Best Ladder Tree Stand Reviews 2023

Are you ready for the hunt of a lifetime? Then you know you’ve got to do it right with a safe and rugged ladder tree stand. We knew you’d come looking, so we already took the liberty of spending endless hours researching on your behalf (thank us later). And now, we present to you a detailed review of five of the best ladder tree stands from the top makers in the field. All the brands here offer more stands aside from the ones we featured, so feel free to take your pick and rise to the challenge of the hunt!
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Our Top Choice
Summit Treestands The Vine Single Ladder Stand
Summit has been helping serious hunters up their game for over 35 years with well-engineered and superior-quality treestands and other hunting accessories.
Curved ladder for concealment. Steel construct and powder-coated. 300-pound weight capacity. Durable and comfortable mesh chair. Full body fall-arrest harness.
Twist ladder is tricky to climb in the dark.
Foldable seat; twist ladder
18 x 16 inches; seats 1
20 feet
Ratchet strap; grip tape
300 pounds
Best Value
Ameristep Two-Man Ladder Stand
It’s Ameristep’s sole mission to equip every hunter with the most innovative products for his every hunting expedition, making each one his most thrilling experience yet.
Seats two participants. Comes with safety harnesses and installation straps. Comes with instructional DVD. Features a shooting rail. Support bar to further secure stand to the tree.
A little tough to assemble.
Resting bar; extra backrest
40 x 13 inches; seats 2
2 ratchets; installation straps
500 pounds
Millennium 21-foot Single Ladder
Millennium Treestands is a brand that’s well-known for its proficiency in making some of the finest, most comfortable, and most functional ladder tree stands there are.
Powder-coated finish for weather resistance. Strong, welded steel construction. Padded shooting rail, armrest, and footrests. Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
A little tough to assemble alone.
Tight sling seat; welded steel
20 x 17 inches; seats 1
21 feet
Tree brace with stabilizing strap
300 pounds
Muddy Skybox Ladderstand
Over the years, Muddy has stayed true to its mission of delivering top-range, superior value for money hunting gear and accessories that are ideal for all levels of hunters.
Comfortable and adjustable seat. Wide stance platform. Padded armrest and shooting rail. 300-pound weight capacity. TMA-Certified body harness.
No real issue, but it is always a good idea to follow instructions when mounting.
Flip-back seat; shooting rail
20 x 15 inches; seats 1
20 feet
Ratchet straps; stabilizer straps
300 pounds
Guide Gear 15' Ladder Tree Stand
At Guide Gear, you are guaranteed a wide and assorted array of quality outdoor gear and clothing, presented with the speediest and most courteous customer service possible.
Steel construction for durability. Lightweight with pinned ladder sections for portability. Comes with full-body harness. Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Easy to assemble.
Platform may be too low for bow hunters.
19.5 x 10 inches; seats 1
Ratchet strap; 2 stabilizer straps
300 pounds

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What is the Best Ladder Tree Stand?

Now that you’ve read the preceding guide, you are definitely armed with all the necessary info to get the bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing a ladder tree stand. Go over to our reviews and see what’s rocking it among ladder tree stands in the market today.
Our Top Choice
Go hunt for game the covert and comfortable way with Summit’s The Vine Single Hunter Ladder Stand which has a twisting ladder for concealment and a mesh seat with padded armrest. For extra concealment and protection, check out the Summit Treestands Roof Kit which gives you 4 square feet of cover and is easy to install.

Summit Treestands The Vine Single Hunter Ladder Stand

For over 35 years, Summit Treestands has been a leading brand in the game hunting industry, providing hunters of all levels with tools and accessories that take their hunting activities to the next level. With a focus on quality and commitment to improvement, it has continually engineered varieties of treestands that give you vantage aerial view and a clearer shot at your prized prey. Its treestands have been tested and trusted over the years, which is why we decided to feature one of its single ladder stands.

The Summit’s The Vine Single Ladder Stand is constructed of steel and powder-coated for durability. This treestand is so strong and well-designed that it will sustain weights of up to 300 pounds. This ladder is engineered for near-perfect concealment, which is preferred by serious hunters who prefer to operate in “ghost mode.” This way the prey you’re hunting would have been hit square before it even notices you’re there.

Another great aspect of this stand is the comfort it offers, fitted with a folding contoured mesh seat with backrest and padded armrest, which by the way, is also weather-resistant. You can sit atop all day patiently waiting for your game like the deadly sniper you are. The durable seat even has a fold-away shooting rail that lets you conveniently adjust to a desired position for the perfect aim. This is an important aspect of any hunting tree ladder, as in this world you only get one shot. You either hit or you miss.

The ladder is curved, simulating the natural twists of a vine. This design is to blend the ladder into the environment for enhanced concealment. Wild game is evolving too; the need to survive makes one smart. Don’t worry, the twisting ladder does not make it harder to climb (except in the dark, as some customers have noted). Summit put that into consideration. Your safety is also considered as the ladder is fitted with a full-body fall arrest harness that keeps you from falling and a footrest that helps you balance. Summit has a deep trust in its product, and so it offers a one-year limited warranty on this product.
Best Value
The Ameristep Two-Man Ladder Stand is a safe, heavy-duty stand for a day out in the wild. It features rugged, steel parts and is secured with a support bar halfway up the stand. If you need a backup ladder stand, go for the Ameristep Ladder Stand Leveler Kit which is made of steel and powder-coated. It also has a wide base for better stability.

Ameristep Two-Man Ladder Stand – Extends up to 15 Feet

Ameristep has fast become a one-stop place for all hunting solutions. And why not? With a clear-cut aim at heightening the hunter’s hunting experience for every game, the brand is focused enough to channel resources productively toward one singular purpose, and this has yielded mind-blowing results. Ingrained in its mission statement is its dedication to equipping every hunter by filling his gear with only the most innovative products, so he can get the adrenaline-pumping thrill out of every expedition he ventures out to. Now will be a good time to add that innovation doesn’t necessarily mean a high price with Ameristep. It has somehow managed to make the products quite affordable to the average hunter. Its commitment to “every” hunter is no joke.

The Ameristep Two-Man Ladder Stand is a mean ladder tree stand for those who like to play it mean. It comes in an apt camouflage theme that you know works great in the wild, giving you the perfect cover to catch them animals unawares.

Although a little tough to set up, this stand, when assembled, is sturdy and its parts are really heavy-duty, which means that the ladder stand stays and doesn’t bend or wobble once fixed. And, of course, it comes with a support bar half-way up the stand for a more secure fit. Without a doubt, the only reason adrenaline will be pumping through your veins will be because of the thrill—not a phobia of falling.

Aside from this, the stand comes with two safety harnesses for each seat and two installation straps to secure the top part of the stand to the tree. The makers also generously threw in a safety DVD for you, to ensure that you get the safety part of your expedition right.

Everyone with a lick of sense knows that an adventure is best enjoyed alive and healthy. With this ladder tree stand, you get to keep your body parts to yourself while you enjoy your hunting. And, of course, you get to do that with comfort and accuracy.

This ladder tree stand also features a deep seat that’s comfy and equally great to shoot from, in case you asked. Although not foldable due to the heavy-duty nature of the overall stand, the seat has been confirmed by customers to have a nice feel and good depth for shooting.

For your shooting accuracy, there’s a shooting rail that optimizes your aim and gives you a helluva great bang every time! If you’d rather freestyle, then, of course, the rail is removable, so you can play it as you like it.

We all know that in things like this, the style you’re most used to is your surest bet. The wild is no place to learn new tricks. You only get one shot. This stand affords you the chance to stick to what you know best for a win every time.

If you’re the type to always go hunting in a favorite spot in the wild, then you need this heavy-duty ladder tree stand in your utility vehicle. It gives you durable and dependable support during gaming or viewing.
The Millennium 21-foot Single Ladder Stand with Folding Seat is designed to be comfortable for the lone ranger with its ComfortMAX contoured, tight sling seat that you’ll be trying not to fall asleep on. If you’d prefer a variant you can hang on the tree instead, go for the Millennium Monster Hang-On Tree Stand which has a compact stand and is built tough to last a lifetime.

Millennium Treestands 21-foot Single Ladder Stand with Folding Seat

Every hunter worth his salt knows the importance of sitting in a vantage position from the first stroke of dawn until the sun sets in order to better your chances of sighting a trophy game. Millennium Treestands is also well-aware of this fact and has consequently engineered all its ladder stands with this in mind. You’ll find that its stands are some of the quietest and most comfortable for miles around. When you purchase a ladder stand from this brand, you sleep with both eyes closed, knowing full well that every aspect of the stand’s functionality has been tested under the most extreme conditions by the most experienced and cynical hunters around.

If you’re thinking of a comfortable ladder tree stand that’s quiet and breezy to set up, then you’re definitely thinking of the Millennium 21-foot Single Ladder Stand. As the name implies, this ladder tree stand gives you a whopping 21-foot-high view of your hunting space. It features the patented ComfortMAX tight sling seat that is contoured to give your “tush” a pleasurable groove while you sit and watch or anticipate your game.

For added comfort, the adjustable shooting rail comes padded, so even in those times when you’ve got to stay with your gun, waiting patiently for the right time to strike, your arms do not suffer for it. They receive a warm, lush feel from the shooting rail instead of a painful and cold welcome from brutal metal.

Each seat also features padded armrests and footrests for when you just want to kick back and enjoy the finer things from a vantage point. It provides a safe, pleasurable way to unwind in style. It’s the height of comfort! The seat can also be folded back so you have space in case you prefer to take a standing shot. It comes solidly welded with a steel construction, which means that your ladder tree stand will last a lifetime, saving you the cost of getting a replacement.

And that’s not all—with this construction, your stand will not bend or wobble one bit while you climb, as it has a double-rail ladder for extra stability to ensure your safety. In this game, it’s winner takes all and we cannot afford to be beaten by the game. This ladder tree stand puts you ahead of the game. Literally!

For those who aren’t crazy about the inconvenience of assembling and packing up, only to reassemble again, you need not worry about the elements. Powder-coated with a dark-green finish, this stand beats the odds, hands down! Regardless of the weather, this guy remains unyielding, succumbing only to your desire for a pulsing hunt and nothing else.
For a great blend of comfort, performance, and safety, the Muddy Skybox Ladderstand will make a great choice with its certified harness, and comfortable and highly adjustable seat. If you’d like a treestand that can accommodate 2 persons, go for the Muddy Nexus 2-Man Ladderstand which has drink holders, accessory hooks, and a padded shooting rail.

Muddy Skybox Ladderstand, Black

Muddy has a goal to deliver the best-quality and highest-value-for-money hunting gear in the industry. And since inception, it has been striving hard to maintain that mission. With years of top service and exceeding customer expectations, it has remained a leading brand in its field. After so much success serving both new and veteran hunting enthusiasts, it has widened its collection of quality products to include ground blinds, tripods, harnesses, and ladder stands from which we have featured.

The Muddy Skybox Ladderstand is of steel construction with a seat that is 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep which sits atop an extendable, double-rail ladder to reach a height of 20 feet above the ground. This gives you a good view of the surroundings so you can easily monitor the movement of your prey. The ladder has a deep foot platform to give it a wider stance, which interprets to better balance.

The platform is quite adjustable so you can customize its position to suit your preference. The shooting rail is padded for extra comfort and it is height- and depth-adjustable so you can find a sweet spot to take the perfect shot. The armrest is also padded, and the seat itself can be flipped backward so you can take a shot while standing or even crouching. Whichever works for you. It is clear that Muddy considers hunters’ possible preferences, which is why it made the Skybox so adjustable so it suits most game hunters.

The package comes with almost everything you need to erect the ladder stand. The Skybox will work on most trees as long as its diameter is at least 9 millimeters (0.35 inches). Further, the ladder stand will support a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is exactly what you need if you’re looking for the right balance of safety, performance, and comfort. This great tree stand also comes with a TMA-Certified full body harness.
The Guide Gear 300-Pound Capacity 15’ Ladder Tree Stand looks out for you while you enjoy the pulse of the game, by featuring a support bar and ratchet straps that keep your stand firmly secured. How about a two-man ladder stand extending up to twenty feet, with double-rail design and a hunting blind for great camo? Then see the Guide Gear Two-Person Ladder Tree Stand.

Guide Gear 300-Pound Capacity 15’ Ladder Tree Stand

At Guide Gear, there are the “changeables” and the “unchangeables.” The changeables, such as innovation and updating to keep up with the times, are the oil that greases the wheels for the operation of the unchangeables. And what are they? The sacrosanct business philosophies and values that have made Guide Gear a beacon of quality in its worldwide business till today. Offering only quality products for far less than can be found in most other places, Guide Gear has established itself firmly in the hearts of its customers, growing on them quickly until they become loyal and longstanding shareholders. Shopping at this spot is always an adventure on its own, as it is constantly adding to its shelves items you’d love to see and have.

While you’re up there, preoccupied with plotting the best strategy for a kill of a lifetime, someone’s got to look out for you, and the Guide Gear Ladder Tree Stand is just the right dude for the job.

First off, it’s way easy to carry around and set up.

It’s super light at 52 pounds, and features pinned ladder sections too. With this power combo, your ladder tree stand will be so sweet to carry around, you’ll just up and carry it even when you don’t have to. Okay, that part is a bit exaggerated, but you catch our drift.

If you’re going to be aiming and shooting accurately, then your arm better be functioning at its maximum. So, we gotta save the muscles for a greater good, which means that we need minimum stress carrying and assembling. This ladder tree stand helps you achieve that. Super compact! Super portable!

Designed by experienced hunters like you, you can be certain that your every care or concern as regards a ladder tree has been factored into the making of this equipment.

Its durability, for instance. It is made of steel and, even though it’s super light at 52 pounds, it is amazingly able to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

See how this ladder stand reassures you on two counts: one, you won’t spend an extra buck on a new ladder stand or repairs. Two, while your mind is preoccupied with the game, the stand looks out for you, supporting you with every bit of its steel strength, because you definitely cannot give attention to details like that while the game is on. We know how the thrill takes over.

The steel construction is not the only way this stand looks out for you. It also features an adjustable ladder support bar and ratchet snaps that keep your stand glued to the tree. And you’re not left out of the “security plan”—there’s a full-body harness for you too.

This ladder tree stand has a platform that’s firm and feels great. It’s also way easy to set up and in record time, too!

How Do I Choose the Best Ladder Tree Stand?

Hunting is something that’s inherent in the average human, and it has expressed itself in many forms—from archery to picking a girl up at a bar. But you know that in many ways these two activities are quite similar. Guys would understand this best. Sorry, ladies.

Disclaimer: We are, in no way, comparing the beautiful feminine human to an animal. This is solely for the sake of explanation. We are totally pro-female!

So first, there’s the random walking into the bar or club for some drinks, looking all suave and unassuming with your pricey smartwatch, after your friends have jibed the life out of you for being the only one without a girlfriend. That’s you walking into the jungle with your gear: blind and all, getting ready to set up.

Next, there’s the drinking at the bar and the surreptitious glances at all the ladies around, looking furtively for the one that might just become “the one.” That’s you setting up your ladder tree stand and other gear and then climbing up on top to wait and observe for any movement of game.

Now, when you’re “observing” as a dude, we all know the importance of not giving anything away until you find the potential “the one” and, even when you’ve found the potential “the one,” you still don’t give away too much until you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Same with observing prey. Stealth is king.

The same way you don’t want “the one that might become ‘the one’” thinking you’re an animal that’s after everything in skirts, or some psychopathic creep that wants to stalk her, is the same way you don’t want the prey catching you looking for it. It’ll either fight or fly. And none of these options make for a successful, or even exciting, expedition.

You must remain a Casper. Inaudible, invisible, and simply non-existent to your prey.

Moving on, when you’ve zeroed in on the one that might be “the one,” then you’ve got to go for the kill. She should notice you noticing her and then you can seal the deal with your wit and some humor. As for hunting, though, that’s where the dichotomy differs slightly.

While a woman is a highly intelligent being with a mind of her own, and can reject you even after all your wit, humor, and chivalry, an animal is sorta different. In the case of “picking up,” there is an interaction and, as such, a choice on the part of the lady.

In hunting, there’s no interaction here; you’re not in the wild with your bow or gun to look for a new pet. And your target has no choice; the buck essentially stops with you and you must make that kill.

Therefore, the hunted must remain clueless at all points until the deal is sealed. And a ladder tree stand plays a pretty big role in ensuring that.

Whether you’re new to the craft or not, if you’re a hunt-enthusiast at all, you know the predominant role that ladder tree stands play in landing game. If the gun, or bow and arrow, is the pick-up line that lands the game, then the ladder tree stand is the six-pack superman build that opens the way in the first place.

On the other hand, we’d like to make an honorable mention to some awesome brands that would easily make it to our list of recommendations. You will be widening your already-great options by checking out X-Stand and River's Edge Products for top-quality and superior-performance ladder tree stands.

So you see, anything is relatable if you try. When you want to make that order for a ladder tree stand and you get stuck at some point, especially for the beginners, we doubt you’d forget this small comparison we put up for you. That’s the trick to remembering anything—the law of relativity! (Of course, not Einstein’s!)
There are so many ladder tree stands with widely varying prices, and the most important things to check for are the strength and safety of the ladder stand before making a purchase. In other words, these things matter more than the price, so don’t go around looking for cheap ladder tree stands at the expense of your life.

This point becomes even more poignant when we see that, oftentimes, the price of a good, comfy, safe ladder tree stand hardly ever leaves the confines of $50 to about $300. The high-end ones will, of course, go beyond, depending on how specific your needs are.

Aside from the danger to life, there’s the frustration of wasted time when you purchase a cheap ladder stand that’s as loud as a banshee and scares away your potential game so that you can’t find any throughout the day. It’s just best to invest in a good one that’ll last a lifetime.
If you’re an avid hunter, then you probably already know what to look out for in a good ladder tree stand, but we will still mention a few pointers that can help the amateur and professional hunter alike snag the best ladder tree stand that will deliver on your most basic expectations at the least—and your every expectation to the minutest detail at the most.
  • Safety
  • Weight
  • Quietness
  • Material
  • Extension Height
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are a few things in particular that you should look out for when purchasing your ladder tree stand. These include the material, its finish, its extension height, what installation accessories it comes with, the space between the rungs, and even whether it has good seats or not! We know it’s a lot to go over, but very much worth it. Let’s take a look.


When considering the material of your ladder tree stand, it can’t be said enough—it’s either aluminum or steel. Of the two materials, aluminum is the more recent addition and understandably costs more, thanks to its amazingly light weight.

Both aluminum and steel are tough and will hold you up without wobbling or buckling. But when it comes to portability, aluminum definitely takes the shine off steel. It’s the reason many savvy hunters are getting the aluminum type more these days. And you might want to join the bandwagon this time. It’s a good one.


Before you get a ladder stand, make sure that it comes with a good finish. It’s going to be outdoors for the better part of its life, so it’s got to have some form of immunity from the elements, or else rust will take over the stand and you won’t be sure who the actual owner of your tree stand is anymore.

Extension Height

The height of your ladder stand also matters—it should be as high as reasonably possible. The higher up you are, the safer for you and the higher your chances of getting game. But then it shouldn’t be so high that it begins to give you the creeps. Aim for something that’s below your phobia level but still high enough.

The reason we advise that you get a really tall ladder tree stand is because, for most of these animals hunted, especially the deer, their most powerful sense is usually their nose. Ah… you don’t wanna mess with it. If you’re high enough, your “humany” scent will disperse before reaching the level of the animal, so you’ll be safer and your hunting will have a higher chance of success.

Installation Accessories

Of course, all ladder tree stands come with installation straps and harnesses and all that stuff, for securing the stand to the tree. It’s even better when they also come with a support bar half-way up the stand. That way, you’re even more confident.


The space in-between rungs is another point often overlooked but equally important—if it’s too far apart to be safe, return the stand. You’ll most likely slip off it sometime soon if you don’t. Rule of thumb is usually 12 inches. It’s safe and practical.


It’s probably only a novice that thinks that hunting involves shooting “pow!” “pow!” from start to finish like it’s an action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The more seasoned hunters and hunt-enthusiasts know that there’s the part of sitting calmly for long hours (most times a whole day), observing and monitoring the prey.

Hunting is a true test of patience.

It goes without saying, therefore, that your stand should come with seats. But not just any slab of plastic or metal. It should be cushioned, spacious, and comfy to enable you to enjoy sitting. You know how sitting in a place for too long can make anybody grouchy. How much more sitting on a lousy seat for 24 hours! Ha! Even a murderer on death row would probably have a better seat on “the chair.” And he is a murderer! On death row!
Performance and Ease of Use
It is vital the ladder tree stand you go for is safe (and has a TMA certification), comes in at a convenient weight, and is as quiet as possible—these things will ensure that you get the best use out of it. Let’s go into more detail below.


Perhaps the biggest question that should plague the mind of the potential ladder tree stand buyer is that of safety. Is that ladder tree stand you’re thinking of buying safe enough?

Consider that question seriously, because there will be a small circle of people who love you and will probably spend a large part of their lives praying earnestly for your return each time you pick up that thing and announce that you’re going for another adventure—adventure to you; probably a death-wish to them. Not everyone will understand the thrill you get from hunting.

TMA Certification

The question of safety often leads to another, deeper question: is your stand Tree Stand Manufacturers’ Association (TMA)-certified? In case you didn’t know, all manufacturers are mandated to have their ladder tree stands and other related products “stamped with the seal of approval” by TMA after being subjected to a series of tests before they can be deemed safe enough for use.

It is of grave importance, therefore, that your ladder tree stand be TMA-approved, for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones.


Another practical issue you will need to consider with the purchase of a ladder stand is its weight. You’re going to be lugging this dude to your tree of choice and, even if you own a utility vehicle, there are still some parts of the wild that are impossible to navigate with a vehicle. So, you’ll most likely end up having to carry your stand yourself at some point in your trail of adventures.

So, you see why the weight matters. Luckily, most ladder tree stands come in at less than 100 pounds, and aluminum tree stands are even lighter. You might want to take advantage of the convenience that the aluminum tree stand affords you.


Now hush! You know you need to spring up on your prey, and that means you need to be as quiet as possible. It’s true that you know the rules and your partner does too—but does your ladder tree stand know the rules? Is it quiet?

If your ladder tree stands sound like a clashing cymbal while carrying or setting up, return it. It’s a waste of money and time.

Your darling ladder tree stand would tip off the entire family tree—ancestors and descendants—of deer, and you’ll be lucky to even catch a glimpse of just one juvenile deer all day.

Make sure your stand comes complete with all silencers possible unless you’re willing to spend the extra to get it done yourself. If you are, then go ahead and get any ladder tree stand you favor.

Get the Best Ladder Tree Stand of 2023!

You made it to the end of this review! Yay! Now go ahead and order that ladder tree stand like it’s yours already!

Our Top Choice
Summit Treestands The Vine Single Ladder Stand
Best Value
Ameristep Two-Man Ladder Stand
Millennium 21-foot Single Ladder
Muddy Skybox Ladderstand
Guide Gear 15' Ladder Tree Stand