodum Bistro Knife Block
Bodum endeavors to preserve the reputation that it has built for more than 70 years. It consistently maintains the standard of its products.
Interior of the block has many small, detachable and easy to clean plastic sticks that secure the knives. Space efficient. Silicone non-skid feet.
Knives with long blades won’t fit all the way in.
11.7 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches; 4 pounds
Stainless steel
With knives

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What is the Best Knife Block?

Don’t let any reviewer cajole you into believing that a particular brand or product is the best knife block that’s available. A product can only be termed the best based on its usefulness and the value it gives to its owner or user. As you read this review, you will see the features that make a good knife block. Please note them so that you’ll know what to look out for when you go shopping, and that will give you the best knife block.
Our Top Choice
The Wüsthof Knife Block (with 17 slots) is beautifully designed and helps you to store your precious cutlery safely. You no longer have any excuse for strewing your knives all over the countertop! If you want a knife block that will save you some space, we recommend the Wüsthof Under-Cabinet-Swinger Knife Block.

Wüsthof 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block With Non Slip Rubber Feet And 6 Slots For Steak Knives

Wüsthof was established in 1814 and has remained in the Wüsthof family for seven generations. It is a German business with over 200 years of experience, not only in crafting knives, but also in manufacturing top quality kitchen accessories. It has consistently remained true to its founding principles of passion, diligence and perfection, and it shows in its products. It cannot afford to compromise its quality because it has a name and legacy to protect. That is why it pays close attention to details and employs cutting edge technology to ensure that its products are always top of the line. One would think that with such high quality, its products would be exorbitant; not so! These products are reasonably priced and offer great value for the price.

When you leave your knives strewn around either on your countertop or in your drawer, you are doing a great disservice to that cutlery. They either get rust spots or blunt blades; if you have children around, there’s also the danger of them injuring themselves with them. There’s a solution for this: the Wüsthof Knife Block! It is beautifully designed and helps you to store your precious cutlery safely. You can also proudly display them because the finish will blend in with your kitchen décor and look just right on your countertop. It has six steep, upright slots meant to accommodate steak knives. The rubber feet are non-slip and help to keep it firmly placed on the countertop, at the same time protecting the countertop from getting scuffed and scratched.

Wüsthof has several other knife blocks that can fit in with any kitchen décor. Listed below are just a few of these wonderful items:
  • Wüsthof 17 Slot Knife Block, Black - Made of wood with a black finish, it has 9 slots for large knives, 2 for specialized knives and 6 for steak knives. It also has slots for kitchen shears and sharpening rod. The base is rubber, which gives it extra stability.
  • Wüsthof 35 Slot Storage Block, Cherry - The rubber base ensures that it stays firmly on the countertop and is the largest knife block that Wüsthof has to offer. It can hold ten-inch long knives and has slots for steak knives.
  • Wüsthof Walnut 6-Slot Studio Knife Storage Block - This is just right for a small kitchen, with slots for five knives and one shear. It is easy to clean and maintain and helps you store and organize your cutlery
Best Value
The Kapoosh Knife Block is functional and space efficient. It helps you to store your knives and is perfect for storing the cutlery that doesn’t match because it adapts to different designs and shape. If you want a different design and something that’s less expensive, you can check out the Kapoosh Hex-Connex Universal Knife Caddy.

Kapoosh Urban Universal Knife Block - Available in 5 Colors

Kapoosh is a manufacturer of knives, knife blocks and kitchen utensils that helps to remove the stress from your food prep and utensil storage. It has many versatile designs that take into consideration the space constrains that people have to face in organizing a kitchen and maintaining aesthetics. All its products are designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, combined with a desire to make these products as affordable as possible.

The Kapoosh Knife Block is a functional utensil that is space efficient and helps you to store your knives in style. You no longer have to worry about how to store that cutlery that don’t match because this block adapts to different designs and shape. This versatile block has other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Slim design - The slim design allows it to fit small countertops but with the same capacity as a conventional knife block
  • Adaptability - The flex rods adapts to the form of any knife or cutlery placed in it to keep it firm
  • Capacity - It can hold knives that are up to eight inches long
  • Easy to clean - Flex rod is detachable and dishwasher safe, and is recommended to be washed on the top rack
  • Non-slip rubber feet - This helps to keep the block firmly secure on countertop without sliding around
And did we mention that this knife block somes in 5 different colors? Well, that’s correct! From aqua to cherry to tangerine, you can pick a finish that tickles your fancy
The Chicago Cutlery Knife Block is beautifully designed with wood and comes with an 18-piece knife set, helping you store your knives safely and remove clutter from your countertop or drawers. If you want a block with less knives but some other extra accessories, check out the Chicago Cutlery West Town 6-Piece Block Knife Set.

Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Insignia Steel Knife Set With Block and In-Block Sharpener

Chicago Cutlery is a member of the World Kitchen Family of Brands. As the name implies, it is a conglomerate of brands that specialize in kitchen utensils and gadgets of all kinds. It takes pride in having a plethora of products that cater to any conceivable culinary need. Chicago Cutlery's specialty is cutlery, obviously, and it endeavors to stock the best at budget friendly prices. It consistently looks out for the prevalent needs in the marketplace and, with cutting edge technology, offers products that meet those needs. Knife blocks are one of those products, and the majority of its blocks come with high performance and top quality knife sets. Whether you want the whole nine yards or just a few knives in a set, any product you choose from Chicago Cutlery is guaranteed to bear the stamp of quality and perform just as advertised.

The Chicago Cutlery Knife Block is a beautifully designed wooden utensil that you can use to store your knives safely. It comes with an eighteen-piece knife set and has slots that fit them all. This is a great set to have as it will save you the stress of having to look for kitchen knives and other specialty knives. It has all the knives that you can think of for all your chores. The block makes your knives easily accessible as it sits on your countertop and fits right in with any kitchen décor.

Chicago Cutlery has many other great knife blocks with beautiful and functional knife sets. Here are a few for your consideration:
  • Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set - Made with espresso wood and is designed with sixteen knife slots
  • Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel - Beautifully designed with durable wood, it stores your knives safely and makes them easily accessible
  • Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 19 Piece Knife Block with In-Block Sharpener and Cutting Board, Stainless Steel - Made with strong and long lasting wood, it helps you store your knives safely and in style; also comes with a fine cutting board
The Shenzhen Knife Block allows you to keep your countertop clutter free. It enables you to arrange your knives in the drawer and keep them organized and easily accessible. If you want a knife block at a lower rate and don’t mind different features, we recommend the Shenzhen 20 Slot Knife Block Without Knives.

Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Shenzhen Knives is a small company based in Hawaii. It was established in 2007, and its mission is to make ceramic knives that are of top quality yet affordable enough for anyone. Since then, it has grown and branched out to making cutlery and accessories. It designs products that are not only beautiful and enhance your home decor, but are functional and useful. Shenzhen Knives listens to feedback and researches to see how it can make things better, and pays attention to details to make products that suit your lifestyle and perform more efficiently for your chores and culinary tasks. They understand that the customer is king, and as such Shenzhen Knives prides itself in treating customers right and ensuring that products provide customer satisfaction as advertised.

The Shenzhen Knife Block gives you a countertop that is clutter free. You can arrange your knives inside the drawer and keep them organized and easily accessible. Unlike regular knife blocks that sit on your countertop, this in-drawer block frees up your countertop for other utensils and other culinary activities. This wonderful utensil has more great features and they include the following:
  • Materials - Made with environmentally friendly and nontoxic bamboo
  • Durable - Bamboo is anti-mold and anti-bacteria, promoting a long-lasting product
  • Ample capacity - It can hold an average of ten knives or more depending on the size of the knives
  • Convenient size - The width and depth is such that it can fit into most regular drawers
The Bodum Knife Block helps you store your knives safely, organize them properly and keep them easily accessible. This keeps your countertop and drawers clutter-free and child-safe. If you have space constrains and want a block that you can mount on the wall, check out the Bodum Bistro Green Mountable Knife Holder.

Bodum Bistro Knife Block -- Available In 4 Colors

Bodum has been in existence for over 70 years and is noted for forward-thinking and radical innovation. Known for its classic cafetière coffee maker and signature designs of Scandinavian beauty, it has expanded to become a household products brand with global presence. It has its headquarter in Switzerland and makes all its products there following its foundational principle: a product should have the combination of good design, fundctionality and affordability. As a family-owned company, it seeks to consistently preserve the good name and reputation that it has built over the years. It achieves this goal by maintaining the standard of its products and offering great customer service.

Knives are essential kitchen tools, and there are different knives for different tasks. Storing these knives may be a hassle for some people and they can create clutter if not properly organized. The Bodum Knife Block helps you store these knives safely, organize them properly and keep them easily accessible. It has many other great features that include following:
  • Interior of the block with many small plastic sticks - This enables any knife to fit securely into any space in the block
  • Detachable and easy to clean plastic sticks – The plastic sticks can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Space efficient – It doesn’t take up much counter space like a traditional wooden knife block
  • Silicone non-skid feet – This keeps the block firmly on the countertop without sliding around
  • Available in variety of colors – This makes it easy for you to find one that would blend with your kitchen décor
  • Interior has no magnet or slots to hold the knives secure – This ensures that the blades of your knives are not chipped or dulled

If you don’t like the off white colors, feel free to select black, bottle green or cream.

How Do I Choose the Best Knife Block?

Knives are highly important in every kitchen - it is the plain truth. Have you ever been in a situation where you are preparing a meal in the kitchen and you need a particular knife for a task? It’s not funny if you have to start rummaging in the drawer to locate that particular knife. If you haven’t been in this situation, you may have watched a celebrity chef TV show where the chef gets real irritated and cranky because the chef’s knife or an important utensil was nowhere to be found. An unforgettable episode was one in which the defending champion lost out to a newbie because the sausage stuffer was too slow in stuffing the sausages that he wanted to use. So sad.

You shouldn’t leave that nice set of knives on the countertop or in drawers where your little ones can easily access them. The solution to this is to get a knife block and safely arrange those knives in them. Not only do knife blocks store your knives safely, they help preserve the blades (so that you won’t have to be sharpening them too often) and even add to the décor of your kitchen. So for what it’s worth, getting a knife block is a good investment.
We heard that you can actually make your own knife block. Wow! Quite impressive! But do you think it would be worth the time, money and energy that you’ll spend? We don’t think so, seeing as a good kitchen block is not a budget breaking item. You can get a smashing knife block between the price range of about $30 and $120. This disparity in price range is because some blocks come with a knife set; others come without, while others still come with knife sets and additional complimentary accessories. The number of knives in the knife sets also differ, so bear this in mind as you consider these prices.

There are cheap knife blocks as we discovered, but unless you don’t mind having a product that would last for a few months, we don’t advise that you consider them. The featured brands/products are sure to give you good value for your money and to perform as advertised.
When shopping for a knife block, there are features that are important to look out for. If you get a knife block without the right features, you might end up with a product that won’t deliver the desired value. Listed below are some of the features that you need to look out for in whichever product you choose:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Design
  • Capacity
  • Color
  • Extra features
Stay with us as we explore and explain in full detail how the above listed features impact the performance of a knife block.
Construction and Design
The majority of knife blocks that are available for purchase are either made of steel or wood. Recently, there are different designs of knife blocks made of plastic or acrylic. Knife blocks manufactured out of wood usually add a traditional/conventional look to a kitchen. For those who want the modern or chic look, you should consider the stainless steel models. Meanwhile, an advantage of plastic knife blocks is that they come in various colors and afford you the options of choosing a color that would blend in with the décor of the kitchen. Some of them also have detachable plastic rods inside that make it easy for you to remove and wash it.

Whichever material you choose, the important thing to look out for is the one that adheres best to safety regulations. The wood should not be treated with any toxic chemicals or materials, the stainless steel should be lead-free, while the plastic should be FDA approved and safe for contact with food. All this information can be gotten from reading the product description and customer reviews. Looking into the background of the brand will also help you know whether they are environmentally responsible or not.

The size of a knife block also matters because you don’t want to get a block that will take up so much space on top of your counter or working surface. Depending on the design of your kitchen cabinet, you might have to gauge the allowance between your countertop and top drawers to ensure that the knife block will fit into the space when all the knives are fitted in.

The capacity of the knife block is important; this refers to the number of knife slots it has. If you have many items that you need to use the knife block for, ensure that you have a block that has a commensurate number of knife slots. It’s better to have some knife slots that are empty than to have knives with no slot to fit them into.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are an avid cook, a newbie chef or one that entertains a lot, you might want to get a knife block that comes with a knife set. The advantage of this is that you can get all the specialty knives you need in the set (especially if you choose a full kitchen knife set). If you have mismatched knives and cutlery, a plastic knife block might work best for you because they usually have plastic rods inside that enable them to conform to the shape of any knife. For one who doesn’t own or use that much cutlery, you may just purchase a knife block with the basic knife slots (maybe six to nine slots). If you are constrained for space, there are models designed to be mounted on the wall or that are space-efficient and won’t take up much space on your countertop like in-drawer designs. Some plastic models and acrylic ones can also provide this feature.

Knife blocks come in a variety of colors. Wooden models can be stained to deeper hues and tones while the plastic models come in a wide assortment of colors. Much as you are looking for a tool that is functional and versatile, it won’t hurt to consider the overall effect on the aesthetics of your kitchen. There certainly are knife blocks that combine functionality and aesthetics.

If you are prepared to pay an extra buck or more, you can look out for additional features that include space for kitchen scissors, small drawers and a swivel. The additional features might serve you well, especially if you have many knives and cutlery that need storing and organizing in your kitchen.

Get the Best Knife Block of 2023!

Phew! At last! We have come to the end of this review and we are glad that you took the time to read it. We believe that with the information gained, you can confidently make the right choice. So go ahead! You’re just a click away from a great bargain.

Our Top Choice
Wüsthof 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block
Best Value
Kapoosh Urban Knife Block
Chicago Cutlery Knife Block
Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block
Bodum Bistro Knife Block