Best Laptop Lock Reviews 2023

Laptop locks are quite indispensable when it comes to physically securing your laptop. And although they aren’t all that popular, you’d be quite surprised—and most likely overwhelmed—by the numerous types and brands of laptop locks out there. Now, to ensure that your computer stays safe, we’ve carried out some research and have narrowed down the search to five top brands with some of the best laptop locks in the market today.
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Our Top Choice
Kensington MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock
For close to 35 years, Kensington has been helping individuals and organizations create original content and be more productive with its specially-engineered products.
Highly versatile and compatible with different devices. Patented and tamper-proof lock head. Keyed lock mechanism with a pair of keys. Easy to operate.
The instruction manual is vague and may not be really helpful if you’re in a fix.
Patented T-bar
No screws, brackets, glue needed
2016 Dell laptops-not compatible
Steel cable
Best Value
Targus DEFCON KL Computer Key Lock
Targus is dedicated to the design and manufacture of classic products such as carrying cases and computer locks meant to pamper and secure your devices and accessories.
Versatile and compatible with devices that have security slots. Zinc alloy cable tightly coiled and hard to breach. Keyed lock mechanism. Simple to operate.
The cable may be too short to be used across some distance.
With 2 identical keys
Uses already built-in slot
Computer/projector/LCD Monitor
Compulocks Maclocks Lock and Bracket
Compulocks is dedicated to the provision of well-designed and durable solutions for the security of your computer devices and accessories, for affordable prices.
Ultrathin and ultra-light bracket. Wedge security slot. 6-foot metal cable. Keyed lock mechanism. Screwdriver and screws for easy installation. Aluminum construction.
This laptop lock is dedicated to only the 13-inch MacBook Air laptops.
Wedge lock
Super slim
Screw driver & security panel
MacBook Air
HP Docking Station Cable Lock
HP is the one-stop-shop for all things computer and their accessories. It’s been in the industry for ages and has built trusted partnerships over time and across the globe.
Dual lock function secures docking station and laptop. Ergonomically-aligned cable. Simple and effective. 6 feet long, tamper-proof metal cable.
You’ll have to insert the key fully into the keyhole so you don’t run the risk of breaking off the little tip when turning.
For docking station and notebook
3-step installation
HP 120W, 230W / 6445b, 6545b
Info not provided
Sendt Combination Lock Security Cable
Sendt provides top-notch accessories for video and audio products, and also for all computer gadgets. Its products are reliable, high-performance, and affordable.
Keyless combination lock mechanism. Blue plastic-covered cable with zinc alloy core. Compatible with Kensington security slots on most devices.
The combination may be a little hard to turn, so you’ll have to exercise some patience ‘til you’ve mastered it.
10,000 user combinations
Kensington security slot
Zinc alloy

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What is the Best Laptop Lock?

Yes! We’re totally convinced that the information you’ve gleaned from the buying guide is more than adequate to aid you in your search for a suitable laptop lock. Being alert with eyes wide open as you go through our individual product reviews is the best way to ensure you pick a laptop lock that’ll fit the bill. So, go right ahead to our product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Kensington MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock for Business is exceptionally compatible with all devices equipped with a Kensington security slot including docking stations, laptops, desktops, and flat screen displays. If you’re looking for a unique combination computer lock, then this Kensington WordLock Combination Portable Cable Lock for Laptops and Other Devices might fit the bill.

Kensington MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock for Business – Available in 2 Styles and 2 Sizes

Kensington is a leading brand in the mobile device and desktop accessories niche and, for close to 35 years, has been in the business of helping individuals and organizations create original content and be more productive. Its products are well-engineered to make different platforms work well together by improving compatibility. It ensures every minute detail about any of its products is given due attention so customers are assured of the highest value when using the product. As the brain behind the now-popular “security slot” on most laptops that helps secure your system physically and prevent theft, its standard remains unmatched after 22 years and remains the universal security lock across most laptop brands. This is just an example of the innovative product from its stables; coupled with unbeatable tech support personnel, customers are assured of professional products and help at all times.

