Best Lacrosse Goal Reviews 2023

Lacrosse, a knightly game where you run, catch balls in mid air with a stick, and in those unpleasant moments when you don't actually have the ball in your possession, you vent your sadness by hitting a player of the opposite team with the aforementioned stick! No wonder people flock to see lacrosse matches these days. Out of love for this noble pastime, our TopProducts team of Internet-browsing researchers have found the 5 best lacrosse goals money can buy. Read on, and find out what they are!
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Our Top Choice
EZ Goal Multi-Purpose Lacrosse Rebounder
As a product of a company responsible for a range of heavy-duty goals for a couple of sports, the EZ Goal Lacrosse Rebounder is a sturdy lacrosse goal you can rely on.
Features durable and telescoping frame and sturdy UV-resistant netting. Easy to assemble. Throwback bungees and rebounder can be removed for game time.
The powder-coating doesn’t prevent orange color from fading.
6 x 6’
Steel Frame, Polypropylene Net
Adjustable Tilting System
2” Diameter Pipes
Best Value
Champion Sports Pop-Up Target Trainer
The Champion Sports company has been on top of its game for over 50 years, and this Lacrosse Portable Pop Up Goal is one of its best-selling products!
Comes with a tough mesh netting and nylon carrying case. Easy to set up. Features 4 pockets to aim at. Designed for use at any skill level.
Some difficulties packing it up.
6 x 6 Feet
Steel Frame
Pop-Up Frame
Info Unavailable
BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal and Net
BSN Sports is a renown business dealing in all sorts of sports equipment and accessories, and it's made quite a name for itself in the recent years!
Comes with convenient orange-coated steel tubing, lacing rods for support, and nylon netting. Also comes with light ground anchors to steady the goal.
It’s been reported to have poorly aligned screw holes.
6’ x 6’ x 7’
Steel Tubing, Nylon Net
Ground Anchors
2” Diameter Pipes
Gladiator Lacrosse Official Lacrosse Goal
Founded by a 13-year old girl who decided the populace needed a sturdier kind of lacrosse goal, Gladiator Lacrosse is a promising company with a rapid progress rate!
3mm net is made of polyester and cotton. Net and lacing cord are strengthened for durability. Snap pieces make for easy assembly. Made of lightweight steel.
It’s not collapsible, so it may be hard to store.
Snap-Lock Frame
6 x 6’
Steel Frame, Polyester Net
Snap Pieces
1.5” Diameter Pipes
Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal
Thanks to their relentless search for innovative solutions and numerous partnerships with famous athletes, the Franklin Sports company has managed to be at the top of their game for a substantial amount of time.
Comes with a durable steel frame combined with a simple snap-lock mechanism for easy deployment. Available in either child-friendly 48-inch or regulation 72-inch size.
It’s hard to attach the net to the goal’s frame.
Snap-Lock Frame
4 x 4 x 4’
Steel Frame, Polyester Net
Snap Pieces
1.25” Diameter Pipes

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What is the Best Lacrosse Goal?

If your kid likes running about, works well in teams, and has a healthy tendency towards hitting people with a stick, by all means, do consider lacrosse as their recreation of choice! Scratch that pesky gaming console you've put on your Christmas list of super secretive presents and get them a lacrosse goal so that they can get used to it while they're still small. Completely incidentally, we've found a top 5 list of the best lacrosse goals just lying around in our archives, and we'd like to share it with you because we’re good people and also because we get paid to do so. Read on!
Our Top Choice
Coming from a company specializing in making all sorts of goals, nets and the related equipment, the EZ Goal Lacrosse Rebounder is a contraption perfect for a true lacrosse aficionado! If you don’t need the rebounder with your goal, for a couple of bucks less, you can get yourself the 6 x 6-Feet Lacrosse Folding Goal.

EZ Goal Multi-Purpose Lacrosse Rebounder, Folding Metal Construction, Throwback Kit

If you or your kids are about to take up a sport where putting a small ball in a sizeable net is the ultimate goal of the game, checking out the EZ Goal web page can be a great place to start searching for your equipment! Whether it's hockey, soccer or indeed lacrosse, chances are that the boys and gals operating at EZ Goal have got a myriad of solutions for your playing style, expertise level, as well as your sports budget, so to speak, towards which recessions have so little mercy. It's not only the goals that are sold by this company, though, as some accessories and spare parts such as rebounders and nets are also included in its wares. These nets can come in handy, for example, if you tend to either play exceptionally passionately, or don't play that well in the first place (poor nets seem to be taking all the punishment of your poor performances).

