Best Knife Roll Reviews 2022

Whether purchasing your first knife roll or replacing an old one, finding the right product for you is not as easy as you might be tempted to assume. With this in mind, we thoroughly researched knife rolls and came up with a short list of five top products from five brands. Each brand featured here has more than one knife roll for sale. We encourage you to check them out as well since you may find something that better meets your requirements. We strive to feature only brands with a reputation for top quality products, so there’s nothing to fear about any product you choose based on this review.
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Knife size
Our Top Choice
Messermeister Knife Storage Roll
Messermeister has contributed to the culinary industry for close to four decades and has built a legacy of integrity over the years. They offer top-quality products at reasonable prices.
Fully lined interior. Foam padded exterior with PVC backing. Made of long lasting abrasion-resistant denim. Top-quality zippers on three sides. Eight knife pouches.
The Velcro on the front cover of the bag is not strong enough to keep the bag closed.
Padded; zipper on three sides
Eight pockets
Up to 18 inches
Available in 27 colors
Best Value
Mercer Culinary Knife Roll
Mercer Culinary offers professional, premium quality cutlery. For over 30 years, they've remained committed to values of performance, quality, service delivery, and affordable pricing.
Made of durable Nylon with PVC liner. Machine washable. Four pouches with elastic borders. Can hold knives that are up to twelve inches long. Hook and loop closure.
The material of the pouch is not strong enough to keep the knives from shifting in the pouch.
Hook and loop closure
Four pockets
Up to 12 inches
The Ultimate Edge Deluxe Knife Roll
The Ultimate Edge has served the cutlery industry for over thirty-six years. They remain committed to providing products that meet the most demanding standards of professional chefs.
Made with top-quality PVC-laminated polyester. Double-stitched elastic pockets. Inner net pocket for accessories. Elegant shoulder strap. Padded carry handle.
The bag cannot be locked, which impacts the security of the contents.
Zipper closure; 5 ext. pockets
18 pockets
Up to 18 inches
Available in five colors
600D polyester
Ergo Chef Hard Knife Bag with Handle
Ergo Chef is a manufacturer of innovative culinary products that combine ergonomic designs, functionality, and reasonable prices.
Twelve knife pouches. One big net pocket. Two carrying options. Interior zipper divider. Transparent card / name tag holder. Made with durable polyester. Tri-fold design.
Carry handle is not as strong as expected.
Zippered cover flap; Trifold
13 pockets
Up to 20 inches
Polyester / nylon
United Cutlery 50+ Knife Roll
United Cutlery manufactures both fantasy and functional products. They strive to consistently offer first-rate value, high performance, quality, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service.
Three panels with elastic bands. Interior cloth overlay. Made with durable synthetic fibers. Two sturdy nylon fasteners. Strong carry handle.
Not designed to hold large knives.
Trifold; Loop handle
50 elastic loops
Folding knives
Black / red
PVC / felt

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What is the Best Knife Roll?

Is it possible for any product to be the best knife roll available? We’d say an emphatic, "NO!" This is because the value of a product is dependent on the satisfaction derived by the user. In this review, we have discussed the benefits and features of a good knife roll, and it’ll serve you well to note them so that you know what to look out for when you go shopping.
Our Top Choice
The Messermeister Knife Roll is designed to hold knives that are up to eighteen inches long and it comes with a 100% Messermeister quality guarantee. No corners cut and no compromises! You’ll need an edge guard to protect both your knife and roll, so we recommend the Messermeister Chef's Edge-Guard.

Messermeister Knife Storage Roll - Available in Multiple Colors and with 5, 6, 8 or 12-Pockets

Messermeister takes pride in the fact that they have contributed to the culinary industry for four decades and are committed to continuing for generations to come. Their employees travel around the world in search of quality materials for products that are reasonably priced, and, with confidence that they have done their due diligence in the research, manufacturing, and testing of their products, they offer lifetime warranties to their customers.

The Messermeister Knife Roll is a fashion-forward cutlery storage item that’s ideal for both expert and novice chefs. It is designed to hold knives that are up to eighteen inches long, and you can conveniently carry your knife set in style wherever you need them. The knife roll also comes with an assurance of 100% Messermeister quality; no corners cut, no compromises!

Here are some of this wonderful bag’s other great features:
  • Fully lined interior and foam-padded exterior with PVC backing -- Keeps the knives fully enclosed and safe from moisture, dirt, and dust. It also ensures that the knives don’t hurt the carrier or anyone else.
  • Made of long-lasting, abrasion-resistant denim -- This quality fabric is resistant to the occasional nicks and cuts from the tips of knives stored in the bag.
  • Top-quality zippers on three sides -- The zipper is YKK commercial grade, strong, and durable. Keeps the bag properly closed to ensure that your knives are secure.
  • Eight knife pouches -- Gives you ample space to individually store the essential knives you need for your cooking class or other culinary activity.
  • Sturdy clips -- These help keep the knives in place in their pouches.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty -- Comes with the “Knife for Life™” guarantee. This is a lifetime warranty that protects you against manufacturing errors and product defects.
The manufacturer advises that you use an edge guard on your knives to prolong the life of both knife and storage fabric by preventing scratches, nicks, and cuts.
Best Value
The Mercer Culinary Knife Roll is ideal for storing cherished knives because it’s made of durable nylon with PVC-backing to ensure that it can withstand nicks and cuts. If you are building your culinary tool set, you should consider getting the Mercer Culinary Professional Chef Plating Kit.

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll - Available in 8 Styles

Mercer Culinary, a subsidiary of Mercer Tool Corp, makes professional cutlery of premium quality. As a leader in the culinary industry for over thirty years, they have built a reputation among home cooks, veteran chefs, and culinary educators. Mercer teams up with experts in the food industry to develop and expand their products and stay on the cutting-edge of changing trends in the industry. Their products are uniquely designed and made with top-quality materials by excellent craftsmen.

The Mercer Culinary Knife Roll is just right for chefs who love to prepare and cook their food with their personal set of knives. It’s ideal for storing cherished knife sets and keeping them protected while being transported. As with other cutlery storage accessories by Mercer, this knife roll is lightweight yet strong; it’s made to meet the requirements of even the strictest of chefs. The compact design also makes it easy and convenient to carry.

Here are more of this simple yet essential accessory’s features:
  • Made of durable Nylon with PVC lining -The material is abrasion-resistant and can withstand scuffs and tears. The knife roll is long-lasting and won’t need to be regularly replaced.
  • Machine washable – Easy to clean and maintain, all you need do is throw it in the washing machine and it’s done!
  • Four pouches with elastic borders – You can store four different sizes of knives and the elastic will hold them in place.
  • Can hold knives that are up to twelve inches long – This makes it spacious enough to contain professional-sized knives.
  • Hook and loop fastener -- This keeps the bag firmly closed and ensures that your knives are safe from contamination.
The Ultimate Edge Knife Roll is made with quality polyester that’s PVC laminated. It comes with elastic pockets that are double-stitched for extra strength and allows you to transport your culinary tools safely and conveniently. Protect your knife’s blade with The Ultimate Edge Blade Saver Set; check it out!

The Ultimate Edge Deluxe Chef Knife Roll - Available in 5 Colors

The Ultimate Edge was established in 1983 and is renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of cutlery accessories. They specialize in chef’s luggage, blade savers, and oval diamond sharpening steels. With inspiring designs that inspire competing manufacturers, they don’t believe in cutting corners and ensure that all of their products are made with only the best materials. The Ultimate Edge also serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of bags and offers private labeling.

The Ultimate Edge Knife Roll is a fine cutlery storage item that allows you to safely and conveniently carry your knife set and cutlery wherever you need to. Made with top-quality, PVC-laminated polyester, it comes with elastic pockets that are double-stitched for extra strength. This makes the roll adequate to store your culinary tools for a long time without succumbing to the nicks and cuts that might be inflicted on it by the knives.

This is an essential accessory with the following exciting features:
  • Inner net pocket for accessories - Provides space for you to store other culinary tools apart from knives so you don’t need to have one bag for knives and another for other tools.
  • Elegant attachable shoulder strap - Provides you with an alternative carrying option, comfortable for when the bag is not fully loaded.
  • Compartment for business cards, both inside and outside the bag – This can help you easily identify your bag.
  • Interior Pencil/Pen Holder – You never know where inspiration may strike or when you may need to note a variation in your recipe.
  • Padded carry handle – Reinforced to make the handle stronger and more durable; allows you to carry your knife roll with ease.
  • Limited lifetime warranty – The warranty protects you from manufacturer or product defects.
This Ergo Chef Knife Roll folds three times to securely hold your knife set and culinary tools. It’s made with long-lasting polyester or nylon that is strong enough to withstand nicks and cuts by the contents. You are advised to use an edge guard for your knives, so we recommend the Ergo Chef Universal Knife Edge Guard Set.