The Kensington MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock is the numero uno when you’re seeking for a way to deter thieves from tampering with your laptop. This lock is compatible with the Kensington Security Slot found in almost all notebooks, including many printers, desktops, flat screen monitors, tablet PCs, docking stations, and other devices. Here are some features that are bound to interest you about this item:
  • A patented, tamper-proof lock head with its built-in defense system makes it virtually impossible for the lock to be compromised.
  • Keyed locking mechanism is extremely easy to operate and is smooth so you don’t experience any hiccups while locking or unlocking the lock head.
  • The 6-foot-long attaching cable is made from a 5.5mm composite steel comprising of tempered steel core coated with carbon, to ensure resilience and make it almost impossible to cut through the wire coils.
  • Its T-Bar has a unique design that doesn’t change the plane of the device when attached, and the design also ensures no other port or slot is blocked by the lock head.
  • This features an easy-to-install, no glue, no tools needed design that’s quite simple to use.
  • It comes with two sets of barrel-like keys so you can always have a replacement handy.
  • Included in the package is a plastic cord tie that helps you manage the cable so you don’t trip over it.
Best Value
The Targus DEFCON KL Notebook Computer Key Lock with 2 Identical Keys is versatile and compatible with all laptops, LCD and plasma screens, projectors, and printers that have the Kensington Security Slot. If you prefer a combination lock laptop lock unit, then check out the Targus DEFCON Combo Lock.

Targus DEFCON KL Notebook Computer Key Lock with 2 Identical Keys

Known for its stylish and elegant carrying cases for notebooks and accessories, Targus has been providing classic and top-quality products meant to pamper your device and its accessories. Its major product line is carrying cases of all types and sizes, designed for vast brands and models of notebooks. Its products have been the leading template in the industry and the true definition of what carrying cases for notebooks are all about. Leveraging on innovative technology, the brand delivers more productive, easier, and enjoyable products for its numerous customers around the globe. Its products are guaranteed to make your tech life more fun and above all, safe. Its role as a renowned supplier of mobile solutions ensures that it has offices in all the continents, and hence ensures that customers from different countries can get help from the customer services that’ll handle their enquiries effectively.

Protect your laptop with the Targus DEFCON KL Computer Key Lock, designed to be highly compatible with the security slot already built into your system. No upgrade or downgrade is required before the lock can fit in and secure your device. Its versatility ensures that you can use it for your LCD screen, printers, all notebooks, and other devices with a Kensington Security Slot on its chassis.

Its 6-foot-long cable is adequately-sized so you can affix the lock to any stationary object of your choice, whether in the office, school, dorm room, or even the local coffee shop. The coils of extremely hard zinc alloy metal tightly twisted around each other is a strong deterrent to thieves and almost impossible for wire cutters to cut. And unless the thief is exceptionally desperate and has all the time in the world to battle with the cable, your device is safe.

Its lock head is made from a sturdy metal in a barrel-form that has little or no leeway for an intruder to tamper with, and since the locking mechanism is a key lock, there’s no issue with forgotten code. And in case you happen to lose your key, there’s always the second key in the pair to fall back on until you can replace or find the misplaced one.

If, by any chance, a desperate thief happens to successfully dislodge the Targus DEFCON KL Computer Key Lock from your system, there’s absolutely no way that the system will not be damaged visibly, thus rendering it unsaleable for the thief—amounting to wasted effort. And well, since most laptop thieves operate on a fast hit-and-run strategy, there’s little possibility of a thief wasting precious minutes trying to dislodge this lock from your device.

Although this lock is extremely difficult for an intruder to compromise, it’s decidedly super easy for the authorized owner to operate; all you need to do is attach the head to the security slot on your system and turn the key to lock. To unlock, just turn the key and pull out the head. That’s pretty easy, right?
The Compulocks Maclocks Lock and Bracket for MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptops is an ultrathin and ultra-light specially-designed bracket add-on with a wedge security slot that fits into a dedicated lock. For a MacBook lock with security slot compatibility and combination lock, see the Maclocks, 4 Dial Laptop MacBook Combination Lock with 6-Foot Cable.

Compulocks Maclocks Lock and Bracket for MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptops

Compulocks is a thriving company that deals with the design of innovative technologies and products geared towards protecting your devices and accessories. Its products are known for their unique designs, quality materials, and attention to details to ensure the best performance. Customer satisfaction and the safety of your device are the driving forces behind its high-performing products—and to crown it all, its products are sold at affordable prices. Its engineers are always on the lookout for better ways of providing solutions to security-related issues for all your devices, so you can have that much-needed peace. So, whatever security concerns you have about your devices, it’s sure to have a lasting solution for it.

Finally, MacBook owners can rest easy with this Compulocks Maclocks Lock and Bracket kit, designed specifically for MacBook Air notebooks. Now you can secure your priced MacBook against theft without derailing its sleek look. Really. This is the best news ever!

This kit comes with all that’s required to mount and secure the bracket and lock onto your MacBook, so you need not spend an extra dime for any additional component.

