Best Knife Sharpener Review — Manual Pull & Electric Sharpeners for Kitchen, Camping & Pocket Knives

Knife sharpeners perform the key role of bringing the edge and precision back to the blades in your kitchen. Get yourself one and make each of your cooking tools the sharpest knife in the cupboard in no time! To see what model and type may be the best for you, check out our top 5 list and decide for yourself. We’ve performed careful research to find five of the best brands on the market, so you can feel confident and informed as you make your decision. If you are new to knife sharpeners, we have information and "how to" videos to help you decide.

For our reviews, we chose to feature groove style sharpeners because they tend to be easier to use for home cooks and beginners. However, if you were looking for a honing steel or sharpening stone for knives, here are a few best selling options.

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Blade Info
Our Top Choice
Chef's Choice AngleSelect Sharpener
Featuring a sturdy housing with an easy-to-use three-stage system, this Electric Knife Sharpener from Chef's Choice can sharpen anything from filet knives to battle axes!
A world-renowned kitchen appliance-producing company. A simple and compact design. Knife guides.
It can get a bit noisy.
Straight, serrated, and more
20-degree and 15-degree
100% Diamond abrasives
Stabilizing feet
Best Value
Smith’s Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener
Coming from a leading knife and scissor-sharpening company, this adjustable angle Sharpener is a product that’s been improved over years of experience and dedication!
A well-known blade sharpening-oriented company. A handy, simple-to-use design. Soft grip handle.
The stones wear pretty quickly.
A wide variety of knives
A wide range of angles
Two stage sharpening
Non-slip rubber feet
Wusthof Electric Sharpener
Coming from a well-known knife-producing company, this Wusthof Electric Sharpener will make your old dull knife shine again and cut like never before!
A world-renowned knife-oriented company. Compact and simple design.
A little bit noisy.
All knives
14 Degrees
Three stage sharpening
Safety non-slip feet
V-Sharp Xtreme Edge Black Sharpener
With a rugged appearance of a black praying mantis, this Warthog knife sharpener will be up to the task no matter how big the blade in question might be!
A company dedicated to knife-sharpeners. A tough 'n' rugged design. Super lightweight.
The build is plastic (the metal one would have been more hard-core).
Adjustable freehand
A wide variety of knives
17, 20, 25, 30 Degrees
Slide-on diamond honers
Thumb grip
Priority Chef Coated Knife Sharpening System
As a product of a small family-run company, this Priority Chef knife sharpener is made with the help of rigorous durability tests and constructive customer feedback.
A small kitchenware-oriented company. A stylish and compact design. Safe and easy to use.
The sharpening action can be a bit too aggressive.
Knife sharpening system
All types of blades
17 Degrees
Two-stage sharpening system
Non-slip cushion

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What is the Best Knife Sharpener to Use for a Kitchen, Hunting, Camp or Pocket Knife?

You need to find the sharpener to fit your specific needs and approach to cooking. Electric models take a lot of the work out of the process, but there’s nothing wrong with preferring to show off your sharpening moves with a manual version! What sizes of knife will you be sharpening, and how often? Do you want a tool that polishes as it sharpens? Consider these questions as you peruse our recommendations below.
Our Top Choice
The Chef's Choice 1520 Knife Sharpener has 100% Diamond abrasives but if your wallet is feeling a little strained? Shave off a few of those dollars from the price tag by buying the Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener.

Chef's Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener - Available in 2 Colors

Producing one top-notch kitchen appliance after another, the Chef's Choice crew has recently blessed the global populace with their own Angle Select Knife Sharpener of cutting-edge tenacity! It's safe to say that the emergence of every other product in their impressive lineup led to the invention of a brilliant knife-sharpening device as versatile and all-inclusive as it is good-looking! As for the availability of these high-quality products from Chef's Choice, you can purchase them in any of the 80 countries that they have their headquarters in. The secret to their widely-recognized range of top-notch products is their lofty work philosophy, proposing the unwavering commitment to quality, technology and the consumer. As for the sharpening product we've decided to feature on this list, it works in three distinct stages, each pertaining to one particular group of knives, namely: straight, serrated, single and double-bevel knives. Also, as the sharpening angle is adjustable, you can use it for both Asian and European-style knives! Here's a list of features for this Chef's Choice knife sharpener:
  • Patented flexible disks.
  • Knife guides.
  • Simple on/off switch.
  • Stabilizing feet.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
Tough and durable, this electric knife sharpener from Chef's Choice can be a great solution for you if you own a lot of knives with different kinds of constructions(European vs Asian). Also, you get a special manual to help you learn the nooks and crannies of the knife-sharpening process!
Best Value
Sporting a simplistic design with three different stages for every blade: fine, coarse, and serrated, this handy little sharpener will cover your sharpening needs no matter how versatile your knife arsenal is!! If you need a fully-sized sharpening bench stone, however, this Smith's 8-inch Diamond Tri-Hone version may suit you better!

Smith's 50264 Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

Having started out as a small, but ambitious stone business way back in the year of 1886, the now-widely-popular Smith's company would go on to change its main line of work to high-precision sharpening devices and accomplish great success in that field! For the most part, the range of home and kitchen appliances that need the services of these powerful sharpeners amounts to scissors and knives, and occasionally a woodworking tool or two. Since the goal of the Smith's sharpening company is to satisfy the needs of the wide variety of people coming from various walks of life, their line of products has expanded significantly over the years! So much, in fact, that it now includes not only the well-known, somewhat old-fashioned manual pull-through sharpeners, but also a sophisticated line of newly-developed high-precision kits for true blade connoisseurs! While the sharpener we're presenting to you on this list is one of the manually-operated models, it certainly doesn't mean that it’s in any way inferior to some of the electric ones! It features three different sharpening stages for fine, coarse, and serrated blades, and comes with an adjustment knob that enables you to change the sharpening angle (This can be especially handy if you have European and Japanese knives). Here’s a list of features for the Smith's Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener:
  • Sharpens damaged blades, too.
  • Two-stage sharpening for standard knives.
  • A special fixed angle for serrated knives.
  • Replaceable abrasive components.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Easy-to-adjust knob for changing the angle.
All in all, if you need a single sturdy apparatus to cover all your sharpening business, this manual sharpener from Smith's can be an excellent choice for you. It is versatile and relatively easy to use. Just gather whatever dull blades you have lying about your house, adjust the grinder, run them through, and bring them back to life!
This electric knife sharpener is one of these home appliances that's just good to have about! It's compact, good-looking and can sharpen a knife in a jiffy! If you're looking for a simpler solution with a two-stage sharpening system, check out this Wusthof precision sharpener!

Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener in Gray with 3-Stage Sharpening & Non-Slip Feet — by Chef's Choice

The Wusthof Dreizackwerk company is a knife-producing company situated in the town of Solingen, Germany. For over 200 years, the glorious Wusthof family has had only one business passion: knives! From the moment they first started to mass produce their now-world-renowned knives and related equipment, they distinguished themselves with their tireless diligence and plucky, innovative mindset. This would lead them to achieve many business successes and introduce new entries to their production lines! To the joy of many a proud owner of a Wusthof blade, one of their more recent efforts in the department of care and maintenance happens to be the Electric Knife Sharpener - a proper tool for a knife aficionado, as it encompasses three key stages necessary to achieve a true blade perfection: sharpening, honing, and polishing! That being said, it's relatively simple to use, as all you need to do amounts to pulling your knife through the slots a couple of times and - voila! Your knife is as sharp as when you first unpacked it! Other than that, it's worth mentioning that it's not dishwasher safe - for rather obvious reasons. The Wusthof Electric Sharpener:
  • Works in three stages.
  • Also sharpens knives with serrated edges.
  • Sharpens effectively all the way to the holster.
  • Has rubber safety legs.
  • Has a 3-year warranty.
All things considered, if you own a Wusthof knife, this compact little sharpener would be a highly recommended maintenance tool, as it will do an excellent job every time, since it's been built to work the best with the brand’s knives. However, if you don't own a Wusthof knife, you can still purchase this sharpener! It works well with other knives, too!
Sturdy-looking and supporting a range of sharpening angles, this Warthog apparatus is one knife sharpener you can rely on! European or Japanese, every knife can be overhauled with one of these! If you need a less-expensive solution, the V-Sharp Curve, also from Warthog, could be your new favorite sharpening tool!

Warthog V-Sharp Xtreme Edge Diamond Sharpener - 17, 20, 25 & 30 Degree Angles

Ever since they established their brand new sharpener-producing company in the year of 1999, the Warthog crew had only one goal set before themselves: to produce a simple knife sharpener that will suit all knives equally, and not cost an arm and a leg to obtain! Judging from their most recent series of products, we can say that they've been getting closer and closer to fulfilling their initial dream. Carrying your beloved set of knives to a trained craftsman in order to have them sharpened for you is not only expensive, but it takes away the joy of treating your year-long companions yourself. The Warthog home sharpener changes that with a new design so simple and intuitive that even a complete rookie can figure it out quicker than you can say Warthog knife sharpener! To answer to the maintenance needs of a wide variety of blades ranging from fine Japanese sushi knives to bulky German meat cleavers, this sharpener possesses 4 snap-in angle adjustments ranging from 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees! Also, the construction is lightweight, so you can carry it with you everywhere! Here's a list of other features for this Warthog knife-sharpener:
  • 325 Grit Natural Diamonds Rods.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Adjustable spring tension.
  • Finishing steels.
  • Durable ABS plastic housing.
  • 1-year warranty.
Offering some powerful sharpening properties, available in four different angle positions, this Warthog product is as tough and tenacious as the animal whose name this company carries! Also, the lightweight construction will enable you to position it virtually anywhere you see fit in your home!
Stylish and with an air of powerful elegance, this Priority Chef knife sharpener looks much like a turned off light-saber from Star Wars! It's efficient and easy-to-use. If you prefer an old-fashioned whetstone sharpening tool, the Priority Chef Whetstone Sharpening Stone can be your new kitchen appliance.

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage Diamond-Coated Sharpening Wheel System, Black

Priority Chef is a small kitchen appliance-producing company that's been family-run ever since it was introduced to the market. Thanks to their rather private-looking production process, where they pay special attention to what their faithful customer base has to say, the products that they launch to the market are carefully-designed and feature a number of user-friendly features! Each of their kitchen appliances and pieces of cutlery is tested to rigorous standards, as they like to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they pay for. This also makes sense if you look at their 100% money back guarantee. Also, one of the policies of this company is that the prices should always be budget-friendly and make their products available to a wide range of people. As for the sharpener in question, it follows through with the work philosophy of its manufacturers quite consistently. It features a tough 'n' durable construction with an ergonomic handle for good grip. Also, the sharpening process itself is split into two steps: one for making the blade cutting edge, and the other for polishing it additionally. The Priority Chef knife sharpener:
  • Has an ergonomic handle.
  • Uses a non-slip cushion.
  • Also sharpens hard-steel blades.
  • Uses diamond wheels.
  • Has a 100 % money back guarantee.
All things considered, this is a compactly-made knife sharpener that will last you a long time and make a bunch of your old, battered knives as sharp as they were when they left their respective factories. The two-stage system will leave no blade unpolished, no matter how old it may be!

Electric vs Manual Knife Sharpener — How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpener for Your Needs

Purchase any Regalia knife and register for their free sharpening program. With Regalia, you will have a knife for life.
Plus you get 10% off on all orders!

In the world of kitchen utensils, knife sharpeners perform a key role. Without them, knives would become the laughing stock of the cutlery drawer before they got a chance to show their worth! As any chef will tell you, you’d be better off karate chopping your ingredients than using a dull blade for the job. Knife sharpeners come in many shapes and sizes and use rugged materials to revive any old blade, give it back its former shine, and more importantly cutting edge. Historically, professional chef's knives were too delicate to be sharpened by off-the-shelf sharpeners. Cooks paid artisan blade sharpeners do that for them, or even sent their knives back to the factory to have them sharpened by the manufacturers. Today, however, as electronics and technology are advancing, various companies produce high-quality, reliable sharpening solutions. Owning one of these can save you a ton of money in the long run, as you can take care of your knives yourself at any time without additional expense. If you prefer the old-fashioned, manual approach to sharpening, there are some great choices there, too. Sharpeners are more versatile than ever. This means if you get a knife-sharpener, chances are it can handle any type of knife or blade, from professional knife sets to everyday kitchen utensils. Every knife deserves to be taken care of properly, especially if it comes from a high tier manufacturer. Look for one that suits your lifestyle – it needs to fit your environment and how often you’ll need it. There’s no point breaking the bank if you’re looking to keep that one, trusty all-purpose cleaver keen. If, however, you have a valuable set of utensils, look for features like sharpening angle and adjustable sharpening stages. Finally, consider safety. If it’s for inexperienced fingers, look for a sharpener with thumb grips and rubber feet to prevent it slipping. This minimizes the chance of the knife behaving unexpectedly when you’re working on it. Even if you just want to give your steak knives their mojo back, there’s an appropriate sharpener for you.

How To Sharpen A Knife with an Electric Knife Sharpener

How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener — Chef’s Choice Hybrid Sharpener Demo. | Courtesy of Helpful DIY
Typically, electric knife sharpeners are considerably more expensive as they include a range of features such as adjustable blade dimensions and separate inbuilt polishing segments. For comparison's sake, hand-held sharpeners are usually best used for a single knife type and can’t be adjusted. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a sturdy, high quality sharpener without lots of additional features. A cheaper option might be less efficient and adjustable, but it still needs to be safe to operate and made to last.

How To Sharpen A Knife Using a Honing Steel

Gordon Ramsey demonstrates how to correctly sharpen your knife safely. | Courtesy of The Apocalyptic Knight
There are several properties you can expect to find on a typical knife sharpener, especially if you've opted for an electrical version. Unsurprisingly, though, more features mean a bigger price. Here are some things you should always look for in knife sharpeners:
  • Electricity-Powered or Hand-Held to suit your needs
  • Safety Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Adjustable Degrees at which You can Sharpen
  • A Thumb Grip/Protector
  • Stages of Sharpening
Construction and Design
There are four main types of knife-sharpening utensils: electric, hand-held sharpening steel (rod shaped), handheld pull through sharpeners, and flat sharpening stones (also known as a whetstone). More often than not, the electric models are considerably more expensive than their manual counterparts. Some electric sharpeners include an additional stage setting or two, usually meant for polishing and fine adjustments. As for the hand-held models, one style has slots similar to the electric sharpener, but the sharpening is done manually as you pull the blade through the grove. The other looks kind of like a file, but it's rounded instead of flat. You've probably seen these used on cooking shows with the chef holding the knife in on hand and the rod in the other, one across the other. Finally, the whetstone style knife sharpener sits on a flat surface. In this case, you run the edge of the knife along the stone with light pressure. Regardless of type, all knife sharpeners must have a rough material for grinding and be strong enough to withstand prolonged use.

How To Sharpen a Kitchen Knife on a Whetstone

How to use sharpen a Chef’s knife on a sharpening stone. | Courtesy of The Apocalyptic Knight
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've purchased a knife sharpener, you'll notice straight away that these utensils don't really require much maintenance. Most of it comes down to sponging off extra pieces of metal and wiping it off with a dry paper tissue. The sharpening process itself is a breeze. Knives are sharpened at the angle they were manufactured with, so make sure to differentiate between European and Japanese-made knives in this respect. It goes without saying, of course, that these contraptions don't need to be set up before you can use them, with the most complicated process you may have to perform being a simple plugging-in of the power supply. Other than that, the metal honing parts of the sharpener should be oiled up every now and then, so they're nice and crisp for a new round of blade-sharpening business!

Get the Best Knife Sharpener of 2023!

Unfortunately, as cutlery maintenance still hasn't been recognized as a competitive sport, there aren't many elaborate means of performing this important household chore. There is, however, a plethora of knife-sharpening utensils you can choose from. Even beyond the products we featured, there are many choices from the chosen brands. We hope you’re now in a position to make your pick, and remember – Once you’ve got used to using one, mind your fingers!

Our Top Choice
Chef's Choice AngleSelect Sharpener
Best Value
Smith’s Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener
Wusthof Electric Sharpener
V-Sharp Xtreme Edge Black Sharpener
Priority Chef Coated Knife Sharpening System

Knife Sharpener FAQs

What’s the best knife sharpener?
The best knife sharpener needs to work quickly and efficiently. One made of diamonds is the best and most durable but is super costly. Other alternatives include those made of polished ceramic and sapphire. You can choose between a manual or an electric knife sharpener.
Who makes the best knife sharpener?
There are many leading brands that make good knife sharpeners. However, one of the best makers of knife sharpeners Chef’s Choice that is loved for its sturdily built and durable knife sharpeners. Other popular knife sharpener brands include Wusthoc and Smith’s. We reviewed 5 quality sharpeners if you need help making a decision.
What’s the best type of knife sharpener?
There are four main types of knife sharpeners: sharpening steel, sharpening stone, manual or electric knife sharpener. Manual knife sharpeners are portable and are preferred by chefs on the move. Electric sharpeners are convenient but aren’t flexible compared to the other types. Ultimately though, the decision will depend upon your preferences and your budget — as well as the quality of your knives. If you paid a lot for your knives, you don't want to scrimp on the sharpener.