Ergo Chef Hard Knife Bag with Trifold Design - Available in 4 Styles

Ergo Chef started by happenstance due to a chef’s (Scott Staib’s) quest to find a solution to tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. His journey led to the manufacturing of ergonomically designed knives that are meant to be an extension of a chef’s hands. Many of Ergo Chef’s products are endorsed by celebrity chefs, not just as media hype but because they really meet their high standards. What can you expect from products that are designed and manufactured under the oversight of ingenious engineers? A combination of ergonomic designs, functionality, and reasonable prices.

The Ergo Chef Knife Roll is beautifully designed and folds thrice to securely hold your culinary tools and knife set. It’s made with long-lasting polyester or nylon that is strong enough to withstand nicks and cuts by the contents. This is a must-have accessory for any chef who has to move or travel regularly with their knives and other culinary tools.

This great bag is loaded with these benefits:
  • Twelve knife pouches – Hold your knives firmly in place so they won’t slip around.
  • One big net pocket – Big enough for keeping other culinary tools in addition to your knife set.
  • Two carrying options -- The shoulder strap is adjustable and allows you to carry the bag hands-free, while the carry handle is strong and comfortable to grip.
  • Interior zipper divider – This helps to enclose the tools when you fold the bag.
  • Transparent card / name tag holder – Helps you identify your bag faster and easier.
The United Cutlery Knife Roll is a compact and well-designed bag made with durable synthetic fibers. It is large enough to hold fifty knives or more, making it ideal for transporting plenty of knives and culinary tools. If you want a smaller knife roll, the United Cutlery UC1337 Knife Storage Case is highly recommended.

United Cutlery Knife Roll with PVC Exterior – Holds over 50 Knives

United Cutlery has been in business for more than twenty years and is recognized as a top manufacturer of a variety of swords and knives. Their products include fantasy memorabilia, movie prop reproductions, utility and sports knives, and conventional samurai swords. Whether fantasy or functional, these products are made to exceed industry standards. United Cutlery takes pride in offering high-performance, quality products at reasonable prices. They do business strictly with distributors and wholesale clients, but their products are sold all over the world.

The United Cutlery Knife Roll is a compact and well-designed bag that’s large enough to hold over fifty knives. It’s made with top quality materials that protects your knives and keeps them properly stored for transport. This cutlery storage bag is especially ideal for travelling salespersons and professional chefs with large collections of knives.

This wonderful accessory has more great features, including:
  • Three panels with elastic bands --Allows you to store the knives securely without letting them slip out of the bag.
  • Interior cloth overlay – Provides adequate protection for the knives.
  • Made durable synthetic fibers – This gives your knives more protection, makes the roll easy to clean, and increases the lifespan of the roll.
  • Two sturdy nylon fasteners – Keep the roll securely closed.
  • Strong carry handle – Allows you to conveniently carry the roll.

How Do I Choose the Best Knife Roll?

Unless you don’t cook often, you know it’s no fun to cook with someone else’s kitchen knife set. That’s why professional chefs always carry their knives and culinary tools with them when they have to work outside their kitchen.
We all know how finicky professional chefs can be about their tools, and, even home chefs appreciate the difficulty of cooking in an unfamiliar environment.

Chefs who always have to be on the move need a storage accessory for their tools. You can’t just throw your knives and other culinary tools in a box; you have to store them properly and safely to ensure that they remain in good shape. That’s what a knife roll is designed to do. To get the best value from your purchase, it would be wise to choose a bag that has extra capacity for tools such as a meat cleaver, garlic press, tongs, potato ricer, and the like. Another reason a knife roll may be useful is because some commercial kitchens may not have enough storage room for utensils and, instead of jumbling them up with other utensils, you can store your knives in the roll and take them back and forth from work.
A knife roll is an important culinary accessory the prices vary greatly because of the different factors involved in production. Our price survey revealed that a good knife roll can be purchased for between $13 and $100. This is just an average price range, and there are many exceptions available on the market.

A leather knife roll is a high-end product that can sell for as much as $650, especially if you want it customized. Truth be told, leather is a durable material with an air of elegance, but, unless you are celebrity chef, you don’t really need a leather bag. Materials such as polyester, denim, or faux leather are less expensive and offer the same value.

The capacity and size of the bag also greatly impact the price; a roll with seventeen knife pockets isn’t going to be the same price as one with only three knife pockets. Bags that are reinforced with double-stitches are more expensive than bags that are glued together. Celebrity endorsement also makes some brands more expensive than others.

Finally, remember that you get what you pay for, so don’t prioritize price above quality. It’s better to get a durable bag at a higher rate than to buy a cheap knife roll that you will soon have to replace.
A knife roll is an important accessory for chefs because it protects their knives from rust, dull blades, and other forms of damage.

Here are some of the features a good knife roll should have:
  • Design/Style – Some are rolled once, others twice, and others thrice. The shapes also differ so you consider which design best suits your purpose.
  • Capacity – This refers to the number of knives the roll can hold.
  • Knife Size – Although some rolls can hold a good number of knives, the size of the knife is important. Ensure that you get a roll that can hold long knives or knives with wide or specialized blades.
  • Material – The material the roll is made of determines the aesthetics, durability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Size – Check and make sure that the roll won’t be cumbersome for you. Look at the dimensions (rolled and unrolled) so that you’ll get the most compact yet functional option.
  • Carry Option – Consider how you’ll carry the roll. Check to ensure it has a strong and durable handle or shoulder strap. Some rolls have both options.
  • Overall Quality – Consider how well-made the bag is and not just the price.

Let’s go on to explore the benefits of these features in further detail.
Construction and Design
One primary feature to consider when shopping for a knife roll is the material the bag is made of. The most commonly used materials include leather, leatherette, and polyester or nylon. The most important factor is that the material is non-abrasive, stain and water resistant, and easy to clean. Knives are also susceptible to rust, so you want to store them in a roll that is fully protected from moisture.

Leather is the best material for a knife roll because it is the most durable, but, as we all know, it is expensive. Some chefs may like to have their leather bags customized, which adds another layer of cost to the bag. Unless you are a celebrity chef on a TV show, you don’t need a leather bag. Leatherette is also referred to as faux leather, and while it is not as durable as real leather, it is still durable and less expensive.

Polyester and nylon are the most commonly used materials for knife rolls because they’re non-absorbent, stain resistant, and non- abrasive. They are also the cheapest options of all the materials mentioned. Just be sure to look out for top-quality polyester or nylon that won’t fall apart.

Another feature to consider is the carry handle or shoulder strap. Since you’ll need to constantly carry your knife roll around, it is necessary that the bag has a strong and well-made handle. If you are considering a large knife roll, it is best to get one that has both a carry handle and shoulder strap. Professional-grade knives are usually heavy, so you need a bag that’s strong enough to handle the weight. Bags with parts that are stitched or double-stitched are often stronger than those with parts that are glued. Look out for this; you don’t want a bag that will fall apart when you’re in transit.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are three features that are interrelated and should be considered together before choosing a knife roll: the size of the bag, the size of your knives, and the capacity of the bag. First, take an inventory of the minimum number of knives you require for your job and their sizes. After that, consider the dimension of the bag and whether it can carry the overall weight of the knives. Then, check how many knives the bag can hold and whether it can carry large or wide-blade knives.

The minimum pockets a knife roll can have is three, and there is no upper limit. You need to look out for a bag that can at least hold the knives and culinary tools you consider to be necessities. If you are a professional chef, there’s the possibility that you travel a lot and need your tools with you all the time. If you don’t mind the cost, you might consider having three different knife rolls: one for the most basic tools, one for more varied tools, and the last for the whole works. This will help you to carry only what you need to any job site. Remember to choose a roll that you can keep clean at all times, especially if you work in a commercial setting. Health officials can always come in to ask how you clean your equipment and accessories.

Get the Best Knife Roll of 2022!

Now that you have read this review to the end, we believe that you have gotten enough information to help you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to pick any of these five products, all of them will give you value for your money.

Our Top Choice
Messermeister Knife Storage Roll
Best Value
Mercer Culinary Knife Roll
The Ultimate Edge Deluxe Knife Roll
Ergo Chef Hard Knife Bag with Handle
United Cutlery 50+ Knife Roll