A specially-engineered aerospace-grade aluminum bracket that comes with a wedge security lock fully integrated provides the security slot locking on the chassis of the slim MacBook. This means that you won’t spoil the elegance of your MacBook because the bracket itself is constructed with cutting-edge technology to make it ultra-slim and super-light, in line with the Mac design.

And in case you don’t have the appropriate screwdriver to use for installation, this kit has a screwdriver included and four tamper-resistant, dedicated, and specially-designed screws to allow for a seamless installation of the bracket beneath the MacBook. When you’re done, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the notebook and the bracket. Installation is quite easy and the included setup manual has clearly-detailed instructions on the steps to take for a stress-free installation process.

For securing the MacBook properly, the wedge security slot has a 6-foot-long cable made from a durable and hard-to-cut metal that secures the laptop to any stationary object; the lock head is locked and unlocked with a key.

The key for this Maclocks Lock and Bracket comes in a pair so you always have a replacement handy in case you misplace or lose one.
The HP Docking Station Cable Lock with Lock Cavity is a simple yet effective means of securing your docking station and laptop either simultaneously or separately, using the integrated lock cavity option. If you’re looking for a lock that secures just the laptop, then you should be considering the HP Keyed Notebook Cable Lock Assembly.

HP Docking Station Cable Lock with Lock Cavity

One cannot talk about computer systems and accessories without mentioning the HP brand. It’s synonymous with desktops, laptops, and all kinds of PCs and their accessories—and it’s hard to find a family or an organization that doesn’t have at least one of its products in use. With a name and reputation to protect and uphold, its products are designed with the utmost care and are geared towards reinventing the way people work and play. It has churned out several firsts in the industry and most of its products are considered the standard templates in the multi-billion computer industry. It’s always on the cutting-edge of revolutionary technology and has been impacting millions of lives the world over with its dynamic products that’re readily available in almost all countries of the world.

When the villains see your docking station and/or laptop on total lockdown with the HP Docking Station Cable Lock, they’ll simply move on because there’s just no way to tamper with this dude; so, what’s the point in expending energy and wasting precious time?

If you have a docking station, then you absolutely need this lock so you won’t have to worry about losing your docking station—or worse—your laptop if it’s docked.

This laptop lock comes with a unique and specially-designed lock cavity that integrates smoothly into your HP advanced option docking station to provide additional security by securing the drive bay of the docking station.

With the HP Docking Station Cable Lock, you get three options: you can either lock just the docking station, or just the laptop, or you can lock both docking station and laptop…neat, right? Yeah, we think so too!

The lock comes with 6 feet of sturdy, tamper-proof metal that’s difficult to cut and long enough to hook through any object of your choice.

Further, the lock is ergonomically-designed so that the cable naturally falls to the back and aligns with other cables connected to your docking station. If you’re nifty about the wire arrangements around your workstation, then this lock will give you that neat look that works cohesively with other cables in the vicinity.

This keyed combination lock eliminates the stress of having to cram number combinations in your head in addition to the thousand-and-one things running around in your head—now you don’t run the risk of forgetting your lock code. And to make your life easier, it comes with a pair of keys so you can have one safely stored away for emergency use.

And like every other product bearing the HP insignia, this item comes with a one-year limited product warranty so you’re assured of the authenticity and performance of the lock.
The Sendt Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable features a highly visible and highly deterring blue-colored plastic cover for the cable so the zinc alloy metal core remains safe. If you’re searching for a white-colored laptop lock, then this Sendt White Notebook \/ Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable will fit the bill perfectly.

Sendt Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable – Available in 6 Colors

Sendt is the home of quality digital accessories for your computer gadgets, including all video and audio devices. Its products are known for their high performance and durability, plus being awesomely affordable. A member of the 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit movement dedicated to environmental organizations globally, it donates 1% of its total sales to the movement. If you’re passionate about the environment, you’d be happy to associate with this brand by contributing your quota with each of its products bought. Its customers are assured of the best performance and reliability, which far outweigh the price.

The Sendt Combination Lock Security Cable is designed to provide security for laptops and notebooks, projectors, plasmas, or LCD screens with a Kensington Security Slot on its chassis.

Its 6-foot-long cable is made from a strong zinc alloy metal with a blue plastic cover that enhances the security and resilience of the cable. An intruder will first have to cut through the plastic cover before reaching the metal core.

Further, the cable is covered with different-colored plastics that you can choose from to go with the color of your device for a cohesive look.

Apart from looking good together with your device, the bright colors add to the safety of your system as it’s quite visible from afar and likely to deter a thief better.

The lock head comes with a four-dial combination lock which provides an astonishing 10,000 different number combinations that the user can select from. It’s recommended that you choose a combination that’ll be easy for you to remember, though, while ensuring no outsider can guess it right.

This combination lock mechanism means you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your key, and the lock is uniquely designed to eliminate accidental reset of the combination.

And in case your Sendt Combination Lock Security Cable has any form of manufacturing defect, you’ll be glad to know that this item is covered with a one-year limited product warranty that you can take advantage of to return the defective product.

How Do I Choose the Best Laptop Lock?

Losing something as personal as a laptop is akin to losing a vital piece of your person. Being a victim of laptop theft is one of the worst misfortunes that can befall one in this tech age where a laptop is almost always most people’s best friend, diary, office, and personal entertainment center.

And as if losing your prized laptop, whether a mid-range Chromebook or a pricey and high-end MacBook, and its contents isn’t bad enough, you also stand the chance of having the contents used against you. If you’re penning the next blockbuster manuscript on the system, then you’ll have to kiss that goodbye. Worst still, you might even suffer a bad case of identity theft if you happen to store confidential company documents and reports on the system.

The corporate world is not left out, especially as more companies are towing the path of the “Bring Your Own Device” policy. It, therefore, is a lot easier for intruders to breach and access a company’s database by stealing workers’ laptops than trying to go through the firewalls and other network security measures put in place by the company. In 2013 when there was a case of stolen laptops from the Coca-Cola Company, about 74,000 members of staff were exposed to identity theft because those laptops were unencrypted and contained names and personal information of the staff.

In the face of this challenge, what do you do to avoid such calamity?

The laptop lock is the answer. This is a measure taken to secure your laptop to a stationary and preferably large object, thus making it virtually impossible to move the laptop (well, unless the thief wouldn’t mind moving everything together). Usually, you may not really need the laptop lock in your house, especially if you’ve equipped your home with top-notch home security systems that prevent thieves from invading in the first place.

Laptop locks are more useful in places where there are lots of open doors and unrestricted to and fro movements such as the dorm house, offices, or coffee shops. The laptop lock consists basically of two prominent parts: the lock head and the cable. The lock head is inserted into the laptop locking slot on the side, and then the cable attached to the lock head is threaded through a stationary object such as the grommets on your office desk or pretty much any other object that is unmovable.

Now, literally chaining your computer to a table may sound a wee bit extreme, but in light of the information you stand to lose, not to talk of trying to replace the laptop itself, we don’t think it’s too much of a measure to take towards securing your laptop.

This buying guide is designed to provide you with relevant information on the important features to look out for when shopping for the right laptop lock for your laptop. Things like the type of locking slot on your laptop, the lock head on the laptop lock, the material of the cable and its length, the lock mechanism, and even the price, are vital to making the right selection.

Stay with us as we put you through, blow by blow, the afore-mentioned features so that by the time you go to our product review section, you’ll waste no time picking out the laptop lock you seek for your laptop from our lineup.
When it comes to buying security gadgets, scrimping and cutting corners to save a few dollars might end up making you cough out more money to replace the item you were trying to protect. In view of this, it’s always advisable to save up and go for the best that you can afford.

A laptop lock is usually not too pricey; you can get a good laptop lock for as low as $10, while others can cost as much as $70. Please, note that for the slim and ultra-slim notebooks from some brands such as Apple and Lenovo, can be remarkably more expensive than the range stated here; but most common laptops have their locks falling within the given range. Our featured laptop locks come at different price points within the mentioned range, thus ensuring that there’s a great lock for everyone.

There are many cheap laptop locks out there and we encountered many of them while carrying out our research, but those didn’t meet our standards. We’re quite sure you wouldn’t want to leave your laptop at the mercy of a laptop lock whose lock mechanism is easy to tamper with or one with a cable made from substandard material. These are some factors we considered before picking out these well-priced, top-quality laptop locks.
The security of your laptop should be at the back of your mind in your search for a great laptop lock, and so the following features should be on your checklist when shopping for a laptop lock:
  • The Locking Slot on Your Laptop
  • The Lock Head
  • Material and Length of the Cable
  • Lock Mechanism
  • Other Features
Construction and Design
Laptops normally come with several ports and slots including the charging port, USB ports, card reader slots, and some other commonly-used ports. A further inspection will reveal a block-like port on the side of the laptop, and in case you’ve been wondering what that port is for, that’s the computer locking port of your laptop. This is used to physically secure your laptop when its sitting in an open place and you may need to step out for a moment or two. Of course, you can always shut down and carry your laptop along with you, but there’s really no need to interrupt the flow of your work if you’re just stepping out to go get coffee or take a leak in the restroom.

There are 3 main types of security lock designs that can be built into a laptop, and you have to first ascertain the type of lock design on your laptop chassis before investing in a computer lock. Most HP and other laptop brands use the universal Kensington Security Slot that for more than 22 years has been the standard for PC security in the industry. Fact is, this security slot is real popular, and most companies don’t even add the “Kensington” name to it, and they simply call it “lock slot”.

If you own a thin laptop, then you’ll be using the space-saving Mini Security Slot from the company. The entire Dell XPS line and the Precision and Latitude 7000 use an entirely different type of lock design manufactured by Noble Locks.

The cable is the link between the lock head of the laptop lock and the stationary object that you’ll be chaining your laptop to. This cable is usually made from a material that’s extremely difficult to cut so that it’s impossible to snipe with a cutter. The material of choice for most brands is carbon steel because of its durable and strong nature. Another favorite metal used in manufacturing the cable is zinc alloy. These two metals are almost impossible to cut, thus ensuring that the safety of your laptop is not compromised.

Most laptop locks’ cable are 6 feet long, which is quite adequate for securing the laptop wherever you wish to, while a few others might have longer cables. And unless the table you’re using doesn’t have grommets on the leg where you can thread the cable, the 6-foot-long cable computer lock should do.

The lock head on the laptop lock is the part that inserts into the lock slot on your laptop. All the available laptop locks have their lock heads designed in the T-bar form, with the lock mechanism protruding conspicuously on one end and the small head that inserts into the security slot on the other end. The cable forms the extended part of the computer lock.

The type of laptop you’re using will determine the lock head you’ll go for. If you’re using a laptop with the universal Kensington lock slot, then there are so many brands out there designing computer locks with Kensington lock heads. But if you’re using any of the ultrathin notebooks, tablets, or laptops, then you’ll have to exercise a little bit more caution so you don’t end up with a laptop lock that doesn’t fit the system’s security slot.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most laptop locks have a plug-and-play design. Once you’ve threaded the cable through the leg support of the stationary object you’re using, all that’s remaining is to insert the small part of the lock head into the security port, and your PC is secured. Some lock head designs have a small push button that, once pressed, allows the lock head to snap smoothly into place with a satisfying click. And as soon as the lock head clicks into place, it becomes almost impossible to separate it from the laptop, unless you have the key or combination.

The lock/unlock mechanism of a laptop lock may be a key or combination lock and both are tamper-resistant and highly secure. Some brands that design laptop locks with keys have an online office where you can register your computer lock key in case you misplace it and need a replacement.

A laptop lock with a combination locking mechanism usually features a 4-number combination system so that you have over 10,000 possible combinations to choose from, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to crack. The combination lock also means you have one less key to worry about if you’re the type that misplaces keys often. There are a few laptop locks that come with both key and combination dial locks for enhanced security, but although this might sound like an overkill, nothing is really too much to safeguard your precious laptop and its contents.

The wire cable of most laptop locks is covered with a thick plastic material that enhances the resilience of the cable by making it more stressful for a thief to cut through to the main metal wire inside. Some cables have a thicker diameter (up to 6mm thick), so you might want to check if the laptop lock you’re going for has a thick diameter.

There are some docking stations built to hold the laptop lock. Some of them have built-in locks designed to prevent your laptop from being ejected unless you unlock it with your key. If you have any laptop that doesn’t come with a security slot (such as the MacBook), you can get a plate with the slot attached to it and then glue it to the top cover of your laptop and use the computer lock with it. There are also those that attach underneath your Apple laptop, and these types have rubber stands that prevent them from scratching your table.

Whatever make or model your laptop or notebook is, there’s bound to be a form of security slot that’s adaptable to it; you need to get it so you can rest assured that your hardware and the soft copy information stored therein are safe at all times.

Get the Best Laptop Lock of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through the laptop locks we’ve lined up, it’s time to place an order for the laptop lock that caught your fancy. Though we showcased just one laptop lock from each of the brands, you should note that our featured brands have other models of laptop locks apart from the ones reviewed here that you can explore if necessary. Thank you!

Our Top Choice
Kensington MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock
Best Value
Targus DEFCON KL Computer Key Lock
Compulocks Maclocks Lock and Bracket
HP Docking Station Cable Lock
Sendt Combination Lock Security Cable