For every product, you get to read about its specifications, features as well as the manual sheets, which you get if the product of your choice requires some assembly. So, if you'd like to learn more about what these folks have got to offer, and how you can get your eager sporty hands on it, head straight out to their web page and see what these people at EZ Goal are all about.

The lacrosse goal we've chosen to feature in this review comes with a tough high-visibility frame with a durable polypropylene UV-treated net capable of enduring even the most vigorous of your shots. As suggested on the EZ Goal webpage, the assembly doesn't take more than a couple of minutes, and once the goal is up-and-running, you're free to take any shot at it, without worrying about it falling over randomly due to a poor construction!

The list of features for the EZ Goal lacrosse goal:
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Sturdy Folding System
  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage
  • Powder-Coated Tubing
  • Precision Fit Connections
  • UV-Resistant Net
  • Rebounder Net Removes Easily
  • Quick Assembly
If we take into consideration it's tough construction and the specialized global warming-proof net, we can see that this model for the EZ Goal company represents a potentially great asset for anyone interested in taking up this noble if somewhat demanding game! It assembles quickly and it can be stored away pretty easily, so you needn't really worry about it being a pain in the neck to move around.
Best Value
As a product of a company once based in a basement, this Champion Sports Lacrosse Pop-Up Trainer is all about compactness and ruggedness! For a couple of bucks more, you can also get yourself the Backyard Lacrosse Goal, which features Velcro straps to hold it together and more closely resembles the real deal!

Champion Sports Pop-Up Target Trainer, Mesh Netting, Nylon Carrying Bag, Mesh Pockets

Having started out in a cooped up but nevertheless amicable basement in Bronx, New York, the Champion Sports company is a business run by a bunch of sports aficionados with the goal to equip the eager populace with a range of high-quality sports requisites! In the year of 1961, an enthusiastic couple Bernard and Dolores Miller established an ambitious business endeavor hoping that they can expand further from their initial basement configuration, so to speak, win over new markets, and then shoot for glory as they challenge some of the best sporting brands in existence! To put this project underway, they came up with their own boxing rope, which they made of leather and fitted with some rugged wooden handles on either end. With the plucky ole chap Bernard in charge of them boxing ropes, and Dolores taking care of the financial paperwork, the business expanded rapidly and the company soon rose to prominence.

Speaking of expansion, another bout of notable expansion of Champion Sports seems to be going on right now! Since a surge of investors, dealers, and partners have been contacting and making deals with the folks at the helm of this business, there emerged a necessity for these people to expand their premises, lest their production capacities get overwhelmed with new orders. A good problem to have if you're running a company!

For this review, we've decided to present to you one of their best-selling lacrosse-related products — The Lacrosse Pop-Up Target Trainer! It's made out of tough material shaped into a mesh netting with special orange pockets in the corner for practicing your accuracy. It's been built so that the balls will be reboundin' off of this mean contraption both when you score, and when you have a couple of near misses!

The list of features for the Champion Sports Lacrosse Pop-Up Target Trainer:
  • Heavy-Duty Mesh Netting
  • Nylon Binding
  • Four Mesh Pockets for Precision Training
  • Pop-Up Design
  • Flat Frame
  • High-Visibility Orange and Black Color
  • Comes with a Nylon Carrying Bag
Boasting a glorious black and orange color combo that attracts balls up to 94.3 percent of the time, this Champion Sports Lacrosse Pop-Up Target Trainer should be banned from official training sessions! (Okay, we did lie a little bit with the numbers, but we still believe these colors kinda make it easier for you to score — psychological stuff, really.) Easily foldable, it fits into its lovely if somewhat rugged nylon case! Get yours today!
Coming from a company dealing in all kinds of sports-related equipment, this BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal can be a great tool for the job of introducing an utter newbie to this glorious game. For roughly half the price, you may also want to look out for the BSN Lacrosse Net! Never a bad idea to have a spare one, right? It also features thicker, 4 millimeter netting.

BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal, Knot-Resistant Nylon, Lacing Rods, Lightweight Ground Anchors — Available in 2 Setup Options

If you need something sports-related and fast, your best chance of obtaining it other than making it yourself would be to contact the BSN Sports and get it shipped to you in its glorious brand new state! Established way back in 1972, the BSN Sports business started growing exponentially ever since it became operational, and it currently enjoys a status of a major manufacturer and retailer of sports accessories and equipment in the US. Thanks to their diverse lines of products, and a good eye for the modern trends on the market, the folks operating at BSN Sports are able to provide cutting-edge equipment for sportspeople of pretty much all age groups, thus enabling the customers to go through their entire carrier relying on just this one brand!

Joking aside, there's a real plan involved to attract as many customers and both future and present sportspeople to their brand, and this plan for the most part consists of making their products reasonably-priced, as well-fitting for demanding athletes! Violent coercion is NOT a technique that the hard-working people at BSN Sports approve of too often, for the record. If you'd like to learn more about what sort of products these guys are producing, you're free to head out to their official webpage and find out what you want for yourself!

The BSN Lacrosse Practice Goal with a Net represents a simple enough construction that's been built for one thing and one thing only — to catch lacrosse balls and make you feel good (those may be two things, but they're sort of one thing made up of two parts)! The tubing itself is orange, which is a major stylistic plus, and paired up with the lacing rods it comes with, this entire structure can start taking its final erect shape!

The BSN Sports Lacrosse Practice Goal and Net — a list of the most prominent features:
  • Comes with Specialized 'Anchors'
  • Powdercoat Steel Frame
  • Knot-Resistant Nylon Netting
  • Lightweight Ground Anchors
  • Additional Back Pockets
  • Available with Expert Assembly
  • 1-Year Warranty
All in all, this BSN model represents a great way to have a practice session in your own backyard or introduce a new player to the game! It's as simple as it gets and it can be quickly set up and put away, so you don't have to worry about spending half of your day just getting around to making it work.
As a product of a tough-sounding company called Gladiator Lacrosse, this lacrosse goal meeting the official size regulations can be a great way to enhance your training sessions. If you’re looking for a rebounder instead, you can get yourself the Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back if you just want to keep hurling lacrosse balls at a clear target.

Gladiator Lacrosse Official Lacrosse Goal Net, Orange, Steel Frame, Easy Construction

With a company slogan that simply states: 'We are gladiators — nice to meet you', the folks behind the Gladiator Lacrosse company aren't really a bunch that likes to mess around that much! And if you think to yourself — 'well, the founder of this company must be some 12-year old kid who likes to act all tough', we're here to tell you that you'd be completely and utterly WRONG, as the owner of this respectable business is 13 years of age, thank you very much! This little girl going by the name of Rachel Zietz has had enough practicing her shots against a wall in her backyard, as this rendered her shooting efforts dull and not rewarding enough, as you don't really get that feeling of having scored a goal without an appropriate bordered area with a net inside of it.

Much like any 13-year old girl would do in this situation, her solution was to come up with her own kind of netting and framing, and create a lacrosse goal mighty enough to support her vigorous training sessions without breaking. As the undertaking started taking some swing, she broadened the offer of products she was selling to some other parts of lacrosse equipment, including rebounders, clothes and other accessories!

The Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net looks like your typical lacrosse contraption that anyone can use and get a hang of fairly quickly. It boats a simplified netting that’s nevertheless sufficiently sturdy to endure a lot of abuse and capture all of your fast-traveling balls! To prevent rips and other imperfections developing around your net, you can count on the reinforced seams that this model comes with to do the job.

The list of features for the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net:
  • Made of 90% Polyester and 10% Cotton
  • Comes with a Lacing Cord
  • Easy to Set Up
  • All Steel Frame
  • Angled Base
  • Reinforced Seams Against Ripping
As a company founded by a 13-year old girl, Gladiator Lacrosse is a business capable of producing some of the most impressive pieces of equipment necessary to play this great sport. It comes with a range of properties that all contribute to this goal's awesomeness.
Featuring a tough steel frame combined with a dense netting that can absolutely positively stop anything that comes its way, this Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal can be a great practice contraption for your backyard! If you’re after something for your young ones, the Franklin Sports Deluxe Youth Lacrosse Goal will likely be what you’re looking for.

Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal, Easy Snap-Lock Frame Assembly, Polyester Net — Available in 2 Sizes

In 1946, just about when the Allies had finally managed to defeat the Axis, a bustling new company emerged under the name of Franklin Sports. Initially, it was imagined as merely a regional brand that was supposed to supply the local people with some top notch equipment, so that they can embark on a journey to better themselves as athletes, or start learning the ropes of a sport they've just taken up! One of the curious ways the leaders of this company have procured some wider recognition for their business is linking their brand with the names of famous athletes, which not only equipped those sporty individuals with some top notch equipment, but also helped further the cause of athleticism across the nation! Worthy fellows these Franklin guys, huh.

In many ways, the phenomenon of many modern sports brands having their links to the names of the famous athletes, or vice versa, the sportsmen with a brand of their own, have stemmed from companies such as Franklin Sports, as they’re among the first businesses to recognize the marketable potential of an individual's name! If you'd like to learn more about this company's history, the kind of wares that they're selling as well as the undertakings they might be planning to set underway in the future, we'd recommend you visit its official webpage, where everything is explained in more detail.

As the fifth entry on this list, we've chosen to feature a product that kinda looks like an elaborate fish net, which possibly can be successfully used as one, but is actually a lacrosse goal that works best when positioned in your backyard! It's a snappy little contraption, with a nifty mechanism enabling a swift setup without any additional tools! Almost looks like a real deal, too! What's not to love?

The list of features for the Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal:
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • High-Visibility Orange Hue for Frame
  • Snap-Lock Frame Assembly
  • Weather-Proof Polyester Net
  • Reinforced Net Edging
  • Rope Ties Included
  • Rugged Tarpaulin Net Back Pocket
All things considered, coming from a company with a long tradition producing all kinds of sporting equipment, the Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal is a rookie-friendly contraption that you can use in a variety of different environments, from your backyard, to, ehrm well, a meadow or something!

How Do I Choose the Best Lacrosse Goal?

Do you ever feel like running freely up and down a sun-bathed meadow? Do you feel like venting your frustration from the day to day workload by shouting at a bunch of people and throwing fast-flying balls at them? Do you also fancy hitting some of them with a stick when everything else fails? Well, if your answer to any of these questions was a yes, have we got a game for you! Golf! No, only joking. The name is lacrosse, and it evolved from a Native American leisurely pastime to the status of a major sport that it enjoys today, without much of the initial rules being changed. To be honest, those rules were rather flexible to begin with.

Not all is good news, however, as some of the core elements of the original setting were somehow lost during the years of development of this game. We're talking about, of course, the fact that nowadays you CAN'T play in an official lacrosse game naked, which does take some of the fun away if we're honest. This minor inconvenience aside, though, and you still got a pretty impressive field game you can enjoy with your friends and prove yourself in the ancient art of catching a ball with a stick! Also, let's address the most important aspect of the game you came here to read about — yes, you can hit the members of the opposite team with your stick without getting penalized, but do understand that you may get hit as well! It's a dynamic kid-friendly game this lacrosse.

For this guide, we'd like to elaborate a bit on one of the props used in this game — the lacrosse goal. Sporting the appearance of an oddly-shaped hockey goal, a goal used in lacrosse is a bony-looking contraption that’ll be the judge of how well you have been playing the game lately, whether you're the player or a goalie. If you've been planning on getting one of these to practice on your own in your backyard or elsewhere, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration before you put your money where your mouth is and actually go on to make a purchase.

You’ll need to consider the size, material, netting and portability to name a few! Let’s take a look at all the consideration factors in more detail, shall we?
Since lacrosse goals are kind of a sports prop that you don't really have to buy quite often, it's fair to say that they typically come at fairly agreeable prices, especially in comparison with the props necessary for some other sports. When it comes to the factors determining their overall price, the material for the frame and the netting are the parameters that first jump to mind.

A well-built lacrosse goal will have a sturdy frame with a UV-resistant net so that it can last you a long time, and endure even the most enthusiastic of your games, so to speak. Other than that, the brand in question is also going to play a certain role in the pricing so do try to get yourself a model from a reputable manufacturer. With all that in mind, you can expect to pay anywhere between $60 and $250 for a good quality goal.
Lacrosse goals aren't necessarily the most complex sports-related contraptions out there, but they still have certain features worth paying attention to in case you want to get yourself a proper high-quality model! In this section, we'll present to you these features, so that you may use this information to choose the best possible model for yourself.

The list of features to look out for if you're about to get yourself a lacrosse goal:
  • Material for the Frame
  • Material for the Netting
  • How Easy It is to Store
  • Is the Net UV-Resistant
  • Is the Tubing Powder-Coated
  • The Required Assembly Time
  • The Color of the Frame
  • The Carrying Bag
  • Does It Comes with Anchors
  • Warranty
Brightly-colored frames are often used for lacrosse because they are easy to spot in a chaotic game, and they also sort of 'attract' the ball!
Construction and Design
With the appearance of a hockey-goal built for grassy terrain, the lacrosse goal is a curious contraption that makes you want to pick up a lacrosse stick and have a couple of shots! When it comes to their construction there’s a few main things to look out for:

Frame Material:
    First of all, the kind of frame for your goal of choice is important, because the kind of hue it's been painted with and its resistance to bending and otherwise being damaged by dampness or oxidation can determine how long your goal is going to stay by your side. As far as material is concerned, most manufacturers opt for steel, as it’s a stable and sturdy solution that you can rely on in the long run. It doesn't bend easily, can survive a bit of a rough play every now and then, and if treated with a special kind of coating, it can even resist oxidation, which is pretty much the steel's long-lasting arch enemy. Alternatively, some manufacturers resort to some other materials, and in those instances these goals are predominantly intended for children. Plastic, for example, can be a pretty handy material when it comes to the frame in particular, as it doesn't rust no matter how submerged it is in water, and if cared for properly, can survive a long time of service indeed!
    Another factor that you might need to take into consideration would be the kind of netting that comes with the lacrosse goal that piques your interest. Roughly speaking, the ideal kind of net shouldn’t be too heavy, but still tightly interwoven, so that you don't run the risk of the ball escaping through the net whenever you send a particularly high-speed shot towards it.
UV Resistance:
    Another rather curious feature of lacrosse goals is the question of UV-resistance. Since these goals are typically exposed to a lot of sunlight and often held outside, it's important to ensure that the harmful ultraviolet rays don't damage the fibers of the net, which is an annoying occurrence which can happen if you leave the goal exposed. To battle this, many manufacturers have been resorting to providing a special kind of coating for their nets, so that they can endure the often tough conditions during the lacrosse matches.
Other than that, a couple of different colors that the frames come in seem to be about the only variation to these brilliant sports props. So, excluding the odd side-barriers you may encounter fitted on some models, as well as whether it’s weighted down with ground anchors, snap pieces, or something similar, the lacrosse goals more or less all look the same, which makes sense because they follow similar regulations.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've got a hold of your own lacrosse goal, about the only thing you'll need to do in order to successfully use it for years to come is to not break it in anger, and don't let the net dampen. If you happen to have a model with a folding mechanism, even better, because transporting it around will also be easier. For those models which come with some sort of anchor, make sure to read the instructions before setting it up and you should be alright. All in all, we hope that this review helped you get a clearer idea about what your ideal lacrosse goal might be, and what sort of things to pay attention to when buying it. Best of luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Lacrosse Goal of 2023!

One of the best things you can do for your child to help them become better people in the future is get them their very own lacrosse goal! Also, education and that sort of stuff isn’t bad either. Now that you’ve finished reading through our review of 5 of the best lacrosse goals around, we hope that you’re now prepared to choose one that’ll serve you well. If so, well, happy shooting!

Our Top Choice
EZ Goal Multi-Purpose Lacrosse Rebounder
Best Value
Champion Sports Pop-Up Target Trainer
BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal and Net
Gladiator Lacrosse Official Lacrosse Goal
Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal