Best Knitting Machine Reviews 2022

Knitting has long been considered something for old women, but ask any young knitter and they’ll tell you it’s a great hobby. Learning how to create something that you can wear or give to someone as a gift carries with it a certain sense of accomplishment that just can’t be replicated. If you’re looking for a gift for the knitter in your life or looking for a new knitting loom yourself, check out these five awesome ones and find your ideal one.
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Best For
Our Top Choice
Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom
Authentic Knitting Board has produced numerous knitting looms that are highly rated by numerous knitters around the world. The Afghan Loom is another of their great products.
Comfortable to use. Great for both large and small projects. Comes with a knit hook. Space saving and polished design.
Takes a while to learn but the instructions make it much easier.
Small & medium sized projects
19 x 11.5 x 1.8 inches
2.2 pounds
3 Afghan projects
Best Value
Darice Round Knitting Loom Kit
Darice may not be a well-known brand, but that doesn’t stop them for delivering a great knitting loom like the Darice Round Knitting Loom Kit at an awesome price.
Bright and colorful design. Comes with essential knitting accessories. Hat making guide included. Easy to use even for children. Great price.
Not best for more advanced knitters.
Small and medium projects
11 x 11.2 x 1.8 inches
0.85 pounds
Knit Hat Guide Book
Addi Express King Knitting Machine
addi is a long-standing knitting company with close to 2 centuries of history. The addi Express King Knitting Machine is their latest knitting machine, and it is wonderful.
Comes with replacement tools. Fully automated and can knit pieces in minutes. Great if you knit for profit. Lifetime guarantee. High quality build. Fairly easy to use.
Pricey but a great investment.
Small, medium & large projects
10 x 6 x 10 inches
5 pounds
Lifetime guarantee
Caron Embellish-Knit! Knitting Machine
Caron International is a leading company in knitting and is the source of many people’s yarnspirations. Their Embellish-Knit Machine is a way to take your pieces up a notch.
Easy to use after your first try. Can be used right out of the box. Great way to create cool pieces. Affordable. Comes with test yarn. Works fast. Project patterns included.
Written instructions are inadequate but online videos help.
11.2 x 3 x 6.5 inches
0.66 pounds
5 Project Patterns
Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom
Melissa and Doug is the product of a couple’s love of creativity and kids’ products. The Melissa and Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom gives kids a way to express their creativity.
Great for both large and small products. Allows kids to make neat and polished pieces. Great price. Comes with guides and instructions. Large, durable frame.
Few users didn’t like the design.
Medium & large projects
22.75 x 16.5 x 9.5 inches
3.8 pounds
4 craft projects

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What is the Best Knitting Machine?

When it comes to knitting looms, things can vary big time. First off, you need to know who you’re getting it for and exactly what they’re going to be making. We’ve made this list diverse, and it includes knitting looms and kits for kids and adults, beginners and knitting veterans. The best part is that they’re all super affordable. Check them out to see which one is the right fit.
Our Top Choice
The Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom is a space-saving, lightweight knitting loom with 198 pegs that you can use for large and small projects alike. Alternatively, if you prefer the all-in-one type looms, try the Authentic Knitting Board All-n-One Loom instead.

Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom – Comes with Three Afghan Projects

Authentic Knitting Board (AKB) is a name that should say it all. AKB has been in business for over 10 years and is known for providing just about anything you need for knitting; whether it’s a knitting loom, knitting kit or knitting accessories, you can get it from AKB. They’ve produced many customer favorites such as the Beach Wood Knitting Loom and Original Plastic Looms. AKB is a knitting brand through and through, and can provide just about anything you need to complete your next piece.

AKB has an extensive collection of knitting looms and accessories, but the one we’re reviewing today is the Afghan Loom. This is a high-grade plastic loom. It’s built with 198 pegs and a 7//16” gauge. The finish on this loom is smooth, making it very comfortable to use. It’s built in a rounded fashion which allows you create numerous stitches without it taking up much room. You can use all of 198 pegs or only some of them, it’s up to you. If this is your first time using the Afghan Loom, you can use the included easy-to-follow instruction booklet. You also get a knit hook and three afghan projects to get you started. The best part is it’s pretty affordable, retailing for just $38.99.
Best Value
The Darice Round Knitting Loom is a great and affordable knitting loom that’s perfect for beginners and children. It features four brightly colored plastic looms and even comes with a guide on how to make a trendy hat. If you like the look of this loom but need a spare hook, try the Darice Knitting Loom Hook in cute pink color.

Darice Set of 4 Round Plastic Knitting Looms in Bright Colors – Knit Hat Guide Included

Darice was started in 1954 by one man, and has since grown to become an award-winning company that offers a wide selection of products for the whole family. Whether it’s something for your wedding or bridal shower, arts and crafts tools for your kids or knitting supplies, Darice has it. At the end of the day they’re a family brand, and when you shop with them you’re considered family too.

We’re reviewing the Darice Round Knitting Loom Kit which features five strong plastic looms. These looms are 11-inch, 9-inch, 7-inch and 5 ½ -inch looms. The looms come in neon-pink, green, blue and orange which gives them a bright look that will make it even more attractive to kids. The simplicity of the Darice Round Knitting Loom kit makes it perfect for you to use, your child to use or you both to use together. You can use it to make many different things, and there’s even an instruction booklet on how to make a cool hat. It comes with a clear plastic case so it’s easy to transport. Plus, it comes with a plastic yarn needle and looming hook which is all a great value for $19.99.
If you don’t need a king-size knitting machine, the addi Express Professional Knitting Machine might be more up your street.

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine – Rotary Knitting Kit Includes 46 Needles

addi is a German company that’s been in business for over 187 years making knitting needles and crochet hooks. They produce a wide range of knitting tools and machines so you can create a lovely scarf, hat or make a design on a t-shirt. What’s even better is that many of addi’s products are family friendly, so you can create with your kids to not only get them into knitting but create memories with them as well.

For this review, we’re looking at the addi Express King Knitting Machine. This beauty is an upgrade of the original addi Express. It has 46 needles, which are double the number of the original model. It’s automated, which means that you can just fire it up and watch as it knits your creations. It also comes with 5 replacement pins, 4 feel 2 clampers and 1 threading tool.

Another great thing about the addi Knitting Machine is when you purchase it from an approved dealer like Amazon, you get a Lifetime Guarantee against any manufacturer defects. You can get it at most retailers for $206; however, while we were researching it, we found that you could get it for less on Amazon.
The Caron Embellish-Knit Machine is a great way to create fancy pieces to take your knitted creations to new heights. It is quick too, and can easily knit 18-ft in 10 minutes. If you are into your knitting, you probably go through a lot of needles. Check out the Caron Tulip Carry C Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set and let this be a thing of the past.

Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine - Knitting Kit Comes with 5 Project Patterns

Caron International is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest knitting companies. They provide latch hook hits, knitting machines, and knitting yarns. They’ve been in business for over 100 years and continue to deliver high-quality yarns such as Simply Soft and One Pound.

The Caron International product we’re reviewing is the Caron Embellish-Knit Machine. It costs $17.28 at most retailers, but while we were researching the Embellish-Knit Machine for this review, we found that you could get it for less on Amazon (and savings are always great!). You can use it to adorn your knit and crochet projects with decorative cords and closures for increased appeal and beauty.

When you purchase the Embellish-Knit Machine kit, you don’t only get the machine but also tapestry needles, a practice ball of yarn to have fun with, color instructions, a weight clip and 5 project patterns to get you started. Another cool feature that this knitting machine has is that you can knit 18-feet of cording in 10 minutes. Overall, the Embellish-Knit Machine is honestly a great way to take your knitting creations to the next level.
The Melissa and Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom is a great way for kids to get started on their knitting. It has a large wooden frame that can be adjusted for any project size. If you’re looking for a cool knitting present for your kid, check out the Melissa & Doug Craft and Create Craft Kits Set: Friendship Bracelets and Fashion Designer.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom with Extra-Large Frame – Great for Kids Projects

Melissa and Doug was started by a couple who wanted to create great toys for kids. Their company isn’t huge and corporate, it feels more personal, more intimate. There was one time when they had a phone in between them in their bed so they could take customers’ calls no matter the hour. That’s dedication, and it shows with Melissa and Doug’s toys being highly rated by kids and their parents all over the country.

Melissa and Doug’s specialty are kids’ toys and tools, which is why their Multi-Craft Weaving Tool is perfect for children. Art and creation are essential to a child’s development and the Melissa and Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Tool fosters that while maintaining the fun of knitting. This versatile wooden loom can be adjusted to make projects of any size, small, large, and in between. It comes with an oversized wooden needle along with 91 yards of rainbow yarn, craft materials, an illustrated design booklet and 42 picture strips.

The wooden weaving guides keep your child’s project edges straight for a clean and finished product. Your child can also use the Multi-Craft Weaving Loom to make vibrant and colorful animal picture tapestries or have their pick of four cool craft projects. And you can easily change the frame and switch from one craft to the next using the easy-grasp knobs. Overall, the Melissa and Doug Multi-Craft Knitting Loom is a great product for kids to have fun and create gifts for their loved ones, including you. The best part is that it only costs $17.59.

How Do I Choose the Best Knitting Machine?

Knitting has been around for centuries and has been used to make all types of creative clothing such as sweaters, hats, and even comfortable quilts. If you’re new to the wonderful world of knitting, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. But trust us when we say it’s easier to get started knitting now than it was say, 50 years ago. Now there are loads of awesome looms and knitting kits to help you get started.

So, you’re probably wondering “how do I choose a knitting kit/loom/machine?” Well that’s a great question. Firstly, you need to know whether you plan to go manual or automatic, then you need to think about the size of your project. Are you looking to create smaller pieces such as hats or larger pieces such as a quilt? These things all factor into the loom you’re going to choose. Then you’ve got to consider the type of yarn you’ll need, though some kits come with complimentary yarn.

On the other hand, if you prefer sewing machines, there’s a review for that, and when you’re busy at work with either, you may find a comfortable kneeling chair of use. Other things you may find handy are knitting bags which are nice when you’re looking for a good way to store all your knitting supplies. Speaking of supplies, needles are also important things to stock up on just in case you lose yours. But that’s not all there is to consider when you’re getting your knitting loom; let’s go into further detail about other important factors to consider when it comes to your knitting loom.
The price of a knitting loom can vary by a lot. On the low end, you can get a good and affordable knitting loom for $15. If you’re looking to go automated, that can run you up to $250 dollars or more depending on the size of the machine itself. Size matters for both the manual and automated knitting looms. The design of the loom affects its price as well, but not by very much.

Some looms are built specifically for one type of project such as hats, while others can make several different pieces. Some knitting kits also come with yarn, additional design instructions, and replacement pegs or needles, all of which affect the price of the overall kit. So essentially, the more you ask for, the more you’ll have to pay.
Knitting looms have a host of different features that make them worthwhile. They range from manual to automated and large to small, and some are built for more experienced knitters while others are built for kids, and so on.

Here are the features you should look out for when buying a new knitting loom:
  • Design – the design of the loom determines the type of project it’ll be used for
  • Size - this determines whether you’ll be doing small, medium, or large projects
  • Versatility - as a knitter, you’ll undoubtedly want to try new things, so invest in a loom that allows you to change it up
Construction and Design
Most manual knitting looms are made from plastic. The spacing of the pegs depends on what it was built for, but some looms have removable pegs which allow you to create even more space between them for different types of projects. The sizes of the pegs also vary depending on the loom, the type of yarn it uses, and the size and type of projects you can use the loom for.

Regarding automatic/machine knitting looms, these factors also play an important role; because it’s a machine, it will be larger than the manual loom and have more parts to get used to. Knitting machines come with many different things such as threading tools, needles, clampers, and stoppers, all of which vary depending on the size of the machine itself.
Performance and Ease of Use
Manual knitting looms are simple and easy to use. On top of that, they don’t require a lot of storage space or setup. If it’s your first time using one, you’ll get a simple instruction booklet that will guide you through how to use it for your project. In some cases, there’s even a guide on how to knit a piece, such as a scarf or hat.

Knitting machines, on the other hand, require a bit more upkeep. They are larger than the manual looms, but storage isn’t a major problem. In terms of usage, knitting machines require less work on your part because it’s an automated process; but the initial setup requires more effort than the manual knitting loom. This is where the instruction manual comes in very handy, as the setup may vary from machine to machine. So it’s important that you check for all parts and follow the instruction manual carefully for a smooth setup.

Get the Best Knitting Machine of 2022!

Thanks for reading our reviews on knitting looms. We hope it helped you pick either your next knitting loom or the best knitting gift for the person you’re shopping for.

Our Top Choice
Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom
Best Value
Darice Round Knitting Loom Kit
Addi Express King Knitting Machine
Caron Embellish-Knit! Knitting Machine
Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom